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what i actually do in a day.
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I MOVED (again lol)
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we need to talk lol
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i went to tanacon
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thank you
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  • himynameiscalvin
    himynameiscalvin 7 hours ago

    for the love of god, do what the thumbnail says! help her!

  • Jacky Reyes
    Jacky Reyes 7 hours ago

    Some people are such Dicks to her, she put herself down so many times in this video and she is a great TVclipr like everyone who said something mean is just hating on her!!

  • Lea Jreij
    Lea Jreij 7 hours ago

    i was waiting to see the harry stans reactions in the comments and honestly i relate to pretty much all of them lmao

  • Mary Allen
    Mary Allen 7 hours ago

    I don't have a phone for 3 weeks. my stupid phone died completely I think I'm doing fine. I'm three days in. pray for me. BUT I'm getting an iPhone 11

  • Elaine WiseForrest
    Elaine WiseForrest 8 hours ago

    would you like be happy if i bought you a horse HAHHAAH

  • Cate Sumner
    Cate Sumner 8 hours ago

    No one: Literally no one: Emma: *buys a pair of boys swim trunks* “tHeSe UgLy WaTeRmElOn ShOrTs”

  • Nicole Canchola
    Nicole Canchola 8 hours ago

    The first one was actually pretty cute on you

  • Lizi Kikalia
    Lizi Kikalia 8 hours ago

    When they started singing I literally pissed in my pant . Fuck I wanna have a group of friends like THIS!

  • Leslie? ?
    Leslie? ? 8 hours ago

    Wow emma you are awesome

  • Carol Guiracocha
    Carol Guiracocha 8 hours ago

    Emma could wear anything and still look good!!!

  • Jessica Tavarés
    Jessica Tavarés 8 hours ago

    it looks good girl!

  • my journey to diagnosis //

    My mum literally has that yellow tank top 😬😬

  • Cassie Hughes
    Cassie Hughes 8 hours ago

    “A girl in the 80s or something” ........ “On a boat”

  • Kayleigh Worth
    Kayleigh Worth 8 hours ago

    Closet tour

  • Talya Ravitz
    Talya Ravitz 8 hours ago

    emma u should do a closet tour

  • Julia .R
    Julia .R 8 hours ago

    I just vibe with the cargo shorts

  • Eleri Robinson
    Eleri Robinson 8 hours ago

    okay. so i did this and 5 mins later he asked me out! luv u emma! x

  • Gabriella Gomez
    Gabriella Gomez 8 hours ago

    When you wore most of those shirts as a kid in the early 2000s.....

  • Gonzo
    Gonzo 8 hours ago

    You sold your soul that’s why ur wearing that satanic shit

  • Anvesha Here
    Anvesha Here 8 hours ago

    Everything looks good on her *facts*

  • Anvesha Here
    Anvesha Here 8 hours ago

    *Imagine harry styles wearing it* OMG LMAOOO

  • Mia Acosta
    Mia Acosta 8 hours ago

    This video literally screams privilege and it’s so extremely sad that some people have to shop at thrift stores like these because they can’t afford anything else and here she is just being so outrageously negative about everything

  • Jessy Kinman
    Jessy Kinman 8 hours ago

    My fiancé graduated from Purdue, it’s a top 10 engineering school! So solid choice! 😂👌🏻

  • Katerina Caushi
    Katerina Caushi 8 hours ago

    the alarm sound though gave me a heart attack for no reason, boi.

  • Bre Garcia
    Bre Garcia 8 hours ago

    The color looks really good not gonna lie!!!!💕

  • Keira McCullagh
    Keira McCullagh 8 hours ago

    Can u make a cleaning video so I can have motivation to clean 😭

  • lula ocaña
    lula ocaña 8 hours ago

    wtf this is clickbay she did nothing

  • X.Laura
    X.Laura 8 hours ago

    i loved the video, but I would also love to see the process of you styling these clothes instead of just seeing the end result! x

  • Li Lo
    Li Lo 8 hours ago

    The amount of jackets she has😂

  • katie barr
    katie barr 8 hours ago

    the title of this video should’ve been: *buying clothes because I’m bored and have too much money*

  • i d k
    i d k 8 hours ago

    two ugly pieces of clothing do NOT make one good outfit, i repeat, they do NOT make a good outfit but then you remember you’re emma chamberlain and everything looks good on you

  • xXCʅσυԃყ_ FσxXx

    The hate comments are there but they were there when the video was first published. I saw the hate comments when I first watched the video, you just have to scroll down far.

  • Emma Paw
    Emma Paw 8 hours ago

    THE OUTFIT AT 9:00 IS SO COOL! I really love it lol it looks surprisingly so good on you

  • Ally Saenz
    Ally Saenz 8 hours ago

    LMAO I LOVE HER HER face 😂

  • Samantha Emr
    Samantha Emr 8 hours ago


  • Demi Netto
    Demi Netto 8 hours ago

    i vibed with outfit number 5

  • solyy Zamora
    solyy Zamora 8 hours ago

    EMMA HAS AJ 1’s?!

