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  • Nicole Kris Mary Bano
    Nicole Kris Mary Bano 47 seconds ago

    Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life Jo Yoon Hee <3

  • Nicole Kris Mary Bano

    Immortal Songs N.Flying Yoo Hwe Seung <3

  • Blackpinklover245
    Blackpinklover245 Minute ago

    OMG! I think Uri was dancing playing with fire by blackpink uwu

  • James Brown
    James Brown Minute ago

    still wish hyoyeon and red velvet would’ve danced monster with nct and exo 😔

  • Amali Mastani
    Amali Mastani 2 minutes ago

    LMAO "can you get lost" DEAD

  • udenedef5 *
    udenedef5 * 2 minutes ago

    Jaebeom is just so adorable while Jinyoung is so disrespectful.

  • Jackie XxX
    Jackie XxX 2 minutes ago

    0:43-3:43 Blah Blah-Luri 3:44- 5:10 MC: Bomin (Golden Child) and Yeeun (actress)

  • team X1
    team X1 2 minutes ago

    Hangyul 😘

  • melek okumus
    melek okumus 3 minutes ago

    What the hack is the cameraman?!?!??! Is he drunk😂😂😂

  • Blandina Kibona
    Blandina Kibona 4 minutes ago

    Jin bora😡please tell the truth

  • udenedef5 *
    udenedef5 * 4 minutes ago

    Who's doing it like them in a music shows? I have never seen a group who would perform a bside instead of title track. This just shows how GOT7 are actually enjoying being on the stage and performing to their fans. They're just chilling and having so much fun. You can tell that GOT7's priority aren't wins or numbers, they just always like to give to their fans more presents and happiness. I stan the real artists.

  • Lais Oliveira
    Lais Oliveira 5 minutes ago

    My Girl Group Utt

  • Yoria Leila
    Yoria Leila 5 minutes ago

    21:47 the shit got real🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌

  • Carolina Rossi
    Carolina Rossi 5 minutes ago

    The power they put into this stage!! OMG!! Truly amazing, love it so much

  • Sugaminae
    Sugaminae 6 minutes ago

    They’re not bad!!! But they’re voices at rap and singing are still a bit monoton :/ In my opinion

  • Channel Sushi_
    Channel Sushi_ 6 minutes ago

    Get well soon Bin

    GINA MADRONERO 7 minutes ago

    That's the reason why i love korean people is bcz they are sweet smart intelligent nice and honest person in the WORLD ❤

  • sxhun bignxse
    sxhun bignxse 7 minutes ago

    rocky is such a gem he wrote this song

  • Rafaela Moraes
    Rafaela Moraes 7 minutes ago


  • xvlxlwx
    xvlxlwx 8 minutes ago

    So excited!!!!

  • Nafisa Sharmin
    Nafisa Sharmin 9 minutes ago

    The boy has a super sweet voice, I literally fell in love with his voice! I hope the best for his family 🤞🏻.

  • Katelyn Em
    Katelyn Em 9 minutes ago

    THIS IS WHAT IVE WANTED FOR SO LONG, Golden child can pull off “Darker” or more powerful concepts. They always seemed to have a darker intro at concert and their happy songs after and it never really transitioned well. This is a bopppp

  • Cheyenne D
    Cheyenne D 10 minutes ago


  • Arthur Rodrigues
    Arthur Rodrigues 11 minutes ago


  • Minnie Chanel
    Minnie Chanel 12 minutes ago

    1:22:45 😂

    GINA MADRONERO 13 minutes ago

    I just cnt laughing when this pretentious dad looking for the plate ..its hard to pretend right ? 😃

  • Jawhara Mohammad
    Jawhara Mohammad 13 minutes ago

    Still going hard

  • Co’ Kingston
    Co’ Kingston 13 minutes ago

    They say “close up” and they “zooming out” like wtf. That’s the exact opposite

  • 김혬
    김혬 14 minutes ago

    카메라 뭔일이여

  • Hugh Govina
    Hugh Govina 15 minutes ago

    I really don't like that grandma. I'm sorry but I just don't.

  • Nguyễn Ái
    Nguyễn Ái 15 minutes ago

    Please give Seungmin some lines, it almost looks like he felt out of place

    GINA MADRONERO 15 minutes ago

    I just love this super smart little boy my goodness ! I adore u little boy I'm ur fan from Philippines 🇵🇭

    ARIADNA Y. 17 minutes ago

    idk why i felt their voices were too soft for this song

  • Priscila Kattalakis
    Priscila Kattalakis 17 minutes ago

    Sério, toda hora um trabalho lixo na câmera. Misericórdia! So quem sabe trabalhar são as pessoas que trabalham pro RBW?? Afff...

  • itsabeautifulsky
    itsabeautifulsky 18 minutes ago

    They made nickhun dance to Havana I wanna say thank you in name of all hottests I love my hags

  • Ausra Marcinkeviciute
    Ausra Marcinkeviciute 18 minutes ago

    So far the only illogical part of this drama I've noticed: how did they know Junghoo and Youngshin would be having a drink with Moonho at that time???? The only explanation I can think of is that they bugged Someday, but it was never shown or anything so idk... Thoughts?? Am I just missing smth????

