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  • Grace Gilmartin
    Grace Gilmartin 4 hours ago

    This is wrong because of the episode that just came out and they mentions that ladybug and cat Noir only showed up a few months ago meaning that they would be different ages

    FAITH LOVE SOUL 4 hours ago


  • Mr. Games PH
    Mr. Games PH 4 hours ago

    Try Mr. Peabody

  • Skye Anderton
    Skye Anderton 4 hours ago


  • Mx. Phoenix
    Mx. Phoenix 5 hours ago

    Trixx uses she/her pronouns

  • Alyssa's Channel
    Alyssa's Channel 5 hours ago


  • mediocre editor
    mediocre editor 5 hours ago


  • Luni Gacha
    Luni Gacha 5 hours ago


  • Kayla Freilich
    Kayla Freilich 5 hours ago

    after cameron passed :(

  • Arjun Reddy
    Arjun Reddy 5 hours ago


  • JustinPLAYS YT
    JustinPLAYS YT 5 hours ago

    Strange rules Miraculous holders have to follow: be mature? wAt?

  • Ellie Norton
    Ellie Norton 5 hours ago

    Its Maddie Zigler you liar but Mackenzie is still almost the best! How could you lie to me?

  • Ana's _Channel
    Ana's _Channel 5 hours ago

    How are they going to make Descedants 4 Boyce Cameron is gone 😢 like if you love Cameron | | | | | |

  • Zeke Ross
    Zeke Ross 5 hours ago

    Disney formed a whole oceanic trust of advisors to honour polynesian culture. So, I'd say they did just fine.

  • Tara Kovacic
    Tara Kovacic 5 hours ago

    Last one

  • Independent Banana
    Independent Banana 5 hours ago

    Test: Make a sentence describing your school Me: School makes me wanna die every day.

  • Peregrina Fabila
    Peregrina Fabila 5 hours ago


  • Miss Sudheer
    Miss Sudheer 5 hours ago

    Did anyone realise in the picture of Chad and Audrey the forest was visible....... If yes hit like or comment

  • love live life
    love live life 5 hours ago


  • Catrionama
    Catrionama 5 hours ago

    she put him to sleep

  • Gina Hirsch
    Gina Hirsch 5 hours ago

    Team Nicholas all the way!!!

  • -Ant Gamez YT-
    -Ant Gamez YT- 5 hours ago

    9:14 He’s not int he middle she’s on the kitchen

  • Rissa Tju
    Rissa Tju 5 hours ago

    Thethings i just onena tell you carlos passaway so d4 is not happenning ok♥

  • Sunflower girl
    Sunflower girl 5 hours ago

    My friend named Mathew he always looks at me and blushes when I'm around and laughs whenever I say a joke me and my friends are seeing who he like I said all the girls exempt me I'm shure he doesn't like me I wouldn't want to date him anyway cause my friend like him

  • Matilda Ramsey
    Matilda Ramsey 5 hours ago

    I hope people know that dance mums are fake 😐

  • Mckay Fam
    Mckay Fam 5 hours ago

    So happy Nia is doing great, & chloe & jojo are doing amazing. It seemed that they were the underdogs in abby's eyes.

  • T.J. Midnight
    T.J. Midnight 5 hours ago

    And then there’s once upon a time

  • Heart Narce
    Heart Narce 5 hours ago

    My favorite dance moms kid is Mackenzie and maddie

  • Zalee Walker
    Zalee Walker 5 hours ago


  • Micala Baca
    Micala Baca 5 hours ago

    Skam Austin

  • Wild Hurricane
    Wild Hurricane 6 hours ago

    This is what I hate about some fairy tales is they don’t really take the true stories.

  • Pongsak Lasang
    Pongsak Lasang 6 hours ago


  • Yekta Arjmandi
    Yekta Arjmandi 6 hours ago

    I don't like kagami

  • Taylah Mccan
    Taylah Mccan 6 hours ago


  • KittyGirlz
    KittyGirlz 6 hours ago

    I think maybe one of the guys that Cheyenne Jackson has they may have adopted their kids bc unless if the other man is transgender, there's no way that guys could produce kids without a girl, and same with 2 girls

  • Vicki Pickford
    Vicki Pickford 6 hours ago

    That list was the biggest lot of shit

  • Caitlyn Dalrymple
    Caitlyn Dalrymple 6 hours ago

    He won’t combined the miraculous because it has a cost like if hock moth will bring a life back someone will lose there life

