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  • Barbara
    Barbara 12 hours ago

    Desserts ok but her speak is very hard, not nice, very unlike.

  • Tommy Salami
    Tommy Salami 16 hours ago

    She's a beautiful woman, but she looks like Russel Brand's sister.

    • Samaria Frazier
      Samaria Frazier 9 hours ago

      Tommy Salami i knew she looked familiar 😂😂

  • Timothy George
    Timothy George 21 hour ago

    For me too Well done

  • Timothy George
    Timothy George 21 hour ago

    Wonderful vid really thank u

  • Timothy George
    Timothy George 21 hour ago

    # nigela

  • Timothy George
    Timothy George 21 hour ago

    Nigel Lawson what you've just done I was wondering whether I could do it I've just fallen in love with u Thanks

  • alexandra
    alexandra 21 hour ago

    Omg! She is so hypnotic. This woman is so sexy, but not in a vulgar way. Love your videos. ❤️

  • prit bhoir
    prit bhoir Day ago

    I love u r all recipe...N u also... Dear..

  • Minda Kahn
    Minda Kahn Day ago

    I’m on a diet. I can’t even look. I’ll make it and I’ll eat it.

  • Dyana Prabhandhari

    Does anyone realize limes goes well with alot of red things (chilli, watermelon, strawberries, dragon fruit)

  • Melanie Harvey

    Trying so hard not to curl my upper lip in disgust watching the fish recipies (my kid likes them)

  • ss26473
    ss26473 Day ago

    It's a nice quick meal... Love the way she cooks so gracefully...

  • Binge Flix
    Binge Flix 2 days ago

    Omg sooooooo BLAND

  • Deepti Sharma
    Deepti Sharma 2 days ago

    Look she is smiling over meat balls.

  • guns N roses
    guns N roses 2 days ago

    Camera man is awesome.

  • Ryine MinVJK
    Ryine MinVJK 2 days ago

    Watching Nigella Lawson cooking its like aromatherapy to me

  • Dharvi Baniwal
    Dharvi Baniwal 2 days ago

    What is the temp. of the oven?

  • Akarshana Chatterji

    I cannot imagine eating fish without proper seasoning. She didn't even season the salmon. How???

  • Brendan Ostaf
    Brendan Ostaf 3 days ago

    What did the hand say to the face nigella Slapppp

  • tim redfern
    tim redfern 3 days ago

    She is absolutely awesome 😎

  • jasmin polo
    jasmin polo 4 days ago

    where are you

  • Khamis abdelftah
    Khamis abdelftah 4 days ago


  • Daljeet Singh
    Daljeet Singh 5 days ago

    Hllo nigella I'm Indian I'm keep watching always your recipy I'm big fan yours your

  • Your awesome
    Your awesome 5 days ago

    My Thai friend made this for me once but in her way. She used coconut milk, no coriander and added lime in the end. She also added enoki mushrooms and squid. It was so friggen good

  • Dean Macka
    Dean Macka 5 days ago

    Morta is the bowl

  • Karen Hargis
    Karen Hargis 5 days ago

    At least have a dog in that big house..geeze

  • اشتقت لطفولتي

    Someone tell me is Nigella british woman?

  • اشتقت لطفولتي

    I watch her especially for her english ohhhh my good it's great

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 days ago

    Funny to see all the ghetto people who complain if chicken isn't seasoned exactly how much their 400 lb diabetic grandma would. There's seasonings other than salt and pepper.

  • Rafael Corerato
    Rafael Corerato 6 days ago

    Kind disturbing to watch her cook, shes seems messy, sloppy and short-winded lol...kind hated it lol

  • bellmeisterful
    bellmeisterful 6 days ago

    I think this is the first foodie vid Ive clicked on that I didnt click on for the food.

  • mel grant
    mel grant 6 days ago

    She really flirts with the camera

  • Di Hu
    Di Hu 6 days ago

    she is stunning

  • wawymawy
    wawymawy 6 days ago

    not appealing at all

  • Timothy George
    Timothy George 7 days ago

    One should look into a woman's eyes not her cleavage and better still to listen and learn

  • Timothy George
    Timothy George 7 days ago

    My last boss was extremely beautiful And in the same line as is also bettany Hughes But the food is the issue here

  • Klesk Quake
    Klesk Quake 7 days ago

    Emergenzy break fast is the best one thanks nigella 😁

  • Zakwan Shah
    Zakwan Shah 7 days ago

    13:05 it was at this moment nigella realized she would have to finish the entire serving.

