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Schelling Points
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5 Myths About Urban Density
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Nash Equilibrium
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Short Run Costs
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What is Money?
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Firms and Profits
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Basic Demand Theory
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Supply and Demand
Views 113K7 years ago
Agents and Utility
Views 19K7 years ago
Gains From Trade
Views 48K7 years ago
What is Economics?
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  • Santiago Garcia
    Santiago Garcia 12 days ago

    Hey just trying to compar, but did you course organizational industry or regulation? It is justthat I study in South America and I am trying to compare the programs

  • MrChase115
    MrChase115 13 days ago

    Rot in hell, Harry ! Racist liberal scum bag!

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  • Muhilan Selvaa
    Muhilan Selvaa 26 days ago

    I ❤️ Strong Towns

  • JamesCrowonline
    JamesCrowonline 27 days ago

    The lie about Marijuana has spread throughout the whole world by our goverment.

  • mik1984
    mik1984 Month ago

    The iron rule of politics and science: the better the research, the higher the chance that something that the left advocates for is a fraud.

  • NIKITE_92
    NIKITE_92 Month ago

    This video is actually great, way better than the one on investopedia.

  • Sreetama Ray
    Sreetama Ray Month ago

    GREAT GREAT WORK! Beautiful explanation!

  • Sreetama Ray
    Sreetama Ray Month ago

    The explanation is lucid and precise.Thank you for making this video :)

  • ꧁Shh ̶hh꧂
    ꧁Shh ̶hh꧂ Month ago

    Still dont get it

  • Ceynte Show
    Ceynte Show Month ago

    I just got my Economics degree, why I'm watching this!!!!

  • GoneBamboo
    GoneBamboo Month ago

    Interesting to consider this applied to the Fed once you understand their true motivation

  • Ronald Poon
    Ronald Poon Month ago

    great explanation

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  • Silverback 21
    Silverback 21 Month ago

    I'm a dominant

  • Nathan Fielure
    Nathan Fielure Month ago

    How much is a human life?

  • Nathan Fielure
    Nathan Fielure Month ago

    Weird why all other research kept repeating the same experiment.

  • saul viera
    saul viera 2 months ago

    Chasing the scream real good book.

  • TheWitness1001
    TheWitness1001 2 months ago

    Oh Yea, that Aussie actor: Bruce Willis!!!

  • Glenn Quagmire
    Glenn Quagmire 2 months ago

    Oxycontin/Oxycodone made from poppies? I don't think so. Morphine and Heroin are the only opiates made from the poppy that I know of. Maybe codeine, too. Someone who knows more than me will nicely correct me if I am wrong.

    • Jeff Walker
      Jeff Walker 2 months ago

      Pretty sure synthetic opioids are made from poppies just as morphine and heroin are. Purdue pharma, maker of Oxycontin, sourced their ingredients from poppies grown in Tasmania. It wasn't until very recently that they began synthesizing the chemical extracts to take poppy cultivation out of the equation.

  • Andievo4U2
    Andievo4U2 2 months ago

    I've about had it with interrogation game theory and one upsmanship at the red traffic light BS. HE WAS NOT ABOUT THE PAY OFF. The me me me. NO! He shared a concept that might give business leverage to a penniless inventor looking for start up money from a go guns corporate clone with deep pockets. One has brains. The other brawn ($). So how can Joe Schmoe avoid having his talent, patent and money snatched by dickheads??? KEEP AN OPEN TERMS 50/50 Constant balance of reciprocity agreement. Bottom line: an egghead can also promote himself and monitor his own legal affairs. Don't think of Bill Gates when I said this. BOOOOOOOO

  • Andievo4U2
    Andievo4U2 3 months ago

    We can only predict short term economical climates presently due to how dog eat dog, corrupt, unscrupulous, childish, wretched and wicked those at the top of the food chain have become. LONG TERM requires organization and trust. Now we just have disorganization and mistrust. Corporate Responsibility and Business Ethics forrTrump 2020

  • Andievo4U2
    Andievo4U2 3 months ago

    Dominant strategy. Yeah, that's it in a nutshell. Some people have to be in control, on top, in front. Some people are cool with giving and taking criticism and the back burner to make sure everyone in radius of your pie gets a slice. THE LATTER OF THE TWO ARE THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW. John Nash urged competition and growth sharing because not only does the economy rise you will always be better received by your competitors during "an unexpected company slump or travesty requiring support" Be nice to the people you deal with on your way up because they are the same ones you'll see on the way down.

  • LaybackDre
    LaybackDre 3 months ago

    As a high school senior would you recommend that I major in Economics, Business or Finance to become a commodity trader?

