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Top 10 Saddest K-Dramas
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  • julisa estrada
    julisa estrada 56 seconds ago

    I prefer the song from descendants which is poor unfortunate souls

  • Annika Deshmukh
    Annika Deshmukh Minute ago

    You need to do another one of these

  • Gigatony
    Gigatony 2 minutes ago

    Defeated monsters in purgatory just re-spawn somewhere else in the realm.

  • Naforbe
    Naforbe 2 minutes ago

    Aw the grinch song is awesome.

  • There 4 You
    There 4 You 2 minutes ago

    It's our house now.

  • Anne Kessler
    Anne Kessler 3 minutes ago

    Dr. filicter Hades jafar

  • AdA OwO
    AdA OwO 3 minutes ago

    polska: czy tylko dla mnie Nina West nie umie chodzić na szpilkach?

  • Summer O'Neal
    Summer O'Neal 3 minutes ago

    Didn't you do this list before?

  • SaraSwan27
    SaraSwan27 6 minutes ago

    1. Raja (I MEAN 💔) 2. Manila Luzon (I MEAN X22222) 3. Raven (... i meaaaaaan ü....) 4. Adore 💙 And then Bianca, Pearl, Milk, Naomi Smalls, Tatianna, Valentina, Sharon (her chin dimple 💔), Chi Chi, April...

  • Kivi Gopa
    Kivi Gopa 6 minutes ago

    Spencer was always the best character on pll, except when she got bangs....

  • DisneyVillains Fan16
    DisneyVillains Fan16 7 minutes ago

    "Buttons For Eyes" should be enough to tell you how Scary Coraline is.

  • Summer Williamson
    Summer Williamson 8 minutes ago

    Your officialy wrong victorious is right icarly sucks and cast of victorious are way better actors this should have been different icarly isnt as good

  • Al's Variety
    Al's Variety 9 minutes ago

    I only know 6 out of 10 (along with one of the honorable mentions that SHOULD have been on the list).

  • DisneyVillains Fan16
    DisneyVillains Fan16 11 minutes ago

    They shortened Be Prepared in the Live Action Lion King remake. *THEY SHORTENED BE PREPARED IN THE LIVE ACTION LION KING REMAKE!!!!* HOW DARE THEY?!?!?! Edit: ok, I never watched The Lion King remake, but between That short version of Be Prepared and the lack of animal face expressions, I don't think I have a reason to watch it.

  • darthstarkiller1912
    darthstarkiller1912 11 minutes ago

    "Beauty and the Beast" is better than "The Lion King".

  • CrashingSpyro93
    CrashingSpyro93 11 minutes ago

    Opie's death from Sons of Anarchy is at the top of my list

  • Martyn McMurray
    Martyn McMurray 12 minutes ago

    Just because it's -not- "Disney Week", doesn't you you have to bombard us with a video where almost every entry is made by DISNEY. Make a NON-Disney version.

  • Tiffany Greene
    Tiffany Greene 12 minutes ago

    The Fairy Godmother on Shrek 2 is a good one too

  • Madeline Brooks
    Madeline Brooks 13 minutes ago

    Are we just gonna act like Preminger’s How Can I Refuse from Princess and the Pauper wasn’t an absolute bop?

  • Simi Thakuria
    Simi Thakuria 14 minutes ago

    Jihu 😛jandi

  • prune boi
    prune boi 14 minutes ago

    I need a hero should have been on here

  • Dragnel0 GenerationX
    Dragnel0 GenerationX 14 minutes ago

    I feel like the boggie song should of been in the top ten

  • Procrastination Queen
    Procrastination Queen 15 minutes ago

    Welp, I love her. She was realistic in almost everything she did, and I’m very much convinced, that the reason people hate her as much as they do, is because she reminds them of themselves. She is a personification of all the shitty things we do in our lives, and the things we least love about ourselves, and that is honestly one of the reasons I love her character so much. And she’s not actually bad all the way through. She also has good sides to her, just like an actual human being.

  • Josie Martinson
    Josie Martinson 15 minutes ago

    Be prepared

  • Zoe Choi
    Zoe Choi 15 minutes ago

    It’s hard to find something not ridiculous

  • darthstarkiller1912
    darthstarkiller1912 16 minutes ago

    "Hellfire" should've been #1. I am disappointed.

  • Jack Penn
    Jack Penn 17 minutes ago

    Why no "Superstar" from Rio.

