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  • Cole Chollet
    Cole Chollet 7 hours ago


  • Curating Indigeneity

    Does it pull away from your credit score by using the card for purchases like chase or other cards? I find that to be my issue is not having a problem paying but the take away from the score from use.

  • Branden Garrett Tolle

    Huweui got banned by US in trade for being able to hack into Apple devices. Trade off

  • Master Stacker
    Master Stacker 12 hours ago

    I left Apple for PC gaming but came back for Music Production. Use the right tool for the right job.

  • ColdSilentIce
    ColdSilentIce 13 hours ago

    Lighting cables are so easy to break

  • Txboy6
    Txboy6 14 hours ago

    Great video Rene very informative!!!!

  • Suzy Que
    Suzy Que 14 hours ago

    I have gone back to iphone after going back and fore from Samsung galaxy S6, iphone 6s, Samsung galaxy S9 plus, now iphone 11 pro max - no regrets whatsoever this phone is all singing all dancing! Apple dragged behind a bit between 7 to XS in my opinion, but this is finally an iphone i can get on board with!

  • Sadhana
    Sadhana 15 hours ago

    I loved the old SE because of its square iconic design and size, a iPhone 9 i would not touch with a stick!!! i dont need a home button!

  • maans le roux
    maans le roux 16 hours ago

    Here is my list 1. Laptop like keyboard and mouse support. A better magnetic attached keyboard with touchpad and keyboard like Surface products would be great 2. More external storage filesystem support especially NTFS. Many of us work and live and work in multi device offices and homes 3. External monitor output at destination monitor native resolution not the iPads e.g 4k 4. 100% support for Google Docs on browser for office productivity. Maybe with some money encouragment Microsoft and Google can also get their native Office apps closer to desktop functionality. As mentioned in video: 1. File browser def still needs some features 2. Def multi user support. Can't believe it still doesn't have it. Works so well on my Android devices Nice to have: 1. Second USBC port 2. Dual SIM. Most won't care but in Asia where you travel a lot between countries and data is super expensive getting local Sims as you go while still keeping your local SIM active is not a luxury it's mandatory 3. PIP TVclip 4. Bulk edit exif data of photos

  • Lemon Focus
    Lemon Focus 18 hours ago

    Apple is known for not helping to get your data back in case of hardware failure, so why should they care about your data in backups. I bet it is very hard or even impossible to find help with your "encrypted" backup from apple, in case you lost your acces to icloud.

  • C H
    C H 18 hours ago

    This journalistic report sure is refreshing from the usual Apple love songs featured here ;-)

  • Brian Robinson
    Brian Robinson 18 hours ago

    This is who I believe Apple is really marketing to with this new smaller iPhone. Companies that supply employees with iPhones. Companies don’t want to supply $1000 iPhones to employees when a $400 iPhone can get the job done. Apple will hit a home run with this new iPhone and I’d even bet it will outsell all other iPhones this year. The company I work for is still handing out iPhone 8’s to its 500+ field employees. There are tens of thousands of companies that supply iPhones to millions of employees.

  • Be The Beam
    Be The Beam 18 hours ago

    good content

  • Maestro Agnew
    Maestro Agnew 18 hours ago

    What's with trying too hard to sound hip with all of these pop-culture references and Millennial acronyms?

  • N O
    N O 19 hours ago

    because they can.

  • weed sweet
    weed sweet 19 hours ago

    I dont know how to thank this guy... This person is the only reason that i love iphone...and will buy at sometime in the future😅

  • Jon Padfield
    Jon Padfield 20 hours ago

    Thank you for the calm, well reasoned explanation of the real issues involved in the misleading story. I knew part of what you explained but there were a lot of holes in my understanding that you filled in for me. You used a phrase the other day in a video about "monetizing outrage" and there is WAY too much of that in the media today. BTW - I signed up for Curiosity Stream about 3 months ago using your promo code and I love their service!

