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  • nedved barkai
    nedved barkai 3 hours ago

    Honk Kong 97 counts as a rare game or it's unlicensed?

  • Shaflanka
    Shaflanka 3 hours ago

    Hey your not alone I have 13 copies of wii play. Turns out it was a very common birthday gift back in the wii era🙃.

  • xxxShadowBeastxxx
    xxxShadowBeastxxx 3 hours ago

    Heres a rare one, twin goddesses, i can barely find a freaking copy

  • Elite Bros
    Elite Bros 3 hours ago

    Sonic with a line. Anti climactic much.

  • Mr. Gibus
    Mr. Gibus 3 hours ago

    Strange, is Gravity Rush Remastered only Expensive if it has that white background cover art, because in Australia the cover art has a green background but I find that game for $15 at EB Games all the time

  • Kowalski
    Kowalski 3 hours ago

    Scott, your mic is "buzzing"...

  • The Comatose Commentator

    So..uh is sonic 2 with a line for sale or?

  • Roller
    Roller 3 hours ago

    How much for sonic 2 with a line?! I must be the owner of the rarest game!

  • Alfo
    Alfo 3 hours ago

    $600 for Sonic 1 on the NTSC Master System?! I picked up the PAL version for about £10 a few weeks ago.

  • Diego Juan
    Diego Juan 3 hours ago

    Look at my copy of clay fighters.... wtf i thought you weren’t worth it

  • opuer2
    opuer2 3 hours ago

    I only collect GameCube games but it's really annoying to do now cause pricese have gone up so much and I'm pretty sure that it's only cause people want to collect and not to play them wich anoy me even more I personally don't see why you have a game that your not going play it just seems dumb to me

  • Bruhhhsound1
    Bruhhhsound1 3 hours ago

    Best intro and outro

  • Guerilla Grue Plays
    Guerilla Grue Plays 3 hours ago

    As far as physical games I own probably the one that's most expensive due to rarity is Hellfire (CIB) for Genesis, and that's . . . not that rare. I had some REAL rarities at one point, but Adulting sometimes means selling your babies, and since it was before the retro game boom, well, let's just say my CIB copies of Zombie Nation and Mighty Final Fight didn't exactly fetch me gangbusters at the time. I'm like you, though: there's no reason to own a game if you're not going to play it. Because of that there have been a few rare games I've gotten my hands on and either gave to friends or sold so someone else could have a chance to appreciate them (Landstalker CIB, f'rinstance. Battlespire. The OG release of Star Control 2.) That said, if someone finds a really beat up but still functional copy of Mighty Final Fight, PLEASE let me know. It's no joke probably the best beat 'em up on the NES and I really miss it sometimes D:

  • Purple BatDragon
    Purple BatDragon 3 hours ago

    Hey, don't dis Madcats, they brought me my happiest years of gaming thanks to their tiny wireless Xbox controller. My only other option was The Duke, and a 4-year-old can't handle that. While my dad used that, I got a comfortably small size, wireless functionality, and some sweet rubber grips. It was heavenly.

  • MapleMilk
    MapleMilk 3 hours ago

    The rarest game is Minecraft 2 There were 0 copies made If probably is gonna go for trillions of dollars when it's discovered

  • Nintendo power 64 _Koby

    I’ll pay $360 for Sonic 2 With a line

  • devmas
    devmas 3 hours ago

    Pokemon games are hardly rare, but they sometimes sell for a ton of money. Pokemon Heart Gold with the Pokewalker sells for over $200 new, and not much less than that if it's opened / complete in box.

  • Magma Hot Designs
    Magma Hot Designs 3 hours ago

    You forgot about Fruit Pig on the NES

  • Tneal78
    Tneal78 3 hours ago

    Why do you have Xenoblade Chronicles, but you hate JRPGS?!

  • PJSproductions97
    PJSproductions97 3 hours ago

    13:50 explains everything, Scott has that certain level of sass that only someone who grew up around massive amounts of corn develops. I know, I'm from Ohio too

  • Jim Milton
    Jim Milton 3 hours ago

    What about Hong Kong 97, a physical copy at least is almost impossible to get you hands on.

  • Le Papa Nouwel
    Le Papa Nouwel 3 hours ago

    Bought UMVC3 when it was 40 dollars now it's down to 20 But on the other hand I was given Chrono Trigger ds lol

  • Tombstoner
    Tombstoner 3 hours ago

    Journey to the West, Watara Supervision

  • Dylan Maguire
    Dylan Maguire 3 hours ago

    Hold up, Scott has a copy of SONIC 2 WITH A LINE!?!? He is THE LUCKIEST man to walk on this earth. I would love to cop it of him someday, or even just see it in person🤤🤤

  • Sav Fox
    Sav Fox 3 hours ago

    M... mario party 8... the memories..

  • Kevin Hartman
    Kevin Hartman 3 hours ago

    Psh, this fool, everyone knows that the REALLY rare version of Sonic 2 has two lines.

