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  • Peter Hudson
    Peter Hudson 5 hours ago

    All theists must, honestly, admit in the suspension of disbelief, to believe.

  • Oceana Gamer
    Oceana Gamer 7 hours ago

    Are you the translate thing or Alexa or Siri or just what?

  • Oceana Gamer
    Oceana Gamer 7 hours ago

    this video is cringe.......

  • Il Y Aura Du Soleil
    Il Y Aura Du Soleil 7 hours ago


  • Dairus Reynnet
    Dairus Reynnet 7 hours ago

    You're smart and sexy!

  • MrReevez
    MrReevez 9 hours ago

    this was not even remotely helpful

  • James Feldman
    James Feldman 9 hours ago

    No, Gerald Celente did not coin the term "presstitute." As far as I know, I’m the first person to use the term “presstitute” in print and I used it in a letter published by The Philadelphia Daily News on October 5, 1995, long before Celente ever used the term. I first used the term to refer to members of the press or media who are not independent reporters or commentators, and who are really beholden to some individual or group of individuals to push his/her/their agenda. Unfortunately, the online archives from the Philadelphia Daily News are no longer free, so the original newspaper text of my 1995 letter can't be Googled for free as it used to be. But it's there, as a matter of historical record.

  • Jessica Shearon
    Jessica Shearon 10 hours ago

    It's nearly impossible to follow an automated voice like would be much more helpful to have an actual person reading on the video.

  • Owen Carr
    Owen Carr 10 hours ago


    BLACK GSD54 10 hours ago

    Like wise..Id rather read than listen to a E'FN computer generated poop machine.

  • Drain Reactionz
    Drain Reactionz 10 hours ago

    Can this cause cancer?

  • Brianna Stumpf
    Brianna Stumpf 10 hours ago

    Ch 2: 30:20 Ch 3: 1:10:38 Ch 4: 1:35:03 Ch 5: 2:05:21 Ch 6: 3:11:32 Ch 7: 3:41:11 Ch 8: 4:07:50 Ch 9: 5:00:18 Ch 10: 5:26:35

  • ninjanicnic
    ninjanicnic 12 hours ago

    You can have low B12 or PA without macrotosis or anemia

  • Brittany Edwards
    Brittany Edwards 12 hours ago


  • Denisse Abark
    Denisse Abark 13 hours ago

    Is so fast

  • shiine wading channel
    shiine wading channel 13 hours ago


  • 様先輩
    様先輩 14 hours ago

    This lady's voice makes me wanna break my laptop.... over her head.

  • Internet Resident
    Internet Resident 15 hours ago


  • 0v0 Dashawn
    0v0 Dashawn 15 hours ago

    Dah fuck...

  • 0v0 Dashawn
    0v0 Dashawn 15 hours ago

    Whut dah fuck

  • C H R I S T O P H E R W O L F

    This video definition contradicts itself. In one sentence it says ignorance is often confused with individuals who disregard factual information and in the face of this still does otherwise. 0:21 1:57 This video is a test in peoples ignorance level and comprehension on whether someone can decipher whether or not they are ignorant by show of comments. Oddly enough or not.....very few comments.

  • Moaz najeeb
    Moaz najeeb 16 hours ago

    Worship God in spirit and truth.

  • yodasupachub
    yodasupachub 17 hours ago

    You said squam ous

  • students1 password
    students1 password 18 hours ago

    I need a summary of that video, I learned nothing

  • Joel Lapointe
    Joel Lapointe 18 hours ago

    Good explanation but more images would improve greatly the video.

    AHMED RESHI 20 hours ago

    copy pasted from wikipedia smh

  • Pari mala
    Pari mala 20 hours ago

    Very bad explanation

  • Robert Walker
    Robert Walker 20 hours ago

    People this really happening. MK ULTRA.

  • Non Perishables
    Non Perishables 22 hours ago

    Sad. Personally I call it 'catering to the lowest common denominator'.

