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  • Whatever88
    Whatever88 21 day ago

    Congrats on almost having 1 million subs! Keep up the good work!

  • TheScubaGuba
    TheScubaGuba 21 day ago

    Hey ProZD! I really enjoy your voice acting content, and your short skits (very funny) But I just wanted to confirm. You are the voice of Sirius from the game Battle Rite right? lol.

  • HantaleMedia
    HantaleMedia 23 days ago

    Given you really liked Mushishi, I'd highly recommend Natsume Yuujinchou on the off chance you haven't already watched it. It feels very much like a more continual successor to the show, in a modern setting.

  • ohmygandelf
    ohmygandelf 23 days ago

    i don't know if you said this but i saw you on rocket jump!!! Anime crimes division

  • Justin Carson
    Justin Carson 25 days ago

    You are amazing in Anime Crime Division!!

    LEVI BABBAGE 28 days ago

    Just found this comic and its screaming for a voice over its what us viewers want

  • Henry Chen
    Henry Chen Month ago

    why doesn't it say you're verified :(

  • Vaiyoretto
    Vaiyoretto Month ago

    Neopets when?

  • Micah Buzan
    Micah Buzan Month ago

    I love listening you talk

  • SimSim Salahbim
    SimSim Salahbim Month ago

    More Skits! and how old are you man, i cant tell worth a damn. (thats a good thing though)

  • daboss smith
    daboss smith Month ago

    more skits pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • 10ctagon2
    10ctagon2 Month ago

    Please read this in a good matter:

  • Plasma Knight
    Plasma Knight Month ago

  • FireblazeYT
    FireblazeYT Month ago

    I find it funny how all of his non-skit videos get a fraction of the amount his normal skit videos get

    • teubert2
      teubert2 Month ago

      Well, most people probably found him via vine compilations and his funny videos. I really couldn't care less about unboxing and food review videos so I skip those.
      I believe he also used to focus more on skit videos compared to non-skit videos, which would further explain why they are so popular compared to his more "normal" videos.

  • Static Overdose
    Static Overdose 2 months ago

    Love your work in the recent TFS Hellsing Abridged episode. You nailed the calm, relaxed passive-aggressive God, lol.

  • ninjahmos
    ninjahmos 2 months ago

    you should make an rpg game called: Dennis Quest: Wrath of King Dragon or Lysanderoth. (or something like that) which ever one you want to have his wrath. (it all depends on the title of the game) released on pc, mac, and consoles like ps4 and nintendo switch and xbox one.

    • ninjahmos
      ninjahmos 2 months ago

      with the characters: Dennis, King Dragon, Lysanderoth, Archibald, etc.

  • That One Lunatic
    That One Lunatic 2 months ago


  • Stuffiefication
    Stuffiefication 2 months ago

    Hey :3
    Ich really like your videos! ^-^
    I made some MMD-Vids with some of your vines - would you like to see?

  • Finpa Mooner
    Finpa Mooner 2 months ago

    You're so close to 1,000,000 subscribers! How about another Goofy voice?

  • Tayla Drago Hester
    Tayla Drago Hester 2 months ago

    Hi, I'm have a You Tube channel like you do too. See you at Another Anime Convention all day Saturday to support on your hard work. :D

  • dadarkesthour
    dadarkesthour 2 months ago

    You should sing the Digimon Frontier opening with Alex

  • Semblance of Sanity
    Semblance of Sanity 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for your video about sports anime! My brother and I run a reaction channel and were getting so many people telling us to watch Haikyuu, but we had the same opinion as the beginning of your video. We just started it and are absolutely loving it!! Also, I watched Nozaki-kun specifically because of how much you seemed to like it and I am so glad I did!! Thanks a bunch man! Keep doing what you're doing :)

  • Blice-n-Gamer
    Blice-n-Gamer 2 months ago

    FREIND ME PLEASE MY FREIND CODE IS 3411-3373-1685!!!!!!! hope you do, effie is CUTE

  • Pally Dan
    Pally Dan 2 months ago

    When King Dragon says "You'll never save Prince Horace" is it because King Dragon is secretly Prince Horace?

  • Connor Dean
    Connor Dean 2 months ago

    ey watch my channel!

