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  • Gabriel Gómez
    Gabriel Gómez 6 minutes ago

    Yust came because she is my crush

  • Gabriel Gómez
    Gabriel Gómez 7 minutes ago


  • Mzwakhe Nikelo
    Mzwakhe Nikelo 16 minutes ago

    The guy was eating soup and watching them

  • Robin Lambert
    Robin Lambert 19 minutes ago

    Wow, Gene has an amazingly calming voice .

  • Robin Lambert
    Robin Lambert 21 minute ago

    Love seeing father and daughter bonding

  • Marco Sosa
    Marco Sosa 22 minutes ago


  • Jonathan Dindyal
    Jonathan Dindyal 56 minutes ago

    Jessie and debby Ryan completely different personalities same person tho

  • Fantastically Lame

    Madelaine looks so human compared to Cheryl

  • L'or Reina
    L'or Reina Hour ago

    Waaw love it 😍😍 I want this for my Long hair

  • Grace Dinsmore
    Grace Dinsmore Hour ago

    Mila Kunis regretting playing Jackie burkhartt for 3 minutes

  • Tatiana Carmen
    Tatiana Carmen Hour ago

    Loved every style

  • Sinister Siang
    Sinister Siang 3 hours ago

    Felipe from Flamingo has arrived 2:22

  • Dantes Vasquez
    Dantes Vasquez 3 hours ago

    Garen is so cool. 😄

  • Flutter Girl Mystified

    I'ml ready for bed now because Mr. Simmons' voice is so pleasant. His daughter is adorable.

  • Rob Batenburg
    Rob Batenburg 4 hours ago


  • Mohammed Nizam
    Mohammed Nizam 4 hours ago

    All 3 black women are beautiful, the first one was gorgeous

  • Laijlah
    Laijlah 4 hours ago

    Halsey is such a beauty and doesn't look like all these instagram models

  • nickel1459
    nickel1459 5 hours ago

    I loved her all the way since 2010

  • Olga Osorya
    Olga Osorya 5 hours ago

    Когда я вырасту, то хочу быть похожей на неё! 😍

  • Sophie Tricker
    Sophie Tricker 5 hours ago

    Antoni ranting about water is a mood

  • Dark Caesar
    Dark Caesar 5 hours ago

    The first chick is gorgeous

  • Olga Osorya
    Olga Osorya 5 hours ago

    Уооо! Красотка! 😍

  • dee
    dee 5 hours ago

    What place has the best tap water again?

  • Gatcha StrangerThings

    Roses are red Vilots are blue gaten I love u

  • dung thach
    dung thach 5 hours ago

    Suave needs to sponsor this man

  • Jessica Schoonmaker
    Jessica Schoonmaker 6 hours ago

    Where's the Kesha I grew up with this her tacky aunt

  • Bridgette Ross
    Bridgette Ross 6 hours ago

    they did give you the best drugstore lipstick tho.. maybelline killin it

  • Angela Vizacori
    Angela Vizacori 6 hours ago

    Lindo sem make maravilinda com😍😍😍😍

  • SirBass
    SirBass 6 hours ago

    I love herrrrr

  • I_luv_mephy 123
    I_luv_mephy 123 6 hours ago

    Is nobody bothered by the fact that she just called bohemian raspody a shit movie because I'm triggered

  • Candle Kane
    Candle Kane 6 hours ago

    I even knew a lot of these (The gummies, lemonade and the weave) just by looking from a computer screen. Its not hard, and I ain't rich

  • TheBallroomninja
    TheBallroomninja 6 hours ago

    Iggy needs to redo it, she had like 5 items.

  • Sam Urai
    Sam Urai 7 hours ago

    Lmao 😆

  • Evelina
    Evelina 7 hours ago

    3 minutes of celebrities saying “New York has the best tap water”.

  • David
    David 7 hours ago

    I see Iggy Azalea and I click.

