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24 HOUR Tropical Tree Fort!!
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  • Kolten Olson
    Kolten Olson 29 minutes ago


  • Kolten Olson
    Kolten Olson 29 minutes ago


  • Kirsty Murrells
    Kirsty Murrells 41 minute ago


  • jonathan Iveson
    jonathan Iveson 43 minutes ago

    you could have angle grinded those age handles smaller that wouldve helped

  • Elias Christensen
    Elias Christensen 47 minutes ago


  • JT Balkenhol
    JT Balkenhol 49 minutes ago

    Punch the ball guy

  • Love girl’s not boys XD

    Chris is then loser and Jeff win and I wan't Chris to win that my dad. Name

  • momo
    momo Hour ago

    What happened to all the fish

  • Elvira Pors
    Elvira Pors Hour ago


  • Superior Hero
    Superior Hero Hour ago

    LEL look at that hand

  • Nakye Ivey
    Nakye Ivey Hour ago

    That was fake but your videos are funny

  • David Dotson
    David Dotson Hour ago

    The area 51 raid is tommarow

  • Caroline Higgin
    Caroline Higgin Hour ago

    Stnff of ouol

  • Top Carz
    Top Carz Hour ago


  • James Wagenaar
    James Wagenaar Hour ago


  • train squash14
    train squash14 Hour ago

    JEOFF is my favourite

  • Andy Bailey
    Andy Bailey 2 hours ago

    Yet yet yeet

  • Samantha Ashley
    Samantha Ashley 2 hours ago


  • Wolf Gaming
    Wolf Gaming 2 hours ago

    11:35 thanks me later

  • Jude Bonnici
    Jude Bonnici 2 hours ago

    1 like one angle

  • Harry Monstrasoures 359

    Cris nooooo

  • Harry Monstrasoures 359

    So fun

  • Dorien Ouzts
    Dorien Ouzts 3 hours ago

    All 1.8k of u who unlike ur weird i broke my phone pressing the like button

  • Little Rascal 411
    Little Rascal 411 3 hours ago


  • Swirly Twirly
    Swirly Twirly 3 hours ago

    Is it just me or did anybody think that was Morgz in the thumbnail

    JAKE STER 3 hours ago

    A drone is more expensive then a tv?

  • DJ Lego
    DJ Lego 3 hours ago

    Idea for improving Rob's weapon. Have the nails all in a row on one side so that you can use blunt force damage with the metal back of the nails and stabbing damage with the nails points

  • Thomas Cahyono
    Thomas Cahyono 3 hours ago

    Who else always votes for Chris? Like if agree (pls)

  • Fire Ruby Fox Gaming

    I remember this when its still called “Cam & Jeff”

  • Hanlie van Deventer
    Hanlie van Deventer 4 hours ago


  • Lizelle Mostert
    Lizelle Mostert 4 hours ago


  • Fire Ruby Fox Gaming

    I remember this when its still called “Cam & Jeff”

  • Fire Ruby Fox Gaming

    I remember this when its still called “Cam & Jeff”

  • Lizelle Mostert
    Lizelle Mostert 4 hours ago


  • Ryland Glasser
    Ryland Glasser 4 hours ago

    Rob wins

  • Denleigh Spocter
    Denleigh Spocter 4 hours ago

    This vid is to short

  • Marcus Ebbesen Sønder

    Epic meme

  • Slython
    Slython 5 hours ago

    Well the title said “we opened it” soooooooooooooooooooo option 2 is not true

  • Reece Nelson
    Reece Nelson 5 hours ago

    One like = one rip for poor Elmo 😢 👇🏻

  • Srinivasa Rao
    Srinivasa Rao 5 hours ago

    Why do you lose jeffrey

  • Slython
    Slython 5 hours ago

    F in the chat for Chris

  • agela koykoymtzi
    agela koykoymtzi 5 hours ago


  • FoxyGamer 613
    FoxyGamer 613 5 hours ago


  • Neels Earle
    Neels Earle 5 hours ago


  • CripCess
    CripCess 5 hours ago

    I need Friends to do this with🥴

  • Slython
    Slython 5 hours ago

    “Nice punishments” ? Huh, is that a thing

  • Drawing Guy
    Drawing Guy 5 hours ago

    WhoA there’s still gonna be amazon in a zombie apocalypse I’m in

  • Marcus Ng Kai Lun Ng

    Staff of ouch is the best

  • Yugin Gautam
    Yugin Gautam 5 hours ago

    Chris do nicely

  • Use L3ss
    Use L3ss 6 hours ago

    Why do I feel like this was staged, I mean like why would Chris choose X or Q, that doesn’t make sense

  • the rose
    the rose 6 hours ago

    This is so Dangie😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • the rose
    the rose 6 hours ago

