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  • angela fields
    angela fields 6 hours ago

    want that couch

  • Frankie Bleddyn
    Frankie Bleddyn 6 hours ago

    Why do companies do that? Instead of saying 10 amps they say 10,000 milliamps. But why stop there, this device will put out 10 million microamps. They think customers are stupid and don't the know the difference and think that is a huge amount of power, but at 5 volts it is only producing about 50 watts of power.

  • Jaidenrulez 10
    Jaidenrulez 10 7 hours ago

    Imagine a karen force landing a drone then stealing it

  • APEX Central&Clips
    APEX Central&Clips 7 hours ago

    so we’re not goin to talk about who needs that amount of guns?

  • karmenkay64
    karmenkay64 7 hours ago

    4:00 why doesn't call of duty MW have that scope?

  • Ryan - Roblox
    Ryan - Roblox 7 hours ago

    WWIII: Simple war **Guy brings up aimbot gun** Hold up. That’s cheating.

  • Bach0 Sebastian
    Bach0 Sebastian 8 hours ago

    samsung galaxy active 2 44mm the best, is scratch resistanse, dust and water resistance. Apple watches sucks

  • Joe Max Fpv
    Joe Max Fpv 8 hours ago

    I’ll take one of each. Sweet

  • Ed Zethan
    Ed Zethan 8 hours ago

    6mm double gas-powered Glock? Thats not a weapon, its an airsoft gun. They problably sell it on

  • maintoc
    maintoc 9 hours ago

    7:54 "simulates," not "stimulates."

  • Juan Rivas Gonzalez
    Juan Rivas Gonzalez 9 hours ago

    Where can I fine 8:30 minute that

  • Michael Boros
    Michael Boros 9 hours ago

    i just want a phone that wont break when i rage

  • Sasika Costa
    Sasika Costa 9 hours ago

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  • marty Slay
    marty Slay 9 hours ago

    6:○○..The droan commercial bat lady would put a few dings in them w wood bat

  • David Kelly
    David Kelly 9 hours ago

    Every one of these designs would break in my house!🤣

  • simpolang
    simpolang 10 hours ago

    Just tape up two glocks together..... The first one was stupid

  • Hayden K
    Hayden K 10 hours ago

    yeah i have a fishing rod in my EDC

  • Enzoid PvP
    Enzoid PvP 10 hours ago

    4:00 excuse me its a shadow dagger

  • JdboogZ 24
    JdboogZ 24 10 hours ago

    These cars were so cool want all of them

  • Aj Mcintee
    Aj Mcintee 10 hours ago

    That is actually dope af

  • JdboogZ 24
    JdboogZ 24 10 hours ago

    This is such a cool channel love looking at cool tech

  • Chris Gallagher
    Chris Gallagher 11 hours ago

    that credit card sized pistol is disgusting and terrifying

  • x omega
    x omega 11 hours ago

    If your shoes have zippers on it ur not buisness person

  • Gabriel Danelichen
    Gabriel Danelichen 11 hours ago

    curious, i come to watch a cool weapon show off and be happy but this just made more sad.....knowing how the world is putting so many money on that.....

  • keith glynn
    keith glynn 11 hours ago

    They probably stole the idea anyway.

  • Sugar Show
    Sugar Show 11 hours ago

    The reason of why nothing of this exist is cause those stuff weren't not necessary all this time and will keep like this

  • Smok Biggarton
    Smok Biggarton 11 hours ago

    Why haven’t I heard of these things yet?..what country are these items?..or are they just prototypes?

  • Mexicanjoker86
    Mexicanjoker86 12 hours ago

    Awesome also I support our second amendment

  • Matheus Cardoso
    Matheus Cardoso 12 hours ago

    DO çanal

  • Matheus Cardoso
    Matheus Cardoso 12 hours ago

    Quê é o home DO trabalho de vocês do Canaã e Me Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder Responder pornfavor eu quero ser íngua a vocês

  • Ethan Osborn
    Ethan Osborn 12 hours ago

    Wow if automatic and dual glocks and aimbot wasn’t enough for school shootings hahah

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male 12 hours ago

    There is no way those gold dice are only 25$

  • Linda Thrall
    Linda Thrall 12 hours ago


  • Mr. Pancake
    Mr. Pancake 12 hours ago

    And here I was thinking I was a genius hiding stuff in my chest bank, this is next level

  • Linda Thrall
    Linda Thrall 12 hours ago


  • Blizz 4041
    Blizz 4041 13 hours ago

    WWIII soldier reported for aimbot

  • Existence master
    Existence master 13 hours ago

    Air soft with the scope ....... You have ben band for aim bot

  • zi zono gui
    zi zono gui 13 hours ago


  • BluesteelGaming
    BluesteelGaming 13 hours ago

    Its not long until they make tf2 irl tho

  • Edward Hiett
    Edward Hiett 13 hours ago

    As if automatic rifles weren't enough for psycho school shooters, now they have double barreled 50 round glocks too? This is total insanity.