  • Kuhle Gwamanda
    Kuhle Gwamanda 8 days ago

    I love her

  • Truth Reigns Forever

    Nigella is one fine gorgeous natural woman ☝️

  • Nutty4925 Loungefly #1fan

    I love listening and learning from you.

  • Nutty4925 Loungefly #1fan

    Looks yummy but how didn’t you get anything on your white shirt??? Lol I can never wear white especially cooking.

  • Cecilia Milgram
    Cecilia Milgram 8 days ago

    Querida amiga me encanta verle a usted aq en las redes sociales,q bueno q le encontre,por favor traduccion al español,feliz navidad el mejor año nuevo para usted sus hijos..saludos santiago chile

  • وصفات ومنوعات اشرقت

    Good Chanel and Butifol

  • REZA M
    REZA M 8 days ago


  • Billy Williams
    Billy Williams 9 days ago

    How to make pigs in blankets..... watch and learn nigella

  • Ayse Ozhan
    Ayse Ozhan 9 days ago

    Mücver..!! but I make them without the flour, even healthier when it's gluten-free..

  • Simon Brooks
    Simon Brooks 10 days ago

    Fire your camera man & editor, there's far to much fuzzy out of focus filming.

  • Marion Flores
    Marion Flores 10 days ago

    Just wondering have you gotten married yet and why haven't we got to see him??

  • J Carver
    J Carver 10 days ago

    This woman is ridiculous and people who proclaim that she's a goddess or saint are off balance. Shes using her pretty face, flowery language and fat ass ( yes, there are people who like an abundant, jiggly booty) to suck us in.

  • Lynne Wolfe
    Lynne Wolfe 11 days ago

    I never have left over mashed potatoes!

  • Tn Y
    Tn Y 11 days ago

    You are beautiful...

  • Robbie lacey Jones
    Robbie lacey Jones 11 days ago

    Sex and food, perfect

  • Mark Shaw
    Mark Shaw 11 days ago

    Fatso hiding behind an apron....😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂.....keep snorting nigela, it will be Christmas soon but don’t get confused between the other white stuff 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Tammy Lain
    Tammy Lain 11 days ago

    how she can have a waist like that and eat like that is a huge mystery…

  • Adam Joyner
    Adam Joyner 11 days ago

    SORRY NO to the rubber gloves! .....just make use of a couple of spoons, get the same job done! ✅

  • Sean Y
    Sean Y 12 days ago

    Is it normal to put the kids to bed and THEN have dinner in England? lol

  • Robbie lacey Jones
    Robbie lacey Jones 12 days ago

    I avoid people who call dinner supper or pudding instead of afters, soon as they say supper or pudding I'm off like a shot, ain't got time to waste

  • Robbie lacey Jones
    Robbie lacey Jones 12 days ago

    No one could really be like this, great looking woman but never read a comment in her life

  • cuisine de maman
    cuisine de maman 12 days ago


  • cuisine de maman
    cuisine de maman 12 days ago


  • Eugene Epstein
    Eugene Epstein 12 days ago

    Camera and light crap in comparison with BBC

  • Delicious Deenu
    Delicious Deenu 13 days ago

    Am from India I used to watch ur videos just because of you.. love you nigella..

  • J Carver
    J Carver 13 days ago

    She has no rolling skills.

  • Ismayil Arifoglu
    Ismayil Arifoglu 13 days ago

    I bet Nigella lives very close to a fire department.

  • Yash Dhanvij
    Yash Dhanvij 13 days ago

    I just watch her because she's beautiful.

  • Nian Girl
    Nian Girl 13 days ago

    Which channel she was doing this show? Can anyone tell me there was another girl on tv from india may be...i need that girls name

  • buffalobillbuffalove

    I love watching Jamie and Nigella because they’re chaotic cooks but so passionate.

  • Lana Huzjak
    Lana Huzjak 14 days ago

    This is really great - but where are the carrots, coriander and chicken pieces? I would Croatian-ise this soup a little...

