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  • The Gaming Potato


  • Q.A. Bennett
    Q.A. Bennett Month ago

    How do you make FЯED videos back in 2006? ❓

  • Callum Lawrence
    Callum Lawrence Month ago

    bring fred back he was cringy but in a good way

  • Jacob Ramirez
    Jacob Ramirez Month ago

    i did not no your was gay.

  • WhiteNuggets
    WhiteNuggets 2 months ago

    holy shit you joined youtube in july 2005???

    SLASHER 2 months ago

    i feel bad for this guy, his channel is so dead

  • B W
    B W 3 months ago

    You're dad must be disappointed, John Cena would never stand for homosexuality. Hustle. Loyalty. Respect.

  • Michael Phillips
    Michael Phillips 4 months ago

    I'll admit, I know you've been through some tough times but that doesn't mean your a bad person at all. I believe your a good person and you got nothing to be ashamed of. Your a good guy. I do wonder what's going on in your life because I haven't heard much about you in some things but hopefully your doing alright.

  • TheStanjaySpartan
    TheStanjaySpartan 4 months ago


  • Genji
    Genji 4 months ago

    Hey n old youtube channel that was kinda cringy that made a even cringier channel

  • Hairy Pocketrocket Alpha Daddy

    Need some daddy in your summer? Yo sup, hit me up Lucas

  • Kyle Malik
    Kyle Malik 5 months ago

    Lucas you're so cool ❤️

  • ItzMeShay!
    ItzMeShay! 5 months ago


  • Cooper Landers
    Cooper Landers 5 months ago

    hey lucas big fan love your channel you should watch " Happy tree friends "with your brother jacob react

  • Shelby Overton
    Shelby Overton 5 months ago

    HEY ITS FR3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO TODAY IM RUNING FOR CLASS PRES-*video gets deleted

  • King Bird
    King Bird 5 months ago

    I Hate FRED now

  • cg galicia
    cg galicia 5 months ago

    when can we see matthew again

  • Craisins
    Craisins 5 months ago

    So this is the Fred after he sold or gave his channel to brats?

  • Eric Maidenbaum
    Eric Maidenbaum 6 months ago

    asdfghj u kawaii piece of shit ur gay and i love you asdfedfredfjgfeifgkvjfedogbkfde

  • Lego Villains
    Lego Villains 6 months ago

    Lucas, please please please please please please please please go back to making fRed videos (appropriate ones) We all miss the old you! :(

  • XD-385
    XD-385 6 months ago

    I'll never understand how you got the fan following you did to the point of getting your own tv show and three abysmal movies. You're a mess.

  • Unquality Videos
    Unquality Videos 6 months ago

    I despise this channel severely, not because he sold his Fred channel to kids, but because he is cringy af

  • Sally McKeran
    Sally McKeran 6 months ago


  • D R E A M
    D R E A M 6 months ago

    I saw one video. I subscribed immediately.

  • Zakir's Gym
    Zakir's Gym 6 months ago

    Can I have your channel Fred?

  • mAkalakae2/Adam Reyes
    mAkalakae2/Adam Reyes 6 months ago

    you still exist XD

  • Flavius Maximus
    Flavius Maximus 7 months ago

    where did Lucas go......?Hope he is videos lately..

  • Christian Sontz
    Christian Sontz 7 months ago

    why do you thin lucas takes down videos

  • Cerys Mee
    Cerys Mee 7 months ago

    Didn't he have a boyfriend?

  • PaperBagBerry
    PaperBagBerry 7 months ago

    *FRED* is *STILL* making videos on TVclip?

  • Fella4Good
    Fella4Good 8 months ago


  • Corey Covington
    Corey Covington 8 months ago


  • astroidpine 216
    astroidpine 216 8 months ago

    im not losing you to

  • astroidpine 216
    astroidpine 216 8 months ago

    uploadddddd now lucas uploaddddd im not gona have another fred im not!