  • Kaykay lovesJesus
    Kaykay lovesJesus 7 hours ago

    This hairdresser is gifted. Beautiful black ladies.,

  • I like to sleep
    I like to sleep 7 hours ago

    How does one not get dark circles under the eyes? Seriously I sleep 8/9 hours per night, I use eye cream every morning, and still I've been having them for at least 6 years. They never got better. Help.

  • Can i get 10.000 Subscribers for thanks?

    Who has been a fan of Cosmopolitan before 2019?? show yourself in comment section 🔥♥️

  • Araceli Carmona
    Araceli Carmona 7 hours ago

    Wuaooo......😱😱😱.... hermosísimos ojos....mensa yo para maquillarme..... excelente maquillaje felicidades....😍😍💋💋

  • Sadboi Saboiskii
    Sadboi Saboiskii 7 hours ago


  • NANCY Madja
    NANCY Madja 7 hours ago

    I Love Liza koshy

  • emptymorphous
    emptymorphous 8 hours ago

    I love this little fellow

  • Ci Fashion & Style
    Ci Fashion & Style 8 hours ago


  • Grace Fortune
    Grace Fortune 8 hours ago

    lizza's was so unfair yet she still got it right 😂😂

  • Hannah Brown cow
    Hannah Brown cow 8 hours ago

    Hannah brown.. love that

    DIGI-REED-OOH 8 hours ago

    Btw if you play Fortnite my epic is POTTERHEAD-AVI

    DIGI-REED-OOH 8 hours ago

    Love you

  • Abdulu Hannan
    Abdulu Hannan 8 hours ago


  • Estefanya Crossdresser

    Primeiro... ,,,



  • vie en rose
    vie en rose 8 hours ago

    So she's not single???

  • Ri Lovesyou
    Ri Lovesyou 8 hours ago

    what I learned from Gaten is if it's weird tasting then it's definitely expensive ✨

  • xTenshiAi
    xTenshiAi 8 hours ago


  • mi Esperanza
    mi Esperanza 8 hours ago

    Wao😱...great work,God bless your hands.Beautiful braids

  • Ege Aksoy
    Ege Aksoy 9 hours ago

    I’m soooo jealous that she can make money while she is in bed

  • Millie Stinson
    Millie Stinson 9 hours ago

    She should meet Poppy again!!!!

  • Noza Akilkhanova
    Noza Akilkhanova 9 hours ago

    Not sure why it is in my recommendations, but now I'm curious how come there is only black girls in this video? The title is misleading :( I was expecting some diversity since it says natural hair

  • Lisa Conrad
    Lisa Conrad 9 hours ago

    I'm sorry to all u Kesha fans out there but she's going to fail because obviously good taste is like Greek to her!

  • Amina Gurhan
    Amina Gurhan 9 hours ago

    Natural beauty

    TAHERA TS 10 hours ago

    Why none of them have dark lips -,- if I had pink lips like this I WOULD NEVER APPLY LIPSTICK LOL

  • JUSH Fan
    JUSH Fan 10 hours ago

    I just realised she doesn’t cut her crease ❤️

  • Stephanie Minnick
    Stephanie Minnick 10 hours ago

    Iggy only has 6 items while Liza had like 9 or 10

  • Rusty Cummings
    Rusty Cummings 10 hours ago

    I don't care how this girls hair is done , she is soo beautiful , WOW

  • Jean Doe
    Jean Doe 10 hours ago

    Choose ladies with severe acne, large pores, oily face, severe milia, hairy face, severe pimples, and eczema and you'll see them breakdown. Because without make up they will definetly feel ugly. Like me, i cant do that because I have PCOS I have hairy face, pimples, and acne. I rather die than people see me without my make up. Im ugly. Im really ugly!

  • riya mukherjee
    riya mukherjee 11 hours ago

    Remedy to look beautiful:- *SMILE* *Stay* *REAL*

  • Colosco
    Colosco 11 hours ago

    You kinda naturally look the the Britney Spears from how I met your mother

  • Shaw Smith
    Shaw Smith 11 hours ago

    She is an Artist!

