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  • Samuel Rowell
    Samuel Rowell 3 days ago

    Arguably one of the best channels I have ever come across in terms of relativity, professionalism, and just great content!! :)

  • Joshua Miller Creative

    When are more James Coffee Co Peter McKinnon edition hats coming out?!

  • Robert Perham
    Robert Perham 5 days ago

    Hey Peter love your channel, infact I think im addicted and ive nearly watched every video youve made and now afraid I might run out hahaha. Just started vlogging and although the gear I have isnt super fantastic it helps me tell my stories, thanks for such great content and tips

  • Warnock Air LLC
    Warnock Air LLC 7 days ago

    Love your channel Peter.. Wondering if you'd do a video on taking all video at 120fps then importing and editing with normal speeds as well as slow-mo vs needing to import both 30 and 120 to do it?

  • Dynamic Dimensions
    Dynamic Dimensions 8 days ago

    Congratulations for your film!

  • otaku dz
    otaku dz 8 days ago

    love your channel patter , could you do a episode about shooting in the dark

  • Josef Berg
    Josef Berg 10 days ago

    Hey Peter! I really got interested in printing after your printing episode! Could you please make a video about ICC profiling and some more in depth tutorial on printing.. everything out there is so confusing!

  • Jenny Meacham
    Jenny Meacham 10 days ago

    Peter McKinnon: I have just subscribed to your you tube productions and want to know what commands are used for pc's since you are using a MAC. Great job! thanx

  • remus florin raciula

    hey. what do you think about this
    Proaim Beholder EC1 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Camera Stabilizer

  • Sibusiso Dlomo
    Sibusiso Dlomo 11 days ago

    Hi Peter, I am new to you channel find it as i was looking for better way to make good home video no budget....tell on Samsug with one is as great as iPhone.

  • Joshua Dieker
    Joshua Dieker 11 days ago

    Can you do a Video on some tips with after effects I don't understand that program along with color correction in post editing with premiere

  • Alpha Artisan
    Alpha Artisan 11 days ago

    Think Loud thoughts peter! these are mine

  • Elihu V
    Elihu V 11 days ago

    Hey Pete, I need your help, my after effects I spend like a whole day painting on a video and I saved it so I could go to sleep and turn everything off, next dy i wake up, I opened it and now it is only black.. you can still hear it, but nothing is there to be seen... Please help me, I was really happy with the work I was doing, thanks very much

  • TheOriginalGravebane

    You must have thousands (if not millions) of b-roll clips. What is your method for cataloging them all? How would you find a nightfall lakeside clip containing shots of a tiki torch years after you've archived the footage? My collection is barely a year old and relatively small. I'm already finding it difficult to find clips I know I have.

    I have the full Adobe CC package. Is there anything there that would help me efficiently catalog my archived footage?

  • mnstar53
    mnstar53 13 days ago

    Hey dipshit, UNSUBSCRIBE me from your channel. I didn't sign up in the first place. I guess that's how you get over a million subscribers. lol

  • Tristan Fourie
    Tristan Fourie 13 days ago

    Peter my man, I've been watching you since 50k and let me tell you something, You have inspired me like no other youtuber / videographer ever. You're famous now and might not see this but I recently hit 100 subs and honestly wouldn't still be youtubing if it weren't for some of your earlier videos :) Keep on being amazing! Cheers from South Africa xD

  • Billy Wren
    Billy Wren 14 days ago

    You have mastered the art of likability. Love your work and all the information you so generously share. I look forward to what's to come. Billy - Texas

  • CCGtv
    CCGtv 14 days ago

    Hey, I just looked at your channel you feature some dope content ! Check out some of my channel and sub if you like the content. Thanks for your time !!!

  • Sky Warrick
    Sky Warrick 14 days ago

    This might seem random, but any helpful tips on how to do this cool double exposure effect with videos? I've only found tutorials for still photos. Here's a link to the example I'm talking about

  • Norris Bennett
    Norris Bennett 14 days ago

    dope videos.... check out my website

  • Eric Powers
    Eric Powers 14 days ago

    Just wanted to say thanks for making this channel and all the great content you put out. Its ridiculously inspiring and I'm so stoked on photography and getting creative after discovering your channel.

