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  • Yung Sorrow
    Yung Sorrow Hour ago

    Girls: “he’s probably thinking of some other girls” Boys: *taste test water*

  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt Hour ago

    I got the reference Phil, I got it

  • no sui
    no sui Hour ago

    this dudes a character!

  • Drew Larsen
    Drew Larsen Hour ago

    phil was low key douchey to this guy

  • Declan
    Declan Hour ago

    Brett has a sick shirt

  • 7BelowFN
    7BelowFN Hour ago

    The whole reason I started watching your channel was because it was different. Just you and your phone. I personally dislike the two camera angles and all the douchetuber vibes.


    #yyj #victoriabc #sidney #oakbay #thecabbieintheyyj #langford #colwood #esquimalt #vicbc #duncan #malahat #viclife #famous #dope

  • 7BelowFN
    7BelowFN Hour ago

    I miss when you said “here’s the scoop” instead of “hiiiiiizzz thiii skiiikkp”

  • Annie Morrell
    Annie Morrell Hour ago

    That salad looks awesone

  • Philloniess Fisch

    Love you dude!

  • Yams
    Yams Hour ago


  • e E
    e E Hour ago

    I don't like this new camera setup. I wanna feel like i'm sitting in Philip's hand

  • no sui
    no sui Hour ago

    these laughs tho 2:52 4:09 8:43 also you and your girlfriend are sick!

  • Timothy Skinner
    Timothy Skinner Hour ago

    Brett’s voice is like butter

  • anonimai
    anonimai Hour ago

    You know what bucko, he's making money doing what he likes and staying genuine to himself. That's cool

  • Mack Langen
    Mack Langen Hour ago

    your homie has dope tattoos phil!

  • Master Bater
    Master Bater Hour ago

    Realizing there's a customer riding in the back after he tells his crazy fuck me story LOL

  • Dane Little
    Dane Little Hour ago


  • AI software
    AI software Hour ago

    How many times do you think that guy drank piss since the last time we saw him

  • Brandon Burroughs

    Shoutout to Brett for the Death Grips shirt

  • jabroni
    jabroni Hour ago

    hey..another video where he has to include his girlfriend in every jumpcut just to show people he has a girlfriend...unsub...and im still taking bets that she'll have her own channel goin VERY soon

  • LesbianNaziHookers

    Phillip needs to review the worst body waxing in his city for those shoulders

  • GreGgaeRasta Fari

    woah wait up, is this my boi? is my boy commin at me? should i like and subscribe

  • Justin Flores
    Justin Flores Hour ago

    Your content>>

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia 2 hours ago

    Dude dont be so annoying unless shes acting lol. She really wanted u to stop lol but she seems sweet m not reyna be a hater just want u and her to be good bro

  • Cyan999
    Cyan999 2 hours ago

    7:24 so deep

    SURFDAYMATE10 2 hours ago

    Best video yet. Give Philip a tv show!

  • Let’s build fam
    Let’s build fam 2 hours ago

    This dude is a total bro

  • ashleyshea
    ashleyshea 2 hours ago

    21 minute video? We've been blessed...

  • Mr. Discreet
    Mr. Discreet 2 hours ago

    12:49 I wanna see Philip start doing movie reviews or something, man.

  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis 2 hours ago

    Hey I’m in the 5 percent.

  • Ben Cadile
    Ben Cadile 2 hours ago

    How does Philip not have a Netflix show styled exactly like this video??

  • Amusing TheMuse
    Amusing TheMuse 2 hours ago

    Wtf is up with that Intro? Baby voice is annoyis asf

  • Andres Torres
    Andres Torres 2 hours ago

    Hook the cabby up with his own music video!

  • Jo Mcnally
    Jo Mcnally 2 hours ago

    11:40 This should be in a cringe compilation

  • Trippie Redd's dad
    Trippie Redd's dad 2 hours ago

    Deep purple

  • Nuckles The butcher
    Nuckles The butcher 2 hours ago


  • MultiKroniic
    MultiKroniic 2 hours ago

    Come to Quispamsis lol u may find me interesting, I’m 20 been to rehab three times and have so much fucked non sense go on

  • Jenna Smith
    Jenna Smith 2 hours ago

    coming to Nanaimo?

  • Artofficial
    Artofficial 2 hours ago

    i like your funnies

  • Wade Lindley
    Wade Lindley 2 hours ago

    “The fish has not flavor it’s just bland. It takes like fried nothing.” “Not bad”

  • Biggie Smalls
    Biggie Smalls 2 hours ago

    Smoke on the water

  • Eazy G420
    Eazy G420 2 hours ago

    Is that his fucking house holy shit

  • Zach L
    Zach L 2 hours ago

    Hahaha this is hilarious

  • X
    X 2 hours ago

    When two middle school kids cuss because they think its cool... very sad.

  • Jack Hedges
    Jack Hedges 2 hours ago

    pulp fiction top10 most important films of all time? most definitely not..learn you something kiddo:

  • Ginger Stalin
    Ginger Stalin 2 hours ago

    i can't understand the last word of this video

  • dingus flip
    dingus flip 2 hours ago

    Sick pants!

  • EscapePlan Skateboarding

    Bananas are awesome. I eat 2-3 bananas a day lol

  • Violent Gamer
    Violent Gamer 2 hours ago

    I hate the second angle

  • Reid Norton
    Reid Norton 2 hours ago

    Got a kick out of this dude. What a cool character.

