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  • Wade Heat
    Wade Heat 6 minutes ago

    Go OSU!

  • David Jadwin
    David Jadwin 12 minutes ago

    I'd like to offer my condolences to all the Penn state fans for what's about to happen.

  • shouldofknown
    shouldofknown 15 minutes ago

    All black jerseys were sick

  • Terry Henderson
    Terry Henderson 17 minutes ago

    Ohio State wins

  • Ilipan
    Ilipan 34 minutes ago

    If the Ohio State team that beat Wisconsin shows up the Buckeyes will win by at least 2TD. OHST-WIS was the only truly impressive Buckeye game imo

  • stretch141000
    stretch141000 46 minutes ago

    Ohio State is a great team, however there are a lot of variables this game. Penn State getting overlooked after their loss vs Minnesota paired with the fact that they are still in the playoff hunt if they can win the rest of their games might make them play with more desperation. Also, Ohio State plays Michigan next week so they might overlook the Nittany Lions and take them a little lighter. This game is always close regardless of location. I think it might be a tough game for the Buckeyes but I have them winning 49-10.

  • SirDilly
    SirDilly Hour ago

    Looks like an upset to me...

  • Erik Schultz
    Erik Schultz Hour ago

    Boiler up!!! 🚂

  • SilasWoon
    SilasWoon Hour ago

    Penn St gonna get eaten alive this week... smh

  • ZytroHD
    ZytroHD Hour ago

    Go Hawks!

  • shared awareness

    A complete game against an inferior team...honestly could have been a 100 point game! But the fact is we won with some emphasis albeit at the expense of a gassed undersized team...aka that's what you're suppose to do! So well done fellas! Let's goooooo! Kofi Kofi goodness...deon Thomas announcing the game has seen two promising big men take his freshmen records in scoring (Giorgi last season) and rebounding (kofi tonight)...these are the small building blocks to reviving a program (freshmen breaking records!). This kid is only gonna get better....seriously... Giorgi settling in the last couple games! Another near double double from him...keep this up and Underwoods casting the bait to future bigs to sign up! We've got ourselves some smash brothers. Ayo I see you waking up, good to see you...lets keep it moving forward! Frazier don't be afraid to create your own shot every now and then, you've got a gift with that pure release...make it happen..solid game all around tho! Feliz is our own mighty mouse...might be one of the smallest but certainly one of the this guy...solid thru and thru. Bosman with a fresh hair cut and a refreshing contribution for the Belgium freshmen...fearless and looking like LBJ with that from behind block!! Dude is a physical specimen with a decent shot...i see a bright future from this dude... Griffin with the hustle as always, the shots will fall as the season goes on....future major contributer for the program.. "Damonte can't score"...well he can grab rebounds...maybe one day he will score...but best game he's had by far...lets build off it... Kipper only played 5 mins...but got a bucket! I'll take it! Hamlin getting to throw some thunder down to show us this guy has plenty of potential to add to that impressive size and strength as a freshmen....eventually our bigs can be deep with further experience Good to see the bench guys out there giving 100%...dont let off the gas when you're winning the race... Did I mention this could have easily been in the 100s? Wait till they make outside shots lol... Things to work on next game...take advantage of that home court atmosphere and light it up from the looking at you Griffin and Frazier! Who's gonna get 5 threes first?? Feel good win...thanks fellas.

  • J IP
    J IP Hour ago

    Looking back at this game... Michigan looks like a whole different team now

  • Daddy J
    Daddy J 2 hours ago

    Please stop doing half’s and just upload the full game highlights

  • Brian Luth
    Brian Luth 2 hours ago


  • ryeder volk
    ryeder volk 2 hours ago

    Why didnt kyle greeley play?

  • BSimms
    BSimms 2 hours ago

    ayeeee y'all included my boy Cooper's splash

  • Ayden Welch
    Ayden Welch 3 hours ago

    These announcers seem very interested

  • Brandon A
    Brandon A 3 hours ago

    Can’t wait to see him and yianni go at it

  • Limper Lunk
    Limper Lunk 3 hours ago

    Urban is so calculated and accurate with this game as it's not a rivalry rather two hard nose teams playing. It's a rivalry for Penn State, but Buckeye Nation doesn't dislike Penn State like we do Michigan. The players recruited in mid Atlantic is a battle but not nationally. Buckeye Nation is just that, a nation that extends much farther than PSU. James Franklin has done an amazing job to change to the narrative of what it was, to being a solid contender. PSU is not to be taken lightly, they're a very respectable opponent with players on either club who could play for the other.. Talent does equate to an extent, but this OSU roster will be one of those we look back on years to come and reflect how ridiculous this squad is when they go to the NFL. 42-23 OSU. They're the real deal, Chase Young is undoubtedly the best and disruptive player in America. Now rested for 3 weeks with a chip on his shoulder (say what you will with the suspension), look out.

