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Comments • 198

  • Stephen Kavanagh
    Stephen Kavanagh 2 months ago

    9 hours and no dissection of the Infinity War trailer. Dislike. Unsubscribe. Snotty comment.

  • Brian Grim
    Brian Grim 2 months ago

    You are brilliant!! I love the dead-pan precocious child-like delivery, driven by this mad-cap genius mind! More complex and entertaining than the subject your a critiquing. Don't ever change.

  • S.M. Media Productions

    Watch this documentary Jenny! You can't imagine how much it means to me.

  • S.M. Media Productions

    Star Wars' unelected galactic government of the Empire and succeeding First Order are allegories of the very real unelected global government of the United Nations, European Union, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission. Here on Earth criminal elements inside select corporate financial institutions, multinational banks and investment firms fund both sides in wars to always consolidate and control. Look up how Deutsche Bank sold stolen Czech gold to The Royal Bank of England AFTER the Nazi invasion of Poland. The powers above government often fund both sides. Like how criminal elements in the CIA created Al-Queada and ISIS, I digress. Anyway Star Wars is based on so much stuff about the so-called "New World Order" global government in canon and non-canon work it's ridiculous. In this video you'll hear about how Darth Plagues started the cloning operation, to have an army of the Republic to fight the confederacy, causing the perfect storm to eventually execute order 66. You might ask why Sheev Palpatines master doesn't just let the Republic fall to the droid army naturally? Because if they never made a clone army then it's only logical the Republic would start conscripting solders to fight the droids, and the conscripts would not follow order 66 to a tee like the clones with their brain chips.

  • Joshyblogz Vlogz
    Joshyblogz Vlogz 3 months ago

    I am kind of disappointed you did the sponsored battlefront 2 video. Not sure if you're fully aware of what you're stepping into...

  • Mni Wiconi
    Mni Wiconi 3 months ago

    I loved your episode about witchcraft books- it was truly amusing. You are a really witty woman. I am a practicing Wiccan (same as witch) and can assure you most books you will find are poor representations of the "craft". I laughed harder when I saw that you had accidentally gotten two books from the same author. You really got me with your last line saying that witches wouldn't want to share spells that work. I actually happen to know that statement is true. Most practicing any sort of craft will not share what works. I am pretty sure this is to protect dabblers from getting in too deep without a full understanding about what may occur. Especially when you are correct about every point you made about braids of hair under the bed and meddling with the neighbors!! You had me in stitches!!! People can really be that weird and that petty... thus most legit witches don't share what works. I would have to say getting a solid grounding in Ethics and Wisdom must come 1st before learning how to make changes through alternate approaches otherwise it's all sorts of negative fireworks. Anyway- you keep doing a great job- you would do it without my encouragement I know... but your clever humor is SO needed and I really have enjoyed watching many of your posts. If you ever want to learn real craft.... find the real deal in the craft. Sort of like looking for needles in a haystack but I guess that's the challenge with any sort of talent. :) Witchy Blessings to you... P.S. Tree hugging.... it really works ;) There have been many scientific articles about how the brain shifts when someone just sits in meditation with a tree!! More than one scientist is studying tree's and the deeper they go the more interesting the info- here is a link you might find intriguing. and the other article is just about how cool tree's really are... take it from a witch- tree's are their own brand of special ;) :

  • Chris F
    Chris F 3 months ago

    I present to you... Darth Nebriated. He touched us when he developed a real fondness for Jyn, though a redemption arc now seems all but foreclosed. I cannot get past his murder of countless yuenglings at Luke's School for Forceful Children.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago

    just found your site and watched your rey is a skywalker video very funny good job

  • Mr. E
    Mr. E 3 months ago

    I'm a huge fan and think you're really funny, hope you weren't one of the girls who was taken advantage of...

  • S.M. Media Productions

    A dramatic and emotional compilation of scenes from both prequels and sequels showing how in George Lucases own words they rhyme.

  • S.M. Media Productions

    Have you seen this explanation to Rey having such strong force powers with no training that took Luke and Anakin years of training to attain? Her connection to the force stems out of trauma at a young age and not harmony, possibly explaining the recently released trailer dialog.

