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  • BigJB21
    BigJB21 Minute ago

    you put on a shirt on a bluese like a 12 year old

  • Darth News
    Darth News 4 minutes ago

    Coach! These mother fuckers turned off my notifications...again!

  • John P
    John P 6 minutes ago

    Not sure whether Connor McGregor is the best example for this, he's very well known for assaulting people for whatever reason. The topic is debatable, because eventually you have to defend yourself and deliver education to abusive people. Otherwise, people will see you're easy to abuse and they will attack you even more. In my opinion: Yes, it is true, do not let your emotions to blind you and get into meaningless fights. But, if the time comes where there is no other choice, go for it.

  • None of your Business
    None of your Business 15 minutes ago

    dedicate this song to all you red pilled mofos and fafos out there! Njoy!

  • Vick Nine
    Vick Nine 24 minutes ago

    Crp, you ever heard of twitch? 😎

  • Rhys Proudmourne
    Rhys Proudmourne 25 minutes ago

    Story time. Growing up I was a skater punk. I had a buddy we will call Tim. He and our group had bad attitudes and were always getting in trouble with the law in high school. We were seniors, and Tim had already turned 18. He went to a local convenience store that was a block away from the school to get gas. On his way out of the convenience store paying for his gas, two guys were coming in. One of them stepped on his shoe. Tim got very upset and started picking a fight with these two guys. As the situation escalated, one of the guys left to go back to his car, grabbed a gun and shot and killed my friend. All over a shoe. He didn't know that these two guys were young gang members. I've never seen a bigger funeral in my life. Over a thousand people showed up, he was incredibly popular and since he was such a young kid, still in high school, it shook the community. The only good news from this tragedy is this, his death saved my life. I immediately rethought my directionless life and put all my energy into myself, build up my business and investments and went MGTOW before it had a name.

  • None of your Business
    None of your Business 33 minutes ago

    fine line between confidence and satisfaction... see... thats the thing, safety and security... is obsolete... women/girls change their mind ALL THE TIME... ive also been watching a lot of Darius M's channels on youtube and UrbanRedPill along with yours CRP, and ive been connecting the dots from you 3... quite interesting stuff... and their channels have also been throttled lol! thats why i saw fuck the right, fuck the left, fuck the center, and fuck everybody! lmao

  • Chris Penman
    Chris Penman 42 minutes ago

    Brilliant life advancing information........ This presentation should be school onwards taught! Weldone CRP

  • Mr Maxi Psycho
    Mr Maxi Psycho 46 minutes ago

    I've watched about 50 videos or so and I've never noticed the eye!

  • Nama Diri
    Nama Diri Hour ago

    Oh man. I can see it really had an impact on you. I feel you. I am a woman trapped in a man's body :D

  • Desmond Walker
    Desmond Walker Hour ago

    Bad example, Conner McGreggor is in court this week for punching an elderly man for not trying the alcohol he endorses. He's an petty little man.

  • Tawana Valentine

    Essentially i dont fit all the criterion stated but i do fit a few....i am damaged and yow if thats yhe truth I jus have to accept it. Harsh but true.

  • TheSaneWarboy
    TheSaneWarboy 2 hours ago

    I've done Anal with a girl. And in the wise words of Christopher Hitchens: "The four most overrated things in life are champagne, lobster, anal sex and picnics."