  • BeastChan
    BeastChan 2 months ago

    An idea for the King Dragon canon(Whether you take this or not is up to you): The game showing a plot twist/exposition on why Prince Horace is taken hostage by King Dragon, bc surely he could be more than a damsel in distress.
    Either the Prince is actually King Dragon's son and is about to be an heir against his will(Maybe make him the mc's half brother?), is the only one who is suitable to be a vessel of some evil god, etc?

  • Mitchell Pereira
    Mitchell Pereira 3 months ago

    Nice Jokes Nerd, jk they're trash u little bishberry!!!! That's how u make a joke

  • Longshot
    Longshot 3 months ago


  • Diego Guerra
    Diego Guerra 3 months ago

    your funny but your more funny when I'm drunk

  • Triplem22x
    Triplem22x 3 months ago

    All your vids are just eating fucking Japanese food.

    • teubert2
      teubert2 Month ago

      He used to make funny videos so not all videos are like that, but these days it's mostly food reviews and unboxing things and stuff like that :S

  • Flashvent
    Flashvent 3 months ago

    Verify prozd pls

  • fireypassion13 Caitlin

    you're a gift to mankind

  • yieldmotherculture
    yieldmotherculture 4 months ago

    I subscribed about a month ago and I'm confused. Every new video is SungWon eating snacks.

  • Ddie Videos
    Ddie Videos 4 months ago

    Do "call on me" in a goofy voice!!!!!!!!!

  • gamerson gaming
    gamerson gaming 4 months ago

    what happend to donald

  • 6ThreeSided9
    6ThreeSided9 4 months ago

    Hey man, you should make a separate channel for your box opening and the like. I really like your funny videos, but I always get excited when I see you posted a video only to realize it's another box opening of some sort of Japanese snack/candy/dildo. I mean don't get me wrong I'm as much of a weeb as the next guy but I just am not interested in that stuff. =(

    • teubert2
      teubert2 Month ago

      +Derpy Durp I thought they were synonyms? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Derpy Durp
      Derpy Durp 2 months ago

      "snack/candy/dildo" well that escalated very quickly

    OJINAVI 4 months ago

    ProZD, I'm just curious, but what is your ethnicity? Are you Taiwanese by any chance?

  • Riley Clevenger
    Riley Clevenger 4 months ago

    you are legit super cute

  • Mike Scheehean
    Mike Scheehean 4 months ago

    congratz on the name drop on rt podcast!!!

  • Cody Vic
    Cody Vic 4 months ago Gus Johnson did a video about you XD

  • Ihsan Karim
    Ihsan Karim 4 months ago

    Can you do rap god in the voice of goofy?

  • thefemaleanimefreak
    thefemaleanimefreak 4 months ago

    I'm freaking pissed! The ONE TIME I'm not gonna go to a convention, ProZD wants to show up. Well, joke's on you! I'm gonna go spend the money I don't have to go and see you, like THE TRUE AMERICAN WEEABOO I AM! Or maybe I won't. I don't really know. But I am kinda upset by this.

  • Vida Miami TV
    Vida Miami TV 4 months ago


  • John Don
    John Don 4 months ago

    New update . . . Watch :

  • Jagged BaLz
    Jagged BaLz 4 months ago

    Sung Won you are a great person and I love you but I really don't enjoy the Food reviews. You are so funny like really funny so speaking for what I believe to be the rest of your fan base I don't know if you do this for yourself and if you do that's totally fine but if you want us to enjoy it too please focus on the comedy style videos.

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 4 months ago

    Send nukes

  • TySenpai
    TySenpai 4 months ago

    Sosuke Bosuke is my waifu

  • RasenOo
    RasenOo 4 months ago

    Hi! Been a fan for a long time and really like your sketches (lysanderoth cracks me up everytime lol) and dubs. Just recently I found and watched yur top five videos, and was possibly wondering if you'd consider doing a top 5 favorite WEBCOMICS video? if you have time. I could use some new reading material. (^_^)

  • mana pool
    mana pool 4 months ago

    I sort of want to make a game about this king dragon cannon you have

  • Justin Lovett
    Justin Lovett 4 months ago

    This guy is amazing.

  • WolfThunder29
    WolfThunder29 4 months ago

    If it isn't too much trouble, could you do some voiced lines for Cobray Gordon from Super Robot Wars Alpha 3?

