How Ridiculous
How Ridiculous
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  • SalamanderX
    SalamanderX 22 minutes ago

    U broke 3

  • Young Love
    Young Love 22 minutes ago


  • Dragstar 89
    Dragstar 89 23 minutes ago

    2452 Lego bricks.

  • Jacob Hundley
    Jacob Hundley 24 minutes ago

    Rockets by 47

  • Jacob Hundley
    Jacob Hundley 25 minutes ago

    yall saw the Lakers over Jazz by 25

  • Harrison Cooper
    Harrison Cooper 28 minutes ago


  • Nathalie Beclu
    Nathalie Beclu 36 minutes ago

    your filmer should be in the videos.

  • gavin kipperchuck
    gavin kipperchuck 41 minute ago

    Why did I watch in vr

  • Ty McNasby
    Ty McNasby 44 minutes ago

    Washington Wizards by 6, Denver Nuggets by 37, Houston Rockets by 10 or the Phoenix Suns by 7. Those are all the games on the 5th of December the day before this video came out. I watched the rockets one and seen highlights of the rest.

  • Ludivina Umamos
    Ludivina Umamos 48 minutes ago

    Of all the things.. why eggs? Lol

  • raceface_m
    raceface_m 52 minutes ago

    A bit pointless to have that aquarium scenery that gets missed when water is spraying all over your eyes, eh?

  • Stuart Short
    Stuart Short Hour ago

    Never mind the egg.... How was the H2Omygod up the freckle Gauno?😂😂😂😂 Legs crossed could’ve been a hot tip for that one🤔😂😂😂

  • Harrison Cooper
    Harrison Cooper Hour ago


  • Danes Art
    Danes Art Hour ago

    Bruh I live in Perth!

  • Lucas DIEP
    Lucas DIEP Hour ago

    Won By 4 Australia

  • Maiv Liag Vang
    Maiv Liag Vang Hour ago

    where is the gravity look at the dino 7:30

  • PSP Wave
    PSP Wave Hour ago

    Subscribe to me and if your my 1,000th subscriber when i hit it, you will get 1,000 dollars!!!

  • Jamie Hosmer
    Jamie Hosmer Hour ago

    Forty Four! How could someone not stay to the end?!

  • The Ripple theory

    Such an amazing idea I love these guys they actually inspired me to make my own channel

  • Random05
    Random05 Hour ago

    There probably people going down the slide and then being like “Why the hell is there an egg here”

  • Ben Siede
    Ben Siede Hour ago


  • Ben Siede
    Ben Siede Hour ago


  • Tayson Noneya
    Tayson Noneya Hour ago

    45min 50sec

  • Harrison Cooper
    Harrison Cooper Hour ago


  • Ryan Ho
    Ryan Ho Hour ago


  • Irene Valle
    Irene Valle 2 hours ago

    Is it me or he looks like Jame

  • packblixty
    packblixty 2 hours ago

    Raptors won by 12

  • Derexican
    Derexican 2 hours ago

    Meanwhile people are starving in the world and these dumb fucks are putting Gummy Bears down a drain....

  • jsvettech
    jsvettech 2 hours ago

    The Australian Jonas brothers. Love the chemistry mates, keep it up.

  • cj_slamduncan
    cj_slamduncan 2 hours ago

    Lakers Jazz, Lakers by 25

  • Logan Grows Potatoes

    Does anyone else think of where the eggs went

  • Uncle Van Marstiamson

    We’re all here for 8:16 LOL

  • Jeremy Brassfield
    Jeremy Brassfield 2 hours ago


  • Nebuló 32
    Nebuló 32 2 hours ago

    11:08 When you catch cold in the hottest summer...

  • Patman Crowley
    Patman Crowley 2 hours ago

    That looked like a lot of fun, blokes!

  • dboba2
    dboba2 2 hours ago

    Imagine sliding down that water slide and seeing 20 eggs just lying at the bottom XD

  • Aaliyah Lumbley
    Aaliyah Lumbley 2 hours ago


  • Private Account
    Private Account 2 hours ago

    Is that the dam used in Goldeneye????

  • Shay Mayo
    Shay Mayo 2 hours ago

    this was so much fun!

  • Stacey Creech
    Stacey Creech 3 hours ago

    Derek: hit the thing hit the thing "Crack" Scott: well that's not in one piece anymore

  • Seth Ultimate
    Seth Ultimate 3 hours ago

    "gummy bears are soft" they say Me: *gets hit by multiple gummy bears from high sky* OWEEEEE Gummy bears hitting the ground: *TRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*

  • Andrew Lipic
    Andrew Lipic 3 hours ago

    The game was Denver vs new york. Denver won by 37 points.

  • Jesse Williams
    Jesse Williams 3 hours ago


  • Noah Shapo
    Noah Shapo 3 hours ago

    sixers over jazz

  • Desiree Orozco
    Desiree Orozco 3 hours ago

  • Bro Juk
    Bro Juk 3 hours ago

    Commtest answer: Tiger woods

  • Stacey Creech
    Stacey Creech 3 hours ago

    1 hour 15 minutes

  • Valiant Seraph
    Valiant Seraph 3 hours ago

    18 mins

  • Dabeast s
    Dabeast s 3 hours ago


  • What’s up with Lahni

    Image just coming to this slide and finding an egg 🥚😅😁😆

  • Dylan & Bailey Kochs

    2:53 his scream was adorable 😭❤

  • Christopher Robin
    Christopher Robin 3 hours ago

    this video has given me at least 17 heart attacks

  • Harrison Cooper
    Harrison Cooper 3 hours ago

    Harry is the best

  • BathWater Rylan
    BathWater Rylan 3 hours ago


  • Matthew Radford
    Matthew Radford 3 hours ago

    I’ve got to ask... were the eggs hard boiled and peeled? And how did you ever get this past management as a good idea? And how did you now gift a spoon in the face and have an eye out... talented lads indeed! Love your work!

