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442oons: Live and Waffly!
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  • duty deagle
    duty deagle 3 seconds ago

    3:41 Only OG's will remember F.W.O.G

  • scream fan2006
    scream fan2006 Minute ago

    Arsenal will beat man city

  • Mayank Bhatia
    Mayank Bhatia 3 minutes ago

    This cartoon is NOT ‘made for kids’ -Profanity -cartoon violence -Arsenal

  • Hogan Boy
    Hogan Boy 3 minutes ago

    I just want a full version of the Woy Hodgson FWOG song

  • Daniel Bogović
    Daniel Bogović 4 minutes ago

    Aye man

  • Colm Maher
    Colm Maher 4 minutes ago

    My osm name is cilldose_lol

  • Janko Oreskovic
    Janko Oreskovic 4 minutes ago

    Isn t Nuno from Saint Tome and Principe?

  • عبدالله سعد
    عبدالله سعد 4 minutes ago

    Thank God this channel exist

  • DannyanwarGT
    DannyanwarGT 5 minutes ago

    Pep:Finally an easy opponent Also Pep: *Loses to Wolves, United, Norwich*

  • Ahmed Wael
    Ahmed Wael 5 minutes ago

    Make a video trolling on messi and valverdi

  • Suresh Sangtiani
    Suresh Sangtiani 5 minutes ago

    Before matchday: Waiting for press conference After matchday: Waiting for every pl manager reacts

  • shahar greenbaum
    shahar greenbaum 6 minutes ago


  • Ashmit Bhatta
    Ashmit Bhatta 6 minutes ago

    like if muller is the best

  • Sahin Cetin
    Sahin Cetin 6 minutes ago

    Tek türk ben miyim

  • Jakub Grabowski
    Jakub Grabowski 6 minutes ago

    What about press conferences before Champions League matches?

  • DA GOAT 123 123
    DA GOAT 123 123 6 minutes ago

    OG'S remember FWOG

  • Sabia Robi
    Sabia Robi 7 minutes ago

    0:19 Jurgen: Twice.. Pep:HANDBALL TWICE TWICE TWICE.....

  • Quik Boys
    Quik Boys 7 minutes ago

    Ok but stick to "every PL manager reacts"

  • Scarlet wizard
    Scarlet wizard 7 minutes ago

    Southampton manager tho😂😂,i hope they lose,so I can see how he eats it😂😂

  • Scarlet wizard
    Scarlet wizard 7 minutes ago

    Southampton manager tho😂😂,i hope they lose,so I can see how he eats it😂😂

  • x Kassux6
    x Kassux6 9 minutes ago

    Sees title: Wait thats illegal

  • Mohammad Alsada
    Mohammad Alsada 9 minutes ago

    Hey dean! Who do you think will win the league this season?

  • Saleem Roamad
    Saleem Roamad 9 minutes ago


  • Sawsan Saidi sh
    Sawsan Saidi sh 9 minutes ago

    Neymar haircut

  • ash the train
    ash the train 10 minutes ago



    Süper lig

  • Billy O'Neill
    Billy O'Neill 10 minutes ago

    The F.W.O.G returns 😂

  • Dang Van Chuong
    Dang Van Chuong 12 minutes ago

    A-Z of Rooney

  • Ninja of horizon
    Ninja of horizon 13 minutes ago

    Watford manger: jumps off the desk. *Looks like it is falling from Burj khalifa with no parachute*

  • Sabia Robi
    Sabia Robi 13 minutes ago

    WARNING This shitty cartoon is NOT 'madr for kids' -profanity -cartoon violence - *HORRIFIC INJURY* (Get well soon CoMaN)

