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  • kiros seagil
    kiros seagil Day ago

    Guys, stop region blocking videos...

  • Ana Campo
    Ana Campo Day ago

    Please tallk about Cataluña!!!!! Mafaking shit is going on.

  • I.M John
    I.M John Day ago

    He is NOT giving out the correct information regarding freezing your credit accounts.. the online link to Equifax does not work.. WHY is he giving this out?????

  • ejens30
    ejens30 2 days ago

    It's actually $10 in CA for every temporary reinstatement, $5 if your over the age of 65. Most (all?) states do not charge any fee for those over the age of 65.

  • ejens30
    ejens30 2 days ago

  • ejens30
    ejens30 2 days ago

    Watched your show on Equifax breach and one thing missing about freezing a credit report....some states charge fees to do this. California for instance charges $10 to freeze and $5 for every reinstatement. But wait, there's more. That $10 fee is only for one credit reporting agency; therefore, you will need to pay $30 to freeze all three. Haven't checked how other states handle, but clearly that is a slap in the face to those struggling financially.

  • Garrett Clayton
    Garrett Clayton 2 days ago

    Make a video on child's rights plz

  • Goodluck Nasuwa
    Goodluck Nasuwa 2 days ago

    Your voice is so powerful. Please make a video about almost extinct white rhino. There are only few left and they cant reproduce themselves. But with help of science reproduction can be done. All they need money to conduct artificially assisted reproduction. Please this is the last chance to create White Rhino. People can go to All we need is publicity.

  • I like marbles :D
    I like marbles :D 2 days ago

    you are a poo

  • George Sam
    George Sam 2 days ago

    Mister Oliver,
    Love your show. I'd ask a question (Equifax show): Is Identity Theft; or is it trusting creditors just giving money away to whomever? It's not ID theft; it's Dumb Banks.

  • Marcus Levis
    Marcus Levis 4 days ago

    Vids need to be available for Canadians also

  • manny
    manny 4 days ago

    You keep doing the anybody but Bernie Sanders for president thing. Why don't you do a story about how the Dem. screwed him over? I won't be watching your show for very much longer!

  • Lara Gardner
    Lara Gardner 4 days ago

    John Oliver please do a segment on how overly paid Congress and Government officials are with salary, health benefits, and pensions.

  • patrick roth
    patrick roth 4 days ago

    would you please put up the link to freeze the credit reports, thanks

  • monu singh
    monu singh 4 days ago

    Sir ji u should do a episode on Mr. JRD TATA. if you want your audience to be global.

  • Bullet MagnetMan
    Bullet MagnetMan 4 days ago

    Unable to watch Confederacy video. WTH? Is that you geo-blocking or Google?

  • Desafio520
    Desafio520 5 days ago

    Please, do more episodes of "How is this still a thing"!

  • Nasai1
    Nasai1 6 days ago

    You should do a segment on Experian's new "Dark Web Scan" marketing campaign. It's a junk product being sold to people who don't understand the internet and it should be looked at. Brief overview: Experian is offering a service where you enter your email address and "scans the dark web" to "see if your email address is there". Usage of this service requires the end user to accept a targeted advertising policy.

    Ad policies aside, this is a junk product because the very nature of the dark web is that it can't be "scanned" in any meaningful way. Your email address might show up in a scan without your identity being at any greater risk than the actual population, and if your identity actually has been compromised, this scan either can't confirm it or your email address might not even show up at all.

    The dark web is called the dark web because it can't be monitored. Experian should be educating their customers on this reality instead of offering products that contradict it.

    • Nasai1
      Nasai1 6 days ago

      Could actually do a whole special on the dark/deep web, regardless of how it relates to Experian...

  • Brandy Minardi
    Brandy Minardi 7 days ago

    Check out and read the REVIEWS people have written. Either the reviewers on this page (and other troll sites) are non-native speakers or they are illiterate Americans. It's scary stuff to read comments about how 'smart' DJT is, as the author struggles with punctuation placement, grammar rules, and spelling.

  • Justin Estepp
    Justin Estepp 7 days ago

    @LastWeekTonight @JohnOliver I think you could do a lot of good by talking about Corporal punishment and its place in public schools. I was shocked recently by a letter sent home to me by a teacher in my local public school system that quite strongly told me that they were going to start wiping my son (he has trouble staying focused at school) if his behavior did not improve. I reached out to the teacher and school VP and they informed me that in the state of Alabama public schools have the "right" to use corporal punishment on its students, and that parents can not restrict that right, nor seek legal action if it were to take place. I'm not going to lie, the word "right" set me off a bit. No one should have the right to lay a hand on someone else body...especially a child...especially in a place that should feel safe for a place intended to educate and enlighten young minds...Awareness must be raised on this topic.I have gone pretty far down the rabbit hole in researching this topic and what lengths my wife and I will have to go through to prevent this from happening, and its not pretty. we have considered pulling our children out of the public school system and begin home schooling them. However, even that is a challenge for most parents, and we had our eyes opened over the somewhat burdensome regulation for families attempting to privately home school their children. upon further review it became quite clear that there is a severe lack of oversight for religious groups who choose to create schools for their own education of youth (read indoctrination of youth)....who knows maybe I will have to follow in your foot steps and create my own church . We could call it "The National Church of Reason." I could then start my own school and ensure that I get my children the education that every child deserves....I know it was a bit long winded, but there is still a lot that could be discussed... Thank you in advance for considering the topic.

  • Oh My
    Oh My 8 days ago

  • Anthony Fiallo
    Anthony Fiallo 8 days ago

    Need to do a story on the lack of education in america due to the 02' No Child Left Behind Act from George W. Bush and the sad effects it is having on our children. Children placed on IEP's(Individualized Education Program) are not graduating high school with an actual diploma and are getting an I appeared for the hours of High School Diploma while still not learning the basics of math and reading. Think you can get a lot of jokes on this topic as it happens in all states and there is a lot to cover(of course while educating the masses on this real problem).

