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I'm Back ...
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100 SHADES of Foundation ...
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Thank you ... xo's
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  • Hank and Rex
    Hank and Rex 3 hours ago

    <3 yall are cute! Sorry I just now saw this.

  • Mishmaoul Moustahil
    Mishmaoul Moustahil 3 hours ago

    lol...sisters hoodie....So not watermelon

  • Lauren M
    Lauren M 3 hours ago

    I think if I was brand new to contour I’d really like something like that. But it’s not necessary when you practice and get the hang of it.

  • Giovanni Conigliaro
    Giovanni Conigliaro 3 hours ago

    Lol you guys are too much. Let the girl contour her life away with a warm shade if she wants too! Geez literally just m a k e u p.

  • Tre Hebert
    Tre Hebert 3 hours ago

    Everyone is sooo up in arms over tatis makeup choices if she likes how she does HER makeup WHO CARES

  • Nikki Wickes
    Nikki Wickes 3 hours ago

    Hey Tati! There’s this brand called MadHippie Cosmetics that I think you should look at! Love your videos!❤️

  • lali Rubio
    lali Rubio 3 hours ago

    Umm maybe, just maybe, Tati ... English is THEIR SECOND LANGUAGE!! Get off your high horse. (As per "choppy" instructions)

  • Melanie
    Melanie 3 hours ago

    How much would I have to pay for you to do my makeup for my wedding?

  • Tierney Flodine
    Tierney Flodine 3 hours ago

    I actually like the side you did with the tool. I think it’s more helpful for people new to contouring

  • Yusra Ilyas
    Yusra Ilyas 4 hours ago

    Send me these throw away. I’ll pay the shipping.

  • Ragad B
    Ragad B 4 hours ago

    What’s the blush she used ? Usually she list the products.

  • Hana B.
    Hana B. 4 hours ago

    I would love to see a review for Lady Gaga's Haus Labs!

  • Melisa H
    Melisa H 4 hours ago

    Why not have people return the bottles to you? the Refill packs are great, but it's still waste.

  • Emily Munger
    Emily Munger 4 hours ago

    I don’t think the tool is necessary! You are absolutely beautiful!

  • lacie mallory
    lacie mallory 4 hours ago

    that top is everything, so cute. where do you shop for all your clothes?

  • Gisel
    Gisel 4 hours ago

    I love these videos!

    FLESH and BLOOD 4 hours ago

    Need Tatea

  • Annika Navarro
    Annika Navarro 4 hours ago

    Says don't contour down here that's a no no... removes peice and contours down there lol!!

  • Rossana Arguello
    Rossana Arguello 4 hours ago


  • Natalie Porter
    Natalie Porter 4 hours ago

    You take the sweater and lay it out flat with the front on the surface your using, fold the arms back, put a hanger in the middle of the sweater and fold it over the bottom of the hanger. It takes up more room in your closet but no annoying hanger imprints.

  • Laura Dean
    Laura Dean 4 hours ago

    Does the jaw contour make that area look less at the top of your neck that hangs slightly when you turn to the side? I researched like 5 times. If so I think the jaw contour is the most important for me. Besides that I used to bronze but now just blush in a natural shade. My eyes are my guide, not a gizmo girl lol!

  • MsCookies54321
    MsCookies54321 4 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion, I actually like her contour, especially the side with the Chanel contour that was a little more soft. Really brings out her best features!

  • kris caffrey
    kris caffrey 4 hours ago

    Love that. Babe on a budget!

  • Deeana Ou
    Deeana Ou 4 hours ago

    did anyone else gasp when she put the contour on her forehead cuz it was so dark?? ahahhaa

  • Summer Lyons
    Summer Lyons 4 hours ago

    I hated the Big Ego; it was super dry to the point of instant clumpiness. I wonder if I just got a bad tube. I loved the packaging lol

  • Sara Bowers
    Sara Bowers 4 hours ago

    Tati watch out, that mascara gets EVERYWHERE. You think it’s fine and good at first, but I couldn’t stand it...

  • MirageKate
    MirageKate 4 hours ago

    I want the deodorant for my boyfriend. I hope that I will find it here in Italy!

  • Tabitha Sanders
    Tabitha Sanders 4 hours ago

    Before she put any product on her skin was soooooo glowy. Like on her chest? So pretty.