  • Max Duvall
    Max Duvall 3 months ago

    I love economics and I always thought of it as a hobby but recently I've been thinking why not major in it. I was going to Double Bio and Psych but that would take me 4 years in a very expensive college that I'm in while if I did Econ and Psych I would instead be out in three years. My main issue is with the former I could make good money as a biologist in Stem fields and the Psych degree would help if I ever decide to either go further in a doctorate, if I decide to be a counselor, or if I decide to go to med school. However, I always planned on going back and getting an Econ degree regardless at some point in my life so I figured why not now? my main concern is not making enough money with those 2 degrees, as psych doesn't make you much at all and I don't know much about Econ jobs. Would you mind filling me in on what some popular jobs are that Econ majors get out of their undergrad? and how much they typically make? all ive seen is stuff like Analysts and government workers which im not against but many people say Econ degrees are really good I just haven't seen that in my research, it feels like a really confined and worthless degree by itself.

  • Ryan Costa
    Ryan Costa 3 months ago

    there is nothing left to do but wait for america to die.

  • Lex Non Scripta
    Lex Non Scripta 3 months ago

    The US should legalize drugs just so Latin America develops a different industry? Fuck off. The US should not have to welcome more drugs just to benefit some retarded country of criminals.

  • Hadassah Sharon
    Hadassah Sharon 3 months ago

    Batman's mom died though, but thanks

    FISSEHA KEBEDE 3 months ago

    The world economy is based on greed, speculation, manipulation and theft.

  • Steven S. Sadleir, Sai

    Good, but here is what they don't teach you

  • big man
    big man 3 months ago

    Rubber: Give me a 50$ dollar. Me: can you wait I need to calculate SPE Rubber: You need any help? Me: I did it. look. What do you think about my calculation? Robber: I think you made a mistake in my payoff. It should be 50 for me and -50 for you. Me: You are right. Thank you. Robber: You owe me tutoring fees. Me: How much you want? Robber: 50$ Me: Great I will give you 50$ Few years later the robber becomes an expert in Game Theory and Professor.

  • 1 DrivingSchoolTraingVideos

    Thanks for the great vid man 👍

    USF AGR 3 months ago

    How do you know its A and E ???

  • Lincoln Dexter
    Lincoln Dexter 3 months ago

    I'm thinking about switching my major or double majoring so Im doing research on the subject. I clicked on this video having low expectations, but it was actually a great video. Thanks for posting.

  • Fun with Enjoy
    Fun with Enjoy 3 months ago

    I' like it subject

  • Melisa
    Melisa 4 months ago

    Thanks cuz I just picked it for my gcses and I barely know what it is😂😂I knew it was study of resources being used and stuff and was maths and geography related so I picked it

  • Surafel Solomon
    Surafel Solomon 4 months ago

    Bruce Willis???

  • Mr Dr Sir
    Mr Dr Sir 4 months ago

    Dude I feel like a was just jabated so hard. I came as someone studying economics thinking wage fixing was bad, felt like I might be wrong after all those studies were thrown at me, then I was swung right back. Jesus, what an emotional rollercoaster

  • Commerce With Tayyab Mustafa


  • Jessica
    Jessica 4 months ago

    I literally just changed my whole alevel course/ subjects from engineering based to economics based now I dunno if I’m gonna regret it

    • surely not
      surely not 26 days ago

      this is exactly the problem im having I don't really like physics but like maths so i dont really know if i want to go down the engineering route looking at alternatives. Is it good so far?

  • Logan Hawkins
    Logan Hawkins 4 months ago

    Good job

  • Jan Norris
    Jan Norris 5 months ago

    interesting how all the professions (psychologists, anthropologists etc. in the chairs) were represented by men - really no one thought of including a graphic of a woman or two?? somehow not surprising - the whole field seems out of date, especially in not taking ecological limits seriously

    • The Economics Detective
      The Economics Detective 5 months ago

      They're just vaguely person-shaped blobs. And economics has been dealing with ecological limits (i.e. exhaustible resources) since at least 1931:

  • Shaida Nongsiej
    Shaida Nongsiej 5 months ago

    I'm in 1st semester now and I really need notes for economics can you please help me??

  • Lex Parsimoniae
    Lex Parsimoniae 5 months ago

    This was a good podcast until towards end when you started putting forward an argument insisting that inequality did not matter - and that Stiglitz was supposedly over-reaching by pointing out the dangers in the political economy of inequality. Power imbalance ensuing from income [and wealth] inequality is not a trivial matter. Nor is it the only cost of inequality. Perhaps the most consequential cost of inequality is the weakening [and disappearance] of the equality of opportunity for the masses of people - be it educational or occupational opportunities. Moreover, by taking Venezuela as an example of a state that strived for economic equality while upholding political inequality, you attempted to dismiss the whole ideal of striving to reduce inequality. This was another dishonest and politically motivated attempt on your part. Why not look at the Nordic region as an example of the success of economic AND political egalitarianism? In any case - you would do better by keeping your Right wing horse shit away from your economic analysis.

