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I Am Fish
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This Will End in One Year
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A Heist with Markiplier
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I need a favor...
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GRANNY: Chapter 2
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I’M HOME (plus a puppy)
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The Drowned Man BLOOPERS
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i made a thing...
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The Drowned Man - Chapter 3
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The Drowned Man - Chapter 2
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The Drowned Man - Chapter 1
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Man of m'GOO Part 5
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Man of m'DAMN Part 4
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Man of M'lady Part 3
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Man of M'Chungus Part 2
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Man of Medan Part 1
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lol NO U | UNO
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FAITH: Chapter 2
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  • Zack Smith.
    Zack Smith. 11 minutes ago

    I'm waiting for Sean to retaliate in one of these ads

  • DaDerpyDoo One
    DaDerpyDoo One 12 minutes ago

    Everyone knows Felicity Wainwright is basically Ace Attorney correct?

  • James_n_spot
    James_n_spot 12 minutes ago

    Warning Lots of jumpscares

  • the modern broo
    the modern broo 12 minutes ago

    jerry lol

  • Hard Beats
    Hard Beats 12 minutes ago

    I broke myself watching this😂

  • James_n_spot
    James_n_spot 13 minutes ago

    I got Jumpscared 5 times on night 3

  • Douglas Jr. McLaggen
    Douglas Jr. McLaggen 13 minutes ago

    Why didn’t you screaming all the time?

  • Nadia Taray
    Nadia Taray 14 minutes ago

    Wade: My time is limited on this planet. Me: unus annus?

  • Da Lemon consumer
    Da Lemon consumer 14 minutes ago

    I laughed too hard at the beginning

  • jerome derboghosian
    jerome derboghosian 15 minutes ago

    I think it’s the beginning of the end

  • Mickey Cosplays
    Mickey Cosplays 15 minutes ago

    Please please play the game DARQ! It’s like a survival horror puzzle type game. The art quality is beautifull and actually reminds me a bit of Little Nightmares. You’re my favorite gamer and I would love to see your gameplay of it!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Coconut
    Coconut 15 minutes ago

    0:33 I love this one

  • Raven Hyde
    Raven Hyde 16 minutes ago

    i just noticed the date....please tell me mark labled it wrong. my calendar says its the 13th. not the 14th. i think he went ahead of himeslf a small bit

  • Shelbus
    Shelbus 16 minutes ago


  • Booette 69
    Booette 69 16 minutes ago


  • Long Nights
    Long Nights 16 minutes ago

    Joe Biden just sniffed your hair 👇 Like to Undo

  • Demon17
    Demon17 16 minutes ago

    Marky be mad

  • real life gaming/101
    real life gaming/101 17 minutes ago

    Chicken dance, she can sing

  • Tominator
    Tominator 17 minutes ago

    Hey Mark, I just had an idea. Why don't you give Chica the nickname 'Barkiplier'?

  • Nani G
    Nani G 17 minutes ago


  • Thecolorful Unicorn
    Thecolorful Unicorn 18 minutes ago

    Ok guys just like that you stay on the camera and You win like Gamer Markiplier Mum!

  • GoldenFantasia
    GoldenFantasia 18 minutes ago

    Imagine smoking or reading or w/e on your balcony at 10:30 PM and hearing some guy a couple stories above you yelling "FIGHT ME!!"

  • * Limey *
    * Limey * 19 minutes ago

    One time I was playing and the black card was “What did Sean Penn bring back after the hurricane?” And a card in my hand was “Sean Penn” and I still laugh about this

  • Sierra Scebba
    Sierra Scebba 19 minutes ago


  • mkaymiikai
    mkaymiikai 20 minutes ago

    I came to this video out of nowhere for some reason and I'm really happy I did

  • Nani G
    Nani G 20 minutes ago


  • Matches !
    Matches ! 21 minute ago

    Could anyone tell me bout the lights in the background? I’ve been trying to find out where I could get my own but I can’t seem to find em XD

  • LonelySoulSearcher
    LonelySoulSearcher 22 minutes ago

    This is the content we subscribe for. Humour and silliness and a lot of friends insulting each other

  • Azrura
    Azrura 22 minutes ago

    I can't tell if he's laughing or crying or both...

  • What are you looking at
    What are you looking at 22 minutes ago

    Jumpscare list please

  • L.P.S.G
    L.P.S.G 22 minutes ago

    30:24 (internal suffering)

  • Christian Huthmaker
    Christian Huthmaker 23 minutes ago

    May I state my opinion on oxygen not included? I believe you should pump all of your infected water into the volcano and have a gas vent taking the steam that’s in there into your water base so you’ll have a natural water purification process as well as cool down the base a little

  • Alvariolu Villaseñor
    Alvariolu Villaseñor 23 minutes ago

    Man, Bob's laugh is so wholesome it cures my depression.

