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    ASAP BAD ASS 11 minutes ago

    What is dae doing with his hands?

  • Filmsnjazz
    Filmsnjazz 35 minutes ago

    1. Steve 2. Steve 3. Steve 4. Steve 5. Steve Bonus fighter: Steve

  • key blade
    key blade Hour ago

    Sora ? Floaty as jiggly puff? he aint that floaty fam. for 1 he's a fast character the only thing " floaty " about him is when he jumps and descends but he swings his keyblades fast. Also ya acting like you cant make a character fast fall. XD

  • 1Sxfty .x
    1Sxfty .x 2 hours ago

    I want them to cook pizza

    FWEA_KIDD RAW 3 hours ago

    When did myth start cursing

  • Levi Zarda
    Levi Zarda 3 hours ago

    So they got steph curry, LeBron, and russel wrestbrook

  • ExziritGamer
    ExziritGamer 3 hours ago

    i died when they said beat that meat

  • Đîëgö Läzçänö


  • Thugnficent
    Thugnficent 4 hours ago

    he is a great player

  • Energy Terminator
    Energy Terminator 4 hours ago

    5:10 bruh he said you know the CHICKEN still gotta cook

  • Antony Ramirez
    Antony Ramirez 5 hours ago

    #hamz fake

  • CherryDiesel
    CherryDiesel 5 hours ago

    Sometimes I forget Leffen is in TSM

  • Andrei Racz
    Andrei Racz 7 hours ago

    15.09.2019 .... still makes me cry .... :(

  • Joed Rosario
    Joed Rosario 7 hours ago

    Hams fake

  • KeyForce7
    KeyForce7 8 hours ago

    Hey Leffen! Love u man. Project M Cobalt Legacy has Hector who's currently being balanced cuz he needs nerfs, doesn't have Sora (which makes me cry but would make u happy), Sephiroth who just needs some nerfs and more unique animations but he's fun af, and I'm 99% sure Skull Kid is in the works by the Legacy XP dev team, who will then also be added to Cobalt Legacy! :D

  • Michael Ryoma
    Michael Ryoma 8 hours ago

    This shows how poor management TSM has. They should let the primary coach Zikz actually coach. Having regi and Peter step in and apparently overstep Zikz is pretty terrible. Just imagine the players having to hear 3 different people try to tell the players how to play. It just shows how much distrust there is in the org

  • alex barajas
    alex barajas 9 hours ago

    Hams fake

  • Llayne Richardson
    Llayne Richardson 11 hours ago


  • camdog hopf69
    camdog hopf69 11 hours ago

    Hamz fake

  • HalloFrame
    HalloFrame 11 hours ago

    He lowkey requested 3 characters. Where the other 2? Gimme Tails! Jill Valentine! The Monster Hunter! Yoshitmitsu from Tekken and Soul Calibur

  • The Gabe
    The Gabe 11 hours ago

    You used Steve as clickbate

    HGAAANDY 12 hours ago

    Myth said name a poisonous plant not fruit so hamz ain’t wrong

  • Jorge Idak
    Jorge Idak 12 hours ago

    10:40 Leo y tweek hablando "Amigos y rivales" xd

  • SBOY 224
    SBOY 224 12 hours ago

    Dae I got this - 3 stock Dae I got this - 2 stock Dae I got this - 1 stock Dae I got this - Game ends

  • Johnny J13
    Johnny J13 13 hours ago


  • Ethen Howlett
    Ethen Howlett 13 hours ago

    Hamz fake

  • EmsLetsPlay
    EmsLetsPlay 13 hours ago

    hamz making it seem like myth boxers is normal

  • EmsLetsPlay
    EmsLetsPlay 13 hours ago

    "what if it's a sports bra"

  • Isaac Mendez
    Isaac Mendez 14 hours ago

    This is the content I like

  • haxzo
    haxzo 14 hours ago

    hamz fake myth real

  • Crotch Waffles
    Crotch Waffles 15 hours ago

    Why is he hugging that pillow like he is about to show me where the man touched him on a doll

  • ougol hfk
    ougol hfk 16 hours ago

    they need kkoma

  • Kobe
    Kobe 16 hours ago

    Why? Because you kicked Doublelift

  • Richard Weaver
    Richard Weaver 17 hours ago

    hamz fake

    MANSAS FROM KANSAS 18 hours ago


  • EscapeSnake 4865
    EscapeSnake 4865 19 hours ago

    Commandment is the only mature TSM junior

  • warren
    warren 23 hours ago

    Play kingdom hearts 2, it’s like the melee of its series were sora isn’t floaty and have very tight sword play and magic. Sora is not meant to be floaty. Dante would be cool tho

  • Buraphon Sanguanthoi

    I think the girl is in to you ❤️

  • Adam Hepler
    Adam Hepler Day ago

    Leffen: my number 1 dlc fighter I want in smash is... MALE BAYONETTA WITH A SWORD.

  • jeremiah moya
    jeremiah moya Day ago

    hamlinz stands up and stays the same height

  • Vontay WILLIAMS

    Stick to FortNite

  • Juan Velazquez

    Hams fake

  • jin Ros
    jin Ros Day ago

    Hamz fake

  • Gil Talamantez

    Hamz is fake

  • Misael Jimenez

    Hamlinz fake Myth real

  • Krikalicious
    Krikalicious Day ago


  • Ninja Hyper
    Ninja Hyper Day ago

    Doesn't daequan have nausea

  • Mr Shad0w
    Mr Shad0w Day ago

    So you dont want sora to be in smash because you didnt like the last game of kh?... Have you played the other kh games?

