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we broke upwe broke up
we broke up
29 days ago
we got caughtwe got caught
we got caught
3 months ago

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  • Lovsaphira RS
    Lovsaphira RS 2 years ago

    This is the gayest shit, how do you still have your girlfriend?!

  • Diesels pranks and dares

    Your the best Prankster ever

  • Ahmad Manzar
    Ahmad Manzar 2 years ago

    HELLO bro i all ways saw your vlogs i love your grand mom and you . PLZ lance bro take my channel name in your videos plz my channel name in AHMAD MANZAR

  • Hitmanz On
    Hitmanz On 2 years ago

    i have been waiting for like 2 years till lance follows me on Instagram @ye_anbesa_lij

  • Candice B.
    Candice B. 2 years ago

    Why haven't you posted:(

  • PoopMonster200
    PoopMonster200 2 years ago


  • TheCrazyRanga
    TheCrazyRanga 2 years ago

    What video editing software you use man. thanks man

  • NJD Blitz
    NJD Blitz 2 years ago

    Anyone got ideas for what I should send to his PO Box?

  • No
    No 2 years ago

    4 hours left

  • Sedky Hiba
    Sedky Hiba 2 years ago

    According to the law of attraction, thinkin about smthin so badly makes it close to happen, so be positive, we all prayin for u <3

  • Pheonix_247
    Pheonix_247 2 years ago

    What's up

  • Gregory O'Banion
    Gregory O'Banion 2 years ago

    hey lance i just wanted to say i feel bad about your hand get better

  • Møhămĕd Bkh
    Møhămĕd Bkh 2 years ago

    i hope your feeling fine now lance

  • Jim Graham
    Jim Graham 2 years ago

    What ever happened to Chris. I have noticed he hasn't been in the Vlogs

  • ShadowWolf
    ShadowWolf 2 years ago

    oh damn lance sorry about your finger, hope you are okay

  • Jack Rafferty
    Jack Rafferty 2 years ago

    I think your sister is sexy

  • Caroline Liberty
    Caroline Liberty 2 years ago

    Hey Lance, I was just wondering what kind of camera you have?? I take great photos but I would like to get a camera that takes great photos but amazing videos! Please let me know!! Also if you could let me know what kind of editing system you have that would be MUCH appreciated!! Thank youu sooooooo much!!

  • Noah Musal
    Noah Musal 2 years ago

    Lance how did you put your intro slide at the end of your video just tell me if you can thnks

  • Brayden Dubeau
    Brayden Dubeau 2 years ago

    lance people are going to be road in life but don"t let them hold you down because lance you are awesome and tell lizzy she is awesome no matter what they say

  • Adrian Davies
    Adrian Davies 2 years ago

    Lance, can you tell your sister and Lizzie that they are now famous in the UK -

  • Connor Mohr
    Connor Mohr 2 years ago


  • Makwan ismail
    Makwan ismail 2 years ago

    Lizzy you are a buitiful girl, you dont worry, we are here for you

  • jacob mccracken
    jacob mccracken 2 years ago

    4:00 Squad its time

  • manuel medina
    manuel medina 2 years ago

    Make a vid

  • skitz the gamer
    skitz the gamer 2 years ago

    hey lance few things 1 cheack out me channel 2 LOVE RASBERRY LEMONAID 3hows the cock meat sandwhich

  • Kaleb Edgar
    Kaleb Edgar 2 years ago

    what type of dog is geo

  • Tristan Guy
    Tristan Guy 2 years ago

    U should listen to the song Poseidon by neptunica if u like faded and trap nation has the best remix of faded u should look it up

  • dany hoyos
    dany hoyos 2 years ago

    lizzy is awesome !

  • Black Death
    Black Death 2 years ago

    Lance you are my role model so thank you and I love your vlogs and tell Codee hi and Liz too and kick Frank in the nutz

  • Goesty's Gaming Channel

    We're is the mail vlog

    VAPEING TOM 2 years ago

    new videos goes up at 4:00 pm everyday

    VAPEING TOM 2 years ago

    Hi lance how are you doing.

