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  • MedTheRockstar
    MedTheRockstar 25 seconds ago

    Great interview!... Really like Dest!

  • Ollend Kunt
    Ollend Kunt 40 seconds ago

    Bayern Munich future in safe hand

  • Imran Aniff
    Imran Aniff 3 minutes ago

    Zlatan is zlatan stop talking about his age his scoring goals that’s all

  • Formal Ranger21
    Formal Ranger21 6 minutes ago

    United fans punching the air right now

  • Fauzy Abdul Raheem
    Fauzy Abdul Raheem 6 minutes ago

    Very biased

  • Yuri Zsa
    Yuri Zsa 13 minutes ago

    Under Mourinho, no young players will get a chance to play. Under pochettino, we have the England lineup, trippier, rose, dier, kane, alli, winks. Under Mourinho, glen johnson did blossomed, in liverpool, Scott parker couldn't get playing time, eden hazard was forced to defend more than taking on players. Kevin de bruyne and salah both left chelsea under his regime and found success at other clubs, now both are best players in epl. Why does history kept repeating itself?

  • Brent Maranto
    Brent Maranto 18 minutes ago

    I don’t know what’s worse, the current talent pool making up the USMNT, or the contrived interview that fails miserably at trying to come off emotional like the Twellman meltdown

  • BarebackBarbarians FC
    BarebackBarbarians FC 18 minutes ago

    A miniature fermino

  • Jaimes
    Jaimes 40 minutes ago

    The person who titled this hates TVclip commenters most of all.

  • Anurag Mishra
    Anurag Mishra 44 minutes ago

    Jovic is still a better striker than you guys are analysts.

  • Aida akira
    Aida akira 44 minutes ago

    ESPN more silly... Stu**d.. 🙄...

  • Inder Bisht
    Inder Bisht 46 minutes ago

    He ticked 'hit' for Nuer moving out of Bayern?

  • Panglossian
    Panglossian 49 minutes ago

    stevie is as dumb as Gwyneth Paltrow candle. saying kimmich and thiago are out. clearly say he don't watch anything other than EPL.

  • MaryGrace Biggs
    MaryGrace Biggs 56 minutes ago

    There's a guy I know at my college, who is friends with Christian Pulisic's sister. Low key like whahaslkjskldsksns

  • Srikar Hasthi
    Srikar Hasthi 57 minutes ago

    This again proves that they only watch PL

  • Tom Grazel
    Tom Grazel 58 minutes ago

    jesus this video is just brutal to watch

  • Vinay Simha
    Vinay Simha 59 minutes ago

    Did they just get HIT and MISS confused? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Look at the question - "Bayern Munich Exodus?"

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia Hour ago

    Good player good person good decisions pero te necesita la selección mexicana

  • Lksks Jxnsnsj
    Lksks Jxnsnsj Hour ago

    Did burley just say Maldini was earlier than the 80’s? Mate fr?

  • vidAm90 _
    vidAm90 _ Hour ago

    Vardrid at it again

  • T Lee
    T Lee Hour ago

    IM SO SICK OF THIS ESPN FC PANEL. none of these has-beens provide anything insightful or compelling. no difference than just hiring random fans to talk, not former pros.

  • fasterthanLIGHT
    fasterthanLIGHT Hour ago

    Spot on Steve

  • Ginga
    Ginga Hour ago

    3:28 What a bunch of clowns

  • Royal Scum
    Royal Scum Hour ago

    BEST DEAL................. EVER

  • wmaass88
    wmaass88 Hour ago

    Vela is a Boss.

  • T Lee
    T Lee Hour ago

    ESPN needs to hire new staff. so tired of these guys bitching. none of them say anything compelling, ever

  • fares alkhaf
    fares alkhaf Hour ago

    U r so stupid to say its enough to win la liga for Barcelona! Enough for u and others but not for Barcelona. U all anti Barcelona.

