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April 4, 2019
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Mermaid tale (Barbie)
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Tribal remix
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Remix #2
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Remix#3 dp
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Remix#2 dance palabas
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Dance Remix
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  • Crilp Gaming
    Crilp Gaming Hour ago

    It’s hard watching this for the second time

    BUSINESS 4TEXAS 17 hours ago


  • crazy girl
    crazy girl 18 hours ago

    i was wondering what rule 86 was, but my question was answered

  • Flash Focus
    Flash Focus 21 hour ago

    Leo made me cry. Honestly can't handle this. Somebody please help me

  • Flash Focus
    Flash Focus 21 hour ago

    I'm sorry if your bath tub was filled by the end of this. I couldn't stop for a minute... 😭😭🤞😔💕💕

  • Abdi Sharif
    Abdi Sharif 22 hours ago


  • Abdi Sharif
    Abdi Sharif 22 hours ago

    Yoke kkkk kkkk kkkk kkkk kkkk kkkk pig

  • John Cena
    John Cena 2 days ago

    Gotta say, I hate how everyone is like “rafe is so cute” then one other person says the girl is cute, then everyone says that person is a pedophile. What’s the difference? :/

  • Smita Kale
    Smita Kale 2 days ago

    Hey I love this movie truly

  • its A
    its A 3 days ago

    lol why is rafe kinda good lookin 💀

  • Kitty Minty
    Kitty Minty 3 days ago

    Too young for a kiss bro😂

  • 「 Chào Galactic Pleb 」

    This principal isn’t even a proper principal XD

  • wanda sparks
    wanda sparks 3 days ago

    49:49 "miller? Stop trying to stab Uranus." 😂

  • Ravindra Vaishanav
    Ravindra Vaishanav 3 days ago

    Wall, I think we need to make rules for headmaster.

  • Avakin CICIMAL
    Avakin CICIMAL 3 days ago

    You think your life is hard? I got crush on a girl who wears mens 13 size nikis

  • Leslie Viray
    Leslie Viray 3 days ago

    I searched this on Netflix but it doesnt have it so i searched on TVclip and bingo,i think its becuse its 2019 i dunno

  • Dean Fisser
    Dean Fisser 3 days ago

    Th3y all need haircuts

  • blueeemagic 24
    blueeemagic 24 4 days ago

    The first song in the background was used by my pe teacher as a music for our dance performance💙😊

    GRAYSON POPPLER 4 days ago

    Leo wasn’t actually there. He was dead. So saddddd 😢

  • Caparas Family
    Caparas Family 4 days ago

    i have netflix.. why am i at youtube..

  • Toughjman08
    Toughjman08 4 days ago

    The movie is nothing like the book AT ALL, read it it is much better then this crap. Edit: NVM the movie is still good but the book is better

  • smile Gamer FreeFire.

    love griffin gluck 😘

  • Anushka Tiwari
    Anushka Tiwari 4 days ago

    Nice movie 👍👍👍👍

  • Никитыч Studio

    Who wants a second part?🤷‍♀️🙋‍♀️

  • Atif Ahmed
    Atif Ahmed 6 days ago

    This is a great movie

  • Rosegold blue
    Rosegold blue 6 days ago

    Carl snarl

  • Nurul Majeedah Hafizan

    This is full movie??????

  • wherearethepeaches
    wherearethepeaches 7 days ago

    Cakkkeeeee by the oceaaannnnnn🎂🍰

  • Ibby Mokhaiber
    Ibby Mokhaiber 7 days ago

    This came out in 2019

  • Stavrina Eum
    Stavrina Eum 7 days ago

    Well I cried about that notebook

  • Sweet Heart
    Sweet Heart 7 days ago

    Love it

  • Nightmare FTW
    Nightmare FTW 7 days ago


  • Stella Youngs
    Stella Youngs 7 days ago

    Has no one noticed that the chalkboard at 11:11 said W.A.T.T.B.A but in the next shot it says WATTBA with no full stops, this is really weird 🤨

  • Josiah Larry
    Josiah Larry 8 days ago

    i like this movie i watch it every day

  • Luxury Nails
    Luxury Nails 8 days ago

    just to be clear rule 86 was no kissing so drak or grak tund for em

  • Luxury Nails
    Luxury Nails 8 days ago

    is it grak tung or drak tung

  • RainHO’s Studio World!