  • Matel
    Matel 14 days ago

    Hi Peter, if you can only bring one light on a shoot for interview which one would it be ? Thanks

  • Steve Blankenburg
    Steve Blankenburg 15 days ago

    Really like your act. I'm rather a rookie, but I did notice your signature stutter jump cut and was wondering how you did this edit? Can anyone help me out... It's probably all the caffeine.

  • Opal Lynn
    Opal Lynn 15 days ago

    Love your channel. I was wondering after shooting in RAW, What format do you export to for social media?

  • Timothy Okposuogu
    Timothy Okposuogu 16 days ago

    Hey Your channel is amazing and i look foreword to work with you!! well done!

  • Caryl B
    Caryl B 17 days ago

    When/where will be able to see your film after the Buffer Festival???

  • Ark Center
    Ark Center 18 days ago

    Hey Peter, think you can make a video on how to enhance your story with drone footage, and when you should use it. Also how to read, set, edit and enhance your video with external audio.

  • WLockIV
    WLockIV 18 days ago

    I HAVE A COFFEE QUESTION! How much better is french pressed coffee than brewed coffee?

  • Adam Frye
    Adam Frye 19 days ago

    Peter thanks for the videos we shot video for car dealership marketing and we always have questions about permits and licenses to shoot film and/or photos. Can we use epidemic sounds for "commercial use". What is commercial use and when is it appropriate to get licenses. Might be a video idea for you.

  • Nigel Paquin
    Nigel Paquin 19 days ago

    Peter, I've been following your stuff for many months now and I finally think you've rubbed off on me. I created a video about the earthquake devastation in Kumamoto Japan and you'll see some of the things I've learned in this video. Anyways just wanted to say thank you and I love your work...truly inspirational.

  • Daniel Hedén
    Daniel Hedén 20 days ago

    Hi Peter. I saw your video about being bored with photography. One of your tips was to "shoot" through another lens! thought this might be cool so i tried but i can´t get the picture sharp in the lens! any advice?
    I was using a standard nikon af-s 24-85 lens and shoot through a nikon 50mm f 1.2.

    Love your channel. Best regards / Daniel

  • Henry & Naomi
    Henry & Naomi 20 days ago

    I wrote this on your 'Bored with Photography' video but thought this was a better forum > Seriously, I only found your videos a month back and you have taught me so much and filled me with a heap more knowledge and ideas than I could ever get from a borrowed library book. I even have a Peter McKinnon note book which is present throughout your videos and I write heaps and heaps of pointers and tips that you deliver in your videos. I limit myself to 2 PM vids whenever i need a break from university assignments . Thanks for your videos mate and i'm serious when i say that i am jealous of your life and hold you as a genuine role model for myself and hope one day I may be in your position and training others in regards to this amazing art. Keep the fantastic work up mate. oh and thanks for the 'shift+option+command+N and E' shortcut, I have no idea what i did without it.

  • Brandon White
    Brandon White 20 days ago

    Can you do a comparison for a new Youtuber of good and bad points of the Canon SL2 VS. the Panasonic G7 with Kit lenses?
    The situation some vlogging but I would like to do computer tech and my daughter wants to have her own Kids youtube channel. so will let her self film with older cell phone htc M8 and I will set up bigger camera in house for higher quality vids.
    Thank you.

  • Harry Amoafo Fynn
    Harry Amoafo Fynn 20 days ago

    Great work.
    Got me interested in photography

  • andrew coupland
    andrew coupland 22 days ago


  • Marco Pret
    Marco Pret 22 days ago

    you seem to know a lot about filmmaking when are you going to post some short films?

  • nikhil t
    nikhil t 23 days ago

    Can you make a video about macro lens and extension tubes..and which one is better for macro photography?

  • NANO
    NANO 24 days ago

    big fan of ur work , u inspired me to make films and take photos :)

  • Harri K
    Harri K 25 days ago

    Hi Peter! Where do you download music for your projects?

  • Jon Minger
    Jon Minger 25 days ago

    You have completely changed my thoughts on video and photos and I wanted to thank you for all that you do!!!!

    I do have a question. My wife and I recently decided to step out into the world of photography. I also will be doing some video. And I wanted to find out in your honest opinion what portable hard drive would you recommend to us. Hers will be for photos and mine will also be for photos, but also storing videos too until I can make it back to my iMac.