  • Archie McGeoch
    Archie McGeoch 4 months ago

    Hi, I would like to pay you money to advertise something for me. Yes, I am being blunt. and Yes, I am being serous. And yes, I love your videos.

  • I don't even know
    I don't even know 4 months ago

    How is this channel not verified

  • Mounster Chef
    Mounster Chef 5 months ago

    I'm afraid you have Skitzofrenia.

    Am I right???

  • Totally Barack Obama
    Totally Barack Obama 5 months ago

    You're the most underrated youtuber

  • Jack Macmillan
    Jack Macmillan 5 months ago

    Dude! Your videos are amazing!!!

  • The Devils Advocate
    The Devils Advocate 5 months ago

    You should do a video on voice impressions too, not just voice acting. Like of Trump :D

  • SamVision
    SamVision 5 months ago

    Can you do a skit of "the final boss has epic music and is really climatic but the actual fight is piss easy or sucks".

  • Fandom Trash
    Fandom Trash 5 months ago

    congratulations on reaching 666k subscribers

  • probably chris
    probably chris 5 months ago

    nice job you have satan,176 subs

  • SmokingBlackBear
    SmokingBlackBear 5 months ago

    leslie chow

  • Ladondorf
    Ladondorf 5 months ago

    Hi. Just to let you know, I sent you an email a few days ago. Thanks.

  • Patrick Perry
    Patrick Perry 5 months ago

    Hi I am Patrick Perry, From youtube upload, If you want, Click Subscribe.

  • Ryan Welch
    Ryan Welch 5 months ago

    I wonder if voicing over sidon from BotW would work? if you think you can do it, use this comic:

  • Rave Braveheart
    Rave Braveheart 5 months ago

    mr ProZd please make another fansubs vs official sub, that skit ALWAYS got me hahaha

  • Kyle Noriesta
    Kyle Noriesta 5 months ago

    I make stop motion videos enjoy with music tell the family !!! enjoy your day

  • FaceImplosion
    FaceImplosion 5 months ago

    Can I just say your expressions, skits and voices are all astoundingly amazing? And hilarious.

  • Oreo Eater
    Oreo Eater 5 months ago

    I think I just found another voice of god.

  • Synin
    Synin 5 months ago

    nobody comes here :[

  • Knight and Crow
    Knight and Crow 5 months ago

    Enough eating food and opening boxes please.

  • mouchy123
    mouchy123 5 months ago

    I am so confused.. I know I subscribed to this channel its like youtube is dropping my subscriptions.

  • Jammin Joe
    Jammin Joe 5 months ago

    this guys stuff is legit funny I love his vids keep up the work

  • BB_201
    BB_201 5 months ago


  • Fantasaic Productions
    Fantasaic Productions 6 months ago

    you have a great voice

  • Udderman
    Udderman 6 months ago

    Bring back the ProZD podcast!

  • Michael Kochalka
    Michael Kochalka 6 months ago

    Pls do Goofy sings ievan polkka

  • Arthur L Smith
    Arthur L Smith 6 months ago


  • Brittany Oyler
    Brittany Oyler 6 months ago

    Name your top 5 favorite dark and/or existentially disturbing anime, please

  • Never Final
    Never Final 6 months ago

    Any chance you'd do a Top 5 RPGs?

  • Kappa
    Kappa 6 months ago

    I have uncovered the KING DRAGON DEEP LORE
    An old man identifies Dennis as the song of the Dragon King [presumably King Dragon] due to his left eye, although King Dragon is apparently unaware of this
    Dennis, despite reminders from Archibald that the party should be saving Prince Horace, wants to collect every pinecone
    Lysanderoth reveals himself to be a traitor, and a subject of King Dragon, as he is outed by an unknown female
    Lysanderoth kills Archibald, although a similar looking character scolds Dennis for conserving ether in the final battle
    Dennis enters King Dragon’s lair
    King Dragon breaks into a rap/song
    After ‘like two minutes’ of the song, Dennis stabs King Dragon
    Dennis is the main character
    Archibald is a sword-weilding party member
    Lysanderoth is an obviously evil party member
    One of the bosses apparently has a club, and enjoys yelling ‘Here comes the club!’
    Another boss explains that Prince Horace is a ‘little worm’ who is ‘unfit to rule’
    Another boss, Ice Dragon, is in a dungeon
    A subject of King Dragon has a crush on ‘that hero’ [presumably Dennis]
    White Shoes +9 ATK
    Dirty Shoes +14 ATK
    Gaudy Turquoise Coat +15 DEF
    Black Hoodie +10 DEF
    Old Glasses +50 ACC -10 STYLE

  • Magia do Marketing
    Magia do Marketing 6 months ago

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  • Mylo Mccormick
    Mylo Mccormick 6 months ago

    gorillaz feel good but performed by goofy with the goofy laugh at the beginning and the end. now that is some quality content right there

  • Djuncle
    Djuncle 6 months ago

    Congrats with the 500k subs today!

