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  • Bananas N Bullets

    Best of luck to you and your family.

  • GabakUSA Free computer training

    don’t hire people just get people from fiverr cheaper

  • Dark890 Harcore
    Dark890 Harcore 2 hours ago

    Pelon calve

  • Zer0phobia
    Zer0phobia 2 hours ago

    Man that's farking sad!!!

  • Hero Brewing Company

    Keep strong

  • Raymond Courtemanche

    Thank you for this video, been going through a lot lately. I can identify with a lot of what you are going through, especially moving to a completely new area and starting over. Stay strong.

  • 44 And More - Now What

    Safe travels. I hope and pray your family, friends, and staff are taken care of. Just keep moving forward.

  • Kelvin Thenedy
    Kelvin Thenedy 3 hours ago

    Sorry but you look like james mcavoy ahah

  • Morrison Reid
    Morrison Reid 4 hours ago

    Yourself and your team will be missed but never forgotten..Wish you and your family Gods health and love forever..Tech Fan PE South Africa

  • Stephen Partington
    Stephen Partington 4 hours ago

    You made the only decision that a father reasonably could. And while it is an ending, it is absolutely NOT the end. And while you are in the US for the near and foreseeable future, there is the change/option of returning back to South Africa. Nothing is written yet. The best for your kiddo.

  • AnimeLite
    AnimeLite 4 hours ago

    We are always here! Come back when all is taken care of. I really wish your family the best!

  • KilliK 69
    KilliK 69 5 hours ago

    and it works better than Fallout 76

  • chaosweb12
    chaosweb12 5 hours ago

    What backpack is that

  • Perry Hay
    Perry Hay 6 hours ago

    God be with you and your family. I can pray for you, never underestimate the power of prayer.

  • GraceAndGlory
    GraceAndGlory 6 hours ago

    Why are the buttons white?

  • ammar khalid
    ammar khalid 7 hours ago

    What a cringy vedio 😑😑😑

  • Mr.V
    Mr.V 7 hours ago

    Sad to be leaving ? Man , take me with you xD

  • Joseph Bellardine Jr


  • peter jenkinson
    peter jenkinson 9 hours ago

    I really hope the best for your future and your son, Also thanks for the videos, South Africa will miss you

  • Kinght[RSA]
    Kinght[RSA] 11 hours ago

    I thought you're dying of cancer

  • PC Gamer18
    PC Gamer18 11 hours ago


  • Clare Claratehia
    Clare Claratehia 11 hours ago

    Hope to see you soon

  • VonScnitzel
    VonScnitzel 12 hours ago

    All the best to you and your family mate

  • Alexia Lucia
    Alexia Lucia 13 hours ago

    Goodbye one punch man

  • juzuvloke
    juzuvloke 14 hours ago

    Sorry but I still love my vita more than my switch!

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow 15 hours ago

    So it’s all your personal issues Not issues with switch lite .......

  • John essa
    John essa 15 hours ago

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  • Rozetown 707
    Rozetown 707 16 hours ago

    I like it, I had the O.G. in 2017 then sold it for an Xbox, then I kinda missed it. Never really docked it so I was like fuck it. Luigis mansion 3 is hella fun

  • achyut walkoli
    achyut walkoli 17 hours ago

    Good Luck Man For Your Future Journey..!!!

  • Andrew Colborn
    Andrew Colborn 17 hours ago

    Are there still armies going around mauling wh1tes to death, heard that's a big problem in SA

  • Kevin Schnetler
    Kevin Schnetler 17 hours ago

    Hey man, I'm still using that mate 20 pro I bought from you :) Good luck for the future in the US man

  • Chris Canty
    Chris Canty 17 hours ago

    All the best mate, I hope your son gets the help he need in the USA. Stay strong.

  • Perfect Enrager
    Perfect Enrager 18 hours ago

    Good luck man! Hope fully your son survives and gets back up!

