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  • Takaya in Action
    Takaya in Action Month ago

    Super channel, I subscribed do subscribe mine.

  • BillyB123 n
    BillyB123 n 2 months ago

    hey... you should do a theory on infinity war ;)

  • Rahx3phon1
    Rahx3phon1 2 months ago

    Just on the off chance this gets seen, i was wondering if you could confirm that in the dark knight rises after bane breaks batmans back that it would actually heal in time for him to waste time letting the bomb explode near NY.......

  • Darcy Kelso
    Darcy Kelso 2 months ago

    Something I would like to know - what is the lore of 'Tomorrow When the War Began'? Which country made the stupid descision of trying to invade a nation that is extre

  • roiking2740
    roiking2740 2 months ago

    are you ever gonna talk about whether total recall movie is a dream or reality?

  • BlueMellowBlake11530
    BlueMellowBlake11530 2 months ago

    Save net neutrality!

  • DragonFlames72
    DragonFlames72 2 months ago

    Can you do a theory over what Llamas with Hats is about, like the actual meaning behind it is and what is the Paul Mask is???

  • Jason Chaos
    Jason Chaos 2 months ago

    hey matpat is it possible that you can make a theory about how strong Jason Voorhees is this is a family friendly show but can you maybe reply to me p.s. your awesome

  • Maggot Mush
    Maggot Mush 2 months ago

    I'm going to die if you don't make a theory on A Series Of Unfortunate Events.

  • Rimito R
    Rimito R 2 months ago

    What about a theory on Stewie Griffin's IQ from family guy?

  • Itz Bhamjee
    Itz Bhamjee 2 months ago

    @The Film Theorists do a video about gokus ultra instinct form for example if its possible


    dear matpat, you are right Ray is Han and Leia's daughter, I found a star wars novel at a thrift store and it is set five years after Return of The Jedi and it says that Han and Leia are expecting jedi twins


    I have a book that proves that ray is han and leia's daughter. the book is a star wars novel set five years after return of the jedi. the book says that han and leia are expecting jedi twins

  • Joseph Hall
    Joseph Hall 2 months ago

    hey matpat could you check out this don't hug me i'm scared

  • Diamond Campbell
    Diamond Campbell 2 months ago

    Don't know how often these get looked at, but Mat you should look into this. The Amazing World of Gumball just had an episode directed by the creators of Dont Hug Me Im Scared...and man is it wicked. Just thought I would drop it here in hopes that maybe it starts a whole new theory!

  • Gracie Bishop
    Gracie Bishop 2 months ago

    I need you to do a theory on the last airbender. I think the fire nation would have lost the war almost immediately, they would have been over powered, it just does't add up.

  • Undertale Sam
    Undertale Sam 2 months ago

    hi me

  • Sam J Reed
    Sam J Reed 2 months ago

    Yo, I've found myself a theory that claims that Anna (from Frozen) has superhuman strength. Soo, I was wondering how that fits into your "Elsa/Rapunzel Sister Theory.

  • Mason Jennings
    Mason Jennings 2 months ago

    since its officially the Christmas season can yall do a theory on the polar express? there's plenty of info given throughout the movie like time, location ect. i'm like 90% sure the legitimacy of the train itself is insane aside from the fact that it's a magic train

  • 3DManatee
    3DManatee 2 months ago

    Do a theory of how long Groundhog's Day took.

  • Random Games For Now
    Random Games For Now 2 months ago

    May I use one of your videos relating to science for my report? I think it might be copyright to do so, but I really want to use it because reasons........ Might get cancelled, though, but I would appreciate a reply.... Thanks!

  • VicToria Cheney
    VicToria Cheney 2 months ago

    Hey, MatPat, could you do a film theory on Polar Express? I think there's a lot of material that could make a really cool theory, I just don't have the talent/ability/resources that it deserves. There are a lot of unanswered questions (I think) and it would be really cool to watch a Film Theory episode on it! :)

  • Adrian Frederick Adam Corpuz Dayao

    Matpat! I came up with a theory concerning the Joker of the DCEU, but since the rumors of a solo Joker film came out a few weeks ago, I believe I'm not the first that came up with this. My theory is that since the solo Joker film is to be set on an older setting and to be casted with a different actor (Leonardo Di Caprio), I believe that the Joker of the current time (Jared Leto) is none other than Batman's previous Robin. I know, stay with me. We all know that the Batman of today is an older and more gritty version of himself, probably a few years time before his age on Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, yet the current Joker (Leto) seems to be in his early 30's or at least late 20's. Why is that? Probably, because he isn't the first Joker to have tormented Batman. But where is the older Joker, you ask? Well, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, came out a year ago, and we all saw what kind of Batman Affleck turned out to be. That being said, I believe that Batman had killed the old Joker--the original Joker. But if he killed the original Joker? Why is the current Joker still alive? That is because, I believe Batman just couldn't. Just like with the comics, these Robins, since entering his mentorship, became part of his Family. If that is so, how did the previous robin become the Joker? Well in the DC Batman arc, there is this thing called A Death in the Family. A comic where they showed Jason Todd, a Dick Grayson Robin replacement, kidnapped and tortured by Joker and eventually killed. Okay, so what does that have to do with anything? Well, if you are a fan of the bat-family, then you know that it means a lot, because in the story arc Under the Hood, he was raised from the dead by none-other than Ra's Al Ghul (but actually was already out and about because of the Superboy-Prime fiasco, but that's besides the point). Upon returning from the dead, he kidnaps the joker as the Red Hood (Joker's alleged previous persona) to lure Batman into confronting him. Why, you ask? See, if you get back from the dead and knowing that your killer is still out spreading chaos and the only one who could've had avenged your death is your mentor, wouldn't you be mad? To add to that, you've also been replaced with another Robin (Tim Drake). To quickly sum it all up. I believe in an older setting in the DCEU, Joker kidnaps Jason Todd and eventually kills him. Todd then eventually returns back from the dead seeing Joker still alive. This then breaks him, he kidnaps the Joker as the another version of the Joker (Leto), to lure Batman. Leto Joker confronts Batman, and being close with him, eventually guilty-ing Batman to break his only rule in order for him (Batman) to rescue Todd from his inner conflict. But alas, it was too late for Todd. At least, that's just my theory. My Film Theory.

  • Dark Flames34
    Dark Flames34 2 months ago

    Hey MatPat can you do a theory on Home Alone. if you do would you PLEASE explain how Harry and Marv don't DIE as they are going through Kevin's trap house? Thanks

  • Cloud
    Cloud 2 months ago

    I would really really like it if you made a theory on Steven Universe!! Like how tall the Diamonds actually are, where Homeworld is in space, how fast the Roaming Eyes are, a correct timeline on the Gem War, and who shattered Pink Diamond, maybe??

