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What If You Ate Mold?
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  • Lucas Wood
    Lucas Wood 4 seconds ago

    I got -1

  • LeqitPlayzHD
    LeqitPlayzHD 6 seconds ago

    -2 xD

  • Hex smiter
    Hex smiter 29 seconds ago

    I'm good in Canada from ticks Nope I already did by almost a month

  • Marielis Abreu
    Marielis Abreu 35 seconds ago


  • Jeffy Jeffy
    Jeffy Jeffy 52 seconds ago

    I failed at 5

  • Kid's Shop
    Kid's Shop 53 seconds ago

    Just... just bear with me.

  • Janam Thapa
    Janam Thapa 53 seconds ago

    Those who watch trigger video and came in these chanel :))

  • Lilly Jenkins
    Lilly Jenkins Minute ago

    I’m a cancer... 😐

  • acajudi100
    acajudi100 Minute ago

    Korean Air was a racist nightmare to Bali,

  • Temijustani Programmer

    Didn't you took a picture on the device.

  • Harmony Ramos
    Harmony Ramos Minute ago

    I got 260 but I’m Asian 🤯🤯🤔🤔

  • Caden De wet
    Caden De wet 2 minutes ago

    The Coca-Cola one is so fake because it's South African

  • Cassie & Alexis Tube
    Cassie & Alexis Tube 2 minutes ago

    I have dark brown eyes. That’s really common :l

  • simond caesar Semblante

    No wonder I am more keen to anime characters and super heroes who's main power or attribute has something to do with air..

  • Zain Tain
    Zain Tain 2 minutes ago

    who knows حافي

  • Cassie & Alexis Tube
    Cassie & Alexis Tube 2 minutes ago

    That’s sad

  • Jizzo Johnny
    Jizzo Johnny 2 minutes ago

    About the moon

  • SleepyWolf 7
    SleepyWolf 7 2 minutes ago

    17696 (I think most people could hear that) 😹😅

  • EndoBros FIN
    EndoBros FIN 2 minutes ago

    My cats like belly rubs..

  • trip garme
    trip garme 3 minutes ago

    I got cocial byterply

  • Jizzo Johnny
    Jizzo Johnny 3 minutes ago

    It did not say about that it not the werewolf

  • Lucy Wang
    Lucy Wang 3 minutes ago

    I am chinese and my dad celebrates his birthday on march 3rd my birthday but in the lunar calender

  • trusty Nguyen
    trusty Nguyen 3 minutes ago

    My dad said he went to the store But I think he just tripped over the rock

  • Shanel Manzo
    Shanel Manzo 3 minutes ago

    I only got one wrong!😋😝

  • Rumpelstiltsk!n
    Rumpelstiltsk!n 3 minutes ago

    ...British Series: British Actors! 🤦🏿‍♂️😒😏

  • moonlight star
    moonlight star 3 minutes ago

    It worked but my neck hurts

  • thepuppygamer
    thepuppygamer 3 minutes ago

    Here’s the answer.... *Run for dear life*

  • Evil Doge
    Evil Doge 4 minutes ago

    In my opinion, if a cat is licking you, you either have food on you or you smell like food

  • sasuke
    sasuke 4 minutes ago

    hey, i wanna purchase little rock & visit bunny island...thanks!

  • Matt Vasapolli
    Matt Vasapolli 4 minutes ago

    cats are better

  • samuel douglas
    samuel douglas 5 minutes ago

    being Australian watching this 😂😄😁👍

  • Morph Verse
    Morph Verse 5 minutes ago

    It never happened to me and i'm almost 34.

  • Wolf
    Wolf 5 minutes ago

    I got fantastic

  • Alison Mcdonald
    Alison Mcdonald 5 minutes ago

    Well if thy dont like me thy ken what thy can do right ?

  • Nigel Downey
    Nigel Downey 5 minutes ago

    Great Britain IS in Europe guys. It’s even still in the European Union. But then we’re used to Americans being geographically challenged!

  • Dorothea Gorel
    Dorothea Gorel 5 minutes ago

    STOP WITH THE HETEROCHROMIA SICKNESSES!!!!! I have heterochromia and I’m perfectly healthy

  • Cathal Byrne
    Cathal Byrne 5 minutes ago

    I got 1 part of stage 4 and every other part

  • Antoniette Mcvay
    Antoniette Mcvay 5 minutes ago

    It's not cold on the plane lol

  • thomas felland
    thomas felland 5 minutes ago


  • Cassie & Alexis Tube
    Cassie & Alexis Tube 6 minutes ago

    6:26 I saw that fish at a crazy beach with turtles! There was a whole school of them! I didn’t even know! It’s on my family’s go pro!