  • NI Se
    NI Se 20 hours ago

    Wow I will be happy if 6G is here before 2030 with 7G you are very ambitious

  • Stefan from the verge Anti pc disposal squad

    This is the one thing that I give Apple respect for.

  • Th3L0st0ne
    Th3L0st0ne 21 hour ago

    What a great report! Rene, please keep doing what you do

  • Myo Thein Oo
    Myo Thein Oo 21 hour ago

    why terrorists always have an iPhone? why not Samsung or any other android devices? want to see how android world handle data request from US gov't

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith 21 hour ago

    You can buy iPhone at direct price from

  • ella ༄.*•.
    ella ༄.*•. 21 hour ago

    in conclusion: apple are running out of ideas

    • Carck
      Carck 20 hours ago

      I've been reading this for the past 25 years

  • Ash The Duke
    Ash The Duke 21 hour ago

    Am gonna get Android

  • Shred303
    Shred303 21 hour ago

    Go home Apple fanboy

  • Mike Lay
    Mike Lay 21 hour ago

    Lets just say .......nothing is 100 % secure except the sun for now until a supermassive black hole shows up

  • xcalibur1011
    xcalibur1011 21 hour ago

    i don,t worship or idolize any form of tech or their companies and the only way to send them a $talemate message in concerning customers buying their products is to close your wallet and pocketbook and tell them to lower their prices in selling their $martphones and it,s difficult for most people to afford a yearly upgrade to their insulting and ridiculous trade in eventually one day they might have bargain prices when their stores starts closing and all of those tech smiling shirt wearing apple employees might have to ask their bo$$ tim apple to help them find another job while he,s laughing all the way to the bank. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Alex Frideres
    Alex Frideres 21 hour ago

    You're like Lester crest from gta V without a criminal background

  • Emkei2010
    Emkei2010 22 hours ago

    Never trust any cloud backup.

  • Thamsanqa Mvayo
    Thamsanqa Mvayo 23 hours ago

    This is where I come to get properly informed instead of FUD that seem to litter every space of the internet. Rene you never disappoint, thank you.

  • theloniousMac
    theloniousMac 23 hours ago

    This is going to be good. Filtered through the Rene Ritchie Reality Distortion Field.

  • Barış Şenkal
    Barış Şenkal 23 hours ago

    Good segue :D

  • Cody Pettengill
    Cody Pettengill 23 hours ago

    And the sky’s opened and the sun shone down and it was good 😂😂😂😂😂

  • oso1248
    oso1248 Day ago

    Some people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

  • Dheel Adheel
    Dheel Adheel Day ago

    This is Rene at his best! calling bullshit on people spreading it.

    RMH RMH Day ago

    Rene, hope you’ll do a similar deep dive into the Bezos iPhone hack. A piece of malware that sits inside a simple video link, sent by WhatsApp, powerful enough to automatically transmit all his data on the phone to the bad guys? On an iPhone X? Scary as hell!

  • Lou Cipriano
    Lou Cipriano Day ago

    I would like to create a shortcut where it opens an app and then records the screen. I can find the app part but having difficulty finding the screen recording part.

  • NoMore Food
    NoMore Food Day ago

    My 200 dollar Samsung is almost as good as the apple iPhone 11 not the same price range but one thing you can't really compare a budget phone to a premium. Someone with a premium Samsung should be able to tell you which one is better.

  • Elliot Alderson

    Impassioned Security Ritchie is always my favorite D&D character lol. But I completely agree with your assessment in regards to granting the option of containerizing encryption for the different data types stored on the iCloud. I would definitely appreciate it for myself

  • Jason A.
    Jason A. Day ago

    Already knew this, but the convoluted misinformation that just descended onto the internet, made me rethink what I thought I knew and didn’t. As per the usual Rene to the rescue. I have now created a playlist that I will save videos like this one, for the times when someone asks difficult questions like this one. Bravo Rene, bravo.

