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  • Kiva Espeon
    Kiva Espeon 6 hours ago

    I've watched this and a dog's purpose and they are both great one featuries just one dog a girl and the othwr a boy who goes through many dog breeds

  • Brittany Smart
    Brittany Smart 6 hours ago

    How do you drop your baby and her break her leg??? She acted like it wasn't a big deal. I hate her parents, poor girl. Some people shouldn't be parents. I just read the book, never saw the movie

  • Marshall Ck
    Marshall Ck 6 hours ago

    Run snow bunny...

  • anywho lion Kopa
    anywho lion Kopa 6 hours ago

    Guys please, whether you're a believer or atheist I think we can all agree on one thing: This movie's great

  • Roselyn Evangelista
    Roselyn Evangelista 6 hours ago

    No have a pitch perfect 4😢😢

  • Steffen Ljosheim
    Steffen Ljosheim 6 hours ago

    How much were they paying you to give up on your dreams? Damn

  • Ashie’s Gachas
    Ashie’s Gachas 6 hours ago

    Jack black was making acting like Bethany! hahaha! xD

  • David Castillo
    David Castillo 6 hours ago

    2:55 😐😠 got damn

  • Patricia Briones
    Patricia Briones 6 hours ago


  • Edio Novais
    Edio Novais 6 hours ago


  • Eugene Godzilla
    Eugene Godzilla 6 hours ago

    Whatever fly away

  • Stu Vill
    Stu Vill 6 hours ago

    0:09 like if this is your favorite song 🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵

  • South Side Satan
    South Side Satan 6 hours ago

    0:26 😍😍😍

  • Hana Tenshi
    Hana Tenshi 6 hours ago

    Yeah, no thanks.

  • Riza Jade
    Riza Jade 6 hours ago

    Superman just toying with the bad guy

  • Onnerse
    Onnerse 6 hours ago

    This is the reason why I don’t call ms trunchbull ‘ms trunchbull’ I call her ‘Trunch-Hell’

  • Winged programme Hero626

    Bon applit Kipp i am kipp

  • Jackie McCann
    Jackie McCann 6 hours ago

    Babe: I want my mom... 😭 Fly: * _Mama Instincts kicking in_ *

  • Eugene Godzilla
    Eugene Godzilla 6 hours ago

    Eagle love

  • Scorpionstrike7
    Scorpionstrike7 6 hours ago

    Bomb’s awkwardness never ceases to amaze me.

  • Soltice 1111
    Soltice 1111 6 hours ago


  • daniel mcdermott
    daniel mcdermott 6 hours ago

    Only good scene in the movie. Genuinely frightening.

  • Vincelle1516 Pasion
    Vincelle1516 Pasion 6 hours ago

    It's gretel of hansel and gretel the witch hunter

  • Osa Omoragbon
    Osa Omoragbon 6 hours ago

    Ip Man *watches as I break the replay button. Me: "...l'll pay."

  • Robert J Cotter
    Robert J Cotter 6 hours ago

    1:11 When you're grandma wants a kiss

  • Juju Fire
    Juju Fire 6 hours ago


  • Precious Beautiful Princess


  • JOmegaRadical
    JOmegaRadical 6 hours ago

    I find it hilarious that this was literally the tiniest and most miniscule fight ever. Little does that girl know that her blinking saved her Dads life

  • Edward89
    Edward89 6 hours ago

    Should have listened to him

  • thao vinh
    thao vinh 6 hours ago


  • watdaification
    watdaification 6 hours ago

    Rip to that dude who took that flying knee to the chest I mean he folded like a damn book ouch

  • Scorpionstrike7
    Scorpionstrike7 6 hours ago

    Silver is the mvp

  • calebe Silva Paixao
    calebe Silva Paixao 6 hours ago

    Titans GO!!!!!!! -robin

  • K Fields
    K Fields 6 hours ago

    I just got the Return to Jurassic Park DLC for Jurassic World Evolution today!

