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  • Emilio Ignacio
    Emilio Ignacio 51 second ago

    meo poto oe sjjsjxjsa

  • Y'all Got Issues
    Y'all Got Issues Minute ago

    Forget about everything else, Ebro is a dick.

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones 2 minutes ago

    Time for the new one. He making the rounds doing the interviews

  • Jay Caballero
    Jay Caballero 9 minutes ago

    Bars 🔥🔥🔥

  • John Deveau
    John Deveau 10 minutes ago


  • Mike AnThony
    Mike AnThony 11 minutes ago

    She mo fire than 90% of men rapping now a days

  • Base Sinatra
    Base Sinatra 17 minutes ago

    Jigga flows

  • Spoonie G
    Spoonie G 17 minutes ago

    Nikki Minaj somewhere crying because she wasn't invited with all these legends! Too bad Da Brat wasn't invited!!

  • Aryel T
    Aryel T 19 minutes ago


  • 24K Supreme Finxxe
    24K Supreme Finxxe 21 minute ago

    Go ahead set a bad example for the world.. really 14?? U know teenages watch this right? Maybe T.I believes in Sex before marriage like the Bible says.. you all a disgusting

  • Gwen Renee
    Gwen Renee 21 minute ago

    Avery Sunshine is kick ass good too, both CD's

  • RealisticNMotion
    RealisticNMotion 21 minute ago

    TI gone beat Rosenberg's ass. And I'm here for it. 😎

  • SlapDaLegend
    SlapDaLegend 22 minutes ago

    Couldn't tie my shoes these loafers... Welcome to the penthouse, use coasters.... Whew

  • Fadesola Adedayo
    Fadesola Adedayo 24 minutes ago

    Laura Stylez in heat in this interview. She wants Hanibals D

  • Gwen Renee
    Gwen Renee 25 minutes ago

    It's not like Lizzo sat down and said I'm gonna write some pop music. It just happened to crossover. For example Motown writers did not sit down and write pop music for perhaps best Soul Group of all times, but the music crossed over. I chose them as an example because I recently saw the Broadway show Ain't too Proud. The Temptations. Honey that audience was mostly white and they were kicking it; singing and reminiscing.

  • Cognac Black Mix radio
    Cognac Black Mix radio 25 minutes ago

    Nigga you did it

  • Mark Savoia
    Mark Savoia 25 minutes ago


  • Gia Vee
    Gia Vee 26 minutes ago

    Can’t get into Lizzo’s music , ARI cold as hell and I love her and her voice and the content of her music ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Charles Davidson
    Charles Davidson 26 minutes ago

    This is child abuse??? But making your kid a TRANNY isn’t? Oh I see. Thx society for the clarification.

  • _ dave
    _ dave 27 minutes ago

    the truth is; most of these people in congress are so full of it that it comes out of both ends at once...

  • John Pettibone
    John Pettibone 27 minutes ago

    Democrats know that language. It was a shout out to Anderson cooper and stinkfinger lemon.

  • Playboiii Smoove
    Playboiii Smoove 29 minutes ago

    First son body the beat he flowed threw that -

  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor 29 minutes ago

    Stephen A said Kap people told him “Kap wanted to play”. Stephen A is commenting on if his ultimate goal was to play, he didn’t act like it. He just wanted the opportunity to prove a point, not to play. Stephen A said that would have been fine, just don’t lie to us and tell us you want to play. People hype thinking he bout to come back and ball, but that seems like, from the workout and what he said, that was never his plan.

    JZYOTA 31 minute ago

    can anyone enlighten me on the bar --> "working on my first comora like im russell" djones, respect from Canada.

  • (Oh·Të·hM)
    (Oh·Të·hM) 32 minutes ago

    She should’ve let flex choose the beat

  • Noel Notes
    Noel Notes 34 minutes ago

    Dude in the yellow spit some written shyt.. Who can agree

  • Stoner Control
    Stoner Control 34 minutes ago

    Immaculate bars that were going over flex head

  • Gwen Renee
    Gwen Renee 36 minutes ago

    I just found out who Ari Lennox is. My Bad. She needs to have a talk with Frankie Beverly Of Maze. they were snubbed by ALL the award show for most of their career and are hands down one best when it comes to R&B/Soul groups ever. Their concerts are still packed everybody knows and sings the lyrics and they've had 40+ years of success without awards. Lizzo is not an overnight success. She been making music for a few years. She was in the shadows and finally got her big break; this is her season. Keep your head up Ari this is not the time to quit. Finish your tantrum, put your big girl panties on and please keep doing what you love

  • View From The Man Cave
    View From The Man Cave 39 minutes ago

    North Carolina we in here! We been here. Raleigh born and bread.

