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Moss | Oculus Rift
3 months ago
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RUSH | Oculus Rift
4 months ago

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  • Zero Budget Developments

    we need a series of oculus go development tutorials for unity and unreal such as how to grab walk and interact with oculus go controller the oculus website is good but very cryptic i bought my oculus go to develop and granted santa cruz will work with low powered computer and intel 4000hd graphics chip ill be developing for santa cruz oculus go could be the big one if you help by giving us tutorials cuz ive spent days trawling the internet and can find hardly any come on oculus you want us to develop for the go help us give us tutorials of the basics so we can concentrate on making content not looking for tutorials or piecing together bits of random stuff we can find

  • shae walsh
    shae walsh 2 months ago

    have you ever think of making a suit that is contacted so that you can feel the world around you and hand-ware to replace the controllers think about it

  • DMan 9971
    DMan 9971 3 months ago

    Oculus, Facebook - Please read this, take it to heart, and act on it: I pre-ordered the Rift on day 1 (after a lot of research and following the VR industry all along the way), knowing I'd also pre-order Touch, pre-ordered Touch, and have never regretted those purchases. I am a happy early-adopter of it. Oculus, under Facebook, has absolutely greatly helped the VR industry by funding many amazing titles such as this one which have been exclusively sold on the Oculus store (not platform). That makes total sense, considering their investments. Even as a Rift owner, I hate the fact that owners of other headsets must use software from whomever just to get their headsets and controllers to function within the Oculus store and for Oculus-exclusive titles. Oculus SHOULD allow for other hardware to work for all their content, exclusive or not. This would only help them by opening their virtual doors for business to all PC VR players! This is obvious, not complicated to understand, and frankly mind-blowing that it hasn't been the case from the start. What if...HTC or some other manufacturer creates an HMD that just blows the others, including Oculus', away? I buy that HMD. I then have to go out of my way to find some software to work as a middleman just to try to get it to function with all the Oculus exclusives I have already purchased. And it may not even work! That's just ridiculous. PCVR is the platform! NOT Oculus, NOT SteamVR. PCVR. I buy a non-VR game on steam, so I have to launch it from Steam. But, the same game can be displayed on whatever monitor from whatever manufacturer I want, played with whatever keyboard or mouse by whatever manufacturers I want, etc.... Again, this would only help the devs and only help Oculus. I simply do not see how it could hurt anyone involved. Oculus clearly makes more money from software sales than from hardware sales, so why would they not openly support all PCVR HMDs and controllers in their own SDK?! Personally, even as an early Oculus adopter, I always chose to buy from Steam whenever possible, because I'm frankly terrified of the idea of one day finding myself prevented from enjoying software I bought just because I decided to buy hardware from another company later on. That may not happen, but I'm not taking chances. IF Oculus would fix this, then I'd feel MUCH better about just buying from their store, and they'd get even more of my business. I can't be the only Rift owner who feels this way. I didn't buy a Rift to get exclusives. I bought a Rift, because it was the best HMD available at the time (in my opinion, after a lot of research).

  • shae walsh
    shae walsh 4 months ago

    can you guys create the same vr technology used in ready player one

  • John Knowlton
    John Knowlton 4 months ago

    Be careful with Oculus. I brought a $400 rift that the headset will not connect and after having it for let than a day, they refuse to issue me a refund. They have no support you can call, everything is done via email only.

  • Pete Shirey
    Pete Shirey 4 months ago

    Any word on Marvel Powers United VR release date yet? Been waiting for that one since I demoed it at San Diego Comic Con last year!

  • keyny rone lima
    keyny rone lima 5 months ago

    sometimes it seems that the pessos did not catch the gaming spirit. it is not a lot of walking around the room, no one wants to get home and be stumbling in the furniture for oculus rift to be perfect only lack, a way to walk in the environment vr type 3drudder so that done by glasses, would be the supreme experience in vr .

  • TDG TheDragonGaming11
    TDG TheDragonGaming11 6 months ago

    I Love Award Winning Henry it made me cry

  • Aemilius LEPIDUS
    Aemilius LEPIDUS 6 months ago

    send me the santa cruz devkit please.

