Paternity Court
Paternity Court
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  • Janis Moplin
    Janis Moplin 49 minutes ago

    I think she has a learning disability or something. She is delusional.

  • aj cafe
    aj cafe 49 minutes ago

    I wonder how many of these men are left in the world.

  • simple citizen Politic hater

    That man is just a DEVIL to me!

  • Sonya Bowles
    Sonya Bowles 50 minutes ago

    Wow! His sister is crazy AF. And not the sharpest tool in the shed. Some of the dumbest "testimony" I have seen on this show, just come out of her mouth. I heard this, this person said that. She was 4 months pregnant when she met him. Laughable since being they planned the baby 4 months into the relationship. It'd be a dead give away if she gave birth a month after she met him. And, the baby dont look like her brother? For a second, I thought they put 2 pics up of the same baby. They look identical. The sister is a drama queen. And him? If I was this girl, I would run. He was on the wrong side of the courtroom. Running his mouth and allowing his sister to run hers. What are they thinking, trying to conceive again when he has no respect for her? And am I the only one who noticed this girl looks so defeated? How she looks down at the floor while the judge is talking to her. Almost whispering when she speaks? Like maybe she has been abused? I don't wanna jump to conclusions, but, the signs are there. I feel bad for her.

  • Flame Gangg
    Flame Gangg 57 minutes ago

    It is nothing to be a decent and kind human being, it has nothing to do with growing up without a father. Actually my dad not being here made me want to be so much better

  • mo mo
    mo mo 58 minutes ago

    This is on the wrong show

  • Lei H
    Lei H 59 minutes ago

    How many times did they say ' considering the fact.....' 😂

  • tom reta
    tom reta Hour ago

    Don't let other men gizum in you and you'll know who baby daddy is.

  • Jemma J
    Jemma J Hour ago

    Wow grandma took their money and gave them fake cheque to move to another place????

  • babetoo87
    babetoo87 Hour ago

    Something is not right here~Maybe it is the son in law who wants the mother in law With all that he said why did the lie detector results on the mother in law came back negative

  • Shonta Taylor
    Shonta Taylor Hour ago

    Throw all these ppl in the 🗑

  • C.S.O. Consulting

    If she is not her daughter, she surely has similar features of the photo. Also, if he said it once, why does he have to keep repeating it?

  • Mary Smith
    Mary Smith Hour ago

    There is yet another episode with him and this time he's left Ms Austen pregnant and with two children and he's with Ms Roberts

  • tom reta
    tom reta Hour ago

    Don't send other men pictures, don't let other men gizum in you. Keys to a happy marriage.

  • Shannon Angelique

    Can y’all put out a survey for the viewers? I want to discuss a few things... 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Shaaron Simmons
    Shaaron Simmons Hour ago

    Stop making babies y'all can't afford. He not good for provider . Kids. Deserve better. Mom stop helping. .

    THE REAL Hour ago

    Who you think gave that baby them weird ears lol lol lol

  • Shay Jones
    Shay Jones Hour ago

    she keeps saying "we were done" ummm legally ur not lol ur still married hun!

  • simple citizen Politic hater

    Part time is better than no time indeed.. Foolish baby's mother do you hear that?👂👂👂

  • Susan Brauer
    Susan Brauer Hour ago


  • ed san
    ed san Hour ago

    Momma that wasn't a dream you slept with a ghost yeah yeah thats it

  • EarthAngelBre
    EarthAngelBre Hour ago

    Its extremely difficult for me to feel bad for her when she continued to sleep with him after finding out that he was married, having other children, the red flags were there and she ignored them. it sucks

  • gmshadowtraders
    gmshadowtraders Hour ago

    Can't we all get along (:

  • Dominic Daley
    Dominic Daley Hour ago

    Crying but I see no tears 🤔

  • QueenStatus
    QueenStatus Hour ago

    Black men always cry for mixed babies. She’s a hoe! HOOOEEEEE! 🤣

  • eliana waweru
    eliana waweru Hour ago

    I just came for comments

  • Shalom Robertson

    Good bye 💀

    ANCHA Hour ago

    Wow,you can’t make this stuff up

  • Clever Burton
    Clever Burton Hour ago

    Every mother wants the best for their children

  • Colby Lee
    Colby Lee Hour ago

    He has daddy and Zaddy issues, Case closed

  • juantubey
    juantubey Hour ago

    Am kinda speechless! Lol!

  • C.S.O. Consulting

    I believe he denied her because of the other woman. He was creeping and blaming her mom.

  • Alhandro Raj
    Alhandro Raj Hour ago

    They resemble him might be their mum was of light complexion

  • King Kingking
    King Kingking Hour ago

    I thought this was P.C where is the results you are or not the father...the dad are a cereal killer 7 kids and paying rent ppl with MILLIONS dont have that much kids broke BLACK ppl need to get there act together and stop having to many's like black ppl have more time on there hand to make babies.

