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Animal Field Trip!
3 months ago
3 months ago
Coyote's CRIB!
5 months ago
Dragon Drone!
6 months ago
Feeding the BFT!
6 months ago
6 months ago
Jurassic LIZARD!
7 months ago
8 months ago
8 months ago
Termite Breakfast!
8 months ago
8 months ago
Sneaky Banana Boa!
9 months ago
Two-Tailed Gecko!
9 months ago
Wolverine Face-Off!
10 months ago
Nippy Little Mink!
11 months ago
Friendly Baby Fox!
11 months ago
Zombie Juice!
11 months ago

Comments: 200

  • NarwhalGuy!
    NarwhalGuy! 21 hour ago

    Im Going To The Melbourne Live Show On My Birthday!Im Sooooooooo Excited!

  • Cogitovision
    Cogitovision 2 days ago

    Do any of your experiences haunt your dreams?

  • Diamond Skye
    Diamond Skye 3 days ago

    get bitten by a trap-jaw ant

  • David Knott
    David Knott 4 days ago

    One or more piranha bite challenge, please !!!

  • nico soriano
    nico soriano 4 days ago

    Can you get pinched by the Coconut Crab.

  • Amelia Billings
    Amelia Billings 6 days ago

    cyody should try handling a nurs shark

  • Lloyd Christmas
    Lloyd Christmas 6 days ago

    i love your videos but why do you do this things theatre dangers

  • Unkown Wilderness
    Unkown Wilderness 7 days ago

    I hope you respond!

  • Unkown Wilderness
    Unkown Wilderness 7 days ago

    But I will

  • Unkown Wilderness
    Unkown Wilderness 7 days ago

    I still have no videos

  • Unkown Wilderness
    Unkown Wilderness 7 days ago

    I made my channel after I watched all your videos and when i'm older iI want to be an animal specialist.

  • Unkown Wilderness
    Unkown Wilderness 7 days ago

    Hey coyote

  • Vincent X
    Vincent X 7 days ago

    Coyote please check out the bushmaster next time you head for Costa Rica. The longest pit viper in the world is surely something! Also maybe the red tailed boa?

  • Tommy Chapdelaine
    Tommy Chapdelaine 8 days ago

    I love your channel

  • Anya Enslin
    Anya Enslin 8 days ago

    Hay Coyote have you ever been stung by a warrior wasp!! if you have i'm having trouble finding it. If you have please seed me a link.

  • TheDragiix3
    TheDragiix3 9 days ago

    I think everybody would absolutely adore a blooper video! I bet a lot goes wrong when catching animals, heck, they are smart and fast! Love what you're doing :)

    WORST LIFE 9 days ago

    Make an episode of leather back turtle... Please... I wold like to take a bite...

    CHRISTIAN TENORIO 9 days ago

    coyote try to discover the phillipine eagle in the phillipines

  • Ivan Vaskiv
    Ivan Vaskiv 9 days ago

    @Brave wilderness did u came up close to a black panther ?

  • Charles Corper
    Charles Corper 10 days ago

    you should try to get bitten by the least toxic snake in the world brian barzyk would know the right one to get bit by who knows maybe one day you could build a tolerance and get bitten by a deadly snake

  • Peenah Ti Butter
    Peenah Ti Butter 10 days ago

    Coyote did you know Brian Barczyk wants to collab with you??????

  • ezz taha
    ezz taha 11 days ago

    why did you change the titles of some of your videos

  • Hunter Cappadocia
    Hunter Cappadocia 12 days ago

    Could you possibly do something on the pig-nosed turtle?

  • Connor Page
    Connor Page 12 days ago

    Mr peterson sir can you come back to lincoln maine so i can meet you in person

  • Denver o,connor
    Denver o,connor 12 days ago

    hey why not try a terantula next you can find them in california i found a black one during a camping trip.

  • jaden bridges
    jaden bridges 14 days ago

    what was the worst sting

  • jaden bridges
    jaden bridges 14 days ago

    what was the sting

  • WitheredWinter
    WitheredWinter 16 days ago

    This man right here is changing education of animals as we know it. My little cousin comes home from his science unit, right now they are learning about the food chain and web, and they always watch one of these video's. Keep it up! God bless!