  • Pertama Trading

    Apple - protecting your privacy while we snoop all your photos (on iCloud). 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • URS
    URS Day ago

    Technology is always prone to privacy risks, including Apple. Read on

  • Harwinder Singh RupaL

    2022- iPhone 8 size and iPhone 11 screen

  • whoismoses
    whoismoses Day ago

    I get Apple says they encrypt certain things so that even they can't access them, but you don't and cannot know that for sure. Telling everyone they are safe from Apple's eyes is possibly not true.

    • Rene Ritchie
      Rene Ritchie Day ago

      There’s a list on Apple,com of everything that Apple is locked out of.

  • It’s Kofi Baby

    I thought the iPhone se came out in 2017 not 2016

  • Stacey Alexandria

    Though I've decided to stop buying Apple products because of their propensity to lock down their hardware so it can't be repaired (two iPhone in the past 4 years that have had issues where I'd have to ship them off to Apple and be without my phone for a week, iMac where shops wanted to charge $400 to replace an SSD in a computer that Apple didn't want to touch because "vintage" buy another one...which I ended up doing because paying $400 to repair a decade old computer is insane). So yeah...for me, I've left Apple behind because I don't like how they are doing business. My next computer (after my 2018 mac mini dies) will be a custom build PC running Linux. I'm already running Linux on the Mac mini (with some hoops I had to jump through XD

  • Messy Marv
    Messy Marv Day ago

    I switched to Android for about a year.

  • IRavendon
    IRavendon Day ago

    Why not use both lmao

  • Sam Ry
    Sam Ry Day ago

    I seriously doubt a new ‘cheap’ iPhone will get the A13 chip

  • JSA1AZ
    JSA1AZ Day ago

    “iPads exist in some quantum cat box” Schrödinger would’ve loved that metaphor, That’s laugh out loud funny.

  • A J
    A J Day ago

    Rene should have at least twice the subs currently; what’s up with that?

  • Duudeman 411
    Duudeman 411 Day ago

    Also, that pause tho.

  • Duudeman 411
    Duudeman 411 Day ago

    God dammit Rene, you spoke it well and your very well spoken. To the point where it drives home the point when you speak it. Keep it up! The way your write your script/commentary is spectacular. It does not go un recognized!

  • Jeff Bommarito

    Must have option to end to end encrypt any and/or all data. Period. We must choose. Not Apple. And definitely not the government.

  • Hafid
    Hafid Day ago

    Apple is now like Huawei a danger for the nationale securety of other countrys🤔😉

  • Imteaz Osmani
    Imteaz Osmani Day ago

    Hey!! I like your review. But could you please tell me one thing? How will it perform under MS OFFICE and Excel usage?? Will it become slow? I would like buy it for my wife who is a graduate student. Will it be wise?? Plz, let me know.

    OM GOLAN Day ago

    This guy is Apple pro 🙄

  • Harumpf11
    Harumpf11 Day ago

    Reuters is completely right: Apple should have built the option to encrypt your icloud data for users who need it, like activists and journalists. If Apple declined to do that BECAUSE of the FBI, then this is concerning.

  • sirvapalot
    sirvapalot Day ago

    great vid im all in so glad to have youtube an amazing learning tool

  • Reinhold Everest

    Reviews have stated that they engineered the iPad Pro with no internal bracing, the only consideration was esthetics. Why is the 12.9" only 5.5 mm thick? There are descriptions of the device being a micro thin aluminum shell filled with electronics that are the only means of providing any resistance to bending-really?! My 12.9 shipped bent in the box BTW, which I promptly returned for a refund. Never bought another one, maybe never again, Apple has lost it's way. Apple knows they shipped these iPads with design problems, yet did it anyway, easier to deal with the fall-out by denial or having the Left media bury the issue for you.

  • Gabeski And Hutch

    The space between “and this” and “is vector” is like a black hole where time ceases to exist.

    • Richard Joseph
      Richard Joseph 15 hours ago

      Gabeski And Hutch pretty sure he got that idea from “How about this Vegeta?! - Super Saiyan...................................4” lol

  • sam guapo
    sam guapo Day ago

    As a new Apple user of a 2nd hand Macbook Air 2010, call me Evil Apple Cultist for good. :) I can see why Apple has a "cult".