  • janu7
    janu7 8 days ago

    Hi there, could you talk one time about these Scam-pieces of shit that sell people consulting/how to get rich and similar promises? A good example is Sam Ovens, he is selling his gathered banalities for a lot of money to people, and actually the content of his talks is total trash or knowledge you can get from a standard textbook. I hate these Fuckers, because they get a shitload of money for just the shit that comes out of their mouths. They have "refund" policies that do not work, so the whole thing can be compared to a Scam. Would love to hear something about this Sam Ovens piece of shit.....Thanks

  • Chris Fry
    Chris Fry 9 days ago

    Oliver, in talking about Confederate monuments, referenced Alexander Stephens' "Cornerstone speech". Oliver did a great job, but he could also have referenced what Stephens said about the Revolutions's leaders like Jefferson and Washington. Here is the whole quote below.

    Stephens first criticized the so-called “founding fathers”, particularly the slave owners: “The prevailing ideas entertained by him (Thomas Jefferson) and most of the leading statesmen at the time of the formation of the old constitution, were that the enslavement of the African was in violation of the laws of nature; that it was wrong in principle, socially, morally, and politically. It was an evil they knew not well how to deal with, but the general opinion of the men of that day was that, somehow or other in the order of Providence, the institution would be evanescent and pass away… They rested upon the assumption of the equality of races. This was an error.

    “Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition,” Stephens said. “This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.”

  • O G
    O G 10 days ago

    videos are working for me canada, you internet just sucks ? @JohnOliver video one say global elite ? how dire the plastic and pollution world wide is, clocks ticking, people are listening.

  • VidelPC
    VidelPC 11 days ago

    Dear John,
    What do you have against Canada ?
    Why can we only watch your videos after an astonishingly long delay ?
    Didn't you like us ?

  • itchy robot
    itchy robot 11 days ago

    WTF? what is the point in paying Amazon for an HBO subscription, when they don't post new videos until a week after they air??? October 1st episode JUST got released to my PAID FOR SUBCRIPTION to HBO on Amazon. What the fuck am I paying for? You guys need to quit Amazon or get the issue fixed!
    Your Amazon prime video 5 star rating, is about a 3 now because of this one issue.
    They're killing your show

  • toto caca
    toto caca 11 days ago

    You should make one on Suburbs and why they're not a good thing.

  • James Caudry
    James Caudry 11 days ago Because I know how you love the president

  • Skān Khōlliki
    Skān Khōlliki 12 days ago

    Purdue, Kaplan and standardized testing. Worth checking out perhaps.

  • Darie Mc Laughlin
    Darie Mc Laughlin 12 days ago

    Now this is hate but it is true as compared to a Jakie Jake indoctrination by the government. Of some middle class hand that guides the rich.
    Of The Las Vegas Shooter:....You can jerk your own chain on this boy. Ha ha. He thought he was better and that his monetary success made him entitled. End of Story. Just like the Kurds...Outed themselves again..Fucking Hussain only killed a few of em' and now millions of innocent lives later???? ONE MORE WEEK (in Iraq).
    Darie Mc Laughlin
    Darie Mc Laughlin
    Was he a terrorist? even if it means it is Rich and Poor Vs. Middle class. Because it does. * Also see Barcelona Spain.

  • Jennifer Nordwall
    Jennifer Nordwall 15 days ago

    John! Why is this show blocked in the UK? Have you already forgotten about them? :(

  • Eric Ton
    Eric Ton 15 days ago

    Bring back Australia gun control bit again. Woop de doo!

    SUPER ATHEIST 15 days ago


  • Sophie Miller
    Sophie Miller 15 days ago

    Hi LastWeek, it would be great if you could do a story on Haiti. They never got the funding they were supposed to receive due to misguided funds... They are still suffering and in large part due to the U.S.

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez 16 days ago

    John, It would be great to see an episode about the Catalonia and Spain situation and what's your view about it!! What do you think?

  • DrPumpkinz
    DrPumpkinz 16 days ago

    What's going to happen with the recent video that got taken down?

  • holychet100
    holychet100 16 days ago

    Fuck the NRA! Your last video was taken down by the government. Fuck Donald Trump

  • behinderteleberwurst

    Where'd the NRA video go?

  • Ken L
    Ken L 16 days ago

    He made a video regarding the NRA and then it was pulled out??? Censorship??

  • Tibori Andrei
    Tibori Andrei 16 days ago

    watched the NRA video to the end, refreshed page to check comments: video not available

    • Vanitas
      Vanitas 16 days ago

      Damn, you got lucky. I wasn't even able to watch it.

  • DarkBuhu
    DarkBuhu 16 days ago

    The NRA sure as hell was fast taking down that video

  • Shroomy
    Shroomy 16 days ago

    Kind of silly to re-upload the NRA video and then immediately take it back down.

  • Phillip Shaw
    Phillip Shaw 16 days ago

    Did youtube just blacklist the NRA video mid stream less than 15 minutes after it was posted? Now that's what I call efficiency...

  • DracoXDragon
    DracoXDragon 16 days ago

    was just watching the NRA Video and 3 minutes in and the video suddenly stopped and said it was unavailable

  • Shelby Dee Bee
    Shelby Dee Bee 16 days ago

    Why is the NRA video unavailable all the sudden?

  • Christian Lenoir
    Christian Lenoir 16 days ago

    One suggestion to explore: Airline oligopolies were covered as part of the corporate agglutination in one of your recent episodes, which raised concerns about consumer rights protection.

    In a recent personal experience, United airlines seated my three minor children on separate seats on the aircraft. How does this not violate basic safety regulations? Specifically: in case of emergency cabin depressurization, who will ensure there will be someone cabable and willing to place an oxygen mask on my child?

    An email to United airlines of course got me nowhere. I submitted a claim with FAA but they bounced me over to D.O.T. I don't expect a different response from D.O.T. This, together with unfortunate public episodes involving United airlines earlier this year, make we wonder who is stepping up to defend passenger rights.