  • FearFly
    FearFly Day ago

    I am comment 667. I got here when there were 666 comments

  • BM_IsaiahD Gaming

    24:56 beat dat meat

  • Saad Shah
    Saad Shah Day ago

    3:33 The best part

  • Philip Delara
    Philip Delara Day ago

    These guys need to have a whole show.

  • Adrian Cervantes

    Hamz fake

  • Kawaiistarfish

    * gets triggered because of the way he’s making the pasta*

  • Knels94
    Knels94 Day ago

    Vince Young from Madden 08

  • Mr Wolt
    Mr Wolt Day ago

    If You love your mom.... 👍🏼 this comment and SUB to me..

  • RAVE'n Chan Boi

    Damn!Those thighs thicc

  • Peyton Tuttle
    Peyton Tuttle Day ago

    White guy was smart and using sauce

  • Jesse Vincent
    Jesse Vincent Day ago

    Tsm coach needs to tell Reginald to back off and let him do his job

  • Josh Garcia
    Josh Garcia Day ago

    Sora would have to be based off his first game

  • Acester1642
    Acester1642 Day ago

    Welp, Goku’s been shot down. Bye bye!

  • JB_JJSwag101
    JB_JJSwag101 Day ago

    3:01 my internet when trying to play fortnite

  • John Smith
    John Smith Day ago


  • just_rafael__ 123

    *H A M Z F A K E*

  • Joey Delaney
    Joey Delaney Day ago


  • Kryptic
    Kryptic 2 days ago

    Hamlinz be air ballin XD

  • tracey lo
    tracey lo 2 days ago

    Ham fake

  • calebplayz
    calebplayz 2 days ago

    When hamlinz said there's gonna be 7 questions and then myth holds up 6 fingers

  • IzanagI -
    IzanagI - 2 days ago

    1. Skull Kid 2. Zero from Megaman Zero 3. Skull Kid 4. Zero from Megaman Zero 5. Skull Kid

  • mcguigan97
    mcguigan97 2 days ago

    I really like Reggies comments...play well, don't play poorly! Think about what you are doing, don't be a moron! Wow, with this great advice, the sky is the limit for TSM.

  • chungus wungus
    chungus wungus 2 days ago

    Click bait wheres goku

  • zeekybby c:
    zeekybby c: 2 days ago

    1.) Cory Bagster (Cory in the House) 2.) Guy Fieri (Diners Drive-in's and Dives) 3.) Spongebob Squarepants (Spongebob Squarepants) 4.) Ross Geller (Friends) 5.) Geno (Super Mario RPG)

  • Kasen Spell
    Kasen Spell 2 days ago

    Hamz fake

  • K.O._ Plunder
    K.O._ Plunder 2 days ago

    Y'all boys finna be shittin

  • LusoJr
    LusoJr 2 days ago

    Zven just leave you are so behind compared even to Optic adc which is bad too.

  • jonjonteru
    jonjonteru 2 days ago

    Next episode: we fcuked up for kicking out akaadian

  • Darryl Pascal
    Darryl Pascal 2 days ago

    Poor myth he eat all the bad stuff xD

  • Alberto Castro-Fonseca

    TSM Explains Why they Lost to Clutch in _______________________________

  • Kotchh EU
    Kotchh EU 2 days ago

    this video nearly made me catch a flight to the US and teach myth and hamz how to cook properly ffs LOL

  • Danny De La Cruz
    Danny De La Cruz 2 days ago

    Zeven is still bad

  • Splat Tim
    Splat Tim 2 days ago

    No Third party "Sora".... But FE

  • rsombrero97
    rsombrero97 2 days ago

    11:51 had me weeeaaakkk 🤣🤣💀

  • Elias Vivar
    Elias Vivar 2 days ago

    Hamz fake myth real

  • SauceGodd
    SauceGodd 2 days ago

    hams fake

  • Electroplayz 555
    Electroplayz 555 2 days ago

    Ham fake myth real

  • Scott Sandoval
    Scott Sandoval 2 days ago

    My wishlist is Spyro, 2B, Negan, Jiren, & Rabbids.

  • Ren Amamiya
    Ren Amamiya 2 days ago

    Leffen: these are my top 5 most wanted DLC characters Also Leffen: these are my most NOT wanted DLC characters, Also if they get in and have a gimmick or counter, ban them.

  • Matias Embaye
    Matias Embaye 2 days ago

    Myth real

  • Matias Embaye
    Matias Embaye 2 days ago

    Hams fake

  • Nova Boi
    Nova Boi 2 days ago

    Where is Daquan

  • Laz _
    Laz _ 2 days ago

    everyone dont cook like ham

  • Merry Blind
    Merry Blind 2 days ago

    Great list, totally agree with 5, 4, 2 and 1. Banjo, Skull Kid, and Dante have been my top 3 most wanted for Smash for years now. Skull Kid could have such a unique moveset and animations and god-tier taunts he'd be an amazing addition IMO.

  • Nicholas Tang
    Nicholas Tang 2 days ago

    “Hey guys vsauce here” at 0:03 with english captions

  • not_toxic Agus 192
    not_toxic Agus 192 2 days ago


  • Mik3 Pif
    Mik3 Pif 2 days ago

    TSM will get the dream group at worlds this year, lets go for the dream group baby

  • Helmut Whynot
    Helmut Whynot 2 days ago

    "TSM explains Why they Lost" Because they suck lol

    LA GRIMACE 2 days ago

    #5 Ff caracter #4 Dixie Kong #3 DoomGuy/Master Chief #2 Jill/Leon #1Geno

  • Ztorm ouar
    Ztorm ouar 2 days ago

    hell yea leffen!!

  • Rafi Ahmed
    Rafi Ahmed 2 days ago

    I dont want sora either

  • Bad Vape
    Bad Vape 2 days ago

    "The game on console is bad" lol