  • gamerxx gril
    gamerxx gril 5 months ago

    Ya didn't help

  • Mantri Sahab
    Mantri Sahab 5 months ago Best economics videos

  • Siddharth Venkat
    Siddharth Venkat 5 months ago

    I’m confused at the key he’s using. What do all those values indicate?

  • bozimmerman
    bozimmerman 5 months ago

    The left and right are always for pluralism and different perspectives until they are firmly in charge...

  • Taimur Ahmad
    Taimur Ahmad 6 months ago

    Thanks for the great video! I had a question - why is real estate cheaper in developing countries than developed ones? Would it be fair to say that it's due to fact that citizens in the latter have higher disposable income, which tends to bid up the price of real estate?

  • Samir Uddin
    Samir Uddin 6 months ago

    It was scarcity definition ....

  • j s
    j s 6 months ago

    Do you have ig, i wanna dm a question?

  • Jonathan Dreyfus
    Jonathan Dreyfus 6 months ago

    You should check out your audio filters in OBS, you will find that there is both noise reduction/gate and compressor. So you can even apply that as you record and save you even more time!

  • modvs1
    modvs1 6 months ago

    Saving the planet for the Afghans and the sub-Saharan Africans- because their level of environmental stewardship is so patently superior to the developed West.

  • Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman 6 months ago

    Urban density is one of the worse things about society. It doesn’t allow us to live the Dream. Everyone should live in a house with a backyard and a car. It should be a human right to be honest. Density causes many problems like polluted air, traffic and a lack of parking spaces. The society is getting poorer with density.

    • Dar Castro
      Dar Castro Month ago

      This idea of the American dream is the reason why Suburbs are now getting poorer You talk about a dream that is more damaging than dense cities, people on cities are richer than people on suburbs Why is it that Europe and Asia places that have high density tend to have a better lifestyle than American suburbians, is because everything is there for them They have transportation, health-care safety, and commune Something lacking in suburbs If you want to know more why suburbs was a bad idea go watch "EcoGecko"

    • Bob
      Bob 3 months ago

      @Vinson Zhang how?

    • Vinson Zhang
      Vinson Zhang 4 months ago

      @Jesse Pinkman makes life more convenient in some ways.

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    Absolute genius.

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    I just had an A

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    romerezecrew 7 months ago

    you mean more expensive?

  • Ludus
    Ludus 7 months ago

    Thanks for the insightful video. I'm currently doing an undergraduate course in PPE (mixed program with Philo, Pol, Econ) and I'm not sure if I should go for my masters in Economics or in Politcal Policy / Public Policy. From what I understand, economics has a higher success rate with jobs related to finance and economic policy jobs in the private and government sector, whereas PP has roots in both but is more suited for the government sector. Are you able to give me any advice on this? Also possibly anyone in the comment section too, who perhaps went down a similar path, and might be able to help me out and give me some clarity?

    • oz ragab
      oz ragab Month ago

      @ ludus , I read you comments and first of all I was registered to PPE with university in England and found that this type of degree has 60% of graduate dont make it to through interview stage one and only 14% make it through interview which not significant results so based on that statistics numbers. Changed my degree to Economics as it has a lot of potential..PPE only has valuable if you study with oxford university,Cambridge university and Harvard university and maschuette university other than is considered as waste of time and plus a lot of people consider this degree as the passport to power in any governments however it’s full of jargon due to 3 interdisciplinary topic which ended up not no specialised in space fix area ..this is my option

  • Shannon Provost
    Shannon Provost 8 months ago

    ek not eeek. I stopped watching :/

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    Kïd ChrísTøphër 8 months ago

    Super cool.

  • Federico Vazquez
    Federico Vazquez 8 months ago

    So is Economics useful in the field? What would happen if I did a BS in Economics and get a Masters in either Mathematics, Quantitative Finance, or Information Tech? Would those make good complementary degrees?

  • Nive Yoga
    Nive Yoga 8 months ago

    Instructions not clear, I ended up being killed.

  • S. P. Spatafore
    S. P. Spatafore 8 months ago

    Should be B, F for the complicated one, no? Without context for what the numbers represent we should assume 0, 0 is best like it was in the other games.

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    مصعب صلاح 9 months ago

    Hello mister I wish you speak slowly because I want to write video

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    mr. lowcase 9 months ago

    but hey, that’s just a theory! the game theory!

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    Rahul Disari 9 months ago

    the tabla music in background is making it a 100 thousand times interesting

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    Livana 14 9 months ago

    I am not an economics major but this video was in my recommendations so i clicked it and it seemes interesting.