  • Its Ryan410 Mauritius

    did sabrina and frank have a youtube channel???

  • mr gamer Liebman
    mr gamer Liebman 2 years ago

    you should do more pranks on lizzy and your dad your prank videos are funny

  • GamerDwight 432
    GamerDwight 432 2 years ago

    lance can u do a break up prank on lizzy please!

  • Tyler Carver
    Tyler Carver 2 years ago

    What's ur p.o box number

  • Isaiah Suarez
    Isaiah Suarez 2 years ago


  • GratzStudiosGaming
    GratzStudiosGaming 2 years ago

    Hook it up with your grandmom"s Ravioli recipe bro that look like some kill bro !!!!!!

  • GratzStudiosGaming
    GratzStudiosGaming 2 years ago

    Sup Lance, Shout out from Monroe Michigan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Haris Merdžanić
    Haris Merdžanić 2 years ago

    when do you post videos in Bosnia and Herzegovina time can you please answer me I am a HUGEEEEEEEE fan Say hi to badass grandma from Haris and if you can do it on vlog i am not one of those kids put me in the vlog ... Saj Hi to badass grandma from Haris,Bosnia and Herzegovina.Thank u Lance.

  • Vincenzo Figliomeni
    Vincenzo Figliomeni 2 years ago

    Yo I'm trying to start my tricking TVclip channel you and everyone else should come and check it out all your support really means a lot to me help a fellow tricker out...lance you are the best!! I'm watching your blogs every day!! please follow me!!

  • marquees
    marquees 2 years ago

    reading your comment vid ?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous Vlogs
    Anonymous Vlogs 2 years ago

    he posts a video at 9pm uk time

  • marquees
    marquees 2 years ago

    million subs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jesreel rivera
    jesreel rivera 2 years ago

    post a video right now

  • Itslitray
    Itslitray 2 years ago

    yooo congrats on 1m subscribers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SSJGCalvin
    SSJGCalvin 2 years ago

    GUYS HE HAS A MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICE JOB LANCE:D

  • Jake Howarth
    Jake Howarth 2 years ago

    Congrats on 1 million Lance!!!!

  • Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton 2 years ago


  • iShouldxStabUxJr Gaming


  • christian longoria
    christian longoria 2 years ago

    congratulations for ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS Lance

  • Error 404
    Error 404 2 years ago

    Congratulations to 1m Subs you deserve it btw Love your Vids.

  • Caimin Johnston
    Caimin Johnston 2 years ago

    great job on 1,000,000 subs even though you're at 1,000,178

  • joke cena
    joke cena 2 years ago


  • BlackOps3 Uploads
    BlackOps3 Uploads 2 years ago

    Ayyye you are at 1,000,178

  • TheGreatHeroics
    TheGreatHeroics 2 years ago

    Lance, Congrats on 1 Million subscribers, you for sure deserve it. Every single day I am entertained from your videos.

  • Pews4627 n
    Pews4627 n 2 years ago

    Lance do u like pussy

  • David Caris
    David Caris 2 years ago


  • Cody Yearian
    Cody Yearian 2 years ago

    Ur going to hurt

  • Ant Doxford
    Ant Doxford 2 years ago

    fair play for getting kicked in the nut but still could of done a better job for all the commotion you were making x

  • Kurt Newsome
    Kurt Newsome 2 years ago

    Get a dash cam for your car

  • Viktor Gergely Ács
    Viktor Gergely Ács 2 years ago

    Hey + 1 :D

  • Sarah Medina
    Sarah Medina 2 years ago

    do gold wrap

  • Shiv Patel
    Shiv Patel 2 years ago

    yo lance i got a question. what editing software do you use to edit your videos?