  • Eriku
    Eriku 6 minutes ago

    i failed stage 4

  • a person
    a person 6 minutes ago

    Eat it because the only moose (don't know about your area) Is chocolate moose

  • aaronnice1
    aaronnice1 6 minutes ago

    I feel free like a birrrrrrrrrrrrddddddd!

  • Barbara Percival
    Barbara Percival 7 minutes ago

    I live in the desert southwest where we have scorpions. I wish you would have mentioned something about those terrible creatures.

  • 67naps
    67naps 7 minutes ago

    I got 12/12 A+

  • Lucy Beresford
    Lucy Beresford 7 minutes ago

    My mom: What's the matter? My mind: I feel like my life is falling apart, I can't concentrate on ANYTHING at school, my grades are down, I am either always angry, always sad or always lifeless. No one understands how I feel, even ORANGE juice makes me mad these days, and I can't seem to find anyone willing to help. My voice: Nothing, I'm just tired.

  • best of wot blitz
    best of wot blitz 7 minutes ago

    me at 2 A.M.: 14 Sleep Mistakes You Didn't Know You Made

  • Memetry gamer Also YGS every sat/sun

    Ya yoused copyrighted content yourself...DUMY!

  • Brandon G
    Brandon G 7 minutes ago

    Was I the only one who didn’t know what side of the world I lived lol

  • Gamer Dude
    Gamer Dude 8 minutes ago

    10 FACTS YOU NEVER HEARD BEFORE ..... I knew 8 of them -_-

  • Melissa Bullock
    Melissa Bullock 8 minutes ago

    The joint cracking noise is really irritating...

  • Senku
    Senku 8 minutes ago

    2018 + 200 = 3018 Oh I thought it was 2218

  • Cassie & Alexis Tube
    Cassie & Alexis Tube 8 minutes ago

    4:04 i saw this snake at the aquarium! I also saw it in the water at a lake! Is that even possible!?!

  • Jennifer Holden
    Jennifer Holden 8 minutes ago

    The nearest I get to any sort of shoe are flip flops and I live in the north of England (cold and wet).

  • Daniel Morrow
    Daniel Morrow 8 minutes ago

    I thought they were supposed to check the plane before take off to make sure every thing is OK, like no cargo hold doors not secure.

  • it is just RoRo
    it is just RoRo 8 minutes ago

    But But

  • Isaac Arbeau
    Isaac Arbeau 9 minutes ago


  • Mr Prae
    Mr Prae 9 minutes ago

    Yea, lets say the original plane crashed, then 37 years later "drug smugglers" used the information from the 1985 article to try to get to the airlines then after the air traffic controler called security and the "pilot" saw security and left.

  • Ranu Khosla
    Ranu Khosla 9 minutes ago


  • Aniyah Taylor
    Aniyah Taylor 9 minutes ago

    4 or 5 wrong :D

  • Cassie & Alexis Tube
    Cassie & Alexis Tube 9 minutes ago

    Is it me or does the jelly fish look like slime? Like if you agree

  • Saad king Acadodoman
    Saad king Acadodoman 10 minutes ago

    sing a song

  • Lucas Crawford
    Lucas Crawford 10 minutes ago

    8:51 2 40 points

  • Marielis Abreu
    Marielis Abreu 10 minutes ago


  • kreek i resubbed plz let me in the servers full

    Hey anyone please reply but iam only 8 rn and I got 18 points so ia. Not the best at school but iam very good a gameing and computer so what does that mean I feel like a computer Internet and iPad master I don't exactly feel like an adult but sometimes I do

  • Stephanie Fillingham
    Stephanie Fillingham 11 minutes ago

    Nothing happened

  • aestheticvibes :3
    aestheticvibes :3 11 minutes ago

    BRIGHT SIDE: Truly black eyes don’t exist. Gacha Life: ... are you sure about that?

