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  • Voodoo Yam
    Voodoo Yam Month ago


  • Emre Nuhoğlu
    Emre Nuhoğlu Month ago

    Hi. Is he playing through a roland jazz chorus 120 there?

  • Fulvio Venanzini
    Fulvio Venanzini Month ago


  • Mark Collins
    Mark Collins 2 months ago

    Who's the singer? Not Roy, right?

  • Scott Blanton
    Scott Blanton 2 months ago

    Roy was downright scary

  • Thomas D
    Thomas D 3 months ago

    l was at that concert!!!

  • Ella Catlett
    Ella Catlett 3 months ago

    Beyond Beautiful. Beyond Haunting. Beyond. Thank you for this.

  • Wayne Waldie
    Wayne Waldie 4 months ago


  • Kevin Briody
    Kevin Briody 4 months ago

    Love it! A fan for many years. The man knew how to work a Tele - for sure. 👍✌️

  • El gha M
    El gha M 4 months ago

    Sam Mendez, Thanks, y Muchas gracias. Just so beautiful.............

  • Rodrigo Morell
    Rodrigo Morell 5 months ago

    Hidden gems this performances

  • Steve Wexler, OD
    Steve Wexler, OD 5 months ago


  • Howard Alwine
    Howard Alwine 5 months ago

    One of the best guitar player's ever!!!!!! Still sounds great! 😉😇😘. I will always thank God for Roy Buchanan and his music!!!!

  • Derek Bond
    Derek Bond 6 months ago

    This is on another level.

  • Minnie Mice
    Minnie Mice 7 months ago


  • Jocelyn Callahan
    Jocelyn Callahan 8 months ago

    Sounds like Papa`s Will by the Amboy Dukes.

  • Joseph Hill
    Joseph Hill 8 months ago

    I thought Alvin Lee was king under ground blues then I heard Roy

  • Joseph Obenauer
    Joseph Obenauer 8 months ago

    Thank you, Mr. Mendez.

  • David Wendt
    David Wendt 9 months ago

    wow, saw him once, will never, ever forget it

  • Dean Fisher
    Dean Fisher 9 months ago

    Awsome style can pick up some licks in here gary moore used all the time would have to say roy is the master of bending

  • Ben Prevo
    Ben Prevo 9 months ago

    Hardtail 70's strat and fender fuzz/wah

  • leslie mountain
    leslie mountain 10 months ago

    This sounds amazing. Where can the whole show be found?

    • Voodoo Yam
      Voodoo Yam 4 days ago

      Here buddy

  • luis ramirez
    luis ramirez 10 months ago

    Roy put a different spin on one of Joe's best, and I like it !!

  • MojoPin1983
    MojoPin1983 11 months ago

    Apparently this show was filmed by multiple video cameras.

