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Brave Wilderness
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  • Sharon Day
    Sharon Day 2 hours ago

    Maybe he likes self harm

  • TTTcoffee BTW
    TTTcoffee BTW 2 hours ago

    My teacher love watching ur TVclip videos

  • Adventure with Cahillyio Cat


  • N G Chhalotre
    N G Chhalotre 2 hours ago

    Is it worse than the giant deasert centipede??🤔🤔

  • demons-angels God-saintan

    I am sorry to ask but why? Out of all the things you can get stung by a sea creature it could have been a jellyfish or an stingray nope it's a lionfish

  • guest 666
    guest 666 2 hours ago

    anyone agree that coyote looks so drunk during the sting effects

  • MorbidMinister666
    MorbidMinister666 2 hours ago

    Seems very painful. I’d imagine, judging by his reaction it’s much worse than a taser. I’ve been shocked by and zapped and incapacitated by various tasers. I’m a taser instructor for the police department I work for. Tasers really aren’t that bad at all. OC spray is MUCH MUCH worse. Now while I have seen people react this intensely from being tased, my guess is that sting was much worse!

  • Tommy Jones
    Tommy Jones 2 hours ago

    Safety glasses......maybe?

  • Ryan Fleischfresser
    Ryan Fleischfresser 2 hours ago

    By the cite parade in Milwaukee in Wisconsin they get bigger

  • Toology261
    Toology261 2 hours ago

    What about the black mamba ?!

  • Super Noah Fumingbloodline 96

    I’m scared of bees. I think that’s sad now

  • Fernando Turi
    Fernando Turi 2 hours ago

    Noni seed are toxic for the liver... google it

  • Jason Mazzonello
    Jason Mazzonello 2 hours ago

    I was trying to introduce your channel to a friend and I was literally just telling him about how you never click bait and how legit you are. I guess using this video as an example was a bad call

  • lost Angel
    lost Angel 2 hours ago

    30,000 he has no idea what he is talking about no where near that many

  • Elm Hotshot
    Elm Hotshot 2 hours ago

    Coyote lays in ant pile Ants”Attack” Coyote”did someone touch me” Ants”It’s a trap!!!”

  • vanilla cream
    vanilla cream 2 hours ago

    Vegan favourite food.

  • The Security Guy
    The Security Guy 3 hours ago

    Lol, that jeep could have made it to your destination.😏

  • Its Jazzy
    Its Jazzy 3 hours ago

    At 9:22 imagine a bee was left on that honey and you start to eat it...

  • Carianne Fifer
    Carianne Fifer 3 hours ago

    Coyote-yeah.-me ewww

  • Watsmyyname
    Watsmyyname 3 hours ago

    I'm coyote Peterson and I'm about to shoot myself in the chest for science and education

  • Invader
    Invader 3 hours ago

    Tiabkcilc is clickbait spelled backwards

  • Someguy1237
    Someguy1237 3 hours ago

    Me: *hears west virginia* Also me: AlMoSt HeAvEn

  • Hawkfrost
    Hawkfrost 3 hours ago

    4:06 "So this one time at band camp"

  • Unicorn Playz
    Unicorn Playz 3 hours ago

    I know that a little girl named Trinity was there I think I’m not sure if she was there with you

  • Sss Mmaann
    Sss Mmaann 3 hours ago

    Zebra walks in being jealous. 2:40

  • Jake Cox
    Jake Cox 3 hours ago

    I wonder if a shark bite hurts more than a bullet ant? Next video please

  • ShadsYT
    ShadsYT 3 hours ago

    Thats a it's a snapping turtle.... *"Grabs a biting rock boi"*

  • GreenCreeperGaming :D

    Coyote: This one sounds like a coconut *shakes left hand* and this one sound like a rock *shakes right hand* Me : What does a rock sound like? 🤨🤔

  • Elias Roxsed
    Elias Roxsed 3 hours ago

    I have ben stung by bullet ant and i can sadly say that this is 50% true 50% acting.

  • Ruby Spring
    Ruby Spring 3 hours ago

    Have u tried pickled onions coyote? or maybe pickled plums?

  • ResinArt 86
    ResinArt 86 3 hours ago

    I love her eyes. She's adorable. Beautiful creature.

  • Sss Mmaann
    Sss Mmaann 3 hours ago

    I agree that it would feel like Indiana Jones the temple of doom

  • GingaNinja RS
    GingaNinja RS 3 hours ago

    Where the heck is coyote at?????

