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2 months ago
Animal Field Trip!
5 months ago
5 months ago
Coyote's CRIB!
7 months ago
Dragon Drone!
8 months ago
Feeding the BFT!
8 months ago
8 months ago
Jurassic LIZARD!
9 months ago
9 months ago
10 months ago
10 months ago
Sneaky Banana Boa!
11 months ago
Two-Tailed Gecko!
11 months ago

Comments: 200

  • Kris Fahnstrom
    Kris Fahnstrom 17 days ago

    This should be your next challenge !!

  • Lim Yu Hong Hong
    Lim Yu Hong Hong 17 days ago

    coyote how pain is a bulldog ant sting?
    not a bullet ant but a bulldog ant

  • Kristoff Bjorgman
    Kristoff Bjorgman 18 days ago

    Dude, you're the next Steve Irwin. Just stay away from Sting Rays.

  • Jordan's Challenge
    Jordan's Challenge 18 days ago

    have you ever been bitten by a tick? maybe you should try it and show people how to remove it?

  • takumi168
    takumi168 19 days ago

    @Mark you guys should start a second channel (sub channel if you will) for the nice scenic shots you get from the drone you guys could just play some music and throw those shots that never makes it onto the episodes in there.

  • Diamond Skye
    Diamond Skye 19 days ago

    Giant Japanese Hornet

  • RyIzReal
    RyIzReal 20 days ago

    Coyote, there's one more insect. The Death Stalker. It basically says its name but.. it kills children. And it will just cause REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY bad pain for HEALTHY adults.

  • Gamegenie87
    Gamegenie87 20 days ago

    so after execution wasp, would be willing to get a close up encounter with a komodo dragon? that would be really cool!!

    ANTONIO GLORIA 20 days ago

    get stung by the Asian Giant Hornet.

  • Carson Lawrence
    Carson Lawrence 21 day ago

    Are you going to Africa in the future

  • layniebear521
    layniebear521 21 day ago

    when will you be doing the executioner wasp?

  • Jason B
    Jason B 21 day ago

    Giant sweat bee

  • Macieks300
    Macieks300 22 days ago

    Why is Coyote always choosing to be stung in the arm?

  • James Dietsche
    James Dietsche 22 days ago

    Itching powder ants. Sprinkle 'em on. Common let's go

  • X FantasticGam3r X
    X FantasticGam3r X 22 days ago

    plz give me a shout out for the next video because you me feel one with nature . thank u
    and u made me brave. im fantastic gamer.

  • MidnightHowls
    MidnightHowls 22 days ago

    GO. TO. MISSOURI. or illinois those would be the best ways for me to see you, but meh you probably wont hear me, shame im poor and cant travel to see any of my faveorite youtubers. Just for you to know coyote; You are my rolemodel. I look up to you. I have even bought your book!!

  • layniebear521
    layniebear521 22 days ago

    when will you be doing the executioner wasp?

    • Alexa Molendyk
      Alexa Molendyk 22 days ago

      I want to know that too! I tried looking for it but I guess he hasn't gotten around to doing it yet

  • Mr. Business's and Pinkie's Mystical Destiny Chase


  • Joshua Swords
    Joshua Swords 22 days ago


  • X FantasticGam3r X
    X FantasticGam3r X 22 days ago

    plz give me a shout out for the next video because you me feel one with nature . thank u
    and u made me brave. im fantastic gamer.

  • Rajid Tesorero
    Rajid Tesorero 22 days ago


  • Francois Stevens
    Francois Stevens 23 days ago

    It is 1pm 11/24/2017 in South Africa... No warrior wasp video. Getting very excited.

  • James Tammaro
    James Tammaro 23 days ago

    i love animals so i love this youtube channel

    GLYDR 23 days ago

    OK it's the 24th Nov. now in UK, what time does he upload the warrior wasp clip, been waiting almost a year for this.

