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  • Hazim Chughtai
    Hazim Chughtai 18 minutes ago

    Vlad: Whats that thing on your head? Looks like my grandmotherโ€™s boobies. Wow...canโ€™t believe they got away with a line like that XD

  • Jean Mackall
    Jean Mackall 50 minutes ago

    He fast cause he sonictheheaghog you idoit

    MARKY MARC 52 minutes ago

    I love the new Sonic design. The effect of making the eyes rounder makes Sonic look more friendly. His nose is also smaller in the new look. In particular trailer images, the lighting has also been changed to make Sonic brighter over all. Sonic has now been given gloves. It's the way the character has been seen in video games and animated series so we donโ€™t have to see his 5 human-like fingers anymore like they did in the first trailer. Sonicโ€™s legs aren't quite as long as the first one, and heโ€™s no longer wearing standard running shoes, which helps him look more like an animated character and less human.

  • Matt React
    Matt React Hour ago

    They will change Sonic's look and it will take some time for them to do it and I think they will make another new trailer in the future. So yeah the trailer is awesome! Great reaction !!!!

  • SkyFlakes PW
    SkyFlakes PW 2 hours ago

    **Movie Exists** The Book of Life and Coco: Are we a Joke to You?

  • Blair Walsh
    Blair Walsh 2 hours ago

    Never Ending Story theme

  • ultraman509
    ultraman509 2 hours ago

    You know Mario did made it into the big screen be for and this happened in 1993 but it is announced that Mario is getting an animated movie by illumination entertainment who are best known for the despicable me franchise.

  • BadassWaffle
    BadassWaffle 3 hours ago

    *"Come on, let's take off our clothes!"*

  • Sergio flores
    Sergio flores 3 hours ago

    Like chicos ๐Ÿ‘

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 4 hours ago


    -DEER WALKER- 4 hours ago

    I'm much more excited to see the movie

  • TheExoticWonders TM
    TheExoticWonders TM 4 hours ago

    looks amazing

  • shotgun plays22
    shotgun plays22 5 hours ago

    I love this design it is really good and I am going to see it!!!!!!!!!

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia 5 hours ago

    I donโ€™t know how long Scooby-Doo was in theaters

  • Ash050 lovingWatermelons

    I'm definitely gonna see that movie love the design

    ROBERT BANAGAN 6 hours ago

    Dr. Robotnik: I hate that hedgehog!

  • Jenny Chan
    Jenny Chan 7 hours ago

    It's a wonderful movie,I love it

  • William Fairchild
    William Fairchild 8 hours ago

    I like the redesigned Sonic The Hedgehog and it is better than the original one

  • Johnydome
    Johnydome 8 hours ago

    iluminations is going to make a mario movie

    • The killer Banana
      The killer Banana 6 hours ago

      @Johnydome kinda

    • Johnydome
      Johnydome 7 hours ago

      @The killer Banana like marvel and sony thing with spiderman

    • The killer Banana
      The killer Banana 7 hours ago

      If that's true they should just crossover sonic with Mario

  • Pink Princess
    Pink Princess 8 hours ago

    My favorite Barbie movies are Barbie as Swan Lake, Princess and the Pauper, The Barbie Diaries, Barbie Mariposa, Barbie Fairytopia, Princess Charm School, Barbie and the Diamond Castle and Barbie Video Game Hero.

  • Livid_Gunslinger
    Livid_Gunslinger 9 hours ago

    You kids are so cute! I love it when little kids get excited. Lol

  • Cyril Moore
    Cyril Moore 9 hours ago

    Love the first look and the first trailer more

  • internetmaster1
    internetmaster1 9 hours ago

    Sonic running the whole great wall. That's it, that's all it takes.

  • internetmaster1
    internetmaster1 9 hours ago

    That looks much better than the other one. I actually want to watch it now cause the first trailer gave me nightmares. This looks like fun.

  • PowerRangersFan
    PowerRangersFan 9 hours ago

    People wondered why this didn't come out this month. This redesign should answer their question. But now it's coming out on February 14th?! Of all days, why THAT?! Could've scheduled it for the day before, but NOPE.