  • Goose nic
    Goose nic 6 hours ago

    1:55 Will *Mya* *Me raging*

  • caitlan relf
    caitlan relf 6 hours ago

    Its Agreste

  • Vicki Pickford
    Vicki Pickford 6 hours ago

    That does not make Anastasia a Disney princess just because the company was acquired

  • caitlan relf
    caitlan relf 6 hours ago

    Did u realise Lila rhymes with liar

  • worldin365
    worldin365 6 hours ago

    If this lady mispronounces "Cyrano" one more time. This is a classic novel. Come on now. This is why other countries view Americans as stupid.

  • Cassey Cuevas
    Cassey Cuevas 6 hours ago


  • Luis Leiva
    Luis Leiva 6 hours ago

    Can u do one for percy Jackson it my favorite book series pleas

  • cesar martinez
    cesar martinez 6 hours ago

    What does Paige do? Repping bands?

  • Luis Leiva
    Luis Leiva 6 hours ago

    I am more into percy Jackson then harry potter but i am a Hufflepuff 600%

  • Cindrella Gomez
    Cindrella Gomez 6 hours ago

    But Tarzan came before frozen

  • V Soni
    V Soni 6 hours ago

    I like Merida in anime version

  • Joel Acosta
    Joel Acosta 6 hours ago

    Disney better make a live action lilo and stitch

  • Chelsea Viveros
    Chelsea Viveros 6 hours ago

    I hate luka

    MOMO'STYLE 6 hours ago

    if I had a penny for everytime this chick had said akuma or akumatize wrong I be rich 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I’mSleepy
    I’mSleepy 6 hours ago

    I knew it was gonna be Jojo She is so damn rich! Jojo siwa will always be my favourite Influencer💖

  • Jhen erquiza
    Jhen erquiza 6 hours ago


  • caitlan relf
    caitlan relf 6 hours ago

    He's called MR Dam-a-cles

  • Camila and Serina
    Camila and Serina 6 hours ago

    Omg I just noticed that me and Sarah have the same birthday just 3 year difference

  • LilAauzy
    LilAauzy 7 hours ago


  • caitlan relf
    caitlan relf 7 hours ago

    It's pronounced Ak-om-a

  • Jay Gonzalez
    Jay Gonzalez 7 hours ago

    this has to be the most bullshit ending ever. ims 27 and saw the first one when it came.out. How the fuck is Bonnie just not gonna give a fuck about Woody anymore like that?? After Andy entrusted her with him. I dont know i just didnt feel this ending

  • Emma McGeechan
    Emma McGeechan 7 hours ago

    Elsa did not mean to freeze Anna heart

  • Super Vex
    Super Vex 7 hours ago

    im sorry I'm late what did I miss

  • Herobriene 360
    Herobriene 360 7 hours ago

    It Will not come out decendes 4 because Cameron boncey is dead

  • Honey Orioque
    Honey Orioque 7 hours ago

    Moana's not there, i was really excited to see her anime look 😥

  • Ashley Munguia
    Ashley Munguia 7 hours ago


  • Nilesh Gohel
    Nilesh Gohel 7 hours ago

    Nishka’s (Me) birthday s on March 25th

  • LaKeisha Pettway
    LaKeisha Pettway 7 hours ago

    Me and my Daughter LOVVEE JoJo.

  • Super Vex
    Super Vex 7 hours ago

    shlother race is a knock of for surges rush and they try making it the opener of shutter rush

  • jstar Porter
    jstar Porter 7 hours ago

    We just have to wait and see until it comes out can’t wait

  • Buddy Pine
    Buddy Pine 7 hours ago

    I got to say it. Gross. We cannot have lesbian queen. That send bad message younger the children from around the world.

  • foca foxxi
    foca foxxi 7 hours ago

    Rena is my favorite ❤️

  • Serena Robinson
    Serena Robinson 7 hours ago


  • Mia Lopez
    Mia Lopez 7 hours ago

    Lynn sr id a little tough on Lincoln because Lynn jr, is a trans, after lynn was born and the louds kept having girls he transitioned into a girl, thus the name Junior is for males, as well as she wears a guard for her privates, so ofc he was expecting his son to be a trophy kid but once dhe transitioned and lincoln was born he was expecting him to be the trophy kid as a replacement for lynn being a girl

  • Lisa Griffiths
    Lisa Griffiths 7 hours ago

    Belle as a pony would fit in with Twilight definitely

  • Audrey Sims
    Audrey Sims 7 hours ago

    Peppa, what are you doing in my nightmares?