  • Kariss Boyer
    Kariss Boyer 9 months ago

    lucas on your singing vid i made a joke for u but i think i sad it wrong people thinks it sounds mean but i didn't mean it that way can u help me

  • Wedolphin Willy
    Wedolphin Willy 9 months ago

    R.I.P FRED :(

  • Forest of Brynn
    Forest of Brynn 9 months ago

    I have videos about the fairly oddparents on my channel

  • Kitty Aphmau
    Kitty Aphmau 9 months ago

    he is soooo "normal" (ya not)

  • Kaylei Marie
    Kaylei Marie 9 months ago

    Lucas did you die?

  • mpb 888
    mpb 888 10 months ago

    Lucas plz do a video with a bath full of cereal

  • ZoeBeingLPS Studios
    ZoeBeingLPS Studios 10 months ago

    Why don't you and your boyfriend do the gummy food vs real food challenge

  • NizzyProductions
    NizzyProductions 10 months ago

    Do you still talk to your cousins Jon and Katie? #JKLProductions

  • Crash_GAMEZ 89
    Crash_GAMEZ 89 10 months ago

    Lucas can i asked you this are you transgender

  • Gianna Aragona
    Gianna Aragona 10 months ago

    Hi Lucas I am a child who watched your Fred movies as a young child. Just wondering if you can have a more appropriate channel so I can watch. P.S. You would be good in a reality show, you should audition for stuff!

  • ionlyusepics
    ionlyusepics 10 months ago

    you used to have the most subs on TVclip.....

  • -Зекић-
    -Зекић- 11 months ago

    no offense but are you gay

    LEGENDS OF KIDS GAMING 11 months ago

    You are WAY more inappropriate then in the movies! WOW!

  • 42susan1
    42susan1 11 months ago

    hi lucas trying to get in contact with jacob my name is philip and i love his voice and both you videos

  • Propagandaminister
    Propagandaminister 11 months ago

    youre still such a fgt like in your videos 10 years ago

  • zachary fanning
    zachary fanning 11 months ago


  • Ze Bagle
    Ze Bagle Year ago


  • svclana4ever
    svclana4ever Year ago

    Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

  • Sophia Kaklias
    Sophia Kaklias Year ago


  • Charlie Chan
    Charlie Chan Year ago

    Wow you really turned into a massive faggot

  • JaQuan Davis
    JaQuan Davis Year ago

    do the fred voice while saying "hey its fred!"

  • Danny Boy Jango
    Danny Boy Jango Year ago

    This is arguably as cancerous, if not more than, the original Fred shit.

    HAWT DAWG MAN Year ago

    fuking gay

  • RJS 30
    RJS 30 Year ago

    react to your fred channel and its current state

  • Abi Jones
    Abi Jones Year ago

    hi Lucas do u have any shows comin up

  • K Mcg
    K Mcg Year ago

    I wonder if Lucas is taking a break from his TVclip channel. His last video he uploaded was way out there and only a few hours after putting it up, I couldn't locate it again. The video was of him walking around say NO, F*ck no and different combinations along those lines. I noticed he Still does camera work for his brother Jacob's videos, none from Lucas in the past two weeks. Is this another channel of his that will become a memory?

  • Jose Vazques
    Jose Vazques Year ago

    You can not escape fred, right?

  • Play Full TV
    Play Full TV Year ago

    whers, lucas? herr?

  • Amanda Goddard
    Amanda Goddard Year ago

    probably* idk anymore

  • Amanda Goddard
    Amanda Goddard Year ago

    Hi! My name is Lucas Cruikshank. I created the FЯED TVclip channel when I was 13 years old. :P When I was a child I always thought Fred was a nice and appropriate person I real live as well. . . Now I was slapped in my face by my own child words when I was 5. 5! He is almost the opposite of what I thought he was not fending anyone at all is fending the correct word I promptly look like a dumb person trying to be smart

  • Lucky Ducky
    Lucky Ducky Year ago

    Its good to see that you're still a pretty successful TVclipr! Everyone has to start somewhere, but its great to see that you have the courage to keep going!

  • fcon
    fcon Year ago

    Remember FRED, you nigger?