  • liznm
    liznm 17 days ago

    1 million thumbs down for your channel

  • liznm
    liznm 17 days ago

    the poor animals.. bad channel! I should come to your family and do what you do to the animals! You're not brave! The animals are immensely sorry for me! you are not normal!

  • Erik M. The Young Paleontologist

    Dear Coyote,
    I'm a fellow youtuber and I love animals and your videos, so um could I please join at least one of your videos... please let me know either way.
    Thank you,

  • Jerrold Scharninghausen

    so coyote i love all the north and south american work you've done, but is there any chance you would do a European expatiation and do a segment over seas?

  • Bailey hearts
    Bailey hearts 18 days ago

    It would be awesome to come to Tennesse and catch crawdads.... Any ideas? Yes? I'm not hearing a no....

    I'd wanna do an episode catching crawdads with you since there is a creek in my backyard literally.

    but I'm going out on a stretch aren't I...

  • Liam Perschau
    Liam Perschau 18 days ago

    i know right

  • Kitty Whiskers
    Kitty Whiskers 19 days ago

    I LOVE snakes!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nikolia the zombie killer

    dear coyote can spiders accidentally kill themselves like if the banana spider were to accidentally bite its leg could it then expose its own toxins in there own body and kill itself

  • Zøe S
    Zøe S 20 days ago

    how are you still alive

  • Carlos Torres
    Carlos Torres 21 day ago

    mud dauber wasp plz

  • Thrash Mands
    Thrash Mands 21 day ago


  • solutionnotpuzzle
    solutionnotpuzzle 21 day ago

    Hey i have a video request. Basically i was wondering if you can do a video about silverfish. Supposedly they are harmless and just eat bits of paper and stuff, but they literally scare the daylights out of me every time i see them.

  • Faaq Goolab
    Faaq Goolab 21 day ago

    Hi Coyote....have you ever been stung by a stone fish

  • AnimaxLP nyan
    AnimaxLP nyan 21 day ago

    Do you ever Search for a Bobbit Worm? May a new Video XD?

  • minercraft 1738
    minercraft 1738 21 day ago

    today there was a snake in my room i kinda wish my dad didnt kill the snake he said he had to because the snake was aggressive and was just going after the broom and my dad didnt know what kind of snake it was i hope u have a great day and keep making the great videos

  • BFFNiloveanimmals foxygirl

    hey coyote you there and if not it is okay but i just wanted to say that i want to have adventurse with you and i want to explore the world with you. i know im small but small things come in big packages

    GIGGLR 22 days ago

    I didn't choose the comment life, the comment life chose me

  • Mark Yosef Dancel
    Mark Yosef Dancel 22 days ago

    Coyote please feature Komodo Dragon

  • McGuires Tutorials
    McGuires Tutorials 23 days ago

    nice channel... I love wildlife

  • Avisia Vixen
    Avisia Vixen 23 days ago

    If you ever want to do spiders in Missouri, like near Rockwood Reservation, I've got a knack for locating Dark Fishing Spiders (Dolomedes tenebrosus).

    They are usually difficult to find, but after I found one female hunting the Brown Recluse Spiders in my basement, kept her as a pet for a while, watched her build a nursery web and ultimately released her and the hundreds of babies. Since then, there's now an abundance of them in select areas near that park.

    They are pretty interesting spiders. While they named for their ability to hunt small fish like minnows, the young ones often hunt mosquito larvae in standing water and the adults are actually rather inclined to hunt brown recluses (which can become a huge problem in some homes around here. We had them breeding in our drains and had to use sticky traps to get rid of hundreds of them.)

    Even if Fishing Spiders are big and intimidating, I wish people wouldn't harm them because they are such helpful arachnids!

  • Hugin Munin
    Hugin Munin 23 days ago

    Have he tried Panda Ant?

  • A Aa
    A Aa 23 days ago

    Brave Wilderness survival. Plz do a survival video

  • Emperor Shōwa Hirohito

    If Coyote ever dies, i swear that i'll kill myself too.