  • Asha Ahmed Yusuf
    Asha Ahmed Yusuf 18 minutes ago

    Wueh! I luv it! 😊👌💖💋♥️

  • Jenny Saepharn
    Jenny Saepharn 18 minutes ago

    Here for JOTA🔥🔥🔥💛💛💛

  • Martha Brown
    Martha Brown 19 minutes ago

    👑Daniel is Back!!!!!!#🤗💋❤😍

  • salsabel may
    salsabel may 19 minutes ago


    MIDAS 19 minutes ago

    they're all so pretty 😍

  • Manny
    Manny 20 minutes ago

    jungwoo is honestly wowing me the more I see her perform. She’s improved sooo much from last era to now. She’s definitely much more confident !!!

  • jiwon lee
    jiwon lee 21 minute ago

    Omo!!!! This is so perfect! I love Daniel he's so cute!!💕💕

  • sana lll
    sana lll 21 minute ago

    Woww Sanha really grew up

  • Addie GOT7
    Addie GOT7 21 minute ago

    Mark..... why you being cute and hot at the same time?? ㅠㅠ Youngjaeyaaaaa is so cute!!

  • Amel H
    Amel H 23 minutes ago

    Not here for hating. But seriously they could've at least try to sing live. Their choreo isn't that hard either:/ No offence for them or their fans tho.

  • N Y
    N Y 23 minutes ago

    I Stan EXO, BTS, NCT (all units), MONSTA X, SUJU, TVXQ, TXT, Stray Kids, VAV, SF9, The Boyz, Ateez, KARD, SHINee, Super M, Big Bang, iKON, Winner, Seventeen, Day6, Pentagon, Astro, Got 7, N.flying, Block B, Teen Top, Topp Dogg, TWICE, SNDS, CLC, Black Pink, Loona, 4 minute, 2ne1, F(X), (G)-IDLE, Everglow, Mamamoo and more, including soloists.

  • Ooh Sehun
    Ooh Sehun 23 minutes ago

    by any chance... What if Junho's father is also Sunsin's father? :O bc Song Miryoung and he looks really close to each other and they also knew each other in the past.....

  • Stephanie G.
    Stephanie G. 24 minutes ago

    The music might be chill but not their visuals!!! Aaaarrgghh... How to be loyal only for you, JB. It's not eaassyyyyy..... 😵

  • Coraline Jones
    Coraline Jones 24 minutes ago

    Every anniversary the previous kids come but why not this time! Last few times were a mad house

  • Imma jojo ur siwa
    Imma jojo ur siwa 25 minutes ago

    Jessi would be such a cute mum

  • Jennie-ruby Jane
    Jennie-ruby Jane 25 minutes ago

    5:21 her face 😅

  • Melany Martinez
    Melany Martinez 25 minutes ago

    who makes the high notes at the end, Yeonjung and??

  • Prima Zaza
    Prima Zaza 25 minutes ago

    Can't wait ! Finally ! Thank you KBS !

  • Carla Paola Villarroel Vallejos

    Por fin alguien de España 😍🤩❤️

  • Yangchen Pem
    Yangchen Pem 25 minutes ago


  • Caarrmen 23
    Caarrmen 23 26 minutes ago

    ¡Muy orgullosa de vosotras chicas!😍❤️✨

  • jhoelia Cruz P
    jhoelia Cruz P 26 minutes ago

    Lo ame realmente hermosas Prueba de que las que hablamos español tambien somos buenas :3 Like si te gusto nah mentira jaja(sorry me encanto)

  • Marks Medranos
    Marks Medranos 27 minutes ago

    Its terrifying how the coach manage to digest every food he ate without an exercise... I mean he just watched and laugh but he manage to gobble those foods .-.

  • Mary Narcissus
    Mary Narcissus 28 minutes ago


  • yrel 06
    yrel 06 28 minutes ago

    Whether they're in sexy concept., astro's music is still refreshing. They never fail to amaze. These boys deserve more

  • ELA loves Midam
    ELA loves Midam 29 minutes ago

    My two puppies, Seungmin and Seunghun. ❤️😍 Uwu My StayFix Heart.

  • Abigail Feliciano
    Abigail Feliciano 29 minutes ago

    * I watched this last aug 2018 when i was pregnant at my son at aged of 19. And after watched her at C-section.. i cried.. i never thought that i will experience that c-section for my son's birth... hahahaha.. Watching it again now nov 2019... i cried again lol. Hahahahahahaha!!! Ps. If i will have a baby again and its a boy again... i will name him bentley. Coz i love him so much🥰*

  • Nozay Nozay
    Nozay Nozay 29 minutes ago

    estoy tratando de entender la camara iugh

  • Vicky Sama
    Vicky Sama 29 minutes ago

    Ok but not showing Taehyun at my fav part (0:51) is the biggest mistake in 2019.