    • Luneth
      Luneth 10 months ago

      Chicken Tendies*

  • Freddy Ready
    Freddy Ready Year ago

    Delete you channel.
    Lucas art is one thing.
    this is just a dead screaming meme from the past.

  • Carson Yates
    Carson Yates Year ago

    Clicked on a video as he deleted it

    • Carson Yates
      Carson Yates Year ago

      +SuperPeapot I clicked on his video I'm literally done as it was public, got to the page and the screen read you can't see this, and when I went back to his page, it was gone

    • SuperPeapot
      SuperPeapot Year ago

      Can you explain?

    • Carson Yates
      Carson Yates Year ago

      +Miraya Ll ya

    • Rymver
      Rymver Year ago

      "i'm literally done" right?

  • Anonymous Global

    Hello all you beautiful people Sub-4-Sub

  • Carrot Stix
    Carrot Stix Year ago

    What The Actual Fuck Did I Just Discover.... Wasn't This Guy Fred Or Something And Then Made A Movie That Sucked And Was Irreverent For The Rest Of His TVclip Life?

  • Marisol Correa
    Marisol Correa Year ago

    I love u Lucas and all videos and when u was Fred I love those videos too.. I'm ur biggest fan and love u and brother Jacob u both funny and cute hope u guys have merry Christmas and happy new year


    is this guy fucking F R E D ? holy shit i thought he was dead (not literally tho, i meant like inactive)

    • Charles Cole
      Charles Cole Year ago

      Yes, but the original Fred channel is dead.

    • 76e
      76e Year ago


  • Hannah B
    Hannah B Year ago

    I love Lucas and haven't been watching Jenny in a while, but did the two just happen to grow apart or something?

  • Aleksa Vukic
    Aleksa Vukic Year ago

    This man need help give knife and kill him plz!!!!!!!!!

  • Avital Apelbaum
    Avital Apelbaum Year ago

    omg i love fred

  • round51
    round51 Year ago

    One thing I will say, that is aside from knowing exactly where your pantry is, is that you really have a colorful channel!

  • Aryeh Goldner
    Aryeh Goldner Year ago

    you should make a christmas shake

  • lil rat
    lil rat Year ago

    where are the new vids? also why dont they show the fred movies anymore?

  • Jared Jintropolis


  • How To Make Sushi


  • jeanne adriana
    jeanne adriana Year ago

    Hello Lucas :D

  • snail123O
    snail123O Year ago

    you are FRED, hi

  • Hannah Collins
    Hannah Collins Year ago

    How has he not destroyed his kitchen yet?

  • Prepare For Trouble x2

    i found your channel recently but, in my opinion, you should have more diversity in your thumbnails. they are all yellow with you doing some pose (usually) so you should work on that. with that said, your stuff is pretty cool so i'll stick around

  • Lachlan 224
    Lachlan 224 Year ago

    Are you Fred?

  • Mr. Yoloderplol
    Mr. Yoloderplol Year ago

    just asking what is the intro song?

  • thatbitchonline 100

    I am the only one who likes Lucas more than Fred??

  • paul poopanich
    paul poopanich Year ago

    Hi Lucas

  • Wrestling Tracks

    subscribe to my channel please im a guy trying to make it

  • Niall Ward
    Niall Ward Year ago

    You should make Fred Figglehorn come back.

  • Morgan Carney
    Morgan Carney Year ago

    make a new video today please

  • BalkanAbdu ツ -MCPE

    Budala jedna prodana marš xD

  • Alexandra H
    Alexandra H Year ago

    Does Lucas have a fanmail address?

    AVA BELLIS Year ago

    Hey! I love your channel! I watch it like all the time! I think that you should try to do a video with out swearing and you should make a video at a store! Thanks! I really hope that you do this idea!!!! Your channel is like the best btw!!!!! I ove watching you!

  • Maddy
    Maddy Year ago

    I think he should do one more video on fred and see how all his old fans like it :)

  • Ethan Gelfand
    Ethan Gelfand Year ago

    uncancel fred stuff. please.