  • TheRedFox
    TheRedFox 25 days ago

    do a video on the coconut crab (Robber crab, palm thief)

  • Amikitten // JaM_Angel

    i want to be like you #staywild

  • Riley Palm
    Riley Palm 27 days ago

    im mean stung

  • Riley Palm
    Riley Palm 27 days ago

    get stung by an assain bug

  • Darnell Brookes
    Darnell Brookes 27 days ago

    Are you gonna try a Portuguese man o' war challenge?

  • Robert Watson
    Robert Watson 27 days ago

    Been watching episodes for awhile, always interesting to watch. Thanks for all the adventures. Awesome work, thanks for doing what you do :)

  • lucas halanski
    lucas halanski 27 days ago

    can you sub to me the gameboy yo yo please it would mean the world to me

  • Auditor
    Auditor 29 days ago

    Coyote vs magpie.
    greatest battle since alien vs predator

  • Kaleb Edwards
    Kaleb Edwards Month ago

    hi brave wilderness

  • Kevin
    Kevin Month ago

    " i'm Coyote peterson and i'm ready to enter a World War 3 zone "

  • Dan Leung
    Dan Leung Month ago

    Are you gonna try The Asian Giant Hornet?

  • Serina Jones
    Serina Jones Month ago

    My girls Josie (7) & Addie (5) are HUGE fans - when are you coming to the West Coast? California?

  • James Mollo
    James Mollo Month ago

    when are you going to do the Asian hornet

  • Brett
    Brett Month ago

    ever think about getting stung by Dendrocnide excelsa?

  • Kevin Shirley
    Kevin Shirley Month ago

    I want to know more about the Giant Leopard Caterpillar.

  • KornBred
    KornBred Month ago

    You really need to replace ur camera men

  • KornBred
    KornBred Month ago

    Try to find the spider who bit peter parker

  • KornBred
    KornBred Month ago


  • Kanji Panda
    Kanji Panda Month ago

    I preordered the Brave Adventures book and it came today !

  • James Preston
    James Preston Month ago

    Hey Brave Wilderness will you guys ever think about going to Australia

  • Fakhrul Razan
    Fakhrul Razan Month ago

    Dear Brave Wilderness crew and Coyote. What would be the coming 'dare' video? Is there any chance that you guys can get Coyote to get zapped by electric eel? I'm not encouraging it though. Just asking.

  • Mermaid K
    Mermaid K Month ago

    coyote would you do a show/video on the triops of the sanoran desert

  • Fresh Kid Diamond


  • Fresh Kid Diamond

    plz do the worrier wasp

  • Justin Taylor
    Justin Taylor Month ago

    I Have Been pooped on in the face once. you don't wanna know how it feels.... #WhenYourCryingInside #SubscribeToBraveWilderness #TooManyHashTags #EndMySuffering

  • Home Wild
    Home Wild Month ago


  • Putu Tresna Wijaya

    Hey Coyote, enter the sting zone of Gympie gympie plant...

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith Month ago

    Hey Coyote . I love your show man .. your awesome. I know it wouldn't be much of an adventure , but you need to come to Bermuda and do a show on one of the worlds rarest lizards. The Bermuda Skink...Just saying. Peace
    . Kyle

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith Month ago

    Hey Coyote . I love your show man .. your awesome. I know it wouldn't be much of an adventure , but you need to come to Bermuda and do a show on one of the worlds rarest lizards. The Bermuda Skink...Just saying. Peace
    . Kyle

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith Month ago

    Hey Coyote . I love your show man .. your awesome. I know it wouldn't be much of an adventure , but you need to come to Bermuda and do a show on one of the worlds rarest lizards. The Bermuda Skink...Just saying. Peace
    . Kyle

  • ItZxPaYDaYx
    ItZxPaYDaYx Month ago

    Just got your book in the mail. Can't wait to read through it! Took a brief glance though and your mother's art is gorgeous!

    • Tobias Fake2
      Tobias Fake2 Month ago

      Would you recommend me to buy the book? Really need to know.

