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Scar Symmetry - Dominion
Views 67K7 years ago
Mudvayne - Not Falling
Views 462K10 years ago
Megadeth - The Scorpion
Views 13K10 years ago
In Flames - Pinball Map
Views 1.6K10 years ago
Sabaton - Counterstrike
Views 5K10 years ago
Disturbed - Decadence
Views 563K10 years ago
In Flames - Ordinary Story
Views 4K10 years ago
Lamb Of God - Redneck
Views 1.5K10 years ago
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell
Views 152K10 years ago
Disturbed - Indestructible
Views 1.9K10 years ago
Sonata Arctica - The Cage
Views 3.2K10 years ago
Soilwork - Exile
Views 12K10 years ago
Bloodbath - Cry My Name
Views 5K10 years ago
Pantera - I'm Broken
Views 7M10 years ago
Slayer - Raining Blood
Views 3.9M10 years ago
Megadeth - Duke Nukem Theme
Views 404K10 years ago
Dethklok - Dethharmonic
Views 49110 years ago
Wintersun - Starchild
Views 19310 years ago
Korpiklaani - Let's Drink
Views 43210 years ago
Godsmack - I Stand Alone
Views 57K11 years ago
Godsmack - The Enemy
Views 1.1K11 years ago
Static X - Push It
Views 20K11 years ago
Iron Maiden - Aces High
Views 29011 years ago
Dethklok - Awaken
Views 1.7K11 years ago
Children Of Bodom - Aces High
Views 758K11 years ago
Pantera - Mouth For War
Views 2.3M11 years ago
System Of A Down - Sugar
Views 28211 years ago
Buckethead - Jordan
Views 16411 years ago
System Of A Down - Toxicity
Views 1.1K11 years ago
Korpiklaani - Hunting Song
Views 68K11 years ago


  • Oliver Mlikota
    Oliver Mlikota 28 minutes ago


  • Anthony Laszlo
    Anthony Laszlo 3 days ago

    When I listen to I’m broken I run to my kitchen and strip down into complete nudity and lather myself with ketchup mustard and relish and live as a nicely coated hotdog without the bun.

  • T P T
    T P T 3 days ago

    First cassette I ever owned. 🤘🏻

  • A bit Twisted
    A bit Twisted 4 days ago

    Boys locker room: Hey mark can I get some axe body spray jeff hows life man Let's get Kfc Girls locker room: omg Dana Did you hear about Sasha Omg Mr Michaels is so hot Meanwhile in the Tomboy locker room : YEAHHHH ROCKKK ONN!! (Btw im a tomboy I just love Boy things like heavy metal and Shit like that)

  • 柴犬
    柴犬 7 days ago

    高校生の時を思いだす。 今も 時々聞いています。

  • Bean Bowl
    Bean Bowl 8 days ago

    This song is helping me during my recovery from my tendonitis. I haven’t been able to lift due to that searing pain. I’ll be able to lift soon, Lord willing.

  • Dylan Nicolodi
    Dylan Nicolodi 8 days ago

    What is that effect or technique used at 2:48?

  • areks29
    areks29 8 days ago


  • Bunky's Munky
    Bunky's Munky 8 days ago

    sounds like : about to Explode Vomitus

  • Jonathan Sellers
    Jonathan Sellers 8 days ago

    When people weren't pussies

  • Levi Call
    Levi Call 9 days ago

    😎👍😁👍😎 classic

  • Shannon Mitchell
    Shannon Mitchell 11 days ago

    Baddest band that ever existed. Dimebag is the greatest guitarist ever, hands down.

  • Danny Swiss
    Danny Swiss 11 days ago

    I was told the lyrics "WWe get wild.... and drunk"?

  • Katrina Segura
    Katrina Segura 11 days ago

    First fifty never shadeszxt N all black raine... Just wanted to leave me here, you left me here have a fukn awesome day 72y N yonionnnnion sheds tearszxt

  • 15steelcity
    15steelcity 13 days ago

    great track to workout to. TRUST ME !!!!!!

  • pin man
    pin man 15 days ago

    Does anyone else have high school memories with this song. They were my first rock concert I was a sophomore

  • No Name
    No Name 16 days ago


  • Alex Coble
    Alex Coble 17 days ago

    Everyone please rise for the national anthem of the NHL

    MATMETZAT 18 days ago

    best COB album

  • Marcio Monteiro
    Marcio Monteiro 21 day ago

    O baixo arregaça, a a guitarra destrói, a bateria derruba tudo e o vocal é simplesmente animal...essa música não é só a melhor da banda pra mim mas uma das melhores músicas que já ouvi na minha vida....

  • woahkudros
    woahkudros 22 days ago


  • Brian Davis
    Brian Davis 22 days ago

    It doesn’t get any more metal than this, if it did your head would explode.