  • Sol Aries
    Sol Aries 4 months ago

    Hi Jenny, I love your channel. I always look forward to new videos. Can you do an episode on Blade Runner 2049? It's not SW, but I think it's still in your wheelhouse :)

  • Chris Fontaine
    Chris Fontaine 4 months ago

    Hi Jenny, it's my birthday... can you make a viral video for me? I love your content! anything you like, maybe something short and sweet like a commentary on how creative the Han Solo movie title is... I wonder how they came up with that....? any way, happy belated/early birthday to you...

  • Pavel Vlese
    Pavel Vlese 4 months ago

    Hi Jenny, i know i haven´t wrote to you till now, but trust me i really love your content, humor and you, as person, but i bet everyone tells you that :D I really miss your show Millenial Falcon, i know that somethink happened to Screen Junkies, but i don´t know why whole crew of Screen Junkies stopped making content, can you tell me why? If you know. Please excuse my bad english, i´m from Czech republic, and i wasn´t paying attention im my english class. With love yours fan Pavel.

  • Philo Janus
    Philo Janus 4 months ago

    No pressure but... the new trailer's been out for a whole three hours. What are you doing? Sleeping? Geez.

  • Terriccota Pie
    Terriccota Pie 4 months ago

    Great channel! Also, only now did I notice the It'll Be Ok demo, for FiW. That brings back memories of being into all that stuff!

  • badgerlord87
    badgerlord87 4 months ago

    You're takes are so spicy it's amazing. And your deadpan delivery makes it even better.

  • Joshyblogz Vlogz
    Joshyblogz Vlogz 4 months ago

    Have you seen Pink Five?

  • CombatWombat
    CombatWombat 4 months ago

    Stellar channel, Star Wars is life. Really enjoy your videos, keep up the great work!

  • Kevin The Bold
    Kevin The Bold 4 months ago

    How can I send you a gift? I am a Patreon. Can I send private messages over YT?

  • Michael Cannon
    Michael Cannon 4 months ago

    Resistance is futile.

  • Isaac Puddlewit
    Isaac Puddlewit 5 months ago

    Where can I find some of those sick spider plushes you have?

  • Chris Fontaine
    Chris Fontaine 5 months ago

    Jenny will you Direct episode 9? Yours truly Kathleen Kennedy P.S. Chris Fontaine is a pseudonym

  • Fredrick Allen
    Fredrick Allen 5 months ago

    Haven't kept up with your videos lately. Just watched the ASMR one. Hilariously on point IMO. I tried listening to ASMR a year or so ago to deal with some temporary issues with falling asleep. They were all more annoying than relaxing, and definitely sexually motivated. What ended up "lulling" me to sleep was finding a couple videos of old male professors discussing particle physics and stuff like that. Your videos are great, and funny. Looking forward to some more of your Star Wars videos as Last Jedi gets closer.

  • S.M. Media Productions

    I only subscribe to Screen Junkies for your show. Keep up the good work and don't let the trolls get you down! Your acting skills are greater than you think, never underestimate your talent. I read on your Tumblr that a lot of people send you offensive, obscene and threatening messages which is a shame. You know you're over the target when you're taking the most flack. I'd really like to recommend to you the Alex Jones Channel on TVclip, please check it out Jenny, and may the truth be with you!

  • Trowa71
    Trowa71 6 months ago

    What do you think of RedLetterMedia slash the Plinkett Prequel Reviews?

  • Christian Siebach
    Christian Siebach 6 months ago

    I really like your videos!

  • Brad Dixon
    Brad Dixon 6 months ago

    Genuinely enjoy your videos! Keep it up!

  • Aidan Lorenzana
    Aidan Lorenzana 6 months ago

    How old are you?

  • Poly Anna
    Poly Anna 7 months ago

    Oh my god, you're on @midnight tonight! :D

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 7 months ago

    I need my Nicholson humor's summer you must be really busy....missing the perspectives. Looking forward to the next one!

  • Jeremy Cornwell
    Jeremy Cornwell 8 months ago

    What if earth is tatooine? Da da daaaa!

  • G K
    G K 8 months ago

    Can you review "THE BOOK OF HENRY" directed by Colin Trevorrow ( director for Ep IX ) ?