  • Shahadat Economics School

  • Alee Malla
    Alee Malla 10 months ago

    You are really a stumblin-block for other youtubers....This video is par excellence and exactly what I was looking for!

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    AJ XYZ 10 months ago

    I don't like the pulsing graphics? RIP Alan Krueger

  • Njekwa Amusaa
    Njekwa Amusaa 10 months ago

    IQ is critical to a lot of things especially to Economic Development. I am glad that someone has brought this up. It is an uncomfortable thing for a lot of people to discuss but it does not trump the fact that it's something very important.

  • Leo Messi A
    Leo Messi A 10 months ago

    first of All what is supply?

  • vegasvillianCSWK
    vegasvillianCSWK 10 months ago

    One person gets left hook to the face other person gets overhand right to the eye for trying to intervene, and the person kicking everybody's ass has the winning strategy

  • Gokcen Yuksel
    Gokcen Yuksel 10 months ago

    Your videos are excellent. Keep going. We are waiting more videos. Thanks.

  • Earth Science Official
    Earth Science Official 10 months ago

    *These were and **_still_** maintain to be only statutory, victimless "crimes" for which the private organization calling themselves the "government" only maintains its **_real_** jurisdiction on the legal fiction (strawman) of the citizens relative to whichever Western paradigm they hold true to, and **_not_** actual living, breathing, flesh & blood men & women!!!*

  • Rahul Sinha
    Rahul Sinha 10 months ago

    Nice :-) thank u.

  • sabbir
    sabbir 10 months ago

    I am going on 4th year and I have 14 more comp sci courses to go through. I am sturggling really bad a keeping up with courses that are considered of okay diffuculty. I dont have a passion for programming but even though i dont hate , i cant say that i enjoy it. So i am looking at switching to Econ.How is the job market for Econ right now and will I get a decent paying entry level job after my BA in Econ?

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    Thank you !!!! :')

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    Im very interested in economics however I’m not so great in math. Do i have to be super great in math to study this?

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      Its very simple math

  • Beech
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    YO IM FROM SEATTLE! Currently graduating with ECON from UW. Also its 15 now ;)

  • Beech
    Beech 11 months ago

    LOL i was a dummy and decided to take differential equations and linear algebra AFTER advanced microeconomics and Data Science/Econometrics, RIP

  • Celina K
    Celina K 11 months ago

    3:25 what about stress, quality of life, food insecurity, right to life and not die of preventable diseases?

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    Hi can you help me with human capital?

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    Thank you, I appreciate it! You saved my day.

  • Lil Dune Buggy
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    M' S 11 months ago

    But hey, that's just a theory, A GAME THEORY! Thanks for watching.

  • nathan rowsell
    nathan rowsell 11 months ago

    He said economics wrong

  • Michael James Clifford

    The effects of the minimum wage are likely to vary depending on a number of factors, and channels of adjustment besides employment exist - firms can raise prices, cut back on non-wage costs (healthcare, training), increase worker expectations, replace labor with capital, etc. Even if a study finds no negative short-term employment effect, after addressing all of the problems with the research done in the vein of Card and Krueger, that's not a green light to go ahead and start raising it.

  • Malika
    Malika Year ago

    I didn't understand a single word

  • Hadi Saif
    Hadi Saif Year ago

    I literally just got my Economics degree, idk why I'm watching this lol

    • [Redacted] [Redacted]
      [Redacted] [Redacted] 23 days ago

      @Gemima I didn't have any economics classes in high school and went into my Econ 101 class thinking I was going to learn to run a hedge fund or something.

    • Gemima
      Gemima 5 months ago

      Hi! Just wanted to ask how much economics you had done before going to uni. I’m thinking about doing a joining degree so just want to know how much I should know

    • Tyrell Robinson
      Tyrell Robinson 6 months ago

      Congratulations. Good stuff bro. What would you say was the best topic of Economics.

    • Steel Fox
      Steel Fox 11 months ago

      @Hadi Saif I'll keep that in mind. Good luck

    • Hadi Saif
      Hadi Saif 11 months ago

      @Steel Fox Thanks! Overall, it was not a difficult major. The only course that I struggled in was Econometrics. From my experience, any degree could be fairly easy if you make the right connections and put some effort into it.

  • Pea Ku
    Pea Ku Year ago

    How advanced are calc and stats in undergrad level econ?

  • xfghkhjfsejid
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    Basically snitches get stitches.

  • loltyriek
    loltyriek Year ago

    this example would’ve been better if you explained that 3 means you get off free and -1 means a harsh sentence. took me more than the video length to figure that out

  • victor schumacher

    I hope you could make more videos about Game Theory.

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    i never comment on youtube videos, but the fact that you haven't just used prison sentences as the numbers is painfully annoying