  • susan zirkel
    susan zirkel 16 days ago

    i cant watch your videos anymore either- in israel, october 17

  • Rama Hoetzlein
    Rama Hoetzlein 16 days ago

    Please, please! do a show on Free Energy.
    I cannot tell you how many of my friends believe in John Searl, believe that free energy exists, and that perpetual motion is possible.

  • Naran Patel
    Naran Patel 16 days ago

    Would be good if they could do a piece on Gerrymandering ...

  • dengitpeter
    dengitpeter 17 days ago

    i wish you did a something for what happened on was a horrible thing and a horrible act of crime..i just remember that one time when you were still on the daily show you did a report about gun control and how in other countries it was doing ok without guns....its been about 4 years since you did that....i wish you would say something for the fans and America

  • Blue Plague
    Blue Plague 17 days ago

    I need you John Oliver, but I'm in canada and half your videos ARE BLOCKED.

    SHARON WILLIAMS 18 days ago

    Requesting Your assistance in investigation and bringing to light ADT False Advertisement industry Practice of 2004 and it's impact on past and current customers.
    I have contacted the CEO & CFO but no one is helping. How many customers have been hurt by this dubious false industry advertising practice of Free install with service contract.

    Issues: False Advertisement 2004 Account closure & Billing Concerns.

    Mr. Whall;
    This is my first issue: My first contract with your company beginning in 2004. My last service contract started in March 2010 and was scheduled to end on Feb 2011 (still active as told my various reps on 10/2/2017,Why?). 2nd Issue: 2011 Feb my contract was cancelled 11 months short of 3 yrs standard contract term and I had to pay back 75% remaining amount on my contract (I was not a first time customer, however, each contract renewal was treated like a new contract. Why?). This was paid in full and my contact was to have ended. This brings me to the third issue: On 10-2-2017, as a USAA member I contacted ADT at 1800-453-5716 to activate services and was informed I owe ADT & it’s third party company Defenders $197 for my initial service install. Keep in mind, my INITIAL install services were completed under an advertised promotion “ Free install with a monthly contract/3 yrs of term. I was also informed my 75% contract repayment in 2011 only covered ADT monitoring services and not Defenders (install company). Could it be your company owes me?

    I was on the phone from 0900 -1200 speaking to countless company representatives and receiving diffent stories. Eric stating, “I do owe $197 to Defenders and I need to take care of it. “ Larry and agent # 18712, very helpful in trying to reach Defender security to clear this up, (did not make contact). The last company representative Rebecca worked with me for over 30 minutes to confirm my records showed two out of service accounts linked to my address and each with a ZERO balance to ADT and Defenders.

    I received a call from Rebecca (1800-238-2727) to inform me Defenders stated they had not received payment for my initial install (2004), therefore when I cancel service with ADT in 2011 they, Defenders did not get paid. My only contact was with ADT since 2004, ADT advertised free security installation with monitoring services. Why years later am I being held accountable for ADT billing to Defenders, a company I never had a contract with. Now my Defenders account, an account I never knew I had has been turned over to a collection firm.

    Why, Am I being flagged as owing your company and Defenders/ADT Security $197. Please Help Me to get your company’s records to reflect I do not owe ADT, Defenders Security, ADT Defenders, Defenders ADT or any variation of the ADT brand name any money. This is very disconcerting being flagged for accounts paid in full since 2011 and doesn’t give me much faith in returning to your product despite USAA recommendations.

    Please help.

  • JR Miller-Alper
    JR Miller-Alper 18 days ago

    Oh my gosh. Watching last night's show. Story about criminal justice. Are you quoting CBS? The word is LED not LEAD!

  • G Train
    G Train 18 days ago

    Dear Last Week Tonight. Blocking sucks. I will now downvote whenever my subscription comes up, in an ultimately useless protest.

  • Peter Neal
    Peter Neal 18 days ago

    To everyone who's region blocked, Dislike the video! It's all we can do

  • freakydeath33
    freakydeath33 19 days ago

    stevencrowder did a video on your corporate consolidation video.

  • Dina Mohamed-Aly
    Dina Mohamed-Aly 19 days ago

    I know you don't take suggestions and maybe you are already considering but you must do a story or something on Catalonia's fight for Democracy.

  • Sunny Bhardwaj
    Sunny Bhardwaj 19 days ago

    Hey Johnny boy, Do an episode on Bitcoin.

  • Tiger Growl
    Tiger Growl 20 days ago

    Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, the light. No man cometh unto the father except by him. And here is the good news, He died on the cross shedding his precious blood for all of mankind, And all you have to do is accept him as your lord and saviour and admit your a sinner. The life of a christian is not an easy life we must turn our back on worldly things, read his truth every day (King James Version of the Bible) and continue our walk with him everyday. Share the good news and keep faith for the Lord Jesus is with us everyday. Please do not reject his message he is not willing that any should perish but all should come to a repentance.

  • Swan
    Swan 20 days ago

    John Oliver, the irony is that it's the liberal political policies that you espouse, big government, that prevent small businesses from thriving. Every time you force regulation down their throats, it becomes harder and harder for them to compete, driving them out of the marketplace. The ACA, minimum wage, excessive regulation, increased taxes, etc... Small businesses have smaller profit margins making these policies more harmful to the small guy, allowing the big corporations that you despise to ride it out until they're the only ones left. Over the decades they've become so big they can now buy out whomever they like. Even U.S. Steel was born out of government intervention. Our government created high tariffs on imported steel(Britain's was superior, go figure) creating essentially a monopoly on the industry. So what we need, against your recommendation, is less government, because government kills the backbone of our economy. Congress will never stop intervening, however, because it's the big corporations that line their greedy pockets.

  • GeorgiW190488
    GeorgiW190488 21 day ago

    Hey! Any chance of removing the geoblocking... People in the UK want to watch!

  • Kate Delworth
    Kate Delworth 22 days ago

    I really believe you should do an episode on “instagram comedy” and the rape undertones it has. I think it’s egregious how these “comedians” are making videos with rape and sexual assault punchlines and these videos are being viewed by millions of young adults. This makes them think it’s okay and acceptable. This is a real cultural epidemic and something you should definitely touch on in one of your episodes.

