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  • danielle martin
    danielle martin 4 hours ago

    I wish they still had lifetime movies Like this

  • Laura W
    Laura W 2 days ago

    Growing up a National athlete wasn’t easy. You sacrifice so much of your time and miss out on a lot. I have many regrets looking back at my college years but it got me through with no school loans which was the goal. There is so much pressure on kids today I’ll never understand why such a huge push is necessary. When my daughter was in the 10th grade she had a breakdown. After 10 months of intense in Home therapy I got her back. I just hate to stand by and watch these kids struggle to be the best. Good Movie👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Boricua Mamy
    Boricua Mamy 13 days ago

    R.I.P Julie!!

  • Connie Canas
    Connie Canas 28 days ago

    Casey looks older than the coach.

  • john lithgow
    john lithgow Month ago

    good movie but it stops before the end of the movie

  • vanessa
    vanessa Month ago

    The end of a movie is just as important as the beginning. Obviously you don't think so. And how does anyone cut off an ending with Tracee Ellis Ross in it?

  • Jasbinder Dhillon

    Wish UK law was like USA law at times

  • Jasbinder Dhillon

    Did the bastard go jail in the end

  • Erdal Atalay
    Erdal Atalay 2 months ago

    The published year of this movie is 1998 not 2017.

  • Michael Pritchett
    Michael Pritchett 2 months ago

    Love you tube movies

  • Tanuz M
    Tanuz M 3 months ago

    What the hell... Now he raped her and the next he was lecturing about right and wrong !!!!!!!! 😠

  • Annieville Faoa
    Annieville Faoa 3 months ago

    These are the thing parents should be aware of. These pathetic animals of coaches take advantages of these young athletes who trust them as their hopes to become better in the sport but they are not. Better be careful.

  • Annalgene Wade
    Annalgene Wade 4 months ago


  • ExoticXXZ
    ExoticXXZ 4 months ago

    Ted bundy!!!!

  • Victor Nthamburi
    Victor Nthamburi 5 months ago

    The coach looks like Ted Bundy!

  • Matthew Crawford
    Matthew Crawford 5 months ago

    the mom is a bitch and going about it the wrong way just ask her

  • Bogus Pancakes
    Bogus Pancakes 5 months ago

    Dudes like a Great Value Ted Bundy

  • LEGEND Panther 1992 Jennings

    This coach loojs creepy

    • Amanda Moyano
      Amanda Moyano 4 months ago

      LEGEND Panther 1992 Jennings very creepy

  • Luluscumanders
    Luluscumanders 6 months ago

    24:41 wtf was that sneeze lmao

    • 11RossLeronX
      11RossLeronX 3 months ago

      Bro it sounded like a man but when it came out I noticed it's a girl and I was like WTF?!?!?!?!?!?🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱😱😱

  • Santana Riley
    Santana Riley 6 months ago

    Her friends is something else 😂🤣😭 when she needed them the most.😭

  • Santana Riley
    Santana Riley 6 months ago

    The man that she trust for her career, just sad. 😔

  • Nakadu Phionah
    Nakadu Phionah 6 months ago

    This tecnic is so wonderful

  • alisha Dawn
    alisha Dawn 6 months ago

    call and get medical attention if u are somewhere and u cant stick a tampon in

  • alisha Dawn
    alisha Dawn 6 months ago

    call and get medical attention if u are somewhere and u cant stick a tampon in

  • MsHeartAttack 27
    MsHeartAttack 27 6 months ago

    I’m glad they got him but the video got cut but it was still good

  • Charley Baugh
    Charley Baugh 6 months ago

    Didn't she play in the movie Jurassic Park when she was younger

  • WahranRai
    WahranRai 8 months ago

    2:06 Georges W. Bush young

    I WILL BUG YOU 8 months ago

    Just re Puch in the movie watch the whole movie smh

  • Belle Lewis
    Belle Lewis 8 months ago

    All the damn nasty and negative ass comments u people can shut the hell up cause he did not do nothing wrong

  • Belle Lewis
    Belle Lewis 8 months ago

    Her teacher he is kinda cute anyways

    • Eliminate kidnappers pedophiles Trunews
      Eliminate kidnappers pedophiles Trunews Month ago

      Do people like you is the reason we're losing our freedom of speech on TVclip which you have been reported I want you to know that I report this stuff all the time on my TVclip channel you made a mistake and now the 300 miles per hour drones are coming your way Belle.

