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  • JamCookiex Gaming
    JamCookiex Gaming 23 minutes ago

    And I imagine myself in the background with a book in hand, not caring at all at first and then when the crowd goes wild I'll be like ”whats happening?”

  • Michael Bryant
    Michael Bryant 53 minutes ago

    Later they had sexual relations.

  • DaMan Rando
    DaMan Rando Hour ago

    I can't express how happy I am to see us play all 4 quarters. Nebraska's biggest failure these past few years has to be not playing the 4th quarter

  • raymond weaver
    raymond weaver Hour ago

    How many days until Ash is gone?

  • Bobbi Floss
    Bobbi Floss Hour ago

    You want Bernie Sanders to pay for the wedding ?

  • nobody is here
    nobody is here Hour ago

    It’s a no from me.

  • Julia DZ
    Julia DZ 2 hours ago

    That was adorable!!! I mean you can tell they actually love each other even tho there kinda young

  • William Tabor
    William Tabor 2 hours ago

    Haha Davis Dababy

  • bluemystic7501
    bluemystic7501 2 hours ago

    As a Buckeye fan, Wisconsin looks strong this year.

  • Randolph D
    Randolph D 2 hours ago

    I wanted to see that forward pass fumble, had to listen to this one on the road. It sounds like the officials were not great, but its hard to tell from the radio.

    • OAT351
      OAT351 Hour ago

      The whistle had blown. In no situation does the gameplay continue after the whistle blows. If you watch the replay, the Nebraska players aren't even paying attention, because the ball is dead, and the play over. There's no situation where possession can change hands after the action has stopped. The refs made a number of questionable calls in the game.

    • Paul Kenney
      Paul Kenney Hour ago

      It was crazy they overturned it from an incomplete pass to a fumble. Definitely borderline, and definitely not conclusive enough to overturn the call. Then, ridiculous later when Illinois did the same exact thing, they rule it a fumble on the field, and again overturn the call in Illinois' favor. But I guess it's whatever since they walked away with the W.

  • Luke Boettcher
    Luke Boettcher 2 hours ago

    Couldn't watch the game last night because I was working, but I got to listen to it over the radio 😂 This one seemed like a fun game to watch, though.

  • Brock Comegys
    Brock Comegys 3 hours ago

    O! H! ..........I! O!

  • That Guy
    That Guy 3 hours ago

    Run past? The game I saw he ran over Michigan. Great game Wisconsin, you played great football. Michigan... the only thing your good at this year is turnovers. What joke.

  • Dr. Free meal
    Dr. Free meal 3 hours ago

    I like how the cornhusker jumps in the endzone . Just like a little girl.

    • Stephen Bentley
      Stephen Bentley 30 minutes ago

      Dr. Free meal what. Lol you know how many guys do that? Can’t even take the time to spell out the players name. “The cornhusker”

    • OAT351
      OAT351 Hour ago

      It was a true freshman's first collegiate touchdown. Heaven forbid the players show any excitement on the field, Adolf.

  • Parky Pig
    Parky Pig 3 hours ago

    It is great to be a Purdue fan and watch him

  • Rurdes
    Rurdes 4 hours ago

    they divorced a day after the proposal, he met a new girl.

  • Ed Francis
    Ed Francis 4 hours ago

    Mich at least won the off season again

  • Sharon Horsfall
    Sharon Horsfall 4 hours ago

    who's cutting up the onions?

  • Parker Stevens
    Parker Stevens 4 hours ago

    Brandon peters is so underrated

  • Matthew Fortner
    Matthew Fortner 4 hours ago

    I don’t wanna talk about the first quarter, but the response in the second was phenomenal. 42 points in 15 minutes is just unbeatable

  • Allen Saunders
    Allen Saunders 4 hours ago

    Compared to UCLA and Washington state this is a defensive struggle

  • B Xiong
    B Xiong 4 hours ago

    There took err job!!!

  • Brock Comegys
    Brock Comegys 4 hours ago

    I'll be seeing you guys in Lincoln next week! Hope the buckeyes play this way again! Go Bucks!

  • Brady Wilson
    Brady Wilson 4 hours ago

    Wandale Robinson is legit

  • Willy Ghost
    Willy Ghost 5 hours ago


  • Brandon Zurvalec
    Brandon Zurvalec 5 hours ago

    That's okay; Michigan will begin next season ranked as one of the top teams in the country because of national championships they won in the 1940s and earlier.