  • Ankit Yadav
    Ankit Yadav 22 hours ago


  • BLINK Forever
    BLINK Forever 23 hours ago

    Im just scared of every insect

  • Pradhuman Shah

    I become physics scientist

  • siri chandana
    siri chandana Day ago

    Voice is really bad and the typing music is very distracting

  • Henry Xp
    Henry Xp Day ago

    I'm looking for the real meaning of this word.. out of the Freud's theory.. I'm discovering that is goes beyond sexuality... It's about anormality corruption depravation and more... People don't study nowadays.. if they do they would realize that sexual pervertion doesn't affect only your sexual habits but all your habits and mind... People need to clean up their minds to live better lifes and having better relationships

  • Mr. Kozzi
    Mr. Kozzi Day ago

    Not Legal @ Walgreens ... LOL ... and to vote? BS! a fortiori!

  • rajkishor prasad

    Hindi me btaye

  • Merigala Family


  • Master Oogway
    Master Oogway Day ago

    Water boy legend


    Worst content ever..wested my time

  • george duncan
    george duncan Day ago

    Arrogance = Huge Iatregenic suffering Sad

  • BrokenSoul _
    BrokenSoul _ Day ago


  • Bethany Barry
    Bethany Barry Day ago

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  • Sonia R
    Sonia R Day ago

    This audio is painful

  • Onkar Singh
    Onkar Singh Day ago

    we all can read what Wikipedia says assholes what is the fucking point to create a channel where a bot just reads out the goddamn Wikipedia definitions. The channel is literally the Audiopedia.........Disgusting as fuck!

  • VKA_CarvedSix09

    Hello hector Moreno reporting for duty

  • FRO KO is a retard 12

    Fuck you

  • Lucas Smith
    Lucas Smith Day ago

    Who tf is this robot bitch

  • kularek93
    kularek93 Day ago

    What exactly is Rotogenflux Methods? How does this thing really work? I see a lot of people keep on speaking about this intelligence boost program.

  • Schmoopie Schmoop

    terrible. sorry I found this video. Please use a human text to speech.

  • Shane Hummus - The Success GPS

    Good job Alexa! Seriously, are you the same person dubbing Alexa?

  • • ThatSupreme •

    What the hell is this voice????

  • preben nielsen

    OMG, I did not expect such crappy audio here

  • Maniha Aiman
    Maniha Aiman Day ago


  • Makgaogang Mahlatse

    clear and interesting, it has honestly added more to my knowledge.

  • Rene Alvarez
    Rene Alvarez Day ago

    I love it!

  • Robert McShane

    Long live China, Venezuela and cuba!

  • samuel ramos
    samuel ramos Day ago


  • Dems
    Dems Day ago

    wtf is dis you only literally read the text

  • Peaceo Otono
    Peaceo Otono Day ago

    thanks this was helpful

  • Wolf Man
    Wolf Man Day ago

    This just started a while ago for me

    ANTIC WORLD Day ago

    I think she is reading those think which is already posted on wikipedia...disappointed I thougt it would different

  • Jonathan Cachay


  • Amrendra Kumar Jha


  • Chevis Shelton

    This video was read off of Wikipedia. 5 outta 5 turds!

  • Егор Цыба

    I did my time and I want out

  • Rani shaw
    Rani shaw Day ago

    Students can understand it more easily

  • Geocentric Flat Water

    Sooooo funny. But a comedy is always so much better with a laugh track. For real scientific information watch people like Space Busters, Phuket Word, Eric Dubay and Brian Austin Lambert.

  • humilograma
    humilograma Day ago

    putas palabras que

  • Brent Dragoo
    Brent Dragoo Day ago

    get a real narrator!

  • erica c
    erica c Day ago

    Just a friendly note to let you know of a typo/s in the title of this video. You say "pigeonholDing" instead of "pigeonholing."