    • Branden Williams
      Branden Williams 3 months ago

      @Belle Lewis u dumb ass

    • Alexis
      Alexis 3 months ago

      Belle Lewis You’re fucking stupid if you think that being cute is an exception for being raped. Stfu.

    • Alexis
      Alexis 3 months ago

      Belle Lewis Are you fucking retarded?

    • Misty Mitchell
      Misty Mitchell 6 months ago

      @Belle Lewis yes he is he raped two girls dumbass. Didn't you watch the movie?

  • Belle Lewis
    Belle Lewis 8 months ago

    That stupid ugly ass little white girl is lucky that he did that to her shit i wish something like that happen to me when i was in high school

    • Alexis
      Alexis 3 months ago

      Belle Lewis You sadistic little whore. Stfu you’re so fucking stupid.

  • Favour TV
    Favour TV 8 months ago

    That coach is a narcissistic rapist.

  • Talia Sweet
    Talia Sweet 8 months ago

    Heartbreaking 💔 what he did was so awful and wicked he deserves to be punished

  • billie price
    billie price 8 months ago

    I hate when a movie cut off right when its supposed to tell what happened it didn't even show credits at the end! Just POOF! Cut right off!

    • Brother Chris rco
      Brother Chris rco 25 days ago

      They do this to protect themselves. If you don't own the movie don't give the name or change it...

  • Callie Garcia
    Callie Garcia 8 months ago

    Horrible no ending ruin the whole movie

  • big ddy to long
    big ddy to long 9 months ago

    So her dad was a runner and died from running 🤦🏿....

    • Heather Clark
      Heather Clark 2 months ago

      No, he had a heart attack while timing his daughter!

  • Talia Princess
    Talia Princess 9 months ago

    Kinda creepy 😏. But great movie tho

  • Happy Sisters
    Happy Sisters 9 months ago

    Girl like bad boys

    • big ddy to long
      big ddy to long 3 months ago

      Bitch shut up

    • Archana Sakthi
      Archana Sakthi 3 months ago

      @big ddy to long what's ur age,?

    • big ddy to long
      big ddy to long 6 months ago

      @Misty Mitchell and by the way stop trying to be the pussy police and worry about your nasty ass pussy bitch next time you talk to a man you better raise your hand 🖕...

    • big ddy to long
      big ddy to long 6 months ago

      @Misty Mitchell bitch nobody talking to you your a yr late... you don't even like yourself

  • Ariana Eilish
    Ariana Eilish 9 months ago

    2017 more like 2002

  • Brandy Brantner
    Brandy Brantner 9 months ago

    Never wash off evidence

    • Brittany Ereaux
      Brittany Ereaux 5 months ago

      Brandy Brantner she felt dirty that’s why she washed it away even tho the feeling never goes away..

    BLACK CHINA 9 months ago


  • bubble gum
    bubble gum 10 months ago

    The girl looks like jojo

  • Lilly Jennings
    Lilly Jennings 10 months ago

    tracee Ellis

  • Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat

    When was this made?

  • Ssemwanga Paul
    Ssemwanga Paul 10 months ago

    sorry bt is so so scaring bt it's a nice movie

  • Muhammad zubair
    Muhammad zubair 10 months ago

    Her mom is sneak peak. Over acting

  • Amy Polenz
    Amy Polenz 11 months ago

    Movie does NOT finish to end, just stops.