  • K G
    K G 42 minutes ago

    Thats my queen!

  • Darren Green
    Darren Green 43 minutes ago

    Two morons at the red painted table!!

  • Zeeshan Beats
    Zeeshan Beats 47 minutes ago


  • Are Bee
    Are Bee 54 minutes ago

    jonesy remind me of a cross between biggie n ross dude fire

  • KingKongBrodie Johnson
    KingKongBrodie Johnson 55 minutes ago

    She beautiful 😍

  • E
    E 55 minutes ago


  • itaekumba Jah
    itaekumba Jah 57 minutes ago

    Let's go rapz

  • Aaron Cottrell
    Aaron Cottrell 57 minutes ago

    Props to Rapsody but that wasn’t a freestyle

  • Willie Brockenbrough
    Willie Brockenbrough 59 minutes ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥..its a reason she was on Kendrick last album!🤔🤔

  • Mike Deadshot_kinda Oliver

    I LOVE Rapsody she's been 🔥. That cap line had flex shook 😂😂

  • malik mortley
    malik mortley 59 minutes ago

    The real stallion in the game

  • Luke Berry
    Luke Berry 59 minutes ago

    First beat?

  • 510_fitness
    510_fitness 59 minutes ago


  • Elroi The Overseer


  • DFORREAL Log up
    DFORREAL Log up Hour ago

    The free style was out to his world but the track made her seem off beat and key whatever you want you want to call it. Something seems off about her flow. It just don’t enter the soul like I would wont it to. I really like her bars but they just don’t have that feeling you usually have when you hear a dope female rapper

  • Peaches Kong
    Peaches Kong Hour ago

    She needs to not complain like that super unprofessional on her part! The entitlement ext time she wins, you'l know it wasn't because she 'deserved'it but because she complained. She doesn't want to sell out she ends her tweet rant with, directly implying that Lizzo has..She doesn't want to play the game yet you want the game to recognize you, how does that even work?? It doesn't.

  • demetrice alford

    Rhapsody needs to link up with J Cole and Dreamville. I think they're the perfect match

  • KooL KeitH
    KooL KeitH Hour ago

    Finally 💪🏾🔥

  • 89babay
    89babay Hour ago

    for what it's worth, Ari got a point. She makes soul music and is an incredible artist. Lizzo is dope too, but Ari's music is much more fitting for the soul train awards.

  • Most Hated Nobody's MHN

    She's on another level.....

  • B. Bush
    B. Bush Hour ago

    D Jones 🔥🔥🔥🔥👌🏽 Philly stand up!

  • Firm Lee
    Firm Lee Hour ago

    I need y'all to help me with something.. this flow was so awesome that it made me go on the internet searching for more Black Thought freestyles. While doing so I ended up finding him on an interview with hot 97. They asked him about this freestyle, they asked him if he practiced this or remembered it. His response was that he remembered some of it and other parts of it we're just bars he already had in his head. Or reformatted verses.... now y'all don't have to believe me just go check it out for yourselves Google it, it's another TVclip video. Here's where I want you all to help me. I'm 43 years old, and where I'm from in the age of rap and flow, freestyle meant to create on the spot. No paper, no write down, no pre-memory. Has the definition changed over the years? (someone please respond but only if you know what I'm talking about and can respect the question). Do y'all remember krs-one when he made part time sucker. When he said, "can you rock the spot without rehearsing, I can anytime on the spot rhyme/ many recording artist can't do it but I'm. More than just a recording artist kicking dust/ I'ma sand storm taking you in form."... Do y'all ever noticed that when these cats freestyle on that radio show, (I forgot the name of the show, but it's more than one) it seems like they are reading off something in front of them sometimes.. Man I love good rhyme rather it's paper or not, but you can't call paper or memory freestyle.. ain't that right ol'school? and that includes, "yo man I just wrote this 60 seconds ago just for the show".. man I can go on and on but I'ma stop here so wanna y'all can help me.. but before you answer me, Google the interview where Black Thought was interviewed on hot 97 shortly after making this vid. He's wearing a grey short sleeved hoodie. Then based on what you here "Black Thought say out of his own mouth," please get back to this question.. thanks. And the question is, IS IT LIVE OR IS IT MEMOREX...... IS IT FREE STYLE OR PAPER.