  • Jackson Ukpali
    Jackson Ukpali 22 days ago

    Nice video... you can also see the link for a further review on YOUR credit scoring.

  • mina ostovari
    mina ostovari 22 days ago

    Hi! I have little hope that you will see this, there has been a third version of travel ban according to which I will not be able to see my family ever, at least till I finish and leave United States. The administration has banned issuing any visa after October 18. I really do not want to stay here after my PhD and take any jobs from American. I just want to go see my family and come back and finish. If I go back home though, there is high possibility they do not issue a visa for me to come back finish my education. I do not understand this. How old parents or educated people are a threat? How about those countries that their citizens were actually involved in terrorist attacks?! Even in terms of job market, Iranians here have a much smaller community compare to other groups. I just feel sorry I came here without knowing how much hatred I will receive(so many good people but the hate is just too much)

  • Ed M
    Ed M 22 days ago

    Hi there all. I cant seem to be able to watch on this channel it keeps saying: "This video is not available."
    and i live at Toronto ON. i wander how many more country's have been blocked from viewing. Is some one paying youtube to block viewers?

  • Vilma Colon
    Vilma Colon 22 days ago

    please go to puerto rico

    SUPER ATHEIST 23 days ago

    .....why the hell cant i watch your shows...........

  • Spooky Action
    Spooky Action 23 days ago

    Huge fan of this show. Our Spooky Action YouTube channel is progressive and like-minded, check it out. Think you may like!

  • Panic Broadcast
    Panic Broadcast 23 days ago

    You should do an update to the story you did a few months ago on the voting rights of territories like Puerto Rico and how that fact is affecting what's going on now. How is it possible they have been citizens since 1917 and still don't have a meaningful voice in the electoral process?

  • Smitty smitsmit
    Smitty smitsmit 23 days ago

    John Oliver, PLEASE do a story on the BLM protests in St. Louis! We need your voice!

    SHARON WILLIAMS 23 days ago

    If my memory is correct? Did not folks get mad when others protest by standing for the anthem and raising a fist? So. if you stand it is a problem, and if you kneel it is a problem. Would it be more socially acceptable for them to protest by waving another flag in the present of "Old Glory" as others have done? If so let's design an universal protest flag for ALL to use. Your thoughts.
    p.s. I say pink and green with 52 white hearts. (white hearts symbolizes protest=pure intention and pink and green= calm, beautiful, love by all.) Red, Purple, Gold, Black, blue, Yellow and Orange are already taken

  • solracotos
    solracotos 24 days ago

    Please discuss the issue with the effects of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico and the lack of a response from the US government. Make sure you make it easy for people to contact their senators and representatives to push forward emergency aid for Puerto Rico.

  • Ekin C
    Ekin C 24 days ago

    Please cover the NFL protests!

  • Don CASPER DeForre'
    Don CASPER DeForre' 24 days ago

    About the kneeling athletes - The hypocrites that are booing them and demeaning them - how many of them get their fat asses off the couch when watching a game at home or off their stool in a bar and stand when the anthem starts???
    I've been in sports bars when anthem starts - Once I saw a veteran take his cap off - but still drank his beer with his other hand.
    I was always taught to be silent - don't eat or drink and remove your hat. Yes - you may see this at an actual ball park - but do these so called "arm chair Patriots" at home stand and remain quite while it plays - I think not - hypocrites!

  • Arcanix Soulstar
    Arcanix Soulstar 24 days ago

    When will you do an update on your chicken farmer segment? Or any story, for that matter? Follow up on your stories!!!

  • NekuraCa
    NekuraCa 25 days ago

    Region locked videos, How is This Still a Thing?

  • Ralph Garrett
    Ralph Garrett 28 days ago

    I speak greater over you in Jesus Christ name!!

  • Rubz
    Rubz 28 days ago


  • Paris Gilbón
    Paris Gilbón 29 days ago

    Please #LastWeekTonight help the mexican people to raise the voice and force the mexican goverment to donate their campaign money to the earthquake victims, they refuse... #StupidLogic
    We really need all the help we can get! , #PartidosDenSuDinero

  • Amanda Johnston
    Amanda Johnston Month ago

    I mean, didn't enough happen for you? We don't get to select which weeks we live in. . .

  • GangstaWafflez
    GangstaWafflez Month ago

    Congrats on the Emmy!! Most deserving show to get it. I hope even more people watch and get WOKE AF

  • VM 9
    VM 9 Month ago

    This show is a one 30 min episode per week and they still take so many breaks!! Its not like they are running out of issues to tackle! Get back to work you lazy asses!

  • Lukas Bienz
    Lukas Bienz Month ago

    Unbelivable that an american show refuses to take money from willing to pay customers while everbody's moaning about people stealing there stuff online. For real, why can't I buy your product? Just some advice, if you guys wonna make america great again, you should start taking money from your customers... #WhyShouldIGoF**kMyselfIfIGotATrump

  • Mike Leonard
    Mike Leonard Month ago

    Congratulations on the Emmy! Well deserved! Keep up the great work.

  • Dr. Gerbz
    Dr. Gerbz Month ago

    Another week off? Man, sounds like the perfect job.

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith Month ago

    Another week off? You just had two? Come on John! It's half an hour a week! Focus, man!

  • TheGhostofXmasPast OrFuture

    Congrats on the emmy!

  • Young Chahzie
    Young Chahzie Month ago

    The now Emmy Winning Last Week Tonight With John Oliver! For Speaking That Truth. Congrats and all that positive bullshit everybody eats up. Take That Trump Fake News My Ass

  • Kasif Zubiar
    Kasif Zubiar Month ago

    Hey is the john arpaio video not available on North America or smth?? Lol it seems like its not available x'D

  • Rio Stro
    Rio Stro Month ago

    maybe you could upload all the episodes in the entire lenght, so there is a point in subscribing in this channel instead of some random guy who understands howm the internet works.... is it rly that hard.. i dont know... do you need help with something like that.. do you also need new diapers?..