  • Victor A. Dino
    Victor A. Dino 3 hours ago

    How come you didn’t mention all of your Wii Music copies? I can’t seem to find them expect in your official Wii Music Game Store.

  • kjriwoutube
    kjriwoutube 3 hours ago

    Where's banjo

  • bill cage
    bill cage 3 hours ago

    Suprised you didn't mention E.T

  • Bernardo Tirado
    Bernardo Tirado 3 hours ago

    It's Sunday ma dudes, time for Scott

  • Epic Potato
    Epic Potato 3 hours ago

    Talking about rare games, and no mention of Snatcher on Sega CD? For shame.

  • AM Real
    AM Real 3 hours ago

    Last Story for the Wii

  • Average Loser
    Average Loser 3 hours ago

    The thing is though due to fanboyism he could probably sell sonic 2 with a line for several 1000 dollars

  • Arttu Norrman
    Arttu Norrman 3 hours ago

    Why isnt Wii music on here?

  • Bazmiky
    Bazmiky 3 hours ago

    I'm disappointed you didn't go into the very rare video game console the halcyon with it's like 2 games that were put on other systems.

  • Tryrex Man
    Tryrex Man 3 hours ago

    Jesus christ this one has a joke every 5 seconds

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 3 hours ago

    Idk I have the PAL version of Mystic Quest

  • Bott Yuup
    Bott Yuup 3 hours ago

    Bubble warble 2 is rare?

  • LodanSD
    LodanSD 3 hours ago

    How about Star Fox... for the Atari 2600?

  • trey1014
    trey1014 3 hours ago

    1) Buy Sonic 2 without line 2) ??? 3) Sell Sonic 2 with line 4) Profit

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia 3 hours ago

    I wonder if Hong Kong 97 counts

  • Hades The Pyro
    Hades The Pyro 3 hours ago

    Is it just me or was there a few audio skips? I rewound and restarted my stuff but I noticed it a few times during the video.

  • HeatherTheHusky
    HeatherTheHusky 3 hours ago

    I own a few Rare games too! I’ve got Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, DKC, the list goes on!

  • Shaun Chaile
    Shaun Chaile 3 hours ago

    The worst part about this video is when it ends.

  • Captain Blackhook
    Captain Blackhook 3 hours ago

    Huh..did not know Gravity Rush remastered was it pretty cheap new. Or is that a US thing?

  • frozenwintershitty Amoba

    Sonic 2 with a line is worth more because you signed it!

  • We Remotely Low
    We Remotely Low 3 hours ago

    Don’t forget Hong Kong 97

  • The Yambino
    The Yambino 3 hours ago

    Just gonna sit over her with my snes copies of earthbound and megaman x2 and x3 ( decisions were made)

  • Griphix 56
    Griphix 56 3 hours ago

    Scott, Scott, Scott Scott... Wario's taco stand for the n64 is the rarest game...

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 3 hours ago

    It’s madden 08

  • JKS
    JKS 3 hours ago

    7:21 Insert Granddad joke here

  • Jamie Camilleri
    Jamie Camilleri 3 hours ago

    Aussie Rules Footy for the NES

  • yair katz
    yair katz 3 hours ago


  • Zadoc23
    Zadoc23 3 hours ago

    Excuse me sir, I would love to have that sonic 2 with line. I absolutely need it. So please contact me for details

  • Eriml
    Eriml 3 hours ago

    A video about oversaturation and you don't mention Guitar Hero/Rock Band..? K..

  • h3xagon95
    h3xagon95 3 hours ago

    That's how free market works

  • PJSproductions97
    PJSproductions97 4 hours ago

    I'll tell you what though, the rock candy usb xbox 360 controllers are very good as a pc controller for $30

  • Aj R.R
    Aj R.R 4 hours ago

    So GameCube is the cool stuff now huh Me; "Looking at my 100 GameCube games" Yeah I’m a billionaire

  • Brian Carles
    Brian Carles 4 hours ago

    Sonic 2 with a line😱😱😱😱

  • Purple Streak
    Purple Streak 4 hours ago

    Great, I was just about to buy Sonic 2 with a line but now it's shot up in value...thanks Scott...

  • Bruno Zaldívar
    Bruno Zaldívar 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one that gets anxiety when Scott's videos come out? I think it's cause they always come out late on Sundays... Before homework is due... I've been out of school for almost a decade...

  • We Remotely Low
    We Remotely Low 4 hours ago

    I remember when retro games were dirt cheap.

  • Nostalgia Game Room
    Nostalgia Game Room 4 hours ago

    Tegen tetris ?

  • oops
    oops 4 hours ago

    Your hair at the end looked so perfect!

  • Zsurvivalist
    Zsurvivalist 4 hours ago

    Gravity Rush is horribly underrated

  • sam
    sam 4 hours ago

    It's not rare, but I'm glad I own a complete copy of Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes on GameCube, since it's only way you can play a remake version of MGS.

    • Zsurvivalist
      Zsurvivalist 4 hours ago

      Sort of. There is a kind of PC remake but it's just a graphical update of the original.