  • I am Lindsay est 2002

    2019 Sonic: Hi! Im sonic and I don't care how I usually look as in the game! I just want to make you blind by my looks and make you cringe like in Teen titans go 2020: Oh no you don't * sends 2019 sonic flying * Time to make my movie better

  • Raixor
    Raixor 9 hours ago

    Yea they changed the eyes, and teeth and made him more cartoon-y and WAAAYYY less creepy.

  • Angel Tinsley
    Angel Tinsley 9 hours ago

    Also, i don't think the new image of sonic the hedgehog is that bad.

    • PowerRangersFan
      PowerRangersFan 9 hours ago

      Way better than what we got in the previous trailer.

  • Angel Tinsley
    Angel Tinsley 10 hours ago

    This looks like a really awesome. I think Jim Carrey is great for the part as Dr Robotnik.

    • Van Oskuro
      Van Oskuro 7 hours ago

      As long as they remember that Eggman is more than just comedic. I'm interested to see if Jim can pull off the more threatening aspects of the character.

  • kaiju2014117
    kaiju2014117 10 hours ago

    I can totally understand you guys because based on your sonic experience. To the people it is horrifying when they release the first trailer. But this made up for it. I do recommend watch the first teaser trailer and watch the second and identify the difference. And also compared the original animated or game sonic design so you can see why the fans love this new design and why they hate the other design. Anyways great reaction.

  • d-three Reacts
    d-three Reacts 10 hours ago

    What does everyone think of the new Sonic?

    • PowerRangersFan
      PowerRangersFan 9 hours ago

      The new design is MUCH better than the ugly mess we saw in the first trailer.

    • internetmaster1
      internetmaster1 9 hours ago

      It's not just the eyes Maliki, his whole design is better, it actually looks like Sonic from the games now.

    • kaiju2014117
      kaiju2014117 9 hours ago

      @Master Mike Totally agree.

    • kaiju2014117
      kaiju2014117 9 hours ago

      Huge improvement. Movie studios should take notes if they want their movies to succeed.

  • Master Mike
    Master Mike 10 hours ago

    I love this NEW DESIGN โค๏ธ

    ADAM WILK 10 hours ago

    AO letโ€™s go!

  • alonenjersey
    alonenjersey 10 hours ago

    3:19 I for one thought Johnny's Dad was kind of harsh.

  • Ridwan Zuso Diana
    Ridwan Zuso Diana 10 hours ago


  • alonenjersey
    alonenjersey 10 hours ago

    Was the Snail driving one of those "self-driving" cars?

  • Dragon S
    Dragon S 10 hours ago

    Is this some kind of ripoff of The secret life of pets

  • Amanda Warnakulasuriya

    *ARMY* r u ready to rock the film halls

  • CapitanUnPocoLoco 2004

    1:02 when your music teacher is not entering your room

  • Zynonix
    Zynonix 12 hours ago

    Now THAT is Sonic

  • Arcane Panda Gaming
    Arcane Panda Gaming 13 hours ago

    Much better

  • Xochitl Apolinar
    Xochitl Apolinar 13 hours ago

    Sonic looks much better

  • Mรฉlissa Vaillancourt

    I miss the old Barbie movie 2001 -2008 thatโ€™s my fav. When i was a Young girl

  • Extreme Wreck 2000
    Extreme Wreck 2000 13 hours ago

    Now THIS is Cats. Not that live action crap that somehow managed to get past the quality control, I'M talking a really good looking animated feature. Good job on this :).

  • Izzy Smallz
    Izzy Smallz 13 hours ago

    Yo this is better

  • gacha kathleen
    gacha kathleen 13 hours ago


  • Nikita Patil
    Nikita Patil 13 hours ago

    My fav is. 1. Charm school. 2.princess and popstar. 3.barbie fashion

    DIMAS CRAFT 13 hours ago

    This want i like

  • I am Lindsay est 2002
    I am Lindsay est 2002 14 hours ago

    My piplup: Oh thank goodness you fixed Sonics design My pikachu: he looks perfect like this

  • Timekiller2
    Timekiller2 14 hours ago

    Damn 63 views

  • Achintya Paul
    Achintya Paul 15 hours ago


  • Vasiliki Papadopoulou
    Vasiliki Papadopoulou 17 hours ago

    For me Rapunzel's transformation will always be number one

  • Muhammad Ashraf
    Muhammad Ashraf 18 hours ago

    By supporting

  • Batiehope MSP
    Batiehope MSP 18 hours ago

    Can I pick all?