    I appreciate any help you can give us and again, keep up with all of the great work you are doing here!!!!

    Take care,


  • Riccardo Speggiorin
    Riccardo Speggiorin 26 days ago

    There is something strange on his video views...+1 million subscribers and the videos have an avarage view of 250k....very strange

  • James Baker
    James Baker 27 days ago

    what was the website he mentioned with stock 4k videos?

  • Andrej Knezevki
    Andrej Knezevki 27 days ago

    Hey Peter & friends, have you ever used some editing software apps other than Lightroom? I am debating if I should pay for it or go for other more affordable options such as PhotoScape X. What are your thought?

  • Josh Oliver
    Josh Oliver 27 days ago

    Peter, I enjoy your videos! Could you possibly post one sometime about how you keep all of your files organized? Specifically with LR catalogs, RAWs and backups... I have been trying to figure out a good system and haven't found one yet.

  • Marc Dolcy
    Marc Dolcy 27 days ago

    Hey love you channel bro!! Can you do a video on composition in photography??

  • Film Insider Bros
    Film Insider Bros 28 days ago

    who won the giveaway?

  • Luca hawtin
    Luca hawtin 28 days ago

    who won

  • marcko pablo
    marcko pablo 28 days ago

    Who won the giveaway?

  • Oscar Wright
    Oscar Wright 28 days ago

    could do a video about astrophotography?

  • Erock
    Erock 28 days ago

    Peter and all! Just started in Photography; bit me like a bug.

    Question: I know speed will come with time for shooting in manual mode changing ISO/Shutter/AP on the fly, but I've noticed when I'm at family events, weddings, camping, etc. I'll sometimes miss the shot bc I'm too busy trying to dial in those 3.

    Did anyone else run into this in the beginning? I'm thinking about just trying out aperture priority for on the fly shots. I shoot RAW/Jpeg so I can always edit a bit later.

    Just wondering if more experienced photographers stay in manual all the time and are just quick enough to keep up with different lighting or do you guys sometimes rely on an auto mode?

    • Andrej Knezevki
      Andrej Knezevki 27 days ago

      I'd say it also depends on your camera. My old camera was a bit more challenging to setup the ISO and AP. With my new camera I have 2 command dials, one for AP another one for Shutter speed and ISO. But in terms of you comping up with faster decisions on which settings you should have is really just a matter of practice... I personally feel that I am getting faster and faster every day.
      Happy shooting, cheers!

  • trinityacjack
    trinityacjack 29 days ago

    where can we buy your hat

  • Themika T
    Themika T 29 days ago

    Please upload another video I really like your videos

  • Scaria Vinod
    Scaria Vinod Month ago

    hey pete is your big 1m giveaway international

  • Soumyajit Sarkar
    Soumyajit Sarkar Month ago

    Thanks a lot Peter :) Keep inspiring us all

  • Latrach Med Jamil

    Hey Peter, I love your work and your energy. Keep up the good work (The presets are fire).
    But got a question: Don't you think that getting presets will only make people work less on their editing skills and start to only rely on the presets ?

  • The Invasion Show

    Ay peter, gotta say your're an inspiration to us all. Keep drinking that coffee!

  • Jas & Kam
    Jas & Kam Month ago

    were are your LUTs at?

    ANKIT DABRAL Month ago

    Sir, i am a continuous follower of your channel and I want to work with that possible from your end ????

  • Emma Koch
    Emma Koch Month ago

    Just want to say this channel is so amazing! I've learned a lot. These videos are like a boost to go out there and work on my photography! Thanks

  • JeanMi Quartier
    JeanMi Quartier Month ago

    Hey, just got a Nikon d3400, I am looking to get better shooting photo, right now doing everything on manual mode. Can someone point me in the right direction or maybe which video I should watch that will help? I got trouble to find the right setting on my night shot and low light.
    Also this channel is kicking butt, Thanks.

    • JeanMi Quartier
      JeanMi Quartier Month ago

      nevermind it was a auto iso setup that was on in the setup menu

  • Egabor8 Multimedia Studio

    hey peter, thanks for your inspiration..Here is my first film.
    please i need Feedback..CC are welcome @All

  • Ruben Venceslau
    Ruben Venceslau Month ago

    Peter you are an inspiration for me, I would pay to spend a day with you, just talking about photography and video. YOU keep my will of photograph and turning also to videography burning man....if your channel was paid i would pay it. You worth every second of the video. Keep going with the amazing work!

