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Metal without Distortion #3
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Surf Music with Distortion
Views 594K2 years ago
Metal without Distortion #2
Views 1.3M3 years ago
Metal without Distortion
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  • Don WS4E
    Don WS4E 59 minutes ago

    Weird how many of these sound like Surf Band music.

  • Dusk Shadowpaws
    Dusk Shadowpaws Hour ago

    just play stairway, does more than just annoy (or so i'm led to believe)

  • John Anthony Davis

    Uhhhh, it''s missing something...

  • John Smith
    John Smith Hour ago

    I didn't feel attacked until we got to RATM

  • mancalledclay
    mancalledclay Hour ago

    and i always thought Beethoven wrote Louie Louie....da da dada da da da da...

  • John Megos
    John Megos Hour ago

    I’ll have to disagree

  • Silver Addie Fun Pack

    The Enter Sandman impression is spot-on! Pretty much nearly the same as the album version.

  • filmguy
    filmguy 2 hours ago

    Thank you. As a lover of minor key "depressing" hard rock and metal, this was quite enjoyable and entertaining. Love how your face remains serious through the "happy" music. Earns you a subscribe. Great job!

  • M P
    M P 2 hours ago

    Hahaaa I loved "harvester of joy" I can already picture it in my mind, being used for some morning coffee advert. Gotta say, very well done. Many on youtube go for this type of video but yours is BY FAR the best.

  • will cherry
    will cherry 2 hours ago

    yes surf and punk are from the same family.

  • Christopher Schott
    Christopher Schott 2 hours ago

    I love it...

  • Don Metoyer
    Don Metoyer 2 hours ago

    That was pretty Hilarious!

  • Mick Thomas
    Mick Thomas 2 hours ago

    Hardest song to play on bass guitar ever is brain stew by green day. Good luck on that technical jam🤣

  • Robert Kenneth Thomas

    I want to hear classic surf rock riffs with distortion!

  • Wellokthen
    Wellokthen 3 hours ago

    using a pick* WAIT THATS ILLEGAL

  • Simone Messina
    Simone Messina 3 hours ago

    Davie504 told u picks are illegal?

  • Kris Topher
    Kris Topher 3 hours ago

    Enter Sandman

  • Kris Topher
    Kris Topher 3 hours ago

    Riders on the storm is great

  • O'tizum
    O'tizum 4 hours ago

    You don't deserve a bass anymore after having played Histeria with pick dude

  • Giltribe
    Giltribe 4 hours ago

    People who push the dislike button don't get the (fun)idea..

  • Poppomatic64
    Poppomatic64 5 hours ago

    He picked hysteria, I’m surprised he didn’t pick higher ground. Good video man I’m just messing with ya lol

  • Ryan Quigg
    Ryan Quigg 5 hours ago

    This is how nickelback writes music

  • ThatDamnedYankee
    ThatDamnedYankee 5 hours ago

    So, in essence Metal is Surf music?

  • neilomac
    neilomac 6 hours ago

    It's basically the opposite of Trve Kvlt Svrf Rock.

  • DanielM196
    DanielM196 6 hours ago

    Hand of Doom is my go to

  • Ripley wright
    Ripley wright 6 hours ago

    I don't care if hysteria is overplayed. I could listen to that being played for centuries.

  • Zach Fogarty
    Zach Fogarty 6 hours ago

    Not gonna lie, i have never heard people play these

  • William Jenssen
    William Jenssen 6 hours ago

    The one at 2:17 sounds like early Misfits!

  • Big Willystylz
    Big Willystylz 7 hours ago

    Literally the only 20 bass riffs I can play

  • Garrian Manning
    Garrian Manning 7 hours ago

    Play raining blood but dont stop until somebody comes over and yells at you

  • Anthony Velez
    Anthony Velez 7 hours ago

    why are you using a pick though ?