  • Neomix
    Neomix 18 hours ago

    Best of luck 😕

  • inphrit
    inphrit 18 hours ago

    Ik this is sad but i really don't know you u randomly popped up in my recommendations

  • Derek C
    Derek C 18 hours ago

    I appreciate the video, but I already bought one and I Love it very much!!

  • Peragrave
    Peragrave 18 hours ago

    Just make the lite your primary console dummy

  • The CBD Jester
    The CBD Jester 19 hours ago

    bye felicia

  • Matthew James Ramirez
    Matthew James Ramirez 19 hours ago

    GO GATORS I hope things get better for you. I'm in Florida, if you need anything.

  • Giese Video Productions

    im sad that I just discovered you last month hope you come back some day

  • Sandra Reade
    Sandra Reade 20 hours ago

    Thanks to hacker Albert who generated 8btc into my wallet through 18102099930

  • tamarockstar45
    tamarockstar45 20 hours ago

    Good luck Brett and UFD staff.

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    Health Inc Production 20 hours ago

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  • Broke Fist
    Broke Fist 21 hour ago

    supple mentory experience

  • Scotty
    Scotty 21 hour ago

    Dang and youre almost at 300k. I remember when you hit 200k.

  • Thiago Barbosa
    Thiago Barbosa 21 hour ago

    Que Deus abençoe seu filho e sua família! Estimo melhoras para o garoto!

  • Ryan masons
    Ryan masons 21 hour ago

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  • Hailey Carter
    Hailey Carter 22 hours ago

    You’re awesome :) love your videos

  • luckyson13
    luckyson13 22 hours ago

    And y do u have to be in South Africa to have a youtube channel

  • luckyson13
    luckyson13 22 hours ago

    Y do u hate the US so much I don't get it

  • Erik Wiley
    Erik Wiley 23 hours ago

    Switch lite is great!

  • Wolverine Scratch
    Wolverine Scratch 23 hours ago

    I bought one and I'm playing games I probably wouldn't have

  • Xianbin Zhen
    Xianbin Zhen 23 hours ago

    Hope the best to your family.

  • Tippcraft 98
    Tippcraft 98 23 hours ago

    I love you too man. I hope everything gets better. I know one day you'll be able to return to south Africa

  • Kaan Bakıcı
    Kaan Bakıcı Day ago

    how gpu usage up to %90s while getting 20-30 fps ? doesn't that mean gpu is not bottlenecking when it struggles around %90-100,I know there is epic bottleneck tho but...

  • eizo monitor
    eizo monitor Day ago

    Be positive. You will run the channel and lot of good things going to happen but have to go thru on a 9868768 thing. Stick together and look for hope.

  • Terry Munnerlyn

    I want my dang hot news....man

  • learningbird
    learningbird Day ago

    Good luck for the Future. God bless you and your family!

  • Jovan Milic
    Jovan Milic Day ago

    I have rx 480 nitro+ witch bios do i use?

  • Razvan Costel Vladu

    good luck hope you all get back on your feet

  • MrJinkyTjaz
    MrJinkyTjaz Day ago

    Best of luck from Glasgow! Peace and love brother x

  • Zackary Gray
    Zackary Gray Day ago

    America is great. Move here. And be happy.

  • I agree with you.


  • MrsKanine
    MrsKanine Day ago

    I like, I'm looking for a gaming monitor

  • Joe Baker
    Joe Baker Day ago

    The Roller Coaster ride isn't over. Just wait until you upload your next video. 😄

  • jp van der spuy

    Brother, I am so sad to have watched this. In hindsight, I really hoped you have reached out. I own the largest privately owned payments company in South Africa and would have loved to help you guys keep the project going and growing to new heights

  • jp van der spuy

    Its a real pity, Ive tried to reach out to you since I lived like 30min away, being someone who follows your channel and South African - have a great journey back

  • John Doe
    John Doe Day ago

    Good luck with life. Really enjoy your content.

  • Leo Oel
    Leo Oel Day ago

    I thought you were dying or something.