  • Demon Xonoc
    Demon Xonoc 7 months ago

    I wish I could buy one of these, but I don't have the money. :((

  • CrabbyStork
    CrabbyStork 7 months ago

    Oculus I need to change my name so pleas update it

  • jacques forest
    jacques forest 8 months ago

    Rift Core 2.0 . Look good on the reviews that is what a was looking for. Even after selecting beta and public, then what it's been a few days . And still no Rift Core 2.0. What else ?

  • AkkabiAlImran en poepieface2017

    i love Oculus :love:

  • Saverio Venezia
    Saverio Venezia 10 months ago

    Could the future oculus go be used as a development device? or the devices in the development kits are a "special", customized, piece of hardware? TIA - i hope they will choose to create an open ecosystem with the oculus go... so that it will be possible to use (and develop for) webvr and at least google cardboard ( unfortunately google daydream compatibility is a pipe dream :D because google daydream is their direct competitor in the mobile vr field ) too with it . I think low price and openness are the way to success and definitive democratization of vr

  • Mixter Muxter
    Mixter Muxter 10 months ago

    are you kidding me with the spam? unsub

  • Kristin Dragos
    Kristin Dragos 11 months ago

    When will the rest of the videos from OC4 be posted? From the OC4 app, it says they were posted 4 days ago, but I'm not able to find them. Only 7 are in the playlist for OC4.

  • Brad Huxted
    Brad Huxted Year ago

    Bought Oculus and Touch to go with my Nvidia 1080 Ti, but no display, and New Egg, (where I bought it from now says its non refundable ) So awesome, I bought a 700 dollar hat that does nothing. Any help would be appreciated. My Machine specs are as follows, AMD Black Ed. 4.7 gig processor, Gigabite 990 FX Gaming board 32 gigs of Ram, and @x Nividia 1080 Ti

  • Doctor Yak Reviews

    Great channel, good work :)

  • Big Q
    Big Q Year ago

    Hate the people that own oculus now but love the headset itself, its better and 2 times cheaper than vive I'm sure if vive was made by a different company and oculus still had its founder they would progress and sell a lot more.

  • Graham Wilgaus
    Graham Wilgaus Year ago

    Hi guys can anyone help me I bought The Rift CV1 to mainly play iRacing with but I cant get the dam thing to work. As far as i'm a where iRacing should be compatible with the Rift. But every-time I lunch iRacing it just opens to my main monitor . I am also lunching the occulus software before lunching iRacing from their website........Thanks

  • CabrioDriving
    CabrioDriving Year ago

    Oculus 2, with at least 2200 pixels x 2200 pixels per eye please. How long a complete silence? Why don't you release updated Oculus 2? There is no any information about the refreshed device even..

  • maria del cisne toro

    Hello how are you I have a concern and it is urgent I appreciate your fast response. I have the glasses oculus rift with your respective touch. To these glasses I need for car games to add the steering wheel and pedals for car games. You what model of steering wheel and pedal recommend to me to be compatiblr, to play with oculus rift glasses. I hope your help and prompt reply thanks .. !!

  • Barry Estes
    Barry Estes Year ago

    how to view TVclip VR videos on Rift? Can they be downloaded to the Oculus video file? What is the download process?

  • Sagar Prabhu
    Sagar Prabhu Year ago

    I just wanted to quire whether we can import the Jaunt recorded footage into the maya stereo cameras through any plugin and watch them with the same stereo depth inside maya interface as seen in the oculus rift or vive.

  • William Jones
    William Jones Year ago

    Is it possible to use the new hand controllers with the Samsung Oculas headset

    • Andy McAdam
      Andy McAdam Year ago

      No, the hand controllers are only for the PC based Oculus Rift system.

  • Chris Randall
    Chris Randall Year ago

    finally bought one

  • 张腾飞
    张腾飞 Year ago

    Oculus account cannot login how to solve?

  • Ayama Prantenna
    Ayama Prantenna Year ago

    y u no ambisonics?

  • Stephen Hansford

    you sell sensors on there own what benefit would there be to having more than 2 sensors with the rift and touch ?

    • Andy McAdam
      Andy McAdam Year ago

      More sensors increases the range and accuracy of sensor coverage, allowing for better room scale experiences as it's less likely you will obscure the sensors view of the hand controllers and headset

  • Rissew
    Rissew Year ago

    Was going to buy it at best buy but bought the vive at newegg.

  • unklebob11
    unklebob11 Year ago

    I have A gear vr. is there a way to watch youtube or apps like cbs etc. on it? got a Galaxy 7.

