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Switching cameras?Switching cameras?
Switching cameras?
2 months ago
2 months ago
4 months ago
he doesn't carehe doesn't care
he doesn't care
6 months ago
How to VlogHow to Vlog
How to Vlog
6 months ago
Terrified of this!Terrified of this!
Terrified of this!
6 months ago

Comments • 200

  • Angel Caban
    Angel Caban 4 days ago

    Looks great

  • Gunner Tierno
    Gunner Tierno 2 months ago

    Thank you for all the great content and technical knowledge! I've been putting your tricks to work. love the premier tips and shooting settings, super helpful!

  • Guillaume ROBERT-FAMY
    Guillaume ROBERT-FAMY 2 months ago

    Hi Peter, as a Canon shooter I would need your advice on one thing : What workflow do you recommand with Canon 4K files in post ? Considering buying a canon 5D mark IV to shoot in 4K, I have concerns about the file sizes and the workflow to make it properly. I can see you shoot in 4K with your 1DX, but you seem to be working on an iMac, so not the fastest or "big storage" machine. Do you convert your MJPEG files before working on them ? How do you keep an archive of your [HUGE] footages ? That would be a nice Subject for a future vlog !!! Thanks for reading...

  • Shreyas Gs
    Shreyas Gs 2 months ago

    Hey Peter, Could you do a video on using old canon film lenses on a DSLR? Thanks.

  • Beyond the Lens
    Beyond the Lens 2 months ago

    Hey Peter! Almost to 1.5 mil! Love your channel, I was wondering if you could just give me some advice on making a speaking event more engaging? A client is flying me to New Jersey and I want to do well, also I plan on vlogging, that and we are hanging out in New York so any vlog tips are appreciated! Thanks Man.

  • Bangla Vlogger
    Bangla Vlogger 2 months ago

    14lakh subscriber is a dream :D

  • Smart Prince
    Smart Prince 2 months ago

    I just turned a HUGE FAN of you Peter. You re amazing Man. I hope we become personal friends, I with to learn a lot

  • Erin Wilson
    Erin Wilson 2 months ago

    Do you ever run video/cinematography/filmmaking workshops, whether in Toronto or anywhere else?

  • ExpreArt
    ExpreArt 2 months ago

    good videos very good , I also edit photos

  • AliLeo Tv
    AliLeo Tv 2 months ago

    Hi Peter .. I would like to request making a video related to colour correction/grading.. because im been using slog p.profile, but sadly when it come to post production the when i do the colour correction it turn out to be poor quality and bad.. I am so sad.. because the footage is beautiful but it flat colour, but when i do the grading huhu, the quality drop. any suggestion? I try to follow people tutorials.. but their always look sharp and less noise.. huhu.

  • Vince Opra-Szabó
    Vince Opra-Szabó 2 months ago

    Nobody commented here for 5 months WHAAAT:O I Love your content Pete! Ur my biggest inspiration. :)

  • ndglamr
    ndglamr 2 months ago

    Awesome work Peter, love your channel and what you do - learning quite a lot! What settings are you using on your Mavic pro in order to get some good footage?

  • Alpha Anderson
    Alpha Anderson 2 months ago


  • Pup N Suds Productions

    Hey Mate love the work, and all the fun tricks you bring to the game! check out some of ours!

  • Mimi Thian
    Mimi Thian 2 months ago

    I wanna learn how to export my personal LUT out of lightroom and also make 3D LUTS.

  • V su
    V su 2 months ago

    Love you your videos ..I bought canon 1300D cam will will you please suggest photographic techniques.

  • Yung Jolt
    Yung Jolt 2 months ago

    Are there any videos of you showcasing how to shoot, edit and color correct night shots?

  • David Goncharuk
    David Goncharuk 2 months ago

    I bought both of your lightroom present packs and only one works, the other one (luts) does not come out as lightroom present format, it comes out as some cube format, Is there something you can do about that? because I didn't want to waste my money in something I though would make my pictures look better.

