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  • August Miller
    August Miller 4 seconds ago

    Oof, this video was an eye-opener...... :|

  • gacha galaxy diamond
    gacha galaxy diamond 46 seconds ago

    What is algea

  • Ale ReactsYT
    Ale ReactsYT Minute ago

    There might be a secret formula, I’ve got a theory, the secret formula is lobster, if you haven’t noticed the Krusty Krab is a lobster trap, and that would also explain why there is only one lobster in all of Bikini Bottom.

  • Autumn Dayz
    Autumn Dayz 5 minutes ago

    Math class be like: 10:49

  • Kendra
    Kendra 5 minutes ago

    I sort of just noticed that 58 is a number close to 51... Anybody thought of Area 51

  • Fox-A-Bell Aj
    Fox-A-Bell Aj 8 minutes ago

    What if donkey thinks that he deserved what he got, because he was a bad kid?

  • DRUGS_R_BAD199 `
    DRUGS_R_BAD199 ` 10 minutes ago

    What would happen if the "cat-dog" found a viable mate but not the same monstrosity of a species?

  • Pray Panchal
    Pray Panchal 10 minutes ago


  • cami :D
    cami :D 11 minutes ago

    dammit MatPat you ruined it on the title of the video it’s ok dude

  • Coco Noisette
    Coco Noisette 13 minutes ago

    Why doesn't the amazons just live in the amazonian forest?

  • Lucifer Strange
    Lucifer Strange 14 minutes ago

    You should do a film theory on the movie nails. Its a very good horror movie.

  • Coco Noisette
    Coco Noisette 14 minutes ago

    You never learned about solar-powered self-driving lightspeed amazonian boats?

  • Eevee Da cutest Pokemon
    Eevee Da cutest Pokemon 14 minutes ago

    The Emoji Movie is really iilegal its just like ralph breaks the internet

  • Lolly Lowri
    Lolly Lowri 17 minutes ago

    Actually there are 5 cuz lady and the tramp live action is out in November

  • Mitsuko the Kitsune
    Mitsuko the Kitsune 20 minutes ago

    My cousin apparently thought pleasure island was hilarious until Pinocchio started transforming

  • Cayden Bong
    Cayden Bong 22 minutes ago

    This is a preview before world war 3 article 13 is being battled by every army In the world that hates article 13 please go to the past and destroy article 13 before it's too late this is a not a drill I repeat this is not a drill

  • frida martinez
    frida martinez 23 minutes ago

    Well, now I won't sleep

  • Gus Quinn
    Gus Quinn 23 minutes ago

    So.. much.. intelligence TO TAKE INNNNNNNN

  • Random- ness
    Random- ness 23 minutes ago

    I really need a part two to this series. I NEED TO KNOW IF SOMEONE ELSE AGREE LS WITH ME ON WHAT THE LAST MONSTER IS!!

  • Jason Gallegos
    Jason Gallegos 23 minutes ago

    I don't know if they changed it, but a while back they confirmed that it is not Jason Todd, but Tim Drake.

  • The Radioactive Wolf
    The Radioactive Wolf 24 minutes ago

    who else didn't touch the screen?

  • Kassidy Tolleson
    Kassidy Tolleson 24 minutes ago

    Ouija boards r dangerous ive played with one and got haunted so yeah there's that

  • Greg Jonson
    Greg Jonson 24 minutes ago

    Two things. One: Is it possible that Donkey is just way too traumatised by his past to talk about it to anyone? Is he scared that the donkey sellers would sniff him out if he blabbed? Or maybe he thinks nobody would believe him? And two: Heck, now I need a theory about how exactly do humans turn into donkeys on the Pleasure Island. The only paralel I can see here is that one time in Doctor Who where an ood turned his boss into a fellow ood by serving him wicked chemicals in a tea.

  • That Kitten
    That Kitten 24 minutes ago

    Matpat:this is how to do a kamehamhea(but not really it's just clickbait) Me:am I suppose to have a plasma ball in my hands???

  • iain Foster
    iain Foster 25 minutes ago

    this movie cool

  • Tangeni Kafita
    Tangeni Kafita 27 minutes ago

    You basterd I love I love tangled but ill still subscribe to you

  • Arty Party
    Arty Party 28 minutes ago

    I got a question what about Town Musicians of Bremen

  • Mikaela Midzi
    Mikaela Midzi 28 minutes ago


  • wolf
    wolf 30 minutes ago

    i am scar persanality and yes i am lion

  • Jack Skatter.
    Jack Skatter. 31 minute ago

    simb and nala have diferent fathers and mothers i guess mufasa was just feeling generous, or not hungry idk.