  • Consuelo Lee
    Consuelo Lee Month ago

    im so exited for you to hit 9,000,000 subscribers brave windlers

  • Bhavesh Raja
    Bhavesh Raja Month ago

    can you found a jewel beetle

  • Devyn Drollette
    Devyn Drollette Month ago

    tbh who else is wondering when and what will happen when bravewilderness reaches 10 million subcribes xD

  • Mira55X - NarciaTalesOfHeroes

    since you've handled a black widow to disprove they're not as mean as people think they are... why not search for the adorable fuzzy jumping spiders? I think that'll help those who want to cure their arachnophobia which I know that there are people out there that want to cure their phobia... and I think an adorable video of a jumping spider would help! because I heard they've helped a lot of people overcome their arachnophobia

  • Joey Carpenter
    Joey Carpenter Month ago

    I question is his events of the bee , spider A WOW.  took the pai..n..  but when biten by a Squirrel monkey  he  leaves caging saying not doing recording.

  • slim randombs
    slim randombs Month ago

    No video in 4 days?

  • Matt Patrick
    Matt Patrick Month ago

    i found a snake in my front yard and some snails


    Please make a video about getting bitten by a bobbit worm!

  • beau lawrence
    beau lawrence Month ago


  • Nina Lizzard
    Nina Lizzard Month ago

    will you lick one of those frogs that "makes you trip"? just to see if its a myth or not?

  • Triocast Law
    Triocast Law Month ago

    Get Stung By A Giant Asian Hornet? (Yes, I know It's Dangerous)

  • Pug Lord
    Pug Lord Month ago

    I LOVE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pug Lord
    Pug Lord Month ago

    go to Millers Burg Ohio plez

  • Martin Siaudeau
    Martin Siaudeau Month ago

    Get stung by a Gympie Gympie!

  • FS Brown
    FS Brown Month ago

    Ever thought of doing a remote location? I.E. Tistan da Cuhna? Would love to see some rare marine wildlife by you guys since you get up close and personal in these locations.

  • drubber007
    drubber007 Month ago

    Any chance of you taking a look at the Portia Jumping Spider....or any of the Jumping Spiders?

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee Month ago

    what happened to the starfish vid???

  • Vysaj si Kreplach

    what happened to the toxic starfish video? it got taken down a few minutes ago :/

  • Bilgi Dolu
    Bilgi Dolu Month ago


  • Joker Killer
    Joker Killer Month ago

    im such a huge fan i want to do this you are my idol

  • DestructiveBurn
    DestructiveBurn Month ago

    Hi. Just reporting someone on Facebook stole your video without sending you credit.

    I posted in the comments your channel link. Have a good day.

  • Goldenchildgt
    Goldenchildgt Month ago

    Try the panda ant. I'd like to see how Coyote responds to that sting.

  • justin bulkley
    justin bulkley Month ago

    you should check out Justin Schmidt in az

  • the wither bros.
    the wither bros. Month ago

    coyote why not{you might have to go to asia for this one} butwhy not get stung by the asian giant hornet ?

  • The talking Turtle

    please do a bearded dragon episode

  • gaming beast
    gaming beast Month ago

    you have the biggest balls in the world to do this stuff. you my good sir are awsome

  • Rich Kelly
    Rich Kelly Month ago

    Warrior wasp sting up next ??.. Justin Schmidt stated it was as bad if not worse than the Bullet Ant

  • Backyard Willderness

    this discussion is old, and selfish

  • femiairboy94
    femiairboy94 Month ago

    Still waiting for the warrior wasp

  • heather jackson
    heather jackson Month ago

    boy you so crazy

  • iPulse_Shock
    iPulse_Shock Month ago

    get stung by a sting ray plz

  • Sterling Rothchild

    Hey Coyote I really really enjoy watching you on YT especially the shows that involve the marine life big and small!!!!

  • Tom Hanks
    Tom Hanks Month ago

    New dangerous species found on my channel you can watch now! :O Coyote Peterson hope you don't mind

  • FerociousTiger5000

    I just finished watching your first On Location video about the Coconuts & i was wondering; what would be like to meet a Coconut Crab?

  • DotLife Daniela
    DotLife Daniela Month ago

    Sir,your channel is very entertaining.Keep it going i learned so much.