  • HumphreyDinsington
    HumphreyDinsington 8 months ago

    I'm a bad, bad car. Help me, Jenny Wan Phantom, you're my only hope. My wiper blade is coming off. The windshield is an ocean. This road will be my scrapyard.

  • Xavier Quiñones de León

    Jenny seems the reincarnation of spanish music halls queen Antoñita Fuentes "Bella Nena" see my video of her in 1922

  • steve9007
    steve9007 10 months ago

    you have nice quality content. wish you would do it more often. i just like listening to your voice. relaxing

  • Wynndogg
    Wynndogg 10 months ago

    Screen Junkies vid brought me here +1 sub

  • Dorcia Olsen
    Dorcia Olsen 10 months ago

    What do you think of the Clone Wars and Rebels animated series?

  • mike wilson
    mike wilson 11 months ago

    How many Patreon dollars to get regular, supporters-only blooper reels??

  • Robert Stair
    Robert Stair 11 months ago

    Please do an Iron Fist review. The show is so awful it is like an underhand softball floating over the plate in slow motiojust waiting for you to knock it out of the park. Go get em!

  • ChocolateNoodle
    ChocolateNoodle 11 months ago

    Jenny you're one of my favorite people good job

  • guido sanchez
    guido sanchez 11 months ago

    Have a nice day~

  • jose de jesus gonzalez roca

    Waiting for the Logan review!

  • Spoof Troupe
    Spoof Troupe 11 months ago

    Hi Jenny, we at Spoof Troupe would love to collab with you :)

  • Asdfghj87 rubik
    Asdfghj87 rubik 11 months ago

    They should create a Nobel Prize for movie reviews and give it to you, Jenny.

  • Ron White
    Ron White 11 months ago

    you really should do more videos on a regular basis, i like your dry humour

  • calistman222
    calistman222 11 months ago

    JENNY! Stop reading comments! Make more videos! Thats all people want!

  • Dibs
    Dibs Year ago

    Totally a fan of how you breakdown films and being a fan of Civil War was hoping you'd breakdown your thoughts on that film and any changes you'd make. Thanks! Keep it up!

  • Jason Walsh
    Jason Walsh Year ago

    Jenny, we need you to post videos more frequently :)

  • SK Wills
    SK Wills Year ago

    I was curious: Are you ever going to finish Horse Women and the Gypsie ressurection storyline in Friendship Is Withccraft. I'd not midn if not, except that the storyline is not finished.

  • Atari Whittington

    Found your channel through a link on a forum. You engage with geek culture in a way that is both reverent of it (but not OMGFANDOM) and critical in an intelligent way. Sounds like a lot of the discussions I have with friends, not just someone trying to be famous on TVclip. Had to sub :D

  • Timeless Teasers

    the last few videos have been great, keep up the good work! look forward to more videos in 2017!

  • Sean Blissett
    Sean Blissett Year ago

    Since you love theme parks and Disney please research Ub Iwerks.

  • TheBMVideos
    TheBMVideos Year ago

    Jenny, just to say you're awesome, really cool and likely one of my favorite TVcliprs right now... thats all.

  • David & Ron Brothers

    How do I become a patron?

  • Adûnâi
    Adûnâi Year ago

    I don't really consider you pretty, but I immediately "clicked" with your ability to make concise points and talk about matters that you find interesting. Thanks, TVclip algorithm, for suggesting me this channel ^^

  • dgetzin
    dgetzin Year ago

    Where did Pony ASMR go? That was hilarious and amazing. I hope you didn't take it down because of horrible comments.

  • Robert Stair
    Robert Stair Year ago

    Loved your Suicide Squad sales pitch video. You're smart and your funny and you're fun to watch even when I disagree with your conclusions. Bravo.

  • Edward Curran
    Edward Curran Year ago

    Jenny your insights about SW are amazing. I saw ANH at it's premiere in 1978 in Corte Madera, CA when I was in kindergarten, many of my friend's parents worked with Lucas on ANH Empire and Jedi... and went back with some of the same kids (and their kids) last year to see TFA in the same theater. I think when I was a child I believed in the Force and Obi Wan way more than Jesus and God himself. This is to say I consider myself a SW fan in a profound lifelong kind of way. I stumbled upon your videos randomly and watched one after the other in disbelief that someone could be so incredibly insightful and articulate about the SW universe, something that has always meant so much to me. Thank you so much for your amazing contributions.