  • FlyingTurtle
    FlyingTurtle Year ago

    Why am I still subbed to this crap? bye.

  • NoiseCrime
    NoiseCrime Year ago

    Too much spam. Unsubbed. How do companies and channels not realize that putting 20+ videos up in a single day, flooding a users subscription feed will get them unsubbed?

  • Stephen Van Linge

    Missing the Connect videos, but loving my Rift! Can't wait for touch controls.

  • ajpenno
    ajpenno Year ago

    Oculus Connect 3 has started, but I can't find anything from it on the Web. It's 2016 and the time of live, direct information, so why?

  • Ayden Busselman
    Ayden Busselman 2 years ago

    Saving games to a different Hard drive ? Original install pointed to my 256 gig Flash--How do I change directories??

  • the Bro Gamer
    the Bro Gamer 2 years ago

    The Brothers can not wait to get their rift Monday! Expect a bunch of reviews and live streams friends - thank you for this AMAZING technology!!!

  • neocaleric
    neocaleric 2 years ago

    Only negative thing on the Rift you can truly complain about right now is lack of Touch... and solid information about Touch. Everything else is on the expected territory for new tech so early in its lifespan. This TVclip channel on the other hand is really lacking. I can get lots of more useful information from youtubers than the official channel. Get someone working on videos so this doesn't feel like a deserted wasteland. Trailers for EVERY game on the story. Gameplay demos. Tech demos. Troubleshooting for common issues. Compatibility with 3rd party platforms (steam obviously). So much stuff you could use to update this place.

  • JC W
    JC W 2 years ago

    Oculus Rift, please make us proud...

  • twistedcry00
    twistedcry00 2 years ago

    touch should be free for preorders that were involved with the shipping delays. it should have been included from the start. if games dont come out soon im switching to the vive

  • Bruce Johnston
    Bruce Johnston 2 years ago

    I am writing this here because I don't know where else to post something like this. I guess I am writing it because I hope that someone smarter and more able than I will see it someday. I don't know who else to write it to. If ever anyone figures out how to make realistic VR simulations of actual people who have died, they will make a fortune. What people (like me) would not give to be able to "touch" their loved ones again. Maybe this is not possible. But if it is...

  • Neceros
    Neceros 2 years ago

    Good bye Oculus. I am unsubbing and will forget you over time. You failed to live up to my dreams. :(

  • Big Q
    Big Q 2 years ago

    Will the Oculus play on project scorpio? they said it works with vr but they didn't say with oculus rift.

  • Robert L
    Robert L 2 years ago

    i Will never buy Oculus www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Neues-DRM-System-Oculus-sperrt-HTC-Vive-Hack-aus-3212887.html i bought htc vive :-) its very big nicer :-)

    • Big Q
      Big Q 7 months ago

      the resolution was terrible when I tried it on so I bought the oculus rift instead, but the new vive pro looks very promising and I might get it

    • Andy McAdam
      Andy McAdam Year ago

      Good for you. Does HTC allow Rift users to use software from Viveport?

  • sasa sasa
    sasa sasa 2 years ago


  • steven hobbs
    steven hobbs 2 years ago

    can the cv1 resolution be sharpened ?

  • Alexander Ladyzhensky

    Can I use Oculus rift for helping people with anxiety, phobias?

  • Docretier Gaming
    Docretier Gaming 2 years ago

    Mine comes in July D: D: but its fine because i trust that its worth the wait.

  • Tyiler Rafferty
    Tyiler Rafferty 2 years ago

    Hello Oculus community!!! I was just wondering if you needed any more game/product testers in a wide variety of OS's and Systems, Email me.

  • ☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣

    Why do people complain about a $600 Virtual Reality HMD, but they all sit there with their stupid *$500 PHONE* in their pockets!!!!

    • Goose 6.0
      Goose 6.0 2 years ago

      +☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣ what I'm saying is they should release 1080p and 2k versions along with the 4k version that way they could expand there user base.

    • ☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣
      ☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣ 2 years ago

      +Linux Like a Boss Nah, i think the price is pretty accurate. VIVE is 800. If people don't want to pay $600 they should just go get PSVR for $400? If not, then they should just never consider getting VR.