  • poodook
    poodook 5 hours ago


  • TheNoobyLetsPlayer Roblox

    This game Special teams lmao

  • Nonya Biz
    Nonya Biz 5 hours ago

    Best team in the country...Now watch everybody freak out by this comment . Lol

  • CA C
    CA C 5 hours ago

    Nebraska offense out gained Illinois' offense by 400 yards and still only won by 4 points. Unheard of.

    • CA C
      CA C 4 hours ago

      @Daniel Schafer I totally agree. Without those fumbles the game would've been a blowout. If the Husker coaches can get their players to not allow the ball to be stripped like that I think it's entirely possible that they beat Ohio State.

    • Daniel Schafer
      Daniel Schafer 4 hours ago

      CA C They got 21 points off our fumbles. Had we turned those drives into touchdowns that game would’ve been an absolute blowout

  • Will Haroldson
    Will Haroldson 5 hours ago

    imagine how different this game would of been if hornibrook was still here

  • American Flying Hawk

    I asked God yesterday, "why would you stop a perfectly good game with lightening?"...and he said "because Woody wanted to go for a two point conversion again!" Get Ready Clemson/LSU/Bama!!!

  • Jeff s
    Jeff s 5 hours ago

    Loved watching this game! Go Bucks!!!!

  • Cody Nieman
    Cody Nieman 5 hours ago

    Remember all the pre season hype surrounding Nebraska? I read articles out of Lincoln speculating that Nebraska could be national championship contenders this year.. here they are in week 4, BARELY eeking out a win against arguably the worst team in the big ten west. Y'all need to calm down

    • JaquisTheBeast FromTheEast
      JaquisTheBeast FromTheEast 2 hours ago

      Cody Nieman ye true. We need to win on the road against better teams. That’s our main struggle

  • Jake Kinkaid
    Jake Kinkaid 5 hours ago

    At least game day is in Lincoln

  • CA C
    CA C 6 hours ago

    I think Nebraska will beat Ohio State.

  • Ahmad Kamel
    Ahmad Kamel 6 hours ago

    When did Jerry sundusky get out jail

  • Honkall p. Honktrane

    Please god tell me Mills won't touch another ball the rest of the season

  • Jarrod Brummund
    Jarrod Brummund 6 hours ago

    I seriously wish we had a know that thing where tackle the QB and wait...just tackle anyone that has the ball. What is with the attempted leg grabbing all the time? HIT HIM IN THE CHEST!!!

  • Marguerite Martinez
    Marguerite Martinez 6 hours ago

    Amazing and a hard fought comeback a truly 💪👌 blackshirt win baby and that offense and defense 💪 Win. Them Huskers are Tough, 🌽🌽 🌽🌽 🌽🌽🌽 🌽🌽 🌽🌽 🌽 head 4-Life. I left champagne and getting ready for the Broncos and Packers in Lambfield LoL. Them Huskers are Tough 🌽🌽 🌽🌽 🌽🌽 🌽🌽 🌽🌽 🌽🌽 🌽🌽 🌽🌽 🌽🌽 🌽🌽 🌽🌽 🌽🌽 🌽🌽 🌽🌽 🌽🌽 🌽🌽 🌽🌽 🌽

  • Eddie 1925
    Eddie 1925 6 hours ago

    And Overrated State plays another bum school and the accolades rain down upon them. They at least will play three ranked teams in Michigan, Wisconsin and Penn State

    • tyler palermino
      tyler palermino 36 minutes ago

      D.A.Y if he thinks michigan will be ranked even he has a screw loose LMAO

    • D.A.Y
      D.A.Y 2 hours ago

      Wisconsin and Penn State might bring it, but if you actually think Michigan has any chance right now, you need help😂

  • Donnie Peterson
    Donnie Peterson 6 hours ago

    Way to go Nebraska!

  • Marley Colbert
    Marley Colbert 7 hours ago

    I swear Taylor Martinez has been playing in college since 2012 😂😂

    • Gary Morris
      Gary Morris 3 hours ago

      @Japstxr Goonez I also think he is joking, but can't be certain.

    • Japstxr Goonez
      Japstxr Goonez 4 hours ago

      I’m not sure if this is a joke or you’re really that reee... it’s Adrian Martinez not Taylor.

    • Dc Joeblack
      Dc Joeblack 6 hours ago


  • Cody Jackson
    Cody Jackson 7 hours ago

    Waaay toooo young, my 23 year old ex was talking about wedding rings a few days before she needed to "go be young and single" Women have NO idea of what they want lol

  • OhMy MyM
    OhMy MyM 7 hours ago

    Ohio State lookin like the Team to beat this year. Have no clue how they are not rated in top 3.

