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I'm Still Here Youtube!
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  • Eric Shimer
    Eric Shimer 2 hours ago

    Your ATC there does a good job of working with you and other new pilots. He stays calm with you and working with you. Kudos to him for working with green horns. Makes breaking the radio communication much easier.

  • fvr16
    fvr16 19 hours ago

    It becomes a dangerous shooting range when bordering a public road.

  • Forrest Gump
    Forrest Gump Day ago

    What is the cost of heli?

    RONALD B. 5 days ago

    they make the fields a waste land wow..

  • Philip Shehan
    Philip Shehan 6 days ago

    Feral pigs are a problem in Australia too. In my younger days I used to go on pig shooting expeditions along the Murrumbidgee river in New South Wales. Mostly on foot but we sometimes took a 'tinnie', a boat with an outboard motor to travel up and down the river.

  • indyjons321
    indyjons321 7 days ago

    Now I want a Cabri.

  • Ian Spitzmiller
    Ian Spitzmiller 8 days ago

    Target rich environment baby! This is how we should hunt Isis!

  • 456swagger
    456swagger 9 days ago

    Yep, them thar dadgum pigs is a dugum menase to us sivilized folk here in texass. Them pigs spread all kinda disease to us humans like syillus, the clap, the crabs ,herpes an when they goes to eatin wild onions theys no fun to kiss no more. We still sex um down ever now an again cause our kids gets a big kick out a watchin' us.

  • irgski
    irgski 16 days ago

    What does dropping the collective do? Why don’t you fully land in autorotation?

  • Jonathan Priebefiddler

    Here in northern Australia we have some hogs but a plague of Asian buffaloes. Look for videos showing ranchers lassooeing them from toyotas then tieing them to trees so they can be exported as Asian meat.

  • David Wallace
    David Wallace 17 days ago

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience! Great learning opportunity for us.

  • Luke Scutchings
    Luke Scutchings 20 days ago

    “Weeee weeeee weeeee death from above weeeee weeee weeeee” These guys are happier then a pig in shit

  • Luke Scutchings
    Luke Scutchings 20 days ago

    This is a pretty good solution to a big problem.

  • manic4u2
    manic4u2 20 days ago

    Looks like good, legitimate fun. A round bouncing off of a skid and back into the cabin would liven things up even further I would imagine.

  • David Wallace
    David Wallace 21 day ago

    Good job. Thanks for posting!

  • FalconfromRF
    FalconfromRF 22 days ago

    Culling is not about ethics, it's about cost-effectiveness. So anything that can reduce overall cost of control is allowed.

  • Alaena Claire Gallagher

    Thanks for a TON of information about how this all works.

  • Isidro Rodriguez
    Isidro Rodriguez 26 days ago

    Alot of people think that is fun because pigs are destroying stuff I think its happening the same way with human all of this people getting killed by humans

  • black berry
    black berry 27 days ago

    Rise, Slay, Eat.......Get rid of em all... Yes they are trouble except in ur mouth between the teeth.......🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆👍🏿

  • wireless one
    wireless one 29 days ago

    Well...we dont have any in Michigan...why you have a TON and we DONT can be explained to this post...we have a ton of crops and woods..and pig farmers

  • Michael Shuler
    Michael Shuler 29 days ago

    How long did it take to fly 1000 miles?

  • Daryl Rosenberg
    Daryl Rosenberg Month ago

    Hows it going now that it has been 2 years? if you could give yourself advice looking back what would it be? I'm heavily considering changing careers and i'm leaning more and more on this as time goes on. Any anything would be helpful. Thanks in advance

  • DocRockTheDj
    DocRockTheDj Month ago

    No humans were killed or injured during the filming of this video 😁

  • Theo Nero
    Theo Nero Month ago

    I first saw this on TVclip but it was in the New Zealand ever doing something similar to this like hunting from helicopter

  • Jon-Michael Vasquez


  • Jon-Michael Vasquez

    Lol is that lake Travis in Austin Texas???

  • Marty Lynn
    Marty Lynn Month ago

    Why do you wear gloves?

  • Chris Chen
    Chris Chen Month ago

    They charge a fortune for you to there and hunt pigs.

  • Twisted Hippie
    Twisted Hippie Month ago

    Nice shotgun work! Total Pros!

  • Ron Berard
    Ron Berard Month ago

    You all talk the same

  • sketchin72
    sketchin72 Month ago

    Haha, at first I thought the black shirt was a real student. When he was checking out the house I was thinking he would never be a pilot!

  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown Month ago

    Man.... those mothers can run!

  • ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ

    Paramotors are the dirt bikes of the sky. BRAAAPPPP!!!

  • adel asani
    adel asani Month ago

    I wish could drones flying that high will be awsome

  • Michael Berry
    Michael Berry Month ago

    Great video, thank you for talking to the viewers. Many R22 videos on TVclip the pilots don't say anything to the views at all.