  • minecraftender kate
    minecraftender kate 24 minutes ago

    I love how he plays with the toys lol

  • Diamond Rhys
    Diamond Rhys 25 minutes ago

    Poor Sean, getting bullied by Mark like this.

  • wan mazlina
    wan mazlina 25 minutes ago

    im But fnaf 6 me

  • Sierra Scebba
    Sierra Scebba 25 minutes ago

    Don't forget that you are the best.

  • Raptor Mustache
    Raptor Mustache 26 minutes ago

    Behold the creation of 4 Frankenstein's monsters.

  • noodlegamer17 jz082210
    noodlegamer17 jz082210 27 minutes ago

    Markiplier would you rather be in fnaf ar special delivery or fnaf VR curse of dread bear

  • Matt Branca
    Matt Branca 27 minutes ago

    Also I'm a girl on my account my dad made

  • otter man
    otter man 27 minutes ago

    Toaster and bathtub

  • Matt Branca
    Matt Branca 27 minutes ago

    It pronounce d Yan dear

  • carl charleston
    carl charleston 27 minutes ago

    0:01, he's gonna kill us all

  • GozioG
    GozioG 28 minutes ago

    Whoever dislikes this video should be burning in hell

  • Abigail Gallup
    Abigail Gallup 28 minutes ago

    Am I the only person to not turn into a little kid and or cry after wisdom tooth surgery?

  • cassielol:3
    cassielol:3 28 minutes ago

    1:40 *excuse me*

  • Skye Douglas
    Skye Douglas 29 minutes ago

    If you haven’t seen the five nights at Freddies movie this is what happened a little girl got trapped at the pizzeria place so then they starved to death one today when the kids souls went into puppetso that’s why the puppet is talking to you because it’s the soul of the little girl

  • Xx Đåßi xX
    Xx Đåßi xX 29 minutes ago

    *Ok boomer*

  • Aubrey Russell-Alexander
    Aubrey Russell-Alexander 29 minutes ago

    4:09 does anyone know what type of dog that is cause i want one!

  • Minecraftplayers
    Minecraftplayers 29 minutes ago

    Foxy does a 'right hook' lol

  • Kira - Kira
    Kira - Kira 30 minutes ago

    The fact that I can't hear that good just worries me because I have to put my faith in mark and just trust he knows what he's doing

  • ScreenMentality
    ScreenMentality 30 minutes ago

    Is it just me, or does Mark seem to be becoming more and more arrogant as time goes on? TBT it's a little unnerving.

  • Sarah Escobar
    Sarah Escobar 30 minutes ago

    His touch is so magical nobody realized they randomly changed outfits once

  • Coconut snake
    Coconut snake 30 minutes ago

    1:40 A soul for a soul

  • condensed feelings
    condensed feelings 31 minute ago

    I love how Mark's videos are slowly getting more of a crackhead type of vibe lmao

  • Brian Massey
    Brian Massey 31 minute ago

    3:32 I just wanted to shortcut a way to repeat that song forever

  • jocelyn ellison ʘ‿ʘ

    no one: marcy: RING MY BELLLLL, RING MY BELL

  • eddie kaspbrak
    eddie kaspbrak 31 minute ago

    markiemoo pls dye your hair red again it was a LEWK

  • Arthur Wong
    Arthur Wong 32 minutes ago

    Markiplier will be a wonderful Alexa replacement

    BATKAMARRI 13 32 minutes ago

    2:21 XD HAHAHA

  • ItzYoGyalCuTiE
    ItzYoGyalCuTiE 33 minutes ago

    Basically, moral of the story is that Jessica had a crush on Blake. Lynn, Jessica, and Blake are friends. Jessica was being sexually abused by one of the Pastors. Blake likes Lynn. In the future, they became together.

  • Sarah Jensen
    Sarah Jensen 33 minutes ago

    My boyfriend bought me that bunny toy specifically because of the meme. XD

  • Blue Box Reven
    Blue Box Reven 33 minutes ago

    Just coming from seeing Jacksepticeye selling out to Google. Yup seems legit.

  • Tori
    Tori 34 minutes ago

    It is 12:52am and im wearing headphones but laughed so loudly and hard i woke up my whole house!!

  • Tristanandgreenbaca
    Tristanandgreenbaca 34 minutes ago

    pore baby nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Brittany Wynn
    Brittany Wynn 34 minutes ago

    Wow that was lame

  • Okasaki Yaoi boy
    Okasaki Yaoi boy 34 minutes ago

    The endings are so sad though... Good and bad endings.