  • shirley tuñon
    shirley tuñon 24 days ago


  • Bahadir Aslankok
    Bahadir Aslankok 24 days ago

    I thank you for this channel Coyote. You helped me to get over my fear of bugs, scorpions etc. I can feel like if I ever to encounter them in my house, I can just pick them up and move them to their nature. Obviously my house is not theirs lol. I really did learn a lot of things from you. Waiting for the warrior wasp.

  • Iain Callaghan
    Iain Callaghan 26 days ago

    Hurry up and get bitten by the giant centipede :D

  • akamai everything
    akamai everything 27 days ago


  • akamai everything
    akamai everything 27 days ago

    I like yopur voidie nfg54l[ke3tn;ouigrjbh

  • akamai everything
    akamai everything 27 days ago

    what kind of specheis animals do you like coy person

  • Diana Garbaly
    Diana Garbaly 29 days ago

    or a bullhorn acacia ant

  • Diana Garbaly
    Diana Garbaly 29 days ago

    do it 10000000000000000000000000000000x

  • Ohio Snake Snatcher
    Ohio Snake Snatcher 29 days ago

    Coyote, please answer. If we don't get the snake back into its enclosure, it's life is in danger. This snake is an important part of our school. I cant do this one on my own. So I ask you, will you help me to catch this snake?

  • Markzilla 1018
    Markzilla 1018 Month ago

    Hopefully coyote catches a green anaconda

  • Markzilla 1018
    Markzilla 1018 Month ago

    Hopefully coyote catch a green anaconda

  • gaming Khaled
    gaming Khaled Month ago


  • Ashley Lechner
    Ashley Lechner Month ago

    wheres the getting bittin by the desert cenipede you promised

  • Ashley Lechner
    Ashley Lechner Month ago

    this guy is awesome

  • Ohio Snake Snatcher

    Hey Coyote. I need help with something. So, a snake got loose in my school and we NEED to find it. The problem is, we can't make an announcement because if we do, our zoology club will get shut down. I was wondering if you could help me in finding the snake. Like I said news cannot spread about there being a snake loose in the school. So we need to stay casual while looking for the snake. Email me at and will send you a picture of what we are looking for if you accept. Thanks.

  • f0nZzy
    f0nZzy Month ago

    One of the few excellent channels on youtube and my favorite

  • AG Shark
    AG Shark Month ago

    *How many times have you been bitten?*

  • Addy Glinski
    Addy Glinski Month ago

    This channel is so inspiring. Watching this makes me want to pursue environmental sciences in college and be a wildlife biologist! sadly im pursueing nursing which is just as interesting but not as cool. I love wildlife, practically live in a state park in Pennsylvania. Your videos inspire me to keep hiking and enjoy wildlife. I even got my own hiking hat like coyotes! (but i think mine is a bit cooler). Keep making videos i am always on the edge of my seat to see what you come across next!

  • Sarge da JesusFreak

    kissing bug challange!

  • Ivan Vaskiv
    Ivan Vaskiv Month ago

    coyote petersen ! get pinched by a coconut crab if ur a wild man !

    OMOLON Month ago

    Please tell me the warrior wasp video will be up soon?? I'm dying to see it, your a beast!

  • Horus Gaming
    Horus Gaming Month ago

    Warrior wasp soon? I heard it's even more painful than the bullet ant haha

  • The Anthony Kingdom Minecraft and Gaming

    ive watched him since the beginning

  • Draygoes
    Draygoes Month ago

    You should participate in some of the youtube award contests. You would stand a chance of getting a prize.

  • Derrick Yeoman
    Derrick Yeoman Month ago

    hey cyote can you plz metal detect your front lawn pppppllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Kuichio
    Kuichio Month ago

    I would very much like to see how the sting of the Asian giant hornet, Vespa mandarinia, stacks up to your experience so far.

  • Luxury Wrist Watches

    Man, how can you touch all these insects.

  • Jacob Robertson
    Jacob Robertson Month ago

    do somthing on hedgehogs or more octopus things or an eagle or a killer whaale or omthing else

  • TheEternalSheep
    TheEternalSheep Month ago

    This is one of the few channels I've seen that seems more like a TV show than a YouTube channel. Love what you're doing man!