  • Reinhold Everest

    Will they sell an iPad Pro that doesn't ship bent in the box?

  • Sigivahen sathivel

    Apple store has a better vetting system and that makes it safer for end user of IOS compared to rubbish Apps and security level risk of Google Play store..Even experience my self having a galaxy S7 edge and had been hack a few times... this gives a trust issue on biometric security on android

  • SauRoNZA
    SauRoNZA Day ago

    Like the new glasses Rene!

  • David Gerbino
    David Gerbino Day ago

    Thanks, Rene. This is an important story. Despite the facts in the article, it woke a lot of people up. I am an Android user and I assumed my backups were not encrypted either. Based on my quick research, I was wrong. App backups are encrypted and Google can't access them. Android automatically uses my phone password as the key. The bottom line is we are all screwed and need a transparent option to do end-to-end encryption with our own keys. Bonus for me from reading the comments is I now know how to fix my daughter's iCloud backup issues. The commenters here are the best!

  • safesolvent
    safesolvent Day ago

    Great thumbnail :) and my fav grade you’re done yet. 👌🏻👏🏻

  • Hannon
    Hannon Day ago

    A nice feature length dedicated video on this subject was compulsory. Definitely a concerning matter, let’s see how this unfolds.

  • planecrazy2
    planecrazy2 Day ago

    I've been confused by this topic for years. Thanks for the education!

  • Igor Ru
    Igor Ru Day ago

    Some Android users like to say "iPhones are expensive, you get more with Samsung," my mom bought a Samsung phone from Verizon and now I could see why they're able to make it cheaper. I literally sat there for 15 minutes and was removing 2 and half pages of bloatware from it, and more than 60% of it is built in. Fuck you Samsung. No matter how bad I would hate Apple, at the end they're still fucking awesome and I don't how I would live without it.

  • Moe Ceesay
    Moe Ceesay Day ago

    I love how you explain subject matters and bring relevant proof, to show the real story instead of using headlines for clicks

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Day ago

    Very informative review! Did you also try the Hermes Apple Watch 5? How does the regular Apple Watch compare to the Hermes?

  • Honey Flower
    Honey Flower Day ago

    Apple is not secure. I got someone taking money out of my bank account by hacking my Apple phone. The bank could see it was unauthorized and give it back but could not trace the hacker to their where abouts. I broke that phone in half and threw it away. I will never buy Apple again.

  • John E
    John E Day ago

    So basically if you back your phone up to iCloud like most everyone, you have zero protection against the the govt getting access to your data. Thanks Apple. On device encryption is pointless if the backup isn’t encrypted.

    • John E
      John E Day ago

      RamsesBic dude please, the truth is most people use iCloud. Most people use iCloud not knowing it’s not dual encrypted. Apple is supposed to be different.

    • RamsesBic
      RamsesBic Day ago

      You have encrypted backups on any Mac in iTunes, or the Finder in Catalina. Nobody forces anyone to use iCloud.

  • Felipe Dzib
    Felipe Dzib Day ago

    And once again people are still learning that Apple is not about privacy AT ALL. As i said on earlier videos about selling the "privacy" on Apple. NO COMPANY IS ABOUT PRIVACY. And if you think about it, Google is better about it. They are open about their kind of business. But Apple lies to the customers and only accepts the truth until someone shows it to people. So yeah. welcome to the REAL WORLD. Where there is no PRIVACY FOCUSED COMPANY.

    • The Compiler
      The Compiler 19 hours ago

      @Kabocha Hito Google Drive Android backups are end-to-end encrypted and always were, so yes. They are.

    • Kabocha Hito
      Kabocha Hito 21 hour ago

      Felipe Dzib Google is better about it? No. lmao

  • Dull Bananas
    Dull Bananas Day ago

    its fbi fault

  • Parichay
    Parichay Day ago

    Thats everything minchiquo leaked..what is wrong then? just putting it on a presentation stage😞 I am buying this one...makes most sense! and i want a small phone

  • BJ Maldonado
    BJ Maldonado Day ago

    LOOOL. Spit vs Spite was great.