  • Carlos Bastias
    Carlos Bastias 3 months ago

    Hi Peter, great channel!!!, i am from Chile. Can you recommend good sites to found great music for videos?

  • Taattie
    Taattie 3 months ago

    Just found you, but I see most things are premiere pro, can you do final cut tutorials?

    • Cameron Cox
      Cameron Cox 3 months ago

      I've been subscribed to Peter for a while, and I've never seen him really use Final Cut. I would suggest checking out KingTutsPro though, he makes good Final Cut tutorials

  • Yessika Marmol
    Yessika Marmol 3 months ago

    Hey, love your stuff but I comment all the time so you know that. I'm creating a website on Squarespace and was wondering what your code was. Thanks!

  • Simon Lavictoire
    Simon Lavictoire 3 months ago

    Hey there Peter, I was wandering if you've ever work with an Extension Tube for your work. If you've work with some tubes, would you mind making a video about your experience? Thank you!

  • TheHaneb
    TheHaneb 3 months ago

    amazing vlogs, thx Pete :) !

  • Maxshaitan
    Maxshaitan 3 months ago Hey, Peter, from your episodes I noticed you guys travelling, so I decided to post this link to let you know that there is a Master Class from Martin Scorsese Probably it is something you may be excited about.

  • Jeffrey Fox
    Jeffrey Fox 3 months ago

    Hi Peter, I'm having trouble with my still shots taking very long to snap. I have the camera in auto but when I take a picture the shutter takes forever. What am I doing wrong? BTW, my camera's a Nikon D3200

  • Daniele Scarpa
    Daniele Scarpa 3 months ago

    Hey Pete! Do you think a video about "affordable slow motion for b-roll" would be an interesting topic for a video? (Maybe comparing your canon dslr to a GoPro hero 5 and the iPhone 7 or 8? I think a lot of entry level filmmakers (including me) look for more affordable gear to shoot slow-motion with. Keep up the good work ;) Cheers

  • Yacine Yahioune
    Yacine Yahioune 3 months ago

    Hey if anyone could help me,which version of lightroom does not require the cloud membership ?

  • EDITZ.4U
    EDITZ.4U 3 months ago

    I love your work! Great Channel and i subbed you! Would be great to know what you think about my Channel… As a professional! And maybe sub me back, if you like it! Thanks and keep going! EDITZ.4U

  • Aulona Selmani
    Aulona Selmani 3 months ago

    Honestly, you're amazing dude !


    Am new on your profile and i really love it, one thing i want is i wanna know more about flat pictures i will be grateful if u can help

  • Abraham Foo
    Abraham Foo 3 months ago

    Hello from Singapore, Peter! Just curious what's your background of training like? Just hoping to know you as an individual rather as a filmmaker and photographer! :)

  • Adrian Blue
    Adrian Blue 3 months ago

    Hey Peter, your videos are brilliant and this is an awesome channel! I was wondering if you could make a video on the workflow for editing and colour grading/correcting footage from different cameras as they all have their own codecs and colour.

  • Danny R
    Danny R 3 months ago

    Hey Pete, Awesome Channel, love the videos. Question for you (I looked but I didn't find) How to set up my 80D Canon for Video. What setting should I use to get awesome videos like yours and also what setting for low light (night time). Thanks. Maybe a Video for this ?

  • SharX Gaming
    SharX Gaming 3 months ago

    plz sub to me eh

  • rizky zainullah
    rizky zainullah 3 months ago

    HOW TO edit (Clean Bandit - I Miss You feat. Julia Michaels) official Video?

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones 3 months ago

    Peter, you are such an inspiring person for many, not just myself. Today, I showcased your Iceland video to my students in Bangkok, of which they enjoyed every moment of your trip to Iceland. Your videos, entertainment and positive vibe is amazing. If you come to Bangkok, you can have a coffee on the 35th floor of my building overlooking the amazing city. Let me know.

  • The Bird Craft Technology

    I started watching you like 8 months ago and just made my first youtube video for aviation enthusiast because of the inspiration youve given me! Pure awesomeness!!!