  • Precious Beautiful Princess

    1990s September 3

  • Nashaly Regalado
    Nashaly Regalado 6 hours ago


  • robert degeorge
    robert degeorge 6 hours ago

    I understand him

  • Ledriaunna Weary
    Ledriaunna Weary 6 hours ago

    Lol ppl always bring up physics like WOW WE ARE NOT DUMB‼️... like damn if movies followed the laws of physics half of the time most would b boring everyone turning physicists in comments🤣

    GENERALSEAL 6 hours ago

    Girls lunchtime: ugh this school food is so nasty Boys lunchtime:

  • Plants Or Zombies
    Plants Or Zombies 6 hours ago

    *The world’s very first game of Football ever. Later became a popular sport and was given a name.*

  • TTV_beast456 Beast456

    People say water does no damage

  • Mike Kroll
    Mike Kroll 6 hours ago

    I looked at the trap Ray

  • Thel 'Vadam
    Thel 'Vadam 6 hours ago

    Macready and sole survivor be like

  • Ricky Valentine
    Ricky Valentine 6 hours ago

    Ever since that Heated Clash that's Why Apollo got killed and could of been prevented

  • blockmasterscott
    blockmasterscott 6 hours ago

    I remember seeing this when it first came out and was almost moved to tears by this scene.

  • Cesi Perez
    Cesi Perez 6 hours ago

    I wish more teachers like this existed.

  • Nathan Clouse
    Nathan Clouse 6 hours ago

    0:03 P.E. in a nutshell

  • Scorpionstrike7
    Scorpionstrike7 6 hours ago

    1:02 You sly little puff ball!

  • CJ Larson
    CJ Larson 6 hours ago

    Charles: don’t let it control you....looks at Logan (Charles knows he will be the one to end this)

  • Riza Jade
    Riza Jade 6 hours ago

    0:55 "look at this guy, hah"

  • Plants Or Zombies
    Plants Or Zombies 6 hours ago

    My favorite character was the Grandma.

  • Tony Schweers
    Tony Schweers 6 hours ago

    and the fact you were

  • Travis Kuykendall
    Travis Kuykendall 6 hours ago

    "my god this is like that movie, citizen kane, where you later find out rosebud was a sled... but we'll never know who johnny was cuz like..... she's dead"

  • Lok Yin Cheng
    Lok Yin Cheng 6 hours ago

    0:16 Superman reference

  • Plants Or Zombies
    Plants Or Zombies 6 hours ago

    Teacher: Animals were domesticated when a wolf came up to a group o- Me: *NO NO, ANIMALS WERE DOMESTICATED WHEN A BIG APE PICKED THEM UP AND RESCUED THEM*

  • Fluffi Puffi
    Fluffi Puffi 6 hours ago

    Plot twist: Audrey is Teds sister

  • The Reaper_TRO
    The Reaper_TRO 6 hours ago

    Who would think they would have a anti cookie defence system

  • Cyberdemon
    Cyberdemon 6 hours ago

    You can’t out-Pizza the hut

  • Qoma Riyah
    Qoma Riyah 6 hours ago


  • ogrebattle22763
    ogrebattle22763 6 hours ago

    Overall it was a good movie the beginning of the movie dragged out especially the wedding scenes

  • SMP2390
    SMP2390 6 hours ago

    This is so self aware.

  • Red Crimson
    Red Crimson 6 hours ago

    Leroy vs Fahkumram

  • Beth Darvell
    Beth Darvell 6 hours ago

    This was perfect.

  • David G.
    David G. 6 hours ago

    Morrissey did well in portraying the Duke of Norfolk.

