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  • BlackHarlequin13
    BlackHarlequin13 2 hours ago

    I wanted to love Blizzard ever since Overwatch came out, but they left scars that will never fade away. My Respect for them as a company is completely gone, granted I'll still play the games, but that doesn't mean I have to spend another dollar on them... unless there's a sale or Gamestop is selling a Nendoroid or Figma for 50 or 75 percent off. I've seen it before :3

  • Soctom
    Soctom 2 hours ago

    Can't wait for Steam China.

    PITOVIVE1 2 hours ago

    funny eding

  • Zomby
    Zomby 2 hours ago

    Hearth Stone Player: "Human rights." Activison/Blizzard but with an old prospector voice: "HE'S FUCKING OUR MONEY!"

  • Brandon Blessing
    Brandon Blessing 2 hours ago

    DAMN IT MAN!!!! THEY GOT TO BRIAN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 2 hours ago

    That area 51 thing was a known joke. While this actually has made people mad.

  • Ibrahim II
    Ibrahim II 2 hours ago

    excellent vid guys

  • MarquisVonMonster
    MarquisVonMonster 2 hours ago

    I just want my 2019 Overwatch Halloween skins.

  • El Barto
    El Barto 2 hours ago

    Im really intrigued on hows peoples attitude towards Blizzcon

  • Jessie Briones
    Jessie Briones 2 hours ago

    I think the difference in storming the area 51 and protest in Blizzcon is well you can get imprisoned and shot in Area 51 and I don’t think Blizzard will shoot people maybe call the police when it becomes out of hand but nobody will get 10 years of prison.

  • Daddy Sempai Chan
    Daddy Sempai Chan 2 hours ago

    Times are changing. Actions and advice that worked back then won't work now. That's just how time worked. You either Adapt or get left behind.

    PLAYER1 2 hours ago

    I know people just want to escape the real world with their entertainment. However, they need to be aware of the dangers of greedy corporations like Acitivision-Blizzard, and others siding with foreign governments like China, that literally murder anybody who disagrees with them. It's not just an "over there" problem... Especially, when they start censoring any dissent on American soil, like at BlizzCon. That's when it's gone too far. We (Americans) need to remain in control of our freedoms and human rights because those freedoms are under attack in the name of pure corporate greed.

  • Anata No Senei
    Anata No Senei 2 hours ago

    How is "support hong kong" a political statement? They're fighting for their freedom.

  • That 1 Dude
    That 1 Dude 2 hours ago

    To be fair the Gay Boys guild change was automated due to so many reports. However, a GM confirmed that the name doesn't violate any rules and allowed them to change it back. Granted, the GM did warn that it could happen again because of the reporting automation

  • Lpnlizard27
    Lpnlizard27 2 hours ago

    Arrested for public urination? usually its like a ticket. Wtf did that guy piss on the cop car ?

  • Eric Osmond
    Eric Osmond 2 hours ago

    Blizzard made me change my battle tag from "PenisSlayer"

  • Decentpizza7
    Decentpizza7 2 hours ago

    Anyone know where I can buy that pink shirt the guy on the right is wearing?

  • François St-Pierre
    François St-Pierre 2 hours ago

    The ad on the video was an hearstone one

  • Junky
    Junky 2 hours ago

    Salute to Lawrence and manscaped

  • SuperNeutral
    SuperNeutral 2 hours ago

    Hail Satan

  • Eric VanLeeuwen
    Eric VanLeeuwen 2 hours ago

    Happy thanks giving my fellow Canadians!

  • V4N6U4RD
    V4N6U4RD 2 hours ago

    My political statement is this: For The Horde!

    • Lkcdar Zadix
      Lkcdar Zadix 2 hours ago

      Alliance number one!!! Horde number 4!!!

  • DotDusk
    DotDusk 2 hours ago

    People that don't want to protect the pride of our country are disgusting and should be banned from all events. *this opinion has no relation to China and hold no bias over the matter*

  • Lkcdar Zadix
    Lkcdar Zadix 2 hours ago

    Wear Winnie the pooh at blizzcon

  • Anata No Senei
    Anata No Senei 2 hours ago

    If they're checking signs just wear a winnie the pooh shirt underneath something else with "support hong kong" written on it. They can't stop you from wearing shirts if there isn't any swears or anyhting on it. Civil lawsuit waiting to happen. Also someone should throw sacks with ribbons on them, the color of the ribbons should be the colors of the hong kong flag. Throw em on stage during announcements.

