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  • Mr. Youtube
    Mr. Youtube 3 minutes ago

    Wow at 5:56 you just shitted some pizza out for extra space🤣

  • Bryan Mata
    Bryan Mata 36 minutes ago

    7:27 song??

  • Fletcher Kelly
    Fletcher Kelly 41 minute ago

    I’d probably float away and he’s cheifing it like it was 100

  • alec r27
    alec r27 42 minutes ago

    rookie score everyone knows the rules

  • NiKo
    NiKo 49 minutes ago

    What’s the outro song

  • Yung Bruh
    Yung Bruh 52 minutes ago

    I'm high as shit I thought I was watching Joe Weller 😂😂😂

  • LIGMA _
    LIGMA _ 57 minutes ago

    i want him to be alive lol i dont even know how he is he still alive

  • No Body
    No Body Hour ago

    Where he get em I want one?

  • TheCureThatKillz


  • Twisted Snxpe
    Twisted Snxpe Hour ago

    My mom ate some stoney patch kids yesterday

  • Taylor Parks
    Taylor Parks Hour ago


  • darrickrieder
    darrickrieder Hour ago

    What a tard

  • AJ Hollins
    AJ Hollins Hour ago

    Chad n Brad

  • Jinnxx1998 TTV
    Jinnxx1998 TTV Hour ago

    Straight up no joke if your up for a dab off or a smoke off HMU I would love to try and smoke you out

    LONE WOLF Hour ago

    I have a cart with 1000mg I would have just gotten a few of those

  • Tfues Mother
    Tfues Mother Hour ago

    Next up on SteveWillDoIt, Joe Rogan comes by the house to give Steve 2 grams of dmt hits and a bit of LSD off camera!

  • Jinnxx1998 TTV
    Jinnxx1998 TTV Hour ago

    6000 mg of THc honestly I feel as a avid smoker I could do this no issue @stevewilldoig HMU when you boys are back in Canada

  • Bryan Marinmelgar

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  • C A 7
    C A 7 2 hours ago

    So like I’m high rn and seeing him chew is tripping me the fuck out

  • Christian Merchen
    Christian Merchen 2 hours ago

    When the fire alarm went off his face says it all

  • Francisco Perez
    Francisco Perez 2 hours ago

    Them shits go for 5$💀😂

  • Michael Cuevas
    Michael Cuevas 2 hours ago

    For real i love this guy i love smoking and training too it is fekin liiiiiiit lol

  • Original Fuel
    Original Fuel 2 hours ago

    I am just throwing it out their, when we meet we are getting cakked! Midland Texas baby

  • Brian Tryin
    Brian Tryin 2 hours ago

    I don't even care that you finish, the content is priceless.

  • RedPug
    RedPug 2 hours ago

    30 minute deep he looks like the dad from back to the future.

  • Maybo Vlogs
    Maybo Vlogs 2 hours ago

    full send baby!!!!!

  • chronically inclined

    i only disliked because you told me to

  • Maléah Desean
    Maléah Desean 2 hours ago

    How does he not have the overwhelming desire to sleep?

  • Cole Randolph
    Cole Randolph 2 hours ago

    Your literally the definition of white trash, your pathetic,

  • LaMerria perry
    LaMerria perry 2 hours ago

    Everyone knows bitch means lady 🤷🏾‍♀️😂 he is stoned‼️ 😂

  • Seth V
    Seth V 2 hours ago

    thank you for not eating 60 pieces of bread, that would actually be cancer lmao, the meat and cheese though would slap hard asf

  • C. Santana
    C. Santana 2 hours ago

    I’d be so high I’d probably die just because I would panic and think I’m dying

  • Kieran Timms
    Kieran Timms 2 hours ago

    Word this is half sending 800mg is nothing

  • L O
    L O 3 hours ago


  • Cameronclarke _dance

    Cone out smoke a blunt yeah where abouts in Dublin are u😂

  • Rxleigh
    Rxleigh 3 hours ago

    8:52 this man has no idea what he’s talking about

  • Seth V
    Seth V 3 hours ago

    the noises this dude makes are fucking comical, get it steve

  • Ryan Voelker
    Ryan Voelker 3 hours ago


  • evan morlet
    evan morlet 3 hours ago

    You live in California why are you smoking some Reggie

  • Christian Macy
    Christian Macy 3 hours ago

    Fuck your lips smacking.. ffs

  • Antonie Barrios
    Antonie Barrios 3 hours ago

    Why did you not play football Jesus Christ ..

  • MartinWithAnE
    MartinWithAnE 3 hours ago

    Nigga basically ate 5 brownies

  • brody ross
    brody ross 3 hours ago

    love the hats

  • Treyton A.
    Treyton A. 3 hours ago

    That meeting was definitely made up just so they could end the video, because they got to 10 minutes

  • Aaron Salas
    Aaron Salas 3 hours ago

    Yo I fucking love these video man.

  • Luis Contreras
    Luis Contreras 3 hours ago

    this man a whole leaf

  • Stabilizin
    Stabilizin 3 hours ago

    guys dont do this you can od on thc (obviously not overdose leading to death) you will get sick off of it and get intense anxiety, the shakes, and nausea so be careful with your dosages!