    • Goose 6.0
      Goose 6.0 2 years ago

      +☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣ Because the DK2 version of the oculous was around 300 dollars and didn't require as much computing power. In my opinion they should have used a 2k or 1080p display to reduce cost

  • Michael brogna
    Michael brogna 2 years ago

    How much is this ???

  • Danilo Di Pasquale
    Danilo Di Pasquale 3 years ago

    Do you will upload the official presentation of today?

  • acb1991
    acb1991 3 years ago

    Can you pls upload cool stuff instead of >40min vods of devs talking?, I don't know, share community creations and make a top 5.

  • Bobby Boat
    Bobby Boat 3 years ago

    นึกว่า ไม่เล่น ซะแล้ววว ล่าสุด เห็นไป จิกฮอ ที่ เซิฟ Role play

  • PillowPannts
    PillowPannts 3 years ago

    stop being so silent and give people an official release date already for the consumer kit

  • Daniel Lopes
    Daniel Lopes 3 years ago

    Will the consumer version use Thunderbolt technology? Or is the connection only to the motherboard?

  • RiftyBusiness
    RiftyBusiness 3 years ago

    Its great to see what we've always imagined as children becoming a real thing. Thanks for making VR an R.

  • dario
    dario 4 years ago

    if Samsung backs you up, it might be a fair fight with sony's Morpheus...best wishes team! ;)

  • Michelangelo00001
    Michelangelo00001 4 years ago

    How about Datura (PS3 game) on Oculus Rift?

  • aspieweirdo
    aspieweirdo 4 years ago

    Bunch of liars cocksuckers. FUCK OFF.

  • Regan Lammas
    Regan Lammas 4 years ago

    will the consumer version be cheaper than the developer kit or more expensive

  • Mark Rushow
    Mark Rushow 4 years ago

    Depending on where an object is in space but there are things that both eyes do not see. This needs to be taken into consideration. Practice with your finger around your head alternating one eye open and the other closed. My point is there are times when an in game asset or part of an asset of environment should not be rendered to both eyes.

  • Gameplayz
    Gameplayz 4 years ago

    Everybody is raging about FB, do a video about it, explaining something like this "he (Mark) talked about the potential of a virtual communication network, buying virtual goods, and down the line, ADVERTISING." , please tell me that you would put ads even if you wouldn't be bought by FB. It will be a relief, so I would be sure that need another VR company.

  • Mark Rushow
    Mark Rushow 4 years ago

    Project Morpheus (Sony VR concept) and Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2: I was actually angry; great Sony with all their money will throw together some mile of crap, get it to market first, get all the credit from their fans, and screw over Oculus and all the hard work they did figuring it all out. This still may be the case. So far the Sony concept is using an LED screen and not the mOLED the Rift Dev Kit 2 is using, the field of view is noticeable narrower. Those two things are very important for the sense of immersion. Plus the very fast tracking and high frame rate as well as the method of turning the display off until a new image has arrived from GPU reducing motion blur. There is so much more to consider as well. Now Sony did mention at lot of this stuff so hopefully they rip Oculus off correctly and learn from everything they are doing. What Adam Sessler had to say I have to agree with though. If there are too many different kits and SDks for these things the whole market will be dead in the water before it ever gets started. We need one company like Oculus working with others to figure it all out and set standards. The competition can come later with through improvements. We don't need VR fragmented in too many different ways too early on. So much with the Oculus has gone into the software from all the different devs working with the company. Oculus has always said they would like the Rift to work with anything and there is no reason it can't the consoles manufacturers only need to support it. There is no reason for any one to start making their own proprietary units yet. After I heard about Sony's concept (Project Morpheus) I thought it would be a good idea for Microsoft to come out and announce plans to support the Rift. That would have been a genius move and they wouldn't have to try and figure it all out themselves. We know Valve is behind the Rift and working closely with them, sharing research into VR. Sony really should change their mind and wait and see what all can be learned from Oculus and let them introduce the world to the first units. Just support it. Then improve, I mean they are Sony they make hardware they can try and improve upon it later or in the background after everyone gets a taste and we know VR is here to stay. Right now it looks like things are going to very confusing for gamers that aren't in the know. And if Sony puts out some crap that makes people sick and or breaks the sense of immersion it could ruin the idea of VR for many many people. Plus think of the devs. We need them to support VR and too many units out there makes it really hard to decide to do so.