  • Calum
    Calum 13 minutes ago

    Thanks for this

    SK DJVU 15 minutes ago

    disclaimer..... ARSENAL😂

  • Yahya Altayer
    Yahya Altayer 15 minutes ago

    Ronaldo sister will win

  • Cassius Colaco
    Cassius Colaco 16 minutes ago


  • Vishnu Das
    Vishnu Das 16 minutes ago

    I really miss wacky races

  • Black Cat
    Black Cat 16 minutes ago

    I missed the FWOG bit

  • The huge Liverpool fan Who hates Man Utd

    Who will win the prem? Like: Liverpool Comment: Leicester

  • Callum Jolly
    Callum Jolly 17 minutes ago


  • GSG
    GSG 17 minutes ago

    315th comment

  • Troll Face
    Troll Face 18 minutes ago

    I want Freddie to be the permanent manager of Arsenal so Dean can include him in more 442oons videos

  • DexTaer FuezX
    DexTaer FuezX 18 minutes ago

    I can smell an advent calender

  • Spally1978
    Spally1978 18 minutes ago

    Not made for kids- Profanity Cartoon Violence But most importantly Arsenal

  • NeeVan
    NeeVan 19 minutes ago

    Who wont win the league City City Who will win th league Lfc Lfc

  • SpeedyCuberz64
    SpeedyCuberz64 19 minutes ago

    F- Football W- Wizard O- Owl G- Genius

  • EH10 FC
    EH10 FC 20 minutes ago

    The Sean Dyche character never fails to crack me up man

  • Kepa Arrizabalaga
    Kepa Arrizabalaga 20 minutes ago

    Lampard:if we loose to Bournemouth,Christmas is cancelled 😂

  • Stefan Batinic
    Stefan Batinic 20 minutes ago

    How many people want that song? 3:50 Like com if you want!!!

  • Max Mach
    Max Mach 21 minute ago

    I'm a football fan for over 30 years, this is like the second time I hear about M23 derby(the first time was in previous cartoon), god what a shitshow it must be.

  • ManOver 975
    ManOver 975 22 minutes ago

    Where is ole

  • (Joey) Supanut Aroonpoonsup

    When your early but you don’t know what to say

  • Reshmy Jailkumar
    Reshmy Jailkumar 23 minutes ago

    I miss arsene Wenger (the cartoon not the manager)

  • Ayoub Muse
    Ayoub Muse 23 minutes ago

    I love 442oons videos Like if u agree

  • Roman Doolaard
    Roman Doolaard 24 minutes ago

    by each like i write liverpool is the best

  • Trying to get 50 subscribers Challenge

    Hope everyone has a good Christmas

  • Обзор Игр
    Обзор Игр 26 minutes ago

    Crazy FWOG I've been waiting for a long time for this

  • 1k sub with no video plz in 1month

    like plz hahaha boom i said too much😂😂😂😂

  • gaddiel lyngdoh
    gaddiel lyngdoh 27 minutes ago

    The most happiest manager right now is klopp, like if u agree

  • Deep Seven
    Deep Seven 27 minutes ago

    Who else saw *Arsenal* in intro Good one 😂

  • Ahmed Hussein
    Ahmed Hussein 27 minutes ago


  • alfred pn
    alfred pn 29 minutes ago

    No one: Not even my mom : 442oons : Warning -arsenal

  • No need to view my profile

    *Everyone:* Actually everyone knows _Liverpool wins_

  • Blaxxie gaming
    Blaxxie gaming 29 minutes ago

    Anyone here for Boom💥😂😂😂😂

  • the giraffe show
    the giraffe show 30 minutes ago

    Love your vids

  • Ivan Donson
    Ivan Donson 30 minutes ago

    Of course we want to see more of these

  • Reys
    Reys 30 minutes ago

    Stop. Where video Champios leage day 6? Like last years pleasee🙏🙏🙏🙏.

  • Silas Rennie
    Silas Rennie 31 minute ago

    I’m happy to see arsenal play a decent game against city

    RUDI LUFC 32 minutes ago

    3:31 well done you finally done a voice for Freddie and not putting a sign up for him!! 🤣

  • Thomas Brazil
    Thomas Brazil 34 minutes ago

    When I see Jurgen, All I see his his butt chin.