  • j.kenneth fraac
    j.kenneth fraac Year ago

    just found your channel. you're so talented! you should become a tv writer or something

  • Glozwell
    Glozwell Year ago

    are you related to Jack Nicholson

  • Jared Begg
    Jared Begg Year ago

    just found this channel in recommended... had to go back and watch all your videos from the past year. keep it up!

  • Chris Reyes
    Chris Reyes Year ago

    While I am a fan of Rogue One and loved it as an entertaining action film with a diverse cast and crew who I could tell loved the original Star Wars trilogy, I really enjoyed your review. You made really good points especially with the lack of characterization. I left the theater wishing they had fleshed out more character dynamics between each other. Great job. Look forward to seeing more reviews :)

  • Atom1
    Atom1 Year ago

    i realy love your videos.. you are awesome!

  • Stiffkittens
    Stiffkittens Year ago

    Your channel is great for people contemplating suicide

  • MrMountainjam
    MrMountainjam Year ago

    Found you today and I very much enjoyed watching many of your videos while chilling at work! You're really beautiful and give intelligent criticism! A refreshing break from seeing sycophants blindly consume whatever any given franchise puts in front of them. Keep it up! You articulate your points well in a direct yet enjoyable and cute way that doesn't drive people away. I don't know if you're into any other comics, games, or shows, but would love to see more content from you :). Have a good life and whatnot!

  • Bale Thomson
    Bale Thomson Year ago

    what do you think about the theory of the preqels where obi one was seeing padme behind anikin's back? a love triangle. just wondering

  • Matt Doyle
    Matt Doyle Year ago

    I was watching videos on Tolstoy but walked away and for some reason TVclip auto-played your Rogue 1 video. At first glance I had mixed feelings somewhere between "eh, she's cute" and "oh god, some girl doing reviews". I watched for a minute and realized you were presenting actual arguments and not just being "like, you know, whatever". I watched a few videos and got hooked. Love your vids. Keep doing what you're doing. I hope it rubs off on other girls so that when I go to the bar I can someday have a stimulating conversation with a woman :P

  • Kevin Kennelly
    Kevin Kennelly Year ago

    Your relentless deadpan negativity is mildly amusing. And then 15 seconds pass.

    • Joe Smith
      Joe Smith 10 months ago

      You liked it for longer than 15 seconds.

  • justtemporaryreally

    If you had enough videos I could listen to you talking all day and not get bored. I hope you never get a life.

  • Sean Clough
    Sean Clough Year ago

    Okay, you are pretty and smart (in a reverse way, but pretty trumps anyway). When I was a child, I would plead to my mother to watch Star Wars in the theatre. I am pretty sure the cost of matinee in West Lafayette, Indiana was at first $1.00 then rose to $1.25 when that movie played (#LucasInflation) but I chose to ignore being a loner and watch this movie more than any other movie ever (and like any guy, never really remembered the lines). Here it isa, new years day, I am drunk. So, if you are willing to appease a drunk guy, please watch 'The Expanse', it's on syfi and that sharknado channel of crap has actually upped it's game with 'The Magicians' and 'Incorporated'. I would love to hear you tear down my new beloved sci fi thing. Not for hate, but to appreciate the science. If I had half you wit, I may try myself- but alas, I am a true cynic and my words would bet lost in the delivery. Please, please, please watch 'The Expanse' and have super fun commenting on it. (I promise to read this when I am sober and correct the grammar/spelling)

  • Ludovic Tichit
    Ludovic Tichit Year ago

    Is it me or you have no philtrum ( the vertical groove in the middle area of the upper lip) ? sorry i just can't "not see it"...

  • Sean Clough
    Sean Clough Year ago

    I just noticed you tonight, and am really amused. Even though I don't know you from Eve, I will hazard a guess: All those hours playing with dolls as a little girl are really paying large dividends right now. I mean to say, I am really entertained. Thank you.