  • Andrew Allyeno
    Andrew Allyeno 3 hours ago

    In a few weeks that resort is going to get some complaints on why the water smells like rotten eggs 🤣

  • 0MindSwept0
    0MindSwept0 3 hours ago

    Y'all a bunch of eggheads ;p

  • Skimpyshrimpy 43
    Skimpyshrimpy 43 3 hours ago

    Pls do giant dart vs flex seal

  • Matt Hielscher
    Matt Hielscher 3 hours ago

    "Could only see egg." Herron with /egg on his face/.

  • WinnerMatt11
    WinnerMatt11 3 hours ago

    So now the water is contaminated with eggs?

  • William Anderson
    William Anderson 3 hours ago

    Nice Toyota hilux

  • american playboy
    american playboy 3 hours ago

    Well females.....these guys are it. Enjoy

  • Harrison Cooper
    Harrison Cooper 3 hours ago

    How long a Powerlines is to take up

  • Harrison Cooper
    Harrison Cooper 4 hours ago

    How is scot

  • Frosty
    Frosty 4 hours ago

    8:50 did he just nut?

  • Reea Miah
    Reea Miah 4 hours ago

    Dangerous to those who have an allergy to eggs,such as myself 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Vash Prithipal
    Vash Prithipal 4 hours ago

    Mavericks and Timberwolves 121-114

  • S Y
    S Y 4 hours ago

    I want you to use a Bouncy Ball and drop it from that Dam

    • S Y
      S Y 4 hours ago

      those are from china . But better learn chinese first😃😃

    • S Y
      S Y 4 hours ago

      and drop on to a fricken trampolin

  • Platypus with a Phone

    Humpty dumpty fell off a waterslide...

  • Kyle Ippolito
    Kyle Ippolito 4 hours ago

    Lakers by 27

  • Spider- Faiz
    Spider- Faiz 4 hours ago

    Hope the egg didn't crack or it will be a disaster of dirty eggs everywhere in the water guys.

  • Nicole Pierce
    Nicole Pierce 4 hours ago


  • Ray C
    Ray C 4 hours ago

    Wow guys screaming like girls and doing something that is pretty stupid and unimportant.

  • Swat Kats
    Swat Kats 4 hours ago

    Loouuuddd nnoiissseess

  • wolfy1010_ 9
    wolfy1010_ 9 4 hours ago

    United States

  • KING Panda
    KING Panda 4 hours ago

    Lakers by about 20 points

  • Hart.Hannah2014
    Hart.Hannah2014 4 hours ago

    Can we talk about Heron’s eggcellent form on the last slide

  • Creative destruction Bro

    My favorite moment was Just leaving object following two hits the fire extinguisher

  • Leonard Goldman
    Leonard Goldman 5 hours ago


  • Ben Wojcik
    Ben Wojcik 5 hours ago

    Celtics won by 14 against the Suns #commtest

  • Willis Shawver
    Willis Shawver 5 hours ago

    Dubai was built by modern day slavery. Please don't go there again.

  • Greg Boswell
    Greg Boswell 5 hours ago

    2minutes and 26 seconds

  • DR X
    DR X 5 hours ago

    The Celtics won by 13 points

  • Oficial981- Fortnite

    You watched the suns against the pelicans and suns won by 7 points

  • Top Shelf Kratom,free samples.

    Thumbnail is at 7:20.

  • Stephen Windsor
    Stephen Windsor 5 hours ago

    I’m going to go with the OKC THUNDER VS MINNESOTA and Thunder won

  • ChezyGamer
    ChezyGamer 5 hours ago

    The Rockets won the game

  • ChezyGamer
    ChezyGamer 5 hours ago

    Random person: Why is the slide yellow? How Ridiculous: We can explain...

  • Jester Deloria
    Jester Deloria 5 hours ago Subscribe to this channel Thank youuuu❤

  • KBowWow75
    KBowWow75 5 hours ago

    Yall need to set up a basketball hoop to take shots while going down that last slide next time you go.

  • Vinod Kumar.k
    Vinod Kumar.k 5 hours ago

    It is not a real egg !!!??

  • Dorsey Littell
    Dorsey Littell 5 hours ago


  • Ben Ballantyne
    Ben Ballantyne 5 hours ago

    Milwaukee bucks by 28

  • Brandon Kovesdi
    Brandon Kovesdi 5 hours ago

    How much /night is that hotel? 🤣 Comtest: Milwaukee Bucks win 103 #FearTheDeer

  • Benjamin Leavitt
    Benjamin Leavitt 5 hours ago

    I’m betting those eggs here hard boiled, so not too messy.

  • Mandy Bootsma
    Mandy Bootsma 5 hours ago


  • thunderbird002
    thunderbird002 5 hours ago

    The team that won and by a lot of points. Do I get pinned?

  • LAT ben
    LAT ben 5 hours ago

    # team tree but you have a carved tree

  • Spicyy
    Spicyy 5 hours ago

    *Anyone* *else* *a* *Big* *Fan?* 👇🏽 *I’m* *gonna* *śuß* *to* *everyone* *that* *likes* *this* *and* *sußs* *to* *me!* 🌹