    • D.A.Y
      D.A.Y 2 hours ago

      Ikr they’re the best team right now not named Alabama or Clemson

  • Eric S
    Eric S 7 hours ago

    War eagle

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith 7 hours ago

    War eagle

    • CA C
      CA C 4 hours ago

      War what? I'm confused.

  • Jay's luggage
    Jay's luggage 8 hours ago

    Chase Young on Defense,Justin Feilds on Offense✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾🚀🚀🚀🚀👊🏿

    • B Boss08
      B Boss08 5 hours ago

      Me sitting at home watching

  • ze
    ze 8 hours ago

    Phew, wow, GO BIG RED!

  • Papi Thanos
    Papi Thanos 8 hours ago

    We had our 3rd string qb in and we were still whooping them

    • MMAallDAY 247365
      MMAallDAY 247365 4 hours ago

      Thats because osu doesn't have 2nd and 3rd string we just have more starters

  • aMulliganStew
    aMulliganStew 8 hours ago

    Opening Vegas line (my guess) OSU by 21.

    • aMulliganStew
      aMulliganStew Hour ago

      @Rick James. Good guess. According to Vegas Insider, the open was 15 with two of the casinos immediately bumping up to 16 1/2.

    • Gary Morris
      Gary Morris 3 hours ago

      There is no way in the world it will be a 21-point spread.

    • Rick James
      Rick James 4 hours ago

      Nebraska Cornhuskers WOW! That’s shocking thanks for the heads up! GBR!!

    • Nebraska Cornhuskers
      Nebraska Cornhuskers 4 hours ago

      You all (including myself) might be surprised to know that it's only OSU by 7 (6.5) to be exact.

    • Rick James
      Rick James 7 hours ago

      aMulliganStew maybe 17 (my guess) but it very well can be 21

  • aMulliganStew
    aMulliganStew 8 hours ago

    I just can’t find a way to be proud of a “winning” performance that included 4 fumbles and 70 yards of penalties.

    • Stephen Bentley
      Stephen Bentley 29 minutes ago

      aMulliganStew then don’t be pleb

    • Gary Morris
      Gary Morris 3 hours ago

      I am very proud of the way they fought back. They were down 14 points with less than six minutes to play in the 3rd quarter, and won ! and you can't be proud of this ?

    • Gary Morris
      Gary Morris 3 hours ago

      @st85100 You are correct. It takes a great effort to overcome this many turnovers. I am delighted with the win.

    • st85100
      st85100 7 hours ago

      Think about it this way most teams would've lost that game. They fought hard, never gave up and came out a winner. They're not all going to look good and be pretty.

  • C Longstreet
    C Longstreet 8 hours ago

    Ohio State wins by 70! BAD NEWS-- its only Miami Ohio

  • Goat _ Schneider
    Goat _ Schneider 9 hours ago

    I was there

  • Tyler Haddox
    Tyler Haddox 9 hours ago

    That was almost 2 years ago now Ohio State is stronger than ever.

  • Jay Gahm
    Jay Gahm 9 hours ago

    Wow! This really tells how bad Michigan played. They couldn't even load the box and stop these simple run plays.

  • junglebrutalitydeath

    Great job Badgers! Another Overrated/Overhyped/CFP/etc... wolverine team (just like every year) showing just how lame their team really is all around. Great win! Great Loss for the team,the team, the team... 😂

  • Kinglore2000
    Kinglore2000 9 hours ago

    Like watching a cartoon where there has to be some kind of moral lesson at the end of it.

  • redrider general
    redrider general 10 hours ago

    Their punter is ridiculous.. Those 99.5 yd drives were a plenty

  • Jacob The Prank Artist

    A win is a win

  • Spencer Cranmer
    Spencer Cranmer 10 hours ago

    I haven't seen/heard a Illinois crowd like that in over 10 yrs

    • Random Name
      Random Name 47 minutes ago

      Well, even the radio announcers said it was hard to seperate the red from the oranges. ;)

    • lalaI251
      lalaI251 5 hours ago

      Spencer Cranmer as an Illinois student I was also surprised

  • Michael Vuong
    Michael Vuong 11 hours ago

    This video is rated M for maturity

  • Chad w
    Chad w 11 hours ago

    so he spent money and what changed? nothing....