  • Kythlo
    Kythlo Day ago

    Videos like this are why you’re my favourite tech TVclipr. Thank you for taking on this important topic so always.

  • Glen Allan
    Glen Allan Day ago

    I’d really like to see iMore develop a rich following where the comment section is as heated as AppleInsider. Articles like this really are great, deep dives, and honest with a perspective not seen many places. I’d not like to compare you to DED from AI (because it’s not compatible), but the kind of reasoned breakdowns and the feedback from the community is great. If you guys can encourage people to engage at iMore i think you’l find a lot more people coming to the site. You are a gem Rene, and fostering this kind of engagement would go far to building the platform. We all know TVclip is garbage for this.

  • Ari R
    Ari R Day ago

    By the way, why isn’t your channel called Vector?

  • NYRfan4ever
    NYRfan4ever Day ago

    Great video! This is why I am so careful with what I store on my mobile devices and what I give apps access to. Still I think iOS is more secure than Android but thats just my opinion and experience.

  • Tommy Scott
    Tommy Scott Day ago

    So the entire video revolves around the point that the reports are fake because 1. Tim said it’s working on it so it must be true and so the reports are fake 2. Apple is a consumer tech company so it must care about consumers’ interest and not FBI so the reports are fake Ok yeah. Did you forget iCloud in China is run on a state controlled data center? Why don’t you think the same would happen in the US?

    • Tommy Scott
      Tommy Scott Day ago

      Tech4now I’ll just back up to my Mac at this point

    • Tech4now
      Tech4now Day ago

      Tommy Scott time to switch to Mega had the same issues and refused to comply with US gov so they move their servers to New Zealand

    • Tommy Scott
      Tommy Scott Day ago

      Tech4now And both Apple and FBI declined to comment 🙃

    • Tech4now
      Tech4now Day ago

      Exactly. And this is not fake news. Reuters don’t have to disclose their sources in the article. Until apple says otherwise this is true because there isn’t an option to encrypt your icloud data. The excuse that users might lose data when they “forget” access code is lame. Let ppl chose to encrypt or not to. The real reason then become to leave a backdoor for unauthorized access in the case of a gov subpoena. If suspect has a lock save in his house or anywhere without a key it’s the obligation of the law to figure out it’s way into said save. But not tell save makers to leave a cheat code for law access.

  • dsilber4
    dsilber4 Day ago

    Rene, You are amazing in how well you go to the root of this issue. Turn around and present in such a straightforward and understandable way. Thank you

  • Christopher Smith

    My goodness, these sources suck. At 15:02 we (meaning Reuters) are quoting a former Apple employee who was "told" by something by some unknown person. What absolutely reckless, garbage reporting.

  • Christopher Smith

    Wait, I don't get the leap from (at 10:20 of the video) Apple telling the FBI that it planned to offer users end to end encryption for iCloud backups to Apple INVOLVING the FBI in its decision to allow such encryption. Rene, how did you make that correlation? Can't it merely mean something like, 'There's going to be a time in the not distant future where we won't have access to iCloud backup info to share with you, so you need to plan accordingly.' I don't get how this is an issue at all. What am I missing?

    • RamsesBic
      RamsesBic Day ago

      So Apple calls the FBI: "Look we are thinking of encrypting everything." FBI: "No don't." Apple: "OK." That would NEVER happen! It is more like this... FBI calls Apple: "Hey, a little bird told us that you are planning on encrypting everything. Don't!" Apple: "We never give out any information on future products." Click.

  • Ben Evans
    Ben Evans Day ago

    I have the Apple Watch series 5 and I love it, I went from the series 2 to the series 5 and I’m so glad I did.

  • Kwarkool
    Kwarkool Day ago

    Always informative and rational content. I think a one of the secret ingredient why I enjoy Rene‘s videos so much is because there isn’t a break for Google’s advertising.