  • MrRocbox
    MrRocbox Hour ago

    Bars I’m glad she finally getting her respect

  • 209Ry
    209Ry Hour ago

    RAP is all Quantity over Quality which is ugly an it’s not right but hey to y’all doin that congratulations on feeding ur families and making something out of yourselves that’s cool but let’s see some y’all make something that will be great 20 years from now because that’s when u get that Respect but I still appreciate everyone making a living period even couple hits wonders of today

  • Wilkybaby
    Wilkybaby Hour ago

    Im not impressed with this in my opinion.. She was reaching with those "bars"... Nothing hit me like wow she really said that. 🤷🏽🤷🏽🤷🏽 but then again. This is my very 1st time hearing her...

  • Bernard P
    Bernard P Hour ago

    Been following her since 06, shes Dope

  • King Shas
    King Shas Hour ago

    What is Tyga promoting now?

    MOVIEGUY925 Hour ago

    Don’t like the beat, well i do, but there’s this loud noise that spoils it. Rhapsody is decent.

  • 209Ry
    209Ry Hour ago

    Ebro needs to chill stop bein a weirdO Ashanti is a legend an has paid her dews more then enough she’s a legend in the R&B game and should never be mentioned in a weird sarcastic way like Ebro be doin weather he joking or not let’s Respect everyone who has made a great life for there selves and there families

  • rasta man
    rasta man Hour ago

    Witty af! Maybe a different beat

  • Will Cannon
    Will Cannon Hour ago

    Let’s not bring up the fact she’s a female no more🙅🏾‍♂️...because as far as I’m concerned she’s just a Top Tier Emcee overall. She’s up there with Cole& 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Views 24/7
    Views 24/7 Hour ago

    this embarrassing 🙈

  • QueOnda 123
    QueOnda 123 Hour ago

    Lizzo won because she's fat...

  • Kamau Miller
    Kamau Miller Hour ago

    Her bars are very refreshing Cardi B had me out here thinking females can’t rap lol

  • Nate DaGreat
    Nate DaGreat Hour ago

    Stop the labels female versus male MC and she's better than most of the 90% of male MC in the game right now. BIG FACTS

  • suave cashmere
    suave cashmere Hour ago

    Dis deserves a like *

  • _Tay from TX.
    _Tay from TX. Hour ago


  • Darksaige
    Darksaige Hour ago

    Took the game by the balls and didn't have to show my ta-ta's RAP can RAP fo rea!

  • Mr. SIMMS
    Mr. SIMMS Hour ago

    Off the top

  • Dawan Enonlee
    Dawan Enonlee Hour ago

    Whos the first female in the very beginning

  • Keith Thomas
    Keith Thomas Hour ago

    2nd dude flamed it, Philly is just a different breed

  • Ish-Quan Bardon
    Ish-Quan Bardon Hour ago

    D. Jones bodied it🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Angelique Hogan
    Angelique Hogan Hour ago

    Ari Lennox album is soooooo good!!!!!! You can tell she worked hard on that album! “They” pushing this Lizzo machine too hard I think.

  • gail fowler
    gail fowler Hour ago

    Something every time Rhianna won rnb and she is also pop. So go figure

  • Ally Rodriguez
    Ally Rodriguez Hour ago

    Y’all gonna post that thanksgiving joint that was on the radio this morning , RIGHT ?! ;)

  • Tracy Martin
    Tracy Martin Hour ago

    I never heard of Ari - this conversation has made me want to listen to her.

  • Natasha Crook
    Natasha Crook Hour ago

    Diddy do u have a half of any substance.......xx

  • Tracy Martin
    Tracy Martin Hour ago

    So is 'Soul' Train awards only for 'Soul' music?? Wouldn't they all have been on the Soul Train stage?

  • Nicole Clark
    Nicole Clark Hour ago

    Room full of CLOWNS!

  • mkterrhaun
    mkterrhaun Hour ago

    Ari’s album is a solid project and will stand the test of time.

  • 89babay
    89babay Hour ago

    Flex bugged out. He just now sayin she got some of the best bars in the game?!?! he's mad late lol

  • Ren Phouchhit
    Ren Phouchhit Hour ago

    watching again

  • Charley Harraway III

    Rapsody > Young M.A.

  • DZ
    DZ 2 hours ago

    what is the name of the second beat?