    Omg thanks SAC

  • Luxury Nails
    Luxury Nails 8 days ago

    the song at the stat where their like "oh no" is the song at the malibu rescue movie start or the malibu SHOW start


    Principal looks like Donal Trump

  • Malachi Wright
    Malachi Wright 9 days ago

    Pretty good movie 🍿

  • Dimple Libutan
    Dimple Libutan 9 days ago

    Thx for sharing dude its a new movie

  • Jyoti Dhillon
    Jyoti Dhillon 9 days ago

    I love this movie

  • WavvyStation
    WavvyStation 10 days ago

    49:49 **Uranus running away** Teacher: *Miller stop trying to stab Uranus* lmao i can’t

  • Miranda Sombrerero
    Miranda Sombrerero 10 days ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue I didn’t get click baited And so did you! (2019)

  • Dariana Ahumada
    Dariana Ahumada 11 days ago

    I never knew that Rafe is griffin Gluck and he was the little kid on Just Got With It

  • jacinta mathenge
    jacinta mathenge 11 days ago

    Awesome movie

  • zariah herron
    zariah herron 11 days ago

    "' that we dont give a.....what rymes with suck? ...... nothing good"

  • Sharaine Acoba
    Sharaine Acoba 11 days ago

    What is the background music title????

  • GrassBlade
    GrassBlade 11 days ago

    i bet that protesting girl is vegan.

  • Iconic qwueen
    Iconic qwueen 11 days ago

    I accidentally pressed this movie and let’s just say I love it

  • Disney Fave
    Disney Fave 12 days ago

    Rafe and Leo:Breaking rules at school when no one's there Me:Doesn't the school have camera's

  • jimjam 's
    jimjam 's 12 days ago

    Why did this made me cry

  • jimjam 's
    jimjam 's 12 days ago

    Her little sister is so cute

  • Muhammad Ahmad
    Muhammad Ahmad 12 days ago


  • VND_ 9404
    VND_ 9404 13 days ago

    Thanks for your upload

  • Emily Sookram
    Emily Sookram 13 days ago

    When broke for Netflix... TVclip.... Is our life saver 😂...

  • XteamGaming
    XteamGaming 13 days ago

    Can someone bitch slap this man

  • Srijeeta Roy
    Srijeeta Roy 14 days ago

    That was the cutest kissing scene I've seen in a school movie. Will always remember you Rafe , Leo and Ginie ❤ also it would be great I we can get a sequel of this movie!!

  • Zaheel Zayi
    Zaheel Zayi 14 days ago

    now that's called a movie🙆🙆🙆❤

  • بو خارست
    بو خارست 14 days ago


  • Dumb Club
    Dumb Club 14 days ago

    Is Jinny CJ from 100 things to do before middle school?

  • Sabastine Jibunor
    Sabastine Jibunor 15 days ago

    Ha THE KARDASHIAN, was expecting Jules to be younger

  • AutoBot 6287
    AutoBot 6287 15 days ago

    Please no one report this

  • shaneil ellis
    shaneil ellis 15 days ago

    This movie is shitty and awful.

    • YouR local toaster
      YouR local toaster 7 days ago

      shaneil ellis personally I think your personality is, not the movie :))

  • Stephanie 2007
    Stephanie 2007 16 days ago

    *0.23* what song is this pls reply I wanna know

  • girija lokesh lokesh

    Ok.... I cried

  • Mohammed Abbas
    Mohammed Abbas 16 days ago

    I use to watch this movie and the song is so great and the movie

  • GilzDaFishy
    GilzDaFishy 16 days ago

    Who else has read the book?

