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  • Crazy Day Tripper

    I love you channel!

  • Lethal Threat
    Lethal Threat Year ago

    SDMullis - someone going by the account name Paul Metcalfe has stolen a few of your videos. You may want to investigate this.

  • David Pappas
    David Pappas Year ago

    Hey, someone stole your videos....

  • Hingis Moremi
    Hingis Moremi Year ago

    Please post some more videos! They're the best and I enjoy watching them.

  • Daniel Talbot
    Daniel Talbot 2 years ago

    I enjoy your vids. I (being one) also like to see the inflight service of any flight. Hope to see that on one of your future clips.

  • Bernd Klüver
    Bernd Klüver 3 years ago

    Hi there. I live in Berlin and i would love to have a basecap from AA. As you live in Charlotte do yo think we could handle that ? I have no credit card and i am not using my bank account number in the net. I would send you the money in advance. Write back to my channel pls.......

  • chappyhardcore
    chappyhardcore 3 years ago

    I'm interested to know what itinerary your DFW-DXB-BNE flights were a part of and in what order they were flown?

  • PRicardofaria
    PRicardofaria 3 years ago

    Hello , I just sub!! Sub back?? :)

  • NtheKidd
    NtheKidd 5 years ago

    Nice channel, have subbed, sub back if you wish. grtz from northern ireland

  • TAMA Spotter
    TAMA Spotter 5 years ago

    Nice channel! :) Looks like you an basically A380 flyer ;D

  • jjmoose747
    jjmoose747 6 years ago

    Like your videos and subscribed. Check out my Mia spotting channel.

  • Jan
    Jan 6 years ago

    Hey there! I'll be flying out of Charlotte on Dec 24th on flight US1032. If you're not doing anything, would you go out and spot that day? Thanks

  • Planespotter Fan
    Planespotter Fan 6 years ago

    Nice videos! I subscribe. Hope you subscribe to me also.

  • Flugangstlady
    Flugangstlady 6 years ago

    I love all your videos :)

  • Airplaneviewer
    Airplaneviewer 6 years ago

    Hello you have a nice channel.

  • Yardnoc
    Yardnoc 6 years ago

    Hey man nice vids!! I subbed! sub back?:)

  • Thomas Theisen
    Thomas Theisen 7 years ago

    AMAZING videos,i subbed imediatly,sub back?:)Greetings from Luxembourg

  • I Travel
    I Travel 7 years ago

    Excellent videos, greetings from The Netherlands.

  • Swedaerospot
    Swedaerospot 7 years ago

    Check my channel.. Please

  • RyDon85 HD Aviation
    RyDon85 HD Aviation 7 years ago

    Impressive channel! Great inflight vids =) I subbed .. Cheers from Canada

  • 100hcap
    100hcap 7 years ago

    I really love your videos! They are awesome! Have a look on my channel, you may like it! Cheers from Switzerland!

  • upinthisbiz
    upinthisbiz 7 years ago

    Dont ever stop making these videos, lovin em

  • Greg Lusk
    Greg Lusk 7 years ago

    Loved the PI tribute. I totally agree with you regarding how PI was the best airline in commercial aviation history. There will NEVER be another. I'm proud to say that I worked for them . As a child, all I ever wanted to do was work for Piedmont..I finally got my wish 2/18/88. So many great memories!!!

  • trdtull
    trdtull 7 years ago

    Love your videos! Thanks for the friendship

  • TheFsx2006
    TheFsx2006 7 years ago

    Nice Videos! sub Back

  • Axel Olander
    Axel Olander 7 years ago

    nice channel:) sub back?

  • LoveJT8D
    LoveJT8D 7 years ago

    Awesome channel and great videos of some classic aircraft.

  • Matt Moerder
    Matt Moerder 8 years ago

    You have the GREATEST vintage and modern aviation clips. Way to go!

  • ScottishFlyerHD
    ScottishFlyerHD 8 years ago

    Awesome! Can't get enough of your vids! Keep it up!

  • GeminiJets13
    GeminiJets13 8 years ago

    i just wanted to say that i was isnt alive back then to see some of these planes and i love that u have all of these planes from the past. u have and still have done a great job

  • Kees Haring
    Kees Haring 8 years ago

    You a bringing me back in time... espessialy the Lockheed L1011 tri star and the b 727. Thanx

  • dd4119
    dd4119 8 years ago

    Definitly love your channel. Its like watching an aviation time capsule. I really do hope there are more old videos to come

  • krisjetz
    krisjetz 8 years ago

    Awesome videos!! It's like an airline time machine. Thank you for sharing.

  • RyanBomar
    RyanBomar 8 years ago

    Thanks for subscribing Stephen.

  • Jason Elzer
    Jason Elzer 8 years ago

    Your dedication to archiving commercial flight is most admirable! As a commercial fan, oh heck I;m an aviation junkie to be blunt (lol), I really dug the old 727 vids(my favorite Boeing). thx for the memories friend! keep up the awe inspiring camera work.

  • CraZy291
    CraZy291 8 years ago

    Hi SDMullis, your videos are hands-down the best I've ever seen, concerning passenger perspectives et al. When can we expect new material from you? Thanks and all the best, Marius.

  • mawk27
    mawk27 8 years ago

    some of the best videos on youtube. Great job.

  • Airplanekid96
    Airplanekid96 8 years ago

    Great videos! I Subscribed!

  • Christopher DeFeo
    Christopher DeFeo 8 years ago

    hey i love ur videos in hd and all other one. I subscribed u do u think u can subscribe me. there will be more videos on my channel coming this summer all delta. 767's 757's md-88, 737, crj-700, crj-900's all in hd

  • Amandeuce
    Amandeuce 8 years ago

    AWESOME vids dude!

  • NWA941
    NWA941 8 years ago

    Hey I subscribed will you sub back please.

  • Airforceproud95
    Airforceproud95 8 years ago


  • GeminiJets13
    GeminiJets13 8 years ago

    i wish ba was still in clt

  • Classic Airliners & Vintage Pop Culture

    Thanks Stephen! Christian

  • RC Airliners
    RC Airliners 9 years ago

    Amazing videos, love the oldes! Keep them coming I look forward to watching them

  • The Aviation Channel

    I LOVE THOSE OLD VIDEO'S Did you made them all by yourself?

  • Dazed767
    Dazed767 9 years ago

    Fantastic vids! I hope to have more up soon myself.

  • hendriktoch
    hendriktoch 9 years ago

    No matter which video of yours I watch, I cann't tell you how much I appreciate them ! Thank you so much for allowing us to share these wonderful "aviation experiences" with you and I sure am looking forward to each and every next upload. Hendrick (a dutch civil aviation fanatic)

  • Aviator LPA
    Aviator LPA 9 years ago

    You've awesome videos, congratulations!

  • Eric A.
    Eric A. 9 years ago

    AMAZING vids!!!! You recapture the aviation of my youth that got me addicted to this industry in the first place! Kazaa and thank you =)