  • Will Galloway
    Will Galloway Year ago


  • KC V7
    KC V7 Year ago


  • William Hines
    William Hines Year ago

    is dis dude fred he looks like an older version

  • George Lee
    George Lee Year ago

    I noticed lately that your videos are getting back to a regular schedule, Tuesdays & Fridays, so you should think about changing your banner to saying "New Videos Every Tuesday & Friday!" just to make everyone believe your video schedules.

  • Rubyyy
    Rubyyy Year ago

    i love you lucasssssss

  • Lorcan Reviews Movies

    Lucas please answer this,Will there be a Fred the movie 4 has anyone thought about it ?

    • Freddy Ready
      Freddy Ready Year ago

      never, unless fred plays as the victem in a horror movie.
      like "saw death of tomorrow" where he is the annoying persons that gets eaten.

  • gabe N
    gabe N Year ago

    this faggot was once the biggest channel on youtube.......
    absolute cancer

  • suicidle pancake

    I like fred better

  • MadMagKing
    MadMagKing Year ago

    Hey did You like being in the fred series Yes Or No?

    • fcon
      fcon Year ago

      He didn't.

  • Dark Amulet
    Dark Amulet Year ago

    Can I ask a small question about your Fred music videos? Just a small thing, Lucas.

  • Bamboocarver
    Bamboocarver Year ago


  • Cecilia Hawks
    Cecilia Hawks Year ago

    You do realize liv & Maddie is over?

  • CrisCoolNoob
    CrisCoolNoob Year ago

    You are like a second shane..

  • Lumorniel Sycamore

    So you started out as unique and now you're just like very other youtuber out there, doing stupid/desoerate diys and challenges in the hope you'll get more views and enough money to pay the rent. I'm very disappointed in you Lucas.

  • Fish Gigic
    Fish Gigic Year ago


  • subsinker mlg
    subsinker mlg Year ago

    wait hes GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1 devious mama
    1 devious mama Year ago

    hi I'm lucas's dealr email me privates for Lucas's drugs (spilleng mistakes cuz i'm hi)

  • tyrianchao
    tyrianchao Year ago

    fucking homophobes should go kill their selves.

  • Taylor Kingct
    Taylor Kingct Year ago

    Gay God 2.0

  • HDM Family
    HDM Family Year ago

    can i make a video about fred?

  • That Girl Named Scarlett!

    What type of camera do you use? I'm a youtuber and my camera only makes videos twenty minutes long :/ I love the way your camera comes out on the screen. Please let me know what type.

  • Go Dan
    Go Dan Year ago

    I clickd on this thinking he was ross lynch but i love the fred movies so i stayed and he is so funny

  • StefonTV1
    StefonTV1 Year ago

    Hey Lucas, can you react to some of my videos on your channel please? Thanks😊

  • Sky's Town
    Sky's Town Year ago

    Omg!!! I can't believe that this is Fred!!! The other day I was like " Were is Fred????" My cousin just sent me a screenshot of this channel, and I didn't know who it was!!! I love this channel!!!!!

  • Kayla Martinez
    Kayla Martinez Year ago

    can someone tell me his snapchat?????

  • SharonBernath
    SharonBernath Year ago

    Happy Birthday Lucas!! I hope you have a wonderful day & a wonderful year? 😃👍😊🎂

  • tie dye muffin
    tie dye muffin Year ago

    Happy bday Lucas! <3

  • Hannah Brown
    Hannah Brown Year ago


  • Zaku Rosou
    Zaku Rosou Year ago

    are u gay?

  • Fishy Kid
    Fishy Kid Year ago


  • Grace 806
    Grace 806 Year ago

    lick me and call me obama

  • Xela Pierce
    Xela Pierce Year ago

    How old is he now

    • Rad slime
      Rad slime Year ago


  • Emoji SGT
    Emoji SGT Year ago

    one oh his vids was in my recommended and in the first like 2 seconds i was like "this is that guy lucas from fred"

  • LivinTheLifeOfAnEquine

    wow the guy my friends sister watches cusses his heart out now. he has changed alot.