  • uman965
    uman965 3 hours ago


  • Turd Man Jones
    Turd Man Jones 3 hours ago

    Boycot game day

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 4 hours ago

    Urban meets has been looking so baked out of his mind in these videos lol .... anyone else notice this?

    • Z Holby
      Z Holby 3 hours ago

      Tyler Durden I think it’s the lighting. He looks like this every time he’s on this specific show

  • Zylis Demi God
    Zylis Demi God 4 hours ago

    Go Terps!!

  • Corn Prices
    Corn Prices 4 hours ago

    is he staying 133?

  • Luke Brennan
    Luke Brennan 4 hours ago

    5 minutes of the video dedicated to the build up. Too bad the game sucked.

  • Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller 4 hours ago

    Urban: Penn State is not the biggest game. That game is next week.

  • VW DT
    VW DT 5 hours ago

    Asad Abdul-Khaliq was cold. Until coach PJ Fleck came to take over this program, after their previous coach got sick again.. this was the only time -- during my lifetime -- that Minnesota football was relevant.

  • Theodore Bierbauer
    Theodore Bierbauer 5 hours ago

    Stop saying "we". Urban you are not at osu anymore

    • Travis Caldwell
      Travis Caldwell 3 hours ago

      He will go down as probably the greatest coach of OSU history in my opinion. He can say “we” all he wants. It’s great for the university and the football program to have him around. I hope he becomes AD some day.

    • Patrick Booth
      Patrick Booth 3 hours ago

      Theodore Bierbauer he’s the assistant AD and teaches a class at Ohio State

    • armynurseboy
      armynurseboy 3 hours ago

      He's also an Ohio State yeah, "we"......

    • Klint Avant
      Klint Avant 4 hours ago

      He's an Assistant Athletic Director at Ohio State still.

  • Theodore Bierbauer
    Theodore Bierbauer 5 hours ago

    Urban liar

  • VW DT
    VW DT 5 hours ago

    Man. Bout time I've found some Kellen Lewis highlights. Shorty was the rawest IU QB I've ever seen, not named Antwaan Randle-El. Could've been special, but unfortunately, after his two breakout seasons. He fell apart during 2008, and left the program for good.

  • David Schrodi
    David Schrodi 5 hours ago

    All I can say is if next season Fox Sports gives Penn State a night game, so they can have a white out, then Ohio State needs to seriously complain about the unfair advantage. This week’s game should be on prime time in the evening to get the same home field advantage that Penn St. received last season.

    • Lawrence Redfilm
      Lawrence Redfilm 4 hours ago

      also, for the next few years the conference has made sure the game in Columbus vs PSU is always in November. this means it can only be at night if both teams agree... never happen. the game in State College is always in October... protects the White Out. Sneaky of the conference, eh?

    • Lawrence Redfilm
      Lawrence Redfilm 4 hours ago

      David Schrodi will be on ABC

    • loginusername7
      loginusername7 4 hours ago

      I’m glad this game is at noon. We need to get this game over as quickly as possible so we can get ready for the Wolverines next wk. we don’t need to fight the Nittany Lions till midnight, completely waste Sunday prep and set us behind schedule for practice

    • Ethan Whitmoyer
      Ethan Whitmoyer 4 hours ago

      I don’t know if big noon will ever get the PSU whiteout. It’s seems like that game is always on ABC in primetime. I think that game has massive rating and ESPN won’t give it up. The whiteout is always a big deal here in PA as a whole

    • Will Diroll
      Will Diroll 5 hours ago

      David Schrodi it’s called Big Noon for a reason. The big 10 basically requires that all november games are either 12 or 3:30 starts

  • Matt P
    Matt P 5 hours ago

    Urban Legend

  • King Simon
    King Simon 6 hours ago

    Urban Myers HALL OF FAME LEGEND!!!

  • K Jones
    K Jones 8 hours ago

    Class act and extremely underrated.

  • Victor Pistone
    Victor Pistone 10 hours ago

    He clearly looks gassed and we know Iowa has an excellent pre-season strength and conditioning program. He's either hurt or the junior year weight cut is getting him. By the time you become 21 years old your body has more man weight on it and it becomes more difficult to make the same weight.

    • Victor Pistone
      Victor Pistone 3 hours ago

      @Corn Prices possible the knee would keep him from running and that would certainly diminish his conditioning.