  • Tawhid Choudhury
    Tawhid Choudhury 35 minutes ago

    Grealish is scheissssseeee

  • Apostrophe FiveFiveThree
    Apostrophe FiveFiveThree 35 minutes ago

    Nobody: Absolutely no one: Not a single soul: 442oons: Arsenal is profane

  • Sensei Shintok
    Sensei Shintok 35 minutes ago

    I hope they do this every weekend before the matches begin because this is amazing

  • YouYah 321
    YouYah 321 35 minutes ago

    Salah and Mane'

  • Mihailo Petković
    Mihailo Petković 35 minutes ago

    FWOG... Good memories Dean.

  • HivinsoPlayz Games
    HivinsoPlayz Games 35 minutes ago

    -profanity -Cartoon violince -Arsenal -Man City Defense -Karius

  • Lutthor
    Lutthor 36 minutes ago

    Aww the FWOG song *tear*nostalgia

  • WarriorN77
    WarriorN77 36 minutes ago

    442oons best

  • Oakley Lowe
    Oakley Lowe 36 minutes ago


  • Paddy B
    Paddy B 36 minutes ago

    Profanity Cartoon violence Man City’s defence 😂

  • Dino Man AJ
    Dino Man AJ 37 minutes ago


  • An ASMR Addict
    An ASMR Addict 37 minutes ago


  • Danilo Ilić
    Danilo Ilić 37 minutes ago

    442oons uploaded this just because nigel fearsome😂

  • FireStrike
    FireStrike 38 minutes ago

    OG's will remember- Turn 180 deg-rees, Oh I look so silly

    • FireStrike
      FireStrike 11 minutes ago

      Kshitiz Singh everybody loves 3!!

    • Kshitiz Singh
      Kshitiz Singh 30 minutes ago

      1-2-3 Notaxmor- Lionel- Chewy

  • Eginho
    Eginho 38 minutes ago


  • Seán Walsh
    Seán Walsh 38 minutes ago

    Osm name Nan a12

  • mogamer :D
    mogamer :D 38 minutes ago


  • Leo Johnson
    Leo Johnson 38 minutes ago

    Sean dych: who can I get for 50 quid? Me: pick any player from Sunderland you want cause we a shit

  • Ranim Mcharek
    Ranim Mcharek 39 minutes ago

    Dortmund vs fortuna dosseldorf 5:0 totenham vs Bayern München 2:7

  • Yung Lsg
    Yung Lsg 39 minutes ago

    We want the full FWOG song.

    • Heinz Doofenshmirtz
      Heinz Doofenshmirtz 34 minutes ago

      You can get there after England beat Slovenia in the Euro 2016 qualifiers.

  • Jakub Opeta
    Jakub Opeta 39 minutes ago

    Man city be like: F*ck this sh*t I'm out

  • Elka
    Elka 39 minutes ago

    237 comment!

  • Master Yeet
    Master Yeet 39 minutes ago

    3:50 only the OGs get it

  • MaxinPlays
    MaxinPlays 39 minutes ago

    *That awkward moment when you are early AF but not know what to comment*.

  • Finlay Jarvis
    Finlay Jarvis 39 minutes ago


  • Nguyễn Quang Dũng
    Nguyễn Quang Dũng 40 minutes ago


  • Soccer!
    Soccer! 40 minutes ago

    Ben Mee FC, huh?

  • PressSpence
    PressSpence 40 minutes ago

    *you are just a Dutch maguire 😂*

  • Seán Walsh
    Seán Walsh 40 minutes ago

    Nan a12

  • Nitin Kymar
    Nitin Kymar 41 minute ago

    Thank you 442oons for treating me You are a FAG😌🤣🤣🤣

  • Giorgos Abso
    Giorgos Abso 41 minute ago

    Lol the Hodgson one..wtf 😂

  • Temporary Kinda
    Temporary Kinda 41 minute ago

    Fuck Likes.