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  • Rand McNally
    Rand McNally Hour ago

    Chaels real name is Clarke kent


    Petrosyan win on One, Sakara win on Bellator and Vettori win on UFC. Italy rules 🙂🙂🙂

  • DevilTrigger
    DevilTrigger 2 hours ago

    Michelle Waterson looked more and more Asian as the fight went on lmao

  • philly philly
    philly philly 2 hours ago

    Rip monster

  • Rob H
    Rob H 3 hours ago

    This is a recap? Thumbs down for this "recap"

  • Last Earthbender
    Last Earthbender 4 hours ago

    King's English 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dinkle Berg
    Dinkle Berg 4 hours ago

    1:27 “Cara... bateu em mim o sapato” kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Leon Pashe
    Leon Pashe 5 hours ago


  • Michael Baugbog
    Michael Baugbog 5 hours ago

    I can't wait khabib will destroy fuckin Tony's face👊

  • World Cinema Channel

    мне одному показалось что они все какие то неказистые , непропорциональные.??...

  • BPL Gym
    BPL Gym 5 hours ago


  • Arvan Deril
    Arvan Deril 5 hours ago

    Adesanya is nothing for Khabib..... make a fight between them.. and adesanya will cry when he fight with khabib😁😬🤔

  • zakhil mulya
    zakhil mulya 6 hours ago

    Tato banyak gaya aja belagu , sini gua yg lawan.

  • Bato
    Bato 6 hours ago

    Glass jaw rääättttttttt

  • Bradley Anderson
    Bradley Anderson 6 hours ago

    I dont know , let's talk to the baby ! 🤭

  • Ryland Brown
    Ryland Brown 7 hours ago

    I miss Conor

  • Mc Gregor
    Mc Gregor 7 hours ago

    I think he ain't lying 💯

  • MD
    MD 9 hours ago

    وفي النهايه انزغب ع بطنه

  • Jason Wee
    Jason Wee 9 hours ago

    What's the point of looping the same parts? Your editing sucks ass man! If you don't have good footage, don't make frickin vids. Noob!

  • Thepr1ntGnome
    Thepr1ntGnome 10 hours ago

    Wanted to see the fight, but max would get dominated like the rest of them.

  • Jorge Masvidal
    Jorge Masvidal 10 hours ago

    Stipe is the goat... Jon jones vs stipe.. Make it ufc

  • Ma Bu
    Ma Bu 11 hours ago

    King of Trash talk, McGregor.

  • Mohamed Nur
    Mohamed Nur 11 hours ago

    Khabib said IN SHA ALLAH which means (if Allah wills) that is dangerous state.

  • Bo Mal Patriote
    Bo Mal Patriote 12 hours ago

    Nemkov is a Beast

  • Kidlat Bangis
    Kidlat Bangis 12 hours ago

    Very idiotic video. Period.

  • Ben Reynauld
    Ben Reynauld 12 hours ago

    McGregor has some major roid rage there lol

  • Zephaniah 1v3
    Zephaniah 1v3 13 hours ago

    Congratulations Dj.

  • Aurel Bicu
    Aurel Bicu 14 hours ago


  • Larry Martinez
    Larry Martinez 14 hours ago

    Jorge masdival va israel

  • Thanos Clips
    Thanos Clips 15 hours ago

    Khabib and Floyd Undefeated. Khabib and Floyd SAME WEIGHT OVER AND OVER AGAIN Floyd Runs, Khabib takes ground ITS SIMPLE AS 😂😂

  • Jakoo Sleman
    Jakoo Sleman 16 hours ago


  • jacobo vargas
    jacobo vargas 16 hours ago

    No mamen lo dejaron como tomate

  • slim sharry
    slim sharry 16 hours ago

    Lol even khabib cant stop laughing 😂

  • Jimmy Jay
    Jimmy Jay 17 hours ago

    This Jon Jones would open Izzy's face up like Tomato getting shot with a .308 within the first 3 minutes

  • Jimmy Jay
    Jimmy Jay 17 hours ago

    A hungry Jon Jones is one scary son of a gun

  • ธนกฤต สุขวิน

    11.00 tell me name of song ?🤘🤘🤘

  • Zabi Arayyan
    Zabi Arayyan 17 hours ago

    honestly i still believe santos won this fight but he did not. i think if santos knee was fine then he most likely to win and fucked up jones

  • Ryan D
    Ryan D 18 hours ago

    0:24 That's all folks!

  • Delattre Ahlem
    Delattre Ahlem 18 hours ago


  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez 19 hours ago

    Good cocaine

  • Gangster of Love
    Gangster of Love 19 hours ago

    I'll be watching yair Rodriguez fight here after this weekend

  • Gangster of Love
    Gangster of Love 19 hours ago

    I'll be watching yair Rodriguez fight here after this weekend

  • The Spectosphere
    The Spectosphere 19 hours ago

    Company I work at aren’t authoritarians and don’t bow to them like Dana White. I’ll say wtf I want how I want.

  • Edge Snob
    Edge Snob 20 hours ago

    Those belts are huge!

  • Jay Nix
    Jay Nix 20 hours ago

    Congratulations Mighty 🐁!!! Proud of you. You looked great man.

  • Cloud Striker
    Cloud Striker 20 hours ago

    Good! Knocked that bitch terrorist piece of shit out.

  • runbear
    runbear 21 hour ago

    Tito tapped so yea its his tapped night

  • Gonzalo Zalo
    Gonzalo Zalo 21 hour ago

    Damn that's fucked up they cant event promote haggers opponent...