  • Blue Plague
    Blue Plague Month ago

    John! Can you do stuff on post secondary education

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez Month ago

    Hello John Oliver and all the cast of Last Week Tonight. I'm not from North America, but I found about the interesting case of Richard Heene's supposed hoax for attention.

    However, I found about this in a video that broke down this case and a statement with proofs that this might not be the case, and that it is in fact a case of power abuse to get a political benefit out of it.

    You can check it out by yourselves and make your own judgement, but this may be interesting for a chapter of your show as it is somewhat concerning this kind of abuse happens in your country. Thank you very much for your time to read this comment, and I hope you check out these videos and you find them somewhat useful! - Breakdown of the case. - Richard Heene's version with proofs of his claims.

  • M1K3
    M1K3 Month ago

    the most hilarious and talented of the genre keep up the good work

  • Aidan Lynn
    Aidan Lynn Month ago

    Believing what John Oliver says is like believing a Paedophile when he says he has candy.

  • Nabarun Roy
    Nabarun Roy Month ago

    Yo! Do some shit on India. Whisky talking, btw...

  • Arasky
    Arasky Month ago

    The most depressing channel on youtube.

  • davidaward82
    davidaward82 Month ago

    wow there's some venom in here.

    However, they're right in some respects.
    UK viewing of this channel seems blocked now.

  • Ron Troyer
    Ron Troyer Month ago

    I know Bill Maher's show has an audio podcast version of their show. Could you please please please create one too?

  • Ruda Macho
    Ruda Macho Month ago

    guys, please do one on my president (argentina's mauricio macri), pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease :D

  • blahfoshiz
    blahfoshiz Month ago

    >.> Ah American censorship

  • HellJagerTimmyvB
    HellJagerTimmyvB Month ago

    what's the point of being subscribed if I can't even watch anything, disappointing as wasn't this suppose to be clips for the internet. you know the internet is not just 'merica....

  • loft82
    loft82 Month ago

    Are this show dead.??? Kim jong un, and Trump has finaly got to him :( ... (Haha)

  • Darie Mc Laughlin

    Emigrants come from abroad, Immigrants are generally born american or are TV, news pundits, with funny accents. Aliens have rights and privileges tied to Mexico and this has grown to include most of latin america as well. If you cannot find yourself on a scale between these points you're Puerto Rican.

  • askReignbow Bridge

    I Don't have money to feed HBO, so I catch your show here. You may not be considered real news, but you seem to be a very powerful voice of the world. You and your team cuts pass the brown tape our world puts up. It's sad to see blocks to other nations. I just have to say keep it coming.

  • Blair D
    Blair D Month ago

    Your new videos always show me the sad face and tell me I can't watch them. Unsubscribed as a result.

  • Talin Peacy
    Talin Peacy Month ago is stealing your videos enmass.

  • Harrison Pfingsten

    so, when are there gonna be new episodes? Haven't seen anything on here for like a month

    • DiabloDBS
      DiabloDBS Month ago

      On hiatus until tonight 10th of september i believe to recall.. so yeah

  • Rashid Rashid
    Rashid Rashid Month ago

    i know its not supposed to be funny at all, but you have a ready made platform, would you do something about the ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas happening in Myanarmar right now.

  • G. Reese Porter
    G. Reese Porter Month ago

    Ok, i just checked. The video of New York being destroyed in the North Korea episode is actually just edited footage of this cutscene from Modern Warfare 3. Pay attention to the fighter jets, fires and flashes in the background

  • JoseCS1989
    JoseCS1989 Month ago

    Description "Breaking news on a WEEKLY basis. Sundays at 11PM ." is the biggest lie ever. no schedule on when they are uploading episodes, its chaotic.

    • Nathaniel Jacob
      Nathaniel Jacob Month ago

      Sometimes shit comes up, like fucking hurricanes. Maybe he's got family in Houston, maybe HBO limits uploads to youtube to entice people into direct subscriptions and John has nothing to do with it, maybe we live in a holographic representation of a universe we can't possibly imagine in its totality, maybe everyone who ever writes a comment on the internet goes directly to hell, who knows?
      Savor what you DO have Jose, savor what you DO have.

  • EatingAtRandom
    EatingAtRandom Month ago

    Why not show where people do it better?
    You got a lot of good eksampels, on how to do it, in the world on ALL your stories.. ;)

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    John, where are you? It's been two weeks now! We need you man!

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      where is new ep for today???

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      2 weeks!? It's been 2 months!!!

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    Can John please do a Segment on r/roastme!?!

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    I love my mom

  • Dave Ogden
    Dave Ogden Month ago

    I think maybe you have Trump and Kim Jong Un slightly wrong. I think that maybe they are just those kind of guys who actually really like each other but are incapable of saying it and it comes across as seething hatred. When they talk about killing each other what they actually want to do it hug and get ice cream. What they really want is to get on so that they can spend all night staring into each other's eyes talking about things they both love, like looking after their self interests or how they really think Theresa May is a two faced BiTcH! They have a lot in common, they both hate the american media and love the armed forces. I also suspect that Trump would make a great dictator. If the arms companies are upset about there not being a war why not let them bomb the arctic, it's fucked anyway due to climate change. Perhaps it would be good if they could just kiss and make up so that they can start there new bro love relationship and develop both countries cultures. Just imagine how much better america would be mixed with some North Korean accordion bands or what North Korea would be like with Donald Trump, he could stimulate the economy by building a wall or golf courses.

  • erlibao111
    erlibao111 Month ago

    Came across this great show from the video on MLMs because a friend tried to get me involved in one. However, the video doesn't cover the type of MLM involved with financial planning services like the one my friend is in. Could there be an updated video on MLMs like Primerica and WFG/WSB where they reel people in by preaching financial education (basic stuff like saving money, which is the biggest duh that anyone can advise others on) and then recruiting them to get people to join so they can "learn to be financially stable" too?

  • Stefan Nordbruch
    Stefan Nordbruch Month ago

    John, why did you start blocking your latest content in New Zealand of late? Used to work fine for years... Early supporter here... Real Sad!