  • Drew5876
    Drew5876 3 hours ago

    Efff That! That thing will take your fricken hand off!

  • Rowlie Eugenio
    Rowlie Eugenio 3 hours ago

    Guys well according to a past video and a comment that caught my eye, I’m eager to spread the word. Coyote has been stung by the Executioner Wasp to end the climb up the pain index but however, according to one comment there is STILL ONE WASP that Coyote hasn’t been stung yet. The Megalara Garuda A.K.A THE KING OF WASPS is a large wasp and the only species in the genus Megalara. It’s only known to be located from the Mekongga Mountains in the South Eastern part of the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi. A VERY FEW NUMBER KNOW ABOUT THIS WASP AND THERE IS VERY LIMITED INFO ABOUT ITS STING ON THE PAIN INDEX!!! Coyote added the Executioner Wasp to the pain index but there is one missing, THE KING OF WASPS! Whoever found this out, great job. I’m not taking any credit for this I’m just spreading the message

  • Shubham Choudhary
    Shubham Choudhary 3 hours ago

    3:05 they can use this footage to portray godzilla.

  • Jedidr
    Jedidr 3 hours ago

    Why are all the staff good looking girls?

  • Purge Vevo
    Purge Vevo 3 hours ago

    No other race: White people: getting stung from unknown insects🤣

  • Nature’s Beauty
    Nature’s Beauty 3 hours ago

    I can’t one of those at my school before all the kids were looking at me

  • Finn Benitz
    Finn Benitz 3 hours ago

    This dude is so dramatic

    LAME TRICKSHOTS 3 hours ago


  • zillailluhr
    zillailluhr 3 hours ago

    Ya wanna see me get chompeddd? 👁👄👁

  • Dub Simmons
    Dub Simmons 3 hours ago

    It’s ehh how this man does this and people in these comments section don’t care they joke about him just give him one compliment come on. 😂😂😂

  • albertosamaniego
    albertosamaniego 3 hours ago

    Next black mamba

  • Arah Fike
    Arah Fike 3 hours ago

    That's what you called natural acupuncture 😁

  • unionironjosh
    unionironjosh 3 hours ago

    Call him snapping face off because he almost got you.

  • Anthony Harnett
    Anthony Harnett 3 hours ago

    He is so cool like a so cool

  • Supriya kommuru
    Supriya kommuru 3 hours ago

    I love you coyote because you are doing well with your vedios

    LAME TRICKSHOTS 3 hours ago

    His name should be lil jimmy.

  • igoski1
    igoski1 3 hours ago

    Years ago, in northeast Tennessee, I was driving north on I-81 in the middle of no where and saw one of these setting in the right emergence lane, looking like it wanted to cross the interstate. It as at least as big as the one in this video but I really think it was bigger. The thing was huge! It was big enough that there was no way it would have gone under a car. I've wondered if it tried to cross the road or did it go back into where it came. It for sure was the biggest turtle I've ever seen.

  • Michelle Usher
    Michelle Usher 3 hours ago

    Apparently the Golden Orb spider is not an aggressive spider, alot of people keep them in their collections

  • Armin Alert
    Armin Alert 3 hours ago

    That lizard is shooting blood in is eyes

  • Jason Gibbs
    Jason Gibbs 3 hours ago

    This dude's crazy..

  • Muse Sic
    Muse Sic 3 hours ago

    He protecc🔒 He attacc🔫👊 But most importantly... He wants god to save him from coyote cause he be attacc Also MEW Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew Coyote: You know you have already been *CAPTURED* Also Coyote: Yeah? Mew Frog: **looks up at sky** Also Mew Frog: *GOD HELP ME FRUM DIS STRANG MEAN BOI*

  • fire king 236
    fire king 236 3 hours ago

    Circle of life

  • Muse Sic
    Muse Sic 3 hours ago

    I believe in dem

  • juan perez
    juan perez 3 hours ago

    Do it on your heart.

  • Lavish
    Lavish 3 hours ago

    I was once swarmed by hundreds of yellow jackets it was terrible.

  • Beth Sanders
    Beth Sanders 3 hours ago

    5:07 my dog "playing"

  • Felix Nj
    Felix Nj 3 hours ago

    He's going full-on Gordan Ramsay right there

  • MikeNair
    MikeNair 3 hours ago

    He managed to keep is language PG lol

  • Spiritfoxy
    Spiritfoxy 3 hours ago

    the green one is ripe the brown one is over ripe, the brown jelly taste bad

  • Ivan Byrne
    Ivan Byrne 3 hours ago

    "Bet you'd never believe..." "No, no... I believe it."