  • Hana Lee
    Hana Lee 2 hours ago

    "Oop! ... they got to Brian." F

  • Xander
    Xander 2 hours ago

    there's a blog post? LOL DONT CARE!

  • ghostcarnist
    ghostcarnist 2 hours ago

    I mean can we blame them? it's a highly controversial subject that was forced into a video game tournament that also goes against a place that gets them a lot of revenue, they're not on China or communism's side they're on capitalism's side they're trying to keep things neutral and get that money. The way I see it is Blizzard got forced between a rock and a hard place and made a stupid decision by reacting too fast.

  • Jeremy Cashen
    Jeremy Cashen 2 hours ago

    I 100% though Lawrence said “It’s the Lawrence day” when talking about going to church on Sundays

  • Mobius08
    Mobius08 2 hours ago

    No mention of the American University team and holding up a "Free Hong Kong, Boycott Blizz" sign on the official Hearthstone Twitch stream? They didn't get a slap on the wrist, then withdrew from the tournament in protest. Also, Brack said the initial judgement was made in haste, but it was actually done 2 days after Blitzchung's statement was made. That's a very long time for a knee-jerk reaction, if you ask me.

  • Strykerx31
    Strykerx31 2 hours ago

    wait, im confused, we want to keep Politics out of Video Games, But We Use Politics on the game companies, and got consequences.

  • Corsair Soul
    Corsair Soul 2 hours ago

    Also worth noting they gave that statement immediately after the stock markets closed.

  • kelerews
    kelerews 2 hours ago

    you guys have phones...

  • blackvial
    blackvial 2 hours ago

    Seems like the message posted on Weibo was probably written by a team of people who knew that if they posted the wrong message they would more than likely disappear.

  • Emily Ram
    Emily Ram 2 hours ago

    Blizzard is a private company . So I don’t understand why people are complaining. If you don’t like them then don’t buy/ pay for their products/services .

    • blackvial
      blackvial 2 hours ago

      Yeah it seems like people don't understand if you break the rules you get punished

  • p s
    p s 2 hours ago

    America can’t even handle peaceful NFL quarterback kneeling against police abuse against African Americans. No way America can handle the violent rioters from Hong Kong. So stop acting almighty and get off your high chair.

  • Josue Ravena
    Josue Ravena 2 hours ago

    Time to prepare the signs and to throw them at blizzcon! That's for not supporting a clear issue in Hong Kong.

  • Jill Valentine
    Jill Valentine 2 hours ago

    Blizzard EA and China are my Lord and savior

  • TheKnight OfCydonia
    TheKnight OfCydonia 2 hours ago

    LGBTQC... I think we know what the C is

  • Ryan Bartley
    Ryan Bartley 2 hours ago

    The ad read at the end is a work of art

  • SK8 GEEK
    SK8 GEEK 2 hours ago

    You aren’t defending the major company? That’s new

  • Samael 11
    Samael 11 2 hours ago

    you fire people on Friday so they don't blow YOUR brains out Adam. HR doesn't care if they blow their own brains out, in fact it's preferable, and again, why it's done on weekends. Dump shitloads of stress on them without couseling or an outlet or anywhere to go since everything that isn't food or retail is closed for the next two days, and let the despair turn inward. It's better than firing someone on a Tuesday and having them get angry and show up at the business on a Wednesday or Thursday.

  • Jessie Briones
    Jessie Briones 2 hours ago

    I like that pink shirt the art is good

  • Ray S
    Ray S 2 hours ago

    Missed opportunity to call it a Hong kongtroversy

  • PonyMei
    PonyMei 2 hours ago

    I want lawrence's shirt

  • Orin Sorinson
    Orin Sorinson 2 hours ago

    Stop being mean to Blizzard! they're just trying to make some more money and not piss off the Chinese government by tacitly supporting pro-democracy protests. Poor Blizzard... maybe people can open up a go fund me or something like that for them 💔

  • Liem Solow
    Liem Solow 2 hours ago

    Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Blizzard The Wise? I thought not. It's not a story gamers would tell you. It's a corporate legend. Darth Blizzard was a Dark Lord of the Corporations, so powerful and so wise they could use the Media to influence the politics to create contraversy… They had such a knowledge of the dark side that they could even keep the ones they disliked from speaking. The dark side of the Media is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be... unethical. They became so powerful… the only thing they were afraid of was losing money, which eventually, of course, they did. Unfortunately, they told their fans a bunch of lies, then the fans killed their reputation overnight. Ironic. They could save others from criticism, but not themselves.