  • Jessica C_K
    Jessica C_K 14 days ago

    Im so happyy!!!

  • Jessica C_K
    Jessica C_K 14 days ago

    Im like that in the kitchen, cant wait, I always take a bite!😋

  • Jessica C_K
    Jessica C_K 14 days ago

    I kinda grew up with her!😍 That yorkshire pudding is just, wow! 💋 From the Netherlands.

  • Israa Mohamed
    Israa Mohamed 14 days ago

    أية دااااا أنابحبك جداااا كنت بتابعك.علي قناة فتافيت

  • Adam Joyner
    Adam Joyner 14 days ago


  • Lógica Sem Medo
    Lógica Sem Medo 15 days ago

    Da para usar vodka Ice,no lugar dessa bebida?

  • Jeff Allinson
    Jeff Allinson 16 days ago

    I never eat bought Pasta, its just not the same. Homemade is the way to go!!

  • daahir1981 yariisow2881

    did she just added some honey on the lamb

  • Citizen Vixen
    Citizen Vixen 16 days ago

    Aloha Nigella:-) I Love you and all your wonderful recepies! My ultimate Xmas fantasy would be to spend it at your Table! Party with friends, feasting, talking, laughing, dancing the night away!! All the best for you Gorgeous!!!

  • Luminal 47
    Luminal 47 16 days ago

    When she licked the spoon she woke up my 16 year old self

  • ben dover
    ben dover 17 days ago

    Nigella is a class act with great food sense.

  • Terry Corrall
    Terry Corrall 17 days ago

    she's so in love with herself

  • Kihi J
    Kihi J 17 days ago

    Does she even age? 😻😻❤️

  • whitter86
    whitter86 18 days ago

    She needs to fire her cameraman

  • GrumpetteJV
    GrumpetteJV 18 days ago

    Oh ffs. If you want salt, put salt on it. It's not that hard. Whining about it says more about you than her.

  • envy
    envy 18 days ago

    nigella luv thats not custard thats egg cream

  • neeraja kumar
    neeraja kumar 18 days ago

    Dear Nigella, do u know that turmeric cures cancer?

  • Shadsy The Hedgehog
    Shadsy The Hedgehog 18 days ago

    Why doesn't she use plums?

  • manizeh Ali
    manizeh Ali 18 days ago

    Lots of love 💕 Nigella from Karachi Pakistan! Watching your shows is so relaxing at the end of a long, tiring exhausting day!

  • Gwynaeth Atwood-Pettit

    We’re we supposed to see her athletic shoes with her skirt?

  • Rony Style
    Rony Style 19 days ago

    😍👍🤗Wow. Very nice

  • Frank
    Frank 20 days ago

    Get rid of your cameraman, he's all over the place, I was getting motion sickness.

  • MsStoiber
    MsStoiber 20 days ago

    I like her quick and easy recipes, but she always cooks with tons of that soapy tasting coriander. I hate that. Always exchange it with parsley.

  • oldonetwoable
    oldonetwoable 20 days ago

    I love the words she uses to describe foods and ingredients etc, so poetically yummy.

  • Chamberlain
    Chamberlain 20 days ago

    I hate that try to be creative camera work, bobbing and weaving, hiding behind glasses cr... P. Just stop it. It adds nothing to the food. All it says is the cook isn't interesting enough so let's throw the camera to each other.

  • V K
    V K 21 day ago

    Does anybody really concentrate on recipe..i wonder if that's possible

  • Lipstick & Wine
    Lipstick & Wine 21 day ago

    I love everything about this dish😍😍😍

  • Zakwan Shah
    Zakwan Shah 21 day ago

    does nigella feed her children food laced with alcohol? lol. shes definitely a cool mom.

    • First Last
      First Last 12 days ago

      Zakwan Shah most of the alcohol cooks out, its just there for the flavour

  • HeyMyLifeIsLibby
    HeyMyLifeIsLibby 22 days ago

    She has separate moods for when she wants to use plastic wrap or a towel. This woman is my hero.

  • ghjhgjdfh hjfghefhjfg

    Did she say mounds or mons? And does it make a difference??

  • halfthefiber
    halfthefiber 24 days ago

    I love how she switches from using a soup spoon to a ladle when she tastes the Tom Yum.