  • Mflo786
    Mflo786 2 hours ago

    I have to disagree a little bit. I dated a woman when she had two young boys. The situation was messed up with the father, he is a dirtbag to this day. We are still good friends. I also did develop a good friendship with the kids. I'll be honest, being involved with her and them I did grow up and learn a lot. I do see a trend with her dating guys she should avoid. I never wanted to replace the father and the kids respected me. I would only give a time out. The father still doesnt come for visitation and still doesnt pay the measly child support until a year or two go and they threaten him with jail akd a check mysteriously shows up. Any serious problems, I would tell her and let her discipline them. I handled small things. We were young then and I believe we did a good job because the boys are in their teens now and are great kids. We were young and I wasnt good with money until I learned a lot about it from her. I would say she has been affected from things that happened to her in her childhood. We were also friends in high school. She had it hard growing up so she is definitely hard to deal with sometimes. She can get irrational. Maybe she is the exception. At least she would he to me as she has issues but it didnt really effect her when most wouldn't be "mostly normal" with her upbringing. Again, most of the guys she gets, she ends up supporting on the small salary she makes. She is my father's assistant so they got a good arrangement. But she definitely didnt try to land me. Nor do I see us getting together again. The way I would put it is she has her issues and very "damaged" but she isnt crazy. She always ends up with guys that she tries to fix. Any thoughts from anyone? Am I insane? Lol.

  • david markovich
    david markovich 2 hours ago

    I've never seen someone so delusional, we're all crazy

  • Rohit Ranjan
    Rohit Ranjan 2 hours ago

    Pride rears its head when you are insecure 👍👌 what an insight .. point noted

  • TBR, LLC
    TBR, LLC 2 hours ago

    well done

  • obsolete professor
    obsolete professor 2 hours ago

    My biggest insecurity came when I hooked up with a woman I knew had been all over town. She had this routine.. giving oral and spitting on it before mounting you. Everyone said she had a really loose jayjay and couldn't get any friction with it. I had just shaved my head about the time I hooked up with her. I totally had the shakes when she licked my cranium and then spit on it.

  • Ceybel Cruz
    Ceybel Cruz 2 hours ago

    Aye guys! I got a small dick!!


    CRP, please clarify this: What is the difference between: Pride, Ego, and Self Respect and how do they relate to each other? When a man loses self respect, it leads to mental health issues, degeneracy, depression, and eventually, can lead to suicide. Is it not important to have some amount of pride (how much?) to be healthy so your self respect doesn't suffer? How does pride, ego, and self image impact a man's self respect (which I believe is vital)? How can the folly of "pride" be avoided without losing respect in yourself? A video explaining this would be highly useful.

  • thelegend27 as
    thelegend27 as 2 hours ago


    AMBARISH MITRA 2 hours ago

    Tho he is richer than you :)

  • Dodo Dodo
    Dodo Dodo 3 hours ago

    Lol single mum is a white man culture trying to say that is blackman things is hypocrisy as a blackman I started seeing single mum / divorce in Europe saying that marriage is not for life

  • mohsen tolloee
    mohsen tolloee 3 hours ago

    Thank you coach redpill.i learn alot from you.none of my friends understand english so i cant present you to them if there is a solution that you know and can spread this awarness tell us.

  • Matthew Jameson
    Matthew Jameson 3 hours ago

    Hey Coach, great advice. On an unrelated note, could you perhaps do a video on gun rights/gun confiscation? I'd like to hear about how Pinochet handled civilian gun ownership, since you lived in his regime, and all the sources online seem biased one way or another.

  • Micah Mwangasha Senge.

    Thanks so much CRP....You have no idea how this video has helped me

    LIFESAHBITCH 6 3 hours ago

    Learned this in prison

  • EFeezie
    EFeezie 3 hours ago

    In this video: CRP admits hes such an asshole that his body just unconsciously fucks with people when he tries to control himself; we've reached a whole new level of tomfoolery here folks, CRP is the man

  • Dane Prywatne
    Dane Prywatne 4 hours ago

    You do not need to apologize, but it would be nice if you understood why that's not true .. and that is not true because women had a critical part in building of civilization - to give a birth to next generation, raise them correctly, keep tight families and educate children. Inventions and things ain't everything that keeps civilization - actual people do - as resource. Look around why civilization is dying - because men stopped to say 'thank you' to women who do support civilization by playing their roles within their families. BAD STRATEGY, coach. And I appreciate your films because most of time your logic is tight .. not this time though,

  • TheWhite Rabbit
    TheWhite Rabbit 4 hours ago

    You won’t be laughing if you live in a dumpster. Like Oscar in his can!