  • Алексей Снимченко

    Hi!Make please video about fisheye lens.

  • UrboVlogs
    UrboVlogs Month ago

    Hey Peter can you do a tutorial on a f/ spot for photos? When to use wide (f/15) and when to use narrow (f/2.5) 'point of sharpens'. Does the distance between the object and camera maters? What do you often use, when do you use it? Can you show us some examples from your own photos?
    Thank you in advance

    • UrboVlogs
      UrboVlogs Month ago

      maybe for 2 minute Tuesday

  • ifrah yussuf
    ifrah yussuf Month ago

    Amazing content . Excited to learn more !

  • Nathan Ramojal
    Nathan Ramojal Month ago

    This is great

  • Gabe V
    Gabe V Month ago

    good job on 1000000 subs! keep going, love the videos. you have inspired me to make my own channel would really really love if you had a look

  • Anup Kumar
    Anup Kumar Month ago

    you are amazing i love your channel.. i have a request......can you make a video on how to make a film poster

  • amazing moments
    amazing moments Month ago

    Love all your work Peter, the way you share and the style you make everybody have fun just by watching your channel.

  • Ginanjar Jaka Tri Putra

    you're an awesome pet! I have learned about new things in this line

  • alenbinuabraham leo

    hey pete did do a good job congrats

  • Lukas Zverg
    Lukas Zverg Month ago

    Hey m8 🙂 big congratulation (wow hard word 😀 ) on your journey. Are nice to watch your work filming editing these videos. I remember when i had a canon camera (sadly broke 😞 but still got that kit lends with glidecam thow 😀 ) amazing times...

  • MartynaFILMS
    MartynaFILMS Month ago

    So happy that you hit 1 mln subscribers! Congrats!

  • Adrian Constantin

    Thanks for all the tutorials , love your work and I bough my self a camera and the PM 2017 Pack for starting my Photography career.Hope I see more videos from you!.Love your work ,keep up the good work!!

  • Viet Nguyen
    Viet Nguyen Month ago

    Congratulations! Pete. I'm proud of you and so enjoy your video most of my times. I like the way to show people the technique clearly, very humble, and especially focus what you talk....:))) I hope you will give us more videos from now and more techniques. ....Thanks. SO AMAZING, BRO.

  • wowBhaskar
    wowBhaskar Month ago

    Congratulations! on 1Mill Subs Pete. #Roadto2Million
    I have been a fan since you were 20K
    VIEWS don't matter, WATCH TIME that's what matters

    So, keep up with creating that Mmmh!!! Content 🙂
    Can't wait to see more of it.

  • Austin Beery
    Austin Beery Month ago

    Love everything you offer. love you positive, exciting, and creative personality. congrats on ! mil and keep it going!

  • Smash Gaming
    Smash Gaming Month ago

    congrats on 1 million man!

  • Neil Daniell
    Neil Daniell Month ago

    Mr. McKinnon, Congratulations for 1 Million, i would pray for 10 million and more. Sir i love your energy and your love for Filmmaking, I'm from Mumbai, India, a freelance filmmaker, mostly Commercials Events and CRAP, but i do a lot cinematography for myself. I subscribed to your channel two months ago and its a treat watching you and an inspiration for my career. Thank you Sir McKinnon.

  • Cyan O'Brien
    Cyan O'Brien Month ago


  • Cyan O'Brien
    Cyan O'Brien Month ago

    my dad loves your channel so much when he saw the give away hes hope he wins

  • Shahryar m.r
    Shahryar m.r Month ago

    1 million NICE keep up the good work

  • Ark Center
    Ark Center Month ago

    1 million subscribes, congrats on helping to motivate over a million+ people! Glad you are on youtube, lets keep the ball rolling.

  • Invisible Space
    Invisible Space Month ago

    congrats on a million man, well earned and well deserved

  • Дамян Стефанов

    More than a mil ... keep that momentum and congrats :)

  • Alex Mitar
    Alex Mitar Month ago

    1M Subscribers. Well done!