  • Quinn Stone
    Quinn Stone 2 years ago

    hey any one on here

  • Nathan Bear
    Nathan Bear 2 years ago

    Hey lance,love your vlogs so much. I was just wondering how to turn on lost notifications so I know when you post a new vlog. Thanks -Nathan Bear

  • Jesse Jiang
    Jesse Jiang 2 years ago

    Lance why do your family including Lizzy has 5+ Channels

    • Brennon Engle
      Brennon Engle 2 years ago


    • Jesse Jiang
      Jesse Jiang 2 years ago

      i know i was just asking them since I was curious about it

    • Derek Lemal
      Derek Lemal 2 years ago

      +Jesse Jiang srry and it is so they can have separate ones

    • Jesse Jiang
      Jesse Jiang 2 years ago

      Ik Im just wondering and Im wasnt talking to you

    • Derek Lemal
      Derek Lemal 2 years ago

      because they can

  • thomas rodrick
    thomas rodrick 2 years ago

    whats franks and your sisters youtube channel called ?

    HAYDEN S 2 years ago

    yo lance while codey is wid ya yall should build a fort in ikea or some hardware store

  • Jose colt
    Jose colt 2 years ago

    what is frank and sabrina's channel

  • Coprawesome2 gta 5 ps4


  • Christian Gabriel Austria

    Yo lance, can you please make a "Draw My Life" Video.. Please... #Lance210DrawMyLife

  • Dani
    Dani 2 years ago

    dude lance i have two turtles and i buy the thirth and i named Lance

  • Blake Watson
    Blake Watson 2 years ago

    can you come to az

  • Pizza Yum
    Pizza Yum 2 years ago


  • Radio Mirror Park
    Radio Mirror Park 2 years ago

    The content here is cancer.

  • Tian 305
    Tian 305 2 years ago

    Hey lance love your videos keep up the good work!!

  • LittlePip Pony
    LittlePip Pony 2 years ago

    When you post new video???

    FJ VIDEOS 2 years ago

    hey lance i wanted to know whats the name of your editing system

  • RILEY Hann Flory
    RILEY Hann Flory 2 years ago

    lance I eat funnel when I wach your vids

  • Jose calderon
    Jose calderon 2 years ago

    Dude you need buy yourself a tarp when you do any CHALLENGES it makes cleaning so easy and also you guys buy lager tarp to make your own big slip and slide and best soap is baby soap to used on it

  • monkeybum
    monkeybum 2 years ago

    omg hi I love your videos when I am sad angry anoyd in an argument I come to my room and whach your videos andI am happy again

  • XxTOG4president2020artyAreSCUMxX


  • Jarred Swartz
    Jarred Swartz 2 years ago

    hey lance

  • DankGames
    DankGames 2 years ago

    Some one sead lance this i cant but if you do you live 50 years longer heres the link if you guys do

  • Christopher Okojie
    Christopher Okojie 2 years ago

    i cant watch the eat it or wear it challnge

  • Jack Hafner
    Jack Hafner 2 years ago

    What editing program do you use for your vlogs

  • Cole Frank
    Cole Frank 2 years ago

    How do u turn on post notification

  • Tyork85
    Tyork85 2 years ago

    Lance I was wondering what are all the best things to have to start a successful vlog and what is the best editing site/app?

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson 2 years ago

    Lance tell frank that I've been allergic to dairy my whole life. So he has no clue what it like not to be able to have dairy.

  • Andrew 128
    Andrew 128 2 years ago

    Hey Lance Subscribed with all of my accounts👍🏻

  • Savage Savage
    Savage Savage 2 years ago

    can you guys subscribe to me

  • Lennox Mullaney
    Lennox Mullaney 2 years ago

    It won't be a dildo:).

  • Lennox Mullaney
    Lennox Mullaney 2 years ago

    How can I send you fan mail?

  • Pikuś 92
    Pikuś 92 2 years ago

    Man your sister start her (Yt) Channel, what you think about that "Sabrina Nicole" name on channel

  • Davy Is Awesome
    Davy Is Awesome 2 years ago

    you got verified?!?!

  • GratzStudiosGaming
    GratzStudiosGaming 2 years ago

    what editing software do you use Lance?

  • Dalia Aoun
    Dalia Aoun 2 years ago

    vlog ?