  • IX Replayz
    IX Replayz 3 hours ago

    He uhearted because you took someones comment and everyone like urs. A B I N U S

  • Pankaj Lath
    Pankaj Lath 3 hours ago

    That was lookin funny when three men just behaving like they're catching a snake XD while it's just an ant

  • Beth Sanders
    Beth Sanders 3 hours ago


  • Tuckerr
    Tuckerr 3 hours ago

    Guess you could say that was a.... *Cliff Hanger*

  • Nyheem Bunduka
    Nyheem Bunduka 3 hours ago

    I ❤ pickles

  • L!vre
    L!vre 3 hours ago

    Thanks for your work, I really enjoy watching you suffer

  • IX Replayz
    IX Replayz 3 hours ago

    Great white sharkLength Female: 15 - 21 ft. Adult Male: 11 - 13 ft. Adult

  • Ray Hernandez
    Ray Hernandez 3 hours ago

    Yup Wolves are great! At whipping out the elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, sheep and moose in this country. The population of these animals have been devastated by wolves that the Government released and have become over populated in North America.

  • Jo Yutre
    Jo Yutre 3 hours ago

    This video could also be titled: "Mitch McConnell has a salad."

  • Ble
    Ble 3 hours ago

    Chill in ice

  • Random Person
    Random Person 3 hours ago

    I’m still waiting for clickbait

  • ciociaro irrequiete
    ciociaro irrequiete 3 hours ago

    its an extremely dangerous animal....AS LONG AS YOURE RIGHT IN FRONT OF ITS MOUTH....other than that they seem absolutely helpless

  • David McGoff
    David McGoff 3 hours ago

    all of these amazing animals and he's playing with their poop!💩

  • Muse Sic
    Muse Sic 3 hours ago

    This is EPIC Wait... This is creepy ;-; I Don't like disssssss

  • Anthony Harnett
    Anthony Harnett 3 hours ago

    Get bit by horse

  • wayvs
    wayvs 4 hours ago

    Not much meat on them sure but a couple dozen in a Cajun boil would be tasty😋

  • Muse Sic
    Muse Sic 4 hours ago

    I was so scared he would get bit by da 🕷spooder :<

  • Trevor Sacco
    Trevor Sacco 4 hours ago

    Hey Coyote you should do an episode with the jeep gladiator

  • Trevor Sacco
    Trevor Sacco 4 hours ago

    Hey Coyote do you know how to drive a manual

  • Abdul A
    Abdul A 4 hours ago

    Why like why coyote 💩

  • Michael Wazinski
    Michael Wazinski 4 hours ago

    More powerful underwater. Makes sense. No air system in their little tanks. But commercial tanks have air system to keep them healthy and strong

  • Anthony Manzanarez
    Anthony Manzanarez 4 hours ago

    So would the ant not suffocate in there?😂

  • Garrett Messer
    Garrett Messer 4 hours ago

    Legend has it he bought that lobster from the local grocery store

  • Xavier P
    Xavier P 4 hours ago

    Brave Wilderness Is Weird. I like that. This Brave Wilderness Episode Is weird I don’t like that.

  • Zylo
    Zylo 4 hours ago

    *Mario gets bitten by snake* Mark: Tell me what your feeling

  • Sir SchmittyX
    Sir SchmittyX 4 hours ago

    That water is straight out of nightmares.

  • gulafidet pagan Eyubov

    my mans gets stung by almost every bug in the world but gets defeated by mighty cactus loot.

  • Life with Zaniyah
    Life with Zaniyah 4 hours ago

    I’m mad y’all keep messing with these innocent animals

  • Couch Potato
    Couch Potato 4 hours ago

    It would make more sense if it was crocodile snapping turtle and not alligator, because crocs are Less aggressive

  • Steve Spencer
    Steve Spencer 4 hours ago

    Awesome video

  • Carter Day
    Carter Day 4 hours ago

    Coyote:*gets stung* *screams* *Calmly puts the lid back on* *continues to scream*

  • LeAd HeAd
    LeAd HeAd 4 hours ago

    Will you guys be touring in Canada at all? Cause I would love to see it

  • Jurassic world *called Ariana montano


  • Gem sisters
    Gem sisters 4 hours ago

    I can't headed it to cute

  • xXEdgynessXx
    xXEdgynessXx 4 hours ago

    Nobody: Alligator snapping turtles: *:V*

  • MTF
    MTF 4 hours ago

    Every bird is a living dino