  • Helena Franzén
    Helena Franzén Month ago

    I like watching this show but could you add some more arachnids? Would like to dare Coyote to get tagged by a Theraposa Blondi. Are you up for that guys?

  • Ultra Instinct
    Ultra Instinct Month ago

    Hello! I'm bored. ;-;

  • papyshak
    papyshak Month ago

    He really should go to Europe and Asia to encounter creatures of the old world

  • JJ24pug
    JJ24pug Month ago

    I love your channel you are amazing


    Please mention me in your next video


    Want to know what you should do


    Coyote of you're reading this then I want you to do something you haven't done yet

  • MrBoogyman
    MrBoogyman Month ago

    i would love to see coyote swim with whales

  • Richard Miller
    Richard Miller Month ago

    when are you going to challenge the WARRIOR WASP or the GIANT ASIAN HORNET

  • Dale Hubenthal
    Dale Hubenthal Month ago

    like it

  • Dale Hubenthal
    Dale Hubenthal Month ago

    lestat i like your mods

  • Jacob Shaw
    Jacob Shaw Month ago

    do a video on the robber fly

  • Gamestil Flashgard

    I love your videos !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • naga584
    naga584 Month ago

    WANT to SEE an IO caterpillar sting!!!

  • naga584
    naga584 Month ago

    Have not seen a STING from an IO caterpillar!!??? I know those SOB's hurt but its not the hurt its the lasting time they hurt!!!

    ΑΒΡΑΞΑΣ Month ago

    Would love to see a fruit bat adventure! Or maybe like a medley of bat adventures!

  • kevin blanch
    kevin blanch Month ago

  • Anna Hooker
    Anna Hooker Month ago

    Hey coyote! people keep saying do the bullet ant again and i don't agree at all.

  • Anna Hooker
    Anna Hooker Month ago

    coyote can you do a video with a tiger

  • ExelArts
    ExelArts Month ago

    hey i seen in a preview of one vid i thought i had seen a turtle with a damaged shell what video is it id like to see it

  • Jose Encinas IV
    Jose Encinas IV Month ago

    Can you do 3 am thing

  • Dponpon
    Dponpon Month ago

    Box Jellyfish,... did u ever tryed one??? If not.... Maybe an idea for ur next show ;-)

    • Surge Alpha Wolf
      Surge Alpha Wolf 21 day ago

      dude, the sting from one of those will kill you. literally. i dont think thats such a great idea

  • Sarah Turvey
    Sarah Turvey Month ago

    Was the Water Bug bite worse then the Bullet Ant

  • M R
    M R Month ago

    IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII llllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee yyyooouuu

  • Brady K
    Brady K Month ago

    you should do a segment on fainting goats Coyote..i'd really like to see that.

  • Scott Peltier
    Scott Peltier Month ago

    hey kyote i have a challenge for you and dont worry its no sting....take on a kamikaze (i think thats how you spell it) ant and take on its reaction to you

  • Tommy Hällgren
    Tommy Hällgren Month ago

    Coyote, can you please take a sting from

  • vaughan sorenson
    vaughan sorenson Month ago

    should come to new zealand
    we got few wered things you might like we got seaslugs lizerds birds a fue spiders and probly more

  • Unicorn horn! Bell

    I challenge you to any painful infliction caused by an animal!!

  • John Jasso
    John Jasso Month ago

    Can u encounter green anaconda?

  • Gage Greene
    Gage Greene Month ago

    When are you going to get stung by the warrior wasp

  • garethsrobuxmaker imthereforyou

    please can you do the King cobra challenge

  • Jason Gould
    Jason Gould Month ago

    get a po box

  • Sandra Moore-Duarte


  • Sandra Moore-Duarte

    coyote can you come to el paso and do a video here please for brother and dad

  • Sandra Moore-Duarte

    your a nice person see my youtube viedios made to day about my dog my brother died and dad .

