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  • Mahan A
    Mahan A 2 days ago

    Had to sniff right into the microphone every time made the entire thing unbearable.

  • Francisco Benitez
    Francisco Benitez 3 days ago


  • Jonny the Ponny
    Jonny the Ponny 3 days ago

    Thanks. But I still do not understand whats the benefit of a pure docker-compose file. Is the only difference that I can run it against a remote cloud system?

  • Anton Kaminsky
    Anton Kaminsky 5 days ago

    Girl, what's that font????

  • nicefox1
    nicefox1 10 days ago

    "your application can expose port 80 only one time" what? thats what ipv6 is for you dummy. the future is now, old man!

    • nicefox1
      nicefox1 10 days ago

      one ip(v6) for each thing, there's so many of them!

  • Kathy Reid
    Kathy Reid 23 days ago

    Brilliant talk, spot on.

  • Arturs Logins
    Arturs Logins 25 days ago

    Is it possible to get a source code of demo?

  • SpeedyWinds
    SpeedyWinds 25 days ago


  • vj j
    vj j 28 days ago


  • Mk
    Mk 29 days ago

    Good presentation! (Speak from stomach, not from throat to avoid using the head voice. Head voice puts more strain on your larrings and therefore is easier affected by stress in a public presentation)

  • Michael Dalby
    Michael Dalby Month ago

    I think this method is now depreciated would be great if you could refresh the video for the new method

  • Felipe Ferreira
    Felipe Ferreira Month ago

    great talk! thanks for sharing netflix has the coolest tools and architecture out there. top of the world!

  • Carlos Lima
    Carlos Lima Month ago

    Ultra very nice :D

  • Roman Tiulmankov
    Roman Tiulmankov Month ago

    "The name LLVM was originally an initialism for Low Level Virtual Machine."

  • Paweł Kiełkowski

    awesome video, Thank you very much

  • Sudarshan Sargur
    Sudarshan Sargur Month ago

    What a fantastic talk!

  • Rec Lee
    Rec Lee Month ago

    estesp (username) is a member of the docker group (in the machine used in the example), right? If estesp part of the docker group, please enlighten as to how is it more secure. The root (container) is mapped to estesp (host) but estesp is part of the docker group. And being part of the docker group gives equivalent privileges as root.

  • Clevio Grenouille

    very useful tutorial thx

  • shanmuga sundaram

    Cool Demo !!!!. Thanks....

  • Jim Vincitore
    Jim Vincitore Month ago

    Great video! Very cool! Thank you!

  • Jim Vincitore
    Jim Vincitore Month ago

    Great video! Very cool! Thank you!

  • MVP Java
    MVP Java Month ago

    Love the Docker Desktop GUI, awesome job!

  • Carlos Kombo
    Carlos Kombo Month ago

    Please, make a video how to run honeyD on docker

  • Henrique Sales
    Henrique Sales Month ago

    Very interesting!

  • Wilson López Romero

    Is not it true that communication between microservices is not good in efficiency? What happens if I have an event driven model using Kafka? Do I need to replace all my infrastructure? (Microservices Learner)

  • Joan Lorenzo
    Joan Lorenzo Month ago

    Really nice talk.

    YAPAYZEKA Month ago

    perfect explanation. enlightened

  • Yu Chen
    Yu Chen 2 months ago

    Nice presentation.

  • Leslie-Alexandre DENIS

    Interesting, too bad that currently the project seems completely buried.

  • RealEstate3D
    RealEstate3D 2 months ago

    If you search for any hands on solution. Look at another video.

  • zakaria amine
    zakaria amine 2 months ago

    great talk.

  • Naouali Nizar
    Naouali Nizar 2 months ago

    like u Abby

    EASYAPPSCOMPANY 2 months ago

    Best Regards From Mexico City. Manuel Silva

  • Sébastien Dubois
    Sébastien Dubois 2 months ago

    I'm curious about node_modules in bind mounts. Would love to see a working example of this. I started looking at it, but it quickly got tricky with paths and reinstalls

    • Bret Fisher Docker and DevOps
      Bret Fisher Docker and DevOps Month ago

      You can also get a full working example at and I go through this in multiple videos in the full course at

    • Bret Fisher Docker and DevOps
      Bret Fisher Docker and DevOps Month ago

      slides and code are here

  • Gnanaprakasam N
    Gnanaprakasam N 2 months ago

    is that Nigel Paulton voice?

    • BM Krissh
      BM Krissh Month ago

      Yes, unique presentation as always

  • Mohamed Serag Eldeen
    Mohamed Serag Eldeen 2 months ago

    Thank you very much for this precious talk. I'd like to hear more from you. So, could you send me your blog

  • Kevin Krummenauer
    Kevin Krummenauer 2 months ago

    Great talk, thank you!