  • Oleg Shulik
    Oleg Shulik 22 hours ago

    Lol Khabib ... great fighter but really does he really believe the shit he says “ I catch him “ ... with 11 Dagestani honorable real men of Kavkaz ... “ Say shit in my face now “ lol , really ? ... I wonder if they changed the rules and let them settle it bare knuckles when Artem would show up with 5 of his Irish friends and Khabib would have been alone ... again Khabib is a great fighter but please .... there is no honor in his words

  • Drebodollaz Dollaz
    Drebodollaz Dollaz 22 hours ago

    What an asshole guys lol

  • Believe
    Believe 22 hours ago

    The fucking belt was bigger than DJ...

  • Not Noice
    Not Noice 22 hours ago

    Gallagher giving his dad a hug,so wholesome

  • Successful Internet Psychologist

    All of these paid sad excuse for journos were sitting on Conors dick at the time.

  • HighLiner15
    HighLiner15 22 hours ago


  • 47 Montana
    47 Montana 23 hours ago

    nate diaz Last more than winning 😂😂😂😂🔫 It’s Khabib time

  • BaccaratFitness
    BaccaratFitness 23 hours ago

    Palhares is a bit on the sub-human side.

  • killer gamer
    killer gamer 23 hours ago

    Blue eyes 😂

  • Successful Internet Psychologist

    And then came along Khabib and smacked the leprechun.

  • Thanos
    Thanos Day ago

    Vera quit again


    She is a strong black woman

  • Greg Huffman
    Greg Huffman Day ago

    Nate Diaz BMF!

  • The Truth
    The Truth Day ago

    Fine af.

  • krezo
    krezo Day ago

    When will vitor belfort compete?

  • Son of Jacob
    Son of Jacob Day ago

    UFC run by racists. Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Demetrius Johnson etc are basically unknown to mainstream society. Yet Ronda Rousey was being given hollywood movie offers in a short space of time and along with Conor Mcgregor became international icons. This is not an accident or coincidence.

  • Kozmikōcēlōtl

    Hahahahaha holy fucking shit!!! Is that the Indian guy sheikh that the UFC tried to promote so bad while there?!?! Hahahaha dude sucked in the ufc so had to go fight bums

  • Jules D
    Jules D Day ago

    Lol Brandon finally got some good completion and got laid out, steroids don’t make you a great fighter, and Brandon Vera is nothing but avg

  • subash kv
    subash kv Day ago

    Experience talks truths.

  • عمر بن حسين

    This McGregor is such a piece of filth. Would love to see him lose everything and turn into a useless bum.

  • Jaguar Jaguar
    Jaguar Jaguar Day ago

    Bow till i fall israel is the best i like the way he dances the gwara gwara.

  • Gucci Gang
    Gucci Gang Day ago


  • Ilyas Shah agha

    I Love You Holly ❤️

  • Josiel Lara
    Josiel Lara Day ago

    Angela is all that..

  • Yahmazin Tee
    Yahmazin Tee Day ago

    Aldo lost the fight because he had no mustache!

  • I know I’m gay when I say this but

    Ngannou can potentially be the GOAT. If he wins his Stipe rematch, knocks out Cormier and Rumble, and there’s talks of him and Jon Jones. If he somehow wins those 4 fights he’s the GOAT.

  • Ademilton Jesus está voltando.

    0:29 Plec 😬

  • Wasim Khan
    Wasim Khan Day ago


  • Mohammed Abrar

    There are more stronger players like Brock Lesnar etc.

  • Agres
    Agres Day ago

    Well this aged well... Back in your hole boiii

  • esrarengiz Taş


  • Shaikimran Imranshaik

    Khabib broken the face Tony in match Ameen🤲

  • chingkhei rajkumar

    nate beats easily khbib

  • yess___s miracle

    2:10 Rizvan shocked by the Khabib 🤣

  • s0bad
    s0bad Day ago

    Dan sitting in the back thinking I could murder all you fools

  • Kawa Dude
    Kawa Dude Day ago

    So this is where assalamualaikumalada come from.. lol.. khabib rule

  • bom89 ar
    bom89 ar Day ago

    yeah and your a serial rapist and granda basher

  • Riz
    Riz Day ago

    Looking forward to this one.

  • John Bailey
    John Bailey Day ago

    ISNT this the same guy who wanted stipe to get beat so bad, he allowed DC his friend to eye poke and cheat any way possible, and then after the fights made sure non of his talking heads ever mentioned what DC did,, nice coverup,, stipe could go blind because of this disgusting fight fixing Dana white orchestrated,, but Dana a cold blooded bastard,, stipe should sue the UFC , and dr evil. Dana white, I used to like the UFC, but no more,, Dana and don king have a lot in common

  • Q8Duelist
    Q8Duelist Day ago

    You want to face Cain again? You got it Brock

  • Hcb Studios
    Hcb Studios Day ago


  • khoirunizam afgani

    Refused 4th alr now

  • Muay Thai Faggot

    One FC striking > UFC striking UFC mma > One FC mma

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez Day ago

    Nate Diaz bit u ass rusito de mierda

  • Douglas J Herring

    Who's the clown announcing sound like he's practicing on us?

  • Keaos0
    Keaos0 Day ago

    I think Dana forgets how hard Pro Boxers punch with no gloves on. There is a reason why they are registered lethal weapons.

  • Dash Wave
    Dash Wave Day ago

    *Just another victim Jon*

  • Carlos Riemroc

    Khabib luck is running out Tony is on his way to take the belt and Nate is onto bigger things, not a hater I’m a fan of all three

  • Green Mountain

    Khabib real champ

  • Brett Yarborough

    Bisping is right tho he did try to shake his hand, and Luke did say I already shook your

  • Emrah Bekir
    Emrah Bekir Day ago

    damn, rewatching this after all this time got me craving it after Habib fights Tony

  • Realistic Views

    DC is the best maturely---well---spoken MMA---Fighter there is.