  • longshorts3
    longshorts3 Month ago

    Want a creepier fish? Go to either Butrterfield Lake or the St. Laurence Seaway in Upstate New York and fish in the deep grass for "mud pupppys". A four legged catfish that preys on your caught fish while you reel the fish in, then it grabs the hooked fish and steals it from you! Guaranteed creepy!

  • Hoang Pham
    Hoang Pham Month ago


  • Burning Coals6
    Burning Coals6 Month ago

    plssssss do more dragon tales



  • NarwhalGuy!
    NarwhalGuy! Month ago

    Im Going To The Melbourne Live Show On My Birthday!Im Sooooooooo Excited!

  • Cogitovision
    Cogitovision Month ago

    Do any of your experiences haunt your dreams?

  • Diamond Skye
    Diamond Skye 2 months ago

    get bitten by a trap-jaw ant

  • David Knott
    David Knott 2 months ago

    One or more piranha bite challenge, please !!!

  • nico soriano
    nico soriano 2 months ago

    Can you get pinched by the Coconut Crab.

  • Amelia Billings
    Amelia Billings 2 months ago

    cyody should try handling a nurs shark

  • Lloyd Christmas
    Lloyd Christmas 2 months ago

    i love your videos but why do you do this things theatre dangers

  • Unkown Wilderness
    Unkown Wilderness 2 months ago

    I hope you respond!

  • Unkown Wilderness
    Unkown Wilderness 2 months ago

    But I will

  • Unkown Wilderness
    Unkown Wilderness 2 months ago

    I still have no videos

  • Unkown Wilderness
    Unkown Wilderness 2 months ago

    I made my channel after I watched all your videos and when i'm older iI want to be an animal specialist.

  • Unkown Wilderness
    Unkown Wilderness 2 months ago

    Hey coyote

  • Vincent X
    Vincent X 2 months ago

    Coyote please check out the bushmaster next time you head for Costa Rica. The longest pit viper in the world is surely something! Also maybe the red tailed boa?

  • Tommy Chapdelaine
    Tommy Chapdelaine 2 months ago

    I love your channel

  • Anya Enslin
    Anya Enslin 2 months ago

    Hay Coyote have you ever been stung by a warrior wasp!! if you have i'm having trouble finding it. If you have please seed me a link.

  • TheDragiix3
    TheDragiix3 2 months ago

    I think everybody would absolutely adore a blooper video! I bet a lot goes wrong when catching animals, heck, they are smart and fast! Love what you're doing :)

    WORST LIFE 2 months ago

    Make an episode of leather back turtle... Please... I wold like to take a bite...

    CHRISTIAN TENORIO 2 months ago

    coyote try to discover the phillipine eagle in the phillipines

  • Ivan Vaskiv
    Ivan Vaskiv 2 months ago

    @Brave wilderness did u came up close to a black panther ?

  • Charles Corper
    Charles Corper 2 months ago

    you should try to get bitten by the least toxic snake in the world brian barzyk would know the right one to get bit by who knows maybe one day you could build a tolerance and get bitten by a deadly snake

  • Accidental Genius
    Accidental Genius 2 months ago

    Coyote did you know Brian Barczyk wants to collab with you??????

  • ezz taha
    ezz taha 2 months ago

    why did you change the titles of some of your videos

  • Hunter Cappadocia
    Hunter Cappadocia 2 months ago

    Could you possibly do something on the pig-nosed turtle?

  • Denver o,connor
    Denver o,connor 2 months ago

    hey why not try a terantula next you can find them in california i found a black one during a camping trip.

  • jaden bridges
    jaden bridges 2 months ago

    what was the worst sting

  • jaden bridges
    jaden bridges 2 months ago

    what was the sting

  • WitheredWinter
    WitheredWinter 2 months ago

    This man right here is changing education of animals as we know it. My little cousin comes home from his science unit, right now they are learning about the food chain and web, and they always watch one of these video's. Keep it up! God bless!