  • Rayne Michael
    Rayne Michael 4 hours ago

    The tears you almost had talking bout caffeine.😂💀I felt that as I drink my coffee.🤣

  • Carley Rook
    Carley Rook 4 hours ago

    not worth it for $20 but definitely helpful to a beginner and maybe someone who has trouble finding their cheekbones

  • Rebekah Reilly
    Rebekah Reilly 4 hours ago

    yeah...hard no on this tool 😂...Even if you were a beginner, I think this tool would scare you if you used it.

  • Alisha Washer
    Alisha Washer 4 hours ago

    YAAAAS OMG REDUCED PACKAGING 😍😍😍😍 This is the GREATEST announcement. So much respect for you and your support for the environment in your business model!!!

  • Paige Sipniewski
    Paige Sipniewski 4 hours ago

    Personally I love the bronzer and contour that you did!

  • Zuki Antonella
    Zuki Antonella 4 hours ago

    People don't follow her instructions, that's mask is just for the nose area ... That's why she have pain!!! ! ****READ THE INSTRUCTIONS******* ⚠️🚨⚠️🚨⚠️🚨⚠️🚨⚠️🚨

  • M Psylocke
    M Psylocke 5 hours ago

    Why does the bronzer steer more red on my screen. Tato looks amazing either way

  • Shana mamabear
    Shana mamabear 5 hours ago

    Will you be doing a follow up on your thoughts on all the new foundation launches and which ones you really liked??

  • Jennifer Teodovich
    Jennifer Teodovich 5 hours ago

    Tati... I love your necklace where did you get it?😘😘😘

  • Maria Romero
    Maria Romero 5 hours ago

    I got a sample after watching this review, and it was TERRIBLE :( I could not even blend it, felt like paint on my face. it was SOOOOO bad. Still love you but wow this was not it.

  • Lacy Pearson
    Lacy Pearson 5 hours ago

    Hey Tati!! Where are your necklaces from. They are cute!! Love your vids!!

  • Bonita Wilcox
    Bonita Wilcox 5 hours ago


  • Marija Petrusevska
    Marija Petrusevska 5 hours ago

    I b wjdj vbwonwobxoncbeo dl wkvbwi fvdibfo fk eo wkvbxibkxxo wp l. Kgbwonwk dk clvbaivvso so dobvbajvbsonconaonwivbobdvsindon gbomp.

  • Eva Watts-Pine
    Eva Watts-Pine 5 hours ago

    if you fold your sweaters and not hang them up you wont get any of those pulled shoulders that hangers can make and damage the knit of your sweaters

  • Kelly McKelly
    Kelly McKelly 5 hours ago

    WHAT is that eyeshadow?!?!?!?

  • Keonna Smith
    Keonna Smith 5 hours ago

    My first time seeing your video. I like this product on your eyelashes. Glad to know you are a die-hard fan for eyelashes. I myself love eyelashes and tried so many things to lengthen my lashes without success. This eyelash mascara back in the days worked wonders for me. I have something now similar to it. Just started using it, not as good as 30 years ago but okay. my eyelashes feel nice and it does not smear which is a plus to me. I will look at more of your videos mostly on eyelashes and eyebrows if you have on eyebrows.

  • nxri
    nxri 5 hours ago

    *contour, for dummies*

  • Helene M
    Helene M 5 hours ago

    Sweaters should be folded, not hung up! No more weird pokey shoulders!

  • Stephanie Lynn
    Stephanie Lynn 6 hours ago

    So gimmicky. It looks like a bra hanger or something lol

  • Kendraaa
    Kendraaa 6 hours ago

    Tati fanssss! Do any of you guys have good recommendations for a good hair dryer? I wanna start using them more to give myself blowouts. My hair is extremely thick and frizzes easily

  • Lourdes Ledesma
    Lourdes Ledesma 6 hours ago

    I think u used the exfoliator side. But yes, the MUE did its' job. Thanks!

  • Emilie Leyva
    Emilie Leyva 6 hours ago

    ngl she looks really good without contour on...