  • Cinthia Lima
    Cinthia Lima 31 minute ago

    É agora que podemos surtar de inveja pela Jihyo ter um namorado tão lindo igual ao Kang?

    • Larissa Kimberly
      Larissa Kimberly 19 minutes ago

      com certeza, pq feel special foi o momento da gente ter inveja dele por ter uma namorada como a Jihyo, agora é o contrário!

  • Ateez fan
    Ateez fan 31 minute ago

    She has SO MANY background dancers

  • Dragana Plavsic
    Dragana Plavsic 31 minute ago

    i clicked on this thinking it was gonna be cringy but damn. they killed this! and they're both stunning too!

  • permanently hungry
    permanently hungry 31 minute ago

    Loco's speaking voice is so calming.hahaha, love it

  • Joanne Salangsang
    Joanne Salangsang 31 minute ago

    They were enhanced by the golden floor.. Everything is so sick.!!!!love it!!!!! And since Infinite is haitus, im gonna root for their younger siblings...... Gc, lovelyz, rp, and the babies, woollim boys...

  • daeoable
    daeoable 31 minute ago

    Let’s not judge the mother without knowing the full story, many women suffer from post natal depression and other mental illnesses. Let’s instead praise the father for the good job he’s doing🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • justwatch2824
    justwatch2824 32 minutes ago


  • Sekar Lestary
    Sekar Lestary 33 minutes ago

    I love this song so much rocky is so amazing 😍😍

  • An Chelle
    An Chelle 33 minutes ago

    5:53 I'm facking screaming

  • bts idek
    bts idek 33 minutes ago

    Holy fuck they're GOOD good

  • jeba blessy salomi
    jeba blessy salomi 33 minutes ago

    I don't like BTS song... but this girls sing and dance Better than Kim taehyung, namjoon, Jin, suga.

  • x_xxholxx_x 19
    x_xxholxx_x 19 33 minutes ago

    That fanboy screaming for the boys was the best thing I’ve seen all day

  • Jill rose Evangelio
    Jill rose Evangelio 34 minutes ago

    I cant help but laughing .. Theyre so funny

  • Khasa Angelo
    Khasa Angelo 35 minutes ago

    BX look charismatic but he's so funny. I can't handle my heart for this guy😂. CIX fighting

  • BlueBlue BSatan
    BlueBlue BSatan 36 minutes ago

    looking at his big gym with many gym machines, im thinking is kim jk the gym lover will come or not?😆

  • wannable _
    wannable _ 36 minutes ago

    pyo jihoonnnnn😚❤

  • An Chelle
    An Chelle 36 minutes ago


  • Pinay in New Zealand
    Pinay in New Zealand 38 minutes ago

    No,we don't eat crocodile in Philippines...wth..😱

    ARYAN JHA 39 minutes ago

    Song Wangho epic

  • Christine
    Christine 39 minutes ago

    I was waiting for a we kpop with cix seriously, guys I'm so happy 🥺💚

  • Ivone Santo
    Ivone Santo 39 minutes ago

    my preference was Astro

    GINA MADRONERO 39 minutes ago

    I love this kind nice smart intelligent sweet little boy ...ur such an adorable little kid 😙😚❤❤❤

  • Karla Estela
    Karla Estela 40 minutes ago

    Qué pedo, porque no hay comentarios en español

  • Andrea Z
    Andrea Z 40 minutes ago

    I'm so proud of them, loved this comeback ❤️

  • Nani ?
    Nani ? 40 minutes ago

    6:00 thank me later

  • slitsins
    slitsins 41 minute ago

    They all have bangs but yeri💀💕

  • nif imran
    nif imran 42 minutes ago

    Darling ~~~~~~ 🤣

  • scarlet X
    scarlet X 43 minutes ago

    For those who hates or kinda hate this... lets just appreciate they danced to a hard ass song. This song is not as easy as you think!!

  • Maryflor Mateo
    Maryflor Mateo 43 minutes ago

    Here for Eunwoo. AND ASTRO. ;)

  • Hai Paw
    Hai Paw 43 minutes ago

    It’s better to baby and bond with your kids while they are small. Once they grow up they will move out and have their own family. Time are precious. Most people I know grown up to be fine and they sleep with their parents until they are 13

  • Adryl Hernandez
    Adryl Hernandez 44 minutes ago

    Last JYP Special stage with Woojin ☹️😢

  • Joannarae Goloyugo
    Joannarae Goloyugo 44 minutes ago

    Hwasa finally did the intro bouncing live >.<

  • meryem SS
    meryem SS 44 minutes ago

    I’m falling falling into you guys ❤️ astro aroha fighting 💪

  • sol Real
    sol Real 44 minutes ago

    I love it

  • Mutia putri
    Mutia putri 45 minutes ago

    Sedi renjun nya kepotong pas endingggg:((