  • liznm
    liznm 2 months ago

    1 million thumbs down for your channel

  • liznm
    liznm 2 months ago

    the poor animals.. bad channel! I should come to your family and do what you do to the animals! You're not brave! The animals are immensely sorry for me! you are not normal!

  • Erik M. The Young Paleontologist

    Dear Coyote,
    I'm a fellow youtuber and I love animals and your videos, so um could I please join at least one of your videos... please let me know either way.
    Thank you,

  • Jerrold Scharninghausen

    so coyote i love all the north and south american work you've done, but is there any chance you would do a European expatiation and do a segment over seas?

  • Bailey hearts
    Bailey hearts 2 months ago

    It would be awesome to come to Tennesse and catch crawdads.... Any ideas? Yes? I'm not hearing a no....

    I'd wanna do an episode catching crawdads with you since there is a creek in my backyard literally.
    but I'm going out on a stretch aren't I...

  • Liam Perschau
    Liam Perschau 2 months ago

    i know right

  • Kitty Whiskers
    Kitty Whiskers 2 months ago

    I LOVE snakes!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dr. richtofen 2.0
    dr. richtofen 2.0 2 months ago

    dear coyote can spiders accidentally kill themselves like if the banana spider were to accidentally bite its leg could it then expose its own toxins in there own body and kill itself

  • Zøe S
    Zøe S 2 months ago

    how are you still alive

  • Carlos Torres
    Carlos Torres 2 months ago

    mud dauber wasp plz

  • solutionnotpuzzle
    solutionnotpuzzle 2 months ago

    Hey i have a video request. Basically i was wondering if you can do a video about silverfish. Supposedly they are harmless and just eat bits of paper and stuff, but they literally scare the daylights out of me every time i see them.

  • Faaq Goolab
    Faaq Goolab 2 months ago

    Hi Coyote....have you ever been stung by a stone fish

  • AnimaxLP nyan
    AnimaxLP nyan 2 months ago

    Do you ever Search for a Bobbit Worm? May a new Video XD?

  • minercraft 1738
    minercraft 1738 2 months ago

    today there was a snake in my room i kinda wish my dad didnt kill the snake he said he had to because the snake was aggressive and was just going after the broom and my dad didnt know what kind of snake it was i hope u have a great day and keep making the great videos

  • BFFNiloveanimmals foxygirl

    hey coyote you there and if not it is okay but i just wanted to say that i want to have adventurse with you and i want to explore the world with you. i know im small but small things come in big packages

    GIGGLR 2 months ago

    I didn't choose the comment life, the comment life chose me

  • Mark Yosef Dancel
    Mark Yosef Dancel 2 months ago

    Coyote please feature Komodo Dragon

  • McGuires Tutorials
    McGuires Tutorials 2 months ago

    nice channel... I love wildlife

  • Vixen 525
    Vixen 525 2 months ago

    If you ever want to do spiders in Missouri, like near Rockwood Reservation, I've got a knack for locating Dark Fishing Spiders (Dolomedes tenebrosus).
    They are usually difficult to find, but after I found one female hunting the Brown Recluse Spiders in my basement, kept her as a pet for a while, watched her build a nursery web and ultimately released her and the hundreds of babies. Since then, there's now an abundance of them in select areas near that park.
    They are pretty interesting spiders. While they named for their ability to hunt small fish like minnows, the young ones often hunt mosquito larvae in standing water and the adults are actually rather inclined to hunt brown recluses (which can become a huge problem in some homes around here. We had them breeding in our drains and had to use sticky traps to get rid of hundreds of them.)
    Even if Fishing Spiders are big and intimidating, I wish people wouldn't harm them because they are such helpful arachnids!

  • Hugin Munin
    Hugin Munin 2 months ago

    Have he tried Panda Ant?

  • A Aa
    A Aa 2 months ago

    Brave Wilderness survival. Plz do a survival video

  • Emperor Shōwa Hirohito

    If Coyote ever dies, i swear that i'll kill myself too.