  • Evan Thomas
    Evan Thomas Month ago

    Congratulations on the 1M subscribers, always awesome content!

  • Jep Patrick Pantujan

    Been here since 100k!! Awesome videos and tutorial Professor Peter! Thanks for the awesome tutorials really helped a lot. Congratulations on reaching 1 Million SUBS!!!

  • Jerry Moronta
    Jerry Moronta Month ago

    1 Million, That's nothing for you man... You're the best!!!!!

  • Javiju
    Javiju Month ago

    Congrats for your 1M!!! Enhorabuena!

  • Starmaker Media
    Starmaker Media Month ago

    Congrats on breaking a Million Subs!!

  • Tanmoy Roy
    Tanmoy Roy Month ago

    congo for your 1m subscribers....please give me something as a giveaway ... dont have enough money to walk on my photography path but have a lot of dreams and passion ....

  • Stuart Carter
    Stuart Carter Month ago


  • Matthew Knudsen
    Matthew Knudsen Month ago

    Congrats Peter! You are hands down the best human on youtube. Best life form... well... of that i am not sure.

  • FeGa
    FeGa Month ago

    Congratulations on 1 million Peter, I've been here since 25k subs. I'm so happy for you. I've been watching you grow throughout the year and it has been amazing just watching your channel smash 100k and then 200k when you had to punch yourself in the eye and 400 and 500k and 600k. WOW. It has been an amazing year. Congratulations on 10 million in advance. Ill meet you at the top soon.

  • Laberto
    Laberto Month ago

    Congrats on 1mil pete, you really deserve it! = )
    Been watching since 150k I think and your videos have helped me alot for when I'm shooting, thank you so much <3

  • Neil Thorp
    Neil Thorp Month ago

    Smashed the million! Congrats. Love the vids keep them coming.

  • Alfred Hegina
    Alfred Hegina Month ago

    Hell yeah! We are now at a MILLIIOOOONNN! Another lime stone!

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    studiosushi Month ago

    Congrats Peter for reaching 1 million subscribers ! This is awesome. Keep sharing the good stuff ! o/

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    Dnice638 Month ago

    CONGRATS on 1 Mil SUBS

  • Jan Mohamad
    Jan Mohamad Month ago

    hi Peter, this is really important and really serious... you should make a tutorial, of how making such a video would really appreciate that...  pleaaaassee <3

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    cool3esh Month ago

    WOHOOO .. you've got ur 1M subscribers .. CONGRATS :D (Y)

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    Mario Cartolano Month ago

    CONGRATULATIONS ON HITTING 1M SUBSCRIBERS! It's been a hell-of-a-year for you man! Been here since 100k! You're truly an inspiration, and I hope to meet you someday!

  • Marco Coetzee
    Marco Coetzee Month ago

    Well done with the big 1M. You deserve it. You inspire so many, including me. I check my phone every day just to make sure you didn't do a surprise post. You've inspired me to start saving up for some proper gear to start filming my volunteer work at the animal shelter. Keep it up mate.

    IN4TECH Month ago

    heeeyyyyy finally 1M woooo....

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    Sloth Motions Month ago

    Congrats on 1 Million Peter

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    1 000 000 subs!

  • Eric Omar Pabon Crespo

    Congrats on 1M Pete! Been a fan since you had like 200k and in no time you went to the million club. Please don't change. Don't change the format of your videos. Keep them simple and fun. Maybe a lot of people see you as a person, not a brand and that is why other photography channels stay in 500k or 600k because they brand theme selfs. You show us you are another person, and we get that. Love your B-rolls! Has inspire me to go out and shoot video when I normally shoot photos. Gonna send you some good puertorican coffee one of this days.

  • Glamour Seductive

    Congrats on 1 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Brian Rehmann Month ago

    congrats on 1 million!

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    Congratulations Peter - 1000K is just the beginning! You're the best :) #roadto10million

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    TurtleQuackMatt Month ago

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    Mayank Tanksale Month ago

    Congratulations, Peter.

  • Mayank Tanksale
    Mayank Tanksale Month ago

    SIX subscribes remaining! Yayyy!

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    Srijan Vaidya Month ago

    so close to 1 million!!!!!
    Congratulations dude!! great channel!!!!