  • TheWhite Rabbit
    TheWhite Rabbit 4 hours ago

    I guess having no job security because there is not such thing , shows that we are all at risk of unemployment at any given time. But some show that there is no such thing, so they live in the land of illusion. They don’t see until it happens to them, and when it does happen to them they won’t be laughing at their insecurities they will be in extreme shock and will be unable overcome their insecurities.

  • anab0lic
    anab0lic 4 hours ago

    Non playable character is definitely one of the funniest memes that has surfaced in recent times.... its just so damn hilariously accurate, while at the same time being quite saddening with how it depicts the lifes of so many people.

  • mohamed abd
    mohamed abd 4 hours ago

    how to leave a whore?

  • SimplyExercise
    SimplyExercise 4 hours ago

    I work in a corporate environment and all the women here are... urgggh!

  • Thomas Walz
    Thomas Walz 4 hours ago

    As a pro musician, every song is a dramatic performance... there's nothing like drawing an audience in, then... screwing up so bad, that I need to crumble, start over.... and yes, humor is involved, to wing it spontaneously, unrehearsed, and pull it off like it's part of the show, comes from a tiny bit of practice, experience, but mostly, being loose enough to laugh at myself, regroup, move on... I've been told that my error was a high point in the show... go figure.

  • Sudarshan g s
    Sudarshan g s 4 hours ago

    Coach, you are a very good human being with great depth, however much you may call yourself an asshole, lol

  • Tomasz Zieba
    Tomasz Zieba 4 hours ago

    In eastern Europe where I live rule 80/20 is partly true. Young women prefer tall, good looking guys but in times it changes. Many men after they's '20s become addicted from alcohol, drugs so there's really no room for women to be too fussy. When women are in they're the '30s they are going to get every man who isn't a complete loser.

  • Lou Cuello
    Lou Cuello 5 hours ago

    I'm a fighter, I always have been. It wasn't until i began in Jiu Jitsu and MMA that I pretty much never fought on the street again. People talk, there's bark and there's bite. Most people just bark. The only way I'll fight is tbh if my girl is next to me. Never let yourself be punked out in front of your woman, she'll never look at you the same.

  • Hd8dh3f8fy Hdidu3hrigid

    Can't get on board with the advice here. There's nothing wrong with self improvement, but it should be a goal in and of itself, not a quest for poon. Virgin guys who really want to get laid are pretty much incapable of focusing their mind on more worthwhile pursuits. Where i live whores are available as low as 80$ per half hour, after you've done it a few times and realize its not a big deal, sex toys and porn can fill the void for a lot less $. It's nearly impossible for a young man who hasn't had sex, to conceive of life goals that aren't focused on getting sex, there's only 1 way to get past that. Whores don't care how ugly you are, how socially inept you are, and they save their best service for virgins. Tell her you're a virgin and she'll rock your world ;)

  • a a
    a a 5 hours ago

    This video reminds me of Conan the Barbarian, where Thulsa Doom’s cult is basically the nihilists and they’re brainwashing the youth to assimilate their hedonistic and nihilistic principles, and Conan is the embodiment of masculine ideals trying to combat this relatively new but all-encompassing menace

  • SergioMartelli
    SergioMartelli 5 hours ago

    Guys - looking for love in a crowded club, unless you look like Fabio, will not work. And even then, it is impossible to have even a short conversation where you can show your game, when the music and crowd noise are at full blast. Find another way. There are many.

  • Projekt_#710
    Projekt_#710 5 hours ago

    I think it's sad that we live in a culture where being alone has some negative connotation to it. I'm 38, my first serious long term relationship ended 2 years ago. I feel like a man doesn't become a man until he has his heart broken by a woman when he did things logically. It isn't until then you take the serious look at yourself. I have issues from it, but I feel blessed. I reframed it in my head. Loneliness is the most valuable gift of time you can have. Make the company you keep alone the type of person you admire. The problem slowly is solving itself for me.