    MR. BLACK 22 days ago


  • Jenè PacMan’sMom
    Jenè PacMan’sMom 23 days ago

    I lost my adored 20yr old son, Kyle on a Sunday morning...January 21, 2018. Broken is dying with him & waiting to die again to be with him. Broken is watching his baby brother suffer, broken is seeing his father fall to his knees-Broken is our family...the strongest link in our chain just gone...tragically & suddenly! All this Love, so much love with nowhere to go-Broken! Kyle, until I hold you again...I’ll navigate this life blindly as my eyes only look for you! There is true heartbreak in this life and to anyone reading this, never take one day with the ones you love most for granted...Broken my family is but beautiful memories are the glue that keeps us going. Love to all who suffer with brokenness-you’re not alone! Love, Kyle’s mom •Kyle David Strickland• June 17, 1997 ~ January 21, 2018

  • 8lollo9
    8lollo9 24 days ago

    2027 anyone?

  • Lisa Nunnelly
    Lisa Nunnelly 24 days ago

    Real now

  • Myth hacker
    Myth hacker 25 days ago

    This was great music

  • Chris Noneyabiz
    Chris Noneyabiz 26 days ago

    Never liked heavy metal or head banging music when I was a kid but this song rocks everyone

  • Mike Wack 67
    Mike Wack 67 27 days ago

    I hope Rock Star brings this back by putting it in GTA 6

  • Roberto Salvia San
    Roberto Salvia San 27 days ago

    Los papas

  • Wendy Butter Batter
    Wendy Butter Batter 27 days ago

    It has 666k views for a reason

  • ben jamin
    ben jamin 28 days ago

    Man Connie is a awesome hormone monstress

  • Frost Ware
    Frost Ware 29 days ago

    Who else Cum to feel the noize

  • Eric Furman
    Eric Furman Month ago

    My volume knob keeps turning, but it isn't getting any louder. Help?

  • Big Dumb Nut
    Big Dumb Nut Month ago

    When you you want to ski down a mountain in the middle of winter naked

  • Big Dumb Nut
    Big Dumb Nut Month ago

    Rock of ages

  • Jonathan Vega
    Jonathan Vega Month ago

    A todo volumen haciendo el primer viaje piquale ala excesiva velocidad maquina devastadora

  • Jonathan Vega
    Jonathan Vega Month ago

    Otto conductor del auto bus escolar a metalear con el felino pantera YO ME LLEVARE AMO LA DECAPITACION

  • Scott M
    Scott M Month ago

    Much better than the Slade version in 1973. This actually has a drummer.

  • Moonman
    Moonman Month ago


  • luis navas
    luis navas Month ago

    Para mi es la.mejor cancion de heavy metal que edito pantera

  • small pupper
    small pupper Month ago

    Very poor title choice... Song is hella lit though.

  • Jorge Haro
    Jorge Haro Month ago

    Lo mejor en de los 80s san pedrito tlaquepaque el flamingos casino q recuerdos

  • Martin Bachleda
    Martin Bachleda Month ago

    The house! Marcin

  • Tarantulisimo
    Tarantulisimo Month ago

    this movie is awesome --- overhyped & never quite living up to the astronomical expectations, but still awesome!!!

  • semper lacrimare
    semper lacrimare Month ago

    It’s time to kick gum and chew ass

  • Rico Garth
    Rico Garth Month ago

    Yea Turnt up 4surely

    WAFLERE 1 Month ago

    Ok no xd

    WAFLERE 1 Month ago

    Esta canción la estoy escuchando en el año 100000

  • Jeremy Robinson
    Jeremy Robinson Month ago

    Y’all ever count $10,000 in cash ? 😂😂😂

  • Michael Quallet
    Michael Quallet Month ago

    No. Just....no.

  • One Sensitive Artist

    My name is Feel T. Noise Please no no noo

  • josh hassell
    josh hassell Month ago

    Your comment is like a pubic hair lifting to soul and It said no! Romany of you.. period. Sucks. Get e dick and sleep by our sleep patterns. SUCKS... get used to it.

  • Artilleryman69
    Artilleryman69 Month ago

    coomer anthem

  • KRAUSS Marcus
    KRAUSS Marcus Month ago

    Slayer is heavy? Yes.. but still suck.. dont know the vocal sux too much.. they cant do metal.. only bad taste suckers like it.. Antrax is music.. exodus is heavy and great but this is shit metal especially for the vocals suck too much

  • JTA 1973
    JTA 1973 Month ago

    Quiet Riot - Best Slade cover band of all time!

    • Aidan Bice
      Aidan Bice Month ago

      JTA 1973 me and you still staying strong lol

  • Julius Floyd
    Julius Floyd Month ago

    Based Coomers know that this is their Favorite song.