  • Music fan 11
    Music fan 11 Month ago

    Are helicopters choppy like small airplanes when the air is rough? It doesn't look as bad

  • Music fan 11
    Music fan 11 Month ago

    Are helicopters more fun than airplanes? I'm confident I'd like being a heli pilot but what aircraft do you guys prefer?

  • Brian O
    Brian O Month ago

    How much do you charge to let hunters shoot hogs from your helicopter?

  • B'Chayil Ben Dan
    B'Chayil Ben Dan Month ago

    With the estimated 5 million feral hogs, you need an army to eradicate them. Either thousands of hunters or people with machine gun.

  • Off_da_Grid
    Off_da_Grid Month ago

    Need a hughy

  • Off_da_Grid
    Off_da_Grid Month ago

    Mortars, grenade launchers, minigun. All fun

  • Jr nu mex
    Jr nu mex Month ago

    this is a tougher terrain for a helo hunting vid vs open fields hogs running straight line ones

  • Tech Views
    Tech Views Month ago

    If only I could do this every weekend

  • ron dill
    ron dill Month ago

    Mount a Damn M134 Miniguns on one of those Choppers and get Serious about Hog Huntin' WTF!!! Now that would be fun for sure!!!

  • Adam Hammond
    Adam Hammond Month ago

    Still a great set of videos to review at any stage of training. That instructor's approach is awesome.

  • Crown Commando
    Crown Commando Month ago

    A belt fed matchine gun would add too the fun.

    • Mike Smithey
      Mike Smithey Month ago

      Would be a waste of bullets need better shooters

  • SY Sublime
    SY Sublime 2 months ago

    I would love to own a 40 mike mike.

  • Joseph Yowtamag
    Joseph Yowtamag 2 months ago

    Lots of meat.....send it to africa

  • Sam Fulton
    Sam Fulton 2 months ago

    Amazing training helicopter, I learnt on a R22 with maps and everything all over the place, this is a step above with glass cockpit and iPads

  • Mental Break
    Mental Break 2 months ago

    I'm thinking about becoming a helicopter pilot but high altitudes like that seem scary. I'm not really sure if i'd be down for flying that high. Is that a normal reaction, or are pilots generally cool flying at higher altitudes?

  • Cal Colson
    Cal Colson 2 months ago

    Keep up the good work. You have to protect the farming ranching livelihood.

  • david phillips
    david phillips 2 months ago

    put me on the guest list.

  • Stephen Cooley
    Stephen Cooley 2 months ago

    That's Why You NEED an Ar 15!! Excellent Video!!

  • redazi1
    redazi1 2 months ago

    10 bullets for one hog

  • Sean Winters
    Sean Winters 2 months ago

    Im going to say one word and leave it at that, you can extrapolate from it what you will: immigrants

  • Gunspecialist
    Gunspecialist 2 months ago

    Im vegan and i love this...

  • Maik Silva
    Maik Silva 2 months ago

    after dead

  • Maik Silva
    Maik Silva 2 months ago

    you do with the pigs?

  • Jay
    Jay 2 months ago

    I would honestly pay to do this

  • Papo Vazquez
    Papo Vazquez 2 months ago

    They should use a A10 warthog!! Hog for a hog!!

  • Montgomery Green
    Montgomery Green 2 months ago

    4 pigs 300 rds

  • Best of Both Worlds
    Best of Both Worlds 2 months ago

    lekka man!

  • West Mi Bad Drivers
    West Mi Bad Drivers 2 months ago

    ok, for those of us who do not know, what do you do with them once they are shot? Are they collected and used for something? I presume you do not just leave them there.. they would attract too many other bad things.

  • Fat Albert
    Fat Albert 2 months ago

    Put some Zunis on that chopper! Let's get the Feds to OK use of Claymores to licensed professionals.

    LASVEGAS GEORGE 2 months ago

    What was your Average cruise speed and distance between refueling? On your approach, with the tower radio transmission, which sounded like, 'Land at your own Risk, avoid flying over personnel equipment', does that mean that you can enter the airport and cross the taxiway and runways, at your discretion? Just wondering how landing a Helicopter works at an uncontrolled airport such as this one. This if Fun! Enjoyed your Video, like being there!

  • Mark Olander
    Mark Olander 2 months ago

    The pilot has to know where he is with such a limited fuel supply.

  • knowspin
    knowspin 2 months ago

    I bet the buzzards are the size of that helicopter...

  • Gary Mitchell
    Gary Mitchell 2 months ago

    Do yourselves a favor, mute the video and just watch it while listening to CCR

  • N Kel
    N Kel 2 months ago

    pricks....doubling your poor video...with duplication. jerks !!!

  • Brian Petrow
    Brian Petrow 2 months ago

    Say car ramrod.... I wrote it down...

