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  • Ryan Flanagan
    Ryan Flanagan 2 hours ago


  • Tracee Bright
    Tracee Bright 2 hours ago

    why he break that dog like that

  • Michael Ruelas
    Michael Ruelas 2 hours ago

    Come to Abilene Texas to watch cooper high school. Best running back in Abilene @noah garcia

  • Carson Francis
    Carson Francis 2 hours ago

    Odell beakem

  • Eniyah Prather
    Eniyah Prather 2 hours ago

    Jake Paul said there’s the guy

  • TNM Mari
    TNM Mari 2 hours ago

    Bro if u watch qb1 u know the hs he is at

  • King Peezy
    King Peezy 2 hours ago

    4:11 this man #20 gives no effort on this play at all 💀

  • Joshua_31604
    Joshua_31604 2 hours ago

    Well he was not wrong.... the Pats did bounce back this year

  • Rack
    Rack 2 hours ago

    4:60 40 as a tight end in high school this man is going to run 4:40s man

  • Grant Buehler
    Grant Buehler 2 hours ago

    Somebody should draft them cause who ever doesn’t is stupid

  • Bald Crackhead v2
    Bald Crackhead v2 2 hours ago

    Pike @ Warren Central, Indianapolis

  • jon kenny
    jon kenny 2 hours ago

    That ucf?

  • Carl Marc
    Carl Marc 2 hours ago

    All pro Stanford graduate lol

  • [Prodigy] Spooky
    [Prodigy] Spooky 2 hours ago


  • Kellen Arnold
    Kellen Arnold 2 hours ago

    Your hair lookin like some Cinnabons sitting on yo head

  • Felicia smith
    Felicia smith 2 hours ago

    Popcorn head little boy

  • Aaron Rodriguez
    Aaron Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    You should go watch the Coronado mustangs in Texas

  • Help Me Reach 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos

    Go to Lompoc, California we're known for our football team

  • Anther site
    Anther site 2 hours ago

    Are team in Farmington Arkansas is balling going 3-0.

  • Tristen Henderson
    Tristen Henderson 2 hours ago

    Go to Theodore high school they undefeated and every week a player from our team won player of the week and we won regions last year and we have a 4 star recruit committed to Alabama to our school so push to Theodore Alabama

  • Jaxon duChemin
    Jaxon duChemin 2 hours ago

    Funny but not true

  • TFL youngin
    TFL youngin 2 hours ago

    Boxing match

  • FastEagle
    FastEagle 2 hours ago

    How can I get recuded from Europe track and field😥

  • Reese Blount
    Reese Blount 2 hours ago

    i’m at 8:50 but i think the score gonna be 52-10

  • Reallifematters
    Reallifematters 2 hours ago

    Yep 11 or 13

  • lil Snake
    lil Snake 2 hours ago

    It for real be like that sometimes

  • Caden Burgess
    Caden Burgess 2 hours ago

    What his insta

  • Devin Davis
    Devin Davis 2 hours ago

    Go to Lincoln high school before the season is over

  • Te’Ron Hogan
    Te’Ron Hogan 3 hours ago


  • Basketball N’ kicks

    Do a Jarvis Landry be like

  • Just Jack
    Just Jack 3 hours ago

    Could you got to Atlanta because I could watch you

  • Dylan bean and talyor sherman and tennant

    You should go to sandy creek

    PANCAKE FETTY 3 hours ago

    The Letter D in Drakes and Deestroyings name are cursed😳PROVE ME WRONG

  • Taylor Turensky
    Taylor Turensky 3 hours ago

    I'll say this dee. I watched my nephews 9 year old football game yesterday and there was a kid that was at least almost 5 foot and that boy was hitting people like Ray Lewis. I mean some straight savage pops

  • Jonathan Messer
    Jonathan Messer 3 hours ago

    I slowed it down and at 12:06 that kid caught the ball 🤑💀

  • Javon Johnson
    Javon Johnson 3 hours ago

    Dee money

  • Taylor Turensky
    Taylor Turensky 3 hours ago

    Number 1 tight end in the nation. Arkansas. Number 3 overall in the nation player. Arkansas. Hudson henry

  • Kili G
    Kili G 3 hours ago

    3:01 Nice stain on your blue jacket

  • julian Paulino
    julian Paulino 3 hours ago


  • Aidan Babst
    Aidan Babst 3 hours ago

    getting new cleats be like...😂

  • Taylor Turensky
    Taylor Turensky 3 hours ago

    Dee come to Arkansas and Scout some of these country boys. They're monsters.

  • Katie Herms
    Katie Herms 3 hours ago

    Lets get him to 2 mil

  • H8RNs Poopy
    H8RNs Poopy 3 hours ago

    Make a lineman be like

  • Brayden Harley Vids
    Brayden Harley Vids 3 hours ago

    Church shoes 5.8

  • shayla wigfall
    shayla wigfall 3 hours ago

    Come to wild whin south Number 59

  • alex munoz
    alex munoz 3 hours ago

    now add a full stadium

  • Sush Shahs
    Sush Shahs 3 hours ago

    I love u destroying but since when was drag Vader a super hero 🤣🤣🤣

  • Vacious. FN
    Vacious. FN 3 hours ago

    You not even that good at football

  • Jay Baldwin
    Jay Baldwin 3 hours ago

    Keep doin what u do bro I love your videos god bless have a good day

  • india green
    india green 3 hours ago

    Do you play in any type of football league like the nfl or Canadian football league

  • Victim Cemtex
    Victim Cemtex 4 hours ago

    The Colts need you because there kicker has missed 5 kicks in the first 2 games

  • Joshua Jackson
    Joshua Jackson 4 hours ago

    That nigga ain’t no fucking 14

  • Nvent
    Nvent 4 hours ago

    Nederland VS Port Neches Texas

  • Jake Buse
    Jake Buse 4 hours ago

    pop up at dundalk high school

  • Cayden Darak
    Cayden Darak 4 hours ago

    Come to southern nash high school best team in nash county

  • Dave Chappelle
    Dave Chappelle 4 hours ago

    Bruh, any kicker worth their salt can kick 70 yards, but if you can't put it through the uprights consistently while under pressure, it means DICK!! Stick to TVclip videos.