  • Abderrahim SOUBAI-ELIDRISI

    Great talk Mohammed

  • Laith Leo Alobaidy
    Laith Leo Alobaidy 2 months ago

    I like her "so" :)

  • prem dhas
    prem dhas 2 months ago

    hello guys, I have done with the installation of docker-ce and tried to run docker-machine to practice the swarm things but couldn't find docker-machine package itself. Is it not required for Linux systems?if so how can i create a machine? is it same for everyone or i'm doing wrong? Please clarify !! I'm assuming that the docker for mac and windows and toolbox they use virtualbox with docker-machine so docker for linux/ubuntu also should be having the same kind of logic, clarify me if it's not like that.

  • Irie Reviewer
    Irie Reviewer 2 months ago

    Kubernetes is a overkill for most deployments. Love swarm

  • zed tux
    zed tux 2 months ago

    Quite sad to keep devs away from Docker ... but I actually see where it could fit, so I voted up :)

  • v Vandman
    v Vandman 2 months ago

    Hi, I do not know how to contact you. On your webpage, it is written: "Please fill out our form and someone from the Docker Sales Team will respond to you shortly!", but the form does not exist? How can I by Docker EE? Regards Vandman

  • pon saravanan
    pon saravanan 2 months ago

    The best tutorial for docker in windows

  • zed tux
    zed tux 2 months ago

    Sally is just a bot ... 😅

  • alaa elabdullah
    alaa elabdullah 2 months ago

    I fell asleep

  • Libert Schmidt
    Libert Schmidt 3 months ago

    After 4 years, this is one the best talks about docker

  • Leon Chadwick
    Leon Chadwick 3 months ago

    Where is the AUDIO ??

  • dipanjan mukherjee
    dipanjan mukherjee 3 months ago

    is it possible to get a summarized report of the vulnerability lists?

  • zed tux
    zed tux 3 months ago

    Give water to this guy ! :D

  • Samir Shaik
    Samir Shaik 3 months ago

    Awesome video. But the second time you tried to access the pi app in the browser, shouldn't the port be 5001 instead of 5000?

    EASYAPPSCOMPANY 3 months ago


  • Aaron Glover
    Aaron Glover 3 months ago

    Very good primer. To the point and presented in a simple and logical way

  • Dũng Đặng Minh
    Dũng Đặng Minh 3 months ago

    It's possible to build multi-architecture image in Linux right now.

  • Sai Bhargav Varanasi
    Sai Bhargav Varanasi 3 months ago

    Was working with VISA for almost an year now , just got to know that VISA has already adopted Docker for IaaS.

  • Abhishek Srivastava
    Abhishek Srivastava 3 months ago

    not able to pull the image "microsoft/nanoserver", getting error message "microsoft/nanoserver"

  • Mark Jenkins
    Mark Jenkins 3 months ago

    Incredibly enlightening look frontward to returning.

  • 王文杰
    王文杰 3 months ago


  • The Italian
    The Italian 3 months ago

    the quality is only 360p ... maybe youtube is still rendering ... Gave a Like anyway :)

  • ved prakash
    ved prakash 3 months ago

    Very small text in video, so need it to be uploaded again with full screen presentation.

    • The Italian
      The Italian 3 months ago

      I can read everything don't know why u can't ...

  • Manthesh M R
    Manthesh M R 3 months ago

    Haa he has missed main point he is running eclipse defined server in docker that's pretty cool I think you would have mentioned it. Point eclipse localtomcat to docker

  • doggonemess
    doggonemess 3 months ago

    If you close your eyes it sounds like Owen Wilson is teaching.

  • Prasun Aggarwal
    Prasun Aggarwal 3 months ago

    Thanks for the session. Really Helpfull

  • Nicholas Maietta
    Nicholas Maietta 3 months ago

    How is it that there are virtually no comments on any of these videos? I thought containerization technologies were a very hot topic!

  • Pradeep Kumar
    Pradeep Kumar 3 months ago

    Are the slides available?

  • Wriju Ghosh
    Wriju Ghosh 3 months ago

    MS IT

  • Sergey Shchukin
    Sergey Shchukin 3 months ago

    Not possible to see anything on console screan!!!

  • Mombe090
    Mombe090 3 months ago

    Hello bret, please where can we find your slide for this presentation

  • Jess Bodzo
    Jess Bodzo 3 months ago

    Thank you Brandon for sharing your time and talents! Also, thanks to Docker for uploading this video. For anyone from a sys-admin background: the later you get into the video, the more advanced the tips and tricks seem to become. - around halfway through the content switches to talking about new features in BuildKit - cool stuff around different types of mounting / caching, esp. helpful for Java developers who want to cache maven deps for example - the last couple of minutes include a very thorough discussion of UID mismatches when mounting code from different machines and a solution to solving them (in my opinion worth watching just for this part, if nothing else!)