  • Sara Bree Wolf
    Sara Bree Wolf Month ago

    Does anyone know how to find tickets to the sold out show in Columbus, Ohio? I know there are tons of third party sites that sell sold out tickets but I can't find this show on Sept. 13th even listed. I would appreciate any help at all. I really want to take my son, we never get to do anything and I want this birthday to be special but I dropped the ball on getting tickets!

  • SnuggleCat 667
    SnuggleCat 667 Month ago

    get bitten by horseflies
    or deerflies

  • K9 Squad
    K9 Squad Month ago

    ur bad bruh or thats at least what i think

  • Gracie Best
    Gracie Best Month ago

    I love your videos and the click bait video was awesome now I'm starting to think to get your book

  • oNazari
    oNazari Month ago

    This channel isn't as good as it used to be... sad

  • N7 Elite
    N7 Elite Month ago

    when is the warrior wasp?

  • Madeleine C
    Madeleine C Month ago

    Hes like Irl pokemon! Lol!

  • Ryan Peacock
    Ryan Peacock Month ago

    have you tried a cicada killer wasp? ( note it might be to poisonous )

  • Once Blind Outdoors

    Here's an idea to add to your sting videos. If you can add an infrared filter on your camera to see what your arm looks like before and then soon after to see how much a temperature difference you arm is experiencing it would add to what you are sharing with us. Thanks for taking a "bullet" for us.

  • annenaske
    annenaske Month ago

    Brave Wilderness is one of the best channels currently on Youtube!

  • ZenTheForce
    ZenTheForce Month ago

    Sting zone with the Cicada Killer.

    Do it. Triple dog dare you.

  • Pat Singho
    Pat Singho Month ago

    oh yea guys search: do the harlem shake

  • Papi Chulo
    Papi Chulo Month ago

    hey thx coyote and ur fellow crew members for giving such entertainment and gettting things of my mind thnk u coyote and the coyote pack and crew members :)

  • Flandre Scarlet
    Flandre Scarlet Month ago


  • Tyler Butcher-Ennesser

    Cyote have you ever did a vid on getting bit by a onterior snapping turttle ?

  • Pat Singho
    Pat Singho Month ago

    Brave Wilderness i was trying to look for your Channel , now i find it:D yay

  • PAWPatrolFanatic
    PAWPatrolFanatic Month ago

    Can you do wasps and hornets

  • JT Hornsby
    JT Hornsby Month ago

    get pinched by a coconut crab :)

  • superjason422
    superjason422 Month ago

    in san antonio texas at panther springs park there is a sinkhole put a live stream about it so I can be there

  • רוני איתן

    Coyote Peterson sure likes to get stung and bitten by every animal possible! I think someone should make a parody episode of him getting bitten by a vampire or a werewolf

  • Ciel Phantomhive
    Ciel Phantomhive Month ago

    Lol film has disappeared

  • TheFlyingSparow
    TheFlyingSparow Month ago

    just wanted to pop in and say love your vids, and like you i love nature and all the creatures in it. i love to pick them up when i know its safe, and just say hi to them, then put them back for the most part right where i found them. a few exceptions are when they are in the street or in a friends yard and freak them out. btw back in 6th grade during an outdoor activity i saw a water moccasin and was the only one in the class who didn't freak out when i told the teacher that it was near us. lol

  • Angela Hunter
    Angela Hunter Month ago

    hey um sp I don't know how to spell your name but you should stop hurting yourself just relax

  • Ology Studios
    Ology Studios Month ago

    I know you did octopus vids a while ago, but there are only two of them, and it would be cool if you did a vid with trying to find larger octopuses.(that would be amazing to see a common/giant pacific octopus)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    • Anzu of england
      Anzu of england Month ago

      imagine a giant squid :O....its a shame they only live deep though.....

      talking about deep, dont megamouth sharks and fire fly squids come up to the sunlight-zone at night? so maybe he could see those! (just a suggestion, and it may be megamouths are extremely rare)

  • TheSniper9752
    TheSniper9752 Month ago

    Keep up the great videos! Glad to see you guys on the trending section so frequently!