  • lwazi lalendle
    lwazi lalendle 3 months ago

    Your Channel is addictive Bro.. now gonna start doing Vlog Videos and thanks for the tips. Keep up the good work & keep drinking that Coffee ;)

  • Kitchen Instruments
    Kitchen Instruments 3 months ago

    Amazing Job man, Thank you for helping me become a better film maker... it has helped my channel a ton!

  • Bill Wittman
    Bill Wittman 3 months ago

    Enjoyed seeing you at ProFusion 2017 - did a few bursts - a couple worked - loaded on your site - may all be good...

  • Canosh
    Canosh 3 months ago

    Mountain Goat

  • Roaring Lion Productions

    Hey Pete, huge fan of your work. I'm wondering how you became sponsored by Square Space. It would be cool if you made video of the technicalities of the "TVclip" process. From your perspective. For example: Did they reach out to you? How can we prepare our channel for sponsorship. How was the process of growing your channel. How long it usually takes to get paid from TVclip. Or is it too far fetched to focus on the "monetization" aspect. How long did your growth actually take before it started taking off. These are a lot of questions i get and hear all the time. Since we are new channel I cant speak from experience. Thanks for your help.

  • Life Thru Eyes
    Life Thru Eyes 3 months ago

    Hey Pete. Any thoughts or opinions on Cine Lenses for DSLR's, like Cannon Cine CN-E 50mm?

  • bigshooter461
    bigshooter461 3 months ago

    Hey Pete, it's a bit of Déjà vu watching some of your stuff. I, along with many, as I am sure you know, identify with a lot of what you share, both about your work and your personal life, your struggles, inspirations, and appreciations strike a common chord, (pun intended), kudos to you for masterfully blending your passions in a way that both appeals to and inspires artists of many disciplines and creative and questioning minds alike. While I admire your illusionary skills and acumen, I respect that it is no slight of hand to produce evocative work and commend you for your success with your channel! I thought I might share with you an opportunity to capture some true organic gold, if it hadn't already occurred to you. While the lighting can be a bit challenging there is some magic to be captured and the opportunities that present themselves are limitless, both in terms of the visual esthetics and subjects to explore and the large concentration of very interesting and diverse people to meet and network with.

  • siddharth sharma
    siddharth sharma 3 months ago

    Hi, Peter. I really enjoy your videos and really love them all. I need your help, though that you are the right person to approach. I am facing a lot of issues in photography whether it is approaching people or maintain followers. I lose one to two followers every day. Neither the likes are enough on my posts even when my posts have a good reach. Please advice and help. Thanks in advance.

    Noah BANFIELD 3 months ago

    I need help. What do you think is better PAL or NTSC

  • Jaakko Risku
    Jaakko Risku 3 months ago

    Could you make a video about the difference of Lightroom Classic cc and Lightroom cc

  • Valerie Herring
    Valerie Herring 3 months ago

    Love your channel and VLOG. Very inspirational and you bring your audience into the setting...... love it!!!

  • Chris Casey
    Chris Casey 3 months ago

    Help. I don't want to pay for a monthly subscription. I have the resources to buy "good" software. What do you recommend for still photography editing?

  • David Bunting
    David Bunting 3 months ago

    I saw this and thought it might be something you would get a kick out of... Who knows maybe you could get an early hands on... tell us if this is something worth getting excited for

  • Ali Haider
    Ali Haider 3 months ago

    can you make a video that how to float stuff in our videos using premier pro. Like Flying a SUPERMAN.

  • Ryan Anderson
    Ryan Anderson 3 months ago

    Hey Peter Man I love your Channel I learned so much from your videos I felt like I was so stagnate in my skills as a photographer or filmmaker it was driving me crazy. Trying our techniques really got me out of this rut I was in.

  • Ali Haider
    Ali Haider 3 months ago

    You are making me creative. But there is a problem that i have been facing throuhg a long time. That i need Cracked versions of premier pro, after effects and light room. Can you please help me. Being a biggner, i don't have enough money to buy them.