  • Joana Dias
    Joana Dias 6 hours ago

    I just love binge watching these. Literally all my afternoon gone! 😂 giveaway crew also

  • May Woods
    May Woods 6 hours ago

    I agree that your non-contoured side looks fresher and healthier. Really tired of beauty gurus bronzing and contouring as in most cases it looks too obvious and even muddy. I prefer a more natural look on you! Anyways, it’s a personal preference and it’s ok if you prefer this kind of look. But I really hope you’ll do more fresh and natural makeup videos in the future, I need some inspiration 🤩😊

  • Karmen Letourneau
    Karmen Letourneau 6 hours ago

    Woosh beauty has a few neat make up tools it would be cool for you to review. They also have a full face palette you can do a look in 5 minutes with. My favorite tool they have it a mascara guard as I always make a mess with my mascara.

  • Christina Poulsen
    Christina Poulsen 6 hours ago

    It’s not a weird product, but I would like you to try and review Jentry Kelley cosmetics products - I really love her tinted primer

  • Sonja Perkins
    Sonja Perkins 6 hours ago

    Which body makeup do you have on??? It looks amazing

  • Gyonyi Nemer-Kaiser
    Gyonyi Nemer-Kaiser 6 hours ago

    Hey Tati, would you be able to do a video about contour tips/techniques? By now we all know the basics but a video about how to work with different face shapes would be nice. Thanks for all the positivity, love, and videos! 💕

  • Cyndi Nogueira
    Cyndi Nogueira 6 hours ago

    Fold your sweaters never hang them. U were great

  • gromitbaby
    gromitbaby 6 hours ago

    It would be fun to see a look using all the crazy tools used over the years.

  • Nikaray Z
    Nikaray Z 6 hours ago

    You always talk too much and I unfollowed you because of all unnecessary explanations 🙄🙁

  • Cara Beers
    Cara Beers 6 hours ago

    To me it immediately screams "As Seen on Tv" product.... Basically a product that does what it says but is useless and breaks or is overpriced and could be made at home lol... I dont think people should feel the need to open their wallets just to feel beautiful or be on trend... Makeup is about having fun and self expression, why make products like this that make people feel like they are doing makeup wrong!? There is no wrong way to feel beautiful.... Just my personal view :]

  • Megan
    Megan 6 hours ago

    What bronzer are you using tati?

  • maura zimmer
    maura zimmer 6 hours ago

    Put a pair of tennis socks on the hanger at the ends . You did an awesome job on this video you should do it more often

  • Alice Richter
    Alice Richter 7 hours ago

    A piece of cheap plastic with couple of pretty words written about it for 20 dollars? Makeup industry lost its mind...

  • Mariena Chandler
    Mariena Chandler 7 hours ago

    Tati - it would be cool if you and your hubbs did a video on the things you both absolutely love about each other and the things that bug one another - while you both get ready or something. I can see the two of yall being the type of couple that can do it and have fun and without being nasty to each other. Y'all are great.

  • soulmate_make_up
    soulmate_make_up 7 hours ago

    Well, I can buy this from AliExpress by less than a dollar. So I'm not sure it's really so innovative as it says

  • Christina Poulsen
    Christina Poulsen 7 hours ago

    The best tinted moisturizer please 🙏🏻 and also the best light to medium cover foundation

  • Em 12344
    Em 12344 7 hours ago

    I think we're always our worst critic because you look stunning when you don't have contour. Don't get me wrong you're beautiful with it too but to me you're even more gorgeous without.

  • Emily Flanagan
    Emily Flanagan 7 hours ago

    Tati please try Thrive Cosmetics mascara it’s my HG!

  • Tammie Coleman
    Tammie Coleman 7 hours ago

    2:01 try to not overdue all the lights in every video. 3:43 who's ever said you've had nose job? 4:25 Sooo much highlight on cheeks. 4:35 $20 is alot but pays tons of money on other stuff. 6:12 has to tell everyone she was on the road. We get it money is a big part of your life.

  • Graziella Pollastri
    Graziella Pollastri 7 hours ago

    Maybe you could try this tools with Scott! That would be fun 🤣

  • Iman Aziz
    Iman Aziz 7 hours ago

    cosmo and wanda aint slick

  • Christina Poulsen
    Christina Poulsen 7 hours ago

    I’m not great at putting on makeup so I would like a video with technic explanation

  • Anastasia Tsotroudis

    Question? Is this Halo product relevant for women over 50?

