How Ridiculous
How Ridiculous
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  • Hamada Dakkouri
    Hamada Dakkouri Hour ago

    Some people their rule in the life is putting dislike to the amazing videos , they're the enemies of the successful

  • Gabe Tobias123
    Gabe Tobias123 Hour ago

    890 LB or 1500 LB

  • A. Ryan Venderbos
    A. Ryan Venderbos 2 hours ago

    I have a commtest. How many Darts did the boys get stuck in there feet while they were trying to get the bullseye?

  • Pablo A
    Pablo A 2 hours ago

    So it’s like Wiley coyote, but 2 this time

  • Zeenat parveen
    Zeenat parveen 2 hours ago

    I think so if u would had done vedio more slow..showing how it went inside

  • Aaron Bolt
    Aaron Bolt 2 hours ago

    in a parallel universe, one TINY. LITTLE. PEBBLE. is stopping it from going through.

  • Alap Raut
    Alap Raut 2 hours ago

    No one can defeat nokia👍👍👍👍

  • taralege
    taralege 2 hours ago

    I think the angle should be smaller, the impact should be closer to the ground

  • Sir Schamilott xx
    Sir Schamilott xx 2 hours ago

    APFSDS in a nutshell

  • Susan Kalva
    Susan Kalva 2 hours ago


  • XopiLP 356
    XopiLP 356 2 hours ago

    You vs oobleck

  • Aaron Bolt
    Aaron Bolt 2 hours ago


  • chris smook
    chris smook 2 hours ago

    Clayton: the lego-movie

  • chris smook
    chris smook 3 hours ago

    Drop the atlas in a pool of glass marbles!

  • Caca Azul
    Caca Azul 3 hours ago

    Is the fire burning the forest around?

  • shayna Reiss
    shayna Reiss 3 hours ago

    this was amazing although the big red bowling ball was very destructive RIP trampoline mat.

  • Lorenzo Lodi
    Lorenzo Lodi 3 hours ago

    fuckin psychos ahhahahah

  • Helmets Not Included


  • Man Man
    Man Man 3 hours ago


  • Malle Due
    Malle Due 3 hours ago

    Er i dansker

  • Coolingen 07
    Coolingen 07 3 hours ago

    Ball is 16 LPS

  • Kevin H
    Kevin H 3 hours ago


  • Cade Chandler
    Cade Chandler 3 hours ago

    why dont you shoot the rc cars with guns

  • LemonNade
    LemonNade 3 hours ago

    What about... Things from 44 m

  • LB 747
    LB 747 4 hours ago

    Pass the gas

  • mobile guider
    mobile guider 4 hours ago

    next time try jio phone from outer space it will survive 😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂

  • Isaac Meehan
    Isaac Meehan 4 hours ago

    Accents so annoying

  • Jean luc Picard
    Jean luc Picard 4 hours ago

    44 how good! Nice to learn where this club started, very famous but was mysterious ya know? Thanks guys, always a good time watching your videos. Love the positive attitude

  • Footballing Finn
    Footballing Finn 4 hours ago

    35 mins to inflate the zorb ball

  • Scott Rittiger
    Scott Rittiger 5 hours ago

    The summer heat down is doing bad things to your brains.

  • John Mark Sianda
    John Mark Sianda 5 hours ago

    Why not make the dart flight a little bit slanted so it will spin?

  • Jeremy Samwell
    Jeremy Samwell 5 hours ago


  • Jeremy Samwell
    Jeremy Samwell 5 hours ago


  • Petr Skupa
    Petr Skupa 5 hours ago

    If You talked less, I’d watch more. The collisions are quite interesting, the talk not so much. Too much talk.

  • Taha Hussain
    Taha Hussain 5 hours ago


  • Dhruv Techinfo DM
    Dhruv Techinfo DM 5 hours ago

    Don't destroy cars just start giveaway

  • AJ Banana
    AJ Banana 5 hours ago

    7:58 exactly his shoulder looks like the play button so I pressed it and it didn’t work!! :)

  • Marco Sarbu
    Marco Sarbu 5 hours ago

    Michael jordan

  • Sean Corl
    Sean Corl 5 hours ago


  • Andres Connors
    Andres Connors 5 hours ago


  • LB 747
    LB 747 5 hours ago

    Holy crap leavatating dino

  • LB 747
    LB 747 5 hours ago

    Clayton JR

  • Tangypixel 18
    Tangypixel 18 6 hours ago

    Contest a baseball player

  • Dragon Heart
    Dragon Heart 6 hours ago

    It’s only the Aussie way mate!

  • Spongeor 123
    Spongeor 123 6 hours ago

    1ft and 6inches

  • Dragon Heart
    Dragon Heart 6 hours ago


  • Tony Trees
    Tony Trees 6 hours ago

    Need me some hot juicy #stakeaction

  • To Face Gaming
    To Face Gaming 6 hours ago

    In a Trash Can

  • Samik TV
    Samik TV 6 hours ago

    Why so many dislikes???

  • Robby Jasper
    Robby Jasper 6 hours ago

    What a terrible waist of jelly beans.