  • Kevin Deagle
    Kevin Deagle 3 months ago

    Peter, I see you have a Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW. Do you take it as carry-on luggage?

  • Laila Tamara Conlon
    Laila Tamara Conlon 3 months ago

    Love your channel! Would love a vlog about 360/VR Cameras and how to edit the still images either in Lr or Ps and videos in Pr

  • Photographer Images
    Photographer Images 3 months ago

    You've got a good personality. Stay good and God Bless you.

  • Gabriel Essel
    Gabriel Essel 3 months ago

    Love your channel Peter, always so much to learn :D

  • David Lackey
    David Lackey 3 months ago

    Hey Pete, I think I may have spotted you in a video explaining, of all things, why everyone's fingers prune when wet. Drop in at 6:13 and 6:36. It looks like footage from that one time you were abandoned on a mountain. Cheers.

  • ChimobiHD
    ChimobiHD 4 months ago

    Very basic request - Can you do a tutorial on adding background music to your vlogs while you're talking etc. Your audio mixing sounds amazing!

  • leacher79511
    leacher79511 4 months ago

    Culling! By the time I'm done, I'm sore! After a bit of research I found "JoytoKey". A free program that lets you cull using a xbox controller! Feet up on your desk, leaned back, no sore forearms or neck. Cuts my time to a third of usual. If your interested, I have CC and Classic cfg files ready to share to get you up and running in minutes!

  • Ishan43
    Ishan43 4 months ago

    Peter! Been 5 days! Where are you??

  • Sam Miller
    Sam Miller 4 months ago

    Great work Peter! Keep making crispy vids!

  • Wendy Kipling
    Wendy Kipling 4 months ago

    Peter, you are an inspiration to anyone looking to get started online! And yes that includes myself! I have especially found the howto videos enjoyable as well as informative and educational. I have already used some of the techniques that you have shown. So I wanted to say a personal thank you........ and please keep up the good work and I hope your thought is better soon ....

  • Brian Gaines
    Brian Gaines 4 months ago

    In so many vlogger videos, people tend to get 3rd person video footage of themselves; however, I never see how this is done. Would love to see a video on how this is done (or a comment reply here), whether it's common to set up a shot on your own or does someone always follow along with you on video capturing journey. Love the channel! Thanks!

  • Anett Siffer
    Anett Siffer 4 months ago

    You inspired me soo much!! I have learned a lot from your videos soo thank you so much sharing all this with us!!! THANK YOU :)

  • Colin Bird
    Colin Bird 4 months ago

    love u channel peter colin from uk

  • Blayed Smith
    Blayed Smith 4 months ago

    Hey, Pete! I'm about to cross that comfort zone from just nature shots and start doing portraits for seniors and families. Could you please do a video discussing where a person should start at with pricing depending on skill level? Look forward to hearing from you!

  • Food In Focus
    Food In Focus 4 months ago

    You are a true inspiration bro! I look forward to your vids all the time...I'll learn't so much! If you ever find yourself in Istanbul Turkey, please let me know. Best Mark

  • Ark Center
    Ark Center 4 months ago

    I can't believe I've been following you for almost a year. I'm not complaining, I'm excited. Before I came across your page, I would only use TVclip for quick how to videos. Simply your attitude, personality, motivation to push your viewers to create and your engagement with your channel is amazing. I can see why and how you've become so successful, and I'm glad you are a creator. I enjoy youtube, and find myself spending a lot of time on the platform, your enthusiasm has pushed me to break down my own barriers and try new methods to creating content. I'm glad to recommend people to your page, it's never a dull moment. Don't stop creating, don't stop inspiring, don't stop being a positive influence, and don't forget to say whats every time you meet a fan, its cemented in who Peter McKinnon is.

  • Tech Will Rule
    Tech Will Rule 4 months ago

    Whats your height??