  • Tatie Zelman
    Tatie Zelman 8 hours ago

    bro just imagine a little girl showing up to a bday party w one of those shirts on and people laughing at her because they watched this video.. :(

  • Melissa Louise Madden

    Wish there were some little sick heads in the UK like you 😂😂

  • Bailey Janette
    Bailey Janette 8 hours ago


  • Abbey Weyls
    Abbey Weyls 8 hours ago

    She looks like she’s been sobbing for so long how are y’all really gonna push her to this point she’s an 18 year old girl who makes content for HERSELF and now she’s being so fake in this vid just to please everyone because the hate affected her THAT BAD

  • Bob Humfree
    Bob Humfree 9 hours ago

    Anyone else here just because she’s hot

  • Elisabeth Schlappi
    Elisabeth Schlappi 9 hours ago

    “It’s not that bad” Yes it is emma

  • Mila Djordjevic
    Mila Djordjevic 9 hours ago


  • Makenzie Spiegel
    Makenzie Spiegel 9 hours ago

    ur nails remind me of jordan almonds haha LOVE IT

  • floatinqs
    floatinqs 9 hours ago

    I see you‘ re still rocking the tiktok dances 🕺🏻

  • Alayna Daul
    Alayna Daul 9 hours ago

    "That was so easy, I'm done. I'm going to try again though."

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez 9 hours ago

    😆 whale watching

  • Little Miss Twiggy
    Little Miss Twiggy 9 hours ago

    I'm laughing this was great😂 Thank you

  • Elisabeth Schlappi
    Elisabeth Schlappi 9 hours ago

    I’m sick. I’m happy. I’m excited. I have a fever AND the flu but my Amazon orders are supposed to be here today! I got gummy bear molds and gelatin because zero stores around me have gelatin! And I got juice from the grocery store and when my molds and gelatin get here I’m gonna make gummy bears! Sorry I just wanted to share my emotions! And my dad ordered it to be sent to his work and it just got delivered because he texted me a picture of an Amazon box and said guess what and so I’m super excited!

  • Corene Worthen
    Corene Worthen 9 hours ago

    We don’t like clickbait

  • juliana wazowski
    juliana wazowski 9 hours ago

    omg i cannot BELIEVE that people are giving her shit for not going through with dyeing her hair? she literally said it was giving her a panic attack. fuck OFF omg

  • katie coyne
    katie coyne 9 hours ago

    I am Emma you can’t convince me otherwise

  • Maricruz Muniz
    Maricruz Muniz 9 hours ago

    Why doesnt ahe talk to james and the twins

  • Dena Rendall
    Dena Rendall 9 hours ago

    I actually kinda liked outfit 2🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  • ElectaGaming - Roblox and more

    she censored the clothes better than Logan Paul censoring the body

  • jane barlow
    jane barlow 9 hours ago

    Me feeling stupid because I liked all the outfits she put together… and would have worn all of them out in public…

  • Chelsie Harding
    Chelsie Harding 9 hours ago

    You should do whatever you want to do Emma. Love your hair with or without the blue. And I love you and videos are amazing 😘😘😘

    SHE SAVAGE 9 hours ago

    the cats tho

  • Megan Carroll
    Megan Carroll 9 hours ago

    Wow guys. Fucking wow. Like I get being disappointed that she didn’t fully dye her hair in the last vid but jeez “oH eMmA DiDn’T dYe hEr hAiR aNd tHaT MaKeS mE mAd, LeT mE aCt LiKe a pEiCe oF sHiT aNd BULLY hEr uNtiL sHe cHaNgEs hEr bOdY fOr mY eNtErTaiNmEnT” that’s not a good vibe bro. Do better people

  • mermaid am
    mermaid am 9 hours ago


  • Amber Smith
    Amber Smith 9 hours ago

    sequin tank top outfit was my fav

  • Emily Zupancic
    Emily Zupancic 9 hours ago

    haha.. the yellow tank and the sparkley tank are 100% things I would wear/currently own.

  • alex yoohoo
    alex yoohoo 9 hours ago

    The cats playing 🥰

  • Beeh
    Beeh 9 hours ago

    I watched this video 1000000x times no cap

  • Amaris Campos
    Amaris Campos 9 hours ago

    Emma you should try to find a prom dress at the thrift then try to make it better👍👍👍😎

  • Savannah Scurry
    Savannah Scurry 9 hours ago

    she literally looks like she just cried. wow. ppl can be so mean

  • julia lambert
    julia lambert 9 hours ago

    “ ugliest thing in 2019” it’s 2020 I love you 😂❤️

  • Yeetz
    Yeetz 9 hours ago

    She just showed my closet to the whole FUCKING world.

  • Patricia Richmond
    Patricia Richmond 10 hours ago

    The data shirt was where i quit.