  • Fuch Gamer
    Fuch Gamer 11 hours ago

    Madeleine: Me:Does the same act with barbies

  • Matthew Worswick
    Matthew Worswick 11 hours ago

    I've never thought of him as posh

  • Jessica Setiawan
    Jessica Setiawan 11 hours ago

    they are all beautiful even without make up 😊

  • Elaine Rodriguez
    Elaine Rodriguez 11 hours ago

    😂 my boyfriend and I watch that 70s show religiously

  • Amiza Iza
    Amiza Iza 11 hours ago

    they all beautiful 🥰

  • Amiza Iza
    Amiza Iza 12 hours ago

    she is beautiful ♥️

  • Abou Traore
    Abou Traore 12 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣beautiful queens

  • Shafeeda Musthafa
    Shafeeda Musthafa 12 hours ago

    Wow all these women are beautiful without make up

    DINA JAE 12 hours ago

    Me with makeup look like Barbie Me without make up look like Anabelle 😑

  • Tessa Erives-Estrada
    Tessa Erives-Estrada 13 hours ago

    Iggy only had 6... she had 10.

    • David
      David 33 minutes ago

      Tessa Erives-Estrada Iggy’s questions was harder.

  • Cruella Devil
    Cruella Devil 13 hours ago

    We stan

  • Smita Ghosh
    Smita Ghosh 13 hours ago

    Wow realistic fake blood

  • Allison’slibraryknook

    This is such a wonderful family and mom! Best of luck. ❤️

  • Marian T
    Marian T 14 hours ago

    They're all so pretty but all that tugging on the skin was giving me anxiety


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  • Jiyeon Yoo
    Jiyeon Yoo 15 hours ago

    Her skin looks smooth as hell

  • Shubhi Tyagi
    Shubhi Tyagi 15 hours ago

    these girls already have beautiful skin if you really wanna encourage girls to love their skin .. you need to show girls w real skin problems n all for me this is depressing as I can't love myself I don't have such good skin without makeup i would look worst than them

  • The Dom
    The Dom 15 hours ago

    I hardly call $4 vs $7 gauc “cheap versus expensive”

  • The Kets
    The Kets 15 hours ago

    They still look so beautiful with or without makeup.

  • Meenakshi Sharma
    Meenakshi Sharma 15 hours ago

    Look like jhanvi kapoor

  • Suki
    Suki 15 hours ago

    How can he put lashes better on then me

  • sadia afrin shemul
    sadia afrin shemul 15 hours ago

    Every single women is beautiful without makeup.

  • Tayla X
    Tayla X 16 hours ago

    The clips of the rabbit bra from this video is being advertised on TVclip as the Wonda bra. Is that made by the same company??

  • Padmashree Ramamurthy
    Padmashree Ramamurthy 16 hours ago

    They all look way better without make up !

  • iamthugmusic _mendesarmy_

    *disney has left the chat* *Virginity has entered the chat*

  • loopsien peaches
    loopsien peaches 16 hours ago

    so fucking barbie and hot😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

  • Ifa Sky
    Ifa Sky 17 hours ago

    They looked more beautiful without makeup, right????

  • Moaath MAS
    Moaath MAS 17 hours ago

    can someone tells me the music name at the beginning

  • adhithi cool
    adhithi cool 17 hours ago

    All are so beautiful even without makeup

  • Becca M
    Becca M 18 hours ago

    Wow black Americans have the best hair ever

  • Amara Mast
    Amara Mast 18 hours ago

    Why do you guys keep adding more diamonds? You just make it impossible for anyone to beat Iggy cuz she got 6/6

  • Jennifer Finucane
    Jennifer Finucane 18 hours ago

    Wow! Stunning hairstyle!!

  • Angie Baptiste
    Angie Baptiste 18 hours ago

    Peep the gummy bear still in her waistband