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  • Saurabh Chaurasiya
    Saurabh Chaurasiya 16 minutes ago

    Padai ke name pe majak karta hai, khud nhi bana skta to nhi banane ka na video

  • Saurabh Chaurasiya
    Saurabh Chaurasiya 17 minutes ago

    Bc next aise video banaya na tera channel ban karva dunga

  • Saurabh Chaurasiya
    Saurabh Chaurasiya 17 minutes ago

    Bc video hi q banaya

  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith 55 minutes ago

    No knock warrants are when the state turns into the very criminals it claims to protect society from. It’s a criminal action used by gestapo cops to provoke violence. Anyone that shows up with the intentions of forcing their way into the residence of another are up to some criminal shit, especially if it’s the state. The most sickening part is when the law pulls this kind of criminal shit and they get smoked because of it, then want to cry murder after acting like criminals got them treated accordingly. Who wouldn’t shoot back if they were able to do, so. This kind of bullshit should be harshly limited to hostage, or fugitive situations and nothing else. When institutions of power are allowed to inflate and expand beyond their means corruption is guaranteed.

  • Mohammad Khan
    Mohammad Khan Hour ago

    You are write

  • Soorena Sasani
    Soorena Sasani 2 hours ago

    fuck your robotic bullshit

  • Stew L
    Stew L 2 hours ago

    The man snatch's a woman"s victory. He is thin skinned. He threatens ridicule and legal action to avoid censure. A brick, a blow.

  • Martin Mac Mahon
    Martin Mac Mahon 3 hours ago

    its a read aloud from Wikipedia...........useless

  • Bihansa Thathsari
    Bihansa Thathsari 3 hours ago

    It is good But need to be a bit attractive

  • Austin
    Austin 3 hours ago

    Its not funny for I am a TI. They never stop!

  • Aissa Sithole
    Aissa Sithole 3 hours ago

    I hate how you just take things from Wikipedia and paste them directly here without giving us your own understanding of the topic. The robot voice-over is bad as well.

  • BrøkenStār
    BrøkenStār 5 hours ago

    Bruh u stole this from google 😂😂

  • Dennis 78
    Dennis 78 6 hours ago

    You're off on your time line. Had mine for 6 days now. And I'm checked in to the hospital

  • Ismail Khansama
    Ismail Khansama 6 hours ago

    Where would we get a compiler?

  • Ismail Khansama
    Ismail Khansama 6 hours ago

    Is it possible to do c++ without a compiler?

  • Marv Watkins
    Marv Watkins 7 hours ago

    Thank goodness for robovoice to protect the 'vlogger'. Cheers.

  • Bryan McMillin
    Bryan McMillin 7 hours ago

    I can understand why they don't show their like and dislike numbers. The computer voice is very annoying and I had to stop the video before it finished. I question the number of subscribers. Almost half a million subscribers but only a couple thousand views?

  •  9 hours ago

    cool stuff.

  • VEXUS 1093
    VEXUS 1093 9 hours ago

    She said tax way to many times

  • Satheesh subash
    Satheesh subash 11 hours ago

    Pls give English subtitles

  • CYB3R B0X3R
    CYB3R B0X3R 11 hours ago


  • Dakabiang Dkhz
    Dakabiang Dkhz 12 hours ago

    The sounds system is so irritating

  • Liaqat Ali
    Liaqat Ali 13 hours ago

    The Electrolysis clinic price please

  • Kevin Otero
    Kevin Otero 13 hours ago

    This is a direct copy off Wikipedia.

  • Cameron Marsh
    Cameron Marsh 14 hours ago

    this is the worst

  • meggan service
    meggan service 15 hours ago

    ive been doing this from grade im in grade 9 sighh and i am now getting help

  • Chelluri Vamsi
    Chelluri Vamsi 16 hours ago

    Didn't catch your speed

  • NolanAles123
    NolanAles123 16 hours ago

    this is just wikipedia being read with a stupid voice

  • Terrell Lewis
    Terrell Lewis 16 hours ago

    Thanks a lot. .. Marsha.

  • world universal
    world universal 16 hours ago

    Nice video

  • Cheri Patrick
    Cheri Patrick 17 hours ago

    The IRONY of having a video on ableism which is not captioned and in which the print is too small for even normies to read

  • Maria R. A
    Maria R. A 18 hours ago


  • Asad Jamil
    Asad Jamil 20 hours ago

    worst video tutorial i ever watched.

  • Laylah Cole
    Laylah Cole 20 hours ago

    This isn't helpful but, Thanks

  • Trevor Seals
    Trevor Seals 20 hours ago

    Considering this is one of the only videos on this it’s pretty good, but if it was a real voice with animations, it would be way easier to learn, might as well have just written a paper on it instead

  • doppio's tapeworm
    doppio's tapeworm 20 hours ago

    joseph joestar 😩

  • Christopher Ortego
    Christopher Ortego 21 hour ago

    Follow the white rabbit

  • Carter Killorn
    Carter Killorn 21 hour ago


  • Francois Teka
    Francois Teka 22 hours ago

    My God its soo boring

    ALGERIA TRENDING 22 hours ago

    فهمت بلي ما فهمت والو

  • Kenneth Dyer
    Kenneth Dyer 23 hours ago


  • josh pickering

    This is basically copied an pasted from Wikipedia word for word into a voice program 🤣 well done

  • Jake Brady
    Jake Brady Day ago

    Good info, but this robotic voice is boring. It would be better with an actual person explaining it..