  • Corey Diemer
    Corey Diemer 12 hours ago

    That pass to Ben Vic was beautiful

  • Michael Melling
    Michael Melling 12 hours ago

    Keep her steady as she goes, Harbaugh and his staff will do a little tweaking here and there and soon we'll be playing for the conference championship, I can feel it in my bones.

  • Dan Kentigian
    Dan Kentigian 12 hours ago

    This reminds me of when my HS girlfriend dumped me and slept with another guy the same day

  • Reece Elkins
    Reece Elkins 12 hours ago

    Why does the ncaa need 4 non conference games?

  • Mel Pierce
    Mel Pierce 12 hours ago

    Love the Spartans! Have to say Northwestern's coach is a class act. Real gentleman and great coach.

    • Andrew Geahan
      Andrew Geahan 3 hours ago

      Yeah I love that guy. I'm a secret NW fan when they aren't playing State. Shhhh.

  • NSP_Itz_Zae1721OK
    NSP_Itz_Zae1721OK 12 hours ago


  • Joseph Nevarez
    Joseph Nevarez 12 hours ago

    O-H-I-O Let's Go Buckeyes!

  • st85100
    st85100 13 hours ago

    This is what needed to happen. A come from behind win, as sloppy as it was, to learn how to win on the road. The good! The bad! The sloppy! A road win! Go Big Red!

    • Johnny Mead
      Johnny Mead 3 hours ago

      @Gary Morris The media has got to relax and give the program some breathing room. These are still amateur athletes we're talking about. We'll get there, just can't have local media holding every single play and decision under a microscope

    • Gary Morris
      Gary Morris 3 hours ago

      @Johnny Mead Yes ! I am tired of hearing about not winning on the road every time a commentator mentions Nebraska football.

    • Johnny Mead
      Johnny Mead 3 hours ago

      Coach Frost's first come from behind win!

  • Jimmy The Gent
    Jimmy The Gent 13 hours ago

    After this sad performance every game on our schedule is up for grabs

    • imapenguin2340100
      imapenguin2340100 6 hours ago

      He's trying to bring them out of the dumpster fire that was Riley still. This team is already improved it's just not the UCF level Leap the media was expecting to happen, because that type of leap was nearly impossible to pull off the first time.. don't know how they thought it could happen two times in a row.. this stuff takes time.

    • st85100
      st85100 7 hours ago

      Lol! They're not the 90s caliber huskers. Frost's offense needs a bunch athletes and his athletes are all sophomores and freshman. He inherited a team that needed a complete overhaul.

  • Vince McMahon
    Vince McMahon 13 hours ago

    I mean he’s 1, but whatever

  • Jerry Smith
    Jerry Smith 13 hours ago

    Go Green

  • James Barr
    James Barr 13 hours ago

    What community guidelines? What are they? Who decides what they are? What criteria is used?

    • Ghost Face
      Ghost Face 12 hours ago

      Nebraska keeping it close aint gonna cut it my boy but keep praying

  • Lee Felix
    Lee Felix 13 hours ago

    Well hartman is my first crush but nvm they're cute.

  • Lee Felix
    Lee Felix 13 hours ago

    I hate proposals but this is really cute. I'm screeching.

  • C M
    C M 14 hours ago

    I need to double up on my Blood pressure Meds.

    • Random Name
      Random Name 45 minutes ago

      Isn't it actually a documented fact that the state of Nebraska heart attack rates increase during college football season? Could of swore I read that somewhere.

    • Michael j
      Michael j Hour ago

      Better yet just don't take it

    • derf king
      derf king 7 hours ago

      Yea go ahead and double up your meds... You will need to by next Saturday night lmao

  • arcangel death from above


    • chad dickerson
      chad dickerson 5 hours ago

      arcangel death from above you BARELY beat Illinois 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • derf king
      derf king 7 hours ago

      Next week get embarrassed business!!

  • ShadowJuan
    ShadowJuan 14 hours ago

    What is “foot-ball”? Why do they not hit the croquets with the dreams of the proletariats?

  • BasketC15
    BasketC15 14 hours ago

    Miami was so hyped over that safety lol little did they know

  • Wren Van
    Wren Van 14 hours ago

    Nebraska is gonna have problems! Barely beating the worst team in the big ten the last 10 years.!!!

    • bill jean
      bill jean 5 hours ago

      That's correct Rutgers worst team in the east and over-all of big ten. Still Illinois is the worse team in the west division.

    • RushyG
      RushyG 13 hours ago

      @bill jean "worst team in the big ten" I'd still say thats Rutgers.