  • Haider Athar
    Haider Athar Month ago

    This needs coverage too. A noble prize winner is killing Muslims en mass

  • Jerry Fitzgerald Hieronymus McPoopenheimer Von Tiddlywinks The Third

    God damnit John you gloriously ratfaced hunk of bulging muscle get off your ass and post more videos! I want your thick, salty, gooey satire all over my face please

  • John Paul
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  • Anon ymous
    Anon ymous Month ago

    Where is John Oliver?!

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious Month ago

    KY Governor Matt Bevin Slams Teachers. Consultant Firm revealed 20% of the states public school teachers had become eligible for retirement. The horrible revelation is the financial position of its state funded teachers retirement system. In contraversey for years dating back to the Patton administration, and its handling of borrow funds from the system.  Governor Matt Bevin was quoted in the Lexington Herald August 30th making offensive comments to those 20% eligible retirees for placing personal gains over the children of the commonwealth of Kentucky. Ironically, many of the teachers in the state have played more of positive role model for these children than are their parents.  KY public teachers have been grossly undervalued for decades. The one benefit people hold onto is that one day after they have endured a thankless profession most of their productive adult years, that they too could retire with a degree of assurance they will have medical care and a pension to survive. See, KY public teachers don't pay FICA something other employers pay on the employees  behalf and match so that  one day they can be eligible for social security.  Since the teachers and state employer  do not participate in the social security program they are not eligible for social security payments. So lets sum this up. KY Public school teachers have a really crappy job. The challenges they face on a daily occurrence are enumerable. Drug epidemic is through the roof. Districts voice concern after another for lack of true parental involvement in many cases.  Teachers are often the ones providing stability in the lives of these children.  These and others coupled with horrible salary and now this Gov. Bevin Fuxx claims these men and women who have spent decades providing a life of true service and thinking only of themselves should they elect to retire. This needs national attention

  • zeyd abdurahman
    zeyd abdurahman Month ago Please research and present this

  • Victor Aguirre
    Victor Aguirre Month ago

    where the hell is today's episode?

  • Gregory House
    Gregory House Month ago

    maybe your problem's gone already, but I don't get it really: how come in Canada and Germany (anywhere else maybe?) people don't see some videos and in Russia there's no such thing? even Putin's video is available

  • Cronopoly
    Cronopoly Month ago

    If you do a commentary on the Hurricane Harvey, you may want to note the lack of Mexicans available to rebuild these American houses.... or the great sucking sound of money "needed" to rebuild Texas Houses that 45 wants to use for a useless wall...

  • ftosh7
    ftosh7 Month ago

    So when will you morons learn how to fact check, research the truth, and logic? because you fucking morons don't know shit about Dr. Jill Stein! Didn't anyone there think about calling her or inviting her on to the show? OF COURSE NOT YOU DUMBFUCKS JUST USED A TWEET INSTEAD! FUCK OFF TO YOUR BULLSHIT LYING SHOW FULL OF RETARDS WHO DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THEIR JOBS!

    • schplafff
      schplafff Month ago

      +Chick Sage
      Dunno, but that must be extremely important.
      Because capslock.
      And not much else...

    • FarChu
      FarChu Month ago

      Jill Stein is irrelevant, no one cares, that's why they didn't invite her. Lord Bucket Head has more political sway than Jill Stein.

    • Chick Sage
      Chick Sage Month ago

      What did they get wrong?

  • M Hewett
    M Hewett Month ago

    Why is it so hard to find the most current videos, I get the alert then can't find the most recent video with out a lot of digging. Please put the most recent material front and center on the youtube channel.

  • Cml v.herwijnen
    Cml v.herwijnen Month ago

    spirit crushed lately at school. Hearing all these angry comments on Immigrants, how we "change the population" and that we are "stealing jobs". The whole class joined the discussion not even noticing that there were 5 international students who were "those Asians". How is this still a thing?

    • john smith
      john smith Month ago

      It seems so simple tho, here is my mathematical argument against any form of racism:
      If you label a large enough (say more than 100) group of people with any other label (positive or negative) than the one defining that group (e.g. all thieves are steal things) you will ALWAYS be wrong.
      I hope it helps you in any future argument.

  • Connor Allison
    Connor Allison Month ago

    That Linton guy looks like John. Sorry!

  • Daniel Sigler
    Daniel Sigler Month ago

    Dear John Oliver,

    I've been a fan of yours since you
    were on the Daily Show. I've been watching Last Week Tonight since it
    first aired and liked or loved all of your episodes. They've been
    well thought out, informative, and funny.
    Unfortunately the rest of this message
    will be negative. It's about your most recent episode on nuclear
    waste. I spent the whole time watching the episode shocked that an
    episode could be that bad. It was very poorly thought out mostly
    talking about the plans for nuclear waste back in the 50s and 60s,
    and mentioning nothing about what happened after. You brought up the
    amount of waste in the US (the football field analogy) but failed to
    mention that actually an incredibly small amount of material. You
    failed to mention coal plants emit more radiation than nuclear
    reactors (not hard I know since nuclear reactors emit 0 extra
    radiation) You addressed at no point the fact that nuclear power
    research was stalled for 50 years due to unfounded fears of the
    danger nuclear reactors posed. You ignored that nuclear reactors are
    the safest most ecologically friendly source of base load power (they
    produce 0 CO2 or other greenhouse gasses and have minimal impact on
    their local environment). You ignored the energy potential of
    radioactive materials, the reason they are so dangerous is because of
    how much power they store Uranium has 45 million times the energy
    density of gasoline and thorium has 27 million times, most of that
    energy we can't yet use but what we can use still gives us 16,000
    times more energy uranium vs coal. You never brought up that advances
    in reactor designed first theorized and tested in the late 60s early
    70s that could use nuclear waste to power next gen reactors. It was
    the kind of reporting I would expect out of fox news, technically
    correct but gives the exact opposite impression as the truth. It's
    fear mongering like your episode that stopped nuclear research for 50
    years and prevented us from having solved the worlds energy problems
    decades ago, and having vastly reduced the climate change problems at
    the same time.
    You should apologize to your watchers
    and have a real episode about nuclear power.