  • AngryLittleGnome
    AngryLittleGnome 2 hours ago

    "My name-a JAB."

  • Erik Johnson
    Erik Johnson 2 hours ago

    Yeaaaa internet never forgets blizzard. Just look at the patronizing phone jab. And big daddy Activision pretty much makes all this useless. Welcome to gamers finally speaking up in masses of Garbo.

  • Mark Kolesky
    Mark Kolesky 2 hours ago

    Jib Jab

  • Tony Bone
    Tony Bone 2 hours ago

    Man it must be slow for news if still going on about this

  • Paradox Acres
    Paradox Acres 2 hours ago

    Can someone tell me what Lawrence's Shirt is supposed to be..? Is it Alice in Wonderland...or?

  • Jake Bryant
    Jake Bryant 2 hours ago

    Gamers do not lessen your outcry against blizzard keep on doing so especially when Blizz Con happens

  • Fernando Alarcon
    Fernando Alarcon 2 hours ago

    I hope inside gaming follows the bliz con drama as it happens. This is my type of tea

  • PlagueOfWasps
    PlagueOfWasps 2 hours ago

    Day 1: Diplomatic overview, carefully critical Day 2: More critical and openly opinionating Day 3: *BlizZaRd aRe HypOcrIteS lEt tHem BurN*

  • OchaTime
    OchaTime 2 hours ago

    I read "Pronouns: She/her" in the protest website description, I'm already rooting for China to be honest

  • Fruit Cat
    Fruit Cat 3 hours ago

    Wonder if this will last long enough to negatively affect Blizzcon.

    • Adam Young
      Adam Young 2 hours ago

      You are talking about fanboys. Most of the attendees wont give a shit about this stuff

  • Mr420Spy
    Mr420Spy 3 hours ago

    What is a Jab? A Jab, is a douchy guy who has a face that you want to punch. You dont have to punch hard because you know they cant take it. A Jab

  • EveryDayEpic
    EveryDayEpic 3 hours ago

    Blizzard newest IP! Hong Kong-troversy

  • Bean gasious
    Bean gasious 3 hours ago

    I only read the news on weekends.... I don't have time for depression during the week.... when I work....

  • Tom G
    Tom G 3 hours ago

    That was one of the best Hearthstone Burns I've heard

  • Zina Mac
    Zina Mac 3 hours ago

    Weekend news cycle , "it's not really how it works anymore with the internet" Meanwhile inside gaming puts old news out on a Monday night

  • Ross Weaver
    Ross Weaver 3 hours ago

    Autumn your editing is always a pleasure to see

  • Sir Styleenut
    Sir Styleenut 3 hours ago


  • Fuzzy Barbarian
    Fuzzy Barbarian 3 hours ago

    Can some other Blixz e-sports winner talk about LGBTQ issues just to see if they have a response that is even remotely similar? My money is on no.

  • guufm
    guufm 3 hours ago

    "It turned into a giant PR nightmare for Blizzard", i dunno i think its a PR cataclysm

    • Crunchy Toast
      Crunchy Toast 2 hours ago

      guufm HA!

    • Zomby
      Zomby 2 hours ago

      Still a more entertaining cataclysm event then what Anthem had.

  • Devon Palmer
    Devon Palmer 3 hours ago

    Where can I get that Lawrence shirt? It’s rad

  • Sir Apple
    Sir Apple 3 hours ago

    1:42 Jab Verb: Poke roughly or quickly, especially with something sharp or pointed. Noun: A quick, sharp blow, especially with the fist.

  • Fortnite 247 pinned your comment.

    why you awesome person reading did you get the notification? 👍 *make blue if true fan* I'm ğiftin m ńext 247 śußz!😃

  • Alexi Xeno
    Alexi Xeno 3 hours ago

    I read the story about the"gay boys" Guild, Blizzard admitted that it was caused by an automated system that responded to multiple player reports. Blizzard undid the name change.

  • Gus Radke
    Gus Radke 3 hours ago

    Anthem is still bad, right?

  • Rick Haavisto
    Rick Haavisto 3 hours ago

    I appreciate the Hearthstone jokes...