  • TheRedFox
    TheRedFox 2 months ago

    do a video on the coconut crab (Robber crab, palm thief)

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat 2 months ago

    i want to be like you #staywild

  • Riley Palm
    Riley Palm 2 months ago

    im mean stung

  • Riley Palm
    Riley Palm 2 months ago

    get stung by an assain bug

  • Darnell Brookes
    Darnell Brookes 2 months ago

    Are you gonna try a Portuguese man o' war challenge?

  • Robert Watson
    Robert Watson 2 months ago

    Been watching episodes for awhile, always interesting to watch. Thanks for all the adventures. Awesome work, thanks for doing what you do :)

  • lucas halanski
    lucas halanski 2 months ago

    can you sub to me the gameboy yo yo please it would mean the world to me

  • Caedes, the Unknown Murderer [GZ]

    Coyote vs magpie.
    greatest battle since alien vs predator

  • Kaleb Edwards
    Kaleb Edwards 2 months ago

    hi brave wilderness

  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 months ago

    " i'm Coyote peterson and i'm ready to enter a World War 3 zone "

  • Dan Leung
    Dan Leung 2 months ago

    Are you gonna try The Asian Giant Hornet?

  • Serina Jones
    Serina Jones 2 months ago

    My girls Josie (7) & Addie (5) are HUGE fans - when are you coming to the West Coast? California?

  • James Mollo
    James Mollo 2 months ago

    when are you going to do the Asian hornet

  • Brett
    Brett 2 months ago

    ever think about getting stung by Dendrocnide excelsa?

  • Kevin Shirley
    Kevin Shirley 2 months ago

    I want to know more about the Giant Leopard Caterpillar.

  • KornBred
    KornBred 3 months ago

    You really need to replace ur camera men

  • KornBred
    KornBred 3 months ago

    Try to find the spider who bit peter parker

  • KornBred
    KornBred 3 months ago


  • Kanji Panda
    Kanji Panda 3 months ago

    I preordered the Brave Adventures book and it came today !

  • James Preston
    James Preston 3 months ago

    Hey Brave Wilderness will you guys ever think about going to Australia

  • Fakhrul Razan
    Fakhrul Razan 3 months ago

    Dear Brave Wilderness crew and Coyote. What would be the coming 'dare' video? Is there any chance that you guys can get Coyote to get zapped by electric eel? I'm not encouraging it though. Just asking.

  • Mermaid K
    Mermaid K 3 months ago

    coyote would you do a show/video on the triops of the sanoran desert

  • Fresh Kid Diamond
    Fresh Kid Diamond 3 months ago


  • Fresh Kid Diamond
    Fresh Kid Diamond 3 months ago

    plz do the worrier wasp

  • Justin Taylor
    Justin Taylor 3 months ago

    I Have Been pooped on in the face once. you don't wanna know how it feels.... #WhenYourCryingInside #SubscribeToBraveWilderness #TooManyHashTags #EndMySuffering

  • The Fat Bimbo With the Weird Hair


  • Putu Tresna Wijaya
    Putu Tresna Wijaya 3 months ago

    Hey Coyote, enter the sting zone of Gympie gympie plant...

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith 3 months ago

    Hey Coyote . I love your show man .. your awesome. I know it wouldn't be much of an adventure , but you need to come to Bermuda and do a show on one of the worlds rarest lizards. The Bermuda Skink...Just saying. Peace
    . Kyle

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith 3 months ago

    Hey Coyote . I love your show man .. your awesome. I know it wouldn't be much of an adventure , but you need to come to Bermuda and do a show on one of the worlds rarest lizards. The Bermuda Skink...Just saying. Peace
    . Kyle

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith 3 months ago

    Hey Coyote . I love your show man .. your awesome. I know it wouldn't be much of an adventure , but you need to come to Bermuda and do a show on one of the worlds rarest lizards. The Bermuda Skink...Just saying. Peace
    . Kyle

  • ItZxPaYDaYx
    ItZxPaYDaYx 3 months ago

    Just got your book in the mail. Can't wait to read through it! Took a brief glance though and your mother's art is gorgeous!