    • THEE EYE
      THEE EYE Month ago

      +Chick Sage where is new ep for today???

    • Chick Sage
      Chick Sage Month ago

      Actually, these guys don't do the news. This is satire on current events i.e., comedy. The host is not a journalist, he's a comedian, an entertainer, not an anchorman.
      So, coal plants emit more radiation than reactors? I did not know that, very interesting. It doesn't have anything to do with our failure to do something with all this nuclear waste, though.
       There was no reason to mention what a friendly source of base load power, a nuclear reactor can be, or the energy potential of radioactive materials. As a matter of fact, it seems like everything you have faulted them for not mentioning, has been for something that wasn't relevant subject matter.
      Instead of demanding they apologize for the piece on nuclear waste, maybe you should think about asking them to do a piece about nuclear energy and apologize for your inappropriate critique or, maybe I just need to mind my own business and butt-out, the latter being most likely :)

  • Anders Strömqvist

    Seems like a cause u guys would support and promote

  • Beyond Geek
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    This video is not available.

    Sorry about that.

    • Beyond Geek
      Beyond Geek Month ago

      Seriously Why not , this is bullsh1t !

  • Ande Lloyd
    Ande Lloyd Month ago

    If Trump leaves or gets forced out of the Presidency, would VP Mike Pence be a better President than Donald Trump?

  • Kevin Austin
    Kevin Austin Month ago

    Trump has a plan for the nuclear waste. He will build a wall with it. No need to have lights as anyone going over will glow.

  • KiwiHelpgeek
    KiwiHelpgeek Month ago

    HBO are asshats!

    • schplafff
      schplafff Month ago

      And I'm sure they're absolutely mortified, now they know that.

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    Why can't I watch John Oliver,,, it always says "not available"

  • Melody Lacy
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    Local Censorship? Suddenly when I go to my Last Week Tonight listings on my Xfinity guide it now says "Not Available in Your Area". Did The South suddenly lose John Oliver? We love John Oliver! We already couldn't listen to Rachel Maddow, now we lost John Oliver too! Waa! I am fussing.

  • Martin Lacey
    Martin Lacey Month ago

    Why can't we watch "Border control" in the UK?

  • Brian Chrisope
    Brian Chrisope Month ago

    Have you seen the latest on youtube? We have urban explorers crawling around so called abandoned NUCLEAR reactors and they are still producing electricity. They seem to like to go into the control room with all those buttons and switches. Made by asshole pucker like a snare drum!! Yes quite disturbing!

  • Jay Cagide
    Jay Cagide 2 months ago

    My wife and I are huge John Oliver fans. Love LastWeekTonight and have seen him live in concert a few times. We need someone who can cut through all the bullshit and expose the lunacy surrounding us these days. But the nuclear bit about cancer victims was in very poor taste. People are dying. He could have easily cut those lines out and still presented a strong piece. Disappointed.

  • Shannon Bradbury
    Shannon Bradbury 2 months ago

    It's really frustrating to get the notification that there's a new one up and rush over to be told that I can't watch it from my region. :(

  • 35C
    35C 2 months ago

    So can we uhhhh, launch the nuclear waste into space or nah?

  • yosser blom
    yosser blom 2 months ago

    Love the show, watch it every week. Great topics. However, im from Suriname, South America, almost next to Venezuala and shit is really going bad in both. maybe a coverage on how political leaders are changing the countries into a dictatorship. Enough sources to emphasise my point. Keep doing what ya doing. Peace

  • Darrow Hartman
    Darrow Hartman 2 months ago

    Hey guys, I am working pn a petition for climate change. Please click here to visit the page:

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    not seen a video in over a month

  • Alex Bright
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    Region block!! argh

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    The Canada block will just encourage negative behaviour. HBO & HBO Canada should know this.

  • Permanent Camper
    Permanent Camper 2 months ago

    Topic suggestion: Organ Donation. Thank you.

  • yag359
    yag359 2 months ago

    Hi - is it possible to get a voice of sanity from John Oliver to address the current fervor regarding civil war statues? Robert E. Lee was requested by President Lincoln to lead the Union's army. But when Virginia seceded, Lee would not fight against his own people and chose to defend his home state instead. Should this make him a racist and a target of the current fervor?

  • Ford O
    Ford O 2 months ago

    how many vacations do you need? get back to work pikee

  • TheDidgeKid
    TheDidgeKid 2 months ago

    Subject: Censure Donald Trump
    I signed a petition to The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate which says:
    "Censure Trump over his failure to condemn white supremacy, Nazis, and the alt-right."
    Will you sign this petition? Click here:

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    David Tressel 2 months ago

    Two words: Impeach and Replace.......

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    Go back to the UK you tw@!

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    I get a subscription notice for new videos, but clicking the links in my e-mails gives me "This video is not available." Not even a geo-block notice -- they simply don't exist, not even in the video upload list. I understand why licensing restricts what regions content is available (pointless as it may be), but when YouTube hides the simple existence of these videos, that's going a step too far for both viewers and you, HBO. If you hope to maintain your old-world regional content licensing, you need to provide a link to the site of the regional content rights holder so we can watch your videos legitimately, and you also need to pressure YouTube to show all your content in the video list, because what they are doing is essentially censoring your intellectual property. i.e. If we can't even see what videos exist, how can we be expected to hunt down the legal source for viewing them?

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    The man is just too vulgar and his ranting schtick is just annoying now. Unsubscribed.

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    Thanks for only allowing Americans to watch your stuff, you dumb cunts.
    Arrogant Americans thinking nobody else deserves to see your content.
    Unsubbing from this shit channel.

    SUPER ATHEIST 2 months ago

    well im pissed cant watch any videos of yours.. real shame....

  • Michael Harmata
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    John, how about sponsoring an Accordion Summit? Bring in 50 of the best accordion players from North Korea and have them collaborate with 50 American counterparts. Peace Through Polka. It could work.

  • FF8WasTheBestFF
    FF8WasTheBestFF 2 months ago

    All whites need to be rounded up and killed. All whites are nazis.