  • Eazy G420
    Eazy G420 2 hours ago

    Love your laugh bahaha makes me laugh so hard🤣🤣🤣

  • frizzybob
    frizzybob 2 hours ago

    I can't believe u got this guy 🤣 - he popped up on Instagram ads for me

  • Dust Fart
    Dust Fart 2 hours ago

    I got it , smoke on the water. Good sing

  • Mariam Abed
    Mariam Abed 2 hours ago

    Ily2 & Michael Malarkey

  • Tyler Thomson
    Tyler Thomson 2 hours ago

    The ending, I had to re watch, I wasn't sure.haha

  • Austin Cook
    Austin Cook 2 hours ago

    Philip is the Pouya of TVclip

  • Emanuel Faustino
    Emanuel Faustino 2 hours ago

    Lunch on the water, a salad in the skies

  • Zach Brown
    Zach Brown 2 hours ago

    Maybe have the other camera zoomed in or out a little more??

  • Clay B
    Clay B 2 hours ago

    This is one of the most important TVclip videos of all time

  • Henry Sylvester
    Henry Sylvester 2 hours ago

    When he brought the YYJ poem into a spoken word joint I fucking lost it 😂

  • Wade Lindley
    Wade Lindley 2 hours ago

    Omfg running with bells through the neighborhood lmfao

  • Tony Ryad
    Tony Ryad 2 hours ago

    You're not even eating at the restaurant

  • Zain B
    Zain B 2 hours ago

    Congrats on the 500k my dude.

  • Joe Swanson
    Joe Swanson 2 hours ago

    Brett is just a creature

  • TV-Obscure
    TV-Obscure 2 hours ago

    How to find a ritual sacrifice for Hulk Hogan’s glory and grace

  • Stephen Lee
    Stephen Lee 2 hours ago

    Koalas can talk?!?!?!

  • Keenan Christensen
    Keenan Christensen 2 hours ago

    58 doosh bags disliked one of your best videos, next time get the clam chowder on tha broat backkooo

  • Rod Knocker
    Rod Knocker 3 hours ago

    Smoke on the waterrrrrr

  • BasedKnight
    BasedKnight 3 hours ago

    "Whats going on guys dont forget to subscribe and scoop that like button"

  • Jack Prock
    Jack Prock 3 hours ago

    the dog bites the dust bukah

  • Dylan Tucker
    Dylan Tucker 3 hours ago

    He will never say "here's the scoop" like the first time ever again.

  • kh_entox
    kh_entox 3 hours ago

    I’m concerned because you ate this where you SLEEP

  • andrew
    andrew 3 hours ago

    What restaurant?

    • andrew
      andrew 3 hours ago

      There is some deadly places to dine in Winnipeg this isn't a very high rated one 😂 come on man you coulda done better! Making my city look like poop

  • Charles Lau
    Charles Lau 3 hours ago

    I like this guy. Seems like a genuinely good person

  • SiR_StReTcHmArKs
    SiR_StReTcHmArKs 3 hours ago


  • andrew
    andrew 3 hours ago

    Ayyyeeeeeee I'm from Winnipeg

  • Simsquatch
    Simsquatch 3 hours ago

    Phil, your girl is awesome... Don't mess it up bro.

  • Isaiah Mac
    Isaiah Mac 3 hours ago

    Everyone got the deep purple reference Philip

  • cameron
    cameron 3 hours ago

    who wouldn't get the smoke on the water reference lmao

  • PassFissn
    PassFissn 3 hours ago

    Are you gonna make a vlog channel with ur girl instead of this. Replacing the Great Marco is not going to happen,

  • Luke k
    Luke k 3 hours ago

    Your hilarious. Love the videos!

  • dugsbunny og
    dugsbunny og 3 hours ago

    Bruh do you not appreciate good cinematography???? I'm not talking fucning avatar, which is an awful movie, I'm talking about rhetorical technique using every element of cinema...

  • Jeff Cloud
    Jeff Cloud 3 hours ago

    Philip next time your going through or staying in Winnipeg stay at the fort Garry hotel in the haunted room ! That would be a good video! Anyways good video bro.

  • Steve Lecours
    Steve Lecours 3 hours ago

    Holy shit was there a lady in the backseat through that hole story

  • Kyle Parent
    Kyle Parent 3 hours ago

    Didn't know you were currently in Vancouver. You should do a meetup if you got some time. :) I'm sure there's more fans in the lower mainland or BC in general.

  • Anubis Bonez
    Anubis Bonez 3 hours ago

    Philip your videos are hilarious always makes my day funny asf

  • Max Frecklington
    Max Frecklington 3 hours ago

    What a cool guy respect 👊🏻

  • Alexis Ramon Garcia
    Alexis Ramon Garcia 3 hours ago

    You look like you would work at the worst reviewed restaurant in my city

  • LoyaltyComp
    LoyaltyComp 3 hours ago

    Congrats on 500K subs

  • reeffeeder
    reeffeeder 3 hours ago

    We're all fucked when you get three camera angles.

  • Ari Hamel
    Ari Hamel 3 hours ago

    I love Brett, such a cool guy

  • SadSeal
    SadSeal 3 hours ago

    the salad looks fresh though

  • Evin Weston
    Evin Weston 3 hours ago

    Wait what the fuck when were you here? That's nuts.

  • Berry Bowlls
    Berry Bowlls 3 hours ago

    I dont know how you’re going to make a video about this.... longest vid on the channel

  • SadSeal
    SadSeal 3 hours ago

    now im hungry

  • Money Games
    Money Games 3 hours ago

    No monetization? You suck youtube.

  • SadSeal
    SadSeal 3 hours ago

    you bastard.

  • Nixon Coronado
    Nixon Coronado 3 hours ago

    Is that the fucking X Mansion?

  • trevor casey
    trevor casey 3 hours ago

    You all saw the peacock too right ?