  • Colin P.
    Colin P. 6 months ago

    What about a video where there's this scene in a game where there's a lot of action, you need to run away, and then for some reason there's a puzzle that you keep dying to solve.

  • Rough Butter
    Rough Butter 7 months ago

    Hey man just want to say that you're actually a huge inspiration for my recent videos. For months now i've been sort of lost on what type of content I want to make.
    I've always liked doing skits but felt it was way too time consuming but now i'm starting to just make these really short skits kind of like you do and it's so much fun.
    Just wanted to say thanks man!

  • decadefan99
    decadefan99 7 months ago

    How about Simpathy (highschool dxd), My sweet Maiden (sin-nanatsu no taizai), and/or Realization (hagure yuusha no estetica) performed by goofy?

  • Catherine Boudreaux
    Catherine Boudreaux 7 months ago

    can you do a skit where WebMD is a person?

  • debaser
    debaser 7 months ago

    I love your skits / have no interest in loot crates / etc...unsubbed.

  • ObeyTheAlien
    ObeyTheAlien 7 months ago

    Unrelated, but has anyone noticed there are almost no grass type pokemon with functioning hands.

  • Cookie flip Skating
    Cookie flip Skating 7 months ago


  • Kingpin of Memes
    Kingpin of Memes 7 months ago

    Goof Halation.

  • The Golden Boo
    The Golden Boo 8 months ago

    Man, even if they close down your website you're just too stronk.

  • FenceJumpa
    FenceJumpa 8 months ago

    Can you sing some frank sinatra!!!!! Got here from your take on me video :3

  • pixelated peaches
    pixelated peaches 8 months ago

    it's been a whole year since prozd last uploaded a professor layton video.
    please send help my crops are dying.

    CHESS 8 months ago

    It's been a while since Phoenix Wright has been relevant on this channel but have you seen this?
    It's basically an official artwork of Maya making a fanfiction of Nick and Miles, while Nick says something while reading the newspaper leading Maya to think that she almost got caught.
    The envelope that she carries is what manga sheets are usually carried in.
    The fact that this comic is called is "Ambition" shows that this is one of the things Maya wants to do.

  • Some Person
    Some Person 8 months ago

    DUDE. I got an idea for you. It may even be a good one.
    Know how in your vine skits, you have different characters n shit but it's just you?
    What if... you actually made a mini youtube show in the same way?
    Like 12 episodes long or forever going, whatever, but you get the point I think.
    It would be crack humor or maybe even serious at times, characters could die or whatever.
    Just... yeah. I think this thing needs to exist somewhere. And honestly I think you're the man for the job
    Kimi nara dekiru yo!

  • tricksterhuaun
    tricksterhuaun 8 months ago

    Hey Prozd, ever heard of Weebcast hosted by Mother's Basement (the guy who overanalyzes anime openings?), he mentioned how he'd love to have you on his Weebcast sometime.
    Just to talk about anime, hell, maybe even a whole podcast about One Piece, they tend to vary it up with one subject at a time. I feel like you would be a perfect fit as a guest, and since you guys are somewhat popular, this could bring some publicity for both of you.
    Here's Mother's Basement channel:

  • Elizabeth P
    Elizabeth P 8 months ago

    Please do Your Man/Josh Turner by Goofy; my friend will literally shit herself from laughter, which is all I can hope for. Thanks!

  • Ochrogaster
    Ochrogaster 9 months ago

    somebody stole ya video

  • EasterlyArt
    EasterlyArt 9 months ago

    I only just today found out you're from Michigan, or that you went to MSU. CRAZY!