  • FerociousTiger5000

    I was wondering ; what other animals you'll encounter next cause I was hoping for central and south America, you would meet some cool animals like tapir , coati , or Tamandua

    • FerociousTiger5000
      FerociousTiger5000 Month ago

      Im Mostly Curious About if you know what a Tapir is and if it would be a cool animal to look into

  • AMA 2002
    AMA 2002 2 months ago

    Brave Wilderness should try Naked and Afraid and see how good coyote can survive I believe he can do it

  • Joe Loves Potatoes
    Joe Loves Potatoes 2 months ago

    ur good @making videos

  • Joe Loves Potatoes
    Joe Loves Potatoes 2 months ago

    i subscribed

  • PuffyTigerToy
    PuffyTigerToy 2 months ago

    What do you do at the event

  • Diffup
    Diffup 2 months ago

    I betcha Coyote's doctors are sick of these challanges.

  • TheRandom Creeper
    TheRandom Creeper 2 months ago

    Warrior Wasp..?

  • Bartu Dündar
    Bartu Dündar 2 months ago

    I dare you get close as much as you can to a walrus without bringing harm to yourself.

  • jex dragon
    jex dragon 2 months ago

    have you tried getting stung by a georgia wood wasp?

  • MultiGaming Sweden
    MultiGaming Sweden 2 months ago

    can you be bite by a big pike?

  • Jennylg29
    Jennylg29 2 months ago

    Octopus!!!!! There's not enough of them on your channel! Thanks :)

  • Adam Schultz
    Adam Schultz 2 months ago

    where is the warrior wasp

  • Opaque - Agar
    Opaque - Agar 2 months ago

    Coyote you should get bitten by a garr or cuda

  • moth king
    moth king 2 months ago

    do a video on moth/butterflies!!!

  • Sabrina Chew
    Sabrina Chew 2 months ago

    can you make an episode about being bit by a shark

  • Lex Lim
    Lex Lim 2 months ago

    Coyote how about you handling wolf snake :D

  • Home Wild
    Home Wild 2 months ago

    do u ever wonder if brave wilderness is a liberal

  • The Cheesy
    The Cheesy 2 months ago

    do a vid of wild guinea pigs

  • The_Only_1 herp
    The_Only_1 herp 2 months ago

    i watch your videos over and over im your #1

  • SuperJohnisawsome
    SuperJohnisawsome 2 months ago

    Remember when Brave Wilderness used to make videos about animals?

  • Jimbob
    Jimbob 2 months ago

    you need to get stung by a stingray and i wonder when he will get stung by the warrior wasp

  • Matthew Jacobs
    Matthew Jacobs 2 months ago

    Please do the mudskipper!

  • Football137462
    Football137462 2 months ago

    wafflepwn brought me here

  • Mark Nikolich
    Mark Nikolich 2 months ago

    Bulldog Ant Challenge...!!!

  • awesome legobatman
    awesome legobatman 2 months ago

    You get stung by insects and show us how much it hurts well apreciated I Suscribed ;)

  • Jennifer Vogel
    Jennifer Vogel 2 months ago

    im jacob,im 6yrs old, i love your channel and i subscribed

  • captdaniel337
    captdaniel337 2 months ago

    How about a meet and greet (bite) from the Panda Ant?

  • master duke
    master duke 2 months ago

    NOOT NOOT!!!!!!

  • Jeff Sears
    Jeff Sears 2 months ago

    Love what you do. You're a brave man to take such pain. Speaking of pain, have you ever considered touching a Gympie-Gympie plant? Apologies if you've been asked this a bazillion times.

    • Jeff Sears
      Jeff Sears 2 months ago

  • Oviie Mbem
    Oviie Mbem 2 months ago

    Please make video about Coconut crab and komodo dragon.

  • OneCrew27
    OneCrew27 2 months ago

    You should find and save baby turtles

  • Minepro 20000
    Minepro 20000 2 months ago

    Do the Asian giant hornet challenge!