  • Erick Fuentes
    Erick Fuentes 2 months ago

    this along with may other things, is why we need ar15s

  • rzdoughboy
    rzdoughboy 2 months ago

    dude!!! is this Georgetown Texas?? I did flight training at Genesis and this looks like the Great State of Texas!!

  • Christopher Robin
    Christopher Robin 3 months ago

    Excellent flight! Robinson Raven 44?

  • PapaZulu
    PapaZulu 3 months ago

    Good real world review. Thanks.

  • Gitar Dersi
    Gitar Dersi 3 months ago

    insan hayvanların şeytanıdır

  • Desy Moynes
    Desy Moynes 3 months ago

    Love the hog shooting I must put it on my bucket list but just one question are the downed hogs picked up or just left to predators.

  • GunFuMaster
    GunFuMaster 3 months ago

    It's gotta be hard to shoot even stationary targets from a helo, much less moving ones. Damn good shots...

  • cwli1
    cwli1 3 months ago

    Or ask the helicopter pilot in “The Spy Who Loved Me” for a ride.

  • Lemonhead209
    Lemonhead209 3 months ago

    Hell, why aint Trump got the national Guard up in a few Birds doing this, if its such a Crisis,..

    • KitsuneHouse
      KitsuneHouse 3 months ago

      They have private contractors who do this kinda job. Also the military will do it themselves when the hogs are within military grounds. Hell Gordon Ramsey showed up in one session and taught them how to cook one of the boars too.

  • Nickelodeon
    Nickelodeon 3 months ago

    3 little piggies to make a piggy pie

  • Integrator 101
    Integrator 101 3 months ago

    Ian are you going to post videos soon

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 3 months ago

    Anyone else here from PMT? This shit is ELECTRIC.

  • K. Truell
    K. Truell 3 months ago

    Pardon My Take but PMT brought me here.

  • movinbutnotshakin
    movinbutnotshakin 3 months ago

    An American solution for an American problem

    • Robert Criddle
      Robert Criddle Month ago

      movinbutnotshakin 😂 like no other country hunts feral pigs with helicopters pffft

  • Angelo
    Angelo 3 months ago

    What's up Crashboi?

  • Andrés Silva
    Andrés Silva 3 months ago

    What's up crashboi?

  • Tom Blount
    Tom Blount 3 months ago

    I guess the hogs are getting wiser sticking to the trees vs open ground

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott 3 months ago

    👨‍💻BF3 Hog huntin why dont the Airforce use Their recruits to practice on shooting ferals pigs 🤷‍♂️etc ? be doing a great thing for country & practice HOW MANY would buy a ticket 💲in this chopper pig hunt MEeeee👍👍👍👍🎬

  • J Preston
    J Preston 3 months ago

    I have two questions. Who retrieves the dead hogs? And how much to go up and kill some hogs?

  • Dr WoDo
    Dr WoDo 3 months ago

    Seem it would be a good practice for military.

  • itchycroe411
    itchycroe411 3 months ago didnt collect em?

  • Lynne Williams
    Lynne Williams 3 months ago


  • Impedancenetwork
    Impedancenetwork 3 months ago

    I love it when foreigners get to experience this. It is sooooo much fun. Texas is awesome and hogs are not awesome. They did good. it is hard as hell to hit a moving target.

  • smokey 3616
    smokey 3616 3 months ago

    Only in Texas

  • selimi a
    selimi a 3 months ago

    Good Job

  • Yuibot
    Yuibot 3 months ago

    And the snowflake veggies still can't get it through their heads that this has to be done...

    • CO Jones
      CO Jones 3 months ago

      "No Kill Ms Piggy" squeal the veggies. Hog population explodes, wipes out crops. Vegans starve. Yeah, they never think.

  • Dayton Mcclanahan
    Dayton Mcclanahan 3 months ago

    *flies beside road* "Mannn,look at that hog" *shoots car*

  • Classic63EType
    Classic63EType 3 months ago

    Why in the world would that numbnuts passenger open the door prior to touchdown? If the pilot had visually cleared the area beforehand, it really shouldn't be a problem. I hope the pilot got proper clearances before just landing or his neighbours and the FAA might not just see it all as just a casual afternoon lunch outing. And yes, I've been flying helicopters, both large and small all over the world for more than 32 years, so I am well versed with the basics of safety and rules of the air. A good video in all. I'd like to know where the barbecue restaurant is though!

    • LC
      LC 2 months ago

      Classic63EType the guy in the left seat is the instructor.

  • Harry Rockwell
    Harry Rockwell 3 months ago

    One looks like a shotgun, the other the sites of what looks like a M-16 or AR 15 ?? what are the weapons, nice shooting gents

  • Harry Rockwell
    Harry Rockwell 3 months ago

    Say they carry diseases, is any of that hog eatable ? just thinking ham bacon roasts LOL