    • bill jean
      bill jean 14 hours ago

      RushyG west division it's Illinois in last place in 2018.

    • RushyG
      RushyG 14 hours ago

      Rutgers???? Or maybe they are so bad you forgot they are in the B10.

  • Benjamin May
    Benjamin May 14 hours ago

    honestly, subtract the penalties and the turnovers, and illinois wouldn't have been in this game at all. If nebraska plays a clean game vs Ohio state, I could see Nebraska possibly being competitive, if not eeking out a win.

    • Michael j
      Michael j Hour ago

      Excuses excuses. And add the game being played at home. In the day. With Osborne coaching with Lawrence Phillips at rb with crouch at QB . Brown as our kicker. The Peter brothers. Let the past go.

    • Chad Sorensen
      Chad Sorensen Hour ago

      Can't wait to see Nebraska get blown out by Ohio State.

    • JaquisTheBeast FromTheEast
      JaquisTheBeast FromTheEast 2 hours ago

      Benjamin May ye true. It’s unlikely though. We are at home though so it gives us a better chance since we always play better at home anyway. Plus... GAMEDAY BABY WOOOOOOOOH!!!

  • Medium rare beef hammer

    Martinez for fucks sake your giving me a heart attack. You’re better than this man

  • New Japan is Better than AEW and WWE

    OSU will crush the corn heads next Saturday.

    • Gary Morris
      Gary Morris 3 hours ago

      You may be correct, but I certainly hope not.

    • Pat Reilly
      Pat Reilly 7 hours ago

      yeah, probably. but at least we didn't lose to illinois

    • LardGreystoke
      LardGreystoke 14 hours ago

      Miami of Ohio is terrible. But OSU should win by 3 scores.

  • Ritz TV
    Ritz TV 15 hours ago

    Nebraska defense played great they gave up so many points bc the offense fumbled and gave Illinois amazing field position alot

    • RaidersACDC 489
      RaidersACDC 489 7 hours ago

      @Dan Steuer Did watch the whole game or just the highlights?..One fumble was recovered & takin down to the 2 yard line & the other 3 where recovered inside the Husker 30 yd line. Illinois RB had one big play of 71 yds & than they held him to 60+ yds on 19 other carries.Give ANY team gifts on your own side of the field & they will score its

    • Dan Steuer
      Dan Steuer 7 hours ago

      Matthew McCann keep telling yourself whatever ya want if it makes ya sleep better at night with the Nebraska defense

    • Matthew McCann
      Matthew McCann 7 hours ago

      You do understand that 3 of their touchdowns were because of turnovers with short field advantage?

    • Dan Steuer
      Dan Steuer 7 hours ago

      Ritz TV your team gave up 38 bro. Your defense is terrible

    • William Handy
      William Handy 10 hours ago

      The defense looked like they were logging to the ball. Doesn't matter what happens on offense, defense is literally there to stop the other team no matter what. They have a lot of work to do.

  • sincityblue03
    sincityblue03 15 hours ago

    They beat Michigan. Big deal

  • Marty Shipley
    Marty Shipley 15 hours ago


  • Coltrane Stephens
    Coltrane Stephens 15 hours ago

    Beep Beep! Taylor's gone again! Wisconsin's run game was exceptional. Didn't surprise me they won this game. Michigan's still trying to figure out what their offense wants to be. Hopefully, they'll figure it out sooner than later. Michigan's got too much talent not to be better than they are. Badgers are playing good football right now. I'd put them and OSU at the top of the Big 10.

  • The Big Brother
    The Big Brother 15 hours ago

    So much potential wasted. Embarrassing and disappointing.

  • NifBac
    NifBac 15 hours ago

    Pulling it out at the end!!! GBR!!! 900 WINS!!!

    • Ghost Face
      Ghost Face 12 hours ago

      😂😂😂😂😂 great win!! 😂😂😂

    • Nonya Biz
      Nonya Biz 15 hours ago

      NifBac top 5 winningest program- in with some good company.

  • fans perspective
    fans perspective 15 hours ago

    It's time to boycott Michigan football, fans not showing up to games should be enough to get harbaugh fired. Michigan will continue to crumble under jim, boycott now.

  • Sad Kermit
    Sad Kermit 15 hours ago

    We need better corners...

  • Joe Rockhead
    Joe Rockhead 15 hours ago

    Great comeback win. fighting through adversity and winning a game like this is what builds champions.

    • Random Name
      Random Name 28 minutes ago

      @Ghost Face I've seen your smart mouth comments all over this video in several comments...As you are an ohio state fan boy I just wanted to say....... Purdue 2018.