  • Aromal lalan
    Aromal lalan 4 months ago

    hi peter i am your fan from india i liker all the video i send a email to you plz see it

  • ViNade
    ViNade 4 months ago

    Hi, did want to start a discussion on "low" budget cameras like canon m10 or m3, sony a500, etc.. Any of you have some experince and you Peter? I could get a Canon m3 for 330€ is it worth to start photography and filming in general with this camera ? appriciate your content Peet xD

  • Cory Nelson
    Cory Nelson 4 months ago

    Mr. Peter McKinnon, you should go over the histogram as many new photographers don't understand what is or how to read it to help them improve their skills! Also your videos are the best out of anyones -Cory

  • Mah Mah
    Mah Mah 4 months ago chek this it's time for the phones to become DSLRS

  • Riding Off Camber
    Riding Off Camber 4 months ago

    P.S. I'm loving what you're doing man! Keep up the awesome work!

  • Riding Off Camber
    Riding Off Camber 4 months ago

    Hey Peter, quick question, are there any tricks to exporting from premiere for TVclip uploads? I ride mountain bikes with a GoPro and gimbal and at points, the video appears pixelated in youtube. Any help would be very appreciated! The best answer I've found so far is that TVclip doesn't handle footage where grass and trees are flying by at fast paces. I refuse to believe that there isn't a way!!

  • Hassan OUKASSI
    Hassan OUKASSI 4 months ago

    Send Old stuff and Used items to Morocco, Casablanca, Bouskoura, 27185. Thank you

  • Samuel Rowell
    Samuel Rowell 4 months ago

    Arguably one of the best channels I have ever come across in terms of relativity, professionalism, and just great content!! :)

  • The Joshua Miller
    The Joshua Miller 4 months ago

    When are more James Coffee Co Peter McKinnon edition hats coming out?!

  • Robert Perham
    Robert Perham 4 months ago

    Hey Peter love your channel, infact I think im addicted and ive nearly watched every video youve made and now afraid I might run out hahaha. Just started vlogging and although the gear I have isnt super fantastic it helps me tell my stories, thanks for such great content and tips

  • Warnock Air LLC
    Warnock Air LLC 4 months ago

    Love your channel Peter.. Wondering if you'd do a video on taking all video at 120fps then importing and editing with normal speeds as well as slow-mo vs needing to import both 30 and 120 to do it?

  • Dynamic Dimensions
    Dynamic Dimensions 4 months ago

    Congratulations for your film!

  • otaku dz
    otaku dz 4 months ago

    love your channel patter , could you do a episode about shooting in the dark

  • Josef Berg
    Josef Berg 4 months ago

    Hey Peter! I really got interested in printing after your printing episode! Could you please make a video about ICC profiling and some more in depth tutorial on printing.. everything out there is so confusing!

  • Jenny Meacham
    Jenny Meacham 4 months ago

    Peter McKinnon: I have just subscribed to your you tube productions and want to know what commands are used for pc's since you are using a MAC. Great job! thanx

  • remus florin raciula
    remus florin raciula 4 months ago

    hey. what do you think about this Proaim Beholder EC1 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Camera Stabilizer

  • Sibusiso Dlomo
    Sibusiso Dlomo 4 months ago

    Hi Peter, I am new to you channel find it as i was looking for better way to make good home video no budget....tell on Samsug with one is as great as iPhone.

  • Joshua Dieker
    Joshua Dieker 4 months ago

    Can you do a Video on some tips with after effects I don't understand that program along with color correction in post editing with premiere

  • Alpha Artisan
    Alpha Artisan 4 months ago

    Think Loud thoughts peter! these are mine

  • Elihu V
    Elihu V 4 months ago

    Hey Pete, I need your help, my after effects I spend like a whole day painting on a video and I saved it so I could go to sleep and turn everything off, next dy i wake up, I opened it and now it is only black.. you can still hear it, but nothing is there to be seen... Please help me, I was really happy with the work I was doing, thanks very much

  • TheOriginalGravebane
    TheOriginalGravebane 4 months ago

    You must have thousands (if not millions) of b-roll clips. What is your method for cataloging them all? How would you find a nightfall lakeside clip containing shots of a tiki torch years after you've archived the footage? My collection is barely a year old and relatively small. I'm already finding it difficult to find clips I know I have. I have the full Adobe CC package. Is there anything there that would help me efficiently catalog my archived footage?