    • The_Spiciest_ Memelord
      The_Spiciest_ Memelord 2 months ago

      I bet you're white too, and you're just saying that to get people to agree with you.

  • boundless
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    why can't i view the north Korea video in Australia. i love last week tonight, but why you do this to me

  • BadJokeProduction
    BadJokeProduction 2 months ago

    Why don't you do a piece about the president of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow??? He is an interesting character. Check him out.

  • MQ Seven
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    Homie you forgot about Trump Jr and his secret russian adoption agency

  • Nikhil Paratkar
    Nikhil Paratkar 2 months ago

    Please include India China Stand off at Doklam pass in one of your videos. It needs some focus. China claims Bhutanese territory as its own and there is a lot of warmongering on both sides. Indian and Chinese media are painting the issue in their own colors.

  • keith smith
    keith smith 2 months ago

    I'm really disappointed that HBO only allows the United States of Armageddon the ability to view the most recent episodes. The way Trump is going, wouldn't it be in their best interests to seek an international audience before their American viewership gets nuked? Just saying..... Not to mention that considering how popular he is, wouldn't they make a butt load of cash from advertising? Looks like dumb and dumber are running that ship!

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  • Ashlyn Eggum
    Ashlyn Eggum 2 months ago

    Hey there John! Love the show! At least I did until I could no longer watch it because I live in Canada. Seriously whats up with the region blocking? I would think you would want fans in other countries for when Americans start fleeing to live somewhere that still has human rights. Anyways please open up your channel to us!!

  • Lancetronium
    Lancetronium 2 months ago

    I'd like John Oliver to describe the taste of Pepsi Fire. That is the nastiest tasting shit I have ever tasted (well top 10 anyway). It also has more sugar than any cola I've ever seen, which does nothing to help the taste, and I actually like cinnamon.

  • nuttybuban 7
    nuttybuban 7 2 months ago

    Live in England and I am torn as shit that an English guy seems to be cool with his show being blocked in his home country

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 2 months ago

    Why have you started blocking NZ? who doesn't love New Zealanders? That's ass backwards from the old way.

  • Emile
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    Congratulations for this show who asks good questions, and perhaps good questions are more important than good responses

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    Why can't I watch new uplodes in New Zealand?! It's so frustrating to see the thumbnail and not get to watch it

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    help me out... which video doe he say  " Oj, you know why..."  we don't give you a knife?

  • Sam Morter
    Sam Morter 2 months ago

    You do realize that polygraphs are complete bullshit.  They have been proven unreliable by the National Academy of Sciences.  Americans are so stupid to believe that a machine can tell when someone is lying.  WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  • chivas roco
    chivas roco 2 months ago

    since you did alex jones how about cenk uygur? he is like the left version of alex jones

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    Jon Oliver why are you such an insufferable faggot?

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    Rename channel for Canada pls: About Two Months Ago Tonight

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    Dear Mr. Oliver,

    I really enjoy watching your show, and so does my family. But as a non-native English speaker, I found it hard to catch up with every words you said from time to time, it would be really nice of you if you add English subtitles to the video.

    Thank you for considering my request.

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  • Craig Canada
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    Two cars and a truck crashed into a pineta store in Watsonville yesterday:

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    I need MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tanya Gattis
    Tanya Gattis 2 months ago

    Hey! We know you've probably got your wok cut out talking about drumph...we've got something that desperately needs talking about! Please...Please....please take a look at this and give us your thoughts.

    Your adoring fans in Tennessee

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    Now there are freebooters with the title Last Week Tonight! Note to self: When you put up a show, make sure you have locked up all the iterations of your name.

  • Ginger Aile
    Ginger Aile 2 months ago

    How about a segment on the fall of democracy in Venezuela? They are the kind of "communist" state now that the US has always been so afraid of. Some pointers to start with:

  • Ron Brown
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    John you are a fucking pile of shit.
    I'd pay to beat the crap out you, kick your teeth in and stomp on your throat just to shut your fucking mouth .

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    People really need to get a us vpn fast.

  • I'm the father of God, and I'm disappointed in God and you gullible melon farmers

    Are you idiots or trying to piss people off? WTF is with that illiterate retard of an incompetent programmer, larry page. It's been hours and this fucking vid is still 360p? Get your shit together and only put vids on your goddamn HBO site and tell YT to go and fuck themselves. Your shit should be in 4K by now. Get with the fucking times. 1080p is 1980.

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    The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

  • Natalie Rosen
    Natalie Rosen 2 months ago

    FABULOUS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS SHOW LAST EVENING 7/30/17. My sides were splitting from laughing. Especially LOVED the first hearing of Jared Kushner's voice. John Oliver is BRILLIANT and some of the best comedy on cable.

  • Anamnesia
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    "The uploader has not made this video available in your country."
    So sick of this shit... Unsubbing. No point being on a page that you can't view the videos! 😞

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    what is going on, nothing in like 3 weeks. update please!!

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    I am in new zealand, and for the last month or more, it seems like we're unable to view any of your video's when they first get released, re have to wait ages before we can view them, which sucks, as it is then no longer current :(

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  • Jim Cline
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    John I went to purchase your Infowipes and I was very upset that your product at that price has a shipping cost of $9.95 for 3-5 days. You would think that if we are paying a million dollars you could have at least thrown in 2 day shipping for free. I just can't do business with someone that is trying to rip us off with absurd shipping charges.

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    It's been almost three weeks. Why are there no uploads? Did the coal degenerate win the case or what?

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    Where the fuck are you? I miss you; you rat faced bastard.

  • Maham Faraz
    Maham Faraz 2 months ago

    hello Oliver (and the minions), I'm a regular viewer and fan from Pakistan and I'm desperately waiting for your next episode. There hasn't been any new content in almost 2 weeks and SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED already.

    just a request, if you find it interesting, Pakistan's PM has been disqualified and people are responding with sharply conflicting responses. I'd like you to cover that in one of your episodes as well since I trust YOUR analysis the most!

    back to the new episode, WHERE IS IT??