  • seth pokemon10pikachu
    seth pokemon10pikachu 2 months ago

    could yo do a theory about the atom destroyer wii remote thing in space chimps 2 plz

  • MidnightAngel
    MidnightAngel 2 months ago

    +The Film Theorists I have a challenge for you, I'm writing a book series and after re-watching some of you're videos over and over again I have put together some kind of scientific reasoning behind the characters in: their 'healing factor' and their 'long life'. I am currently working on how they 'fly'. I was wondering if you could see if this is ok and plausible or if I have created a monster set of species. If you need any more information on these species' I will gladly give them. It's fine if you don't want to or can't it's just a suggestion that I would probably cry at if you did it. Here is the extract and thanks so much id you do do it, it would mean A LOT as you're channel has helped me more than you may think in science and maths. *An unknown's healing factor links into their ability of long life. Their genetics are structured similar to that of a human which gives them the outer appearance of a human. (A generate is excluded from this explanation due to them being 'reborn' in a human newborn, for more on this read the next chapter on generates) However, the telomeres on the end of a unknown's chromosomes is structured differently. An unknown's telomeres due to an add on on their genetic trait towards healing allow a more resistant layer to be added and more so an almost in-penetrable layer, this layer is called the anti-hay-flick layer. Another reason for this being so effective is another genetic trait known as the mitosis skipper. This trait is only found in unknowns however generates are excluded from this trait due to their unchangeable human traits. The trait is active during mitosis, when a cell divides the telomeres on the end of each chromosome reduce in size over time which means that the chromosome is now more vulnerable to damage and gets closer to it's hay-flick limit. During mitosis an identical copy of the dividing cell is made which means that if the telomeres are damaged in the dividing cell then the identical copy will also have the same damage on their telomeres; however, this trait allows an identical copy of the dividing cell to be made but reconstructs the telomeres in the process. Because unknowns are different from humans the way they age is different. Unfortunately, not even the most experienced scientists of any and all species can explain in full how they age, only half theories have been made but some things just can't be explained. Due to these traits unknowns are incredibly hard to kill or even injure, this makes them highly dangerous, hence their absence from human interactions as much as possible.*

  • Sonic And The Mario Show // SATMS

    plz do marble hornets plz

  • Kettlecorn
    Kettlecorn 2 months ago

    You should do a film theory on Coraline! I'd love to see how you explain / find the 'truth' about it since its so vague about things!

  • Odin is balanced
    Odin is balanced 2 months ago

    Do a film theory about the recently released movie: "escape room" the story is so vague and unsatisfying I just need answers to some questions...

  • Katta Cox
    Katta Cox 2 months ago

    MatPat plz do another theory on harry potter

  • Star Striker
    Star Striker 2 months ago


  • Carmar Cool
    Carmar Cool 2 months ago

    Please do a DC Justice League theory. I'm in a superhero mood!!!

  • Keyotea Mendelbar
    Keyotea Mendelbar 2 months ago

    I have one for you. In One Punch Man, Caped Baldy claims that he trained so hard that he went bald. Is that possible? I mean I saw some bald martial artists but, the ones I met said that they shave their heads.

  • Hadley Gillett
    Hadley Gillett 2 months ago

    hi matpat will you plz plz PLZ ! do a theroy on the new disney movie Coco

  • Adri Ink
    Adri Ink 2 months ago

    Could you do a theory on Khonjin House's finale? I don't understand it very well and I think it would be really cool to have all of it explained!!

  • Tide Detergent
    Tide Detergent 2 months ago

    make a theory about Yugioh

  • Matt Evans
    Matt Evans 2 months ago

    hey assholes, what happened to frame by frame, seriously put them back up or you have lost a subscriber

  • Chloe Greene
    Chloe Greene 2 months ago


  • joshua barton
    joshua barton 2 months ago

    I may have found out who Captain Phasma was before the First Order. Recent evidence that I have found is she was an Imperial Death Trooper. My evidence can be heard in the Force Awakens film at the village scene and in Star Wars Rebels clip titled and hyperlink Death Troopers Speaking English in Rebels | Star Wars Clips; all you need to do is listen CAREFULLY.

  • Goldfish Dragon
    Goldfish Dragon 2 months ago

    Yo, Mat-er Pat-ers! I was wondering if you knew the old Teen Titans T.V. show that used to air. Well, on the show there are several villains that the super hero group "teen Titans" has to fight. However, the main villain by the name of "Slade" is a rather mysterious one. He always wears a mask and we never see his real face! So, your mission if you choose to accept it, is to find out the true identity of Slade. Who. Is. Slade? (also I love you, the film theorists, the game theorists, gtlive, etc. )

  • usmlonewolf
    usmlonewolf 2 months ago

    After watching Bangarang: The Hook Prequel it brought back a thought of mine and would like to see if you would agree with it and maybe even do a video on it. My thought is very simple but deep I think, the lost boys are kids who have taken their own life.

  • justin warriner
    justin warriner 2 months ago

    hey,Matpat try to debunk the kingsman the 1st and 2nd it would be awesome to see how you do it I think that would be incredible

  • Captain Corpus
    Captain Corpus 2 months ago

    MATPAT!!!! you found anikians father in the star wars valearian conspiracy!!!!

  • pyro
    pyro 2 months ago

    hey i have a theory, in Logan the movie they mention the statue of liberty from the first movie, we know that logan remembers, b/c timey wimey wibbly wobbly stuff, but charles nvr lived through that, b/c they changed time, so what if logan happened in different timeline and not the one the new movies are in, but it couldnt have been the time line with the sentinels, b/c that world was messed up

  • Kyle Urban
    Kyle Urban 2 months ago

    can you please review the channel pamtri

  • HeadCrash
    HeadCrash 2 months ago

    Can you do a theorie about what is the creeper???? from jeeperes creepers

  • the fang kid
    the fang kid 3 months ago

    hello matpat, how about this theory about two TV shows that both aired on CBBC? Dennis the menace! I'm talking about the British version about a 10 year old rather than the American version about a 5 year old. what if the Dennis from the 1996 version is the dad from the 2009 version? the act that the dad from 2009 has a history of menacing but the 1996 dad doesn't. the style of gran in 2009 is also similar to mum in 1996. the fact that dad in 2009 is friends with curly's and pieface's dads seemingly from childhood contributes. dad from 2009 also looks nothing like dad from 1996. seasons from 1996 and 2009 are both on youtube etc.

  • Matt Evans
    Matt Evans 3 months ago

    I wonder if you could make a theory on who killed the Chauffeur in The Big Sleep: The writer didn't even know so it would be pretty tough.