    • Anthony Floyd
      Anthony Floyd 11 hours ago

      U also forgot one of them can be Automatic firing aswell

    • Ethan Osborn
      Ethan Osborn 12 hours ago

      Edward Hiett agreed hahaha

  • love roblox
    love roblox 14 hours ago

    Even if I get a big house I would like to get skme of this

  • Jimmy Kidding0917
    Jimmy Kidding0917 14 hours ago

    Those glocks are airsoft guns

  • Boston Tracy
    Boston Tracy 14 hours ago

    Do you know the range of the Tracking Point Gun accessory? It’s essentially your own robotic spotter.

  • Private Citizen
    Private Citizen 14 hours ago

    It is a shame Living Cube company called it quits a few years ago.

  • OtreboR
    OtreboR 14 hours ago

    5G is deadly, investigate if you don't know anything about it, over the entire world are now petition and action demonstration to stop

  • Xav Char
    Xav Char 14 hours ago

    Yo that first double barrel is an airsoft gun

  • The Jack of Realms
    The Jack of Realms 14 hours ago

    5:20 huh. if only they put a seat on it. oh wait...

  • Win Nihlanfeldt
    Win Nihlanfeldt 14 hours ago

    “Curve the bullet.” -Creed Bratton

  • The Moto King
    The Moto King 14 hours ago

    Got me inspired.

  • BlackboardIdeas
    BlackboardIdeas 14 hours ago

    We have one of the "awesome multipurpose faucets" (it really costs just like $10) and the multi-jet mode is totally useless. When you turn it on, the water ricochets from the dishes all over the area around the sink, so I use it only for very dirty pots and in such a way that it splashes back in the sink. It really has a very shallow area of use.

  • NiMaTsa Extreme
    NiMaTsa Extreme 14 hours ago


  • Bling
    Bling 15 hours ago

    That was one sweet video

  • Apathy Guy
    Apathy Guy 15 hours ago

    %80 of these things are just Segway rip offs. Lazy fat mall cops rejoice. Not one single thing was impressive in any way.

  • lott nio
    lott nio 15 hours ago

    Where are all the Indians asking prices. They are always doing that. And giving/asking contact information and where to byu things in Bombay. Hopefully they are watching toilet use videos.

  • jonasmk 08
    jonasmk 08 15 hours ago

    Is it like airsoft wapons

  • Brian Whitehead
    Brian Whitehead 15 hours ago

    I was a big Conor McGregor fan once upon a time! But it's all just about the fake ass show !!!! Now it's become one big shit show and it makes me fucking sick!!! yes I think some of the shit is fake and the UFC is rewarding a piece of shit scum bag for being a piece of shit scum bag that I used to have respect for that has not learned a goddam thing! used to be my favorite and will probably be on top again but I don't give a fuck because I see the true colors of the UFC and The notorious puppet!!! Nobody gives a fuck about your goddamn whiskey we just want to see you fight and have honor and truly wear that CROSS on your back!

  • Nathan Powers
    Nathan Powers 15 hours ago

    I want a LC7! (1:10)

  • Dušan Radin
    Dušan Radin 16 hours ago

    T-1 i see..

  • robert shuman
    robert shuman 16 hours ago

    Gas masks review would be helpful, kinda hard to use,a weapon breathing poison. Can we all say Assad?PUTIN/TRUMP 💜communism 🇺🇸2020

  • Gamingninja 9678
    Gamingninja 9678 16 hours ago

    Wtf a double barreled glock 17 OP

  • حمزة الطشاني


  • Johnny Pereira
    Johnny Pereira 16 hours ago

    The double barreled glock is only an overpriced airsoft gun. It ain’t a weapon. The guided trigger system, cornershot, life card derringer, smartgun is are dope as fuck though!