  • Frank Watson
    Frank Watson Hour ago

    Kimmich is essential to their team at times in the same way Trent Alexander-Arnold is for Liverpool, the entire team is full of staple players with more experience than pluck, they just have to modify the way they play against other higher level Euro competition

  • Abubakarr Titus
    Abubakarr Titus Hour ago

    My question here is, why Mike Dean was the referee for both Arsenal premier league matches home and away this season ? How on earth VAR not awarded Pepe penalty appeal? Mike Dean is a cheat ,VAR is something else.

  • Ramón Zambrano
    Ramón Zambrano Hour ago

    Chicharito Is the best player

  • emmanuel hernandez

    Lol this is the same clown that responded to Cristiano by saying that:"Going back to play to Italy at an older age is not a challenge."

  • Dapat Hidayat
    Dapat Hidayat Hour ago

    Haaland is lowkey able to exceed Lewandowski's career.

  • Ramón Zambrano
    Ramón Zambrano Hour ago

    Chicharito Is the best player only who plays More and Will be the best of all

  • fares alkhaf
    fares alkhaf Hour ago

    I want to see Messi show against this 4 losers.

  • Ramón Zambrano
    Ramón Zambrano Hour ago

    Chicharito #1

  • yt 8297
    yt 8297 Hour ago

    Tbf other than torriera everyone else is bang average ,guendouzi is good player but he is a bit young

  • Zeeshan Niazi
    Zeeshan Niazi Hour ago

    Explain why Real Madrid forwards aren't performing, it's a fact that a clear majority of RM goals are coming from their defenders and midfielders.

    • Leslie Jim
      Leslie Jim 52 minutes ago

      The top scorer for Real Madrid is benzema so u r wrong

  • Neat Sounds
    Neat Sounds Hour ago

    Love 💓 zizou

  • dj enzo24
    dj enzo24 Hour ago

    Next summer: here comes Bayern Munich with 70 million dollars IS HE FOR SALE

  • aweha 42
    aweha 42 Hour ago

    welcome to bayern

  • L Blanc
    L Blanc 2 hours ago

    As a PSG fan I need to warn the Arsenal fans about the absolute deadwood signing that is Kurzawa. Dude is the top contender for worst left back in the league, he is the French Mustafi. We already tried to warn for Emery but couldn’t stop it. Saliba will be a good signing but Kurzawa is a lost soul on a football pitch he cannot defend cannot create going forward and won’t even bother to stay fit, just run and win duels. May god have mercy on Leno if a back line of Mustafi Luiz and Kurzawa is ever put together.

  • Rebel daboi
    Rebel daboi 2 hours ago

    😂🤣🤣 don’t be surprised..thess football pundits are people like you who are voicing their opinions and more times than often the say very stupid stuff 😂🤣🤣 don’t believe everything you see lol

  • Erick Gomez-Mendez
    Erick Gomez-Mendez 2 hours ago

    The only void he can fill is the spot on the bench .

  • Rahul KN
    Rahul KN 2 hours ago

    Kimmich is Indispensable to Bayern. An exceptional CM, And is still the best overall RB in the world..!!

  • Dan 123
    Dan 123 2 hours ago

    The fact that he doesn’t rate Kimmich or Thiago just shows his lack of football knowledge... Kimmich was arguably the best right back in the work last season and Thiago was one of the most well rounded and once again arguably one of the best defensive midfielders in the world last season.

  • Phillip Dickson
    Phillip Dickson 2 hours ago

    What a clown

  • Andi, Aka Yeah Idk
    Andi, Aka Yeah Idk 2 hours ago

    Southampton had such a good team that they sold.

  • Johannes Sorto
    Johannes Sorto 2 hours ago

    This show is terrible. Why do I keep watching this lol

  • Yash Jagirdar
    Yash Jagirdar 2 hours ago

    bruh kimmich has been their 2nd best player this season

  • country clubbin
    country clubbin 2 hours ago

    Should've kept poch... he wasn't the problem, now you've downgraded. Tottenham is in huge trouble and they spent their budget on Mourinho wages

  • official die hard gamers

    It's will take forever

  • Jaelyn Buenger
    Jaelyn Buenger 2 hours ago

    Can you please pass this message to cristiano ronaldo because he is my hero and I will do anything to make him meet me please my hope please do this please all I'm asking for

  • Lam' Diengdoh
    Lam' Diengdoh 2 hours ago

    This guy is living in his imagination it's surreal

  • Emile Pelletier
    Emile Pelletier 2 hours ago

    15-18 goals league goals for him i say

  • Nawaf Alkerayf
    Nawaf Alkerayf 3 hours ago

    Haaland: super sub, makes the comeback possible and scores a hatrick in 23 minutes Stevie: Not a bad start

  • Devanshu Trivedi
    Devanshu Trivedi 3 hours ago

    Now we are talking Stevie 😂😂

  • NK10
    NK10 3 hours ago

    Hala Madrid!