  • Sink Venice
    Sink Venice Hour ago

    She put money in her shoes for decoration?? Oh my word, she’s so gross. Poor guy for being married to her and poor kids for having that as their mother.

  • Gracious Stephen

    this guy needs JESUS and his disciples...SMH

  • Noki's Kitchen
    Noki's Kitchen Hour ago

    What does this mess have to do with paternity court?

  • david white
    david white Hour ago

    they all have the same shaped head

  • EarthAngelBre
    EarthAngelBre Hour ago

    She has respect for herself but continues to be with a cheater! It doesn’t add up.

  • Faith Leonard
    Faith Leonard Hour ago

    Is PC getting that hard up for cases that they now take cases that have nothing to do with paternity at all. Come on PC and Judge Lauren you have got to draw the line somewhere with thses cases!

  • EarthAngelBre
    EarthAngelBre Hour ago

    How is she going to sue her husband mistress ? Shouldn’t he sue him?? That’s the one whom he’s married too

  • Mcdonald Musimwa

    When is the right time to tell them ..?

  • Deborah Kenswil
    Deborah Kenswil Hour ago

    What is this mess? Where is a dna result needed? The mother and daughter are embarresing to watch

  • Sara Silvers
    Sara Silvers Hour ago

    You just lost you're Mom!

  • david white
    david white Hour ago

    I also dragged my father? (by his testicles) to court to prove that he was my father & he wasn't & he had me charged with assault because I busted his balls

  • Joan Tap&Go
    Joan Tap&Go 2 hours ago

    The mom she’s nasty

  • Darryl Jackson
    Darryl Jackson 2 hours ago

    I dont date White Women, but shes cute!!

  • Sara Silvers
    Sara Silvers 2 hours ago

    Find some birth control.

  • tom reta
    tom reta 2 hours ago

    Fatherless white girls always sleep with black men, multiple black men.

  • Sara Silvers
    Sara Silvers 2 hours ago

    Why you having drinks if you can't pay you're rent!!!??

  • Big40
    Big40 2 hours ago

    I got a feeling they gone go home and argue

  • C.S.O. Consulting
    C.S.O. Consulting 2 hours ago

    Beautiful family, I fell in love with their love.

  • Mcdonald Musimwa
    Mcdonald Musimwa 2 hours ago

    There too much emotions in this court.. The judge should just look at facts

  • Joyce Cheembo
    Joyce Cheembo 2 hours ago

    That man look like my granma

  • Cathy B
    Cathy B 2 hours ago

    this shameless guy needs a beating

  • tom reta
    tom reta 2 hours ago

    At least she told him another man might be the father.

  • Naip Gourds
    Naip Gourds 2 hours ago

    Young man in baby blue shirt behind mr. Rogers looks like he's a part of the family 😍

  • Katrina Rembert
    Katrina Rembert 2 hours ago

    7 kids and he can’t keep a job yea ok she’s a special fool anddddd you caught him I’m your home with another woman coming home from The hospital but you accuse your mother of wanting him smh she needs to do a reality check

  • Gracious Stephen
    Gracious Stephen 2 hours ago

    no offence but when will he grow up😳

  • The EmRôs Show
    The EmRôs Show 2 hours ago

    You can't be promiscuous, then guilt trip your man for having doubt and changing in his behavior towards you.

  • Tae808
    Tae808 2 hours ago

    He seems like he's slow or has a learning disability which is why he always seeks out temp jobs. The way he forms a sentence told me that.

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy 2 hours ago

    A very happy ending to a sad story. Way to go Dad.

  • Elle Jee
    Elle Jee 2 hours ago

    Those twins are 18???

  • tom reta
    tom reta 2 hours ago

    She can't keep her legs closed for 30 days. Gotta let some dirtbag gizum in her.

  • Livvie Hutchinson
    Livvie Hutchinson 2 hours ago

    This wife has sat in the marriage for 10yrs with this repeat offender. She knows what he does. He has broken herself confidence and she can't leave him. Girl get strong because one day he will look back with regrets of what he has done.

  • Hal-Kirk Lecky
    Hal-Kirk Lecky 2 hours ago

    If he wasn't the daddy, then I ain't alive.

  • K Lang
    K Lang 2 hours ago

    Why are they making judge Lauren lake preside over this not even paternity related ugh 5 minutes in I'm

  • Khadijah P
    Khadijah P 2 hours ago

    Uhmm shes 20 years old and he’s 33 years old. He’s nasty 🤢 They both annoying

  • The EmRôs Show
    The EmRôs Show 2 hours ago

    It's just too hard for Lauren to tell mama to stay out of her daughter's business..🙄

  • Mya Hollandia
    Mya Hollandia 2 hours ago

    They all look younger than their ages !!! But come on thos beautiful young lady looks just like her dad !!! No dna needed

  • Ruthlyn Aaron
    Ruthlyn Aaron 2 hours ago

    Is it just me or did the husband seem to disapprove of that hug at the end? 🤔 Something is not right with that guy!