  • Dakota Lustick
    Dakota Lustick Year ago

    Thank god for you. You hit every nail on why Rogue one was a weak weak weak movie. I started feeling like I was in the Twilight zone, with all of the "shmoes" out there mindlessly loving this boring movie. I also like that alongside the top notch bashing, you actually have great input. Disney TAKE NOTICE. It's been a twilight zone year, This video cheered me up. You are A NEW HOPE.

  • Frogasmol
    Frogasmol Year ago

    Found out your channel recently. You're very smart and strangely charismatic, I could listen to you talk about anything. I hope you get the views you deserve!

  • Joel KingThing
    Joel KingThing Year ago

    I... I can't stop watching.

  • Joel KingThing
    Joel KingThing Year ago

    I love your deadpan delivery. +1 subscriber.

  • elise greyguard
    elise greyguard Year ago

    I just love that you're able to love movies/books/whatever while also lampooning them hilariously and being deliberately over-analytical. As a connoisseur of obsessive world building and nerdcraft commentary, I count your channel among my most watched.

  • Isaac K
    Isaac K Year ago

    Very intriguing channel. Thank you for the content.

  • The3Brett3
    The3Brett3 Year ago

    The 2 lead actors in Rogue One get killed at the end on the beach and Darth Vader slices twits like Swiss cheese at the end too.

  • Joshua H
    Joshua H Year ago

    Wow, this is the best nerdy girl I've ever encountered. Subscribed!

  • Shining Luna Productions

    I like you Jenny, you're a cute lass. :)

  • C North
    C North Year ago

    gosh you're adorable

  • tolkus53
    tolkus53 Year ago

    You are great. Looking forward to hearing from you next week.

  • Toby Crain
    Toby Crain Year ago

    Wow, Jenny. You are terrifically funny! Brilliant writing and delivery. My friend pointed me to your earlier Star Wars stuff and I was hooked! Especially the role-playing ones, like "Rey" and "Elsa" (couldn't stop laughing). I expect to see you writing for SNL sometime soon. Somebody's bound to scoop you up and change your long-term goals. Keep up the terrific work!

  • Leonardo Jardim
    Leonardo Jardim Year ago

    Dude you are hilarious, keep those awesome videos coming!

  • Chrisly3ear
    Chrisly3ear Year ago

    Hey Jenny, Why do you film yourself in this corner most of the time where you cannot gesture widely with your right arm? Isn't there a better spot? Chris

  • Domino7337
    Domino7337 Year ago

    Me and my wife love you so much it is kinda weird. Any chance we could become friends irl?

  • Carlos Nino
    Carlos Nino Year ago

    Hey Jenny! What's the latest on your audition for SJ? Best- Carlos

  • huggiesdsc
    huggiesdsc Year ago

    Could you make a video of you just making and eating a sandwich while explaining something completely mundane, like why carpool lanes are bullshit? I could watch you read the dictionary.

  • VerumAdPotentia
    VerumAdPotentia Year ago

    4 months ago, you posted, "I really want to know if people mind me making star wars videos because I work surrounded by star wars stuff all day and I may or may not have a google doc full of star wars things I want to rave about. Def making at least one more." For my two cents worth, I say... Rave on Jenny! Rave on!

  • Holy Diver
    Holy Diver Year ago

  • xsuperduperspoonx

    Haha, you're the best. Carry on.

  • Shawn Kendall
    Shawn Kendall Year ago

    Really enjoying your latest works. Can't wait for more... I think it is clear that we can expect great things from you. After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things. Terrible...Yes. But great.

  • Joshua Milus
    Joshua Milus Year ago

    You are hilarious. You are smart. And now I'm a fan.

  • Peter Betweter
    Peter Betweter Year ago

    I have seen about 10 of your videos now, and I can say with the upmost confidence that I will be actively following you. Now I don't know a single thing about Mlp, but your Star Wars videos are top notch. I've been really looking for content like yours, and it seems my efforts payed off (even though I didn't really look, it was reccomended to me).A question I'd like to ask is: would you be interested in looking into "Star Wars Amino"? A community app for Star Wars fans, to put it bluntly. It's got chats, an article posting system, and all sorts of things like that. And no, this is not me advertising this appartement to you, I'd just really like to see your content there.Hope to see more of you in the future.

  • Max Brandt
    Max Brandt Year ago

    You're incredibly cute and funny, keep up the good work!