  • gage bangay
    gage bangay 2 months ago

    if your team ever has the chance i would highly recommend coming to British Columbia Canada as it is a very beautiful area

  • aidia dobbels
    aidia dobbels 2 months ago

    He already did the bullet ant

  • Eric Blake
    Eric Blake 2 months ago

    Thank you, My 4 year old every day says "Daddy, i want to watch coyote play with animals"
    He loves your program soo much.
    So thank you for bringing such joy into my sons life. Keep up the good work! =)

  • JordanC-137
    JordanC-137 2 months ago

    I thought your channel was educational at first. Than you started posting "challenge videos" Or videos of you getting attacked by certain animals claiming research or it helps understand.. Like really man? You're just doing it for views and I cant support that.

  • RollingArtist
    RollingArtist 2 months ago

    Can you do an episode on the Fischer Cat?

  • TheXDimension32
    TheXDimension32 2 months ago

    Have you ever encountered a portuguese man o war jelly fish?

  • Gil Angelo Austria
    Gil Angelo Austria 2 months ago

    get pinched by a HUGE COCONUT CRAB !!

  • Jennifer Daggett
    Jennifer Daggett 2 months ago

    I am ten years old and i just got stung by the black wasp.

  • larken24
    larken24 2 months ago

    Please please, I want to see you enter the sting zone of the Japenese giant hornet!!

  • Glokib
    Glokib 2 months ago

    Hey Coyote! you should come to British Columbia's coastline! I've lived here my entire life and I think it would be a great place for you to shoot. (Also it would be cool if you left the states every once and a while XD) The coastline is the largest temperate rainforest in the world and its BEAUTIFUL. The old growth forests would be a great place to feature on the show, and the rocky beaches are great for beyond the tide! (Very common to see the LARGEST octopus in the world...) Also, if you make it up to the great bear rainforest, there is a chance of you bumping into the rare spirit bear, which is a yellow-white bear that lives up there. That would be a once in a lifetime experience!!

  • Milky way
    Milky way 2 months ago

    can you do a video on hermit crabs please?

  • Marco Caetano
    Marco Caetano 2 months ago

    I know this isn't an animal, but I saw you trying different hot sauces. You handled them pretty well! Now, can you try eating an entire chocolate bhutlah pepper? It's the bullet ant of the peppers! ;)

  • Avery Washington
    Avery Washington 2 months ago

    I love this channel! Thank you and the crew for bringing us such interesting and educational content. I wish you all the best!

  • Taylor Fulcher
    Taylor Fulcher 2 months ago

    Hello Brave Wilderness, I'm not sure how I can personally contact the crew or someone who deals with e-mails. But I saw a comment recommending an encounter with the Coconut Crab/Robber Crab/Palm Theif. However when looking up some basic information on it, it looks like it may be an endangered species. But nonetheless it seems like it'd make an interesting episode.

  • Collin Spittle
    Collin Spittle 2 months ago

    What does it feel like to get bit by a snake?

  • bubbles
    bubbles 2 months ago

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  • Scarlett Faith
    Scarlett Faith 2 months ago

    Coyote, I think an experience with the Gimpy Gimpy Plant is in order. Few people have heard stories about the Dendrocnide moroides plant, but those that have had experiences say it is something one will never forget. Several marsupials and birds can eat the plant with no issues but for some reason that doesn't apply to humans. I think it would certainly be an awesome feature! Best of luck.

  • Moon_Lolly
    Moon_Lolly 2 months ago

    I feel like when he gets attacked or painfully hurt
    It's like a snuff film to people

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    Erin Daly 2 months ago

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  • Gavin H
    Gavin H 2 months ago

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    LUNAALA PENGUIN 2 months ago

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  • Michael Ouellet Plante

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  • JeanParameciumBean
    JeanParameciumBean 2 months ago

    Hey Brave Wilderness team, thank you for everything you do! I've loved animals for as long as I can remember, and the way you explore makes them all the more interesting for me! It's a wonderful thing to see people trained to handle worst-case situations take what they learned and pass it on to others. So thank you, Coyote, for taking the time (and all the more pain) to teach us, and thank you to the entire Brave Wilderness crew for supporting him and making this possible. You're all super great; you have infectious smiles and your personalities make the videos all the more worth watching. Keep doing what you do, but remember to take good care of yourselves as well. As important as it is to you to educate your audience, it's so much more important to me that you take care of yourselves and try not to push yourselves too hard!

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    Sylis 2 months ago

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