  • Hyper ORAS
    Hyper ORAS 3 months ago


  • Ri Ri Spex
    Ri Ri Spex 3 months ago

    Hey! Love your channel. I'm not gonna lie and say I've seen every single one of your videos so I don't know if you've covered this already, but I wanted to give you an idea. Why Buzz does know he's a toy. I'm not a theorist or anything and I just came up with this while falling down the rabbit hole one day. So here goes... None of Andy's toys (apart from a select few, which I'll get to later) take batteries or run on electricity and they all know that they are toys. But Buzz does. And so does Evil Emperor Zerg and both of them are oblivious to the fact that they are toys (until Buzz finds out and jumps off of Sid's stairs breaking both his arm and my heart). I think it might be possible that the electric in the batteries, kind of like the electro-magnetic waves in human brains are what is causing these toys to become so delusional. Because the waves are just too similar to waves in our brains. Now, about the toys Andy already has before Buzz has shows up that take batteries meaning RC, Mr Spell, the Karaoke woody uses in the meeting and that colourful robot, well I have a couple of reasons why they know they're toys. A) None of them could really be anything else. You could argue that RC could think he is a real race car, but he has a controller. And you could also argue the colourful robot could think he is a real robot, and this is where my second reason for why they know they're toys comes into play. B) They've all already had their delusional phases. Think about it. When Buzz first shows up every other toy in Andy's room just accepts it with no questions asked (except for Woody, but he was super jealous so we know why he didn't understand). It's almost like all of the toys recognise that this is a common thing amongst some battery taking toys and the robot, RC, Mr Spell and the karaoke have all been through it before and they were all there for them through it when they needed them, just like Woody was for Buzz when they finally started to get along in Sid's house. Hope you enjoyed my little theory, coming at ya from England ;)

  • Jude Michael
    Jude Michael 3 months ago

    Also, on the Gifted TV show, the William Stryker-esque scientist called Roderick Campbell controls mutants with drugs and has no mutant power of his own. To what extant can you control someone's mind with a cocktail of drugs?

  • Jude Michael
    Jude Michael 3 months ago

    Matpat! Please make a video on the yearly financial budget of the Mutant Underground in the Gifted TV series. How does the Mutant Underground pay its electricity bill? There is no mutant with the ability to power the house...How much do the "supplies"cost and where do they come from?

  • Anuran Rajasekaran
    Anuran Rajasekaran 3 months ago

    i wanna know which is stronger ? a)one punch man b)the flash's infinite mass punch

  • Juliet Jones
    Juliet Jones 3 months ago

    I think Matt needs to do at least one theory on who the black hood (Riverdale) is. anyone else agree?

  • Papapooper 18
    Papapooper 18 3 months ago

    do a theory on the google image search 241543903

  • Big Tata
    Big Tata 3 months ago

    Can you do a theory on the channel Pamtri?

  • IceBryker
    IceBryker 3 months ago

    I just looked back through the videos of Film Theory to check for ones I haven't seen... I just realized I am fully caught up as of now. :D

  • Sarah Van Horn
    Sarah Van Horn 3 months ago

    matPat! Have you ever thought how the seasons in games thrones actually worked on a planetary scale? How the rotation of their planet around the sun causes those long years of summer and winter? You think maybe you could look into that? I've been trying to figure it out and I keep coming up with road blocks.

  • StarLight Kitten
    StarLight Kitten 3 months ago

    Spoilers/Theory for Stranger things 11’S MOM DOESN’T ACTUALLY SEE HER WHEN SHE RETURNS TO THE LAB, IN THE RAINBOW ROOM. Eight is clearly much older than Eleven, around late teens early 20’s. When Eleven’s mom goes to see her in the rainbow room, she sees Eight and another girl. So, the girl in the room would be the around the same age as Eight. Yet, Eleven is clearly much younger than Eight. "But, 8 doesn't have a defined age, she could just look older" I hear you typing. Eleven is clearly a brunette with curly hair, while the other girl in the room is blonde with straight hair. But, there is only one character in stranger things we know of that's blonde with straight hair. Hopper's daughter. Seeing how Project MKUltra has already shown that they abduct children and fake deaths; Using cancer as a cover up for an abduction doesn't seem out of place for a group THAT LITERALLY MADE A FAKE DEAD CHILD TO MAKE SURE THE TOWN THOUGHT HE WAS GONE. By now, it's quite obvious that the blonde girl in the rainbow room isn't 11.

  • beatrice difolco
    beatrice difolco 3 months ago

    I know you're probably very busy with other stuff, but I need an answer to "Who Killed Markiplier?".

    PLAYER 3 months ago

    Since we saw that MatPat did the theory of the Kamehameha wave and how it works from db/dbz, what about a theory : is ultra instinct possible in real life? just for fun lol

  • BloodRefiner
    BloodRefiner 3 months ago

    Hey, Matpat and all crew dedicated to creating this whole project of the Theorist channels, I've been watching your videos for a long time, Probably since the Game Theorist channel had around 14 videos. I also was introduced, by that channel to amazing creators like Gaijin, DG&SQ, hah probably even Extra Credits just from the recommended tab, and more~ I Just want you to know that your work has only ever been on an upward curve. You have only grown more talented in delivering quality content. Your skill for producing so many of these alone is admirable. You have in my opinion, the diligence and care needed to handle a lot of important and fascinating topics while loosely tethering them to pop culture and I appreciate all of your hard work. Even when the tides of the harsh algorithms try to buck you for upsetting their delicate fleeting whims, I believe your channels will always survive because of the way you have affected so many people even if you were flat straight up demonetized you could rely on us millions of fans to support you.

    • BloodRefiner
      BloodRefiner 3 months ago

      If you so happen to respond please note this is an Ollllllld account and I'd prefer the name Kray. I have more than a few ideas to share if you'd ever like to get in touch despite your very busy lifestyle.

    SHIBUI 3 months ago

    hi! just a suggestion, but you should do something on Coraline if you're up for it!

  • cecilia morales
    cecilia morales 3 months ago

    MATPAT!! PLEASE DO A THEORY ON WHO WOULD WIN THE RACE Flash vs Superman!! (ending of Justice League)

  • 動漫爱好者
    動漫爱好者 3 months ago

    hay matpat i just found out there are a few videos that are miss form your channel. like ( Darth Vader's emotional struggle )

  • Doctor Shark
    Doctor Shark 3 months ago

    matpat can you do a theroy on the road to el diroto?!?!?

  • Shiro Haas
    Shiro Haas 3 months ago

    Hey Matpat, I just recently just finished an anime called Kiznaiver. The plot of the anime is about connecting people by their wounds so that means they share their pain with one another. Like you connect seven people together with the Kizna System (The experimental operation) and they will equally share the pain on which person has inflicted pain. The Kizna system is made because people believed that it was the way to world peace and true hapiness. I think that's the jist of it and if you didn't understand much, please go watch the anime, it's really good too. I want you to make a theory about this anime. Can the Kizna system actually be real ??? Like can you actually connect people through pain ? If you know anything please let me know because I'm curious as fudge since the plot of it just entice me if it could be possible because if it can. I want to actually share my pain with others. . . well anyways, thank you for taking your time to read this. :3

  • Jimmy Henriksen
    Jimmy Henriksen 3 months ago

    Will there ever be a theory about One Piece anytime? Did you know if watch all 777 episodes of the series, for about 2 hours a day it will take you 120 days, or about 4 months to watch it all. If you throw in some marathon sessions, probably about 3 months.