  • MrEkirt
    MrEkirt 3 hours ago

    Casemiro has been one of the reasons for Madrid’s success during the 3 champions leagues run. To say that he is just now getting good is borderline disrespectful to a footballer of his calibre.

  • Michał Bordych
    Michał Bordych 3 hours ago

    He doesnt know sh*** about Bayern

  • Addie 784
    Addie 784 3 hours ago

    Did Steve say everyone is a winner ? I can't attest to that. Man U being a winner ? 😐😐 Did I miss something ? Somebody please fill me in .......

  • Jsm For real
    Jsm For real 3 hours ago

    I think Steve misplaced Rafina for kimmich cuz he got beaten. Badly by Liverpool

  • Addie 784
    Addie 784 3 hours ago

    Steve : " not a bad start " You for real bruh ! 😐😐 This was magesterial !

  • WanteXecutioN
    WanteXecutioN 3 hours ago

    Kimmich should come to BVB. We need a CDM/RB and he fits in the description.

  • Brian W
    Brian W 3 hours ago

    he is the new prototype. ranges around and built like a free safety looking to crush anything in his path. dude is lebron

  • Beatergate1527
    Beatergate1527 3 hours ago

    We saw this with Emery at Arsenal: Bringing a défensive manager to an attacking-focused team leaves them floating helplessly in the middle, without an identity.

  • Larryogkush Noriega
    Larryogkush Noriega 3 hours ago

    Atlético should take him

  • Bishal Bhattarai
    Bishal Bhattarai 3 hours ago

    Kimmich is a world class rb probably overral better than arnold but offensively arnold has been playing at top

  • Gero Nimo
    Gero Nimo 3 hours ago


  • HungDaddy
    HungDaddy 3 hours ago

    Arteta out.

  • Gabriele Hu
    Gabriele Hu 3 hours ago

    I feel like he put kimmich and thiago as a miss just for the sake of it, or maybe there wasnt any space on the left i guess

  • Orlando Velastegui
    Orlando Velastegui 3 hours ago

    Shaolin wolf : Casemiro is better Defensively and offensively. You need to go on ESPN look up Real Madrid and see the game Casemiro had Today scored Twice. Casemiro all around better player.

  • Brian Kang
    Brian Kang 3 hours ago

    MLS = Man Learning Soccer

  • monsta tarique
    monsta tarique 4 hours ago

    Boateng should leave for sure it would be weird for a bayern Munich side without muller but I think they need a great back up striker for lewy

  • SkatePvP10
    SkatePvP10 4 hours ago

    The goal he scored against juventus in the CL final

    • N!njA_ kachorRI
      N!njA_ kachorRI Hour ago

      That was a reflection though. But his goal against Napoli was a rocket.

  • Yousef Abufasha
    Yousef Abufasha 4 hours ago

    “The ignorance from some of these people is astounding”-Craig Burley. I know what they said about inter is dumb, but cmon, he’s one of the most ignorant pundits on the entire panel

  • Unknown
    Unknown 4 hours ago

    steve is wrong arsenals defence and midfield isnt bang average its below average

  • ashvin subbaiah
    ashvin subbaiah 4 hours ago

    Steve nicol, Liverpool won only 1 leg against bayern n watz he sayin kimmich is one of the best players in Bayern locker room including thiago. Just bcuz liv iz doin better doesn't mean u hav to criticize every other team player. No 1 stays in top for ever.