    • Corn Prices
      Corn Prices 4 hours ago

      he's hurt i think, spencer's never had a problem making 125 and has always looked undersized, plus he's got that brace again.

  • X x
    X x 10 hours ago

    A good quality win for Wisconsin

  • Odeh Karadsheh
    Odeh Karadsheh 10 hours ago

    Go Buckeyes...

  • Whyatt Easton
    Whyatt Easton 11 hours ago

    Who’s here after the loss to Evansville 😭

  • Adrian Burnette
    Adrian Burnette 11 hours ago

    Nikal would be frustraiting to wrestle against hes ggot a counter to everything you throw at him ....

  • Miya Pinyon
    Miya Pinyon 11 hours ago

    God bless Eric and his family. ❤️

  • Caleb Haynie
    Caleb Haynie 11 hours ago

    Casuals tend to over look level of rebounding KH is capable of. If it wasnt for his dead eye 3 point ability, he would be labeled a pure glass cleaner.

  • Brent Young
    Brent Young 11 hours ago

    The new rule is stupid.

  • N8WithAn8
    N8WithAn8 11 hours ago

    he should go 133

  • Cosingus Palpatine 444

    What place did Tomasello get at NCAA that year

  • Travis Kraft
    Travis Kraft 12 hours ago

    I was literally born at the Unversity of Iowa but I did take a recruiting trip to Chattanooga.

  • John ETA
    John ETA 12 hours ago

    Nice pass @ 1:37. 2:36 Crazy NBA dunk by Stevens. Stevens has been doing that type of thing since high school by the way.

  • Gale Hess
    Gale Hess 12 hours ago

    Yeah. So don't forget the first play from scrimmage for Michigan and Patterson's immediate timeout. As loud as ever.

  • SandboxArrow
    SandboxArrow 13 hours ago

    I love Edina!

  • Steeve Cantave
    Steeve Cantave 13 hours ago

    I can't help but think that Lee would have been more dominant at Penn State. I know the likes of Cenzo and Hall aren't bonus point machines, but they're not as gifted on scoring on top as Lee is. On the other hand, guys like Nolf, Zain, and Nickal all got as good as a college wrestler can. Lee was much better as a freshman than he was at a sophomore. But I'll wait and see. After all, he's a true junior.

  • R McElhaney
    R McElhaney 13 hours ago

    With the talent on Ohio state's basketball and football teams, Buckeyes sports teams could set a new record for total team sport wins vs.Michigan in a season this year.

  • R McElhaney
    R McElhaney 13 hours ago

    Stetson is plain awful! Their fans are better off to wait until their baseball team's season starts!

  • AmicusCuriae
    AmicusCuriae 14 hours ago

    0:25 quarter speed...nice ...probably what aggravates that knee that right groin pull with slide on the brace. Great technician. No wheelbarrow? Not able to stack him? Okay comes some ultra pain via pry-arm. All the way in everything now!

  • Alec Coleman
    Alec Coleman 14 hours ago

    Delete northwestern Please.

  • MultiPolonius
    MultiPolonius 15 hours ago

    This match was basically a workout ... Lee uninspired n energy-less wrestling so ....trying new things, taking his time, getting his lungs back , early in season, a cat playing w a Chattanoogan mouse .....

    • AmicusCuriae
      AmicusCuriae 13 hours ago

      Yeah...and he's got that Bo Nickal hand shake out before the shoot thing going Great minds. No it to win.

  • schumpert327
    schumpert327 16 hours ago

    And he needs a haircut

  • schumpert327
    schumpert327 16 hours ago

    It’s Spencer’s shoes. He is wearing the wrong black shoes....

  • oof sauce
    oof sauce 16 hours ago


  • torrestheman _
    torrestheman _ 16 hours ago

    0:14 Xbox Live Partys

  • Rc K
    Rc K 18 hours ago

    Northwestern AD needs to be fired.

  • Sam Overall
    Sam Overall 18 hours ago

    yo Dean sherry is lowkey ben asken

  • Paul King
    Paul King 20 hours ago

    Bad Guy Inc.

  • Missy Hylton
    Missy Hylton 20 hours ago

    U lose easily to a team called radford good job Keon and the rest of us guy's....Bradley u next

    BABY GIRL 21 hour ago


  • Dallas Spencer
    Dallas Spencer 22 hours ago

    That girl said they made the round of 32, lol they lost to Villanova in the first round by 26

  • Matt Hayes
    Matt Hayes 22 hours ago

    It seems like he was able to get the 4 aces to the top at the beginning of the trick immediately after putting them into random slots and made sure they were still on top by doing a purposely poor riffle shuffle. Then he did a bunch of fancy cuts that looked like they were mixing up the deck but weren't actually changing the order. But the way he did the trick was amazing, and his card mastery is really impressive! Hang in there Rutgers, you will have your program defining year soon

  • Jack Swanson
    Jack Swanson 23 hours ago

    Northwestern taking so many Ls in both football and basketball...I love it.