  • Safiya Mukhamadova
    Safiya Mukhamadova 3 months ago

    Rick and Morty theory: Rick(s) only invented the portal gun after Jerry knocked up Beth which is why we haven't seen any dimensions where she didn't get knocked up. We've seen ones where she got knocked up but had an abortion, but none where she didn't go on the date or was dating someone else or whatever. Rick A1 probably invented the portal gun in frustration (the designations seem to be sequential, with letters being points of divergence in the timeline and numbers representing iterations since that divergence). Even though they live in a multiverse, they can't access all of the other universes, only the ones where the portal gun was created. So Rick can't go to a universe without portal guns, a universe where there were never any Ricks, or a universe that has fundamentally different physics such that human life never developed. Also I'd like to know who is responsible for the database of Ricks, someone has to be in charge of assigning designations.

  • ChibiChocolateAddict
    ChibiChocolateAddict 3 months ago

    Hey MatPat, can you do a theory on the drug that made Shinichi turn into a little kid in Detective Conan/Case Closed?

  • Frame by Frame Lost
    Frame by Frame Lost 3 months ago

    I have documented all of the frame by frame videos and you can find them on my channel. (I do not profit form any of them btw, nor do i plan to.)

  • mdsupernova20
    mdsupernova20 3 months ago

    If you ever wanted to do another Gravity Falls theory, you could do one on how both of Gideon's plans are doomed to fail. Let's start with his 1st scheme (the one to get the Mystery Shack) in the show, Gideon steals the deed to the Mystery Shack in an effort to own it. This would not work as a deed is just a piece of paper, and for that matter public record so he wouldn't need to steal it, just head down to the county recorder's office. secondly to own the land he would have to have Stan sign the land over to him on a separate deed. He tries something like this earlier but gives up and resorts to stealing the deed, (again nothing more than a piece of paper) On to Scheme 2 (Getting his dad elected mayor to pardon him) While it is true that mayors can grant pardons, they are only on a small scale, like traffic tickets, however when Gideon gets arrested he is charged (as best i can recall) with felonies. therefore Bud Gleeful wouldn't have the power to pardon his son from prison unless he runs for Governor. Thank you for reading this. Huge fan of the show.

  • detromaniac
    detromaniac 3 months ago

    You guys ever consider doing Pathologic?

  • ytsas48562
    ytsas48562 3 months ago


  • Animalboy1670
    Animalboy1670 3 months ago

    When i make vids i will do a film thorey beatbox

  • TheRubenpit
    TheRubenpit 3 months ago

    hey can someone explain wtf happened to one of the 2 good series on this channel? frame by frame was fantastic (second only to did you know movies) and its gone without a word? this is how you treat your subscribers? fuck you.

  • RockOwlGamer
    RockOwlGamer 3 months ago

    I have a decent idea for a theory and it would be the perfect one for December/ChristmasWhat makes Rudolph's shiny red nose glow?

  • Jack The Nintendo kid
    Jack The Nintendo kid 3 months ago

    make a RWBY theory please.

  • Billy Peterson
    Billy Peterson 3 months ago

    I'd be super interested in a theory about RWBY. Specifically the physics and mechanics of some of the weapons and how they influence the fighting styles, like Yang and her fists, Mercury and his legs, Ruby and how she uses her sniper shots for momentum, or so many other unique fighting styles. But those are the main three I had in mind!

  • Kenny IDK
    Kenny IDK 3 months ago

    DO who is marshmello

  • Ben 4Scratch
    Ben 4Scratch 3 months ago

    Hey in Hercules I saw Scar from The Lion for a tiny bit. I don't know maybe the two movies are connected somehow?

  • samuel attias
    samuel attias 3 months ago

    Movies Are Therorists!

  • Loki Scarlet
    Loki Scarlet 3 months ago

    New Pokemon movie. Might wanna investigate the creepy relationship between Ash and his shock rat.

  • Narv
    Narv 3 months ago

    Can you come up with a "star vs the forces of evil theory"? You did the "gravity falls" one so well id love to see what you come up with for this show, and they already announced a 4th season, so even if you haven't watched the show, you have plenty of time to before the new season airs?

  • Carlos Bravo
    Carlos Bravo 3 months ago

    Hey mat pat doesn't that giant thing in stranger things 2 look like a void thrasher in StarCraft 2.

  • Justin Anderson
    Justin Anderson 3 months ago

    I know this isnt a film, but could you please do a theory video on steppenwolfs "born to be wild" about how many guns you would have to actually fire at once to explode into space.

  • Jamie Boulton
    Jamie Boulton 3 months ago

    You should check out this short film, called The Facts In The Case Of Mister Hollow. My class started looking at it a while back thought you would enjoy dissecting it.

  • teeroux
    teeroux 3 months ago

    After watching Wonder Woman I have a theory about the DCU. Wonder woman and the other greek gods are really old genetically modified kryptonians. Man of steel sets up the theory. In MOS Krypton is dying and the race clearly has the technological means to prevent their destruction but why don't they? In the movie they touch on how they as a race were explorers and even had the solar system on their charts. One of their ancient gynesis ships was under the ice for untold years here on earth yet when Superman found it. There was no index to create more Kryptonians. Furthermore something else just as important was missing. A world engine like Zod found in his search of Superman. If there was plans for a colony on Earth where was the means to terraform the planet? There was no plans to terraform the planet because the colonist were literally playing god here on Earth, and enslaving humanity. They already had the means to change their genetic makeup which is why Wonder Woman and Ares' powers are in someways similar but however different from Supe's and other current generation Kryptonians. Krypton or at least some of its political structure obviously took issue to the colony's experiments and this was the spoke of war of the gods between Zeus and Ares. Kyrptonian vs modified Kryptonians. This is why there was no call to leave Krypton. They did not want to relive the folly of the past. Even the cloaking field which surrounds whatever the hell the island's name is in Wonder Woman is very similar to the phantom drive tech. The ancient god in DCU are ancient Kryptonians and their hybrid blood lines is what lead to the meta-humans of the present DCU. Anyway I think its gold for an episode.