  • Huzaifa Akhtar
    Huzaifa Akhtar 2 years ago

    or u sleeping ? tho

  • Huzaifa Akhtar
    Huzaifa Akhtar 2 years ago

    just SOME issue ?

  • Huzaifa Akhtar
    Huzaifa Akhtar 2 years ago


  • Eldinoo
    Eldinoo 2 years ago

    No vlog );

  • Will Leopper
    Will Leopper 2 years ago

    DA vlog?

  • Benjamin Mauger
    Benjamin Mauger 2 years ago


  • Josef T
    Josef T 2 years ago

    I think the schedule uploader didnt work

  • Sean Wachter
    Sean Wachter 2 years ago


  • Sean Wachter
    Sean Wachter 2 years ago


  • Stephen Duzant
    Stephen Duzant 2 years ago

    cant find new viedeo

  • TheDeadlyDestroyer YOLO

    where is he's newest vlog?

    • Aarush Bhasin
      Aarush Bhasin 2 years ago

      IVE BEEN WAITING FOR 20 MINUTES... but something prolly came up so i guess its gucci

  • Doc- JAC
    Doc- JAC 2 years ago

    its 4 where da vlog at?

  • Pizza Yum
    Pizza Yum 2 years ago

    weres your video

  • Blake Nedelkov
    Blake Nedelkov 2 years ago

    hi i am blake nedelkov and i like you videso and i will like it if you can give me a shout out pleac becaus i have youtube channel and i want to have sume subs thank you from blakenedelkov.

  • MrPancake474
    MrPancake474 2 years ago

    4 pm eastern standard time

  • Rightskull survival
    Rightskull survival 2 years ago

    oops sorry to lizzy (the makeup)

  • Rightskull survival
    Rightskull survival 2 years ago

    hey lance i love your vlogs you are the best and try to do a make up with that red lipthingg and black eyebrows she looks like a differennt person pls try it

  • Skull Survival
    Skull Survival 2 years ago

    hey lance I saw how you had fun at wetn wild then you need to come to carowinds

  • Drift Youtube
    Drift Youtube 2 years ago

    +Lance Stewart 900,000 SUBS!! GONGRATS LANCE!!

  • John Kelly
    John Kelly 2 years ago

    Codee needs to fly up to New Jersey and met Grandma. That would be a real cussfest. My money is on Grandma.

  • Phoenix Gamer
    Phoenix Gamer 2 years ago

    What video editing software do you use? I know you use an Imac to edit your videos so my second question is, is the software available for windows 10

  • Phoenix Gamer
    Phoenix Gamer 2 years ago

    grats on 900k

  • Phoenix Gamer
    Phoenix Gamer 2 years ago

    You're so close to 900k currently @ 899,676

  • Gwion Davies
    Gwion Davies 2 years ago

    hey love ur videos u probably wont read or reply but if you do read it would you sign my broken iphone 5s and send it back if i sent it to you, thanks Gwion. P.S i live in wales u.k

  • typicalquon
    typicalquon 2 years ago

    hey lance i love your vlogs so much

  • Pro Z Gaming
    Pro Z Gaming 2 years ago

    Hey Lance I'm a big fan of your videos and I have my own gaming channel which I was wondering if you could give it a shout out in your next vlog my gaming channel is "Cj484701 gaming"

  • helena helena
    helena helena 2 years ago

    can you and Lizzy do hot Cheetos and takes challenge

  • Jordyn Graham
    Jordyn Graham 2 years ago

    He posts at 4

  • Hunter Brown
    Hunter Brown 2 years ago

    subscribe to my cannel

  • Daniel Benenson
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  • DemonKingMMA
    DemonKingMMA 2 years ago

    You are A FAGGOT.

  • Gemma Payne
    Gemma Payne 2 years ago

    I watched the hole 44 mins. :) every day I watch your Vlogs :)

  • mem11977
    mem11977 2 years ago

    Lance you're my hero. Now get Lizzy to bake me a pie!