  • Backyard Hockey
    Backyard Hockey 17 days ago

    In the book, the mom is an artist and works at a diner, so she named her two twins after artists. Leo - Leonardo, and Rafe - Rafael

  • Ecofun games
    Ecofun games 17 days ago

    I will kill that guy if i were that kid

  • Aliyah Cowan
    Aliyah Cowan 17 days ago

    Why is your problem mean

  • Padre Cat
    Padre Cat 17 days ago

    I finished reading the book.

  • Tahsin Ahmed
    Tahsin Ahmed 17 days ago

    One like = 1000000 slaps to the principal and carl

  • Liam Richards
    Liam Richards 17 days ago

    It’s so sad wen Leo levels for me

  • Standart Skill
    Standart Skill 17 days ago

    Very cool movie😉

    EXCELIC XD 17 days ago

    This was a great movie!! In my opinion better than the book tbh!!

  • Ms. Keisha
    Ms. Keisha 17 days ago

    this sucks compared to the book

  • Ggoo 44540
    Ggoo 44540 18 days ago

    what's the name of the song 30:50

  • Des Gaming
    Des Gaming 18 days ago

    I have Netflix and was gonna post this put everyone subscribe to him for doing this

  • Omega Army
    Omega Army 18 days ago

    The people who have heart like the principal disliked the video😂😂😂😂

  • Omega Army
    Omega Army 18 days ago

    I cried in the last 😢

  • Hirai Momo Peach Ring

    rafe looks like jack from tall girl.

  • ExePtioNaL psycho
    ExePtioNaL psycho 18 days ago

    Anyone having an idea of a best movie like this? So Plz tell me

  • Mewtwo TMCS21
    Mewtwo TMCS21 18 days ago

    Nice thing is we get to read comments

  • Calathea  Maureen
    Calathea Maureen 18 days ago

    Leo : What rhymes with suck? Me : Gluck Rafe : nothing good Let's just say I just had the best laugh in all of my high school life XD

    • Calathea  Maureen
      Calathea Maureen 17 days ago

      @go with the flowツ wait what? I didn't steal that. I came up with that unexpectedly.

    • go with the flowツ
      go with the flowツ 17 days ago

      I'll pretend you didn't steal that

  • Astrosynical
    Astrosynical 19 days ago

    This is kinda inaccurate to the book 1.Rafe gets caught in the book, but in the movie he doesn’t until the end. 2.In the book rafe does not draw, its Leo that draws 3. Inaccurate rules So basically a new plot line :/

  • Liliana Silverio
    Liliana Silverio 19 days ago

    I love this movie! :D

  • Maria Dambrosio
    Maria Dambrosio 20 days ago

    1:05:15 here I started to cry :)

  • I don't have name
    I don't have name 20 days ago

    My English teacher told me to watch this in English of course and... Waouw It's so awesome !

  • Jade Dacanay
    Jade Dacanay 20 days ago

    is this a movie

  • Sans and the cute dog

    23:02 Scan tron? I feel u too

  • Sila Ciftci
    Sila Ciftci 21 day ago

    The end was so emotional. Finally at the end I understand that his best friend was his brother and just he can see him.

  • mindstyle cyber
    mindstyle cyber 21 day ago


  • Sansriti Sharma
    Sansriti Sharma 21 day ago

    I had never heared of griffen till tallgirl on Netflix I am ashamed

  • Doge On Roblox
    Doge On Roblox 21 day ago

    FULL SCREEN!!!!??? subbing.

  • Titan Wolf
    Titan Wolf 21 day ago

    Best year of my life Cuz this movie is on TVclip. For free.

  • Chip
    Chip 21 day ago

    Here before the copyright strikes wtf

    • YB ALEJ
      YB ALEJ 18 days ago

      BRUH this was vid posted 7 months ago what is going on

  • Moomeow The cat
    Moomeow The cat 21 day ago

    Who else read the booook


    since when do moms take notebooks last time i checked it was electronics.