  • Bob Thesmillingface
    Bob Thesmillingface 3 months ago

    Hello Mat pat here again with an other show that is interesting for the chanel and you. This one is for a pilot show called *INFINITY* *TRAIN*. Il looks like a Gravity falls type of show and since the pilot has been aired the internet has started to makes theories about it an I hope that If the show comes out you jumps right into the lore of this storie. Thanks for reading this

  • Gabriel Beltran
    Gabriel Beltran 3 months ago

    heya matpat i have a smallllllllllll request, can you do a theory on either mountain monsters or the gunslinger? holla at ya boi

  • Poptarts911
    Poptarts911 3 months ago

    Matpat Make a theory on Kimi no na wa on the odds that a comet's nucleus splits off and blows up a town.

  • shrimp
    shrimp 3 months ago

    I have a theory on It's final word in the new movie. What if it's final word, fear, meant something. Heres somewhat of a chart F=6,E=5,A=1,R=18. Your gonna say, 6/5/118, the year 2118? Well, heres my theory. What if we just carried one from 118, and put it with the 5. Now we have 6/15/18. Its a theory, but isn't this channel all about theorys? Maybe the next it movie is coming out on June, the 15th, in 2018.

  • Broken Armor
    Broken Armor 3 months ago

    hey matpat try to crack wolverines history this will be a doozy seeing as we don't know much about jim houlet hint hint

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    can you please make a video about star wars hyperspace/warp drive/any form of faster than light travel? that would be fun

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    Mati-kun 3 months ago

    Did you watch Wakfu? Could be some good theory fuel, besides most theorys are in french and we could use some english ones. Even if not then watch it it's really awesome, and I can only recommend it.

  • Trevor Hoffmann
    Trevor Hoffmann 3 months ago

    most people know anna and elsa are related to tarsan but that dose not make sense because tarsan is set in a way later time almost 100 years later mat pat plz make this a theory

  • Mr.Sebbo
    Mr.Sebbo 3 months ago

    hey matpat could you do a theory on who is the fastest ninja in naruto it dosent seem to be an direct answer to the cuestion and i would really like to find out mabe if u could say the top 5 in order ??

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    Hola me amigos jk im hispanic but american

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    can you please do another Disney movie theory (like if you think he should)

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    i love love love love love your vido,s

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    do a theory about how strong is Saitama (one punch man)

  • Stacy Cecil
    Stacy Cecil 3 months ago

    In response to your "Stranger Things: El is the monster" idea, I still believe....sort of. Here is the response I posted direct to the video: El isn't the monster. El is the right-side up counterpart to the monster. They have a connection in every way you explained but just in opposite. That being said, she's not the monster, but a monster. Try thinking of it from the upside-down perspective. There you are, trying to eek out a living on whatever you can hunt, when a strange alien thing with no hair and a weird space suit shows up in your dreams stalking you. Then it opens a gate to your home through which you get lost. There you are, away from home, trying to survive and get back, when this thing comes at you with it's friends to kill you with evil mind powers. Can't a demogorgon catch a break?

    • Stacy Cecil
      Stacy Cecil 3 months ago

      And what if there are multiple dimensions and the Upside Down is just one where something bad happened...say, perhaps, MK Ultra succeeded too well? Maybe it was a fully functioning mirror of the Right Side Up world where MK Ultra ended up making everything have powers and the Upside Down is just the result of all the terrible things that followed?

  • Boss Napa
    Boss Napa 3 months ago

    ive got a theory for u. ashes Pikachu is actually wild. cuz in gen 1 ash releases Pikachu and even tho he came back ash didn't recapture Pikachu. if u recall gen 4 a trainer releases his yenma and when he goes back to reclaim yenma jessy catches it. also in gen 4 dawn trys catching Pikachu but instead of the pokeball not work on Pikachu he instead repels it back with its tail.

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    Sadie Lova2 3 months ago

    and please do a game theory on oxenfree!

  • Sadie Lova2
    Sadie Lova2 3 months ago

    please do a vid on happy death day!!

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    Jose Blanco 3 months ago

    OK these names that i'm going to say are not movies but i hope all of you all familer with them. Battlebots:Tombstone Robot wars:Carbide How much pound per force/squared inches does each bot produce and if there were in a battle,who would win?

  • Buckaroo
    Buckaroo 3 months ago

    I have a theory that One Punch Man can die

  • Martin Mikula
    Martin Mikula 3 months ago CAN YOU DECODED IT?

  • xoBlockblasters adventure

    do a theory on stranger thing about the kids imaginating the monsters to cover up the truth

  • Peeves the Poltergeist

    Netflix- Riverdale theory as to who the Black Hood Killer is?

  • Szechuan Sauce
    Szechuan Sauce 3 months ago

    Hey MatPat, you should do a theory about how the Wolverine's metal implant was done, because when the Wolverine went for the procedure the adamantium also coated his joints, which doesn't make any sense on how he's still as flexible. Anyway I just thought I'd be a cool theory.

  • Archie Thomas
    Archie Thomas 3 months ago

    your star wars theories haven't been so correct, so I've been trying to find out who Rey's parents are. it's got to be a British, force using human who understand star wars tech and have a similar fighting style to Rey and it has to be a really big twist, we all know what star wars is like guy's

  • HalloItsNoNo
    HalloItsNoNo 3 months ago

    just a quick question can you cover the reylo theory for star wars? I'm quite passionate about it honestly XD I just want to know how probable it is, based on stats, and if it is true, how easy it would be to maintain the relationship if they continued their daily lives.

  • Maryxus
    Maryxus 3 months ago

    Baby Driver's Baby is a Car Wizard a la Katanas & Trenchcoats RPG system. If you control the soundtrack, you control the scene.

  • Guy Dude
    Guy Dude 3 months ago

    You know, I was just thinking about Mat's theory on how powerful a human soul actually is (FMA Brotherhood), but one thing kept bugging me: If Homunculus and Hohenheim both reaped the same amount of souls from Xerxes, then Homunculus purged himself of the 'seven deadly sins' (half of his souls, to be precise) then how could 'Father' have become so powerful. Moreover, wouldn't Hohenheim, then, be far more powerful than him do to the fact that Hohenheim kept all of the souls that he received? And I understand that the sacrifices presented to Father made him more powerful, but even before that we see him overpower Hohenheim on several occasions.

  • Mystic Vixin
    Mystic Vixin 3 months ago

    Matpat. I know you probably won't see this or anything but I was really concerned about a small thing at like.. the last second of the Don't hug me i'm scared episode. ( ) y'know that bit when you say annnndddddd cut? in this video i know you were trying to be like creepy. but it distorted your voice and instead of "cut" i think it said the C word. And im not going to be anal about it i just wanted to bring it to your attention. Still love your videos!!

  • isaacthecool
    isaacthecool 3 months ago

    If you thought Salad fingers was the most disturbing thing on TVclip, think again. Isn't that right, Toast Boy? Do a theory on one of David Firth's other creations, the Spoilsbury Toast Boy series. It's a backwards series where a boy and his family are killed by beetles, but it seems to have a hidden meaning beneath the surface. If you plan on it, just be warned that it's very NSFW.