  • Hawaiian_punch1738
    Hawaiian_punch1738 2 years ago

    lance can you plz prank ur hole family inclured lizzy

  • Tom Pain
    Tom Pain 2 years ago

    Bro can you please tell me what medication you took for your hair

  • Kaelie Lemieux
    Kaelie Lemieux 2 years ago

    Hey lance my Instagram is kaelie_14

  • MeromeASF
    MeromeASF 2 years ago

    hi lance

  • Dario Rivera
    Dario Rivera 2 years ago

    Hey lance I was thinking that every hundred vlog a make you should make an hour vlog cause it's just for your celebration

  • ExplorerxltV8
    ExplorerxltV8 2 years ago

    can anyone tell me the vlog that lance go the rc truck please im trying to find it but can its his electric one the one that he got in the vlog

  • Ryan Stampp
    Ryan Stampp 2 years ago


  • Austin Welder
    Austin Welder 2 years ago


  • Official High-Def Studios

    what a piece of shit...

  • Jason Morris
    Jason Morris 2 years ago

    Can u do a laxative prank

  • Cristhian Juarez
    Cristhian Juarez 2 years ago

    Fuck you clickbater

  • Ih8Lizards
    Ih8Lizards 2 years ago

    When do you plan on returning to NJ?

  • Bertha Hines
    Bertha Hines 2 years ago

    my name is michael not berths hines he post 3:00 pm

  • Oscar Koedijk
    Oscar Koedijk 2 years ago

    i watch them every day there so good i cant wait for the big po box opening its gonna be dildos and codys hats mac and chesse ramen and stuff

  • Oscar Koedijk
    Oscar Koedijk 2 years ago

    your vid r at like 8am in new zealand wellington

  • Epic Gamer85409
    Epic Gamer85409 2 years ago

    plz sub to me lance I have subed to u

  • Jussie HDTV
    Jussie HDTV 2 years ago

    u can just say coy instead of jazlynn coy

  • Jussie HDTV
    Jussie HDTV 2 years ago

    today is my birthday I was wondering if u can give me a shoutout

  • Brandon Richley
    Brandon Richley 2 years ago

    Can you make a playlist of just drone shots? I went online to get some for a video I'm making and cant find a single drone video!!!

  • Victor Garcia
    Victor Garcia 2 years ago

    lance should try the skittles bath

    HAYDEN S 2 years ago

    hey lance

  • IG Gamer
    IG Gamer 2 years ago

    2 mins earlier

  • IG Gamer
    IG Gamer 2 years ago

    can u upload it earlier

  • IG Gamer
    IG Gamer 2 years ago

    3 mins

    HAYDEN S 2 years ago

    lance i hope i meet you one day

  • Jake Fahey
    Jake Fahey 2 years ago

    u should build a toilet paper fort in one video at walmart

  • Dylan Belak
    Dylan Belak 2 years ago

    what is lizzys last name???

  • Ashley Kohlhepp
    Ashley Kohlhepp 2 years ago

    Hey lance I hope you are having a good time in Los Vegas ! I'm at work and it sucks but then I watched one of your videos and it made me smile and brighten my day !! Also tell lizzy I said hi! she is so pretty and funny ! Give me a shout out I would really like it or even like this comment lol thanks have a great day :)

  • Danbig Man
    Danbig Man 2 years ago


    KEVBO 2 years ago

    4PM north

  • Union Jack-
    Union Jack- 2 years ago

    why do all these bell end you tubers have faces i want to put a brick into . .

  • TheMavel
    TheMavel 2 years ago

    So honest question who is just watching this videos because of Lizzy? 100% sure that she would have more subs and more views on her own ^^

  • Brady Clark
    Brady Clark 2 years ago

    Only 55 minutes tip todays vlog. Hope its in Vegas

  • Deepak Handa
    Deepak Handa 2 years ago

    Amazing Uploads

  • Blyat Neggero
    Blyat Neggero 2 years ago

    suh dude

  • Krolles 11
    Krolles 11 2 years ago

    Vlog upp now???