  • kikayei
    kikayei Day ago

    Your title should be “Why I Regret Buying The Switch Lite”.

  • SlowNamed _Gaming

    Nah man i hope you enjoy life but you will be missed and just remember you changed all of our lives and will leave a hole

    EL DIABLO Day ago

    No offence man But a huge portion of your sub's go thru these problems and issues and enuf poor people U got a platform and everyone lickin ur ass just CU's u got a quarter milli plus sub's I mean best wishes.but still...

    EL DIABLO Day ago

    Farewell linus v2

  • FlanK3rCZ
    FlanK3rCZ Day ago

    We understand you, thanks for your all work for HW. And real people and family is always more important. Because love to the God and to the people (and specially family) is basic of future "Heaven Kingdom" of love like Jesus said us.

  • 32LeafChain
    32LeafChain Day ago

    All the best in life remember once one door closes another door open. We are here to support you ❣️

  • Alexander Dykes

    We're not going anywhere bud! Keep your head up and god speed my friend!

  • Douglas Holmes

    Best of luck to all involved, you are an awesome man, father, teacher, TVclipr etc. Prayers and good thoughts from the Doug Holmes family ♡ !

  • James
    James Day ago

    I have a switch lite and love it.

  • Vince Zwane
    Vince Zwane Day ago

    All the best brother, hope things work out positively for u, the family and channel. Sad that u have to leave but more than grateful that you’ve been here up until now. Hope u do return some day

  • Sombra
    Sombra Day ago

    its funny all this noise about ps5 theres not even an offfiial release date yet..ps4 is advanced as fuck

  • Deathz991
    Deathz991 Day ago


  • UncommonGaming


  • Yuutowa
    Yuutowa Day ago

    Stay strong and be positive! I hope little one gets over it!

  • GreedTheDarkCrown

    Whoever disliked this video, I will get Bob Ross to come and beat the devil out of you

  • Atomic Allan
    Atomic Allan Day ago

    Sad to see you leave man. Best of luck to you and your family

  • 18matts
    18matts Day ago

    I don't understand how the studio works but can't you still work with your south American family from America?? Sorry if this question has already been asked/answered

  • Snafu2346
    Snafu2346 Day ago

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. We stand together with you as well. These kinds of things are what makes the internet great. Just when I've given up on humanity, it comes and surprises us.

  • well as an expert I'd say

    Does anyone know why he decided to shave bald? Did he have an ailment, or stress? Did he join a cult?

    • Mozz Jones
      Mozz Jones Day ago

      It was for donations. Maybe he kept it like that cause it grew on him? Or not grown in this case lol

  • ccd ccd
    ccd ccd Day ago

    Good luck man, I may or may not have cried for you. Hope your son can get back to a normal childs life and not have to worry about tons of doctors appointments. Love ya man

  • Shubham Ture
    Shubham Ture Day ago

    Good luck man!

  • Spherical Thought

    so the fact that people were upset that google wasnt the 'netflix of gaming' is ridiculous. That was a consumer drivin concept and not something google actually announced. So the fact that people were disappointed, is really their own problem. They literally made it up, and then got upset it wasnt true.. I really dont get it.

  • thewikileaksfan

    all the best wishes to you and your family.

  • Karan Joshi
    Karan Joshi Day ago

    MacBook touchpad is leaps beyond any windows laptop and windows is not really good with gestures. Though linux gestures are pretty good.

  • Emma Gabriel
    Emma Gabriel Day ago

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  • Emma Gabriel
    Emma Gabriel Day ago

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  • rhadiem
    rhadiem Day ago

    I am 100% confident this is a passing through point for you on to better things. Hang in there. Hold fast and trust in the Lord.

  • Falkon Dezigns

    I'm crying! I wish you all the best! ❤

  • obzen33
    obzen33 Day ago

    Push on and fight on!

  • Braydon Moses
    Braydon Moses Day ago

    Wait he always lived in Africa ?