  • Shay Tyler
    Shay Tyler 11 months ago

    I would've magically managed to pick up the biking machine and bust that head of his open.

  • Shenise McLaurin
    Shenise McLaurin 11 months ago

    At the end of the day she trusted her coach. Shit like this is real. I don’t get why he asked surprised when she didn’t wanna come to practice

  • Kshitiz Chopra
    Kshitiz Chopra Year ago

    She was a slut and he just fucked her. Nothing else.

    • Alexis
      Alexis 3 months ago

      Kshitiz Chopra And you’re a fucking dumbass.

  • Ambi Nicole
    Ambi Nicole Year ago

    Tracee Ellis Ross!

  • katrina pg
    katrina pg Year ago

    49:42 he has boobs Loo

    • PandaBunCece
      PandaBunCece 11 months ago

      katrin P this comment made me laugh so hard 🤣🤣

    • Shay Tyler
      Shay Tyler 11 months ago

      He did

  • Shivangi Patel
    Shivangi Patel Year ago

    This shit happens all the time and people got away with it. It’s she said he said thing. People with money got away with rape plenty of times. People with money got away with a lot. When I was in jail the news came on and the guy got probation for rape. Is it because he was white he got off? Race has a lot to do with everything. People got off on murder charges and got probation. I went to jail for 6 months because my dad said I threatened him. I didn’t threaten him. I said if anyone tries to hurt Joel I’ll kill them. I didn’t go to the hospital like my family wanted so my dad lied in court. It’s his word against mine. I wasn’t even on probation I shouldn’t of went to jail. If anything I should’ve got probation. Actually I shouldn’t of got probation or went to jail. They could of 302 me and made it was court committed so I couldn’t of got out the hospital until the doctor said it’s okay. I went through hell both times I was in jail. I didn’t do anything wrong but stick up for myself. People that were in there were criminals and I wasn’t. I didn’t deserve going to jail. People with money get away with everything. Only I know what I went through mentally and emotionally. No one cared about locking me in a cage like an animal. The real animals go free and they put me in jail twice when I didn’t do anything wrong. They did so much stuff to me at liberty house and they all got away with it. The staff was in on it. The bitch I punched was in on it and I go to jail. I was fed up with them talking shit. If I did what they did to me they would of killed me because they’re animals. I try to forget but I can’t. They did a lot of bad stuff to me and they punished me when I was innocent and the victim. It was horrible in jail. Every time I think about it I have a panic attack and I start crying and I can’t breathe like I am now. These horrible memories I want to forget and I can’t. I try so hard to forget everything but I can’t. I shouldn’t of trusted any of them. Look what they did to me. They threw me to the wolves with nothing to protect myself with. They said they were my friends and look what they did to me. They left me for dead. They did me dirty as fuck. This is what I get for being loyal? All of you played me and made my life worse. They made more problems for me. Don’t act like y’all had my back from the beginning because it’s not true. Y’all made my mental health worse. Y’all have any idea what I went through mentally and emotionally while I was in jail. No y’all didn’t because I was the one caged like a animal with the animals y’all know. Y’all never cared about me. If you guys did y’all wouldn’t of did any of those things to me. Not one of you thought about me. All y’all ever did was care about hoes not me. I would’ve never did those things to y’all ever but y’all did it to me without hesitation. Y’all didn’t even think about me at all. None of y’all said what we’re doing is wrong. Not one of y’all said don’t do that to her. Throw her in jail and hospitals who fucking cares. I’m not a person I’m a toy to them.

    • Alexis
      Alexis 3 months ago

      araceli You’re fucking stupid and I hope you get hit by a car.