    Justice is all yours

  • Slython
    Slython 6 hours ago

    I’ve always wane

  • Josh Gaming
    Josh Gaming 6 hours ago

    *4:14** CRINGE*

  • Josh Gaming
    Josh Gaming 7 hours ago

    PRESS *F* TO PAY RESPECT 🏃🏻‍♂️🧟‍♂️

  • LeAnn Loftus
    LeAnn Loftus 7 hours ago

    I remember one when they were blind folded on family Friday throwing water balloons blind folded

  • LeAnn Loftus
    LeAnn Loftus 7 hours ago

    There was family Friday with rob

  • LeAnn Loftus
    LeAnn Loftus 7 hours ago

    Same here

  • Haley Mellick vlogs
    Haley Mellick vlogs 7 hours ago

    I just think maybe you shoulda backed up just a tad bit bc that pain was reeeeeaaaalllll

  • ZJG2007
    ZJG2007 7 hours ago

    The staff of ouch looks like a trident from aqua man or something

  • Ninja Ashton
    Ninja Ashton 7 hours ago


  • MuffinBaby
    MuffinBaby 7 hours ago


  • Urboijake Games n more stuff

    0:47 he’s doing the floss in the background LOL!

  • Awsomeboi2gamerz 1
    Awsomeboi2gamerz 1 7 hours ago

    Put ur frickin shirt on dweeb mofo god u can’t flex

  • Shin Manlangit
    Shin Manlangit 7 hours ago


  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez 7 hours ago

    That looks like the stormbreaker 2.1

  • nickynew2508
    nickynew2508 7 hours ago

    I have been watching since your channel was called cam and Jeff

  • Kristine Santos
    Kristine Santos 7 hours ago

    Its robiggerd

  • Isaac Lang
    Isaac Lang 7 hours ago

    Well, son of a gun! I was born in Lancaster! And I agree, there's nothing impressive about it.

  • Urboijake Games n more stuff

    9:35 did anyone notice that? 9:41 it’s walking/hiding!

  • magic the fox
    magic the fox 8 hours ago

    Ok I will try 😃😃😃😃

  • Branden Shade
    Branden Shade 8 hours ago


  • Springdude 11
    Springdude 11 8 hours ago

    Why do you guys do this? It isn't worth it.

  • Jayden TDM
    Jayden TDM 8 hours ago

    I wish that jeff would be more lucky

  • First name Last name

    Jeff my hair I naturaly cruly as in I have a natural bush on MY HEAD ! 💥

  • Aira Joy Duran
    Aira Joy Duran 9 hours ago

    Happy happy birthday 🎉 Robert

  • Zilla Killa
    Zilla Killa 9 hours ago

    This is Jeff = = 👂🏻👀👂🏻 👃🏻 👅

  • John Barton
    John Barton 9 hours ago

    Me too DJs football I saw that alien as well AREA 51!!! 😱😱😱😱😱👽👽👽👽

  • Eline Lyn
    Eline Lyn 9 hours ago

    I. think. those are not. real. zombies

  • Lily Weir
    Lily Weir 9 hours ago

    You guys have the most extreme videos. I love all your videos. They are the best

  • LNxDark 17
    LNxDark 17 9 hours ago

    Pro ? Doesn't look like it

  • Mr. Yee haw
    Mr. Yee haw 9 hours ago

    10:29 LOL

  • Superstar Boy
    Superstar Boy 10 hours ago

    Who thought that Roberts kinda looked like Thor’s hammer?

  • Purple Pig
    Purple Pig 10 hours ago

    10:01 Why u litter that water bottle bro? 😡

  • Callum Darra
    Callum Darra 10 hours ago

    Jeff with rubber bands on his face looks like leterface

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name 10 hours ago

    I would love to have a flour shower in that thing

  • Subashen Dawood
    Subashen Dawood 10 hours ago


  • memeing with friends ree

    U should make a switch on a chair so u fall in

  • Gamer S6
    Gamer S6 11 hours ago

    I frecking love this channel you guys are so fun keep posting because even if there hators there is 2 million people who love’s your channel ❤️❤️❤️

  • JipGames NL
    JipGames NL 11 hours ago

    He said A and you only filled in 1 a

  • Richard Holloway
    Richard Holloway 11 hours ago

    9:18...umm...ok I did

  • lou lou
    lou lou 11 hours ago


  • Cha Acta
    Cha Acta 11 hours ago


  • King Harris685
    King Harris685 12 hours ago

    who knows the channel about cam and Jeff? If you watched Cam and Jeff like this comment :3

  • Peta Winks
    Peta Winks 12 hours ago


  • michael magayanes
    michael magayanes 12 hours ago


  • Joe Smagge
    Joe Smagge 13 hours ago

    I love your videos I really want to meet you guys but I live in Alaska

  • NoT Noah
    NoT Noah 13 hours ago

    9:03 heres jhonny!

  • Zephaniah Sotouse
    Zephaniah Sotouse 13 hours ago