  • Waheed Abdullah
    Waheed Abdullah 18 minutes ago

    I wish Jafar's version of Prince Ali song was in the live action Aladdin movie

  • malisha muirhead
    malisha muirhead 18 minutes ago

    I'm a Sagittarius Dec 1 💖 Is my twin out there sumwhere

  • maya papaya
    maya papaya 18 minutes ago

    you don’t have to be afraid to put your dream in action

  • LedTha Neko
    LedTha Neko 19 minutes ago

    Video : Posted 14 mins ago Video : 16 mins long Some douche : dislike

  • don't ask don't pastel
    don't ask don't pastel 20 minutes ago

    I watched this movie when I was 7, no one warned me

  • Nicholas Caruso
    Nicholas Caruso 20 minutes ago

    I loved korra but aang series was way better overall. plus as much as i loved the finale, her turning bisexual out of nowhere with literal no build up or logic behind it, i was kinda dissapointed the directors just decided to force her sexuality to change. Like..i'm sorry but forcing it isn't good lol Other then that one thing i really don't have any issues with the series, avatar or korra lol

  • Breezy
    Breezy 21 minute ago

    Before I even watch Poor Unfortunate Souls better be number one. LOL

    GIORDANO LUCENTI 21 minute ago

    Strange but true, Disney Villans overshadowed The Joker.

  • Al's Variety
    Al's Variety 21 minute ago

    Congratulations on 3 million subscribers!!!!

  • brentongr
    brentongr 21 minute ago

    My favourite isn't included in the list. It's To Ratigan, from The Great Mouse Detective, sung by Vincent Price.

  • Liyana Sobhi
    Liyana Sobhi 22 minutes ago

    I see Amy Santiago, I click

    GIORDANO LUCENTI 23 minutes ago

    "A hero is a hero, but everyone LOVES a great villan". - Ferb Flether

  • Count Sapphire
    Count Sapphire 24 minutes ago

    Congratulations on achieving 3M subscribers by the way.

  • Orion
    Orion 24 minutes ago

    This video is a disgrace because it doesn’t have Spinel’s song

  • Count Sapphire
    Count Sapphire 25 minutes ago

    The villains should have their musical competition. Who would win considering the villains themselves would perform and judge?

  • DERRELL 8500
    DERRELL 8500 25 minutes ago

    WTF?!!! Where is Other Friends?!

  • Highlander319
    Highlander319 26 minutes ago

    I love these videos !

  • Mikala Mathews
    Mikala Mathews 27 minutes ago

    Ultimate favorite is Be Prepared

  • Samantha Reto
    Samantha Reto 27 minutes ago


  • Orion
    Orion 27 minutes ago

    My favorite villain is fuckin SPINEL

  • Tina Holten
    Tina Holten 27 minutes ago

    Yes! In The Dark of the Night has always been my favorite villain song!!

  • Jonathan D'Haiti
    Jonathan D'Haiti 28 minutes ago

    13:57 This had to be a cartoon because how did her cape not catch on fire? 🔥🤔

  • Director of SHIELD
    Director of SHIELD 28 minutes ago

    Scar and his Be Prepared. That's my NO. 1

  • Orion
    Orion 28 minutes ago

    What the actual hell why wasn’t Other Friends on here

  • Yannick
    Yannick 29 minutes ago

    If this list would also count famous songs sang by villains, then the 'Holding Out For A Hero' from the Fairy godmother in Shrek 2 should have been number 1.

  • Hayesdoesthings
    Hayesdoesthings 29 minutes ago

    *Be prepared will always be my number 1 unless something manages to change my mind.*

  • Max Meidl
    Max Meidl 29 minutes ago

    #9 I put as my #1, considering that movie is about to turn a decade in about a few days

  • Static Sarah123
    Static Sarah123 29 minutes ago

    I 💙💙 the prince ofEgypt is such a good movie pity it’s an underrated movie!!

  • Raghu Seetharaman
    Raghu Seetharaman 30 minutes ago

    Be prepared from The Lion King. Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Cruella DeVille song sung by Roger was perfect.

  • Selma K
    Selma K 30 minutes ago

    My fave is Allison in sharkboy and lavagirl and Mona in bratz!! It’s childhood memories!

  • Sofi Montero
    Sofi Montero 31 minute ago

    I love Disney’s Villains!❤️

  • Patrick Byrne
    Patrick Byrne 31 minute ago


  • Chase Hedges
    Chase Hedges 31 minute ago

    Best Villains: Jafar Hades Scar Ursula Cruella De Vil

  • The British Ghost
    The British Ghost 32 minutes ago


  • Keita Sofija
    Keita Sofija 33 minutes ago


  • Holly Ludlow
    Holly Ludlow 33 minutes ago


  • Deshawn Edwards
    Deshawn Edwards 33 minutes ago

    MsMojo Top 10 BEST Steven Universe Songs.