  • Martin Sandfuchs
    Martin Sandfuchs 4 years ago

    And there goes another product I had hope in. Thank's a lot for that Oculus, guess I have to wait until sony releases a headset for PC.

  • Simon Amram
    Simon Amram 4 years ago

    You shitbag

  • Andrew
    Andrew 4 years ago

    I now have no interest in this product whatsoever.

  • 「Lolhatz」
    「Lolhatz」 4 years ago


  • demonoid47
    demonoid47 4 years ago

    you foolish foolish bastards.

  • olipakerranelamaa
    olipakerranelamaa 4 years ago

    You had your chance, you fucked it up

  • Jesus von Nazaret
    Jesus von Nazaret 4 years ago

    Congratulations Gentlemen, you just lost another customer. I planned to purchase an Oculus Rift as soon as it's released. But facebook will not get any of my money...

  • hillernius
    hillernius 4 years ago

    wait for two years. and now? you fucking destroy your own product before it´s available. it is the sadest day for me since years. no money from me, guys. i´m done with you. R.I.P.

  • Kretek
    Kretek 4 years ago


  • loic harquel
    loic harquel 4 years ago

    Why ?! WHY FACEBOOK ? ONLY FOR MONEY ?! SERIOUSLY ? Ok oculus rift is dead ... Good bye

  • GlaDi02
    GlaDi02 4 years ago

    What the F*&^%(acebook)?

  • LBSira
    LBSira 4 years ago

    Fuck. You.

  • Jeramiah Goldstein
    Jeramiah Goldstein 4 years ago

    Dirty sell out kike bastards.

  • Schoening91
    Schoening91 4 years ago

    Good luck. I'm out.

  • GamerNationTecno
    GamerNationTecno 4 years ago

    I just heard facebook is trying to buy you guys for 2 billion dollars! this could be a big boon for Oculus but at what cost? even if they say you will remain independent for the most part that doesn't mean they cant turn around and force you to do something they want.or they may give all of you the axe once you have the consumer version done that way they can keep it for themselves! this whole thing has me very worried about Oculus's future. I know it would be very hard if not a little insane to turn down that much money but that is what i am asking you to do.that money can definitely get you to your goal faster but it will cost you your freedom to choose what to do with it.sometimes shortcuts just aren't the way and the cost of this one is just to high.and there is no doubt in my mind you will achieve your goal! so i say again please turn them down keep your freedom!

  • RandomPrussian1871
    RandomPrussian1871 4 years ago

    Facebook just bought them. The end is nigh.

  • GlaDi02
    GlaDi02 4 years ago

    Will it work with Arma 3. I don't know what to do now... Should I buy Track IR or wait for this magnificent thing... Damn

  • DamagePerSecondGaming

    If you guys ever need testers. We are a whole family of gamers that would love to test out your oculus and post them on youtube!

  • Maphazar
    Maphazar 4 years ago

    Please palmer change your mind about consoles, i know they are limited but they're also a platform were tech is refined to the pinochle of its potential. Plus vr needs as big of a user base as it can get to grow and evolve. I'm not looking for great graphics, I'm looking for great experiences and consoles can achieve that on a huge scale.

    • Id .Sonor
      Id .Sonor 4 years ago

      I can only cross my fingers, but i know neither microsoft nor sony is helping towards compatibility ...

    • Maphazar
      Maphazar 4 years ago

      I know what you're saying tho its far from totally impossible. AMD are creating their own version of directX which greatly optimizes their processing power. If it can work for mobile android why not console. Plus why lose out on a 160,000,000 consumer market that buys new products like this. And no game can run natively on 4k so far, they are just up-scaled to that res.

    • Id .Sonor
      Id .Sonor 4 years ago

      I'm sorry to say , but forget about it matthew . For a proper Vr experience the rift needs a really high resolution , palmer have been talking about 8K for future versions , but the first consumer version will be 4K , wich makes it tottally impossible for consoles ....

  • TerjeOtsa
    TerjeOtsa 4 years ago

    Hello is there a release date

  • KyleY09
    KyleY09 5 years ago

    Is there at least an estimate for when the consumer version will come out? Because I don't want to buy the dev kit right before the consumer version comes out.