  • Captain Haddock
    Captain Haddock 5 hours ago

    I have a small dick. Just saying...

  • Siddhartha Goyari
    Siddhartha Goyari 5 hours ago


  • Mr. Burns
    Mr. Burns 5 hours ago

    That's a pretty low high horse you're sitting on.

  • SaltySamurai
    SaltySamurai 5 hours ago

    >all women in this movie are black >Joker's mother Hmm 🤔

  • Karen Kiebooms
    Karen Kiebooms 6 hours ago

    I almost hoped that this time, he could convince me of some male truth - but no - he lets the cake burn once again ... respecting and accepting the other person for who he/she is are fundamental in a social context, not weighting your chances and go for cheap successes ... laughing can take away the tension but don't underestimate the power of reinforcing experiences, I just don't believe anymore in the bully that has been bullied when he was 'vulnerable'... there is authentic and fake shame, empaths know the difference and real insecurity is 'killing' you from inside out - CERTAINLY NOT SOMETHING TO LAUGH AWAY ...

  • jim brown
    jim brown 6 hours ago

    Not to be rude sir; but you just do not understand Trump and what he is doing. Trump is here to stay.

  • JoJuan Brown
    JoJuan Brown 6 hours ago

    Good vid.

  • Izzy Artsy
    Izzy Artsy 6 hours ago

    I thought this was a bad joke... It got worse the more I watched... saying that sexual assault victims are lying to get attention to referring to sexual assault victims are “spoilt goods”. I know you’ve had a bad experience with someone faking sexual but you cant speak for everyone.

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith 6 hours ago

    You know, MGTOW really is misnamed. At heart, its not Men Going Their Own Way, as in changing course. It's really "MSTC" - Men Staying The Course, while feminists and other leftists are veering off course, they are driving their buses into THEIR minefield ditch. We are staying on the actual highway. That's whats really happening.

  • Eddie Menendez
    Eddie Menendez 6 hours ago

    If you cant laugh at yourself Then you have no right to laugh at anyone else

  • Jackizo ZA
    Jackizo ZA 7 hours ago

    Best advice I've received so far for when you become rich.

  • Darth News
    Darth News 7 hours ago

    Ghosting aka *The Irish Goodbye*

  • Projekt_#710
    Projekt_#710 7 hours ago

    I'm 38, and I sometimes find in my area there's a stigma of going after girls under 25 as being "wrong" or gives me the vibe like I'm cradle robbing - this could be conditioning and totally in my head. I don't feel it's wrong, I'm curious if other guys my age notice this at all or any guys over 30, what's your take on this?

  • Frank Jaeger
    Frank Jaeger 7 hours ago

    Sorry CRP non of my friends speak eng so they would not understand your videos if I share it

  • yogi James
    yogi James 7 hours ago

    I have the solution for you channel being shadowbanned

  • Jin Lee
    Jin Lee 7 hours ago

    Very good point, i agree , thank you coach

  • Luke Skyfeller
    Luke Skyfeller 7 hours ago

    My problem is that I actually do not have insecurities. That's why I do not succeed in anything and I am always getting bullied. So I really can not indentifiy whith what you are saying. Sorry. All the people I know that are succesful have psychological problems, complexes and are utter hypocites. I fear that you can not ever be succesful when you are confident, honest, loyal and simply well in your skin. That's sad.

  • shane hester
    shane hester 7 hours ago

    and this is exactly why men should never get married.u atre going to sign a state approved document saying u are legally bound to her .uhaha

  • bongi mbuli
    bongi mbuli 7 hours ago

    As man who was raised to a moralist I have seen what the coach is saying it very true

  • Jackizo ZA
    Jackizo ZA 8 hours ago

    CPR in my language in South Africa would call you malume "uncle" because you give advice from a perspective that no one else can or will help with.