    • trumpetjoe40
      trumpetjoe40 4 hours ago

      Wicked Henderson yep it was. Once again though, before you declare Nebraska national champs, look at the opponent.

    • Joe Rockhead
      Joe Rockhead 7 hours ago

      @Dan Steuer Nebraska fans make who laugh?

    • Dan Steuer
      Dan Steuer 7 hours ago

      Joe Rockhead Nebraska fans make me laugh so much. Giving up 38 to a supposedly lesser opponent doesn’t build champions. It means you are barely mediocre

    • Joe Rockhead
      Joe Rockhead 9 hours ago

      @theMike97_ First, we won a foot shooting contest. Then, our guys won the game. Without all the mistakes this would've been a 56-10 affair.

  • Nonya Biz
    Nonya Biz 15 hours ago

    Almost 700 yards of total offense..

    • Chad Sorensen
      Chad Sorensen Hour ago

      Against powerhouse Illinois!! Wow!!!

    • Gary Morris
      Gary Morris 3 hours ago

      @RushyG I agree. Without the turnovers, they beat Illinois easily.

    • bill jean
      bill jean 13 hours ago

      200 more yards than eastern Michigan and come back win. Ohio St going to run the score up on Nebraska next week.

    • RushyG
      RushyG 14 hours ago

      @Garrett Albrecht penalties and turnovers are what we need to fix though. Get rid of those and we are b10 champ contenders once again.

  • Wristan Brainard
    Wristan Brainard 15 hours ago

    How did we win?

    • Rick James
      Rick James 7 hours ago

      Wristan Brainard we didn’t give up

    • Devin Lesiak
      Devin Lesiak 10 hours ago

      We won because we didn’t turn the ball over every other drive like the first 3 quarters. Subtract the penalties and turnovers then we got a solid team. Defense needs to keep their heads in the game more but other than that we are solid

    • Ghost Face
      Ghost Face 12 hours ago

      @William Essex non conference is done, good luck playing the big boys

    • Ghost Face
      Ghost Face 12 hours ago

      @William Essex 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tyreek Hill
    Tyreek Hill 15 hours ago

    Seems like a really great team player and dude this guy will be really successful in the nfl

  • Lyman Reagon
    Lyman Reagon 15 hours ago

    Sad Husker defense

    • aMulliganStew
      aMulliganStew Hour ago

      Strongly disagree. The D had one failure early (Ill broke for 61 yards) and gave up one drive at the beginning of the second half for a total of 14. The O gave up four turnovers, all deep in Nebraska territory leading to 21 points. How good was the defense? Illinois was 1 outta 12 on third down conversions and had only 78 yards of passing. I’m oftentimes very critical of the Blackshirts, but not this week.

    • Izalc0
      Izalc0 9 hours ago

      Lots of bad tackling

    • RushyG
      RushyG 14 hours ago

      Tf game did you watch? Or did u just look at the score?

    • Joe Rockhead
      Joe Rockhead 15 hours ago

      They played great. Three of Ill's td's are on the O.

  • Rick James
    Rick James 15 hours ago

    But hey!! It’s Scott Frost first road victory!!!!! I can’t believe they did it but it’s a start

    • Rick James
      Rick James 3 hours ago

      Gary Morris 😂

    • Gary Morris
      Gary Morris 3 hours ago

      @Rick James Of course he did, he just couldn't pass up the chance to be sarcastic and act as though he knows more than the rest of us.

    • Gary Morris
      Gary Morris 3 hours ago

      A hard fought win. Both teams played very hard.

    • Rick James
      Rick James 5 hours ago

      wildmercuryfilms you know what team he meant 😆🤣

    • wildmercuryfilms
      wildmercuryfilms 6 hours ago

      CarterTheDoge I didn’t know that Nebraska plays “Ohio” this year? So Nebraska plays Frank Solich’s team “Ohio”? AMAZING!! This is great!!! This will be the first time Frank Solich steps foot in Memorial Stadium since he was fired in 2003. Wow!!! I can’t believe that the press hasn’t made a bigger deal about this since Frank Solich has famously not stepped foot in Memorial Stadium since 2003. Solich played fullback for Devaney and was the first Nebraska player on the cover of Sports Illustrated, then he was an assistant under Osborne for 19 years, then became head coach, yet he hasn’t come back to Nebraska. But you say he’s coming to play Nebraska. This is great news!!!

  • Mingying Zheng
    Mingying Zheng 15 hours ago