  • Marko Productions

    Hey why don't ya do a Joker makover?Why don't ya?

  • isabella Edwards

    what happend to fred

  • anonimni igrac
    anonimni igrac Year ago


  • Bojack Horseman
    Bojack Horseman Year ago

    what the hell happend to this guy he frikin curses now and isnt funny anymoe

  • VintageVHSTreasures

    Lucas, what happened to the FRED channel? It's been inactive for over a year and there hasn't been any new content posted. Why has it been inactive?

  • kuromi
    kuromi Year ago

    pretend to be fred for 1 video pls

  • Judson Putnii
    Judson Putnii Year ago

    I'm happy that you were so funny to me when you were fred and now you're funny just being yourself. you're so versatile!

  • Francesca Gaming


  • Plastic Bag
    Plastic Bag Year ago

    i know im late, but i cant believe you used to play Fred, i mean damn....

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte Year ago

    Lucas please give me the computer I am starting school and I am going to be needing it a lot more and the one I have (a laggy hp) only plays TVclip videos because somehow it gets all these viruses. My parents can't afford something like that so it would just mean the world if you gave it to me it would help me so much more in school! I really really really need it because how am I going to type anything. It would just mean so much and would make me so happy if you have the MacBook to me it would be so so so so so so so so so so helpful! Btw I love your vids😜😚

  • Brayden Keel
    Brayden Keel Year ago

    Please make another Fred vid

  • Teenbean 2
    Teenbean 2 Year ago

    kill your self

    • Rad slime
      Rad slime Year ago

      Drink windex mixed with bleach too!

  • James Gaffey
    James Gaffey Year ago

    lol rip freddy baby

  • evan Gamer
    evan Gamer Year ago

    Lucs wiy do you haft tofinger pant your nails

  • Emma Elizabeth
    Emma Elizabeth Year ago

    Lucas pls let me win the I mac it is my birthday and that's all I want my parents will not buy me one for my birthday and it would be a dream to get that plus could you adograph it and that's all I want so pls I beg you on August 27 I hope its me that I s all I want 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔:(:( so pls read this and ya pls

  • lucas b20
    lucas b20 Year ago

    Brazilian name...

  • Some Madman
    Some Madman Year ago

    uhhhhhg this sucks I wanted to see his old funny stuff to bring me back to my child hood

  • Felicia Woolwine

    at least he changed
    i couldn't stand FRED

    • Felicia Woolwine
      Felicia Woolwine Year ago

      +Temmie also in one sentence i ruined your childhood? gj again

    • Felicia Woolwine
      Felicia Woolwine Year ago

      +Temmie posting an opinion makes me a 6 year old? gj

    • Rad slime
      Rad slime Year ago

      Fred was my childhood and you ruined it you 6-year-old

  • SlitherBlox Gamer


  • Joy Garner
    Joy Garner Year ago

    Your videos are awesome !!! You always make me smile and laugh. 😊 lol

  • Saluda a Tommy Rhavo

    Donald trump

  • L0LZ
    L0LZ Year ago

    Oh, fred has another channel that isn't crap? *sees 2 seconds of his channel trailer. Oh, he's gay.

  • RabbyDrakey Studios

    i cant belive you were in a M0VIE

  • bro and bro
    bro and bro Year ago

    Lucas, im going to have to disagree with a lot of the comments before me. I think you're an amazing youtuber & I admire your humor. I respect your choices and i fully respect that you're gay! I'm not sure why everybody seems disappointed. Coming out of the closet did not leave a dramatic effect on me, if any effect at all! I love your videos! Please keep doing what you want to do because that's the way it should be. :)

    • bro and bro
      bro and bro Year ago

      *you coming out of the closet, i mean.