  • darr0en
    darr0en 23 hours ago

    the most inconsistent inefficient NBA player ever.

  • Esketit Esketit
    Esketit Esketit 23 hours ago

    1:40 goddamn the IT vibes. Almost identical.

  • Doctor X
    Doctor X Day ago

    MSU is loaded. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Brendan O'Connell

    Fear the Turtle.

  • scottab140
    scottab140 Day ago

    Desanto, born on All Saint's Day.

  • FreshFilms TV
    FreshFilms TV Day ago

    Cap 🧢😂

  • Christian Garcia

    Im from chandler , az i saw cassius play on tv in the tourny and before the tourny had zion shook but sad to hear from him again like this r.i.p to his bro

  • CarterLikeCakes

    How do u lose to some college named Radford

  • Dan Nguyen
    Dan Nguyen Day ago

    Loving the way he's playing.

  • Amazing Guy
    Amazing Guy Day ago


  • Razor Parker
    Razor Parker Day ago

    Nfl comparison?

  • ZMachineDraftRoom com

    AntMac or Eno Benjamin? I think it's actually pretty close, although I know most will have Eno well ahead of Mac

  • Old Toby
    Old Toby Day ago

    Please fix the broken audio

  • Myles Gelóneck

    Nice win, little brother.

    • Gustavo Aburto
      Gustavo Aburto Day ago

      Myles Gelóneck Michigan is going to get swept under the rug again this year

  • Hunter
    Hunter Day ago

    Don't you mean playing football with the Rutger magic team? Wait that's a football team? Ouch.

  • ChumBucket 08
    ChumBucket 08 Day ago

    I said make more wrestling vids not basketball trust me

  • Gzup505 505
    Gzup505 505 Day ago

    We need this guy in New York New York Giants

  • jeremy mccullough

    Anyone in the top 5 can beat this team they are good but the games are basically being handed to them before they even start lol

  • Todd Dollar
    Todd Dollar Day ago

    I think he gassed because everybody cuts a lot of weight for there first dual/tournament and then they maintain that weight through the season but I think he’s gassed because of all the weight he cut

    • Todd Dollar
      Todd Dollar 3 hours ago

      Aiden Droutzur yeah that’s what I’m thinking too

    • Aiden Droutzur
      Aiden Droutzur 4 hours ago

      Steeve Cantave yeah that’s true but he can’t go 133 for ncaas he can’t beat gross

    • Steeve Cantave
      Steeve Cantave 13 hours ago

      125lbs is not a hard cut for Lee. Besides, it's not as if he couldn't have asked to go 133lbs.

  • Lindsay Buthe
    Lindsay Buthe Day ago

    I don't like rivera he beat spencer lee hes my fafrite wresler

  • Bobby Shmurda
    Bobby Shmurda Day ago

    All hail

  • Devon Strange
    Devon Strange Day ago

    Welcome to Cincinnati

  • 456 cp
    456 cp Day ago

    We are

    • Frosty
      Frosty 14 hours ago

      Going to lose to OSU on saturday

  • Don Ireland
    Don Ireland Day ago

    Looks like Archie doesn't coach defense again this year. No D in In iana.

  • Dave Hanson
    Dave Hanson Day ago

    Go sean clifford.

  • Samuel Thompson

    Ohio state looks great in football and basketball I’m mostly focused on football. GO Bucks

  • Brady Robison
    Brady Robison Day ago


  • NinerByNature 88

    John Lynch, please dont miss. Get this guy.

  • Ndifor tabukum

    Alex Marinelli is too persistent. I wonder how he'd do against Lewis

  • Apple Daily
    Apple Daily Day ago

    Rhode Island deserves this win

  • Krissy Peake
    Krissy Peake Day ago

    State fan: reply Michigan fan: like Thanks!!

  • 23 1
    23 1 Day ago

    Can you incorporate magic onto a football field. No even joking I think there might be a magician that can come up with a trick play or 2 within the rules.. that would be cool.

  • jeremy griffith

    Knees not the issue hes clearly gassed prob from cutting

  • jermell feagin

    Things are changing at IU. We're not the same beat em up Hoosier not this year way to go Hoosiers in a losing effort We are bowl eligible we will be going bowling this year! 7+3 Good job!