  • Leticia Raabe english speakers

    Slytherin 🐍🐍🐍😁

  • Luis Ramirez
    Luis Ramirez 35 minutes ago

    What about Te Fiti

  • Kalyn Jones
    Kalyn Jones 42 minutes ago

    Beiste’s transition made no sense. I mean isn’t it said several times that she want to be treated like a girl and even thanks mr. shue for being the first person too.

  • Blue Nam
    Blue Nam 42 minutes ago

    I can't bear the fact not a single Bionic song appeared

  • Hannah Gail
    Hannah Gail 45 minutes ago

    You see,if you watched FRIENDS thoroughly,there wouldn't be any question! Did that sounds like Chandler?

  • Liz Harper
    Liz Harper 46 minutes ago

    Good list. But where is... Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Justin Timberlake, Brendon Urie and Evan Peters?

  • Jordan Ann
    Jordan Ann 48 minutes ago

    Lol Rebecca black is not a mega star 😂

  • Leticia Raabe english speakers

    Ferb Fletcher and Spencer Hastings

  • RyanWake bradtelle
    RyanWake bradtelle 52 minutes ago

    Sam and Dean's age don't affect witchfest Playard it's their lineage, did you forget that their dad was also Michael's Vestal.

  • RedLips Menroe
    RedLips Menroe 54 minutes ago

    I love Post Malone!

  • Serena Day
    Serena Day 57 minutes ago

    Would My Girl count?

  • bonny roy
    bonny roy 58 minutes ago

    Where is Elijah wood and Daniel Radcliffe ???? Elijah wood is always mistaken for the harry potter

  • BudSmoker2 2
    BudSmoker2 2 Hour ago

    This Lady's voice is ANNOYING

  • Zion Zix
    Zion Zix Hour ago

    Jensen Ackles

  • zaniah sims
    zaniah sims Hour ago

    this show is one of the best sitcoms of all time

  • Jose Soriano
    Jose Soriano Hour ago

    My favorite is "RACHAAAAAEEELLL!!"

  • jacob drolet
    jacob drolet Hour ago

    I like governor ratcliffe from Pocahontas and Shan yu from mulan fantastic job on the video ms mojo

  • Julia Rose
    Julia Rose Hour ago

    The Little Mermaid should be number 1!

  • Victor Ramo
    Victor Ramo Hour ago

    Reflections is still stuck to me, and kinda biased towards Mulan 😁

  • Angela Garibay
    Angela Garibay Hour ago

    Kate you are beautiful and so elegant and classy! You will be a lovely Queen and we love you!!😘

  • NN The .
    NN The . Hour ago

    I don't know why I think frollo will be in this list.

  • LærkeOP Gaming
    LærkeOP Gaming Hour ago

    That moment when you lowkey wanna be a gay man but you are a woman I mean come on look at Bianca/Roy

  • Liam Sands
    Liam Sands Hour ago

    Ok but I wanna see where my favourite character, Mr Tipton, is now

  • shwin yew
    shwin yew Hour ago

    Y'all should get Eugene from Buzzfeed to do this 😂

  • carlos Regadío
    carlos Regadío Hour ago

    Se inicia en la Argentina la etapa revolucionaria, van a reestrenar Hello Dolly, una apología de la felicidad imperialista. Todo canciones, bailes, festividad completa. Muy apta para la Argentina actual.

  • Traicia British
    Traicia British Hour ago

    Chrissy Teigan is the best part of the whole video 😂😂😂😂

  • buzzerbeater37
    buzzerbeater37 Hour ago

    Sophia Bush is so fucking sexy. I'm in love.

  • LiveFree&LoveForever

    #2 should’ve been called “no capes!”

  • Talles Moura
    Talles Moura Hour ago

    Whos the guy that cames before Victoria

  • Ryan Gilchrist
    Ryan Gilchrist Hour ago

    Bring back James Woods for hades, and Dany DeVito to replay Phil for live action hades and basically the rest of the movie doesn't matter.

  • Israel Aphonso
    Israel Aphonso Hour ago

    5 feet apart is such an amazing movie tho

  • Meki Thomas
    Meki Thomas Hour ago

    Well clearly I'm a Pisces no doubt

  • JL
    JL Hour ago

    Maybe Logan rented you fools

  • cissV
    cissV Hour ago

    As much as I love Madonna I must say that Pink is the best female performer ever, and of course way better than Beyoncé

  • JL
    JL Hour ago

    So many inaccuracies here. There are plot holes in your plot holes.