  • Anastasia Tsotroudis

    Great job👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

  • Christina Poulsen
    Christina Poulsen 7 hours ago

    Would like you to try the NYX ultimate warm neutral palette . Thought it would be good for fall eyeshadow. Maybe a all NYX video.

  • Lars Mertens
    Lars Mertens 7 hours ago

    You should do a skincare review (in action)!!! X Love

  • Agnieszka Banach
    Agnieszka Banach 7 hours ago

    Please consider to be added on Cult beauty or Beauty bay so your UK and European customers can get your wonderful product without the added customs and expensive shipping.

  • linh vo
    linh vo 7 hours ago

    😂😂 kind of innovative!!! I kind of want to try it...but a bit lower 😂😂 for the price would be nicer..

  • Veronika
    Veronika 7 hours ago

    amazing glow-fest aside...tell me more about that chic top you're wearing...it's perfection, too! :)

  • Victoria Dusing
    Victoria Dusing 7 hours ago

    Love ya girl I won’t win but good luck

  • Ricci Raquel
    Ricci Raquel 7 hours ago

    I'll 100% pass on the product. You look beautiful both contoured and not contoured.

  • Beckk
    Beckk 8 hours ago

    Go to the craft store, buy a sheet of thin plastic and make your own.

  • Destiny Garcia
    Destiny Garcia 8 hours ago

    Definitely not worth $20 might as well eyeball it.

  • Say Gabby
    Say Gabby 8 hours ago

    they could’ve put a cute pattern on it or something to make it at least a little more worth it 😂

  • Makeup Meli
    Makeup Meli 8 hours ago

    Tati what are you wearing on your chest and shoulders?? That glow though!

  • G.D. Romanov
    G.D. Romanov 8 hours ago

    What a good hubby. Love that he brought up Halo twice. Great support!

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 8 hours ago

    Yes the best Beauty channel ever!!! Hands down!! Yes can u please show more bath & body products not the brand sort of speak but reviews on bath and body and also shampoos and conditioners please

  • clare pickering
    clare pickering 8 hours ago

    Hi Tati, your necklace is fabulous would you mind telling me where it’s from please? Beautiful as always Tati xxx

  • Yurie Terrado
    Yurie Terrado 8 hours ago

    Imagine if Tati drops a full on skin care products ❤️❤️

  • Radoslava Bodnárová

    Have you tried the new pink mascara by Nyx? Liftscara or I'd what it's called

  • Tricia B
    Tricia B 9 hours ago

    🙏🏻thanks for reviewing it, I’ll pass not worth it , it’s a gimmick

  • Zakwan Shah
    Zakwan Shah 9 hours ago

    i havent watched tati in a while. when did she stop using the scott barnes technique for her makeup?

  • May Growls
    May Growls 9 hours ago

    Why buy that when we have clothes hangers

  • Vienna banana
    Vienna banana 9 hours ago

    Jeez she talks too much. Just get to the review or post a time stamp.

  • Annaa Wandaal
    Annaa Wandaal 9 hours ago

    Looks at her coffee ... here my unqualified Opinion . I read an german article that even 25 cups of coffee are not unhealthy :3 Does anyone know more ?

  • B. C. Schmerker
    B. C. Schmerker 9 hours ago

    +GlamLifeGuru *I reckon ~$20.00 a reasonable price for Contour Curve™ given the patent-licence load and the cost of materials.* Concur on its usefulness for novices in learning contour and highlight skills, and it is a durable enough item for cosmetics molded from a flexible thermoplastic - should last for at least a decade in normal use.

  • LadyAlysanne
    LadyAlysanne 9 hours ago

    That Charlotte Tilbury palette is my workhorse - hit pan on 4 out of 9 pans! It compliments a lot of other palettes that go scarce on mattes (hello, Pat McGrath, I'm talking to you!). AND even Pat McGrath creases like mad without a primer; so I am really happy you did CT 9 pan palette justice and redeemed it in the end :)

  • B Lozano V
    B Lozano V 9 hours ago

    I would not spend that money for a piece of plastic. :)

  • pingo2924
    pingo2924 9 hours ago

    What is she wearing on her eyes! That eyeshadow is gorgeous!!!!!

  • Lindy Ralph
    Lindy Ralph 9 hours ago

    Tati I totally love you and your channel but I really really want you to stop using single use plastics like bottles of water and bullet proof coffee etc. Save the planet! xxx