  • P-Can
    P-Can Day ago

    Some apps say iPad. It’s up to developers not iOS. Face has different on iPad and iPhone

  • GaryR55
    GaryR55 Day ago

    The ability to EXPORT photos, all at once, from the iPad to....whatever is the biggest stumbling block. PLEASE, we need this! I am so tired of having to copy my finished photos from the iPad (2018 9.7") to my PC via Dropbox - one image at a time, and then having to still delete them from the iPad afterward!

  • J Johnson
    J Johnson Day ago

    Fiefdom is pronounced "feef-dum".

  • Oliver Fasola
    Oliver Fasola Day ago

    This is why I’m backed up and encrypted in iTunes

  • steve9348
    steve9348 Day ago

    If it passes and they loose encryption - there gonna loose a lot a lot of customers

  • Olando Anônimo

    Great video bro bro.

  • error code
    error code Day ago

    Then why users are not locking themselves out of their physical phones, despite having to enter password regularly? You are completely lacking any logic, how is a backup any different? I will go a step further to insist that even “security questions” are there exactly for fbi or other agency.

    • error code
      error code Day ago

      @RamsesBic See, lecturing about trivial matters is part of "security" brainwash for masses. It's not yours, nor Apple's business how I choose my passwords, how often I change them or how much I trust biometric ID to replace the password. Apple's business is to make sure that I as a basic user have *consciously* make those decisions, knowing the consequences of my decisions. If on the other hand Apple make decisions for me, like requesting password every 3 days to re-activate face ID, or to set up stupid unnecessary "security questions", this is not done not to protect me but to push their agenda. Is it done out of stupidity or to please fbi, is not that important.

    • RamsesBic
      RamsesBic Day ago

      @error code Never ever reuse a password. Short passwords can easily be cracked. 4-digit ones take seconds, 6-digit ones take a few days and an alphanumeric 8-character one can take years. Anything you value should have a password longer than 20 characters. Those should be random. That is why password managers are so good. Having a long password to open your phone would make the process unbearable. So, encrypt anything you wish to keep for yourself and accept that maybe the authorities can get into your phone - as long as you know they will not find anything once they do...if that is something you worry about.

    • error code
      error code Day ago

      @RamsesBic Not true. What prevents you from using the same short password for the backup? If FBI will unlock your phone, they will not need your backup anyway. With a really simple arrangement, you could even delegate Apple to keep your password (and agree it will be disclosed to FBI if required). But no, Apple instead forces you to have a secondary password and "accidentally" calls it "security questions" and suggest you tell them what the name of your first teaches was. With the only purpose so that FBI or other party can get easier access to your data if needed, there is no other use for "security questions".

    • RamsesBic
      RamsesBic Day ago

      There is a big difference between a short code to open the phone and a looong one to encrypt all your data. If all used password managers it would be a lesser problem, but too many don't.

  • orgaloth76
    orgaloth76 Day ago

    I work for a Telco, and the majority of my job is helping customers set up their new phones (I'm an in-store tech). So many of them say that they have iCloud backups, but those back ups are usually several years old, as they weren't aware that they Only get 5GB storage. They are always surprised, and don't want to pay the $1.50 a month for the extra data. And when i tell them the only way they can back their stuff up is to turn off Photo back-up, they have a fit. Where I work is a lower socioeconomic area, and so do get some of the seedier elements, and to be honest, they aren't the brightest bulbs and never back anything up (the majority think that everything saves onto the SIM card).

  • motherfuckerjones

    Can you also make a shorter video summary, i wanna know your thoughts, but not for twenty minutes haha sorry

  • sam X
    sam X Day ago

    SE Pro

  • franklingoodwin

    Who would have thought ICloud was the least secure of the bigger cloud storage platforms below Onedrive and Google Drive? I could never trust ICloud with any sensitive data. I'll stick with pCloud and Mega

  • Sergusy
    Sergusy Day ago

    Hey! Rene. You know, the only thing I don’t like in Apple, specifically in iPhones, it is sticking out camera. That’s it.