  • Beatergate1527
    Beatergate1527 4 hours ago

    Honestly Casemiro been lowkey balling for a while now. Similar to what we saw from Kanté, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him start to some more goals to his game on the regular, and that’s gonna be a PROBLEM for other teams

  • The Rambler
    The Rambler 4 hours ago

    How long till ArtetaOut

  • King Khan
    King Khan 4 hours ago

    It’s gonna take easy 4 years we are finished has a club but as far as winning titles 😂😂 ferget about it we are a commercial club we ain’t about trophies we are financial money making club rest in peace arsenal

  • Uriel Valdez
    Uriel Valdez 4 hours ago

    Carlos Vela is better then chicharito

  • TheChongmaster
    TheChongmaster 4 hours ago

    I would tolerante another year of Arsenal mediocrity if ESPN got rid of these morons

  • Cubensis Meds
    Cubensis Meds 4 hours ago

    Its MLS what do you expect? Bahaha

  • Steve Thompson
    Steve Thompson 4 hours ago

    Hindsight is truly a great thing.

  • Cheque Leque
    Cheque Leque 4 hours ago

    Alejandro Basura 🗑

  • wilfrido gervacio
    wilfrido gervacio 4 hours ago

    KIMMICH? Are you crazy? Do you know how good he is!? Thiago? He’s also really good oh god, what is this video

  • Supreme Swaraj
    Supreme Swaraj 4 hours ago

    Dude! If you watch Bundesliga and you are not fan of Thiago, you know nothing about football. The guy is a master class. I am unsubscribing ESPN because the bring people who don't know football or they give analysis of Bundesliga without even watching it. -Thank you

  • VegaPhil
    VegaPhil 4 hours ago

    Mourinho doing worse than pochettino would have done if they hadn't prematurely sacked him, at best there is no difference. The Spurs board made a big mistake and it will be evident when they fail to reach the top four- no champions league, dull football from a has been manager and the better players wanting to leave. All because Daniel Levy wouldn't back the manager who had performed miracles in making Spurs a team that actually challenged. Back to mid table mediocrity for them

  • Édouard Français
    Édouard Français 4 hours ago

    Oussama idrissi ? Future roben 💪

  • Kie Ireland
    Kie Ireland 4 hours ago

    Nobody other than Henderson should be considered

  • W. A.j.
    W. A.j. 4 hours ago

    One of the most overrated, most mediocre waste of time type of player. Good for a mls team but not for any national team smh

  • J. Sulindap
    J. Sulindap 4 hours ago

    Casemiro actually playing striker at first before become CDM.. that why he love to score like striker

  • That guy D.R.E
    That guy D.R.E 4 hours ago

    Stevie and Craig Guys stop hating on fashion wear you don't understand it's ok

  • K. Fernandez
    K. Fernandez 4 hours ago

    Arsenal will start winning when xhaka and mustafi sold

  • key buckley
    key buckley 5 hours ago

    Ciro Ferrara or Bergomi

  • Jackson
    Jackson 5 hours ago

    Why are there so many dislikes on this video!???

  • Carlos Blandin Jr
    Carlos Blandin Jr 5 hours ago

    He’s going to bayern after this season

    • Shakir Hussain
      Shakir Hussain Hour ago

      If PSG lose Mbappe and Neymar to the El Clasico teams. I can see them raid Dortmund for both Haaland and Sancho

  • Andre Perez
    Andre Perez 5 hours ago

    About a decade at this rate, they only have six wins in 23 that is atrocious 😂

  • Richard Cannon
    Richard Cannon 5 hours ago

    How long will it take for Stevie to analyze anything intelligently?

    • T Lee
      T Lee Hour ago

      Richard Cannon so tired of the espn panel

  • Jay N
    Jay N 5 hours ago

    Hi stevie its almost commical how you can mention in your time how you got stictch up by the referee and lines man but cant see the AGENDA the premier league referees have against your most hated side THE ARSENAL....check the stats see how many games Arsenal have been robbed...and the main culprit of all the referees...Mike does he even sleep after a decision like that

    • Rutul Dhote
      Rutul Dhote 2 hours ago

      He doesn't hate arsenal bro hes a Liverpool fan he hate man urd and everton though, and arsenal deserves all bashing they get they have horriffic players for a club of that size