  • harshraj Birodkar
    harshraj Birodkar 16 hours ago


  • super t
    super t 16 hours ago

    I’m 25

  • Mr.AJWorks
    Mr.AJWorks 16 hours ago


  • Liragon
    Liragon 16 hours ago

    Countries that allow citizens to have guns on a problem you fucking idiot Channel

  • Bruce Hart
    Bruce Hart 16 hours ago

    There seem to be a few people confused between camping and backpacking.

  • Anthony Floyd
    Anthony Floyd 17 hours ago

    I like the Fruit Molds, would wish to see a Sonic Ring Mold so i can get the Lemon to grow in a Shape of a Ring

  • Kevin Waters
    Kevin Waters 17 hours ago

    Noooooo hater 😡😡😡😡

  • Anonymous Trutherz
    Anonymous Trutherz 17 hours ago

    I want that high powered drone sniper. Imagine taking out a military drone with that. Lmfao I wonder if that would be illegal. You could always say you weren't aiming for it and was just trying to get a civilian drone off your property.

  • Daniel Sander
    Daniel Sander 17 hours ago

    Holy cow I want all of them

  • Edi Torres
    Edi Torres 17 hours ago

    Finally a target finder IRL HAHAHA 😂

  • Defrock7
    Defrock7 17 hours ago

    I would really like to see the design papers on the Coriolis Effect with that smart rifle.

  • Andy Hardin
    Andy Hardin 17 hours ago

    please get new music

  • Ant Bro
    Ant Bro 17 hours ago

    Kill, kill, kill technology just push the F"in botton and be done. And all the hey"miand great shit dudes, that love the destruction of humans are the same guys cryin about the government coming to take there weapon. WTF is this cross wired bullshit.

  • alex mcGowan
    alex mcGowan 17 hours ago

    Hold up didn't you show this video before

  • dark light
    dark light 17 hours ago

    looks like a vape mod

    DRAGONSTEVE 17 hours ago


  • Chance Boykin
    Chance Boykin 17 hours ago

    why tf was there a mount for the bike on a random tree

  • Ohene Drizzy
    Ohene Drizzy 17 hours ago


  • Ohene Drizzy
    Ohene Drizzy 17 hours ago


  • Jimmy Powell
    Jimmy Powell 17 hours ago

    So aimbot is in real life now..... noice

  • svet ptica
    svet ptica 18 hours ago

    Planet is in colaps but they invent new guns..

  • Peter Peralez
    Peter Peralez 18 hours ago

    Found out how they got JFK with the smart shooter smh damm

  • Game buster02
    Game buster02 18 hours ago


  • Rosanne Coffman
    Rosanne Coffman 18 hours ago

    But still no way to assure truly clean water, no way to effectively rid the planet of garbage, clean the oceans. But always a new way to kill people.

    • Ant Bro
      Ant Bro 17 hours ago

      Ain't that truth. The only thing that matters it kill burn and bury. When its rewritten add the real truth in laymen terms.

    • it's me
      it's me 17 hours ago

      U found a solution manh...." Kill the people" lol 😂

    • portrart studio
      portrart studio 17 hours ago

      Money is the only problem

  • Zintius
    Zintius 18 hours ago


  • Teun Burgij
    Teun Burgij 18 hours ago

    This is the vid I want to see

  • morgan1985uk
    morgan1985uk 18 hours ago

    Why do the glocks say made in Taiwan on them? They should have been manufactured in Austria.

  • Taylor Trivas
    Taylor Trivas 18 hours ago

    This is freaking insane. Kinda freaky. Lol. But great video. I was number 4 view.

  • Naruto_fan361
    Naruto_fan361 18 hours ago

    Lol the viedeo is over 25sek out😂

  • Toy fun
    Toy fun 18 hours ago

    Woah this was cool

  • Nikephoros Gontzes
    Nikephoros Gontzes 18 hours ago


  • Raphael Ferrari
    Raphael Ferrari 18 hours ago


    JUST REMIX RE 18 hours ago


  • Zina Bahjat
    Zina Bahjat 18 hours ago

    لازم بالعراق يتم استيراد مثل هذا الحذاء ابو التايرات ههههه

  • xXLil ObamaXx
    xXLil ObamaXx 19 hours ago

    Literally all Illigal in the uk

  • Tyric Gray
    Tyric Gray 19 hours ago


  • Nachtmahr79
    Nachtmahr79 19 hours ago

    Overpriced, underperforming Gimmickry.