  • mnstar53
    mnstar53 4 months ago

    Hey dipshit, UNSUBSCRIBE me from your channel. I didn't sign up in the first place. I guess that's how you get over a million subscribers. lol

  • Tristan Fourie
    Tristan Fourie 4 months ago

    Peter my man, I've been watching you since 50k and let me tell you something, You have inspired me like no other youtuber / videographer ever. You're famous now and might not see this but I recently hit 100 subs and honestly wouldn't still be youtubing if it weren't for some of your earlier videos :) Keep on being amazing! Cheers from South Africa xD

  • Billy Wren
    Billy Wren 4 months ago

    You have mastered the art of likability. Love your work and all the information you so generously share. I look forward to what's to come. Billy - Texas

  • CCGtv
    CCGtv 4 months ago

    Hey, I just looked at your channel you feature some dope content ! Check out some of my channel and sub if you like the content. Thanks for your time !!!

  • Sky Warrick
    Sky Warrick 4 months ago

    This might seem random, but any helpful tips on how to do this cool double exposure effect with videos? I've only found tutorials for still photos. Here's a link to the example I'm talking about

  • Norris Bennett
    Norris Bennett 4 months ago

    dope videos.... check out my website

  • Eric Powers
    Eric Powers 4 months ago

    Just wanted to say thanks for making this channel and all the great content you put out. Its ridiculously inspiring and I'm so stoked on photography and getting creative after discovering your channel.

  • Matel
    Matel 4 months ago

    Hi Peter, if you can only bring one light on a shoot for interview which one would it be ? Thanks

  • Steve Blankenburg
    Steve Blankenburg 4 months ago

    Really like your act. I'm rather a rookie, but I did notice your signature stutter jump cut and was wondering how you did this edit? Can anyone help me out... It's probably all the caffeine.

  • Opal Lynn
    Opal Lynn 4 months ago

    Love your channel. I was wondering after shooting in RAW, What format do you export to for social media?

  • Timothy Okposuogu
    Timothy Okposuogu 4 months ago

    Hey Your channel is amazing and i look foreword to work with you!! well done!

  • Caryl B
    Caryl B 4 months ago

    When/where will be able to see your film after the Buffer Festival???

  • Ark Center
    Ark Center 4 months ago

    Hey Peter, think you can make a video on how to enhance your story with drone footage, and when you should use it. Also how to read, set, edit and enhance your video with external audio.

  • WLockIV
    WLockIV 4 months ago

    I HAVE A COFFEE QUESTION! How much better is french pressed coffee than brewed coffee?

  • Adam Frye
    Adam Frye 4 months ago

    Peter thanks for the videos we shot video for car dealership marketing and we always have questions about permits and licenses to shoot film and/or photos. Can we use epidemic sounds for "commercial use". What is commercial use and when is it appropriate to get licenses. Might be a video idea for you.

  • Nigel Paquin
    Nigel Paquin 4 months ago

    Peter, I've been following your stuff for many months now and I finally think you've rubbed off on me. I created a video about the earthquake devastation in Kumamoto Japan and you'll see some of the things I've learned in this video. Anyways just wanted to say thank you and I love your work...truly inspirational.

  • Daniel Hedén
    Daniel Hedén 4 months ago

    Hi Peter. I saw your video about being bored with photography. One of your tips was to "shoot" through another lens! thought this might be cool so i tried but i can´t get the picture sharp in the lens! any advice? I was using a standard nikon af-s 24-85 lens and shoot through a nikon 50mm f 1.2. Love your channel. Best regards / Daniel

  • Henry & Naomi
    Henry & Naomi 4 months ago

    I wrote this on your 'Bored with Photography' video but thought this was a better forum > Seriously, I only found your videos a month back and you have taught me so much and filled me with a heap more knowledge and ideas than I could ever get from a borrowed library book. I even have a Peter McKinnon note book which is present throughout your videos and I write heaps and heaps of pointers and tips that you deliver in your videos. I limit myself to 2 PM vids whenever i need a break from university assignments . Thanks for your videos mate and i'm serious when i say that i am jealous of your life and hold you as a genuine role model for myself and hope one day I may be in your position and training others in regards to this amazing art. Keep the fantastic work up mate. oh and thanks for the 'shift+option+command+N and E' shortcut, I have no idea what i did without it.