  • Tobias P
    Tobias P 5 years ago

    is there a exact date of the release

    • Id .Sonor
      Id .Sonor 4 years ago

      You are welcome. But again this is personal speculation , but i have great faith in the fact that they are futher ahead than we think. I mean can you believe it ?A 4K head mounted display with full positional tracking stereoscopique 3D and running android so it's fully standalone !And it's coming in 2014; it's the future ! Oh and at least if we don't get anything new from oculus(no chance) we'll still get to see valve's HMD !

    • Tobias P
      Tobias P 4 years ago

      +haigna ohh thank for this information

    • Id .Sonor
      Id .Sonor 4 years ago

      Oh i didn't meant the release date was the 7th of january , i said they'll annouce the release date the 7th

    • Id .Sonor
      Id .Sonor 4 years ago

      Wiki's are written buy random users , notting official , but end of 2014 is an easy guess lol

    • Tobias P
      Tobias P 4 years ago

      +haigna but in the wiki, I read that the release date it at the end of 2014

  • jacobsolomita
    jacobsolomita 5 years ago

    I recently got my rift dev kit in the mail. It is amazing. It really is revolutionary. My mind has been thoroughly blown.

  • Valto Dabah
    Valto Dabah 5 years ago


  • MartyLoL
    MartyLoL 5 years ago

    Sword art online!

  • MartyLoL
    MartyLoL 5 years ago


  • Bradan Anderson
    Bradan Anderson 5 years ago

    For the love of gaming, give us a sign

  • MRCroosingTootH
    MRCroosingTootH 5 years ago

    I wonder how much the dev kit SDK costs for someone that lives in sweden cause i wanna buy it :P ... But on the serious notes u guys need to make this ABIT faster and the consumer version needs to be out faster people dont wanna wait for ever. AND if u dont make this for Playstation 4 and xbox one then its no use for alot of people. cause they are alot of PC gamers and alot of Consoles gamers. U need to understans that. looks really cool so far at least. Only thing u need now is to lean to sides and lean forward and u got the graphics down so lets get it to consumers!

  • Michiel van Buuren
    Michiel van Buuren 5 years ago

    Will there be a built-in headset (speakers), because it would be weird being in a full VR and hearing crappy sound from your little computer/tv speakers ;)

  • MrBecks21
    MrBecks21 5 years ago

    RIP Andrew Scott Reisse.. as always, the good ones die too soon

    TEDSEVEN 5 years ago


  • Viasu Petrut
    Viasu Petrut 5 years ago

    i wood sell the company to some one who can manage the project . and have the technology.

  • Viasu Petrut
    Viasu Petrut 5 years ago

    please make tings faster. we are in the future right now. we have the technology . mobile technology display . samsung galaxy 4 .two display in the fucking oculus crap. fuck you

  • ShroomGames
    ShroomGames 5 years ago

    Please add compatibility for other consoles, like XBox and Wii. That would be awesome!

  • Celebrity Charity Cinema

    This device is going to be the greatest thing since sliced virtual mozzarella.

  • Deku3
    Deku3 5 years ago

    There is lack of updates on this channel, I see videos of this everywere else, imho you are falling behind on marketing.

  • W O A H !
    W O A H ! 5 years ago

    You have GOT to get a spot at E3 2014. Pretty sure E3 2013 is booked fully, but make sure to at least try to get a spot at the next one. It's where tons of gamers go. It would be great publicity!

  • Plikky Dee
    Plikky Dee 5 years ago

    Having played EVR at CCP Fanfest 2013, I can honestly say I'm ridiculously impressed with the product!

  • Yutezu
    Yutezu 5 years ago

    Good job guys! Euclideon ♥ Oculus rift = paradigm shift! GO make babies, make it happen! :D :D

  • Jukka Muhonen
    Jukka Muhonen 5 years ago

    I am pretty sure it feels weird for eyes, picture is really close but because its in 3d eyes tries to sharpen picture as it would be far away, which will then give "weird" feeling for 3d and might not feel comfortable for your eyes. If there was eye tracking device in that device+ somehow picture is filtered so that it lets eye concentrate object on far. Same effect is used with system cameras to create more real like pictures, where close and far objects are smoother.

  • Aegis Kay
    Aegis Kay 5 years ago

    Can you reveal which big devs have their hands on the SDK or is it up to them to disclose?

  • kyoya941
    kyoya941 5 years ago

    so um will we finally get sword art online please??????????