  • Johann Galilea
    Johann Galilea 9 months ago

    Hey you forgot to link your vine in the channel banner

  • A Wiebe
    A Wiebe 9 months ago

    hi sungwon. please allow people to contribute cc if you arent going to be doing it yourself. i would gladly do as many as i can. i have a disability which results in an audio processing disorder and i am sure others like me would appreciate being able to read as well as listen.
    thank you.

  • Ashely Norma
    Ashely Norma 9 months ago

    Love your channel!!

  • Rainy Jane
    Rainy Jane 9 months ago

    Please be my boyfriend, and please do your assorted reverse-harem anime male voices on dates.

  • spongygames
    spongygames 9 months ago

    And you're British.

    Are you really, though?

  • Simbaholic
    Simbaholic 9 months ago

    Any chance of Moana songs in Goofy's voice? :P

  • Classroom
    Classroom 9 months ago

    You're doing great man. Just keep up the passion burning at the same time. ^_^ cheers from Sweden.

  • WulfgarOpenthroat
    WulfgarOpenthroat 10 months ago

    Another channel is stealing your content; they have several compilation videos of your skits including
    Think youtude was recomending some on other channels, too; might want to search for them, if you care about this kind of thing.

  • donado xie
    donado xie 10 months ago

    Have you done the Goofy Holler yet?

  • David F
    David F 10 months ago

    I like your voice and your funny videos. One thing I would consider doing is making humorous videos that are considerably longer. Cheers

  • kintsugi
    kintsugi 10 months ago

    do a voiceover for me? ", the lowest commissions gambling site."
    Reply with a link? THANKS!

    • kintsugi
      kintsugi 10 months ago

      p.s make it LOW and clean.

  • dark templer
    dark templer 10 months ago

    you are very funny sir

  • Jesse Boi
    Jesse Boi 10 months ago

    Goofy sings Simple and Clean

  • Goodboy Guides
    Goodboy Guides 10 months ago

    Maybe upload one for fun? Like one of your face or something... Doing something funny...

  • Johnathan Korba
    Johnathan Korba 10 months ago

    Brilliant on the update. Perhaps with much forbearance and groveling you will get a call from Sakura con one of these years.

  • Johnathan Korba
    Johnathan Korba 10 months ago

    One wonders if ProZD will be in attendance at any conventions through the coming year. And if so would you be be so kind as to share with the web at large?

    GEORGE TV 10 months ago

    Hello from Greece very nice your channel I would appreciate if you subscribe my channel and see my videos!!!
    Thank you!!!

  • icychill105
    icychill105 10 months ago

    i love the goofy singing, but can we take it to the next meme level and sing city escape from sonic adventure 2

  • SSHalo1Legends
    SSHalo1Legends 10 months ago


  • Alex Robinson
    Alex Robinson 11 months ago

    Please do You reposted in the wrong neighborhood, but with Goofy

  • decentradical
    decentradical 11 months ago

    ProzD! We need you!!

  • MaxSolar0713
    MaxSolar0713 11 months ago

    Dear ProZD,
    I am giving you 2/3 credit for a remix of the Magical Lawyer Superpower Remix I made. The other 2/3 goes to another producer.
    P.S. The link is

  • Erasmus
    Erasmus 11 months ago

    You are a god among men my dude, keep up the good work.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 11 months ago

    'cus i'm the worst'

  • Pixel_Crusher
    Pixel_Crusher 11 months ago

    Can you sing "Snow Halation" with Goofy's voice?

  • Patch Toons
    Patch Toons 11 months ago

    Hey ProZD! I'm a big fan and was wondering if I could animate your Goofy Sings Sailor Moon video? I thought of making it look like the original intro but with Goofy and other Disney characters. Let me know what you think, thanks!
    -Patch Toons :D

  • xasnly
    xasnly 11 months ago

    we are number one, but its preformed by Goofy.

  • Jason B
    Jason B 11 months ago

    Hey man, long time follower of your videos. Just wanted to let you know that on android mobile the audio of your videos cuts out a little early so viewers usually miss the last word. I'm pretty sure I've seen other people in the comments with a similar problem. I think you could maybe fix this with about half a second of dead air at the end of each video, but that's tricky with short videos and isn't as impactful as ending the video right away. Anyway keep up the good work!