  • Riza Jade
    Riza Jade 6 hours ago

    Justice League vs Orange Man Day

  • Night Baby
    Night Baby 6 hours ago

    Lovely 😍

  • Asante Gaskin
    Asante Gaskin 6 hours ago


  • Night Baby
    Night Baby 6 hours ago

    Xoosss 💋 💋

  • Martin Gutierrez Jr
    Martin Gutierrez Jr 6 hours ago

    I always wanted her to live but thinking about it she is too damn crazy plus who knows what kind of connections she would still have

  • 360 Kay
    360 Kay 6 hours ago

    0:10 my dad after he helps me with my homework and I tell him I have a test on it tomorrow

  • Andrew Taylor
    Andrew Taylor 6 hours ago

    This is so me but as a cardinals fan

    GENERALSEAL 6 hours ago

    Imagine waking up at 3 am to that all over your wall

  • Mario Bros
    Mario Bros 6 hours ago

    I love the movie is funny

  • Bexy Evans
    Bexy Evans 6 hours ago

    Do you know God?

  • Edwin lopez
    Edwin lopez 6 hours ago



    Sublime production, I enjoy it to much .. Superlative part is 1:42. *I upload 1st video, Please check and comment what you think* 🖤 💛 💃

  • GoldenSlumberIrina
    GoldenSlumberIrina 6 hours ago

    I love it! I am always in good mood when I hear that.

  • jay sanity
    jay sanity 6 hours ago

    Ohhh the WHOMANITYY... lol

  • budd smoke
    budd smoke 6 hours ago

    Anybody know the beat they rappin to ?

  • ew lol
    ew lol 6 hours ago

    i can’t tell if he is staring at her because of how bad she dances or if he think she looks hot dancing

  • Lovely LJ
    Lovely LJ 6 hours ago

    I also have overheard that Macaulay Culkin is all grown up.

  • Ccl Chan
    Ccl Chan 6 hours ago


  • Dalton Monroe
    Dalton Monroe 6 hours ago

    Not gunna lie..1:33 was pretty damn ba lookinh

  • Lovely LJ
    Lovely LJ 6 hours ago

    I've Overheard that John Hughes have died.

  • Callum Rosser
    Callum Rosser 6 hours ago

    How to survive. Go underground.

  • Robert J Cotter
    Robert J Cotter 6 hours ago

    I mean I knew this was a brutal scene as a kid but man does it have so much more impact as an adult.

  • Lovely LJ
    Lovely LJ 6 hours ago

    By the way, 20th Century Fox is the same studio that does make The Wild Thornberrys, The Proud Family, The Sandlot and even the movie Ice Age.

  • Edwin lopez
    Edwin lopez 6 hours ago


  • QuackImBack
    QuackImBack 6 hours ago

    This part makes me..... weird...

  • Ana Quesada
    Ana Quesada 6 hours ago


  • BoggArt 2da.
    BoggArt 2da. 6 hours ago

    I wonder what is my heartsong?

  • amy penn
    amy penn 6 hours ago


    TMWSITY 6 hours ago

    Hans Zimmer- the master.

  • Enedina Gonzalez
    Enedina Gonzalez 6 hours ago


  • Home of The Memes
    Home of The Memes 6 hours ago

    1:43 TVclip : **ignores** (Edit) but for real what was the point of this

  • Lovely LJ
    Lovely LJ 6 hours ago

    And I rest to sure that Home Alone Movie is from 20th Century Fox, not from warner bros., Because The Warner Bros. Studios Doesn't own the home Alone Movie but the 20th Century Fox Studios Does!.

  • Michael Sumo
    Michael Sumo 6 hours ago

    That’s still pretty impressive body armor, to take so much shotgun blasts from such a short range!

  • Jonathon Worner
    Jonathon Worner 6 hours ago

    At first, it looks like Toothless turned a bit savage, or wild. I'm happy to see he had children of his own, with his Light Fury wife (really😒? They couldn't come up with a better name😒?) and that he's happy to see Hiccup and Astrid, along with their children

  • Vinicius Oliveira
    Vinicius Oliveira 6 hours ago


  • Nate dog gaming
    Nate dog gaming 6 hours ago

    I cried when I first saw this