    • MojoPin1983
      MojoPin1983 11 months ago

      I agree. I read this on the Steve Hoffman Music Forums website: The person under the username, Trainwreck, wrote the following: *”...the 'first' live show with the band (at the tail end of overdubs for Grace) was at CB 313 Gallery....they tore that place down, had something to prove in their blood....the cameras were rolling, big ones.....That's the release I'm waiting for.* I'd been listening to the tunes in micorscopic detail for almost two months and watched Jeff nightly, in a private like setting....'do his thing'...and it was everything you'd expect it to be....mouth on the floor mesmerizing etc....but this was...mouth on the floor, cold brick upside the brain....sonic reality altered.....goosebumps. The audience was a weird mix...a lot of 'industry'....Andy of course, Steve Berkowitz etc... and pretty much all of the recording studio moles, myself included. And then, the 'fans', the ones that expected Jeff to be doing his solo/caberet thing (it was CB Gallery after all). This was their introduction into 'where' Jeff was going artistically and for some of them, it didn't go well, they cornered him after the show and berated him for going 'band' Dylan going was surreal. He tried to introduce me into the conversation after-show and they pummeled me out of the way like I was part of the just looked at me with a....stunned/wtf portrait captured like a cartoon....I was like....hugs & kisses, see ya tommorrow brother (some of his close friends were no better, dropping by the studio for a listen, responses were akin to....."ummm, this is different!!??"...poor guy, tough storm to stand against).” I noticed this and sent him a private email. We had a few exchanges. Here are his responses to me: *”Hey, There were cameras there, at times he was ham'n to them (ala Johnny Cash flip'n a bird etc..). So yea, I assume so, whether the footage still exist idk, if it did I'm sure they'd release it, unless it's in sub-par quality. I'll ask some who might know.* I was the assistant engineer at SoundTrack NYC on Grace. All the vox, and overdubs, fixes, and capturing the caberet performances...etc. Jeff lived down the street from the studio and started hang there a lot, a sorta artistic resort/enclave. Also, as life would have it, I was a student at G.I.T. in Hollywood with him (Jimmy Herring and Paul Gilbert) as well, same circle of friends. I still have the GIT graduation pamplet were Jeff is listed playing Weather Reports - Pearl on the Half Shell (on the attached image; see #13, #8 and #9 Jimmy Herring and Paul Gilbert performances...good times). So our life patterns were in sync I guess, we got to be good friends in NYC. Cabaret....basically his solo set. At the end of each night, Jeff would play thru tunes. Like Hali, or Corpus, trying to get 'the take', but he'd also break free and doing all sorts of random ****, from mocking Eddie Vedder to playing KISS tunes and Dylan, all over the was a treat. Just Andy and myself in attendance, nobody but the band and George were allowed in the session, he brought in Rebecca Moore to hear what was shaping and her reaction was bit....well....she said....."this is not what I expected Jeff", it wasn't a reaction he was anamoured with, but, nobody seen it coming, that's why the CB Gallery was so epic to me. After the show, he was literally cornered near the bathroom by fans telling him **** like..."Jeff, this all cute and everything, this band thing, but the REAL you is just you and the guitar Jeff, don't do this!!" etc...I was standing there with him!, he looked at me in disbelief, I was like, I'll see you tommorrow man....shaking my head and gave me a hug. He was trying to introduce me, but they kept pushing me out of the way to give him grief about his new Anyway...Hali and Corpus are composites.” I have tried to follow up with him several more times, but he hasn’t responded since March, 2018, despite logging in regularly. I don’t know why he has disappeared. Based on the Grace liner notes credits, the person in question is named, Bryant Jackson or Reggie Griffith.

    • Sam Mendez
      Sam Mendez 11 months ago

      MojoPin1983 Ooooh. Where did you hear this? Forget Her, from this particular show is exquisite.

  • Craig McCauley
    Craig McCauley 11 months ago

    Great guitar!

  • Misa rai
    Misa rai 11 months ago

    he went innnnnn on that performance!😭so awesome

  • Robby Prudon
    Robby Prudon Year ago

    Makasih,Sam; for updating!!!!!! Marvelousssss........

  • Phil Divver
    Phil Divver Year ago

    The Venue was Paul's Mall Summer of 1977. I was there and bought Roy a beer.

    • John Cena
      John Cena Year ago

      The video says it’s from 1983

  • Spas
    Spas Year ago

    This version is absolutely the perfect composition of nature's forces to produce a lovechild incarnated into each and every note sang or played by these guys...

  • Rob Hansult
    Rob Hansult Year ago

    Fucking Fuck!

  • George Moore
    George Moore Year ago

    was fortunate enough to see Roy live in Boulder Colorado in 78. I had trouble breathing because his playing was 5-star in a cheap dive .

  • Garth Seagrave
    Garth Seagrave Year ago

    I have been in a room of 25 people with Roy Buchanan and seen people weep at his brilliance and I was one of them

  • Frank DeNigris
    Frank DeNigris Year ago

    How proud must Joe Walsh have felt knowing Roy played this!

  • Charlie Rogers Music

    they really made a mess of this song real good

  • Kay Van Cooten
    Kay Van Cooten Year ago

    Aretha puts them to shame big time! I can hardly even recognise the song! ♡♡♡

  • majordendrocopos

    Errr...right on man?...zzzzzz...