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    You should do a theory on Rango....

  • Kris Davis
    Kris Davis 3 months ago

    Please use your amazing brain to explain why almost all the ninjas disappear at the end of daredevil season 2. I cant get on board with the rest of the ending because I am too distracted by it. They go from like 50 to a few dozen and by the end all the bodies have disappeared and there are only a handful left on the roof. Sure it is probably just sloppy editing but it totally takes me out of it. Thanks!

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    Who thinks that Matpat should do a theory on one of or all of the Studio Ghilbi Movies?

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    matpat can you please do a theory on american psycho? thanks, ur cool.

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    I have always been upset that peopel just forgot about the seen and the end of Stranger things were they pull out the THEESALHYDRA!!!! I was speculating one thing, because the THEESALHYDRA is debunked as a monster. But I thought why would STRANGER THINGS just leave that detail and not address it in the second season. But what if the hydra is not a monster but a concept. Think about the Hydra is the mind of the MIND FLAYER. THe hydra is how the MIND FLAYER REACTS. Kill one of it's cerations like the *DEMOGORGAN*... come back with three more strategies. First the weaker monsters but stronger together DEMODOGS. Second creating vines is HAPKINS. THIRD, INFECTING WILL BYERS. *If you like this please MATPAT please recognize this, I think that it is plausible. *

  • Lex Files
    Lex Files 3 months ago

    I have always been upset that peopel just forgot about the seen and the end of Stranger things were they pull out the THEESALHYDRA!!!! I was speculating one thing, because the THEESALHYDRA is debunked as a monster. But I thought why would STRANGER THINGS just leave that detail and not address it in the second season. But what if the hydra is not a monster but a concept. Think about the Hydra is the mind of the MIND FLAYER. THe hydra is how the MIND FLAYER REACTS. Kill one of it's cerations like the *DEMOGORGAN*... come back with three more strategies. First the weaker monsters but stronger together DEMODOGS. Second creating vines is HAPKINS. THIRD, INFECTING WILL BYERS. *If you like this please MATPAT please recognize this, I think that it is plausible. *

  • Lex Files
    Lex Files 3 months ago

    i, I have always been upset that peopel just forgot about the seen and the end of Stranger things were they pull out the THEESALHYDRA!!!! I was speculating one thing, because the THEESALHYDRA is debunked as a monster. But I thought why would STRANGER THINGS just leave that detail and not address it in the second season. But what if the hydra is not a monster but a concept. Think about the Hydra is the mind of the MIND FLAYER. THe hydra is how the MIND FLAYER REACTS. Kill one of it's cerations like the *DEMOGORGAN*... come back with three more strategies. First the weaker monsters but stronger together DEMODOGS. Second creating vines is HAPKINS. THIRD, INFECTING WILL BYERS. *If you like this please MATPAT please recognize this, I think that it is plausible. *

  • Quintin Foutz
    Quintin Foutz 3 months ago

    could you do a part 3 on dory's false memory since there is a sequel now.

  • Lily Hur
    Lily Hur 3 months ago

    A group of friends and I were slacking in our Pre-Calculus class the other day, and we ended up in this discussion of whether Magneto could lift Thor's hammer. We were wondering if you could cover this since our nerdy curiosity is really clawing at us.

  • Night Furry Flame
    Night Furry Flame 3 months ago

    I just want to say, please don't ever change your theme song opening. I just love it! Film Theory just wouldn't be Film Theory if you updated the opening. So, if you were considering ever changing it, know that it is perfect and we want it to say just how it is. Thanks!

  • Albert Nave
    Albert Nave 3 months ago

    I'm pretty sure Steven Universe will be back from hiatus this saturday, so how about you do a theory? You could try and find out who- SPOILER WARNING shattered Pink Diamond, or find out the identity of speculated gems such as White Diamond. I suggest creating a gem feudalism chart to clear things up first. If you've seen Bismuth and The Trial, well... You should know.

  • Sharil Shahed
    Sharil Shahed 3 months ago

    Hey MatPat, been a long time since you did a theory about comics, especially DC's 3 jokers. How about another one based on the recent comics? Metal is fantastic and Doomsday Clock is hype. Pick one quick.

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    why dont you bring back frame by frame, it was the only reason i subscribed to this channel, please bring it back and or explain why it is gone please.

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    it's more than likely that someone has already suggested this, but could you guys do a episode about how strong is Saitama? that would be a delight to watch!

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    How about a mini-theory that Taylor Swift is becoming the next Poppy?

  • TheOriginalJphyper
    TheOriginalJphyper 3 months ago

    Willy Wonka is a Time Lord! His chocolate factory is actually his TARDIS in disguise. Note that I haven't seen the Tim Burton one, so I'm mostly going by the one in the '70s starring Gene Wilder. First, we have he Oompa Loompas. They're strange people from an unknown land filled with unknown creatures. They've got to be aliens. In the scene with the crowded room, Wonka goes to one end, then back to the entrance, and when he exits, they're in another place. This greatly resembles the TARDIS's ability to change its layout. Then, as they go down the hallway, it gets smaller as they go, but when the giant door opens, we see it's normal-sized. Again, a TARDIS changing itself. Then we get to the boat scene... oh boy. Perhaps it was being held in place, explaining the lack of spray and wind as well as the ease of the Oompa Loompas spinning the paddle wheel. But then how did they get to the door at the end? This looks like more internal rearranging. If, however, they are indeed going as fast as implied, the time they spent at that speed would take them well past the bounds of an average-sized factory, meaning that it is bigger on the inside. The scene with the Wonkamobile is quite clearly some sort of space-time distortion when they get cleaned up. Then there's all the little things that don't seem to be possible for human technology, such as infinitely-flavored candy, flying soda, etc. As for Wonka himself, he is rather eccentric. While you don't need to be a Time Lord to be strange, you do need to be strange to be a Time Lord. As for why he gives the TARDIS away... perhaps he's on his last regeneration and, as he said in the film, he needs someone to take care of the Oompa Loompas. Or perhaps he regenerates into the version played by Johnny Depp and changes his mind about leaving, taking the TARDIS back after Charlie passes away. I do know there's some sort of childhood backstory in the Tim Burton version, so maybe Wonka regenerates into a child and is adopted.

  • News Clash royale
    News Clash royale 3 months ago

    Matpat i have a question why is part 2 of a movie is suck like the guardians of the galaxy i profore the first one because the first one is wasnt so serius like the guardians of the galaxy 2 if u like this idea can u make a theory about it?

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  • TheDiamondSpringcart Youan TDSC

    i'm a kid and i look at this channel everyday looking at you solving game and movie mystery's and that does make my day you are the best channel ever and this episode was what i was hoping; an awesome epic episode that inspire people thank you for making my day :D

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    film and game theorists only because you sound smart and fanny you distract 5,3 million people' s intension and you brain wash them to believe what you say in your theories. Sorry I don't now good English because I am from Greece!