  • Italia
    Italia Year ago


  • Emily Bogle
    Emily Bogle Year ago

    This is what some person said: <Josef La Tour (2 weeks ago)
    You know Lucas, being gay is a sin. If you look up in the Wikipedia they sat being gay is a disobeying god type of thing. So enjoy being a sin. FRED>. Me: Lucas that isnt true hes just being dumb be gay if you want noone should tell you howto be you P.S this is just a thought.

    • tyrianchao
      tyrianchao Year ago

      religion is stupid.

    • vecronatt
      vecronatt Year ago

      it is a sin to be gay but it is also a sin to judge someone that is gay so Josef La Tour fuck off and your a sinner

  • Emily Bogle
    Emily Bogle Year ago

    Honestly i just found his first channel FRED but i saw little kids and i went here and i was like why did he give up his first channel everyone loved FRED it just takes time to get subs and i hate how he sold his FRED channel to kids that do stupid videos about asking random people stupid questions.

    • Freddy Ready
      Freddy Ready Year ago

      at least that is what I think he is doing, he might just do this for "fun"... even though it does seem taxing on his.. mentallity.
      But from his vlog channel it seems A LOT BETTER then this crap.

    • RJS 30
      RJS 30 Year ago

      first for the money second I do hate the kids

    • Freddy Ready
      Freddy Ready Year ago

      because he is retarded, failed his movies and sold out his fans...
      and now just living doing garbage videos "for kids" lol...

    • troll999 gamer
      troll999 gamer Year ago

      oh noo nooo nooo now he is gay! motherfuck!

    • pvc20 chico
      pvc20 chico Year ago

      ikr but it was always kinda annoying

  • feckadoodlethe2nd

    Bout time you came out of the closet.

  • flat earth supporter

    Apparently i'm gay cause I drink water.

  • flat earth supporter

    But why Fred... Why did you change, you had a great channel, why... :'(

    • flat earth supporter
      flat earth supporter Year ago

      I guess. Tbh I never really watched It I just sad that for no reason. xD

  • Roland Roki
    Roland Roki Year ago


    • jewish idiot
      jewish idiot Year ago

      +Tyrian chao me neither

    • Roland Roki
      Roland Roki Year ago

      +Tyrian chao i really dont know

    • tyrianchao
      tyrianchao Year ago

      wtf is this reply chain

    • jewish idiot
      jewish idiot Year ago

      +Roland Roki You can't speak english, shut the fuck up

    • Roland Roki
      Roland Roki Year ago

      +vecronatt yes that is exactly why i said it,so two guys on the internet would think im cool

  • daniel saco
    daniel saco Year ago

    channels dead

  • Toaster Gta1175
    Toaster Gta1175 Year ago

    Aaaaahhhh its Fred!!

  • Alexandra Turner

    OMG LUCAS YOU WERE FRED!??!?!?!??!?!?

  • MexicanPronunciationGuy

    Fred... sub sub

  • Kevin Azhariq
    Kevin Azhariq Year ago


  • BTfroese
    BTfroese Year ago

    Is Lucas gay? (not being rude just curious)

    • Master Bate
      Master Bate 5 months ago

      Unfortunately yes.

    • LilCatMiner
      LilCatMiner Year ago

      yeh he is..saldy :( (not hating on him I'm just sad he's gay)

    • ThyNoodledOne
      ThyNoodledOne Year ago


    • Erin H
      Erin H Year ago

      In a couple of his videos he talks about being gay

    • GreyAsT
      GreyAsT Year ago

      its a iDubbbztv parody, so yes because of his shit hair

  • livia1881
    livia1881 Year ago

    Lucas I want to be friends on reddit!!

  • Masaharu Morimoto

    Cancerous goomba

  • Guccicurry
    Guccicurry Year ago

    knowing that good old fred has had gay sex is really messing me up

  • Richkitty
    Richkitty Year ago

    why doesn't he do fred anymore?

    • Taylor Lenna
      Taylor Lenna Year ago

      He brought back Fred in the end of 2015, and it went through until Valentine's Day, When I saw the videos, I saw what dates they were uploaded.

