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    NOTHING BURGER 13 days ago

    Derp Derp, Turn on the comments

  • Carl Bailey
    Carl Bailey 14 days ago

    SUBSCRIBED, you should DISPLAY your link from ... That way, your supporters can contribute any amount - any time - anonymously!

  • Gonk
    Gonk 14 days ago

    nuh uh

  • 李冠廷
    李冠廷 15 days ago

    Hello, I am a journalist at ETtoday (Taiwan news media). We find your video would like to ask for your permission to share it on our websites, fan pages and TV channel. With your permission, we may need to edit your video a little bit, such as adding our logo, trailer, subtitles, or out screen. Here is the example: We will acknowledge you as the author by putting your name and the source which links to your original video post. If you disagree with the use of your video, we still appreciate for your time to read this message, thank you very much! By the way, ask me if you have any question!