  • Andres Connors
    Andres Connors 6 hours ago

    That was soooooo funny. Going back for the bucket. Hahahaha

  • Quinton Marx
    Quinton Marx 6 hours ago

    Thor's hammer is great. Liked the Lego bricks. Perhaps the Lego bricks again only this time you should super glue the whole thing together

  • Chicken Doo Doo
    Chicken Doo Doo 7 hours ago

    I wish you gave them to me

  • our rights first
    our rights first 7 hours ago

    Go onnn my son!!

  • Sahil Regmi
    Sahil Regmi 7 hours ago

    Try to wall ride with golf ball in the damage side

  • Andres Connors
    Andres Connors 7 hours ago


  • Top memes
    Top memes 7 hours ago

    It's very big

  • Kevin Bennett ن
    Kevin Bennett ن 7 hours ago

    If this vid ever gets to 75k likes will you guys be donating another ton?

  • tyroneuniqua lalala
    tyroneuniqua lalala 7 hours ago

    isn't this kind of wastefull?

  • James
    James 7 hours ago

    Commtest Each bag has either 10,000 or 100,00 orbeez. Hopefully I get pinned🤞🏾

  • DiDiLuke
    DiDiLuke 7 hours ago

    I f@@ing Love you Videos

  • Andres Connors
    Andres Connors 8 hours ago

    Every layer.... total destruction

  • Leah Henley
    Leah Henley 8 hours ago


  • Cona Bona
    Cona Bona 8 hours ago

    Now throw one out of a funny car

  • Dumpling
    Dumpling 8 hours ago

    0:24 why he be littering

  • Andres Connors
    Andres Connors 8 hours ago

    You guys are too funny. Just your one liners and yeah I dunno. Keep it up boys

    ISMAEL RAVENLOCK 8 hours ago

    use stiffer springs = more bounce

    ISMAEL RAVENLOCK 8 hours ago

    am i the only one that wants to see them drop really heavy stuff onto a crash test dummy?

  • pyrojobe
    pyrojobe 9 hours ago

    44. Been wondering for like a year...... why 44? Watch the videos on lazy days as a family. Love that there isn’t swearing so we can watch a bit of silly fun with the kids! Jan 25th 2020

  • TTV_ 300FPS
    TTV_ 300FPS 9 hours ago

    Are you in Australia

  • Ray Steffen
    Ray Steffen 9 hours ago

    2 weeks no vid?

  • Amy Davidson
    Amy Davidson 9 hours ago

    I a

  • mentilly all
    mentilly all 9 hours ago

    Now mega giant dart bullseye on regular size dartboard...

  • hellhound713
    hellhound713 10 hours ago

    January 25, 2020 still no #howmanydoors

  • Kian Potters
    Kian Potters 10 hours ago

    441 649

  • mentilly all
    mentilly all 10 hours ago

    PVC bullseye down the 200m cliff

  • The Orangutan
    The Orangutan 10 hours ago

    237 m

  • Charlie Rae
    Charlie Rae 10 hours ago

    8:37 your welcome

  • TJ Sky
    TJ Sky 10 hours ago

    this video is why i saw a bottle on the kfc bucket xD

  • Icharus
    Icharus 10 hours ago

    44 I'm here with 2020 vision and I can see the club

  • ben gerin
    ben gerin 10 hours ago


  • Dragon Heart
    Dragon Heart 10 hours ago

    2:33 when I skipped to this part I thought you flung a child lol

  • jcelldogs
    jcelldogs 10 hours ago

    I say its gonna go all the way thru and rip apart anything in it's way.

  • Brandon Reynolds
    Brandon Reynolds 10 hours ago

    5ft 9in for the high jumper

  • PaytonLT
    PaytonLT 11 hours ago


  • Leah Henley
    Leah Henley 11 hours ago

    There are 1000 always in each bag

  • Philip Williams
    Philip Williams 11 hours ago

    It was so funny dropping darts and balloons crazy!😂that Dart went so deep inside there it was funny dropping all of them was a good idea where you dropped it it start shaking like a lot hey that one too far because we picked it up it was cool you’re awesome I want to get a shout out on Joppa car from 40m Tower and then I will be destroyed like just drop it upside down. When I went down it went to far it like disappeared am Iike. What wait is it Phom. Disappeared oh my gosh!!

  • Looky Here
    Looky Here 11 hours ago

    So now Samsung users shut the fuck up

  • AFL Theory
    AFL Theory 12 hours ago

    Actually 8,586

  • Nick Shepley
    Nick Shepley 12 hours ago

    Music fans: The drop is sick bro How ridiculous: Hold my beer

  • AFL Theory
    AFL Theory 12 hours ago


  • garzettdragon
    garzettdragon 12 hours ago


  • ALS News Now
    ALS News Now 12 hours ago

    Dude perfect would have been epic. This was a fail.

  • Nick Shepley
    Nick Shepley 12 hours ago

    Who needs fruit ninja when dem boys got a chopper

  • Michael Jacques
    Michael Jacques 12 hours ago

    Marty from MCM wants his Mira back.

  • YankeesReign
    YankeesReign 12 hours ago

    Does anyone know what happened to kyle?

  • YankeesReign
    YankeesReign 12 hours ago

    Does anyone know what happened to kyle?