  • Jean Vernard Castor
    Jean Vernard Castor 11 months ago

    Do We are Number One in Goofy's voice XD

  • Justin Carson
    Justin Carson 11 months ago

    Do the *Elfen Lied Opening* theme song in Goofy's voice! XD

  • Duggy
    Duggy 11 months ago

    Excellent stuff, man. Came across you ages ago on Vine and it's great to see you get such recognition on Youtube now, you're brilliant at this satire and it's well deserved!

  • kurumais
    kurumais 11 months ago

    have you ever subbed for the honest trailer guy when he goes away ?

  • Dan Dan the Lycra
    Dan Dan the Lycra 11 months ago

    Ho0oly crap I found you! In my recommendations! It's like fate. YAY

  • Notim Portant
    Notim Portant 11 months ago

    I can guarantee that this guy is the next "Filthyfranktv", and can expect the same level of fame

  • johnnyhong
    johnnyhong 11 months ago

    the voice over on your most recent video was unexpected. keep up the good work

  • superbros64 deluxe

    Who's your aa comic voice cast? Can you link me to em? I need to borrow em for a parody senior, message me on twitter @dannydelante

  • Emerald The cat
    Emerald The cat Year ago

  • akshay salekar
    akshay salekar Year ago

    Hey man,
    Please can you say " Hello ladies and gentleman I'm goofy *laugh* " in goffy's voice. Please.

  • Makarew
    Makarew Year ago

    Do you have any of your Goofy tracks without the music? I feel like I could do something great with my music having just Goofy singing.

  • Nehal
    Nehal Year ago

    Please can you do a Goofy Sings parody of the English cover of Trash Candy?
    Here is the link:

  • Lurking Eyes
    Lurking Eyes Year ago

    덕분에 하루하루 유투브 시청이 즐겁습니다. 혹시 더빙신청은 어떨게할수 있나요?

  • Marqus Nuffsaid
    Marqus Nuffsaid Year ago

    Please make more Goofy singing videos. Or at least other singing videos with other voices you can impersonate.

  • Nathan Churchill

    I need more goofy its so good haha.

  • Mr Tony
    Mr Tony Year ago

    thumbs up for a goofy cover of Adele's hello

  • Spaghettitron 5000

    Goofy sings Space Jam
    Goofy vs Quad City DJs

  • Legendary Cryptid

    I can't find Attack on Parks and Recreation. Where is it?

  • GavsEvans123
    GavsEvans123 Year ago

    This comic may be of interest to you. It's Star Wars: The Force Awakens with Goofy as Han Solo.

  • umami
    umami Year ago

    i really want you to sing the one punch man opening with your goofy voice

  • FlatTopBob
    FlatTopBob Year ago

    please start voicing undertale stuff

  • Lulah
    Lulah 2 years ago

    This channel has made my life complete. Thank you.

  • Jack Kahler
    Jack Kahler 2 years ago

    I challenge you to sing Rap God as Goofy

  • kumajun
    kumajun 2 years ago

    gotta sing Mr. Brightside with your Goofy voice

  • Masha.Esthetic
    Masha.Esthetic 2 years ago

    I love this channel, thankyou

  • TeraTheGreat
    TeraTheGreat 2 years ago

    Please make Goofy sing the Cory in the House theme song.

  • Banaerz
    Banaerz 2 years ago

    I loved you as Gregory Edgeworth.  They should just keep your voice clips in AAI2 if they ever get around to localizing it.

  • PossumCheckers
    PossumCheckers 2 years ago

    Any chance of putting your videos into playlists? C: I wanna be able to watch all of your vines in a row, or your Goofy covers, etc. 

  • Salocinist
    Salocinist 2 years ago

    Oh please please please, can you do a Nightmare Knight checks on Rosemaster video? Your cucumber quest fandubs are amazing!

  • studder budder
    studder budder 2 years ago

    Can you marry me?

    • Crax Marx
      Crax Marx 7 months ago

      Do you want alternatives?

  • Fiona Hoffmann
    Fiona Hoffmann 2 years ago

    hey you should do more of this comic dubs they are pure gold
    and keep it funny ;)

  • Deo Panther
    Deo Panther 2 years ago

    Will you ever be doing anymore dramatic readings? :(

  • rschaosmaster
    rschaosmaster 2 years ago

    I think with Dragon Ball Supers Announcement its time for Goofy to sing Either We Got Power or Cha La Head Cha La dont you? If you wanted to be really funny rock the dragon lol

  • Fireball Dragon
    Fireball Dragon 2 years ago

    May you please do a voice-over of this comic: Please?