  • That One Guy With The Face

    I believe you looked at the first page on Google search engine for the title of your video and didn't even bother fact checking

  • Ava Racey
    Ava Racey 7 hours ago

    I am under 20 I I had fashion plates, Polly pockets, magic wand (still have), I have millions of beanie babies,

  • Zina Rose Dancer
    Zina Rose Dancer 7 hours ago

    When they said Kendall was one of “the biggest dancers in the country” I was legit so pissed. She doesn’t even dance anymore, she just models. It goes to show how disconnected this show is from the actual truth.

  • 12cesarini34
    12cesarini34 7 hours ago

    she needs to go to jail with all the abuse she's done to those little girls

  • 12cesarini34
    12cesarini34 7 hours ago

    JUST 10?

  • Hope Cecilia
    Hope Cecilia 7 hours ago

    Snake - Luka receives in "Desperada" and " Party Crasher" Dragon - Kagami receives in "Ikari Gozen" Horse - Max receives in "Startrain" and "Party Crasher" Monkey - Kim receives in "Party Crasher" Rabbit - Its revealed that future Alix holds the rabbit miraculous and her pocketwatch is the miraculous in disguise. and ones that we already know Marienette - Ladybug Adrien - Cat Alya - Fox Nino - Turtle Chloe - Bee and sadly we can't forget Gabriel - butterfly Nathalie - peacock That totals 12 miraculous, meaning there are only 7 left to give out

  • Anja Sig
    Anja Sig 8 hours ago

    so older men taking private photos that are leaked are okay, but younger women/ men are shamed

  • Gdhehfhehrhh Hdjehfhe

    Actually I’ve seen the movie already I watched before they edited it today their not quite done but the new one is amazing there might be a new Species to.

  • phoebs69
    phoebs69 8 hours ago

    Luna was like me when I was at school. It made me stronger nowadays

  • Oui Oui
    Oui Oui 8 hours ago

    would love to see that audition

  • Rubby Favela
    Rubby Favela 8 hours ago

    Sue me !!!

  • chicken nuggets
    chicken nuggets 8 hours ago

    I lost my eyesight when I saw SpongeBob and Squidward

  • Saskia Smilde
    Saskia Smilde 8 hours ago

    I didn’t really understand!🥺

  • Gäçhã Møçhä
    Gäçhã Møçhä 8 hours ago

    I got a feisty pet and I loved it

  • Savannah Burroughs
    Savannah Burroughs 8 hours ago

    It's Copper not Cooper

  • Livi Kramz
    Livi Kramz 8 hours ago

    You know these people don’t watch the show by the way they pronounce akuma

  • Kaden Gomez
    Kaden Gomez 8 hours ago

    Who’s the guy in the thumbnail???

  • ItsLexi LOL
    ItsLexi LOL 8 hours ago

    Ben must hate Gil huh? Let's just hope he doesn't hit on Ben since that's what his dad did

  • Xx gacha cat wolfxX
    Xx gacha cat wolfxX 8 hours ago

    My second brother is taller than my oldest brother and me and my mom and a lot of people

  • Sare Durmaz
    Sare Durmaz 8 hours ago

    I just feel bad for Chloe😣

  • Makaela Beltran
    Makaela Beltran 8 hours ago

    I got 2 fruit by the foot roll ups

  • Berzon Bondoc
    Berzon Bondoc 8 hours ago


  • Livi Kramz
    Livi Kramz 8 hours ago

    Dude they aren’t royalty or Disney stars! They don’t have rules these are just things that happen in the show!! Smh😔✌🏼

  • Berzon Bondoc
    Berzon Bondoc 8 hours ago

    1 i dont drink caprison 2 i will still eat 🍞 3 i dont think Lauren sides see this video ok? 4 i still love cheese ok?

  • vale H
    vale H 8 hours ago


  • Savannah Helms
    Savannah Helms 8 hours ago

    I’ve been on the titanic slide and it’s really fun the line was terrible tho