    NEXUSKNIGHT2 3 months ago

    Hey MatPat just want to wish you great luck in the upcoming Machinima Transformers Titans Return

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    I have a theory do you think that scientist can recreate dinosaurs from the mosquitoes that are trapped inside the ambers?

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    They have come together again, who will fall now?

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    MatPat, I can't remember which episode it was that you said you'd do it but you said at one point you'd do a RWBY theory. We in the RWBY community really want to see it. So please, could you do a theory on that? I promise, there is no shortage of content to ponder.

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    How old are Jesse and James from Team Rocket?

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    ok so i have a good idia for a thery so here it is who was jack from the nightmare before chrismas before he died

  • the kings of random
    the kings of random 3 months ago

    ok so i have a good idia for a thery so here it is who was jack from the nightmare before chrismas before he died

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    Here is a good one: who is stronger? Vision or Superman

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    MATPAT I just finished watching up and I'm curious how many ballons would it take to lift a house and could it make it to south america

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    Hey MatPat, First off let me say I absolutely love your channel, I watch every Video released on both this channel and on your Game theory Channel too. But enough about that, I JUST had an idea on a theory about the well known connection between "Braking Bad" and "The Walking Dead". Everybody knows about Merle's bag of Blue Sky seen in season 2 of TWD as well as the references to Jessie Pinkman When Daryl tell Beth about Merle's dealer in season 4, HOWEVER there is piece of information that puts an end to the theory of these worlds connected. In season 2 episode 12 of BB "Phoenix" Walter tells Saul about his sons "savewalterwhite" webpage and Saul suggest using computer zombies to donate the money to his account, now how would Saul even know the term Zombies if zombie culture isnt a thing in TWD and it supposedly shares a universe with BB. if this was a throwaway line with no meaning to the story then so be it but this is a huge plot point for the T.V series and I feel maybe you could do a Theory Debunk or something along those lines....

  • Supersonicstella
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    Hey Matpat, I was wondering if you could do a theory on Dragon Ball Super or Dragon Ball Z, I love the series and alot of others do to, sadly I cant think of any theory starters but knowing you, you can come up with anything better than what I can do. Thanks, From A Fan

  • Lucky Cobble
    Lucky Cobble 3 months ago

    matpat watch the flea and the acrobat stranger things again, i think it shows how u might be right about the demogorgon. your theory, in my watching of the show, is correct and it says so in this episode. need to rewatch this eppisode

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    hey Matpat i had a idea for a therory! so you should do a therory about Jack Skellengton (i butchered the name i know).Who was he when he was a human??? why did he become the pumpkin king?? Thats my therory to you Matpat

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    here is a question can you find out where the character fez played by Wilmer Valderrama is from?

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    I have a idea for a theory MatPat the idea is: is it possible to survive the titanic from the movie titanic. I hope you consider my idea MatPat

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    please do a theory on coralline - a 2009 PG animated movie. there is a lot of plot holes etc.. the fangirl channel did a lot of interesting videos on this awesome film.

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    do a theory on stranger things it's a show full of potential theories

  • JoksderGeilomat
    JoksderGeilomat 3 months ago

    This theory is based on the trailer of Star Wars Episode 8: Star Wars: *"The Last Jedi "Awake" (:45)"* Link down below ;) Now i will start :) Maybe Matpat will overanalyze this one :DD (Ok that won't happen XD) I think Leader Snoke is the Emperor Palpatine! How do i come to this conclusion? Read more to find out! Hope you enjoy my theory! -In the second Trilogy (Epsiodes 1-3), Palpatine is saying things about Darth Plagueis (it was his master, this supported by the Star Wars lexicon Epsiodes 1-6) that he could prevent death from his loved one's but not from himself. He also said that his "padawan" (in this case himself) actually managed to overcome this too. So he couldn't die. That makes sence, when you consider, that Palpatine needs to be extremly old. (He lived way longer than Obi-Wan, who got pretty old. Also lived the 6 first full episodes which are really long measured in "reallife time". In this case we assume that Palpatine is a normal human too, and not a species like e.g. Yoda). -----> He wouldn't die from his fall in the Deathstar#2 because he could use the force to stay alive. -In Epsiode 7 Snoke always was a giant replica projected into the room on the Star-Killer-Basis. But now we see, that he has the size of a normal human. (0:13) -Snoke also at least knows of the force, as he turned Kylo Ren into the Kylo Ren we all know now. He also trained him after he stopped Kylo stopped getting trained by Luke. Who else turned Jedis into Siths or in this case a Knight of Ren? Right! Palpatine. -Notice another detail you need to look out for kinda close at 0:13: The "Imperial Guard" is there. Remember that this Guard has been founded by Palpatine to replace the Blue of the Republic one. They only appeared together with the Emperor, so why would they now appear only together with Snoke? Right, because Snoke is Palptine! According to "Jedipedia" Snoke witnessed rise and fall of the Galactic Empire. Another design detail, even tho this isn't quite a big one :P, is that the thorne looks almost 100% the same as the one we see throughout Episode 6. Everybody: Thank you for reading my theory to Star Wars Episode 8! As you may noticed my English isn't the best, but i hope you understand what i wanted to say :D. I also hope you are as hyped and excited to this one as I am! And yes I just recently watched all the Star Wars movies :3 Who knows maybe i am at least a bit right with what i am saying. Have a nice day <3 ~JoksderGeilomat Link to the trailer (NO ADVERTISEMENT!):

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    i subbed

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    i have a question in the dark tower movie (ending fight scene with the man in black) the gunslinger fired one bullet then he shot a second bullet but the 2nd bullet ricochet to the first bullet my question is, is it possible for the 2nd bullet to go farther than the 1st bullet? or can the 2nd bullet even go faster than he first bullet.

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    Will you do a Theory covering the Latest Assassins Creed Game

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    MAT PAT can you do a lore theory OF THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL.

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    sorry for my spelling but hi mat pat i am jose and i am a big fan and ived watched many of your videos and i have to say that you are the king of theorys and you are doing the best job entertaining every one with your theorys. keep up the great work. btw you should work on a theory on blue exorsist

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    I wonder if you can do an episode and give me some feedback on my own Inspector Gadget Timeline Theory found Here I love your videos and this is the only way to get my theory noticed and you can even put your own spin on it if you find more to add or change.