  • Mirantha Jayathilaka

    Almost 1M Pete!!! You deserve it. Awesome content. Love what you do. You're just an inspiration. Respect from Sri Lanka!

  • Sore Dawgs Replacement Insoles

    Thanks for all the content!  Been binge watching for two days!!  Question, any tips on logo animation???

  • Ryan Edwards
    Ryan Edwards Month ago

    Pre-Congrats on 1 Million Pete! Thank you for everything you do!

  • Matthew Godfray
    Matthew Godfray Month ago

    Hey Peter. Big fan. Been watching since before 100k subs! First off congrats on the channel. Almost 1 million subs! WOW. I gotta ask, do you ever find that you're not in the mood to go and shoot? I find I run into this problem often but I try and push past it. The problem is that when I push past this feeling of not wanting to do it I lose my creative drive. Do you have any tips for me on how to work around this? Let me know. Thanks man!

  • Yeniks
    Yeniks Month ago

    i love all you do please make me your juniore plesa don't say no please

  • Mindcore777
    Mindcore777 Month ago

    Probably going to hit a million by morning. I'd like to sit and watch, but I gotta sleep. I think you were at around 15k when I found your channel. You inspired me then, and continue to now. So thank you for what you do.. and your LUTS :)

  • Kris' Vlog
    Kris' Vlog Month ago

    Peter!!! Man, can you do a video about your export settings in premiere pro???All your videos come out looking FREAKIN' AWESOME! I'd like to see what settings you use. Thanks.

  • Marek Witkowski
    Marek Witkowski Month ago

    Kinda fun hitting the refresh button just to watch your subscriber count go up

  • Jared Nanasy
    Jared Nanasy Month ago

    Have learned so many good tips! I appreciate the thought you put in.

  • How Original
    How Original Month ago

    EXPLAIN FRAMES PER SECOND PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brett Craigmile
    Brett Craigmile Month ago

    Hey Peter I followed your advice and got a subscription for epidemic music its a great site and I see the potential from it. I was wondering if you had or can make a video on how to navigate through the site in regards to how you find and choose the right song for you video thanks dude!

  • Matthew Bradley
    Matthew Bradley Month ago

    Wow, Mr. McKinnon, you're just about to SMASH one million subs! Boom! You deserve it. Thanks for all the info and the great vids.

  • dvv
    dvv Month ago

    Hi Peter, on your 2 minute Tuesday, can you pls go through your workflow of organizing/renaming/archiving personal photos that don't belong to any projects? My daily photos of random stuff are getting quite large. I have my own ideas on how to sort them, and but still think I could do better. Interested in your pointers and suggestions. Many thanks

  • Creative Mansion
    Creative Mansion Month ago


  • PowerL1N3
    PowerL1N3 Month ago

    Peter McKinnon
    Do you know of any stabilizer gimbals that can hold an IPhone 7plus with a moment lens case and a moment wide lens attached to it and a filter ring adapter on the moment lens with an ND filter attachment? making the whole thing a lot heavier than it's actual weight. The reason I'm asking is because I currently have a DJI osmo mobile but it won't work with the setup I have with my phone because of the weight. The osmo mobile was only meant to carry the phone and nothing else (One of my mistakes on not looking into before I bought the product).

  • Chris Turjanica
    Chris Turjanica Month ago

    Hey Peter. Great work good sir. Quick question...
    How do you shoot and edit your studio videos? Meaning, do you do one long take and edit down from there, or do you start and stop at each 'break'? Thanks

  • Orlando Martinez
    Orlando Martinez Month ago

    What happened to the video that you edited with the snow? The video with the eiffel tower and you added birds in?

  • Ed & Sons
    Ed & Sons Month ago

    Ok so hi, I'm a noob here, my question to you Peter is, I want to shoot my daughter's music video's because the people making them, just don't get what or we want, as the shot, and what the perspective should be. So I'm gonna go to school again, and learn video and media production and stuff like that. I just want to know, what you would recommend for camera and gear?? Thanks and keep doing this, if I hadn't seen this stuff you put out, I'd never even thought of trying this. So Big Thanks!

  • Justin Cordes
    Justin Cordes Month ago

    can you do a video on making actor headshots? Strategies, lenses, etc.