  • Keven Pomerleau
    Keven Pomerleau 18 hours ago


  • Muhammad Ashraf
    Muhammad Ashraf 19 hours ago


  • Manpreet Manpreet
    Manpreet Manpreet 19 hours ago


  • jannie texting stories11

    The princess and the popstar is good but I donโ€™t understand the movie. They have perfect lifeโ€™s but still want to be someone else?

  • Pink Princess
    Pink Princess 21 hour ago

    My favorite transformation is the pink dress from Princess charm school it's very pretty.

  • Fayaz Ansari
    Fayaz Ansari 22 hours ago


  • Michael Griffett

    B b. M,man /c

  • blank
    blank Day ago

    Trashy list.

  • Pandaidol 101
    Pandaidol 101 Day ago

    My God, the nostalgia from this video is everything!!!

  • Angel Khwela
    Angel Khwela Day ago

    Repunzel will always be my favorite

  • Rhansno
    Rhansno Day ago

    This is fake. All of them paid actors

  • Pan Alafil
    Pan Alafil Day ago

    Meh, liked the original cartoons more

  • Pan Alafil
    Pan Alafil Day ago

    This is gonna be such a good movie

    HOZEIYA Day ago


  • Oliver Mulligan

    Forky is my favourite Toy Story character.

  • d-three Reacts

    This looks so good! we cant wait to see it!

  • no name
    no name Day ago

    Why is there no Barby diary?

  • ั‚ะฐะฝั ัะพั‚ัƒะฝ

    ะ•ั‚ะต ั‚ะฐะบ ั€ะฐะผะฐะฝั‚ั–ั‡ะฝะฐ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜—๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ™‚โ˜บ๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ˜

  • Rajamma Jose
    Rajamma Jose Day ago

    Pearl princess Pink shoes Pegasus Mermaid tail Pop Stars Ice or crystal castle Princess and the pauper Fashion fairytale 12 dancing princess Charm princess

  • Lucia Jass
    Lucia Jass Day ago

    Hi you are so great I love you

  • Phoenix Liz
    Phoenix Liz Day ago

    Barbie Rapunzel and Mariposa will always be my favorites

  • Kalie Harmon
    Kalie Harmon Day ago

    It was beautiful and it gives me the, WAIT daughters bad??? He cracks me up

  • shellman1 yt
    shellman1 yt Day ago

    Ice Princess Lily is coming very soon

  • Shar1ey
    Shar1ey Day ago does she remember how to speak?...

  • William Fairchild

    I do like the teaser trailer for SCOOB and it is brilliant and I am really looking forward to seeing it at the Cinema in May 2020

  • China Blackz
    China Blackz Day ago

    Wooow can't waitโ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ

  • Cassie Coombes

    ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘Awesome Trailer Scoob!

  • shellman1 yt
    shellman1 yt Day ago

    Scoob is coming very soon

  • Bljvkjh Vljvb
    Bljvkjh Vljvb Day ago


  • Alli Vormala
    Alli Vormala Day ago

    Iโ€™m not just emotional, iโ€™m cryin my eyes out when i watch the dumbo scene๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข And the fox and the hound scene is sad toi

  • Yaz
    Yaz Day ago


  • mohammed albander


  • Love girl
    Love girl Day ago

    What about Thumbelina

  • Sayrozz officiel


  • Les chroniques du renard

    5:57 PIGGY POWER !!!!! ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿท๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿท๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿท๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿท๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿท๐Ÿฝ

  • Dev Lahoti
    Dev Lahoti Day ago

    Princess charm school is my favourite

  • Yvo.official
    Yvo.official Day ago

    5 lol

  • ezekiel is awEsome

    is Kristoff here?

  • Muhammad Ashraf


  • Muhammad Ashraf

    A Books

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    A reading

  • Lally Lally
    Lally Lally Day ago

    Rapunzel's wedding is the best

  • Mz Rakarawa
    Mz Rakarawa Day ago

    Steve Carrell is the best!!

  • I am Nathan Burton


  • John Ford
    John Ford Day ago

    Rango is just too perfect but I think we need shrek and donkey

  • calbassas87
    calbassas87 Day ago

    Irons is just a god