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    streaksilver999 3 months ago

    Okay so I have no idea if anyone's come up with this yet, but it got into my head and I needed to put it down on paper or else it was going to eat me alive. TVclip's poisonous comment sections be damned. I was re-watching the Rick and Morty/Gravity Falls crossover video and a few gears started turning in my head. Namely: What if Bill Cipher *is* Rick Sanchez? Or more accurately one of the infinite number of Ricks in the universe? - [7:00] In the printed, affirmatively cannon copy of Gravity Fall's Third Journal, why would Bill Cipher write "Rick was here" [8:15]? Normally when someone writes "_____ was here" they use their own name in order to leave a mark of themselves in or on whatever the object in question is. Knowing that, wouldn't it have made more sense for Bill to write "Bill was here"? Sure, you could argue that Rick himself wrote the message, why would he be using Bill's set of codes in the book? - In a redit question segment featuring Bill Cipher, the question was raised about Bill's friends and family. His response was "Not anymore". Rick Sanchez is well known for being both the savior and destroyer of multiple universes. It's also hinted at multiple times that his original family most likely was not the same family in which he picked up his current Morty, and that his original family died in an accident of his own making. Another Rick could've had a very similar experience, seeing the infinite possibilities of the Multiverse. The Rick Sanchez we know seems to have mostly no qualms about destruction of worlds, even entire universes. In his own words, he's done "everything". How might a Rick have turned into a floating cosmic triangle? Honestly I dunno. Maybe there was just a triangle in the universe who also happened to be a Rick? There's multiple different kinds of Ricks and multiple different bizarre versions of the Universe (eg. the Furniture Dimension). It wouldn't be too outlandish to assume there might've been a Furniture Rick in that universe. Or perhaps Rick eventually stumbled on a greater power than the Portal Gun? A power that exceeded all known laws of the universe? Maybe something that came at the price of leaving his physical form in the 3rd dimensional world? Honestly I don't know, but I hope you guys look into it. Let me know where it goes (preferably in a video).

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    At some point,maybe after season 2 is released,you should do a series of unfortunate events theory

  • Professor Radian
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    Hello, appreciate all the Gametheory and Filmtheory and the help you give to young creators and explanations on how youtube work as well as all the other stuff to long to mention... Its about your video on Scrooge McDuck's Net Worth. Great opening, extremely funny (youtoob aglorym+ #wink loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollololol ) Are you certain that the money bin is truly full of gold coins and not yellow dollars coins and cents (according to Fenton Crackshell there ARE cents in it [one was stuck in his mask in "liquid assets"], and that the volume is not partially filled with paper bills (and jewels) ? The numbers from the #3/#4 volume could actually start to make sense (and you forgot to mention his bank accounts in the list of possession, also mentioned in one of the Episode 66-69 "Time Is Money: Marking Time") Also, the money "gone" between the comic and cartoon comparaison around 2:40-3:00 is probably some investments he made, not lost... he will get it back many times over.

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    I would kill to see a film theory on what to do against Z-nations "Zunami" Maybe some options for people who are nowhere near the grand canyon?

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    You should do a Coraline Theory; I've seen a few different ideas from other channels, but I'd love to see your take on the theory!

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    I'd like to see a theory on how all of the Gorillaz music videos are connected - because they are; and moreover, the significance of them

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    I was re-watching Man of Steel and I was wondering: if they were increasing the mass of the earth by teraforming, wouldn't the orbit of the earth around the sun get faster? How much faster would that orbit be? Finally, How many days is a year in the DC Universe now?

    BEST PLAYER GAMING 3 months ago

    i have a theory idea for u how bout meet the Robinson

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    Dear MatPat, I want to know about the Ben 10 Omnitrix. Is it possible to into a Alien just with a watch or will it be killing you every time you use it. like if you guys agree want theory

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    What if Evil Morty is the Morty from the opening of the pilot when Rick destroys the world?

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    I have a theory, a movie theory "Is Bruce Banner Dead at the end of Thor Ragnarok?"

  • dan ri
    dan ri 3 months ago

    i got a theory for you about the dark tower. its a galaxy (not not 8 or something) but your galaxy. think about it

  • Art de Ruiter
    Art de Ruiter 3 months ago

    im stil waiting fore a back to the future theory {pleas do a theory with math not those conspiraties thanks}

  • benyplaysgames
    benyplaysgames 3 months ago

    Do a Family Guy theory. We all loved the Simpsons theory and the Rick and Morty theories, so please do a Family Guy theory.

  • Everdark
    Everdark 3 months ago

    Have you considered taking a look at the youtube channel 2h32? You've looked at Poppy, DHMIS and Salad Fingers. Like those 2h32 is pretty dark but could be part of a "Creepy youtube" series or something

  • Chris Gerald Bagadiong

    Hey MatPat! Can you theorize what is Kaori Miyazono's sickness? She is from the movie and anime called Your Lie in April. Thanks!

  • juliana delgado
    juliana delgado 3 months ago

    i have a guardians of the galaxy idea , why does groot stops dancing in front of drax ? ( idk if it's alright).

  • Bigdipper2022
    Bigdipper2022 3 months ago

    You should like do a film theory or five about Happy Tree Friends, even if it's super old its a really good show, With Flippy and his PTSD and how the characters die every episode but come back the next every time.

  • Jay Vang
    Jay Vang 3 months ago

    how to upload videos.

  • Rambo lambo
    Rambo lambo 3 months ago

    how are the gardens of the galaxy able to hold the power stone at the end of the first movie

  • Brennan Haley
    Brennan Haley 3 months ago

    I just saw you do an ad for the Amazon FireTV

  • TiaLee Haines
    TiaLee Haines 3 months ago

    How have you not done something on Steven Universe

  • theepicb
    theepicb 3 months ago

    I was watching your video on don't hug me in scared and I noticed that you never brought up the missing poster sprinkled throughout the videos. it seems a bit out of place in your theory since it doesn't get explained through advertising. and also the help videos which were also not explained and I think that they do have a big part to the story even if they were only to promote their Kickstarter, there is a whole new character that never really gets explained and I think everyone just forgot about him. now I know that dhmis was a long time ago but maybe it's time to look back at everything like the Kickstarter video and maybe even the amazing world of gumball episode called "the puppets" made by the same people and draw some interesting parallels the the series.

  • Lin B
    Lin B 3 months ago

    I think a movie you could do a lot with would be Coraline, it'd also make a good Halloween theory

  • CoffeeFox
    CoffeeFox 3 months ago

    What happened to the Frame by Frame series? I was going to look into the Scariest Horrors you Don't See and only to find the entire series but one is missing. I was going to re-watch it because of a resurgence in my interest for horror movies. The hasn't even been any word as to why it has been taken down. It's very confusing. And it seems to have been down for at least 2 months. I would have thought you would have alerted your audience by now of what has happened instead of leaving it a complete mystery as this can tarnish your reputation with fans. Even a simple "We have to discontinue the series and take down most of the episodes for reasons we can't disclose at this time." would suffice. Instead you leave us wondering.

  • adib kingsofry
    adib kingsofry 3 months ago

    Re:Zero Theory pls

  • Phatthomas
    Phatthomas 3 months ago

    Any explanation as to what happened to Frame by Frame's other videos?