  • Budgetgitarr
    Budgetgitarr 7 hours ago

    Surf music with distortion = 23 stabs in the back

  • Dean Nilvalli
    Dean Nilvalli 7 hours ago

    Sounds like Dick Dale surf music!

  • muckraker6
    muckraker6 8 hours ago

    Almost sounds like a rockabilly cover of metal tunes. That dry twang.

  • Bob Deluxe and The Ideals


  • Arttu Sjöblom
    Arttu Sjöblom 8 hours ago

    Isn't Higher Ground originally a Stevie Wonder song

  • Ruiseart Alcorn
    Ruiseart Alcorn 8 hours ago

    Hilarious! ;)

  • BigBird Music
    BigBird Music 9 hours ago

    Yeah you can play the songs, but you're extremely sloppy and lack tempo

  • Shane Fell
    Shane Fell 9 hours ago

    I’m surprised Little Green Bag wasn’t on here. I’ve also never been in a situation where I’ve heard a bass player doing a demo in store while using overdrive.

  • Hannibal953able
    Hannibal953able 10 hours ago

    Does anyone know what model of Ltd that guitar is?

  • Massum Shinvare
    Massum Shinvare 11 hours ago

    Higher ground is a song by Stevie Wonder, or am I wrong?

  • Fingersails
    Fingersails 11 hours ago

    Trve svrf

  • Albin Jansson
    Albin Jansson 12 hours ago

    Beach boys metal is basically weezer

  • Rebecca Ramirez Quinonez

    I feel attacked.

  • AnarKie
    AnarKie 13 hours ago

    Me, who always starts with Schism when trying a new bass: :o

  • CSorglos
    CSorglos 14 hours ago

    Sounds like music from Tarantino movies! :-D

  • Alex May
    Alex May 14 hours ago

    No Runnin with the Devil????

    LILRIG8 14 hours ago

    Well done... now, try to actually play Hysteria

  • everadept
    everadept 15 hours ago

    1:12 well I found my new ringtone. That is just gonna be on loop forever.

  • David Martin
    David Martin 15 hours ago

    E, F, da da da da da

  • Alpha Scorpii
    Alpha Scorpii 15 hours ago

    It all turns into Green Day

  • scheddoc
    scheddoc 15 hours ago

    so like, dead kennedys?

  • ItsDifferent
    ItsDifferent 15 hours ago

    I always play Spirit Crusher by Death. Great way to test out how good the bass really is

  • John M. Powell
    John M. Powell 17 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion: I prefer this.

  • Xero Delacroix
    Xero Delacroix 18 hours ago

    ...but wait, the slides are how James actually plays it.

  • Outskirts of Infinity
    Outskirts of Infinity 18 hours ago

    Stop staring into my soul!

  • Annie Beeezie
    Annie Beeezie 18 hours ago

    Does anyone know what song he'd playing at 0:20 ?

  • Outskirts of Infinity
    Outskirts of Infinity 18 hours ago

    This was so good, I need some Jim Beam.

  • Zone Television
    Zone Television 19 hours ago

    Dick Dale would be proud.

  • Wookiee Supremacy
    Wookiee Supremacy 19 hours ago

    Sounds great,....and?

  • Owen Clayton
    Owen Clayton 19 hours ago

    Play a song obviously wrong and say the guitar sounds weird

    GAMESTER303 19 hours ago

    What riff is played in the rock n roll 4ever?

  • Spanish Ginger
    Spanish Ginger 20 hours ago

    I BrBr Deng the basses at guitar center

  • Ethan Stockstill
    Ethan Stockstill 20 hours ago

    So..... it’s basically Black Metal

  • Sam Nelson
    Sam Nelson 21 hour ago

    Why does your guitar only have 4 strings?

  • Anglus
    Anglus 21 hour ago

    Hank Marvin on quaaludes

  • Dangerdom13
    Dangerdom13 21 hour ago

    sounds like later darkthrone albums.

  • MrCerebellum2
    MrCerebellum2 22 hours ago

    So basically a bluegrass chug band with rock drums.