  • Chloe Adam
    Chloe Adam 10 hours ago

    I love Emma so much I could actually cry

  • elefteria jones
    elefteria jones 10 hours ago


  • Chrpa Tony
    Chrpa Tony 10 hours ago

    Oh come on Emma I was born on January 12th man why did you have to make that video on January 12th 😿😿😿😿😭😭😭😭😭

  • Deidre Green
    Deidre Green 10 hours ago

    Everyone knows I'm innocent and EVERYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF MY MOUTH IS 💯 TRUTH❣️🔥🌍 John Jackson did rape my sister. I graduated college with NO HELP FROM ANYONE! Laurie Pennington is a undercover witch and liar. And I have always been kind to EVERYONE I've come into contact with. 💯👑🌍🗣️. I care about black people more than they care about themselves. #DOYOURRESEARCH 💯 that's why I'm calm, because I know exactly what's going on.

  • Mazna Aldhaheri
    Mazna Aldhaheri 10 hours ago

    I love you sooo much Emma , always stay positive and happy ❤️😁

  • Ashley m
    Ashley m 10 hours ago

    It’s 2020 and I still keep watching this videos cuz I miss so much seeing all of them together🥺

  • Andrew Giles
    Andrew Giles 10 hours ago

    why do i kinda like those grey colourful pants

  • hen ko
    hen ko 10 hours ago

    Whats with the sweaters UNDERNEATH everything

  • Christina Reid
    Christina Reid 10 hours ago

    Her: 2 Is Better Me: I Have 3 Cats

  • Allison Pack
    Allison Pack 10 hours ago

    Go for a drive to Venturaaa!! -a fellow Bay Area kid 😉

  • Angelina scuffle
    Angelina scuffle 10 hours ago

    that cargo shorts look was very skater boy/ Avril Lavigne and honestly . . . yeah, wasn't horrible.

  • Cydney M
    Cydney M 10 hours ago

    the cargo short outfit is an outfit a lesbian would wear

  • Lulu’s Life
    Lulu’s Life 10 hours ago

    i just sechered that up and bought it lol xx

    • hen ko
      hen ko 10 hours ago

      All the tank tops look like something my mom would wear 😂

  • Lion Animal Cracker
    Lion Animal Cracker 10 hours ago

    Crazy how people like this are famous smh absolute idiot! Not even hot!

  • The silk family
    The silk family 10 hours ago

    Why aren't you doing it with someone? I can't imagine that you don't have any friends that you could get to help you out😃

  • rigon hoxha
    rigon hoxha 10 hours ago

    She looks like Aitch lmaoo

  • Dawson Riley
    Dawson Riley 10 hours ago

    *Emma lookin like Harper from wizards a Waverly place*

  • Ariana Elizabeth
    Ariana Elizabeth 10 hours ago

    “where’s wood? someboDY PLEASE”

  • SerpentineSims
    SerpentineSims 10 hours ago

    the title is just me when i go in my wardrobe

  • Billie Eilish
    Billie Eilish 10 hours ago

    You deserve the hype lmao 😂

  • Everything Danni
    Everything Danni 10 hours ago

    Her face when she got the call about her food is literally me

    UNSCRIPTED _ 10 hours ago

    Bellyache by billie eilish were the background music for a sec there at 8:3

  • itsmeteddy duh
    itsmeteddy duh 10 hours ago

    i honestly miss the sister squad to be honest , they each really made every body a better person ( no shade to their current personalities tho ) , just singing them have fun and do whatever made me happy , they were honestly the HYPE HOUSE of 2018 , and I'm honestly gonna miss that . to be honest nothing would ever top this amazing group of friends , they made me wanna have friends like that . they were fucking ICONIC and thats the tea SIS the only drama in that group was ETHMA/GRAMES and i was def living for it . i will miss it :(

  • Morountodun Okedara
    Morountodun Okedara 10 hours ago

    9:19-9:33 lmaoooooo the lil shake at 9:28 is sending me . I was like ohhkay kill it softly lmaoooo

  • Srihitha Nannapaneni
    Srihitha Nannapaneni 10 hours ago

    4:07 “the ugliest shirt” is a lot like Serena van der Woodsen’s closet lmao

  • Mary-Kate Spence
    Mary-Kate Spence 10 hours ago

    Living for the boggin long shorts outfit

  • brianna eversley
    brianna eversley 10 hours ago

    Emma - ramen makes you swollen Me - i think your just allergic to it

  • Chloe Kucera
    Chloe Kucera 11 hours ago

    No one: Emma: TRAMATIC

  • Jess Higginbottom
    Jess Higginbottom 11 hours ago

    Bleach should have worked anyway......

  • Gina D'Angelo
    Gina D'Angelo 11 hours ago

    I’m disappointed in how her fans literally put her through an actual mental breakdown just because she didn’t DYE A STRIP OF HER HAIR. Are you kidding me? Shame on all of you