  • superdeathbang
    superdeathbang Year ago

    Are you a voice actor? A voice actress(?). I've heard the deep web users talk about them. They live on the boonies of Lego, I think. They're the most sought-after creatures in the internet. I listen to all the youtubers and script pitchers who come through here. I've a pitch myself, you know, and someday I'm going to get someone to go along with one of them. Don't really have U.S. dollars though, just truggets. Wouldn't it be super neato if someone dubbed the females in Star Wars audiobooks so Leia doesn't sound like an old scottish guy?

  • Tyrion Lannister

    If you mated with episode 1: The Phantom Menance, the baby wouldn't even be bad

  • Finn Jensen
    Finn Jensen Year ago

    I really enjoyed your con artist trilogy. Your videos are well constructed and engaging. Best of luck.

  • Frank Ambrosino
    Frank Ambrosino Year ago

    Internet. Internet, internet, internet. Yep. Internet.

  • los dias pasados

    andre sends his regards bammmmmm

  • Needless Moose
    Needless Moose Year ago

    How the hell did Padme die of sadness? I'm no doctor, but that sounds like some bullshit. That is all.

    • Tim Ruckle
      Tim Ruckle Year ago

  • Richard Channing

    Let me just get this out of the way first: You are insanely cute!!!! Yay! Now that I have that out of the way, I really like your videos! My friends and I are looking into starting a youtube movie review channel (because there aren't enough of those!) and I was wondering what kind of equipment/editing software you use to make your videos. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!! Stay Awesome!!!

  • Brian Stacks
    Brian Stacks Year ago

    Hey Jenny; whats the word about joining Screen Junkies?

  • HumanCannonBaller

    You are adorable.

  • Matt
    Matt Year ago

    You're fucking hilarious and have an awesome mind for movies. MEGA POINTS FOR BEING COOL

  • Robert Stair
    Robert Stair Year ago

    Mad skills this girl has. Funniest person on the internet. And cute too.

  • violin245
    violin245 Year ago

    Hey I love your stuff!! You have a real talent for making videos.

  • Joshua Laster
    Joshua Laster Year ago

    Hello! I would love to hear your take on Darth Jar-Jar. Keep up the good work!

    • jRoldo Mustache
      jRoldo Mustache Year ago

      Its a retarded theory that George Lucas is incapable of doing. Jar Jar was toddler entertainment in TPM, and nothing else. GL is incapable of good writing in his old age, and had no way planned to make jar jar a sith. The prequels were so flat and shitty, that fans created this theory for intrigue after it was all over.

  • DiskFelcore
    DiskFelcore Year ago

    Loving your dryish humor! Dont be afraid of trying new things with your channel. Loving everything that you have done.

  • Roylan Vader
    Roylan Vader Year ago

    oh my God you're sexy cute! <3 and you're a star wars fan that's a BIG PLUS! :D i hope your channel becomes successful so keep ut up!

  • Crimson Disk
    Crimson Disk Year ago

    Liked your If Rey was a Skywalker Video. (Why would...Luke...Being raised on a Desert Planet...Make his only child have to do the same?) Question; how old are you?

  • Ronnie3vil
    Ronnie3vil Year ago

    Hey sorry to be weird but I know you really like BB-8 and I just wanted to let you know they have a BB-8 dress for sale at Hot topic. It's really cute if your into that kind of stuff. If not sorry for bothering you, and I really like your vids.

  • mah tay
    mah tay Year ago

    From a Task oriented perspective, how do you manage such editing? do you write a script, and then read off the script and then edit? The end product is seamless and something I would like to try to imitate/emulate for my own subject manner. being able to represent two sides- by the same person. Any hints or tips would be appreciated. I think your videos are very entertaining and funny!.

  • agelem
    agelem Year ago

    Oh my god, some of these comments... jeeesus. If you're reading this Jenny please know that there are also a lot of normal people watching and liking your videos! You do whatever you wanna do if it makes you happy! I know it sounds like a clichè, but it's true nonetheless! Haters gonna hate. You be you gurl!