  • elthe3rd
    elthe3rd Month ago

    In high school I had the Trapper Keeper folder with this album for the cover.

  • Mario Merip
    Mario Merip Month ago

    Mario Mario de libertad

  • phoenix21studios
    phoenix21studios Month ago

    They didnt want to cover this song, and IIRC they recorded this in a single take.

  • Jeremy Feit
    Jeremy Feit 2 months ago

    i have cum on feel and cum on the noise but i never cum on feel the noise

  • A4 paeb
    A4 paeb 2 months ago


  • jon gurhnill
    jon gurhnill 2 months ago

    GTA Vice city

  • Zomboikilla56 Zombie Apocalypse

    Big Mouth

  • ꧁Rafael Honk Honk꧂


  • Trinity
    Trinity 2 months ago

    Terrible papá

  • codimis
    codimis 2 months ago

    The Slipknot of the 80s?

    • Cereal Killer
      Cereal Killer Month ago

      No they didnt wear mask that was just for the album cover

  • Trevor Philips
    Trevor Philips 2 months ago

    Lemme do a cumshot

  • Trevor Philips
    Trevor Philips 2 months ago

    This makes me cum in my girl's pussy

  • Allison Aragon
    Allison Aragon 2 months ago


  • Luis Mendoza Malpica
    Luis Mendoza Malpica 2 months ago

    Que buen cover joder !

  • Norma Childress
    Norma Childress 2 months ago

    I was scared of typing this song cuz the title.

  • Omair Sheikh
    Omair Sheikh 2 months ago

    I just love how seamlessly they integrate thrash metal elements

  • Carnivorous- Creature
    Carnivorous- Creature 2 months ago

    Suddenly, it's the 70s, I'm at prom, and some kids took control of the music and blared glam metal

  • Sweeptheleg !
    Sweeptheleg ! 2 months ago

    Hmm....I wonder how Phil feels about this version?

  • 337 337
    337 337 2 months ago

    1973-1986, the peak of America. Greatest time in history to be a kid.

  • Sergio Rivera
    Sergio Rivera 2 months ago

    Quiet Riot "Come On, Feel The Noize" #5, 1983-1984.

  • Jez Creed
    Jez Creed 2 months ago

    It’s up there with the greatest heavy metal riffs of all time. Dimebag was a helluva guitarist!

    • Parker
      Parker 2 months ago

      rip dimebag

  • Mason Vieau
    Mason Vieau 2 months ago

    is pleaseing that a (censord) ton of people enjoy this song,Rock on

  • Jim Kalfakis
    Jim Kalfakis 2 months ago


  • Cosmik 714
    Cosmik 714 2 months ago

    They sound so much like twisted sister

  • Michael Wittman
    Michael Wittman 2 months ago

    I was looking for a book named "Mask of Sanity" its written in 1941 cant remember The author has anyone seen my book?

  • Garrison Kietlinski
    Garrison Kietlinski 2 months ago

    This has to be the best opening to any metal song known to man!

  • YiSuS KillPop
    YiSuS KillPop 2 months ago

    Quien más sigue escuchando está canción el 2019

  • Alberto Brando
    Alberto Brando 2 months ago

    Zookeeper brought me here

  • Alberto Brando
    Alberto Brando 2 months ago

    Shane: Hey! Griffin: (kicks Shane into the wall) Shane: MAAAAA!!!!

  • Kevin Ambrose
    Kevin Ambrose 2 months ago

    Who came here from Big Mouth?

  • jasper booth
    jasper booth 2 months ago

    My penis listened to this album, and is now a Rottweiler 😎

  • punk's not dead punk for the uk

    I always listen to pantera then my neighbors petrol bomb the house!

  • Raul Castro
    Raul Castro 2 months ago


    BAHIA MOTOVLOG 2 months ago

    Chris !!!

  • Brutal Bob
    Brutal Bob 2 months ago

    America listened to this song in 1775, the rest is history.

  • Parzzavel
    Parzzavel 3 months ago

    I love the bass

  • Madame Gasket
    Madame Gasket 3 months ago

    3:33; me after going to the record store.

  • TheThetechnician
    TheThetechnician 3 months ago

    This tune helps ne sleep, sends me off softly to lala land

  • Jeff Sager
    Jeff Sager 3 months ago

    uh...ya....no shit1

  • ImFromDadeCounty.223
    ImFromDadeCounty.223 3 months ago

    TVclip is really knocking it out with all the ads. 2 fucking ads before every song goddamn man

  • XX sXX
    XX sXX 3 months ago

    This song was the song that first motivated me enough to drag my dad outside and beat his ass for being a prick my whole life. Liberated!!

  • Andre Niebla Danielson


  • Benjie Nicolas14
    Benjie Nicolas14 3 months ago

    Nice song