  • Luke kelman
    Luke kelman 2 years ago

    How do I not miss a video

  • Ethan Hurley
    Ethan Hurley 2 years ago

    Happy birthday lizzy 🎂

  • Ethan Hurley
    Ethan Hurley 2 years ago

    Lance what kind of scooter is that I want one so bad

    ASAP ELITE 2 years ago


  • annette dunn
    annette dunn 2 years ago

    Tell lizzy I said happy birthday

  • GratzStudiosGaming
    GratzStudiosGaming 2 years ago

    Happy belated Birthday Lizzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GratzStudiosGaming
    GratzStudiosGaming 2 years ago

    Hey Lance its Don Gratz, I'm one of your viewers and I have a question. What kind of Editing Software do you use for your Vlogs, and how do you get custom music on your vlogs? I'm tired of using youtubes music.

  • RezaRT
    RezaRT 2 years ago


  • Trevor Pendleton
    Trevor Pendleton 2 years ago

    Tell lizzy when you get a chance that I said happy birthday

  • Hayley Townsend
    Hayley Townsend 2 years ago

    Lance it's not in one of your recent vids but you can see your moms an your license plate in a vid of yours. Just wanted to tell you.

  • mr gamer Liebman
    mr gamer Liebman 2 years ago

    hi lance my name is jeff andi like your videos

  • Ryan King
    Ryan King 2 years ago

    go see the wall someone put around the Donald Trump Star

  • angie0329
    angie0329 2 years ago

    Lance you are awesome, You and Lizzy should come down to Long Beach city, it's not to far from LA. Hey guys go watch my vlog and pranks on my youtube channel. On today vlog there a prize of a mini Ipad if i hit 50,000 subscriber. one of you guys/ gals will win that prize.

  • Trevor Pendleton
    Trevor Pendleton 2 years ago

    Your girlfriend looks like my ex girlfriend

  • Trevor Pendleton
    Trevor Pendleton 2 years ago

    Your late

  • Cloudy Mother Chucker

    @LanceStewart Ive got an AWESOME Prank idea for ya... Take 2 Q-Tips, dip them in the Hot Wax and stick them in Codee's Nostrils while he is sleeping!!! When those bad boys get snatched out walllaaahhhh VIRAL VIDEO!!! Lol Your Welcome...

  • Marcos Marin
    Marcos Marin 2 years ago

    Helo lance

    DLMFAO KING 2 years ago

    The latest blog is Age restricted

    TGN THE ADMIN/Mod 2 years ago

    THe vlog is restricted

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen 2 years ago

    hey did you or did you not get my twins letter please reply

  • TheAwesomeDman01
    TheAwesomeDman01 2 years ago

    you're the best, would love to meet you, lizzie, and codee

  • BarBie
    BarBie 2 years ago

    lizzy would look like cat valentine with bright red hair idk lol

  • Jacob Nichols
    Jacob Nichols 2 years ago

    What exactly are our vlogs mainly about?

  • Bertaboys FTW
    Bertaboys FTW 2 years ago

    subscribe to me people

  • Hayley Townsend
    Hayley Townsend 2 years ago

    Hey Lance, I know a prank you can do with all of the liquid a**. You should empty one of Lizzy's or Sibrena's perfume and pour it in there.

  • strawberry
    strawberry 2 years ago

    can i give u my balls

  • TheCreeper752
    TheCreeper752 2 years ago

    who is waiting for a vlog

  • Eathan Fogle
    Eathan Fogle 2 years ago

    Hey lance you are my favorite youtuber shut out in the next video my name is hunter

  • Walter McAlpine
    Walter McAlpine 2 years ago

    Lance do a collab with fousey tube

  • Anand BeyMax
    Anand BeyMax 2 years ago

    i suggest u somthing you need to 2 iphones and 1 for your private things and 1 for enjoying and connecting drone. so you can think about it

  • Josemaria Cabrales
    Josemaria Cabrales 2 years ago

    Dude love your videos you dont imagine how much say hi to luzzy and cody