  • Matt Lucas
    Matt Lucas 2 hours ago

    Rosenberg’s impression fucking destroyed me!!! 😂😂😂

  • Lirah Lokita
    Lirah Lokita 2 hours ago

    I HATE Joseline's Diction!!!!I see people saying Cardi's speech is worse.But Cardi has good diction and her english is more clear.She just can't properly articulate her wording.Due to her being bilingual and that New York Slang.But Joseline forms words like when a child is trying to speak like an adult.I like her but speaking factually she has been in the U.S since a child her english shouldnt be so ebonic.And she acts like her being from Puerto Rico is such a big cultural difference from the U.S. like she left there 2 years ago.Regardless P.R.yes in fact does have its own history and culture.But P.R is very westernized like the States.It is in no comparison if she was from Korea or Nigeria.Thats a big cultural difference#RantOver

  • Yung Doz
    Yung Doz 2 hours ago

    Damnnnnn remyyyyylol. Rhapsody def got it on lock female wise, and she sounding like top 10 bars period compared to active spitters right now.

  • Yosif El Darawish
    Yosif El Darawish 2 hours ago

    That was. Without a doubt. The most impressive performance I've ever seen. This guy is not a human!

  • Josh Cordero
    Josh Cordero 2 hours ago

    New York started dressing slim fit not baggy in 05

  • South Carolina
    South Carolina 2 hours ago

    North carolina South Carolina

  • Jubba Fast
    Jubba Fast 2 hours ago

    God they are both fucking losers and people give them money joe you are a pussy

  • Shaune Glenn
    Shaune Glenn 2 hours ago

    Y'all need to put D.Jones in the title, he spoke directly to Flex like..."I'm nice, you see it, what's good"

  • Michael Lim
    Michael Lim 2 hours ago

    A no BS "politician". Pigs are indeed flying. #yanggang

  • Jr 808Mafia
    Jr 808Mafia 2 hours ago

    Lol y'all mfs owe me 6$ + millions for all the fraud just wait on it on route 😈

  • TeenaMarie Marie
    TeenaMarie Marie 2 hours ago

    First of all , TI was so disrespectful to Candace . What happen to respecting our black women , despite our differences. What happen to NOT CURSING in front of women and our elders. They didn’t really listen to her entire narrative . Some people refuse to see the common good of Trumps party - because there are several elite people “ Christian people backing him up “ . Again , people are pointing out the negative from Trumps past and not seeing the good .

  • Latonia Hinton
    Latonia Hinton 2 hours ago

    This is my comment for my brother t i. I know you're a good father you are very protective father of your girls and boys. But I wish you had a did it this in privately. Because I think people would take this in wrong with this.and you know people will make jokes at her because you know how you did this as well it's kind of like embarrassing a little. But I understand and I can relate were you coming from.I mean I don't I'm a nation to really dial in the public or what you was doing you know something you just keep privately and said to stay in in the house and home.because you know social media that had their little climate or what you're saying about your daughter you know Some things you just don't do in the opening for everybody know your daughter. All you had to do this really sit down and talk to her. For my daughter to tell me the truth to tell me a daughter we have a strong bond you know we talked about everything everything.You know I told my daughter will you start being intimate with somebody you let me know. That's the way I can protect her for getting pregnant.something you don't let the world know about because I'm pretty sure people making jokes side of it I'm pretty sure it's kind of embarrassing to her that you did all that type of stuff but I understand you did it as a parent. And I and I understand that.and I know you don't care how other people look at it but you know you as a parent you try to say what you want to say but you know it in today you know you kind of put her on blast I know I want you and tiny shows and how you deal with your kids and how you sit down and you talk to your children you just protected I mean you just over protecting your. And I wish we had more father's like that..but you know how people that say stuff around with it with you you look at it like I don't care this is my daughter and I say what I want to say..and I just want to tell the world you know sometimes you got to sweep around your own front door.because because TI is going to be TI and Thiago sit with t I want to say no matter what because that's nifty.and I mean I don't feel like you did anything wrong but I mean I want to hear winning the public with that though and I don't mean.I'm pretty sure your daughter friends have been teasing her you know why would your dad to put you on blast like that because that's my daddy he's overprotective he wants to know. I just want to tell you my brother I love you in tiny both ❤️. Keep on doing with the Lord require you to do if a father 🙏❤️😇.You know I love you and tiny bow because y'all keep it real. Family that prays together stays together. 👍💕💃💃💃💃💕💕💕💕.

  • Windy City sniper
    Windy City sniper 2 hours ago

    This man is the truth

  • xavier marley
    xavier marley 2 hours ago

    You cant be a man and a father in today world... keep it off social media

  • Tech G
    Tech G 2 hours ago

    Bringing the heat is you not 🔥 and she look good to I like the hairstyle on her

  • universe 86
    universe 86 2 hours ago

    rap is a beast🔥🔥🔥 stop saying chick bars flex. she got bars period. over anybody.

  • Liban Sanzone
    Liban Sanzone 2 hours ago

    Bars 💨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