  • Fire Away Productions

    This is a very interesting end. Let’s just say I’ve been experiencing an altered state of listening to this music, and I feel that is totally OK that this song cut off when it did. Thank you for uploading this song in its current state. God bless you

  • inyourfaceicity
    inyourfaceicity Year ago

    If this was the only information I got from listening to Eric Weinstein for two hours, it'd still be worth it. What an amazing player.

    • Sam Mendez
      Sam Mendez Year ago

      inyourfaceicity Funny! Listening to that podcast and hearing him mention Roy made me press rewind a few times just to be sure. Sadly, he’s not as well known as he should be.

  • Ryan Delmar
    Ryan Delmar Year ago

    Absolute garbage, obnoxious noise. Why do these second rate copycats even bother?

    • Thomas Webb
      Thomas Webb Year ago


    • Ryan Delmar
      Ryan Delmar Year ago

      da324 I will rephrase my overcritical (asshole) statement: This is one of my favorite songs of all time, and I don't care for this version.

    • da324
      da324 Year ago

      Ryan Delmar, You don't know shit! Roy could play with the best of them, just ask any of them if you ever meet em'.

    • Robert Duane
      Robert Duane Year ago

      Ryan Delmar don't trash the great guitarist you know nothing of scumser

  • Bobby Fairchild
    Bobby Fairchild Year ago

    Pure awesomeness, play on Roy!!! The angels are crying .

  • Mike Buchanan
    Mike Buchanan Year ago

    Wish I could say I was related. Never knew about this guy. Great stuff.

    • Dale Herda
      Dale Herda 5 months ago

      Check out the "Train Blues" video..pulls all the stops!

  • verginithe
    verginithe Year ago

    earls court version is better... its a magic spell in my opinion.

  • Minh Anh Đoàn
    Minh Anh Đoàn Year ago

    I only found out about this man now. Some tracks are so PF-ish, loving it!

  • John Leonard
    John Leonard Year ago


  • John Leonard
    John Leonard Year ago

    I bet Roy is playing a strat here. I saw him in a club in upstate NY about this time and je sounded lile this. Played a ton of Hendrix that night.

  • borko pepelcevic

    Nebeski tonovi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • borko pepelcevic

    Musik von Himmel!!!!!!!!

  • Tom Davidson
    Tom Davidson Year ago

    Thanks for posting ! It's So interesting to hear Roy using wah, etc. Of course we all know he needed only a guitar and an amp..but this is Really Cool too..Man could that guy play !!!

    • Derek Bond
      Derek Bond 6 months ago

      This really is an outstanding performance.

  • Loic B.
    Loic B. Year ago

    3:50 tons of goose bumps

  • mark andriscin
    mark andriscin Year ago

    the best haqd the pleasure of a few live concerts i bet one was at crystal springs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Evan's Gate
    Evan's Gate Year ago

    love your description, thanks for uploading! Roy Buchanan will never die!

  • Chris Jimenez
    Chris Jimenez Year ago

    Roy is in my top two favorite guitarists. It's him and Hendrix, in no order. This is brilliant I don't think it's possible to get better than this

  • rockislivin
    rockislivin Year ago

    no words can really express the depth, you just have to listen

  • Neal elliott
    Neal elliott Year ago

    It sounds like he's pushing that amp hard. I wish that I could have seen him play.

  • Keith Gardeck
    Keith Gardeck Year ago

    Some strange comments here. Zep use to do the same sort of riff diddling used here from about 1972 until this song was "retired" in 1975. Plant would vamp using lyrics from other songs in this section - mainly San Fransisco and with less frequency, Woodstock and this Spanish Harlem bit. Not a 'cover' folks 😘

  • Henk Vinke
    Henk Vinke Year ago

    Sam, thank you for uploading this!

  • Mary Corradini
    Mary Corradini Year ago

    .Anytime I hear the last name Buchanan, This is the man I think of! They do not make them like they used to!

    JEFFREY DAVID Year ago


    • Phil Divver
      Phil Divver Year ago

      The Venue was Paul's Mall Summer of 1977. I was there and bought Roy a beer.