  • Jack Hughes
    Jack Hughes 11 minutes ago

    I'm now scared for my body

  • Alphapoop
    Alphapoop 11 minutes ago

    I actually did this for a few years without noticing. My nose is going to the moon

  • Peter, Hannon
    Peter, Hannon 11 minutes ago

    Play swift and a glass of water and the banana

  • The Hardcore Ninja
    The Hardcore Ninja 12 minutes ago

    I started hearing from no way

  • Gracie-mae Whittingham
    Gracie-mae Whittingham 12 minutes ago

    How u doing mate

  • Dakotah Saulsbury
    Dakotah Saulsbury 12 minutes ago

    It never said the moon was waxing

  • Evie Brown
    Evie Brown 12 minutes ago


  • Lets Play Viktor
    Lets Play Viktor 12 minutes ago

    99:00:00 click it while your watching the video ;)

  • Jesus Jesus
    Jesus Jesus 12 minutes ago

    Once i got stung in nuts

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 13 minutes ago

    No one who invented Kung fu, Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido, wing chun, Laido, etc is bloody cute, get real. Be honest do non-Asians look at Asians and think cute?

  • Flaming Mad
    Flaming Mad 13 minutes ago

    What if Titanic 2 sin- OH. I SHOULDN'T HAVE SAID THAT.

  • Isabelle Dolton - Konur
    Isabelle Dolton - Konur 13 minutes ago

    Do you like bright side? Yes: Like No: Ignore

  • doryan de graf
    doryan de graf 13 minutes ago

    What will happen to the poor tho?

  • Peter, Hannon
    Peter, Hannon 13 minutes ago


  • Prashanthi Vuta
    Prashanthi Vuta 13 minutes ago

    Note this: snakes are prey for other animals. That's why they have venom, and if they bite you it means you look scary to them( got this info from daughter).

  • Blink_Blink Fan
    Blink_Blink Fan 14 minutes ago

    _it also works on youtube_ -you know that right- *maybe you didnt* *_-LOL-_*

  • TomdX 13
    TomdX 13 14 minutes ago

    Wait doesn't the flight route go through the Bermuda Triangle. Ummm

  • Kristen Jansen
    Kristen Jansen 14 minutes ago

    Mine is my neck is so sore and I have lots of stress hurts everyday for a few months now

  • RR MM
    RR MM 14 minutes ago

    6:22 I failed

  • Carmella agi
    Carmella agi 14 minutes ago

    𝐈 𝐜𝐚𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐡𝐚𝐡𝐚𝐡𝐚𝐡𝐚 𝐡𝐞'𝐬 𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐨𝐧 𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤𝐬 𝐭𝐨 whatsApp; +𝟭 (𝟴𝟳𝟮) 𝟱𝟮𝟵-𝟲𝟵𝟭𝟱 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐮𝐜𝐡 𝐚 𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐮𝐬!

  • Peter, Hannon
    Peter, Hannon 15 minutes ago

    Person in the truck

  • 15 minutes ago

    only the tsunami😂

  • The Tops
    The Tops 15 minutes ago

    first of all great channel. Now I have a school project in a week and I would like to know what video editing/making software do you use?

  • Layana Hart
    Layana Hart 15 minutes ago

    I cut my self and I had a scar but I did’nt see this video yet so I was crying and it hurt so bad I just waited and it stoped but when my parents got back my parents were sreaming like I am not joking it was bad and we got kicked out...

  • Amiyah Benjamin
    Amiyah Benjamin 15 minutes ago

    I’m Aries...I got very angry and got very annoyed and have a temper when I was in the top three...Now I get why.

  • Toyota C-HR
    Toyota C-HR 15 minutes ago

    2:23 you said it was high and then you said he was on the 1st step on the ladder

  • Linda Hill
    Linda Hill 15 minutes ago

    My nails are weeds in to weeks they are a inch and a half

  • Wafflezz Yea
    Wafflezz Yea 15 minutes ago


  • Peter, Hannon
    Peter, Hannon 15 minutes ago


  • Just Check
    Just Check 16 minutes ago

    Just a regurgitation of stuff in many other clips, so what is new? By the way the Roman dodecahedron - People have made gloves with these - an early knitting machine? and they are only found in the colder regions of the Empire.

  • 「Nikke_DxysEditz」
    「Nikke_DxysEditz」 16 minutes ago

    Who’s watching and pooping? XD

  • TexasBulldog74
    TexasBulldog74 16 minutes ago

    3 hardest IMO... 1- the disrespectful tourists! I couldn't keep my composure like these guys. 2- Fainting to attention.... no idea how you train your body to do that... 3- having to urinate yourself due to no bathroom break for the time your on guard.

  • Emily Broderick
    Emily Broderick 17 minutes ago

    No ten