  • Shiggity Diggity
    Shiggity Diggity 22 hours ago

    Sounds like the Reverend Horton Heat doing covers.

  • Carimbo575
    Carimbo575 22 hours ago

    Jump in the fire without distortion could well be a song from the Beach boys

  • Daniel Marais
    Daniel Marais 23 hours ago

    Tu lo sai

  • Mudder Fukker
    Mudder Fukker 23 hours ago

    Jimmy Page once said that 'Rock n Roll is just Country Western music w distortion"... Exhibit A Notice how Enter Sandman, by far the biggest hit, sounded good even without distortion? If the music relies on production to sound good, then it's not a really good song. Great music sounds great no matter what instrument you play it on.

  • Overlord Shadow
    Overlord Shadow 23 hours ago

    ive never heard anyone play 46&2 or any tool song for that matter in a guitar center base, most people playing are noobies.

  • chancegoondavis
    chancegoondavis 23 hours ago

    They turn into Christmas songs

  • Knalltüte duh

    When nothing else matters sounds like a child's song.

  • gamer lemon
    gamer lemon Day ago

    It is paranormal because he is using a pick on bass

  • Kumo.
    Kumo. Day ago

    1:17 The Crazy Train has been fucking derailed and has crashed in a fiery blaze.

  • Lucas Betts
    Lucas Betts Day ago

    20 overplayed bass lines in Guitar Center?? *i didn't know people played bass in Guitar Center*

  • Aj Soave
    Aj Soave Day ago

    I’ve definitely played a majority of these in the rumble room

  • MiniatureLabyrinth

    Hysteria is OVERPLAYED??? My fingers fucking break trying to play it.

  • RK Productions

    You just listed all the main songs bassist literally need to learn before moving onto scales. Anyone. Wanting to play bass, was because of those songs. I agree SOME of them you hear way to often and DO burn my ears when I hear them. But muse, RATM, and chilli peppers??? That's a bassist near their prime. Not everyone is victor wooten.

  • emi m.
    emi m. Day ago

    sounds like a king krule song

  • PixelSubstream

    apparently all metal music is surf rock?

  • RDbushi
    RDbushi Day ago

    This shows you how deeply rooted in blues rock is

  • peter papadimitriou

    Nice work

  • Eric San'Layn
    Eric San'Layn Day ago

    I’ve only heard 2 of those played at guitar center...

  • Chico
    Chico Day ago


  • Phat Cat
    Phat Cat Day ago

    I think you overestimate the skill level of bass players in a Guitar Center.

  • Jacob T.
    Jacob T. Day ago

    Stop playing bass like a guitar

  • Fastolm
    Fastolm Day ago

    Eric Avery Of Jane's Addiction is never included in these lists......and his bass lines are just astounding

  • jesse haaland
    jesse haaland Day ago

    Night court theme song is so underrated!

  • Lawyer Morty
    Lawyer Morty Day ago

    Back where i come from we call that death metal

  • Israel De la Rosa

    Rock Lobster sounds Legit as Metal

  • Wy88ly
    Wy88ly Day ago

    i don’t care about who does and doesn’t like tool, it doesn’t matter. but saying all Tool songs sound the same is like saying all Metallica songs sound the same. It’s literally called a musical style.

  • Dreadly
    Dreadly Day ago

    This is just Deafheaven with 100 dexterity.

  • mickslyness
    mickslyness Day ago

    if the shadows had done metal?

  • Dyadkoo
    Dyadkoo Day ago

    Sound you get on Even Flow is super close to the original

  • T. Ferttita is a Commie bootlicker

    I must be unusual. I play Brickhouse and Play that Funky Music. Oh and Earthquake by Larry Graham and Letter to a Landlord by Living Colour.

  • T. Ferttita is a Commie bootlicker

    Why would you feel good inc with a pick? Eewww.

  • Skape X
    Skape X Day ago

    you suck