  • Roy Daniels
    Roy Daniels Year ago

    Seal good

  • joebubbit
    joebubbit Year ago

    I saw Roy with Lonnie Mack and Dickey Betts at the Park West in '86. It was billed as the Great American Gui9tar Assault. It sure was.

  • douglas jardine
    douglas jardine Year ago

    he gets that tele to sound so tight how man how

  • Jack Empson
    Jack Empson Year ago

    This song used to really move me. i love his takeoffs.

  • Silent Leader
    Silent Leader 2 years ago

    Roy was a real American....... end of the story..

    • da324
      da324 Year ago

      What the fuck does that even mean? He was American because his parents fucked here, that's all.

  • Frank Srok
    Frank Srok 2 years ago

    saw him in 78. so crispy. so cean.

  • Chalermpol Punjatep
    Chalermpol Punjatep 2 years ago

    I got earworm of this song (the version I know was Rebecca Pidgeon). Now the worm is gone after I discovered this version.

  • Amy Sutherland
    Amy Sutherland 2 years ago

    Stunning solo. Wonderfull song

  • WeeWee Woowoo
    WeeWee Woowoo 2 years ago

    Thank you Thank you

  • JohnsRadios
    JohnsRadios 2 years ago

    Thanks for the post love Roy and Billy Price really sings the heck out of this song.

  • Eduardo  Carvalho
    Eduardo Carvalho 2 years ago

    Meu Deus, que som é esse...

  • Mike McM
    Mike McM 2 years ago

    Pretty sure I was at this show. IS this the night a guy fell asleep with his head inside one of the Peavey SP1 PA cabinets.... ouch!!! LOL

  • Sean Clayton
    Sean Clayton 2 years ago


  • Jack Empson
    Jack Empson 2 years ago

    I saw him at this concert and he was drunk and carried a six pack on stage with him. He then began so play the hell out of the guitar.

  • ¿
    ¿ 2 years ago

    Led Zeppelin is known for their ability to take old songs to impressive new heights. This unfortunately is not one such example

  • MusicAlley Inc.
    MusicAlley Inc. 2 years ago

    Follow the links to discover the world's greatest unknown live music venue> powered by cats +you! ;)

  • Jack Empson
    Jack Empson 2 years ago

    I was at this concert. He was great.

  • Bradley Hall
    Bradley Hall 2 years ago

    If your going to, the mighty arms of, there is a rose in / good.

  • Anderson
    Anderson 2 years ago

    Excelente trabalho do melhor q Guitarrista que já pisou nessa terra

  • dilalio cobuns
    dilalio cobuns 2 years ago

    I'm gonna go and post the link to this vid, on some justin bieber vids, show them the light.

  • Morgana Rose
    Morgana Rose 2 years ago

    Amazing. Encompasses all that is Zeppelin.

  • Al Sowa
    Al Sowa 2 years ago

    I remember being at this concert, thank you Sam for posting.

    • Jack Empson
      Jack Empson 2 years ago

      I was there too. maybe we crossed paths. haha!

    • Al Sowa
      Al Sowa 2 years ago

      YES IT WAS.

    • dilalio cobuns
      dilalio cobuns 2 years ago

      thats amazing man, peeps say this recordin is bad but its one of my favourites, omg that solo. was it as riveting live as this recording is ?

    • Al Sowa
      Al Sowa 2 years ago

      yes sir, While we were waiting to get in the manager was out front and I mentioned to him Sir you booked a really great show, He called out to one of the staff and said, "Pauli take these gentlemen to the front". So there we were sitting at a front table drinking pina coladas and watching one of the worlds greatest guitarist. I was 27 years old.

    • dilalio cobuns
      dilalio cobuns 2 years ago

      u for real ?

  • james reinolds
    james reinolds 2 years ago

    incredible beautiful!

  • joe gorman
    joe gorman 2 years ago

    This is great - I was there that night.

  • thomas h
    thomas h 2 years ago

    christ, he was barely competent to even touch a guitar. meandering drunken vomit.

    • Sage Adams
      Sage Adams Year ago


    • da324
      da324 Year ago

      thomas h, yea, that's why most great guitarists think so highly of him. Fuck off!