  • mauk1328
    mauk1328 Year ago

    Hi :)

  • Zachary Harrison

    Hey Ms . Nicholson I kinda feel like I know what you're going through in a sense. I'm glad you have a sense of humor about everything! Keep being fun and awesome! Let us know if you need any help, okay? Thanks, Your friendly neighborhood psychologist.

  • Justice Served
    Justice Served Year ago

    Hey, here are some of my plot ideas for Episode VIII. Feel free to share them at will.- Snoke confesses that Palpatine was a terrible father and seeks counseling from Chewbacca. His Rorschach results show an obsession with kittens and unicorns.- Rey is horribly burned in boiling Bantha poodoo and is completely mechanized except for her arms.- Rey is revealed to be the child of General Grievous and the Borg queen. (Timing issues, I know)- Borg invade the galaxy. Debate ensues over which is more aesthetically pleasing; cubes or spheres.- Finn is exposed as a double agent when he assassinates Luke. He escapes back to the First order and has an affair with Captain Phasma.- Leia is captured by Snoke and for some reason (known only by Lucas) forced to wear a bikini.- BB-8 dissembles R2-D2 out of jealousy and frames C-3PO. Leia has C-3PO deactivated and used as a hood/hull ornament on Star Tours.- Kylo Ren suffers with inner turmoil. He finally decides that all of his important decisions will be determined by a coin flip. This eventually leads to him destroying General Hux and then becoming Amish. He starts an order known as Barn Raisers of Light.- Maz Kanata marries Chewbacca. They produce many offspring that resemble furry, incoherent (or Darth coherent) slugs with huge eyes. These offspring become the new Jedi/force user dynasty.

  • I Don't Care
    I Don't Care Year ago

    You REALLY need to change your channel banner. Unless it's something you drew. Then it's okay I guess, but still really weird.

  • FalkorX
    FalkorX Year ago

    So how does it feel to be famous all of a sudden?

    • FalkorX
      FalkorX Year ago

      I didn't want to say that she was absolutely unknown before her last few videos, no offense, but her sub count has grown times 20 in the last 30 days and the number of views of her videos increased times 10 in the same time. On could say that she is now as famous as never before^^

    • Dan Teall
      Dan Teall Year ago

      She was already horse-famous for making friendship is witchcraft

  • op2rules
    op2rules Year ago

    Hey Jenny, at first I was skeptical when I saw your videos about starwars because you looked young and the plushies were immature looking for a 22 year old viewer. But I found you to be very well versed and hilarious! You've really got to make more videos! Sincerely, Some random guy from reddit

  • Lex Python
    Lex Python Year ago

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      I am an ass. I also have a great ass.

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    Hi, I know you participated greatly to the making of Friendship Is Witchscraft, I'm trying to make french subtitles because a lot of french speaking people are willing to watch this show but are not able to understand a great part of the jokes involved, so I started translating and subtitling but I'm having difficulties for a few words in each episode, I was wondering if it was possible for you to give me some scripts or something of this kind so that I'll be able to work faster, without any error in the understanding (i'm not a native speaker) and so that I have no blanks in the subtitles. Thanks in advance for any response

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    Greetings, My name is Jack Getschman, the creator Scootertrix the Abridged. We here at Scootertrix were wondering if you would be interested in your guest starring in an upcoming episode of Scootertrix the Abridged because you would be perfect for the part! It is a one time role for episode 19 as the Diamond Dogs. They are a fun and complicated group who all have the same voice and are called Jessica. You can of course look over the script and see if it is something that you would be interested in, and if you have any questions just send an email to We hope to hear from you! Sincerely, Jack

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      lol brony go die.

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      Sorry about all my messages but I promise this will be the last one. :) Just a last reminder that the role is open to you until around the 8th of September (As you said summer was a busy time for you so this might work more with your schedule). If you're interested, just send an email to: We hope to hear from you. Sincerely, Jack

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      Ah okay cool. Thank you for taking the time to consider! Just so you know, this offer is open to you until about the middle of September (If that would work better with your schedule). If not, then thanks again. I hope your other projects go well! Sincerely, Jack P.S. Big fan of FIW. :)

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      Hi, sorry I didn't see this earlier! Unfortunately it's not the best timing for me, between a couple other projects I'm working on and the nature of my job which makes summer the busiest time of year (second maybe only to christmas). Thank you for the offer though!

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