  • Robert Alexander
    Robert Alexander 8 hours ago

    Only insecurity I have is being 5'9. when I stand next to a tall person they know I'm thinking insecure. Hate it

    • Robert Alexander
      Robert Alexander 4 hours ago

      @Biggie Biggie Biggie guess being called shorty by ex co-workers didn't help me. But you're right, it's who i am and i gotta deal with it. i'm 30 and still haven't really had a relationship cause i'm too down on myself. as they say we are our worst critic i guess.

    • Biggie Biggie Biggie
      Biggie Biggie Biggie 6 hours ago

      Bro, I'm just about 6ft tall and I feel similarly next to taller dudes. But when I do talk to some of these taller dudes about their height, they are often insecure about it too. Especially the super tall non athletic ones, they feel like they are too tall or too big and awkward. And the insecurity shows a bit too. We all wanna compare constantly, and we all want something we don't have. But loving yourself is the key. I struggle with that too, but just keep working on yourself. It's an everyday process. Get stronger and fitter, build yourself up in other ways.

  • Matt B
    Matt B 8 hours ago

    Fuckin whores...

  • ch g
    ch g 8 hours ago

    Fat and plain, but she said she watches a lot of TV, is that a deal-breaker? Impossible to date girls under 25 and the leftovers - women above 35 aren't that easy too.

  • Joe Tart
    Joe Tart 8 hours ago

    Coach, if you pay more attention to your depth perception, when your left eye drifts you will notice your depth perception disappears. Then you can refocus to bring it back.

  • Garry Seals
    Garry Seals 8 hours ago

    I think society has made our queens crazy think about conditioned to they way there suppose to look make up hair dye ect it does seep into the skin and that's my theory peace love and happiness!

  • muller louw
    muller louw 8 hours ago

    This is childsplay topics who are your audience now 14 old boys. Who still cares what the average moronic bully still thinks in society

  • Vazzy Arts
    Vazzy Arts 8 hours ago


  • Lusitanus
    Lusitanus 8 hours ago

    I deal with my insecurity about my little sexual experience by saying that I am practically a monk. Most people dont give a shit about it, but when someone asks me my opinion for the first time about women thinking I am experienced bases on the way I talk and my looks sometimes I say that. I am still insecure about it but I am working on it the way I can.

  • X Y
    X Y 8 hours ago

    I wonder what you will say about guys with tattoos.

  • Zach Kauraisa
    Zach Kauraisa 8 hours ago

    I relate to the lazy left eye so hard. people used to ask me "are you looking at me?" and it used to bug me and made it so difficult for me to make eye contact. I got over it for the most part but i love this video so much. Almost felt like it was made for me. We just have to laugh at this shit sometimes because they are fucking ridiculous. Thanks for putting it out

  • Matthew Henry- Gibson

    Great vid Coach. Teaching young bucks to gain respect for themselves and laugh at your faults.We all have them!!!

  • Zach Kauraisa
    Zach Kauraisa 8 hours ago

    your cuts are sweet man

  • Zach Kauraisa
    Zach Kauraisa 9 hours ago


  • Michael Harvey
    Michael Harvey 9 hours ago

    I've never noticed your eye, by the way.

  • Soo COOL
    Soo COOL 9 hours ago

    Funny I didnt noticed all of that by watching all of your videos and I am just focus on obtaining a wisdom which I will incorporate in my life. Now that you mentioned it I am now focusing in your left eye.

  • chandra bhushan singh

    Main stream is such a sadistic .

  • Raza Daza
    Raza Daza 9 hours ago

    A great great video! Love it!

  • Kiechi Morisato
    Kiechi Morisato 9 hours ago

    Glad to see you can get these videos monitized

  • Yankee Doodle
    Yankee Doodle 9 hours ago

    Great vid

  • Emo Muzz
    Emo Muzz 9 hours ago

    Doubleyou Oh Are Dee.