  • interesting person
    interesting person 32 minutes ago

    I just thought the donkey was a kid from pinocchio that was turned into a donkey

    • interesting person
      interesting person 29 minutes ago

      I didn't watch the video to 5:31 when I commented this but heck ye im smart

  • ncala
    ncala 33 minutes ago

    4000+ people died on day one. YES IT IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE SHIT EVER MADE. Good thing this takes place in a universe where public backslash means nothing.

  • k k
    k k 34 minutes ago


  • RevoEmag212 beast
    RevoEmag212 beast 34 minutes ago

    He could you know he could read

  • Smol Cat
    Smol Cat 35 minutes ago

    4:33 Does anyone else find this scene hilarious

  • bennies fried chicken
    bennies fried chicken 35 minutes ago

    if i had immortality id watch the whole thing

  • Sonic The Hedgehog Fan 29

    (6X Wait) so lemme get this straight before I watch the video Scrooge is the richest cartoon character and Princess Peach is the richest video game character?! CooooooooooooL! 💚

  • Neko 943
    Neko 943 39 minutes ago

    *golden weed*

  • marblepotato
    marblepotato 42 minutes ago

    i am a lion

  • Shane Washington
    Shane Washington 42 minutes ago

    You might actually be right about this.

  • Skztg
    Skztg 43 minutes ago

    matpat you’ve done like 30 fnaf episodes we know what hallucinations are

  • Louis Rus
    Louis Rus 45 minutes ago

    I think allot of people agreed with thanos actions even if it meant half the population dissappearing

  • Apollyon Katastrefia
    Apollyon Katastrefia 46 minutes ago

    Judith. . . I thought he killed Judith when he was six

  • Sonic The Hedgehog Fan 29


  • Random Potato
    Random Potato 46 minutes ago

    I wonder if the amounts of subatomic molecules would've also affected the process. Like, for example, what charge and isotope are we talking about for carbon, or are we dealing with multiple different ratios?

  • Money God
    Money God 47 minutes ago

    I dont think anyone realized it but the pen that flys out is black for gravity falls its white and red

  • wolf
    wolf 47 minutes ago

    think i have scars persanality

  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown 48 minutes ago

    What about miles morales

  • Charzatre V2
    Charzatre V2 48 minutes ago


  • Isabel Amelco
    Isabel Amelco 49 minutes ago

    Can you do a theory about puss in boots please?

  • Neko 943
    Neko 943 51 minute ago

    What about Canada

  • bennies fried chicken
    bennies fried chicken 51 minute ago

    *chemtrails* GAYBOMB Yep, thats it

  • Dallas Rosenthal
    Dallas Rosenthal 52 minutes ago

    This video went dark quickly

  • Deborah Kogan
    Deborah Kogan 53 minutes ago

    Excellent! It didn't happen that way, but thematically your ending fits much better.

  • Lilpeachy 934
    Lilpeachy 934 53 minutes ago

    I think it’s dinosaur I mean they are sooo extinct Wanna know a dinosaur fact The T-Rex in time is closer to an iPad then a stegosaurus

  • Conrad Jackson
    Conrad Jackson 54 minutes ago

    I was scared I’d Die from a drawing Matt makes of it

  • Cody Winchester96
    Cody Winchester96 55 minutes ago

    Or maybe it took them a couple minutes to get home it's a fictional show and they went to a fictional execution place that wasnt tied to real life

  • RangerAgr
    RangerAgr 55 minutes ago

    One must imagine Arthur Fleck as happy.

  • ankana oo
    ankana oo 57 minutes ago

    So there was a real Vandal Savage?

  • QveenLee !!!
    QveenLee !!! 57 minutes ago

    I never thought I was say this, but toys need equality too

  • random numbers 783
    random numbers 783 59 minutes ago

    Or it could be the other way round because the Joker's origin is to clear it has always been multiple choice

  • Lilpeachy 934
    Lilpeachy 934 59 minutes ago

    I think it’s Oregon I was right

  • Galaxymoon
    Galaxymoon 59 minutes ago

    Doi vs robin who will be the mayor

  • Hank
    Hank Hour ago

    i thought this was about that scene in Arkham City

  • Yency Turcios
    Yency Turcios Hour ago

    I am a lion

  • The Tiny Stop Motion'z

    12:24 its 10 years, actually.