  • animal lover
    animal lover Year ago


  • Yuka Chan
    Yuka Chan Year ago

    You have awesome videos. I like your movies 🎥. And the weird voice that you did in your movies is pretty cool 😎.

  • プレミア
    プレミア Year ago

    ur gay

  • Josefthefox
    Josefthefox Year ago

    You know Lucas, being gay is a sin. If you look up in the Wikipedia they sat being gay is a disobeying god type of thing. So enjoy being a sin. FRED!

  • Pixelcraftian
    Pixelcraftian Year ago

    yep, fred is fucking dead because of you.
    the memories tho ._ .

  • Taylor Lenna
    Taylor Lenna Year ago

    I read a comment from Max Cross saying that you're going to leave TVclip, Pls don't leave TVclip, your videos are amazing, you mean so much, you're the best in history, keep on doing TVclip, you mean the world.

  • Eridan Ampora
    Eridan Ampora Year ago

    what happened to jenny?

  • John Buterbaugh
    John Buterbaugh Year ago

    this is fred right im guesing so

  • Alex Peacock
    Alex Peacock Year ago


  • Angel Rose 11
    Angel Rose 11 Year ago

    I think fred is dead sadly Rip fred :(

  • Maxwell Filby
    Maxwell Filby Year ago

    Fred! Please come back to your old TVclip channel. Even if it means making a new one, please!!!! I loved your videos until your TVclip channel was sold. Bring Fred back, PLEASE!!

    • AveryScarlet
      AveryScarlet Year ago

      He sold it so I doubt he'll ever go back. Besides... if he ever does I don't think he can ever get back the 5 million subs he lost wit what those kids are doing to that channel..

  • emily olivia
    emily olivia Year ago


  • Ben Cooney
    Ben Cooney Year ago


    • Ben Cooney
      Ben Cooney Year ago

      +somelifeonaplanet Well, I still think he shouldn't have made it, anyway. Especially since he was responsible for those abysmal movies!

    • Purple Kitten
      Purple Kitten Year ago

      what ever

    • Ben Cooney
      Ben Cooney Year ago

      +Purple Kitten Look, if you were me, you'd understand. It's hard to explain.

    • Purple Kitten
      Purple Kitten Year ago

      +Ben Cooney that doesn't mean you need to insult every channel

    • Ben Cooney
      Ben Cooney Year ago

      +Purple Kitten No. I just despise his Fred videos. Any person in their right mind would too.

  • Windoge 8
    Windoge 8 Year ago

    now i know why Niceloadeon kicked him out. he all ways swears

  • chamington
    chamington Year ago

    His real voice is getting closer and closer to the voice he once digitally altered

  • Zoey the Furry
    Zoey the Furry Year ago

    Hey luke or Fred as I call you thank you for entertaining me with Fred pls make a new movie can you pls reply pls thx bro and your amazing

  • TheChicRecruit
    TheChicRecruit Year ago

    dude why the fuck are you so annoying like shit

  • melissazxc
    melissazxc Year ago

    congrats on 2 mill

  • Joel Dorsett
    Joel Dorsett Year ago


  • Evil Genie
    Evil Genie Year ago

    I can't believe this guy is gay.

  • Cootiefish
    Cootiefish Year ago

    If your gay and I am gay...TWINSIESS

  • TorontoRaptors77

    Not in my profile picbut in everyday general ppl think I look like Lucas i swear its annoying but its true hahahahaha xD

  • shitty life
    shitty life Year ago

    almost 2million subs!!

  • irfan maulana
    irfan maulana Year ago

    is lucas FRED?

  • DjBrosive
    DjBrosive Year ago

    lucas your gay

  • Youron Karmi
    Youron Karmi Year ago

    2M lol soo much subs wtf i love your vids and congrats on 2M

  • Alex Mcgee
    Alex Mcgee Year ago

    Wow you can't say anything bad about him because you will be labeled as a homophobe? Such shitty logic.

  • KatysMySmile
    KatysMySmile Year ago

    lucas is slowly turning into timmy timato

  • The Purple Gamer

    lucas,this is a DIY comment,no more DIY vids