    • Jennifer Hodges
      Jennifer Hodges 7 months ago

      I am sorry that happened to you

    • あおぞらAozora_
      あおぞらAozora_ 8 months ago

      @araceli that's the most heartless thing I've ever heard

    • super saiyan Goodman II.
      super saiyan Goodman II. 11 months ago

      Well I'm truly sorry for everything that you've gone through but understand that it is definitely not your fault at all,they were at fault for what they've done to you but I promise they will pay the price for they've done to you I guarantee god will not allow them to get away with their crimes they will be punished and you will get justice for your rape assault I can promise that, cause karma is every where and it will surly catch up with them too, you are not alone in this! And I'll pray for you to recreate new your life back again.You can't let that control your life you are stronger then them because they were not your friends neither they betrayed you in the worst ways but you'll make new better friends then them. People will lie you must be stronger then that an you have to free yourself from your pain but in time it will get easier to accept but they will get theirs back, they won't get away with it for longer.. Be brave, stay strong and keep your head up OK?

    • araceli
      araceli Year ago

      Who cares

  • lynn livingston
    lynn livingston Year ago

    Y she.look do damn homey

  • Brittany Ehlert
    Brittany Ehlert Year ago

    I think it's pretty much Clear what happens to coach probably got a long time sentence for the rape of an innocent girl and he fessed up to it on tape even though lifetime didn't show it I'm pretty sure we can all figure it out for ourselves that he got bar time

  • Candice Edgington

    At that age,she should've known what he was doing and said something! She should not have showered alone,or did that walking video alone,and why isn't there a woman coach around? And why the hell didn't that other girl tell her what he wanted to do to her?

    • Semaja Armstrong
      Semaja Armstrong 3 months ago

      Candice Edgington it doesn’t matter what gender or age you are you should be able to change your clothes or shower alone after everyone leaves the locker room

    • Judith Niles
      Judith Niles 9 months ago

      I totally agree, but when your that young your scared to say anything only because of peer pressure and also afraid that no-one will believe you.

    • Meggi Brow
      Meggi Brow 10 months ago

      She probably knew what he was doing, and she was probably very uncomfortable, and if shes shy and all then she wouldnt have it in her to say something. Because I know if I was her, I would uncomfortable as hell and ask to use the bathroom and just run.

  • Tish Kruger
    Tish Kruger Year ago

    One thing I'll never understand is how you can shower while knowing you're a single women and no one around for help. I'd rather go home smelly and know I'm safe.

    • Neydjie Norelus
      Neydjie Norelus 25 days ago


    • Annieville Faoa
      Annieville Faoa 3 months ago

      It was none of his business to be in the shower at all. He should be on his way home to his wife and children not peeping tom on young girls.

    • Kerry Johnson
      Kerry Johnson 3 months ago

      Tish Kruger right

    • crazzi-j north
      crazzi-j north 3 months ago

      Doesn’t just happen to women...

  • BJProductions
    BJProductions Year ago

    good movie guess i will figure out the ending on my own

    • Alexis
      Alexis 3 months ago

      BJProductions Did you figure it out

  • candy jones
    candy jones Year ago

    I hate how he tried to act surprised for why she wasnt going to practice

  • candy jones
    candy jones Year ago

    That coach is bold as crap. He dont make no sense doing that to that girl

  • Dorethea Starnes

    What happened to the coach? ..other than keeping his image.

  • Jessica Cutler
    Jessica Cutler Year ago

    this is a good movie,i dident know it was true.

  • Dianne Anderson
    Dianne Anderson Year ago

    Movie didn't finish, just abruptly stopped! Thumbs down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tylerjøsephile
      Tylerjøsephile 6 months ago

      This movie is called « a broken silence »

    • Boricua Mamy
      Boricua Mamy 8 months ago

      Christine Vogt-Klimshuk no wrong name

    • Christine Vogt-Klimshuk
      Christine Vogt-Klimshuk 9 months ago

      I think it's For My Daughter's Honor or something like that. Just look up the actors you recognize and see if you can find another copy on here somewhere.

    • HotFeetScratching
      HotFeetScratching 9 months ago

      Dianne Anderson ask for your money back... oh...wait! Ungrateful twat.