  • Christopher Scott-Blore

    Luckily the pal gotcha force isn't too rare. It's one of the games I played a ton of when I was younger so had to get back.

  • Adin Tijerina
    Adin Tijerina 4 hours ago

    what about gamma attack?

  • Ryan Wheatley
    Ryan Wheatley 4 hours ago

    My rarest game is the Ninja Turtles fighting game for the wii

  • Moondust Corbeau
    Moondust Corbeau 4 hours ago

    I think the point is no game is rare now with emulation being so easy

  • Scar Wolfen
    Scar Wolfen 4 hours ago

    I actually had an Hannah Montana psp

  • Tetrabit 19745
    Tetrabit 19745 4 hours ago

    I wonder how much I'll be able to get Sonic 2 with a line for...

  • SadLeBronFan
    SadLeBronFan 4 hours ago

    GameCube da GOAT 🐐

  • TrashBoat
    TrashBoat 4 hours ago

    I would actually love to have that copy of sonic 2 with a line just because it was crafted by the hands of Scott himself.

  • Ari Nikoloff-Kraan
    Ari Nikoloff-Kraan 4 hours ago

    Thing is, with how popular this channel is, you know *someone* would pay extra for sonic 2 with a line

  • Gazaro 51
    Gazaro 51 4 hours ago

    Oh My God was what I exactly what I said when I bought pre owned PS3 and saw that controller.. lol

  • M R
    M R 4 hours ago

    Is that a croc glove at 2:10 ?

  • zerocool1ist
    zerocool1ist 4 hours ago

    I can think of games so rare they technically dont even exist but if we keep it on this plain of existence and i ask myself to think of what is a game thats heavily sought after and has such an extreme price tag in some cases that you could buy a small car what is a name that keeps popping up when talking about rare games and that game would be - N64 Clay Fighter Sculptor's Cut that currently some sellers have valued at $2,932.98 However if we are talking top of the mountain rare and sought after then the most obvious answer would be Atari Swordquest water world going for $25,000 iv played both and was not impressed.

  • Bob Tom
    Bob Tom 4 hours ago

    I'm right there with ya Scott... I paid 60 bucks for Yakuza 2 on PS2, not until after researching it averages about 30...I got fucking robbed...

  • David Ortega
    David Ortega 4 hours ago

    For me is simple. Portable devices, RPG games and a portable solar battery charger.

  • Bloxed
    Bloxed 4 hours ago

    Wanna know what's rarer than any video game? A bad Scott Video (There are none) Great video! =)

  • Zitsanrael
    Zitsanrael 4 hours ago

    The guy who secretly owns the Polybius cabinet is laughing right now

  • TheSignPainter
    TheSignPainter 4 hours ago

    Uhh Sonic jam is not rare?

  • Siebentje
    Siebentje 4 hours ago

    Sh*t i want Sonic 2 with a line..

  • The Trashmann
    The Trashmann 4 hours ago


  • Ari Nikoloff-Kraan
    Ari Nikoloff-Kraan 4 hours ago

    I was literally playing xenoblade chronicles when this video came out lmao

  • Kainoa Tandy
    Kainoa Tandy 4 hours ago

    I was expecting him to yell, “POOP SLINGER?” At the end

  • fadorka
    fadorka 4 hours ago


  • BubbaSteve Garcia
    BubbaSteve Garcia 4 hours ago

    I immediately think of stadium events as well as the Nintendo world championship carts

  • Stoned Reviews
    Stoned Reviews 4 hours ago

    I see Persona 5 for the PS3 being considered rare in a decade or so.

  • David Ortega
    David Ortega 4 hours ago

    I don't get the ending.

  • Harry Jackerson
    Harry Jackerson 4 hours ago

    Just admit that you only picked puyo puyo Tetris for your deserted island list just because they say "Puyo Puyo Tetaris-uh"

  • Hendrik
    Hendrik 4 hours ago

    wait. what. @2:09 ... i, i .... i have this game laying around here. boxed. WHAT.

  • Leigh Dappa
    Leigh Dappa 4 hours ago

    🎉🎊🎈A new STW Video on my 38th birthday🎈🎉🎋

  • ToineJakTheOnly
    ToineJakTheOnly 4 hours ago

    I have half of the 32X library including the 5 U.S. released CD based 32X games, does that count for something? or should I come back when I have the elusive original release of the Brasil exclusive CD 32X version of Surgical Strike?

  • Mr. James
    Mr. James 4 hours ago

    I give you 5 bucks and a whopper double with cheese for your Sonic 2 with a line

  • Leigh Dappa
    Leigh Dappa 4 hours ago

    🎮My rarest GBA Games are: *Gadget Racer *TMNT (2007) *The Revenge Of Shinobi BOTH PAL, CIB and in excellent condition.

  • Magnet 02
    Magnet 02 4 hours ago

    What about evo for snes?

  • MobCat
    MobCat 4 hours ago

    No, Sonic 2 signed by scott the woz.. now id buy that.

  • كيف مع كوكي و الالعاب

    I have sonic two with a line