    • Tobias Fake2
      Tobias Fake2 3 months ago

      Would you recommend me to buy the book? Really need to know.

  • Consuelo Lee
    Consuelo Lee 3 months ago

    im so exited for you to hit 9,000,000 subscribers brave windlers

  • Bhavesh Raja
    Bhavesh Raja 3 months ago

    can you found a jewel beetle

  • Devyn Drollette
    Devyn Drollette 3 months ago

    tbh who else is wondering when and what will happen when bravewilderness reaches 10 million subcribes xD

  • Mira55X - NarciaTalesOfHeroes

    since you've handled a black widow to disprove they're not as mean as people think they are... why not search for the adorable fuzzy jumping spiders? I think that'll help those who want to cure their arachnophobia which I know that there are people out there that want to cure their phobia... and I think an adorable video of a jumping spider would help! because I heard they've helped a lot of people overcome their arachnophobia

  • Joey Carpenter
    Joey Carpenter 3 months ago

    I question is his events of the bee , spider A WOW.  took the pai..n..  but when biten by a Squirrel monkey  he  leaves caging saying not doing recording.

  • slim randombs
    slim randombs 3 months ago

    No video in 4 days?

  • Matt Patrick
    Matt Patrick 3 months ago

    i found a snake in my front yard and some snails

    PARAMOUNT LEADER 3 months ago

    Please make a video about getting bitten by a bobbit worm!

  • beau lawrence
    beau lawrence 3 months ago


  • Nina Lizzard
    Nina Lizzard 3 months ago

    will you lick one of those frogs that "makes you trip"? just to see if its a myth or not?

  • Triocast Law
    Triocast Law 3 months ago

    Get Stung By A Giant Asian Hornet? (Yes, I know It's Dangerous)

  • Pug Lord
    Pug Lord 3 months ago

    I LOVE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pug Lord
    Pug Lord 3 months ago

    go to Millers Burg Ohio plez

  • Martin Siaudeau
    Martin Siaudeau 3 months ago

    Get stung by a Gympie Gympie!

  • FS Brown
    FS Brown 3 months ago

    Ever thought of doing a remote location? I.E. Tistan da Cuhna? Would love to see some rare marine wildlife by you guys since you get up close and personal in these locations.

  • drubber007
    drubber007 3 months ago

    Any chance of you taking a look at the Portia Jumping Spider....or any of the Jumping Spiders?

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee 3 months ago

    what happened to the starfish vid???

  • Vysaj si Kreplach
    Vysaj si Kreplach 3 months ago

    what happened to the toxic starfish video? it got taken down a few minutes ago :/

  • Bilgi Dolu
    Bilgi Dolu 3 months ago


  • Joker Killer
    Joker Killer 3 months ago

    im such a huge fan i want to do this you are my idol

  • DestructiveBurn
    DestructiveBurn 3 months ago

    Hi. Just reporting someone on Facebook stole your video without sending you credit.
    I posted in the comments your channel link. Have a good day.

  • Goldenchildgt
    Goldenchildgt 3 months ago

    Try the panda ant. I'd like to see how Coyote responds to that sting.

  • justin bulkley
    justin bulkley 3 months ago

    you should check out Justin Schmidt in az

  • the wither bros.
    the wither bros. 3 months ago

    coyote why not{you might have to go to asia for this one} butwhy not get stung by the asian giant hornet ?

  • Choppy Tok
    Choppy Tok 3 months ago

    please do a bearded dragon episode

  • gaming beast
    gaming beast 3 months ago

    you have the biggest balls in the world to do this stuff. you my good sir are awsome

  • Rich Kelly
    Rich Kelly 3 months ago

    Warrior wasp sting up next ??.. Justin Schmidt stated it was as bad if not worse than the Bullet Ant