  • Ryan J.
    Ryan J. 4 hours ago

    You should come to crack mills

  • Renediel Liriano
    Renediel Liriano 4 hours ago

    you are clapped

  • Caden Eddleman
    Caden Eddleman 4 hours ago

    Them boys ain’t in the 8th grade

  • Liberian Player
    Liberian Player 4 hours ago

    Why did I think he was AB?

  • DDMS_Jason
    DDMS_Jason 4 hours ago

    pop up in eatonoton ga watch putnam play youth for th number one seed 2019

  • DDMS_Jason
    DDMS_Jason 4 hours ago


  • Justin Thibodeaux
    Justin Thibodeaux 4 hours ago

    Washington marion in lake Charles lousiana

  • Ian Galvan
    Ian Galvan 4 hours ago

    You should come to watch the mighty tarpons play in Port Isabel TX #anchordown

  • X-toBit3 Gamer
    X-toBit3 Gamer 4 hours ago

    This man has two apple watches

  • Trendan Bonin
    Trendan Bonin 4 hours ago

    Go to rusk tx

    B&E FAMILY 4 hours ago

    I cant wait until i get to the challenger games. 😒 im definitely faster than pretty much everybody and im only 5"3 YEAH KEVIN HART HEIGHT AND STILL BURNING MFS

  • Christopher Jackson
    Christopher Jackson 4 hours ago


  • Michael Nance
    Michael Nance 4 hours ago


    IRWIN ROMMEL 4 hours ago

    Bruh you hit em just at the wrong time,before or after that!!!

  • Jay K
    Jay K 4 hours ago

    Why not try out for a team?

  • Sibling Kingdom
    Sibling Kingdom 4 hours ago

    I’m better than him and I’m in 5th grade

  • Bobbi Banks
    Bobbi Banks 4 hours ago

    Bro you came to Austin and didn’t let’s us know?!! Lame asss Austin,tx🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Tina Lara
    Tina Lara 4 hours ago

    FOR SUREEE he should go to the NFL

  • Alonso Casas
    Alonso Casas 4 hours ago

    Come to Wagner high school

  • Tooz gamer
    Tooz gamer 4 hours ago

    bro im a browns but i started dying when you dodged the browns jersey

  • Jace Harpst
    Jace Harpst 4 hours ago

    Your awesome love your vids

  • TTS_Cryptic
    TTS_Cryptic 4 hours ago

    I’m 18 too!

  • Dashaun Henderson
    Dashaun Henderson 4 hours ago

    U gotta come to Mansfield tx

  • Dre Fortnite
    Dre Fortnite 4 hours ago

    Fuck that man dock wit his ugly ass Dre best his ass

  • Josia Sookin-Totua
    Josia Sookin-Totua 4 hours ago

    go to a school named Clovis north and watch the varsity team

  • Mark Lane
    Mark Lane 4 hours ago

    holly crap 65 yrds that beats the original record of 63 yrds set by Don Dempsy sign this guy

  • YoungBoiRome
    YoungBoiRome 5 hours ago


  • Kamarion Grier
    Kamarion Grier 5 hours ago

    You need come to Thomson ga Wednesday we winning 50+

  • Anthony Narmi
    Anthony Narmi 5 hours ago

    I love your 1 handed videos

  • Joey Trevino
    Joey Trevino 5 hours ago

    12:07 one foot in

  • Ny're Williams
    Ny're Williams 5 hours ago

    am i the only one that wish deestroying could come to my football game

  • PesoCookedYu
    PesoCookedYu 5 hours ago

    you should come out to georgia to come see the Newton Boys play, they straight dogs

  • Steven Ojito
    Steven Ojito 5 hours ago


  • ttvyourbuttkid
    ttvyourbuttkid 5 hours ago

    When he said that guy looked like him before he said that I thought he put pads on

  • Nigga Gaming
    Nigga Gaming 5 hours ago

    If you’re willing to travel, our high school teams championship is on November 30th. Ion know if we gonna make it that far but if you wanna watch hit me in my dms.

  • Real News All The Time

    Love watching your positive videos. Keep up the good work.

  • CLPZY Dooms
    CLPZY Dooms 5 hours ago

    Bro the funniest one is the swimming one

  • Mo Su
    Mo Su 5 hours ago


  • Lahdeebo 9
    Lahdeebo 9 5 hours ago

    Come check out Edna Karr in New Orleans 🔥🏈 the best team in the state back to back to back 3x state champs💯

  • Mark Indy
    Mark Indy 5 hours ago

    Where is the video of you two waking up there in the morning? You were there just long enough to shoot your video. Nice gimmick. I can’t believe I stopped keeping up with the Kardashians to watch this. Props to your hustle though. 😀

  • LaZy BumZ
    LaZy BumZ 5 hours ago

    Come to the East hamilton game in chattanooga

  • Wayne Burrowes
    Wayne Burrowes 5 hours ago

    Are you a football player

  • Tyliah Jones
    Tyliah Jones 5 hours ago

    Gainesville Florida East side high school There Qb one of the best in his class has D1 offers

  • Noisy Toasty
    Noisy Toasty 5 hours ago

    Good hint on skin care use soap EVERY WHERE 🤘🤘👍