  • wethecaptain now
    wethecaptain now 10 hours ago

    This is good advice. You are helping a lot of guys. Especially the younger ones. Respect.

  • Fwibos
    Fwibos 10 hours ago

    IT just occurred to me that all the people who give me advice are women. Well, my dad, but he's kind of a woman.

  • Salmiakci
    Salmiakci 10 hours ago

    Tfw you're a female and don't never EVER want children of your own... if my "clock" starts tikkking, please feel free to smack me.

  • shotglassanhero
    shotglassanhero 11 hours ago

    You say that the bottom 50% below the top 20% of men will find someone. I’m going to consider myself in the top 70%. And I can say that all those guys under that 20% line get the ugly, crazy leftovers while the top get to choose from a sea of women and get the attention of somewhat attractive girls they wouldn’t touch with a ten feet stick.

  • Taso Aifantis
    Taso Aifantis 11 hours ago

    Always keep this in mind , those who say do not do and those that do ,do not say . I think its a Taoist proverb

  • Oh Jetty
    Oh Jetty 11 hours ago

    every insecurity that you mentioned i have never even noticed about you, thus proving that no one actually notice or cares to notice our insecurities.

  • Rico Martinez
    Rico Martinez 11 hours ago

    I've watched just about all of your videos & this is definitely one of the top five that I've seen. Thanks for all the great videos you put out.

  • OnixTV
    OnixTV 11 hours ago

    Queef huffing is selling out, it's as simple as that.

  • Sigma Geranimo
    Sigma Geranimo 11 hours ago

    I have only one older sister his complain is about killing me. never any good news come come from her.

  • Paul Drake
    Paul Drake 11 hours ago

    I remember a thalidamide victim from Liverpool being interviewed, he had virtually no arms but a hand hanging from his shoulder and he said he wished to take up a career in short hand typing. You just have to love the guy!

  • Cookies Arebueaty :-0
    Cookies Arebueaty :-0 11 hours ago

    simple and straight to the point. video of the year 2019 and beyond for the next 10 generation to come: even if they ban your videos coach, you made history with this one, thank you for your courage to speak for men who know which direction we should be looking forward to be taking to make our lives less stressful and more atleast peaceful. great message

  • lucky Picciri
    lucky Picciri 11 hours ago

    Woah that hits deep. I had to learn that the hard way, was dating one of these girls for 3 years. Just lucky for me I didn’t get her pregnant and I’m only 24. This video pretty much reassures me of that lesson

  • Rian
    Rian 11 hours ago

    Good point.

    ATAKPU IKHIDE 11 hours ago

    Smart guy problems right here

  • William Russell
    William Russell 12 hours ago

    Needed that coach thanks!

  • brinbrin62 62200
    brinbrin62 62200 12 hours ago

    I understand your point. There's beauty and strength too by growing in a location, spending one's whole life here, knowing everyone and everything about everyone, and knowing everyone knows who you are. Traveling is fine and everyone should travel from time to time, but if you're not from somewhere, you're just a wandering jew. That is : No one. Doing so, you may end up with no sense of belonging to a community, no identity, and no sense of purpose in the world. As a French of Italian descent, I've travel to Italy (I speak Italian), England, Belgium, and Netherlands, Corsica (Not quite France). I noted that leaving a place in which you do not know your neighbors to whom you've nothing to speak of, for a place where you don't know your neighbors to whom you've nothing to speak of, and whose language you do not speak may not be the best choice.

  • Inane Profundity
    Inane Profundity 12 hours ago

    _A Grandmaster doesn't choose to move the Rook while the King is unguarded..._

  • Fredrick Jackson
    Fredrick Jackson 12 hours ago

    Just ghost, you can't be broke and bitter for your entire life, sooner or later, you will heal as a man from hearing all the useless complaining of women, the criticisms of your character and heart, the constant bitching of disatisfaction on a regular basis, completely mind numbing, Mgtow monk 4 life