  • Brandon White
    Brandon White 4 months ago

    Can you do a comparison for a new TVclipr of good and bad points of the Canon SL2 VS. the Panasonic G7 with Kit lenses? The situation some vlogging but I would like to do computer tech and my daughter wants to have her own Kids youtube channel. so will let her self film with older cell phone htc M8 and I will set up bigger camera in house for higher quality vids. Thank you.

  • Harry Amoafo Fynn
    Harry Amoafo Fynn 4 months ago

    Great work. Got me interested in photography :)

  • andrew coupland
    andrew coupland 4 months ago


  • Marco Pret
    Marco Pret 4 months ago

    you seem to know a lot about filmmaking when are you going to post some short films?

  • nikhil t
    nikhil t 5 months ago

    Can you make a video about macro lens and extension tubes..and which one is better for macro photography?

  • Chamod pramuditha
    Chamod pramuditha 5 months ago

    big fan of ur work , u inspired me to make films and take photos :)

  • Harri K
    Harri K 5 months ago

    Hi Peter! Where do you download music for your projects?

  • Jon Minger
    Jon Minger 5 months ago

    You have completely changed my thoughts on video and photos and I wanted to thank you for all that you do!!!! I do have a question. My wife and I recently decided to step out into the world of photography. I also will be doing some video. And I wanted to find out in your honest opinion what portable hard drive would you recommend to us. Hers will be for photos and mine will also be for photos, but also storing videos too until I can make it back to my iMac. I appreciate any help you can give us and again, keep up with all of the great work you are doing here!!!! Take care, Jon

  • Riccardo Speggiorin
    Riccardo Speggiorin 5 months ago

    There is something strange on his video views...+1 million subscribers and the videos have an avarage view of 250k....very strange

  • Andrej Knezevki
    Andrej Knezevki 5 months ago

    Hey Peter & friends, have you ever used some editing software apps other than Lightroom? I am debating if I should pay for it or go for other more affordable options such as PhotoScape X. What are your thought?

  • Josh Oliver
    Josh Oliver 5 months ago

    Peter, I enjoy your videos! Could you possibly post one sometime about how you keep all of your files organized? Specifically with LR catalogs, RAWs and backups... I have been trying to figure out a good system and haven't found one yet.

  • Marc Dolcy
    Marc Dolcy 5 months ago

    Hey love you channel bro!! Can you do a video on composition in photography??

  • William X Studios
    William X Studios 5 months ago

    who won the giveaway?

  • Luca hawtin
    Luca hawtin 5 months ago

    who won

  • Marcko Pablo
    Marcko Pablo 5 months ago

    Who won the giveaway?

  • Oscar Wright
    Oscar Wright 5 months ago

    could do a video about astrophotography?

  • Erock
    Erock 5 months ago

    Peter and all! Just started in Photography; bit me like a bug. Question: I know speed will come with time for shooting in manual mode changing ISO/Shutter/AP on the fly, but I've noticed when I'm at family events, weddings, camping, etc. I'll sometimes miss the shot bc I'm too busy trying to dial in those 3. Did anyone else run into this in the beginning? I'm thinking about just trying out aperture priority for on the fly shots. I shoot RAW/Jpeg so I can always edit a bit later. Just wondering if more experienced photographers stay in manual all the time and are just quick enough to keep up with different lighting or do you guys sometimes rely on an auto mode?

    • Andrej Knezevki
      Andrej Knezevki 5 months ago

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