  • Ana Bannana
    Ana Bannana Day ago

    nah man this would be 100x better with actual voices because the robot voice creeps people out

  • safa sajida
    safa sajida Day ago

    she means Assonance - repetition of vowels in words that don’t end with same consonant Ex. (deep, deer)

  • madan sharma
    madan sharma Day ago


  • T Awomi
    T Awomi Day ago

    Totally nonsense.

  • Yogesh Sakpal
    Yogesh Sakpal Day ago


  • Tommy McCabe
    Tommy McCabe Day ago

    Awesome thanks for the video. I started investing in may 2019. I make about 3k a week average but i feel like i can really take off if i study more. So your video helps

  • Geoff German
    Geoff German Day ago

    He vetoed the bill for being unconstitutional. There is a lot in there! I love it.

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith Day ago

    Biological engineer here, but do water resource engineering lol.

  • Abha Kamal
    Abha Kamal Day ago

    Copied from Google

  • madan Kumar
    madan Kumar Day ago

    Badko salaaa where is the ppt

  • Cold Lasgna
    Cold Lasgna Day ago

    Detroit become human be like:

  • Akshaya Jyothi

    Plesae explain the diasporic literature in english

  • hope sorinio
    hope sorinio Day ago

    She is scary😫😫😫

  • Adam LaJoy
    Adam LaJoy Day ago

    Is this a joke?

  • Shivam Goswami

    this is the shittiest channel on youtube. do you do anything by yourself except copy and paste

  • David Deas
    David Deas Day ago

    Just let a human do the speaking job

    I AM ENOUGH Day ago

    Much needed explanation!!

  • woah
    woah Day ago

    This is so helpful! Thanks, I definitely know I have it because all my friends don't want to get injuries but they take the risk while I am petrified of getting a scratch.

    SANDY Day ago

    let it be clear @waste of time _don't watch

  • Bhargava Varanasi

    u are trying to test the readability of text reader against textbook.. not at all good.

  • Vladimar
    Vladimar Day ago

    There are TONS of clinical studies that support ozonetherapy!! Go search through google academics.

  • Kemi the vlogger


  • jyoti singh
    jyoti singh Day ago


    Jay CALKINS Day ago

    just copied of Wikipedia :(

  • Miguel Reyes
    Miguel Reyes Day ago

    This is literally THE WORST account to learn from. Surprised to see them amass more than 10 real subscribers. Do us a favor Audiopedia and delete your account

  • HomegrownGross


  • TheKittengoddess

    The fact that it depends on a god is enough to call it bunk.

  • Doibeboi Loimenoi

    A mystery.

  • hipiri
    hipiri Day ago

    A bit too fast explained...

  • Diego Emiliano Casillas

    that girl scares me your trash that was way to freaken long dude like seriously

  • daniela aguilar

    so basically, delocalized electrons are elctrons that be vibing

  • kapezx
    kapezx Day ago

    i HAte it

  • Darryl Scott
    Darryl Scott Day ago

    U just copied that from wikipedia 🙄

  • Chameleon Theatre

    This was creepy

  • fuzile makhathini

    Read this in Wikipedia,here I was thinking you will bring something different 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Sharon Loder
    Sharon Loder Day ago

    ok. I remember the socks and saddle shoes, but where does the name Bobby and Soxer come from? Atleast I got the spelling right. Not sockser but soxer. ha

  • Joe Lee
    Joe Lee Day ago

    Yeah you could tell this was ripped straight out of Wikipedia

  • Amey Khairnar
    Amey Khairnar Day ago

    What's the defination of surprise? A fart with a lump in it.



  • Falguni Sharma
    Falguni Sharma 2 days ago

    Sir sry to say...but worst way if teaching... because it is hard to prepare notes.... content is good but not useful as it takes so much time to make notes🙏🙏plz provide written notes ..

  • Gordon Falconer
    Gordon Falconer 2 days ago

    Often used by people who lack ability to express themselves intelligently. King David prayed, Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Thy oh Lord

  • Gordon Falconer
    Gordon Falconer 2 days ago

    Usually used

  • Duban Mckinley
    Duban Mckinley 2 days ago

    6:40 I'm not sure I'm hearing it correctly... it declined because it was merged with more evidence that influenced many people at the time?

  • Vic Farago
    Vic Farago 2 days ago

    what? you need a computer to talk? very irritating... bye...

  • Manjeet Mann
    Manjeet Mann 2 days ago

    Specially search Kiya ki Hindi Mai meaning btao......yeh Hindi hai toh English konsi hai ,😈

  • hani badji
    hani badji 2 days ago

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  • Md Mahmud
    Md Mahmud 2 days ago

    Sound is bad.

  • Narendra Ingle
    Narendra Ingle 2 days ago


  • Ys1r
    Ys1r 2 days ago

    His/her voice is so bad they hired a robot to fill in.

  • Gigi Coyle
    Gigi Coyle 2 days ago

    One of the elements that the NWO gov't is spraying 'the skies' (us) with. It is used in pest control. Jesus is on His Way!

  • Gudiya Di
    Gudiya Di 2 days ago


  • Rose Syed
    Rose Syed 2 days ago

    What happens when interlanguage fossilizes?

  • Rose Syed
    Rose Syed 2 days ago

    What happens when interlanguage fossilizes?

  • ZeeJ Unicorn
    ZeeJ Unicorn 2 days ago


  • Shakzee
    Shakzee 2 days ago