  • Chirag Chavda
    Chirag Chavda Hour ago

    L is the best and light was the fucking cunt

  • Bladesofhoney
    Bladesofhoney Hour ago

    😎 is a time to come see y’all today lol omg

  • Kawthar Dashti
    Kawthar Dashti Hour ago


  • Tyranno rex l 2
    Tyranno rex l 2 Hour ago

    The king kong in godzilla vs king kong is no longer going to be the largest but 2020 will be

  • DDD Productions
    DDD Productions Hour ago

    This video didn't age well

  • [Lauren]
    [Lauren] Hour ago

    I've watched this over 25 times... I may have a problem

  • Anisah Huda
    Anisah Huda Hour ago


  • Aiden Redding
    Aiden Redding Hour ago

    mary ham is trapped, this is apec

  • helgrin
    helgrin Hour ago

    suffocation? Not like he will break out of 2 inch chain.

  • Deen R.
    Deen R. Hour ago

    Palms are sweaty... *M O M S S P A G H E T T I*

  • Jean Philip Stang Auseth


  • marblepotato
    marblepotato Hour ago

    nah the mac and chesse is a wight person thing

  • Matthew Sheikowitz

    I love oprah

  • work hard play hard

    Ok sure but I thought it was a kid that turned into donkey from panoceo the island that turned kids to donkeys lol

  • A Person
    A Person Hour ago

    Really. I leave TVclip for a month and find this

  • Penelope
    Penelope Hour ago

    As a victim of being turned into a donkey, I myself have dealt with the ptsd, and can understand why donkey wouldn't want it speak up about his experiences.

  • Raspy Potato
    Raspy Potato Hour ago

    18:31 so you're saying that you didn't find his net worth?

  • Mcnugget. Exe
    Mcnugget. Exe Hour ago

    I couldn’t stop laughing in the beginning because it reminded me if the training video michael showed

  • Leolionking 711
    Leolionking 711 Hour ago

    I HATED misas character in that DAMN STUPID HORRIBLE MOVIE

  • hashtagmate
    hashtagmate Hour ago

    "Throw in some tentacles and incest and you got yourself one of the most famous animes of all time" LOOOL you are just great matpat, you are great

  • Sabrina McNeil
    Sabrina McNeil Hour ago

    So then I guess method 3 would have to be the right method, it's the only one who gives us a trillion dollar company but prevents Scrooge from owning more money than the entire planet

  • corbwrigoo
    corbwrigoo Hour ago

    Well Matt if ur hoping u got the six picked out....don't get ur hopes up, cause there aren't gonna be another movie from Marvel with Spiderman........Screw you Sony.....

  • Mehga
    Mehga Hour ago

    I disagree with this. Those 2 criteria for being worthy could apply to millions, if not billions of people. Soldiers, law enforcement people who pushed someone out of the way of a vehicle would all be considered worthy. Black Widow doesn't do the things she does in the movies because it's the right thing to do. It's to try and redeem herself for all the bad she has done so she can put her mind at ease. Captain Marvel may very well be worthy. Just because she doesn't jump at the chance of killing herself to achieve her goals doesn't mean that she wouldn't if it was the only option.

  • Andy Red
    Andy Red Hour ago

    I think she could survive the fall because the heart of te fiti made the fall feel like nothing

  • Jaša Cucek
    Jaša Cucek Hour ago

    So short, prince is stupid. K thx mAt 🐢

  • blackfoxblast redrose

    Bro u need to go to bed

  • Hunter Goodon
    Hunter Goodon Hour ago

    Wait minute ashes pikachu has fought a carazard many times especially in XYZ

  • Alejandro Mangieri

    This aged well

  • Bhutan Banyoa
    Bhutan Banyoa Hour ago

    it the best Boku no Hero Academia the best or my hear academia :)

    ISAAC TUTTLE Hour ago

    Minecraft LIED TO ME 🤣

  • David Clowry
    David Clowry Hour ago


  • SciFi88
    SciFi88 Hour ago


  • EDITH Avenger
    EDITH Avenger Hour ago

    Why didn’t you add far from home stupid

  • Madeline Spencer

    What about the plains? Cars always go inside them!!!!