  • SkitzAdarsh
    SkitzAdarsh 2 hours ago

    What in the DC ratchet mess is this. B!tch I’m here for the messiness. Also, these four need to do us a favor stayed together and keep each other way far from us. Cause these people are just straight up toxic. ☠️

  • King Kingking
    King Kingking 2 hours ago

    WHY ppl have this excuse they didn't have a father so that's why they act the way they do come on we know what right from wrong is ppl just choose to do wrong boy i know somewhere in ya life someone tell you how to to treat women.

  • William Reed
    William Reed 2 hours ago

    I grew up with Pierre Page. Good dude

  • Cheryl Sampson
    Cheryl Sampson 2 hours ago

    Clearly he wasn't with his girlfriend all the time as she thought

  • rayrayndiema
    rayrayndiema 2 hours ago

    The shopping promise part at the end🤣🤣🤣😩

  • marianne louise
    marianne louise 2 hours ago

    I saw him in the Maury Show too.SHAME ON him

  • King Kingking
    King Kingking 2 hours ago

    This guy need some serious help he needs to be on an island where theirs only men he will appreciate the VALUE of women.

  • Hermann Khun
    Hermann Khun 2 hours ago

    Her Mom brought a lot of Weight on to her Daughter's side of the case.

  • Harilogan Moodley
    Harilogan Moodley 2 hours ago

    It's a work in progress. Those 2 girls are alittle rude , speak to much, they need healing. They old enough to get partime jobs to help out. They need to give as well. The dads trying, meet him half way

  • Anthony Sanders
    Anthony Sanders 2 hours ago

    It's going to be very hard for him to be clear of back child support even though he's not the biological father....good thing he did not sign the birth certificate, he would have been lock in....mother's should not be allowed to give a name, if there are multiple people and it's time for mandatory DNA testing for all new born

  • sushles
    sushles 2 hours ago

    OMG I will pay for her abortion. On God I will. Girl save yourself

  • rayrayndiema
    rayrayndiema 2 hours ago

    It doesn't matter wether he is ok with the baby mothers or not. His kids still poop and therefore need diapers, food, clothes etc regardlessof wether you'rein good timesor not. He could send them via amazon or other online stores There will be many birthdays that he will stand you up. I'm praying for the kids and the mothers.

  • marianne louise
    marianne louise 2 hours ago

    I have seen him before.He has to STOP making other babies Now.If you didn t have a father ,STOP causing the same Pain to all these Kids.

  • morenaso1
    morenaso1 2 hours ago

    Someone stop cutting onions cause it’s making my eyes water

  • Jessica Lawal
    Jessica Lawal 2 hours ago

    I'm tired of this man.

  • pc cc
    pc cc 2 hours ago

    He got a little sugar in the tank.

  • rayrayndiema
    rayrayndiema 2 hours ago

    Why are you screaming Mr.?

  • Maddy Tomkins
    Maddy Tomkins 3 hours ago

    This has nothing to do with paternity.

  • Habibah Ahmad
    Habibah Ahmad 3 hours ago

    That Baby do not look any thing like the potential father two completely different people I meant father and child

  • rayrayndiema
    rayrayndiema 3 hours ago

    Tara, Amina and Peter Gunz from Love and Hip hop kind of situations.

  • Lisa Farrell-Brown
    Lisa Farrell-Brown 3 hours ago

    That mother is all kinds of wrong! You can just tell by the way she’s holding onto tables/chairs/anything for dear life as her messy history unfolds and that look in her eyes is one of someone who harbors deep, shameful secrets. I feel sorry for the daughter and only her.

  • Habibah Ahmad
    Habibah Ahmad 3 hours ago

    Wow the Truth will always come to light

  • Noresheca Gordon
    Noresheca Gordon 3 hours ago

    If she say you know one more time.

  • Love Light
    Love Light 3 hours ago

    Why was he sticking his tongue out at the judge? Oh, the debasement, the debauchery, the foolishness. Have Mercy Jesus Christ !!! THAT CHILD IS HIS BABY !!! THAT TEST RESULT IS FALSE !!!

  • Natalie Hathaway
    Natalie Hathaway 3 hours ago

    Whew chile his eyebrows lol... Are they arched high enough sir

  • Nina Biniji
    Nina Biniji 3 hours ago

    Son or not, if a person only calls when they need something, I would stop answering my phone..

  • Cheryl Sampson
    Cheryl Sampson 3 hours ago

    This guy gonna lie til the end! He knows darn well everything that young lady and her mother said was the truth, and all he can say with those crooked eyes and crooked glasses was send me the child support papers in the mail! Both young ladies are absolutely beautiful and should have nothing to do with him, but unfortunately his girlfriend will continue to be with him. The unfortunate thing is he is gonna take her father's car and do it again to someone else🤨

  • Dionne Hawkins
    Dionne Hawkins 3 hours ago

    That line "yea you lying low life" lol

  • Maria Elizabeth
    Maria Elizabeth 3 hours ago

    Feeling sorry for all those kids what a mess