  • Mr.Grape
    Mr.Grape 3 hours ago

    He said the hooker care about u lmao 😂

  • CintricalYeti28
    CintricalYeti28 3 hours ago

    You remind me so much of FuriousPete

  • Joshua Paul
    Joshua Paul 3 hours ago

    working out fried is crazy

  • Seth Boles
    Seth Boles 3 hours ago

    the lady at 2:01 just looks disgusted in the back ground lmao

  • Solace -
    Solace - 3 hours ago

    Take care of ur self bro plzzzz

  • Nicholas Christian Cabuco

    This ain’t shit compared to a 1 gram dab smh

  • DoubleO Rae
    DoubleO Rae 4 hours ago

    “Well maybe sour patch not sour patch” lmfao

  • William Thompson
    William Thompson 4 hours ago

    I bet when you take a shit it hurts💀😭buh you need to let me come eat with you bro😂

  • Gang Gang
    Gang Gang 4 hours ago

    Thats the first time I’ve ever heard a chic fi la worker swear on the job. 😂

  • lenny j
    lenny j 4 hours ago

    Bro you are tank

  • Chad Riley
    Chad Riley 5 hours ago

    he was so gone lmao

  • Mateen sofla
    Mateen sofla 5 hours ago

    7:12 - steve is shoenice as a youngin

  • anime days
    anime days 5 hours ago

    What’s the song at 7:26

  • Man Man
    Man Man 5 hours ago

    Bro is literally living my actually dream 😭

  • dripzzz 200
    dripzzz 200 5 hours ago

    Why does 9 0 look like he got violated by steve😂

  • Jason Deltoro
    Jason Deltoro 5 hours ago

    nigga gone die for the clout

  • jesse
    jesse 5 hours ago


  • Kyle Madden
    Kyle Madden 5 hours ago

    Why is there a wine glass... this shit is far from classy! Good video bro

  • Angel Irizarry
    Angel Irizarry 5 hours ago

    What is that song called @ 7:30

  • Glaivus
    Glaivus 5 hours ago

    everyone knows those stoneypatch gummies are trash and only like 100mg each

    • Cash Price
      Cash Price Hour ago

      Glaivus only a 100mg each lmao that’s enough to wreck somebody with a low to mid tolerance. These are probably like 10 or 20mg each

  • Yb Leaked music
    Yb Leaked music 6 hours ago

    i ate two stoney patches and i was going crazy 😂 ik he felt weird

  • The Pseudo Psychologist

    Little do y'all know that he's been on high amounts of THC everyday for years so 6k mg of THC would kill mos of us but not him.

    • Black BoyJ
      Black BoyJ 3 hours ago

      The Pseudo Psychologist can’t kill you, just get really paranoid

  • Bob
    Bob 6 hours ago

    What’s the song at 7:37

  • Jayden Vosberg
    Jayden Vosberg 7 hours ago

    I use 10,000mg of thc every day

  • King Baby
    King Baby 7 hours ago

    God I wish I could get that high

  • kindric albert
    kindric albert 7 hours ago

    3 months 1 million subscribers😂 #send

  • jun ior
    jun ior 7 hours ago

    Why do you still have that garbage roller

  • Ainsley Shore
    Ainsley Shore 7 hours ago


  • Terryll Buie
    Terryll Buie 7 hours ago

    What’s the song when he’s in the pool

  • Lord Chapo
    Lord Chapo 7 hours ago

    Your not gonna Live long with your diet But at least your living your life.

  • Tokuryu Lopez
    Tokuryu Lopez 7 hours ago

    I hope you didn’t ruin in n out for yourself for a video lol

    FATHER 7 hours ago

    Song @ 7:32?

  • Andrew Reyes
    Andrew Reyes 8 hours ago

    Actually did it, like a fucking g

  • Nytek_ G0h4m
    Nytek_ G0h4m 8 hours ago

    What’s the song at 7:30

    VLONE JOE 8 hours ago

    Song at 8:30???

  • wmg jr
    wmg jr 8 hours ago

    FULL SEND !!!

  • Andres Carrillo
    Andres Carrillo 8 hours ago

    Fuck all you white boyz ! TAKE THAT LAME ASS HAT OFF

  • Jacob Palacios
    Jacob Palacios 8 hours ago

    Do it again with out working out and pool

    YNH_TOXIC 8 hours ago

    Seeing Steve throw up is the best bro he is so funny

  • Luka Grzobic
    Luka Grzobic 8 hours ago

    bro no one can eat 4500mg of thc edibles and still speak and walk properly

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez 8 hours ago

    Fuck that gay ass hat

  • FXDE Jays
    FXDE Jays 8 hours ago

    How are you not dead yet

  • Dub Fieri
    Dub Fieri 8 hours ago

    Why do where a maga hat

  • Sheff M
    Sheff M 8 hours ago

    Dude I would physically die bruh I had about 4 spoonful of liquid THC and I couldn’t even fucking pee

  • time forchange
    time forchange 8 hours ago

    Fucking classs man 07525591 04-00-26 n26 bank man i accept most currencies 👇🤪

  • JR Lifestyle
    JR Lifestyle 9 hours ago

    Sour patch is my favorite candy. I want some

  • Third Eye
    Third Eye 9 hours ago

    Eat 13 g of cOKe

  • Gabriel Peretto
    Gabriel Peretto 9 hours ago

    Fucking love it 😂🔥🔥

  • Max Pecak
    Max Pecak 9 hours ago

    Steve you gotta do a liquor slam of jeppsons malört!

  • Yung_Goochy
    Yung_Goochy 9 hours ago

    The thumbnail is just golden

  • Purq
    Purq 10 hours ago

    whats the beat in the back

  • Mr.Juanito
    Mr.Juanito 10 hours ago

    Is this nigga races

  • climaxhubbard
    climaxhubbard 10 hours ago

    this is why the terrorists hate us.