  • timmer919hep
    timmer919hep 3 hours ago

    "Guys, this political statement we just made totally wasn't meant to be political. We're super cereal, guys"

  • D F
    D F 3 hours ago

    Nerds are gutless, blizzard will be more than fine

  • FanthonEntity
    FanthonEntity 3 hours ago

    There people who didn’t make it past Sunday because of a certain “black hole”

  • Ajax
    Ajax 3 hours ago

    They made it worse!!

  • DickPays
    DickPays 3 hours ago

    Yeah, I'm not supporting Blizzard regardless, fuck them. What he said, isn't hurting Blizzard at all. They're fucking mostly controlled by China, so I don't support that, just like how Epic is the exact same and don't support them. Also, Brian is completely wrong about Hearthstone. I stopped playing that game because the meta changed so often, and certain cards were put into wild within 3 months, it's bullshit. Hearthstone and everything Blizzard is working on, is just a husk of what it used to be.

  • Gazing Eye
    Gazing Eye 3 hours ago

    Where can i find that brain anime girl shirt?

  • pop2uno
    pop2uno 3 hours ago

    Between IG coverage of Blizzard's fuckups and mexican media coverage of Jose Jose's dead, I've become my mom and aunts living for the gossip.

  • FlyOn Albatross
    FlyOn Albatross 3 hours ago

    Blizzard shit the bed big time and honestly I feel bad for its bottom rung employees. It's always the lowest man on the totem pole who in the end eats the shit.

  • Ward Huff
    Ward Huff 3 hours ago

    Hope this is the beginning of the end for Blizzard.

    • Jirokai
      Jirokai 2 hours ago

      I hope they go back to how they were

    • Jessie Briones
      Jessie Briones 2 hours ago

      Ward Huff the beginning was last year with their mobile game this is just adding fuel to the fire.

  • BifordusMaximus
    BifordusMaximus 3 hours ago

    Everyone who attends blizzcon should wear shirts supporting Hong Kong. I would like to see that chaos.

  • SirBanana
    SirBanana 3 hours ago

    Hopefully the Blizzcon staff won't catch on to all the people bringing umbrellas through the main entrance.

  • harambe tidepod
    harambe tidepod 3 hours ago

    Storm Blizzcon 2019 in Winnie the Pooh costumes. They can't stop us all!

  • Ashton D
    Ashton D 3 hours ago

    Am now back at the beginning to start over again and become more chops, and the cycle continues

  • WontonJohn93
    WontonJohn93 3 hours ago

    Never buying another Blizzard game again.

  • 2 D
    2 D 3 hours ago

    China Weibo sometimes changes any tweets they dislike.... Still fuck China useless pandas

  • Ashton D
    Ashton D 3 hours ago

    *becomes lamb

  • Mr Dub
    Mr Dub 3 hours ago

    If you're reading this, I hope you have a good day/night <3

    • Maddie
      Maddie 3 hours ago

      Hey! You too.

  • Ashton D
    Ashton D 3 hours ago

    *gets fed to animals

  • Anthony Roberts
    Anthony Roberts 3 hours ago

    It was still disgusting what they did not cool dude not cool

  • Toby Cortez
    Toby Cortez 3 hours ago

    The funhaus influence is definitely rubbing off on them with that thumbnail

  • Ashton D
    Ashton D 3 hours ago

    *does a grow

  • Arcadius 256
    Arcadius 256 3 hours ago

    To all my fellow horror hornies out there, Bruce and Autumn are going to be playing alien isolation sometime soon, amidst playing a bunch of other scary games for the whole month. Clear your calendar cos we are all going on a date.

  • Ashton D
    Ashton D 3 hours ago

    I am now plant

  • Ashton D
    Ashton D 3 hours ago

    *am spread on field

  • Otschie
    Otschie 3 hours ago

    Yeahhh no, lets hope all the signs point to honkong during Blizzcunt

  • Ashton D
    Ashton D 3 hours ago

    *am purchased by farmer

  • Adrian Stucky
    Adrian Stucky 3 hours ago

    Fortnite is offline and you guys post about this?!

    • PartisanGamer
      PartisanGamer 3 hours ago

      Speaking out against companies putting money over basic freedoms trumps fortnite. I know I know, this is so last week, ugh the hardships.

  • Ashton D
    Ashton D 3 hours ago

    *bagged and sent to store