  • lovely Raj
    lovely Raj Day ago


  • NoSleepYet
    NoSleepYet Day ago

    stupid. couldn't understand a thing

  • Gary Howell
    Gary Howell Day ago

    Her voice is super annoying

  • zi zi
    zi zi Day ago

    i subsribe because of the music😂

  • Nattaphon J
    Nattaphon J Day ago


  • Stacy Elam
    Stacy Elam Day ago

    Nice try You Tube. It was so fake you're afraid to show the video. Why do you insult our intelligence? All it Does is make YOU look Silly and Pathetic. No, I mean just "Pathetic" Why do you insult our intelligence? Be a Hero, Not a Zero. Don't tell us what to Think- it breeds contempt.

  • Breach35Plays YT

    Manila paper is paper but made in manila

  • Unconditional-eternal Love


  • triax ultra
    triax ultra 2 days ago

    This is the worst fear ever😒😫

  • 13Gladius 2
    13Gladius 2 2 days ago

    The text seems to describe that 200 2-3 ton stone blocks were moved per month to build the Great Pyramid which is estimated to hold c.2,300,000 mostly 2-3 ton stones. That means it took about 958.333 years to build, not even counting the years of planning. Wow, isn't that amazing ?!?!

  • Stoichoimetry and everything nice

    Just a tip: If you don't like the voice you can read it just below the video. Just for you to have an idea. Lol

  • Diana Espino
    Diana Espino 2 days ago

    wtf was this

  • kirk mcloren
    kirk mcloren 2 days ago

    The Muslims celebrating all over the world at the news is being scrubbed. I was disgusted at the time and remember it clearly

  • Goutam Roy
    Goutam Roy 2 days ago

    Kya bol raha hai ye

  • Zak Tripper
    Zak Tripper 2 days ago

    Currently seeking recruits with a wide variety of (online & organic) skill sets.

  • xoxoxo
    xoxoxo 2 days ago

    I believe an underground group/army is hidden in 11 states at adventure bored camp centers while they are planing an attack and designing their own field operation base it will have berms and they may use the fire department as a fire support base they have many BMX bike that they designed into military bikes and made military style cars and have high direct energy laser weapons and may attack any time The schools may play a role in the operation as union workers helped them with the road work and weapons WATCH OUT!!!!! GET READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gacha Galaxy Time
    Gacha Galaxy Time 2 days ago

    TVclipr me eh

  • Gacha Galaxy Time
    Gacha Galaxy Time 2 days ago

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  • Nisha N
    Nisha N 2 days ago


  • Caden Sketchy
    Caden Sketchy 2 days ago

    I think I have ht

  • MY OB
    MY OB 2 days ago

    Another grindingly awful reader.

  • Dennis Smith
    Dennis Smith 2 days ago

    Thank you for clearing up whether or not the man to think this up later became a science fiction writer. I wasn't sure as the last video didn't say. As to the Rods From God, I hope the militaries of the world have the intelligence NOT to make and deploy them. Though, I expect if they can find a way to get them into orbit cheaply enough they'd do it. Now if the US DOES have antigravity capable ships they may already have these things in orbit.

  • Montoso
    Montoso 2 days ago

    hi wikipedia

  • Carye James Adelante

    i thought its more on visualization.. but yeah.. its more on reading..

  • Kiley Brevik
    Kiley Brevik 2 days ago

    I hate that she talks like a robot

  • saud molaib
    saud molaib 2 days ago

    It's just reading the wikipedia page on ethnomethodology. I don't know if this is legal.

  • Mister Anderson
    Mister Anderson 2 days ago

    AKA snake oil

  • Shane Hummus - The Success GPS

    Alex stop!

  • Dabarium Malak
    Dabarium Malak 2 days ago

    Go read the book cuz you are off by a long shot.

  • GrzegorzusLudi
    GrzegorzusLudi 2 days ago

    These greek-latin based words don't sound wise for me anymore. ;/