  • arijitsahaofficial

    hey peter, m a big fan of your work at youtube but m curious to know if you do some other stuff like music videos and commercials as well...
    A fan from India,

  • Merky Riyanto
    Merky Riyanto Month ago

    hi, may I add you to my featured channel list?

  • Ark Center
    Ark Center Month ago

    so close to 1M subscribers, can't wait for the big news. Hope you live broadcast it!

  • samreen shaikh
    samreen shaikh Month ago

    you are just awsome

  • Alvin Baldivia
    Alvin Baldivia Month ago

    hi pet.. can you make a tutorial in your video intro i really love it..thanks bro..

  • Steve Poirier - EDH Junior

    Question: Do you make sport photos, if so, do you have any tips to give and if not, why ??? Aminzing your work !!!

  • Timothy Okposuogu

    Hello pete,nice channel !!well done

  • Landon Burnley
    Landon Burnley Month ago

    I love your content and you have helped me become a better photographer. Thanks!! keep up the amazing work!

  • Adventure Hour
    Adventure Hour Month ago

    Hey Pete! Just rewatched your 2minute tuesday on Long Exposure! Have to say I really enjoyed it. I am working on learned how to up my game when it comes to night photography and was wondering if you could think of doing a more in-depth video on it. Like list the different aperture and ISO settings under different conditions...things of that nature. Have an amazing day! Really enjoy your content been here since you were at 170K subs youre almost to 1MIL thats insane!!!

  • Zak
    Zak Month ago

    hello they say 20/08/2017 INTERNATIONAl PHOTOGRAPHY DAY

  • Hector Garcia-Vazquez

    Pete just purchases your new presets. This is my first time purchasing presets, and was wondering why do I have 4 more downloads?

  • jack personne
    jack personne 2 months ago

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    I actually drink only tee but want to test nice coffee

    greetings from germany <3 great channel #rodeto1000000

    DAVID & THE DIVAS 2 months ago

    You Channel is amazing. Are you coming back to Ireland to do anymore workshops?

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    Hamza Zayn 2 months ago

    hey peter i love your stuff, been learning so much. wanted to learn intros too as love yours. i need to learn how too make cool intros for youtube videos ! hope too hear soon cheers.

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    BKYL 2 months ago

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    I have a question and maybe a small discussion.
    I went to Vienna last week for a Holiday and I was so excited to take photographs like when I went to Rome last year. Something odd happened, I found myself taking photographs of boring buildings. The photographs were monotonus. I switched them to Black and White to make it more interesting and it did, but their was no spark and electricity enough to take photographs. Im a person who adores photography and I really got angry at myself for this.

    Has it ever happened to anyone?
    Any tips so that this doesn't happen again?

    • Kami Sama
      Kami Sama Month ago

      Went to my mom's native place, it's a hill station in the western ghats of India! Scenic and all, foreigners spend thousands to come visit while it's like a holiday home for me since we visit every year, this year I wanted to take good pictures and I did, the year before, I couldn't. Take a break and all I guess and then spend some time roaming around and may be come back and shoot again. If you only have a few hours there, well then I guess you just have to make do. Just saying that it has happened with me as well.

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    TheEpicLee Awesome 2 months ago

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    Cheers buddy, keep your good work up!! If you ever come to Italy around the Venezia/Padova area, shoot me a message! I got some cool places for you to see! :)

  • Kami Sama
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    TARNAFITI 2 months ago

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    do you have a video on how you store you footage on a NAS or hard drive ??

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    Lawrence Ng 2 months ago

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    TOEJAM 2 months ago

    Your thoughts on the Canon Rebel SL2/EOS 200D?

    TOEJAM 2 months ago

    I'd really love to see how he shoots his stuff from an outsiders perspective, what it looks like and the process involved.

  • mandeep shrestha
    mandeep shrestha 2 months ago

    i am not professional and i want to shoot still photography in holidays, with friends, family and of course in event wedding. i want to buy canon latest full frame 6d mark ii but so many reviews says this camera has not good dynamic range than its predecessors eos 6d and than APS-C eos 80d as well. thats why i am confused. sometimes i think whether i should buy 5d mark iii although this is 5 years old or latest 6d mark ii. Is 5d mark iii is good or 6d mark ii ? which camera i should buy i am very confused !!! I am not interested in videography. but the camera should give me best image quality. please help me to find right camera.