  • soli duz
    soli duz 2 years ago

    Man you have to make more opening videos. That's just awesome.

  • Muskaan Tahirkheli
    Muskaan Tahirkheli 2 years ago

    in fact act my age might be best

  • Muskaan Tahirkheli
    Muskaan Tahirkheli 2 years ago

    please do goofy sings 1d 
    just do any recent 1d song please

  • Jonathan Park
    Jonathan Park 2 years ago

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  • SuperKitaroShinX
    SuperKitaroShinX 2 years ago

    Do Goofy sings Everything is Awesome

  • Darren Ward
    Darren Ward 2 years ago

    Can you please sing Sins of the Father from Metal Gear Solid 5 as Goofy?

  • Trinity
    Trinity 2 years ago

    ProZD, do you plan on making the Rosemaster Check from Cucumber Quest?
    That dialogue is one of the best in the whole series. Real deep, there. : ) Looking foward to it

  • Devilwing Productions

    Would you consider making Goofy sing the Lucky Star opening? It's challenging, but would be hilarious.

  • TheAmazing_OMEGA
    TheAmazing_OMEGA 2 years ago

    +prozd love your stuff, you should totally do a goofy sings space jam, or maybe fresh prince? idk 

  • Kittermew
    Kittermew 3 years ago

    i love your voice. say more things.

  • Dari
    Dari 3 years ago

    can you make goofy sing big sean- i dont fuck with you omg that would be epic

  • Gangsign Johnson
    Gangsign Johnson 3 years ago

    please do senator armstrong's theme from metal gear rising in the goofy voice

  • mapoostry
    mapoostry 3 years ago

    sing the Love Live season 1 opening please

  • Ray-U
    Ray-U 3 years ago

    This is the greatest Youtube channel ever.

  • doppelganger7771
    doppelganger7771 3 years ago

    Can you do a Goofy version of Iron Maiden's "Hollowed be thy Name", it will be funny.

  • Kitsunelanie
    Kitsunelanie 3 years ago

    I really want Goof Susser Tod. Can that PLEASE be a thing? I want it to exist. It needs to exist. Komm, susser Tod [With Lyrics] - The End of Evangelion OST -11- (HQ)

  • Angel Kitty
    Angel Kitty 3 years ago


  • Man of Culture
    Man of Culture 3 years ago

    Please sing the Gaogaigar opening.
    You don't have to sing the Gaogaigar opening, but please sing the Gaogaigar opening.

  • Mike Hinkle
    Mike Hinkle 3 years ago

    Goofy sings Me and God please.

  • Alpaca Yisus
    Alpaca Yisus 3 years ago

    Please make a Goofy version of We are!!! XD 

  • Yuuki Tera
    Yuuki Tera 3 years ago

    Please do golden time lover by nico touches the walls FMAB Opening 3
    Or maybe Joshiraku's ending song PLEASE

  • NintendoMan58
    NintendoMan58 3 years ago

    Can you do the first Code Geass opening as Goofy?  I want to hear him going JIBUUN WOOO!  Code Geass Opening 1 HD

  • YourLocalBanktoad
    YourLocalBanktoad 3 years ago

    Can you do Rockstar by Smashmouth in Goofy's voice? I think that would be amazing

  • Electric Boogaloo
    Electric Boogaloo 3 years ago

    I'd like to ask for bohemian rhapsody as the next goofy song please

  • Alcoholica1989
    Alcoholica1989 3 years ago

    pls do a goofy version of "Down with the sickness" maybe some early linkin park or limp bizkit, ya know some 2002 shit. k bye

  • Sean Lightowler
    Sean Lightowler 3 years ago

    Did you ever see this? =>!FSQ9P

  • David Mandella
    David Mandella 3 years ago

    Recommending Hellfire as the next Goofy song.

  • Red Davis
    Red Davis 5 years ago


  • SturtH9
    SturtH9 7 years ago

    re-upload that ratchet and clank video....that one was funny

  • SturtH9
    SturtH9 8 years ago

    Re-upload the Ratchet and Clank 2 video :P that was funny

  • GreeVen
    GreeVen 9 years ago

    Make more videos? Whats going on lately?

  • Smithon Wesson
    Smithon Wesson 9 years ago

    R u a senior? or did you graduate?