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Arigatou International Geneva
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3. Sra Vera Leal
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How to Join a Webinar
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5- Mr. Tim Sutton
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M and E welcome Week 3
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  • James Johnstone
    James Johnstone Month ago


  • James Johnstone
    James Johnstone Month ago

    I am Liberia I am James Johnstone

  • Tereza Neumann Costa
    Tereza Neumann Costa 2 months ago

    Moro no nordeste em Maceio Alagoas.

  • Tereza Neumann Costa
    Tereza Neumann Costa 2 months ago

    Sera q o senhor ñode me ajudar. Nasci em 24.10.1955

  • Tereza Neumann Costa
    Tereza Neumann Costa 2 months ago

    Meu nome é Tereza Neumann e nao conheco minha familia.

  • Tereza Neumann Costa
    Tereza Neumann Costa 2 months ago

    Dr. Nelson bom dia

  • Norma Castañeda
    Norma Castañeda 3 months ago

    No m gusto porque no explicas!!!

  • Abu Rufas
    Abu Rufas 5 months ago

    Very good presenatation

  • dayasri sakalasuriya
    dayasri sakalasuriya 8 months ago

    Sadu sadu sadu

  • Ramya Ragunathan
    Ramya Ragunathan 8 months ago

    Dear Banthe Excellant. Iam glad that you have achieved your vision reguard to Mindfullness..Wish you amore posperoud year ahead & healthy ,long life Daika

  • Nipuna Bandara
    Nipuna Bandara 9 months ago

    Superb speech most ven sir,

  • Daniela Manolache
    Daniela Manolache 9 months ago

    Thanks. Happy happiness

  • Faar Hass
    Faar Hass 9 months ago

    Poor sounds

  • Richard Tapos
    Richard Tapos 9 months ago

    Very nice effective for learning! Can I get that...presentation by mail.

  • Rosa Barrios
    Rosa Barrios 11 months ago

    !! Y que !! Que engaño ,donde está el kiosko😟😟



  • Renuka De Abrew
    Renuka De Abrew Year ago

    Obawahansetanivansuwaya labeva

  • Life R
    Life R Year ago

    Excellent 🌼🌼🌼🙏🙏🙏

  • Daya Amaratunge
    Daya Amaratunge Year ago

    excellent talk. Wish all the parents listen to this.

  • Kumudini Rupasingha

    සාදු සාදු සාදු!!! මාගෙ ගරු ස්වාමින් වහන්සේට මාගෙ නමස්කාරය වේවා!!! දීර්ඝ ආයු සම්පත්තිය ලැබේවා!!!

  • Claudia Aguirre
    Claudia Aguirre Year ago

    No me quedo claro como hacer el techo

  • Paula Navarro
    Paula Navarro Year ago

    Bueno, podríamos decir que si se trata de un taller para niños es sencillo y practico jeje

  • Dr. Awiti Leon
    Dr. Awiti Leon Year ago

    Well done!

  • DABEE Kamal
    DABEE Kamal 2 years ago

    Its a real pleasure to re-live those unforgettable moments spent in the company of friends united in spirit though geographically divided. Learnt a lot and still learning. Thanks infinite to the Trainers and all Friends.

  • lisa rrichard
    lisa rrichard 2 years ago

    Thank you

  • Mulugeta Atiso
    Mulugeta Atiso 2 years ago

    Good work! But it would have been better if your slides were clearly visible. Thank you!

    • Abu Rufas
      Abu Rufas 5 months ago

      So nice presentation. i request for copy of the presenatation

  • Davone Bounphasouk
    Davone Bounphasouk 2 years ago

    Thank you very much for your presentation. It is really useful...

  • Yesi
    Yesi 2 years ago

    noce q es eso yo no veo un quiosco

    • Yesi
      Yesi 2 years ago


  • luz Aguilar
    luz Aguilar 2 years ago


  • Yolanda Lucia Salazar Gonzalez

    y el kiosko??????

  • Alex Mejia
    Alex Mejia 2 years ago

    y puto kiosco?!!!!!!

  • Rocio Asi
    Rocio Asi 2 years ago

    q bonitos los videos

  • Ale Bher
    Ale Bher 3 years ago


  • Tovarashi Zwei
    Tovarashi Zwei 4 years ago

    n entendi como hacer el techo .-.

  • Abril Yael Umaño
    Abril Yael Umaño 4 years ago

    como hace un kiosco saludable

  • Suchith Abeyewickreme

    haha nice work - build a kiosk and reflect on a safe learning enviornment !!!

    • jojo pal
      jojo pal 2 years ago

      Suchith Abeyewickreme I looking for wooden design for kiosk can't find