  • MidgetPlays
    MidgetPlays 2 months ago

    Hey guys! I just wanted to ask what camera you'd recommend to someone like me who wants to start vlogging and making videos. 4K doesn't really matter to me, but I've been looking for a high quality camera for under $1000 for ages and need your help. Thank you! :)

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    Gidday Pete from John down under in the land of OZ Australia (pronounced Straya)
    Mate I am a frustrated little marsupial lately with Premiere Pro WORKSPACES!!
    I am using the latest version of Premiere Pro and WORKSPACES is making me want to punch it's head in!

    Assembly Editing Color etc, each time I go from Editing to Color or one of the other workspaces either one panel in the workspace is a different size or all the panels are locked together in a small window which I have to adjust to the full screen etc.
    After adjusting each panel to suit my requirements I go in and save the changes in the workspace window but nahhhh the little buggers just keep changing back to what they were!! Any clues as to WTF I am doing wrong Dude? I would appreciate your feedback if you get the chance. The sooner the better or I might have to get my Echidna to attack you.....just jokin'.. I'll get my Thylacine on ya instead hehehe.
    Thanks Mate


  • Ali Vonhousen
    Ali Vonhousen 2 months ago

    Hey Pete, I know you probably recieve a bunch of messages like this but I work on my own as a filmmaker, I didn't finish film making school because I'm Mexico and it's really expensive, I managed to buy a camera and I learned a lot from your channel, you're my favorite teacher! But there's n way in hell I can get a client to make a video, I have only made 3 videos in a year, I make my own indie things but they don't get me to pay the rent, I want to ask, do you have some kind of advice to us film makers that are just starting out, to be able to get clients for videos?

  • anvit jain
    anvit jain 2 months ago

    Hi Pete, your videos have been ABSOLUTELY amazing and helpful. I have used them to build my website and ecommerce store from SCRATCH. I was using lightroom and photoshop in the past but have learnt so many shortcuts from your videos! I have a small request - for product photography, I used a white background and a cheap lighting kit. I think I am using a slow a tedious process in Photoshop for clipping out the products and replacing them with a clear white background. Also struggling to get shadows for a bit of a nice effect. Thr products in question are socks. Would be great if you could do a video on PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY. If you do one please can you use SOCKS as the subject !! Thanks

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    I started my youtube channel couple of weeks ago, and I'd like to thanks you because it's in watching your video that I decided to make the big jump!
    I'd like to know your point of view man. I'm not asking for sharing or following, just feedbacks!
    Cheers, good luck, and if you come in Shanghai, let's get a good coffee!

  • Paula
    Paula 2 months ago

    I have been studying your tutorial on (How to make your pictures COME TO LIFE using a CINEMAGRAPH) and I'm stuck. Granted I'm not overly experienced in animation, and could use any help at all, please. Here is a link that shows my problem. Copy copied layer will not move to the left:

    DAMANI DAVIS 2 months ago

    hey I'm trying to be a successful photographer/cinemagrapher but dont have that you think you can make a video on that please...

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    You do some really great work. I like the way you put yourself out there and I respect that very very much. "THANK YOU" for doing what you do. I've dedicated my last 13 years to being the best Dad to my four kids that I could possibly be. They are amazing kids and drive me to be a better human being in every moment... They're all teenagers now, and it's time to show them how to make their dreams a reality. I'm doing this by example...
    Thanks for spittin' that goodness and keeping people like me inspired!!!!!

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    are you going to punch yourself in the face?

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    Hey Peter, got a question that may have been covered already, and sorry if I missed it. Do you have any comparative software recommendations for video editing that DOESN'T require a ridiculous subscription fee (aka Premier). I do love that program, but I'm not making money (yet) with photography and media, so spending over $250/yr is not an option. I don't mind paying for stand alone products, but not a subscription service. I use Windows BTW. And congrats for your ever growing sub base! Your media is some of the best out there!

  • DjFloopsTT
    DjFloopsTT 3 months ago

    Good Afternoon Mr. McKinnon.

    I am a recent follower of your work and came across your lut pack. I don't have premiere pro and was hoping you could offer the pack in png format?

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