  • RajNikhil Marpu
    RajNikhil Marpu 3 months ago


  • Clovis Star
    Clovis Star 4 months ago

    Radio listeners are voyeurs: lurking, invisible, eavesdropping. -Paul Fleischman

  • Manikandan Sundararajan

    Hard to watch this with the audio delay

  • InsectorXY
    InsectorXY 4 months ago

    Can you combine IIS and SQL Server + other services into ONE container?

  • R&D Department
    R&D Department 4 months ago

    Can it be used in an old x220 for programming?

    • R&D Department
      R&D Department 3 months ago

      @Matthias Schuster Thanks!

    • Matthias Schuster
      Matthias Schuster 4 months ago

      sure. why not? depends if the editor of your choice is implemented and which langage compiler you use. with huge c++ and Rust programs, you run obviously into 10 hour compilations :D

  • Michael Irwin
    Michael Irwin 4 months ago

    And for anyone interested in the slides, here they are. All demos are outlined in the speaker notes, so feel free to try them out yourself! And feel free to follow me on Twitter - @mikesir87.

  • Hamid Safe
    Hamid Safe 4 months ago

    I would love to see arguments as such get momentum and start to build as there is a silver-lining you are touching ...good job

  • Tom Medhurst
    Tom Medhurst 4 months ago

    This is what happens when you let developers do what they want 😂

  • Fortune osadolor
    Fortune osadolor 4 months ago

    Wow I have learnt a lot from this, thanks a lot

  • Afolabi Aiyeloja
    Afolabi Aiyeloja 4 months ago

    Thanks for the tips! Heads up, I noticed the audio is out of sync.

  • Brice Gressent
    Brice Gressent 4 months ago

    With a 2h video, could you at least put in the description a list of keypoints with a direct link to a timestamp in the video ? I have zero time to browse the video.

  • Galahad Graves
    Galahad Graves 4 months ago

    We said this back in the 80's. Same technical underpinnings and break out design repackaged. Whoopee!! You can capture new generations of coders and make it look new and shiney with a new lingo. Kaiyay!!

  • William Ramey
    William Ramey 4 months ago

    Check out - R.O.S.I.E the Robot! 3D Printed Robot using Docker.......Starts at 1:53:35

  • Christopher Perisho
    Christopher Perisho 4 months ago

    Rage inducing sound quality; "The most important thing to know about containers is blrblsfg smotthsn, good! So just remember that and you'll be fine."

  • Venkat A
    Venkat A 4 months ago

    why do use root? i have the same issue with ubuntu.. after I install docker,i have to use sudo for the docker commands..

  • epicwonder
    epicwonder 4 months ago

    But the disk sizes are not calculated on the number of containers multiplied by the base image. The base image still will be using just one times its own size irrespective of the number of containers being spun from it. Only the writable layer keeps adding to the disk size for each container.

  • Lance Siast
    Lance Siast 4 months ago

    OK... all cute-ness aside, I work for a living... bullet points, info and clear-clean-quick would have been appreciated... I.E. is OK to waste your time with cutzie stuff... give me a link to a PDF so I can read, assess and move on. Instead I wrote this critique, and promptly left the site... totally wasting time... I left at 2 mins into this junk... Congrats... we'll use someone else I guess...

  • Richard Bucker
    Richard Bucker 4 months ago

    so slow... I can't watch this

  • kleinesmaccify
    kleinesmaccify 4 months ago

    It was utterly boring and unviewable...

  • Thomas Peitz
    Thomas Peitz 4 months ago

    I am here to wait for a link to the sprankle pod pr in kubernetes!

  • zino seguni
    zino seguni 4 months ago


  • Shannon McCoy
    Shannon McCoy 4 months ago

    Sprankle Pod!

  • Ian Walker
    Ian Walker 4 months ago

    azure was a play on words, pronounced as in "ASSure" as in 'software "ASSurance" ' and is blue as a take on the super intelligent shade of the colour blue in hitchhikers - the blue hooloovoo - dunny cleaner in other words... MS swallowed it hook, line and sinker. :^) And the nautical theme continues into docker.

  • ClaymorePT
    ClaymorePT 4 months ago

    "Securely" Blackhats will be the judge of that :)

  • Luke Johnson
    Luke Johnson 4 months ago

    I'm looking forward to the new Sprankle Pods.

  • Arnold Wolfstein
    Arnold Wolfstein 4 months ago

    Pro Tip: Use linux.

  • Miloš Zdravković
    Miloš Zdravković 4 months ago

    This presentation explains a lot. Thank you!

  • Stephen Dahl
    Stephen Dahl 4 months ago


    • J M
      J M 4 months ago


    EASYAPPSCOMPANY 4 months ago

    (y) msilva

  • asdasd
    asdasd 4 months ago

    If you have client specific configurations that sits in .ini, config file etc where value of specific to the clients using the app, how would you handle this type of scenario using containers/images etc?

  • Nirmal Mehta
    Nirmal Mehta 4 months ago

    Thanks @bretfisher