  • Timothy Stephens
    Timothy Stephens 34 minutes ago

    He's having seizure.

  • Zephyr Zerorium
    Zephyr Zerorium 35 minutes ago

    This is really funny, serious conversation simulator cracks me up

  • Lime M
    Lime M 36 minutes ago

    Just saying... read the reviews for this game on steam

  • Victoria Lyn
    Victoria Lyn 36 minutes ago

    Mark - I’m gonna run screaming threw your halls I don’t care Mark- *screams* so either my mic isn’t working or he’s stupid *getting chased and dies* *Yells* He’s not stupid

  • Ooberham69
    Ooberham69 37 minutes ago

    8:15 me whenever I play any game

  • Konniptionz
    Konniptionz 37 minutes ago

    " Slickity Ragnar the Great and I can't say anything but your full name. " First thing my brain goes to: " A PIMP NAMED SLICKBACK. "

  • Kaitri
    Kaitri 37 minutes ago

    Idk why i hear this in my head: UNUS ANNUS

  • wolfymewmew
    wolfymewmew 37 minutes ago

    That Silent Hill game was exactly like the beginning of the first game, but in first person, instead of third. OWO

  • madz 13183
    madz 13183 37 minutes ago

    MARK PLEASE PLAY THE WOLF AMONG US 2 PLEASE it was so cool that they finally announced it

    • madz 13183
      madz 13183 37 minutes ago

      When it comes put @markiplier

  • anettie76
    anettie76 37 minutes ago

    I would love a Silent Hill remake. The first one was great, and two and three weren’t bad. This brings back so many good memories and jump scares.

  • Toothless : p
    Toothless : p 38 minutes ago

    Ayuwoki in Japanese means “Care” so... “Escape the Care”

  • Lotus Gaming
    Lotus Gaming 39 minutes ago

    i want more songs now

  • Mircotale Sans And Papyrus

    The only thing in like was markiplier s opera singing

  • Reza Arya
    Reza Arya 40 minutes ago

    i'm dying at the sad part LMFAO

  • Zatt Gaming
    Zatt Gaming 40 minutes ago

    Totaly un related wheres tyler

  • Alexander Rhoton
    Alexander Rhoton 40 minutes ago

    Awkward OwO

  • JinglesTheClown
    JinglesTheClown 40 minutes ago

    8:08 Mature content! *Markiplier:*

  • Squeebers
    Squeebers 41 minute ago

    I am pretty sure they are using the 11 card wrong the entire time lol

  • PNG Chaos
    PNG Chaos 41 minute ago

    It’s cold in space hope that helps

  • Wade Mifsud
    Wade Mifsud 41 minute ago


  • Light Gacha uwu
    Light Gacha uwu 42 minutes ago

    Any Sewer and don’t split up gang? 😂😂😂

  • Daryissaplayz 231
    Daryissaplayz 231 42 minutes ago

    Mark: *(apparently) sleeps with a lot of armour.* Me: *Sleeps with pistol, Knife, and food, because why can't I?*

  • Review Dat dank
    Review Dat dank 42 minutes ago

    I freaking died omg 6:14

  • Ol' Foxy
    Ol' Foxy 43 minutes ago

    I'm late on this but, a while back I lost my grandfather to cancer, our parents didn't want us to see him in his last days. Not because they didn't like him, but because they loved us, they wanted us to remember him for who he was, not for the condition he was in. I understand why they did it, but I wish I could have properly said goodbye or told him how much I loved him.

    • Ol' Foxy
      Ol' Foxy 38 minutes ago

      At that time I was so sad, but I turned to yours and Jack's videos, and they made me happy. So I wanted to say thank you for what you do, I don't know how many people you help, but all of us thank you for it

  • Lime M
    Lime M 43 minutes ago

    Omg I got this game last night and I jokingly imagined mark playing this

  • nerfmodderguy217
    nerfmodderguy217 43 minutes ago

    I love this series mark, it’s lovely

  • q75w53
    q75w53 44 minutes ago

    "mark looks at his very first fnaf video" -how did i manage to run out of power in the first night?

  • Zepher Tensho
    Zepher Tensho 44 minutes ago

    After watching Captain Disillusion's debunk on that lightning bolt video I can't even find it funny anymore

  • SlavaZone
    SlavaZone 44 minutes ago

    But have you read the game reviews on Steam?? 😂

  • LavaOreSheep
    LavaOreSheep 45 minutes ago

    Am I only one scoping the comments for anyone who pinned all the time stamps of every jumpscare? Oh...just me? Welp