  • Elizabeth cm1995
    Elizabeth cm1995 2 years ago

    well done!!

  • Adam Bowen-Burrell-Holmes

    The last year at the old 9:30 spot. So good. They say that video of this show exists somewhere.

    • MojoPin1983
      MojoPin1983 2 years ago

      Indeed: "Sometimes it was my third job of the day and it was a crappy band, and sometimes it was my third job of the day and I am the luckiest person in the world," Stubs says. On one such night, she filmed Jeff Buckley. "I just shot an angel," she thought at the time. "I didn't know him, I didn't know his music...but this voice, [I thought] that's unbelievable. Oh my god, I'm so lucky." Unfortunately, neither that Buckley show nor a Nirvana set were recorded to tape. But she often did make free dubs on her portable video recorder for bands--usually local ones--and she held onto the bulky 3/4-inch tape herself."

  • Lawrence Abbott
    Lawrence Abbott 2 years ago

    /be9BR0nnAy0 everyone check out this version that starts off with Zeppelin, homestly the gnarliessstt!!! EVERRRRR!!!!!

  • A. Cipriano
    A. Cipriano 2 years ago

    Não interessa que alguns gostem do Bieber ou da Taylor Swift, este trabalho do Roy é genial, e isso é que importa ...

  • Brick OGDEN
    Brick OGDEN 2 years ago


  • Сергей Косарев

    Начни с 6:52.Орущая гопота мешает.Она его и убьет...

  • MojoPin1983
    MojoPin1983 2 years ago

    Here is a cover I did of the Four Sticks segue to The Way Young Lovers Do:

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 2 years ago

    The feedback is sublime.

  • EFB562EFB
    EFB562EFB 2 years ago

    EFB 562 ST6 HLD EFB

  • PermaKulHurTur
    PermaKulHurTur 2 years ago

    And I thought I had seen them all, royzbluez videos. He must have been really into it that night. I think his music got into him so much it killed him, even if the cops did the dirty work to get him there.

    • R P
      R P 8 months ago

      dont think

  • m 75
    m 75 2 years ago

    so beautiful...I.m crying

  • m 75
    m 75 2 years ago

    Forever in my heart...the only one...

  • Tearhill
    Tearhill 2 years ago

    dang, thought it was live video...

  • Mike B
    Mike B 2 years ago

    Amazing Pure Led Zeppelin wooooo yaaaaaa

  • Timothy Hanser
    Timothy Hanser 2 years ago

    Was fortunate enough to see Roy on a bill at an outdoor concert where he headlined. All day affair that happened to also feature the James Gang with Tommy Bolin on guitar post-Joe Walsh's departure. All this for $5!

    • D Dudemanhey
      D Dudemanhey 8 months ago

      Timothy Hanser I hope you never lose that memory. I am jealous.

    • Thomas Webb
      Thomas Webb Year ago


    • Charles Demetri
      Charles Demetri Year ago

      Holy Shit!!! For $5!! Buchanan and Bolin in the same night that had to be fantastic...lucky man!

    • Joseph Obenauer
      Joseph Obenauer 2 years ago

      Tommy Bolin with the James Gang! Saw Tommy Bolin @ My Father' Place here on Long Island NY circa 1975, wow, on another level...all the best

  • Tommy Bain
    Tommy Bain 2 years ago

    I want to like this. He could play.....some. But it kind of puts me in mind of what Neil Young might sound like if you asked him to try to play jazz. When actually it's just Roy Buchanan trying to play jazz

    • Joseph Obenauer
      Joseph Obenauer 2 years ago

      pull your head out from your posterior please.

    • Mark Silowitz
      Mark Silowitz 2 years ago

      I wanted to like your comment.......but it kinda makes no sense at all. I'd like to see what "jazz" albums are in your collection, if this is reminding you of Neil Young trying to play jazz. Jazz is not just vamping. One of Roy's better bands, they are actually having a conversation. That might be what is making you think of jazz. Roy didn't have to scream in overdrive on every song.

  • CK Martin
    CK Martin 2 years ago

    those goofy guyz.....🌹🌹🌹🌹 Robert sounds like he's underwater